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URBAN FRUIT Mango | Snack Pack | Gently Baked Fruit | Healthy Vegan Snack | 14 x 35g

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100% Natural Erythritol 2 Kg (4.4 lb) Granulated Zero Calorie Sugar Replacement


(10 customer reviews)

About this item 100% Natural non-GMO erythritol. 2kg bag. New label design, you may still receive a bag with the old design. Crystal clean taste, 70% sweeteness of sugar, no bitter aftertaste like stevia. Perfect for Baking, cakes, meringues, Ice cream. Helps people trying to loose weight who have a sweet tooth. 0 GI, great for people who want to maintian stable blood sugar leves such as diabetics More Stomach friendly then xylitol, and safe for pets. You may receive the old bag design until stocks deplete!
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10 reviews for 100% Natural Erythritol 2 Kg (4.4 lb) Granulated Zero Calorie Sugar Replacement

  1. Julia cosmetics

    I lost 5 kg only becouse I change normal sugar for this product amazing in taste and you dont feel different

  2. fitzygirl

    I use this all the time. A great alternative to sugar.

  3. Dimitrios Zekakis

    Very pleased

  4. Bomb

    I am generally not a fan of sweeteners they tend to either taste horrible if using to sprinkle on fruit etc or leave an awful aftertaste and I have tried them all over the years in my effort to kick the sugar. Erythritol is a natural sweetener and it doesn’t leave that horrible aftertaste, its a less sweet than actual sugar so I use a bit more but really cannot taste the difference in coffee and especially tea which doesn’t mask sweeteners as well as coffee. I also like that its it’s granular so feels more like using real sugar. I do use it for baking too especially making keto friendly sweet treats and it a great substitute for the real thing.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Great product. Early delivery. Highly recommend this seller.

  6. stevo

    I had to find a good alternative to sugar but still have that sugar taste. I like sweet coffee and had to cut down, swap my sugar with something better. I tried liquid Sucralose (could not stand the bitterness).Even though this is pretty expensive compared to other option, however I find this is the best option out there.

  7. Steve Wilson

    As someone following a strict keto diet, but likes sweet tea, this is great.

  8. Amazon Customer

    I use this product in cooking and on anything that needs sweetening without I avoid aspartame and other neurotoxic artificial sweeteners. i have been using this one fore several years now and have no complaints.

  9. Tricia

    Use this in cooking all the time use slightly less than recipe states as it a bit sweeter. Made 140 sugar free cup cakes including butter icing (blended down to icing) Perfect

  10. martin

    Use as an alternative to white sugar for anything

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