Apple AirTag 4 Pack Electronics

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About this item Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the Find My app Simple one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag with your iPhone or iPad Play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your things, or just ask Siri for help Precision Finding with Ultra Wideband technology leads you right to your nearby AirTag (on select iPhone models) Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network Put AirTag into Lost Mode to be automatically notified when it’s detected in the Find My network All communication with the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy, Location data and history are never stored on AirTag
Replaceable battery lasts over a year AirTag is IP67 water and dust resistant Make AirTag yours with a range of colorful accessories, sold separately Show more

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60 reviews for Apple AirTag 4 Pack Electronics

  1. carleneobrien

    Keep Track of Your Baggage!!

    My wife and I are retired and travel to see family a good deal. By placing these tags in our luggage it is so easy to see that they are following us. This gives me great peace of mind. Last week my wife returned from England and it took over an hour for Aer Lingus to get her bags from the plane to the baggage carousel. But due to the air tag, I knew the bag was on the ground at LAX and just needed to wait. The bags arrived all was good.

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  2. Jeanine Hill

    These are a life saver

    My husband misplaces his keys all the time so I have one on each set of keys so that he can always locate them easy to set up I think it was almost 2 years on my previous ones before I changed the battery

  3. Bruce Harte

    Unbelievably easy to setup and use

    Not cheap but what a great product. Extremely easy to setup and use. I have them in both cars, wallets, purses, key chains and still looking for anyplace else I can use them

  4. Beatleslover57

    Don’t always update frequently

    Did not realize when purchasing that if there are not iPhones around the location of the AirTag will not update. At times the one my daughter has will not updates for 15-30 minutes at a time and other times it will update every minute. But they do work well for keys and wallets left behind or such as it displays the last seen location.

  5. Maria B Price

    Never lose handbag or luggage

    Love these – I’ve used often to track where I put my handbag (in my house!) and where my luggage sits when it takes forever to reach baggage claim.

  6. allygator


    Bought for a trip. When one of our bags didn’t come out at same time as other one and then belt stopped, we were able to see the piece we were waiting for was nearby. 🙂

  7. Thetxlady

    Piece of mind for international travel

    Avoided all the Christmas drama checking that bags were loaded before take off. Put one with passport in case of theft. Luckily didnt need but was peace of mind

  8. Indy buyer


    I got these for my four dogs. They were great, and I could tell where they’re at if I’m not home. Since a couple of my bloodhounds are runners, this is perfect and tracking them.

  9. Jeanne

    No more lost keys

    The AirTags are easy to set up. Ran a test to find my keys and it worked perfectly. We like them so much we ordered another set.

  10. Lisa

    Great gift!

    I gave one to each of my 3 children and my husband for Christmas! They don’t have to ask me anymore, “where are my keys!”

  11. Cece

    Maybe a better alternative than Tile!

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     I’ve tried a bunch of trackers now, including some no-name brands and the big name, Tile. Always wanted to try Airtags because I have so many Apple products, it seems like a natural extension of that. My dogs were originally on Fi collar subscriptions, but that got expensive ($350+ for 3 years each dog, which was reasonable when we went camping a lot, but lately I just stay home and work from home, and dogs enjoy the fenced yard). I wanted a way to still keep tabs on them just in case they got loose in the neighborhood. Bought a 4 pack of resale “used good” quality, and aside from a little damage to the original packaging, they worked just like new. It was extremely easy to set up, considering that already had the app (just Find My Phone, that every Apple device comes preloaded with). All I did was pull off the protective tape and add it under “items”. It’s easy to categorize and name them individually, and even gives the cute option to give them emojis. I haven’t had mine long yet of course but I have heard the battery life challenges that of Tile. I think there is still a good use for Tile, which is that you can use the tracker to reverse track your phone… that is the main purpose I’m keeping Tiles (I probably lose my phone more often than my keys, which the Tiles are attached to). It seems to me the Airtags have a bit more range. My original plan was to put one in luggage, one on the remote, then 2 on the 2 dogs, since I am traveling next month. However then, I found that the convex nature of the airtag plus convexity of the remote make it difficult to stick one to the other. I found some special silicone cases just for Fire TV remotes, but then I also found that they did not fit my particular Insignia remote… could not find that model at all. Then I decided this is silly, I’m just going to buy a new generation pro remote separately that had the tracking/beep built in already—because airtag ($25) + airtag-holding remote cover ($15) were already more expensive than the new remote ($32). This way, I can save my airtag for something else, like my purse (and after all, my remote will never walk out of my house). Just as a summary, I like everything else about it so far (including on dog collars, if you buy a waterproof tag holder separately), but the accessories can get expensive, so I’d look into special devices that already use smart technology integrated, especially on convex surface objects like remotes. I think they really should sell more bundles with the accessories and stickers included.

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  12. AnonAnon

    I got these primarily for my cats, and…

    So, I got this mainly for one of my cats who seems to be the only one that loves to be outside all day. I’m definitely a little over protective cat mom, I don’t like to let my cat out without a leash because you just never know. BUT I’ve had my cat escape a harness twice and has darted outside while someone was opening the door several times. Being so, I wanted something that just in case he wanted to get loose, I can locate him easily. The AirTag is okay. Here’s what I do like about it: makes a sound to help you find it, trackable using the iPhone, real-time location when nearby, a better sense of safety. Here’s what I don’t like: at night, it will tell me that I need more light to locate him, “more light required.”. He can be somewhere in my neighborhood or a couple houses down, but even that close most of the time his location will not show. It primarily only shows the location when my phone is in range (I would say it’s the range of a normal sized house), when I’m gone it will update but sometimes it won’t update for hours, the biggest con is that it won’t locate him while he’s moving. With all that being said; a lot of other reviews for trackers say that it’s not accurate or updated real time either. I would recommend as maybe an extra security BUT NOT TO BE RELIED ON COMPLETELY for pets! If you just want this for items being misplaced in your own home or rental location then this would be 1000% spot on and most definitely recommend.

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  13. Helpful Reviewer

    Not perfect, but it saved my dog’s life

    Updates:1.When the dogs start howling at the coyotes at 6:30 in the morning, I play one dog’s AirTag once or twice and they all stop howling.2. We got a new black cat who is famous for hiding and not being found. I trained him to come out when I beep his AirTag. Sometimes I just use the find my app to find him rather than calling him out. Once he got out of the house at night and ran into the desert. I was able to track him by beeping his AirTag. He’s so black I would not have been able to find him without it. There are so many predators out here that it may have saved his life.3. I got an iPhone 13 ProMax. I’d hoped I could use the AirTag to find my car in a parking lot. It doesn’t really work for that. You’re better off just putting a pin in your map to help you find your car. My phone only starts sensing the tag when I’m within 15 feet or so. I usually have to be a lot closer than that for it to point towards the AirTag. So it works to find the cat in the house, but not my car. This is a great device to tell you approximately where something is, but it’s not perfect. Oddly, if it’s too dark, it will tell me it needs more light. I sure don’t understand that.Now the original review on how it saved my dog’s life…Got Air Tags for each of my dogs. Even decided to update my phone to better track them, but that’s not happening until April. We live in the wilderness. There are very few people out here and fewer iphones. When our dogs go exploring, we can’t find them via the AirTag (though one time my dog appearantly came across a hiker with an iphone as she registered as being on the trail.) However, when my husband goes biking and takes the dog, as long as they have cellphone coverage, we can see where they’re at.This morning I took Annie with me to pick up a Home Depot curbside order. Ran into Target to get some lettuce. Came out and Annie was gone. It became appearant I left the back windows open too much and she jumped out.The Air Tag had issues. It would tell me where she was, so I would drive there, but by the time I got there, she was gone. It wouldn’t refresh and look for her, so I kept missing her. Called Apple to see if they could track her, but they said they’re not meant for a moving target. I filed her as lost in the app, but once she blipped on my phone, it automatically shut off the “Notify when found” even though I hadn’t found her, she’d just been in the vicinity. So while I was frantically trying to find her, I was having to set the app to notify me when it found her. However, it let me know about where she was so I knew how to focus my search. She spent most of her day in the a wild, dry river wash where the tag wouldn’t signal because it’s below street level and there were no iphones down there. (Though when I was near her a couple times it didn’t ding. One of those times was when I ran into really busy traffic to stop cars from hitting her, so we were in cell zone and she was close to my phone.) Met some really nice people (a mall security guard and some homeless people) that spent hours helping me find her. Plus a dad and daughter on bikes that just happened to see her. Three times she and I looked at each other and she ran away from me. I’ve heard dogs go into survival mode after about a week on the road and will run from their families, but this was only a few hours. (She was feral when I got her so maybe she just reverted faster.) Finally, at sunset, I went home. Except she kept beeping off the AirTag. (She only did that once an hour during the day and now it was more frequent.) I worried she’d been hit by a car.I drove back to the mall with Harvey, her dog-BFF. For three hours she circled around me and Harvey. She was afraid of us, but she was also staying near and watching. When she went away, Harvey and I went into the van to escape the cold. Then the air tag would ding. We’d get out of the car and play “Where’s Waldo” in the dark. Eventually I’d see her just standing there watching us from the shadows. Then she’d disappear agin. Then the tag said she was back. I wondered if this would be easier with a newer iphone as mine is only a 7Plus.At 12:40 a.m., she walked towards the van. I partially opened the door and stuck my head out. “Hi, Annie.” And finally, she recognized me. After 13 hours of driving, walking, riding my bike (my husband brought me my bike,) and sitting out in the cold so she could see me, she finally recognized me. She wagged her tail, came up to me, and got in the van.The AirTag had issues, but it gave me ideas as to where she was. Without the tag, I would not have been able to find her. A few years ago our rescued ex-bait dog stayed with my parents while we were on vacation. They live a couple hours away. Shortly after we got home, the dog jumped their fence. I drove up immediately to try and find her. We looked for two weeks. She was sighted so many different places miles apart (Facebook has great dog-finding groups.) Saddly, she was hit and killed. If she’d had an AirTag, we would have known about where she was and we would have found her. I hope the AirTag works better when I get my Iphone 13 in a couple weeks. However, even not working great, it saved my dog’s life.

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  14. Gary O’Donnell

    Best Product! Find wallet, keys, etc easily!

    I used other products and none of them come close to performing the way Apple Tags works. Especially, the integration with Apple Products! I have Apple Air Tags on my wallet, my wife’s purse, all the sets of keys, band instruments for my children, etc.For the Apple customers: each Apple Air Tag hooks into Findmy as a Device. The AirTags use Bluetooth to connect mostly through your phone. So, (if for example) you left your wallet at a store somewhere, Findmy will identify where it lost its connection at on a global map. Just go there, tell Findmy to make a sound and you can find the wallet. In fact, when I went to the store location Findmy identified, the store cashier told me no wallets were found. I used Findmy to make a sound and my wallet was tucked away in a drawer! Just one example…. Wonderful Product! Highest Recommendation from me!!!

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  15. EFrog

    The lost is found

    We recently went on a 2 week vacation. Plane down to Florida and back. 6 days at WDW. Finally a 5 night cruise. I was worried about losing luggage so I put an Airtag in each of our suitcases and for good measure in our carry bags.In terms of luggage and bags our trip was uneventful. We got home with everything. A couple of days later I realized I had not seen my shoulder bag since we got home. We looked in all the obvious places with no luck. I kind of forgot about that Airtag and then one day light dawns! Get out my cell phone and look for the missing bag.We found it in one of the grandkid’s closet. It kind of looks like one of his bags so he just picked it up and put it away.These things are great. Simple, easy to use and effective. The down side, they only work with iPhones. There are similar products if you use Android phonesI do wish they had a slim version that would fit in a billfold.

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  16. J. Browning

    Easy to use and does it’s job.

    My kids have these on their keychains and wallets. No more lost keys or wallets, works perfectly. Can set your home as a space where it doesn’t keep reminding you that you left something behind, which would be a pain if your wallet was in your bedroom but you were downstairs and it kept telling you that you forgot your wallet. Also, tells you if item is at your house. If you leave and aren’t driving you’ll get a notice that your keys are left behind but at home, pretty nice little gadget!

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  17. ijnhy65

    Air Tag

    They have saved me a number of times with forgetting where my keys are. I put one in my car, thinking it would help me find it if I forgot where I parked, but that feature doesn’t work as well. Still gave it 5 stars overall. For the price you can’t beat the convenience of finding those keys especially if they went into the couch cushion, or you set something like the mail on top of them and you are losing your mind trying to find them.

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  18. HeSaidIt

    A Necessity In Modern Travel

    While I’m not a big fan of Apple products due to the arbitrary premium they typically charge and for the simple fact that they don’t stand by their products (see my iPad Air that was used about a dozen times and apparently stopped working due to a bad logic board despite rarely leaving a shelf, for which they offered to sell me a new one as it was just out of warranty and basically accused me of mistreating the first), they’re essentially the only game in town for trackers like these that work as well as they do.As I don’t now own any other Apple products, my gf tracks these using her iPhone. Luggage that had been lost temporarily on one trip previously would now have no way of getting lost again. Throughout our travel, there and back, we were able to see that our bags had indeed made it to the plane, on the plane, into the air, and to the baggage claim area.They’re simple to set up and if you buy some third party tag holders, they’re easy to keep track of as well. Definitely worth a purchase if you travel as much as we do.

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  19. pilote

    Saved Our Day

    These were very easy to set up and took almost no time at all. We were just getting ready to take a trip so put one in our checked bag going on the airline and one in each of our carry-ons. Sometimes we have to gate check our carry-ons for one leg of our route so wanted the extra protection of being able to track those as well. Our flight was 5-1/2 hours late getting out of our home airport and, by the time we got to our first stop, our connecting flight had left. Our airline was unable to provide another flight to our destination until two days later so we booked on another carrier. I was unable to get our checked bag from the original airline (they refused to give it to me) but they said they would try and get it transferred to the new one so it would arrive at our destination with us. I checked the “Find My” app while boarding the plane and saw that it showed our bag to still be in the airport storage and not on our flight. When we landed, our bag was not on the carousel which didn’t surprise me. The AirTag now said that our luggage was somewhere over the Pacific. We went to the baggage service counter for both carriers and neither one wanted to take responsibility for our bag and were unable to provide any assistance. We finally went to the original airline ticket counter and spoke to a couple of gals there who were able to tell us that another flight had left soon after ours and was landing any minute. A few minutes later I checked the “Find My” app again and it showed our luggage to be at the airport where we were. Going to the carousel for that flight revealed that our bag was, indeed, there. That saved us driving back the next day (an hour’s drive) to retrieve our luggage or hope that one of the two airlines would bring it to us. It had all of our clothes and toiletries in it so it would have been an inconvenient situation to say the least. We will always use the AirTags on any future trip. Simple. Effective. A purchase worth every penny.

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  20. MariaS

    Great during our recent flights

    The tags were easy to pair with my phone, then very easy to track while in the airport, then in the hold of our various planes. Peace of mind. We rarely go shopping at places with large parking lots, but plan to leave one in the car when we do. Honestly, we wish we only could have bought two, as we have no pets or elderly relatives to keep track of. And we don’t think we’d ever check more than two suitcases for vacations. Too soon to know how long batteries will last.

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  21. Agudodan

    Handy safety control

    Work fine, especially good for luggage being checked, car and house keys, or any item one might lose. A bit uncomfortable to put in holders, which need to be bought separately and VERY difficult to change batteries or reset to change device using airtag, but handy that it takes an inexpensive easy-to-get battery.

  22. Joseph A. Curtiss

    Comfortable knowing where luggage is

    I used these for the first time on a trip from JFK to Texas. My bags were with me on each segment of travel to Texas. On the return trip, on the second segment, one of my bags went on an earlier flight than ours. When I arrived, I retrieved the bag from our flight but the second bag was not there. My Airtag on the missing bag showed that it arrived at Delta’s other terminal in JFK, so my panic subsided and my second bag proved easy to obtain.

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  23. Cathy Mason

    ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE for travel on plane

    Quantas lost my sons luggage. They kept telling us it was sent to us, but we could see it was in another state. We had to tell them where the luggage was. We would never have gotten that suitcase back without this luggage tag!

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  24. Ali

    I use it for my pets

    My dog got out today and I was able to find her very quickly and easily because of her AirTag. The app told me her *exact* location, down to which side of the street she was on. It was very nice. L

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  25. Amazon Customer


    We decided to use these when we went on our cruise. Used them in our luggage and we were able to track down our luggage. They should be used in everybody’s luggage when traveling.

  26. Serafina villa

    Apple Air Tag

    Son muy bueno para encontrar todo lo que quieras protejer con este articulo para las llaves es fantastico

  27. Richard H. Estes

    It works

    Had these in luggage while traveling in Europe.. they work great as long as an IPhone is within range of this signal. It can be anyone’s iPhone. Easy way to track your luggage.. it would great in finding your luggage in a mass of suitcase’s like the current Southwest night mare.

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  28. Amy

    New tech is awesome but

    I love the AirTags do not get me wrong!! I had issues with setting up, the app, connecting to them, and I even had to contact apple text support which was the easiest and mostconvenient and quickly fixed the issues because I had to completely reset my iphone 14, and the AirTags wouldn’t work if my life depended it. Text tech walked me through resetting the AirTags and I quickly back in business

  29. Cilantro Hannan

    Found my stolen car!!!

    Decided to buy a 4 pack of these for my cars as my AMG GT got towed, and the struggle to find the tow yard and it’s location would be resolved if I had Apple Air Tags.So after installing this in my AMG GT, my E Class and my Dodge Ram Dually V10, I was returning from a trip to Seattle and pulled out my phone to track which parking lot at the airport I parked out, and I noticed that my Ram Truck wasn’t parked at my apartment building anymore, and was on the other side of town… so I located my E Class at the airport via the app, then pibes the new location of the Ram Truck and headed there. I found the truck abandoned in a parking lot with all the windows down in the rain, tools all stolen, a makeshift key on the ground next to the Air Tag (I think the Air Tag scared them off to be honest). Lost a bunch of tools, but I would’ve never found my truck again or at least this fast (Instantly!).Best money I’ve spent in a long time!Cons: the Apple Air Tag whistles sometimes to notify people that they’re being tracked. This probably could’ve prevented me from catching the theft.Features I’d like: be able to track all the places they went in my truck? What time it was stolen? How fast they drove? What streets?

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  30. Anon

    Each tag can only be registered with one phone

    Great product that helps me track my belongings and my car. Only issue is that each tag can only be tracked with one phone. Comes with a battery for each tag.

  31. Babette

    Every traveler should have these!

    I had the comfort of knowing all my luggage was where it should be as I traveled. One of my companions lost his luggage and was able to track it with these to another hotel while the airline could not. This is a great product.

  32. Nick N

    Tracking made easy

    My dogs have managed to get out of the fence a number of times in the past year. We have spent hours finding out how they get out and even more FINDING the dogs!Finally a product that I can track their exact location at any time. I know it’s not to be used for people, but it’s going to be wonderful for our kids at Disney to ensure we know their whereabouts at all times in case they get lost.Battery life remains to be seen, I hope it’s decent!

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  33. Amazon Customer

    Where are my keys?!?

    This is a must have for anyone who loses their keys ever! You just log onto find my device and the air tag dings and you phone tells you which direction your air tag is in and how many feet away it is.

  34. Rex E.

    best thing ever

    putting the whole “you can stalk people with these” argument aside, these are incredibly useful. have one in my car, on my keys, in my backpack, and in my wallet. never losing anything again.and if you think these need to be discontinued bc they are used for nefarious reasons, I want to remind you that trackers already exists but those don’t notify you… these WILL let you know when they’re following you but not connected to you. my wallet one fell out in my friends car and in less than a day she sent a text asking if it was mine that her phone detected following her.

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  35. Jeffdanger

    Beware of Used Items

    I purchased from Amazon Warehouse and two of the tags would not sync to the Iphone. Looks like they had been returned, certified by Amazon as refurbished but two of the tags were registered to someone’s Iphone and never deleted so they wouldn’t work with my phone. Buy new, not re-certified.

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  36. ARPHL

    Put in my suitcases and cars. So happy I did!

    Keep track of your stuffs whereabouts. While traveling I can see if my bag is at baggage claim yet. Takes the stress off. Lent my car to a friend, was able to see they went where they said, did what they said.

  37. Mr. Bill

    Air Tags are a great product.

    Many older people are not aware how handy this product is. I bought 8 of them. I put them in my cars and in my older family members car and on their key chain. My older family member just lost her car keys. $90 to replace. So I tagged her spare keys. Now I can keep up with her during the day. It gives me peace of mind. I air tagged my wife’s keys also. I am now able during the day to check on everybody’s location and keys and cars. In today’s world It not a bad idea. Apple needs to do some advertising about how great this little device is and how to use them. It’s not perfect. Sometimes it has some delay but that could be just the internet. However most of the times they are spot on. I love them.

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  38. Amazon_Customer

    Great for travel

    Got these to track my bags on a weekslong trip involving multiple flights. There were gaps here and there where the last known location would be a few hundred feet away from me while on board, making it look like my bag had been left on the ramp. This was probably due to there being less Apple devices nearby and networks around some airports being slow/congested. I didn’t find this to limit my AirTags’ usefulness since their location would always be updated while taxiing to the gate at the other end, meaning it did the job of letting me know whether my bags had made it with me. There’s also an Android app to track AirTags that have been away from their owners for at least 15 minutes, which is mainly to protect people against being tracked but it does expand the range of devices that can be used to help find your belongings. All in all a very good investment.

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  39. Housatonic

    Very nice little devices

    if you are like me and easily forget where your car is in a parking lot or let your dog wandering the neighborhood , these are perfect, very accurate in finding a location where the AirTag is attached to

  40. Peg

    Highly recommend for suitcases when you travel!!

    Two of our three suitcases were left in Georgia and never made it on the plane. We knew where they were the whole time. Not happy at all with Fontier Airline but love these!! Get them!! They work!!

  41. Mrs. Browns Daughter #1965

    AirTags will save your Misery

    I lost my keys in a restaurant and was able to retrieve them just a little before they closed. Otherwise, would’ve had to stay in another city overnight until they open the next day.Put in your luggage and you can follow it all the way from checking your luggage in one airport and retrieving from the next airport.Tag your pets

  42. Golan Remi

    Works great with the Apple ecosystem

    I really like them because unlike Tile or other similar trackers, the Software is built into the iPhone and does not require a special app installed or activated to track an item. Also someone with an iPhone will always be around a lost item (keys, suitcases, backpack) and will automatically alert of its location.I used Tile for years prior to migrating, and it has two advantages over AirTags.1. They have a credit card size tracker that I keep in my wallet. It also has a 3 years’ battery life2. The Tile trackers have a button that when pressed, will wake up my phone and make it ring, which is great when I can’t find my actual phone. The phone will ring even if it is set to silent mode.

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  43. abondservant


    I have one on my car (Ever forgotten where you parked in a parking garage while you were away for a week or so?), on each dog, on my main and spare keys, in my luggage when I travel. I have AirTagged my life.While I’m traveling, I can look at my dogs, and see where they are as they move through the boarding kennel, or whomever is caring for them’s house.When cruising, I know when my bags have arrived, can see that they made it on the plane. etc.Its wonderful.The sound is quiet a little too quiet. They DO have to be activated on YOUR device. You can share them with someone else. But it’s a little annoying. Those things cover 90% of the 1* reviews.I’m quite happy with how they work for me though. They helped us recover a loose dog once. Which made them absolutely worth their cost.One had a battery fail within a year. But that’s not terrible, and replacement batteries are cheap (2$?) and easy to replace. all in all, I’m happy. perfect? no. But quite nice.The most annoying part, is, in my travel, and luggage scenario, other people traveling in the same vehicle with me get notifications on their iPhone that Luggage 1, 2, air pods (old), AirPods (new), keys, and whatever else are traveling with them, and might be being used to track them. Which invariably creeps people out until I explain apple is being proactive on privacy, and it’s just my suitcase.

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  44. Stephen A Kim

    Great way to track you luggage

    Bought these to track our luggage on flights. They link to your phone and usually give you a pretty accurate location of your bags. My bags got lost on a trip to Canada and I was able to tell the airline where my bags were before they could locate them. I knew they missed the last flight of the night so I knew they would come in until at least the next morning.I hide mine in the lining just in case someone tries to steal them or my luggage they can’t easily find them.

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  45. MovieFan

    Great GPS Airtags – Highly Recommended

    Great for your luggage, cars, trucks, etc. Put one on every vehicle you have and you can track it all over the country! Luggage too. Remarkable. So many uses. Highly recommended. I have made three purchases of these. Battery lasts a year and will tell you when it’s time to replace it; easy.

  46. Chip

    How could Apple have made such an easy success so completely terribly? Completely useless.

    I have used Tiles for a long time (for keys, my wife’s purse, and our cats on their collars), and they work pretty well except that should the device be out of bluetooth range, you are counting on someone with the Tile app being near it to have it found.So usually being an Apple fan (I have an iPhone 12, my wife an iPhone 11, we have two iPads, and two Macbook Pros), hearing Apple would be making one, and that you just need an iPhone to go by your lost item for it to be found, I was excited.How could Apple make a product this bad, when they weren’t even innovating? Literally all they had to do was copy the Tile and then throw their weight of the ubiquity of the iPhone behind it. But no.1. I tested losing the tag by putting it my garage and then going out there with my wife’s phone. I put her phone near the “lost” tag, and nothing happened on her phone or mine. It appears you have to actually pick up the tag and tap it on the phone for it to be found. If I thought people would do that, a simple printed lost label or the cat’s collar tags would suffice. So much for any advantage there.2. You cannot share tag between two people so useless for tracking devices multiple people in the house might need to find like a cat that got out. Unless the one phone set to the tag is there, you cannot find it (confirmed by Apple support). If that person is at work, a drive away, out of town, etc. forget it. Tiles can be shared among multiple people in the house, so either of us home can find a cat that got out, etc.3. The volume is much too soft to be audible unless you are right in the same room. At that point the directions to the device finally work (the one new feature beyond my Tiles) but simply being able to hear the device would have worked too — and moreover would work from adjacent rooms, which the directions and too-soft AirTag do not until you happen to enter the right room. Apple support confirmed there is no way to make the volume louder like my Tile volume.4. For it to work, you are required to use two-factor authentication on your phjone. I don’t need that for my phone (unlike my brokerage account or bank), and Apple has made two-factor a constant annoyance if enabled so I don’t want to use it. But unless you turn it on, you cannot add an AirTag.5. Relative to all the above, this is small as it at least has a solution. But it is an extra annoyance that Apple couldn’t even include a small loop or hole so it can be attached to your keyring, cat tag, or really anything else without buying a holder which is the same price again or more for each tag and makes the whole thing much bigger (or perhaps drilling a hole in them, if you were willing to risk it).I have never been so disappointed in an Apple product, nor ever so amazed that a new product from a major company that simply needed to copy an existing product to succeed would miss the mark so badly. Mine are being returned and I am back to my Tiles (which also have replaceable batteries). I just hope they never get out of bluetooth range, or that others keep their Tiles (perhaps like me after trying the AirTag) so they are still found if they do.

    1,985 people found this helpful

  47. Badboydrd

    Perfect for losing keys

    I bought these mainly because I wanted to stop losing my keys so much. But since I have the extra ones I put one in my vehicle on my dog and I have an extra one that I can use at the airport. Definitely worth it

  48. Gone.

    Offer some peace of mind.

    I was tired of losing my small things like keys, airpods and wallet. I’m glad I can keep them close by and know where they are. But, the range isn’t very far. I had my AirPods in my car and on the find my app it said they were not in range??? I was in my home and was going crazy looking for them, thinking the battery died on that particular air tag. Just happened to look in my car and found them, and only then my air tag made a sound. Hmmmm….

  49. Amazon Customer

    Thru The SW Mess, Able To Keep Track of our Luggage

    I remembered at the last minute before heading out from Tampa to Denver five days ago that I wanted to try out our new Air Tags. Unfortunately we never made it to Denver thanks to two flight cancellations over two days. However, they never pulled our luggage and it made it to Denver without us. I was able to track the flight thanks to these Air Tags and have watched their location among all the other bags at Denver International Airport. I keep tabs on them I hopes that they will be boarded on a flight back to Tampa(we did file a report to have them sent back). No telling when we will receive our bags, but I do have the security of being able to pinpoint their exact location. Just hope the battery lasts.

    21 people found this helpful

  50. Path105

    So good

    I ordered the four AirTags from Amazon…got two of them connected to the phone..which means they are on my watch too. Well, they wouldn’t show up on my devices. I tried everything but not showing. So, I asked Siri to locate my air tags and there they were..showing up on the devices. Couldn’t say find my air tags because she was looking for a song. Locate was the word..for me. I drove off to get something to eat and asked my watch to locate my air asked which one and I said backpack…it told me exactly where it was. These things are great.

    6 people found this helpful

  51. Nick S-W

    Super easy to set up, seem to work great

    After a recent theft of a lot of my stuff I decided to pick these up. After plugging it in and playing with it for a few hours I have the following thoughts:Setup is a breeze. Literally so easy. You pull the plastic off the AirTag and your phone just sees it and starts setting it up.They seem pretty accurate! I moved them around and watched them move.Big peace of mind, thrilled to have these.

  52. KimmiKimmi

    Love These Apple AirTags!

    They were really easy to activate and set up on my iPhone for tracking! Peel off the outer plastic cover, place it near the phone, and the rest is handled by the iPhone!!I am attaching one to my key ring and another to my handbag for tracking purposes. I tested the sound feature which I wish was louder, but I’ll get over it. The price is high, in my opinion. I cannot speak on battery life because I just bought them.

    One person found this helpful

  53. Mavis J Almanza

    Neat gadget

    We got these just because we were bored and curious. I keep one in my work computer bag (just in case) I leave one in my car. My husband keeps one in his continuously missing wallet. They do work very well. They let you know if you left the item behind, or my husband can see where I am when I am gone. Gadgets are fun!

  54. Zully Cruz

    Works from 3500 miles location

    I traveled to El Salvador and I was able to check the location of my car any time in the USA. I also traveled to Dominican Republic and put one in on each of my luggage. I gave one to my friend who has a child with Autism to put on his backpack and she loves the fact she can keep track of her son school bus arrival and not worry about where he is no more. I have one on my car keys , my wallet etc…it worksCons: Other Iphone owners next to it , are notified of the Airtag location and disabled it without your concern and you will not recover the Airtag ever.

    19 people found this helpful

  55. Matt Schuster

    Fantastic product

    I originally purchased the Air Tags for my luggage as I was traveling internationally. Once back home I was able to put one on my Car Keys, one in my Wallet, one in my five year old daughters backpack, and gave one to my mom for her keys. This is one of those products that you don’t need, until you really need it. Great piece of mind.

  56. RMF

    Peace of mind

    Have only used them on one trip so far, but did what they were suppose to do for my purposes. Easy to set up. Bought a small key chain like protector which thus has has worked well. Was comforting to be able to track our luggage from the time we checked it in until it came out of the conveyor belt at our destination. Should work fine for any size luggage or carryon you may want to use. One trick that I read from a reviewer which I thought was quite helpful, was to unzip the inside covering to the luggage and place the tracker in that space between the wall and the covering if that is possible with your type of luggage or carryon, so it is not visible if someone takes out all the contents you have packed. Hope I will never have to worry about my finding lost or stolen luggage for this reason, but hopefully will assist in my recovery since it should be harder to discover the tracker. Can not comment on battery life or durability yet, time will tell..

    18 people found this helpful

  57. Eric

    Best value is the 4 pack. You can track anything from a suitcase to your dog.

    Like. Small. Versatile. Need to download an app to track. The notifications let you know when your item is moved and where it is.Con It takes a bit of practice to at first turn them on. Get an app. Scan with the phone bluetooth. If it doesn’t read at first then turn the disk so it disconnects from the battery and then turn it back on. It’s a bit of a process to do it five times until the disk is registered. But when it finally works it is reliable. The size of your thumb you can purchase a small holder to attach to your pet as you would a rabies tag o the collar. You can track your car or your kids car, your purse, tools, whatever your may be afraid will get stolen from your property. Anything valuable and yes people too but that is currently a moral and legal issue.

    10 people found this helpful

  58. Patti

    Perfect! So easy to use!

    A relative attached an AirTag to his key ring. While enjoying snowboarding on the slopes, his key ring fell from a pocket. With his iPhone at home, he returned with it the next day. It guided him to the precise location of his key ring – now buried in 8 inches of snow. Had he needed to replace his dorm room and car keys, the cost would have been around $250. So this AirTag has already paid for itself ten times over. As a great fan of the Rescue Heroes in his earlier days, they would have loved to count the AirTag among their rescue gear!

    5 people found this helpful

  59. Nicole Holt

    Saving Grace

    My husband loses EVERYTHING!He didn’t need anything for Christmas. So, after about a week of lost keys followed by where’s my wallet I figured this was the best gift he could possibly get…. and I wasn’t wrong! Cherry on top is that the AirTags make a noise. We will never lose AirPods again!

  60. Amazon Customer

    Nothing like piece of mind

    We ordered these for a trip to Iceland and Scotland. We used 2 each, one for our luggage and one for our carry-on pieces. During a quick turn around at one airport that involved moving from one terminal to another I was able to track my bag to make sure it made it on the flight. The piece of mind they provide is priceless. I just hope I never really have to use them to find out my bag when to a different airport than I did.

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