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About this item Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the Find My app Simple one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag with your iPhone or iPad Play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your things, or just ask Siri for help Precision Finding with Ultra Wideband technology leads you right to your nearby AirTag (on select iPhone models) Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network Put AirTag into Lost Mode to be automatically notified when it’s detected in the Find My network All communication with the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy, Location data and history are never stored on AirTag
Replaceable battery lasts over a year AirTag is IP67 water and dust resistant Make AirTag yours with a range of colorful accessories, sold separately Show more

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60 reviews for Apple AirTag Electronics

  1. Amazon Customer

    Does the job

    I drive a hyundai and my car got broken into, the next week my friends hyundai got stolen. So to be on the safe side i got an airtag and put it in my car. Today, my car got stolen, it took 4 hours to get my car back, but I was able to follow it and update the police on where it was and how long it was there for. Highly recommend for anyone if your car doesn’t have a tracking device.

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  2. Jesse

    Do not get if you intend on using to track your dog

    This product is obviously intended to locate things that are going to stay in the same place for sometime dogs do not stay in the same place. It only updates when it comes within close proximity to another Apple device connected to the cellular Netwerk so your dog running around is unlikely, however if you miss placed your keys or your wallet or your car, even this is the product for you.

  3. Bryson Harold Kim

    Pretty good for travel

    Used these on a recent trip to Japan. Wanted to be able to track our luggage because the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto by bullet train had a one day stop in Hakone for us. As such the bigger luggage was transported via a van and we had to use carryons for the one night stay.The issue was that we were informed that our luggage was going to be delayed. The tracking on the iPhone for the AirTags had them still in Tokyo when we were one hour out of Kyoto. And yes we were connected to wifi. However the luggage was at the hotel in Kyoto when we arrived. So the tracking info was incorrect.

  4. Jack

    Must-Have for Essentials

    In the Fall of 2022, I lost my wallet, unfortunately. You’d be surprised with what you can and can’t do if the only photo IDs were in your only wallet. Ever since then, I’ve thought of a way to track my wallet if this were to ever happen again. This led me to the purchase of my very first AirTag.Since the purchase, I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. My Apple AirTag is able to fit perfectly within my wallet specially designed to hold an AirTag. The ability to know where my wallet is at all times is undeniably a lifesaving feature. No more lost wallets with the power to locate it and emit a sound.Unboxing the AirTag, you get the AirTag itself and everything else that comes in the box, such as manuals and safeties. To connect the AirTag to your iPhone, simply pull out the plastic protective piece for the battery and unlock your iPhone. Keep the AirTag next to your phone and it will automatically connect, allowing you to set up your AirTag.Overall, another great product and ingenuity from Apple. I couldn’t be any happier with the purchase.

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  5. Benj Arriola

    Works for my cats

    I bought an AirTag holder for a cat collar, and I get to track where my cats are. They do use Bluetooth and can’t go too very far distances, but they can still do the next door neighbors. And it helps me know when the cats are at the neighbors on the left of the house, right of the house, back or front across the street so I know where to call them when I yell outside and they come running.According to my research that this is not really a GPS, but when near another iOS device it can connect to the Apple cloud anonymously and you can get an estimated location radius then you can go to it and once there, rely on Bluetooth again. I never needed to use it that way yet though. But to just test it out, when I was out of the house, I checked the location of my cats from home and it was able to detect where they were.

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  6. MS

    Very handy!

    The Apple AirTag is a fantastic device for keeping track of my belongings. I love the small, compact design that makes it easy to attach to keychains, wallets, backpacks, and other items. The Find My network and built-in speaker make it easy to locate lost items even when they are not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network. Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase and love using the AirTag for multiple things.

  7. J. Lewin

    Performs as Promised

    Easy set up per video. Able to link more than one AirTag to one iPhone “FindMe” app. It took a few minutes to realize the naming of the AirTag was the last choice of the pull-down menu that provided a type-in field to give a unique name to each AirTag. After that, the tag was good to go and ready for travel.

  8. AnnaAnna

    Great Product

    I love apple products and the AirTag is just as good as any other. It connects so easily to my iPhone and automatically pairs to my find my friends app. It lets you give the air tag a name so you can differentiate between if you have multiple. I am excited to start using this!

  9. Billy Lawlor

    Never thought I’d buy one of these but…

    So I misplaced my wallet and for a few days I had the feeling I lost my wallet which was not a great feeling. All I could think about was I wish I could track my wallet. I ordered an AirTag and the next day found my wallet. As soon as my AirTag came I put it in my wallet and it hasn’t left since.When I am at work I’ll leave my wallet in the car once I get so far away I’ll get a notification that “my wallet was left behind” if you have ever used the “Find My” app you’ll be familiar with how to track whatever you attach your AirTag to.Setting up is easy you turn on Bluetooth on your phone, pull out a tab on the AirTag, your phone and AirTag pair, you give your AirTag a name in my case “wallet’ and you’re good to go. Battery life is one year.I had to buy the wallet holder for the air tag which is essentially a thick credit card that holds the AirTag which I found to be a much better fit in my wallet and for only $8.99 on Amazon I really recommend if you’re going to stick in your wallet to get the holder. The AirTag itself is more secure plus when I had my AirTag in my wallet without the holder it was uncomfortable sitting on it while it was in my back pocket with the holder it adds some bulkiness to the wallet but it’s more comfortable.It’s worth having the piece of mind if I do misplace my wallet again once I get so far away from it “your wallet has been left behind” then tracking it at a close distance is easy to use and follow the sound it emits is not loud but the tracker it’s should be able to get you to your lost item even if you can hear the sound.All in all for $30 plus $8 for the holder I’d recommend the AirTag. I have one in my wallet but I’ve seen them used for a variety of uses. 4 pack on Amazon for $96 single $30. Sometimes I wish I bought the 4 pack.

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  10. Ryan Barney

    Apple AirTag: Small, discreet, and incredibly effective

    I recently purchased an Apple AirTag and have been blown away by its performance. This tiny device has made a big impact in my life, and has made tracking and organizing my belongings a breeze.The first thing that impressed me about the AirTag is its design. It is small, sleek, and discreet, and can easily be attached to keys, bags, or other belongings. I have attached mine to my keys, and it has not been noticeable or cumbersome.The AirTag also works seamlessly with the “Find My” app, which allows me to easily track my belongings. I can see the location of my keys on a map, and can even be alerted if they are out of range. This has been incredibly helpful, as I am constantly misplacing my keys.Additionally, the AirTag has a long battery life and is easy to replace. The battery is said to last for over a year, and can easily be replaced when it runs out. This means that I do not have to worry about constantly charging or replacing the AirTag.Overall, I am extremely impressed with the Apple AirTag and would highly recommend it to others. It is a game-changer for tracking and organization, and is sure to make your life easier.

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  11. Gav

    Works as I would have expected

    I bought this for my dog so that we could track her in case she ever escaped. However I realized you can only pair it to one phone and used my partner’s to do so.Pros:• I get a notification on my phone that someone else’s airtag is traveling with me (when I have my dog). That seems like a nice security feature.• My partner can always see where our dog is!• Very easy set up, pretty much just bring it close to your iPhone and it’ll start• Can set up familiar locations, so if you leave the airtag somewhere it won’t tell you (like when we leave our dog at home, or drop her off at daycare)Cons:• Works based on its proximity to other Apple products, so you may be out of luck in some cases (like if we lost her on a hike)• It’s also not insanely precise, but I never imagined it would be• You can only pair it to one phone, so I can’t access her location if my partner wanted me to• As a result of the above, the airtag will ALWAYS tell me when my dog is with me without my partner, in the beginning it would let out a loud ding to tell me where the airtag was, which spooked my pup initially, but it doesn’t seem to do the noise anymore

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  12. DSybrandy

    Help find your list items!

    I recently purchased the apple AirTag and it has completely exceeded my expectations! I used it to help locate my lost wallet and it was a lifesaver.The setup process was quick and easy, and I was able to attach the AirTag to my wallet with no issues. The app is user-friendly and provides clear instructions on how to use the AirTag to its full potential.When I lost my wallet, I was able to use the app to track its location and eventually find it thanks to the AirTag. The tracking feature is highly accurate and reliable, which was a huge relief in a stressful situation.I was also impressed with the durability of the AirTag. It has held up well to daily wear and tear and has not suffered any damage.Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase of the apple AirTag and would give it a full five stars. It has been a valuable tool in helping me locate lost items and I would highly recommend it to others.

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  13. Mykola Khyzhniak


    I needed to buy this product, found it on Amazon and decided to buy it. The product arrived on time, as stated, well packed in several layers of film, for which a very big respect to the seller, the box was intact, which is also a very big plus. After unpacking, the product had no defects, was brand new, as stated in the description, the product was fully functional, very quickly connected to my phone and started working. The accuracy of this device is something incredible and very pleasant for me as a pet owner who is always looking for adventure 😄Thanks to the seller for what he does. I advise you to cooperate with him!

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  14. James O. – Albuquerque

    Seems good for now I’ve had it couple of months

    The device seems to work fine I set it up on my personal phone for some property that if it gets stolen I want to be able to track it.Now my work phone is also an iPhone so my work phone sends me alerts saying it’s being followed by a tracking device and basically would let my work phone identify the device.I guess everyone is paranoid about being tracked but it kinda defeats the purpose of me being able to recover my stolen stuff if any person had an iPhone including the person who stole my stuff then it would tell them they are being tracked. I imagine they would then look for the device and I wouldn’t be able to recover my item.So then what is the utility of this device?Yeah I’m not too sure unless you put it on a pet or something.That being said the device works good it tracks well and the setup was easy.

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  15. Calvin Walker

    Work’s As Designed

    My wife and I love these trackers! I’ve told everyone in the family and they already came in handy for my son who was in Paris and London a month ago. Coming home from London they connected in Barcelona to Miami. Sure enough his bag was not in Miami when they landed. He was able to see it on his phone sitting in Barcelona. American airlines put it on the next flight to Miami. With so many people who had lost bags during the holiday mess they could of a least been at ease to know “where” the bag was with this tracker. Love it! I have one on my keychain and wallet. If lost it’s nice to just grab your phone and see where they are.

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  16. UserIEN3691

    Do NOT use child safety batteries

    I purchased this for our dog. It lasted a good long while, including me messing with her by playing the sound. What I did not expect was that when it came time to replace the battery that the bitter coated Dura* branded battery would be problematic. Apparently the bitter coating somehow interfered with the tracking ability of the device. I replaced it with the Energ* branded battery and it started tracking again immediately. Lesson learned. All in all I would say these are pretty awesome. Tracked my luggage on my last vacay too. Pretty cool.

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  17. Ben

    Game changer

    I purchased this AirTag because I was going to be traveling out of the country with a checked bag. Since there were multiple stops in between and I was certainly anxious of my bag being lost, which low and behold ended up happening on the way to my destination. Luckily with the AirTag, I was able to get timely updates as to where my bag was without the fear that it was thrown in some black hole so this gave me a sense of hope. I received my bag three days later as I was able to give airline workers its exact location. Be mindful that this device only relays updated locations when it comes across another iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth instead of gps, but enough people around the world have these devices that I would highly recommend.

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  18. Photogpro

    They work GREAT!

    Like that it was able to find my misplaced wallet which had fallen under the bed. Started looking in car and tag indicated it was not near, but in the area. As I entered our home, told me to turn left and then indicated it was 14 feet away! Followed it to the bed.On a recent cruise, we were concerned about lost luggage. Once we checked in we were able to follow luggage as it traveled to loading area for ship.I was using a TagVault thin wallet holder card (makes tag have a smooth transition from center to outer edge of card) . Other tag was in suitcase….each can be tracked separtely.

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  19. rommyc

    Fun little gadgets

    Based on several travel articles I bought these for my recent airline trip and threw them into my luggage. Sure enough you can track their whereabouts and know almost exactly where they are. Others have noted that they’re also useful once you’re at your location because they can help you find your way back to your hotel. I would suggest you look into the many types of holders that are available since you don’t really want these little things sliding around by themselves. Also if you have children please be careful they look just like Mentos candies and could lead to problems

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  20. Dominique Murray

    Exactly what I needed!

    It does exactly what you expect it to do: Track whatever it’s attached to. For example, mine is attached to my dog’s collar in case the collar is lost or my dog decides to go on a little adventure by himself. If my phone is too far away from the airtag, it will notify me that it was left behind at a specific address – sometimes, the address isn’t 100% accurate, which I didn’t expect anyway, but the address is 99% accurate and it will say it’s at a super, duper close address to where the airtag is “left”. I have had it for a little over two months and it’s battery life is still going, so I can’t make a truthful review about the battery life itself (other than that it lasts a long time!) or if it notifies you when it is dead or dying, so we’ll see!

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  21. Anonymous

    Tracking my cats

    Love these!!! I live in a college town with no shortage of apple products. I suspect someone has been “borrowing” My adorable little kitty at night. Not anymore! I know approximately where both kitties are on the street. These work better than anticipated

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  22. S Jensen

    Gave me peace of mind during a move

    I am extremely happy with my Apple Air Tag! It has made my cross-country move so much easier by allowing me to track my household goods and vehicles. The ability to see the location of my items in real-time has been a huge stress reliever, and the process of setting up the tags was seamless. I highly recommend the Apple Air Tag to anyone who frequently moves or travels and wants an easy way to keep track of their belongings.

  23. Brooklyn Schulz

    Would recommend

    This product is very helpful, using it to track my dog because she like to run off and not come back when we call her. Definitely would recommend especially if you have an animal that likes to run off/ take little adventures

  24. Skylar

    Best way to find the remote

    We got sick of looking around the house for the remotes after the kids would hide them. We would mostly give up looking for them and find them in their toys or the garage and even the trash. We bought these airtags along with some remote sleeves and now we can find them instantly. Just remember to not lose your phone. I do wish you could add them to a family account to allow my spouse to find them on her phone as well but the computer will do.

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  25. iluvgr8tdealsiluvgr8tdeals

    Works With iPhone 8 Plus.

    ⁃ Setting up the AirTag is easy. Pull the plastic cap and once the battery is connected to the AirTag and the AirTag is activated, the iPhone will recognize the AirTag and connect to it. It is connected to a specific Apple ID and once you connect the Airtag to the iPhone, you can designate what the AirTag will be used to trace/locate, for example, ‘Wallet’ ‘Keys,’ ‘BackPack’ and so on. ⁃ The use of a replaceable CR32 battery is a plus. Just twist the top cap and replace the battery by following the instructions on the polarity of the battery terminals. ⁃ I have an iPhone 8 Plus, so, the fancy ‘precision finding’ function that uses ‘AR’ and the arrow to point out the location of the AirTag as you approach it is not available. I knew that beforehand but it doesn’t minimize the effectiveness of this AirTag. ⁃ If you have an iPhone 6/6 plus and/or later, you’ll be able to use Bluetooth and NFC for tracking. ⁃ However, the AirTag works perfectly with the iPhone 8 Plus. All I need to do is expand the screen of my phone when on the ‘Find My’ app on the iPhone and activate the sound of the AirTag when I get close to the AirTag and once the AirTag starts beeping, then I can be able to trace it in its exact location. ⁃ The AirTag is excellent. If you leave the AirTag in a location and walk for about 2 minutes, or 0.1 miles, the iPhone immediately alerts you that you have left the AirTag and gives you the street address. When driving, the alert shows up after approximately 0.5 miles. Once you get the message on your iPhone, you then open the ‘Find My’ app on the iPhone and when you select ‘items’ at the bottom right of the app, you will then see the AirTag description and the blue dot that shows the location of the AirTag. As you walk back to the location of the AirTag, all you do is expand the screen on your phone and once you get to a couple of feet of the AirTag, you can press the ‘play sound’ button and the AirTag is going to start beeping. ⁃ I have now purchased 3 of these AirTags. I use one for my wallet, one for my keys and one for my backpack. I’ll definitely add more AirTags once the need arises. ⁃ The AirTag works so well such that, even when I go to the gym and leave my wallet and backpack in the gym locker and then go to the main floor to work out, about 50 or so feet, I get an alert on the iPhone notifying me that I have ‘left my Wallet/Backpack’ behind and gives me the gym address! Excellent! ⁃ You can disable notifications from the iPhone for certain locations so that, when you leave certain items like a backpack at home, you won’t keep getting notifications. ⁃ The ‘Find My’ app figures out where ‘Home’ is after a while (even before setting the home address on the ‘Maps’ app) and when you leave the AirTag at ‘Home,’ then the iPhone alerts you that you have left the AirTag at ‘Home.’ You can also set the ‘Home’ address on your iPhone’s ‘Maps’ app. ⁃ Just to show you how good the AirTags work, I attended a SuperBowl party and left my Backpack (with AirTag attached) at home. I had my wallet with me and my house keys in the car. The ‘Find My’ app was able to accurately pinpoint the location of my Wallet, (with me) my keys (in car, on road close to the Super Bowl host’s house) and my backpack, 44 miles away. The location of the backpack had been picked up by another iPhone that was close by the backpack. ⁃ I purchased a PSRAT 2 case wallet holder for my wallet AirTag and it works well. I purchased the Arae AirTag keychain holder for my keys and I got the Apple leather loop for my backpack.

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  26. Nero Ng

    Excelente producto!

    sorprendentemente Rapido fue la entrega a la puerta de mi casa y tambien el producto me ha dejado asombrado por la precision de la informacion sobre la ubicacion. asi podré encontrar mis pertenencias en caso de extravio o robo

  27. Richard P.

    Apple does it Again!

    Another great product from Apple. Once set up, it’s leave it and forget it! This product helps ensure I never forget my wallet or keys. It rarely happens but this device is a life saver when it does!

  28. Mary C.

    Theses ave multiple uses

    Aside from being able to find your suitcase, they can be put in a purse or wallet, a car, on a pet’s collar, or anything you don’t want to lose. It’s a great idea!

  29. Isabel ensminger

    The Real Deal

    I used this in my luggage on a trip where I couldn’t lose a thing. I was able to see if it was moving on WiFi as well. Smart purchase. Definitely will buy more!

  30. J Scidmore

    knowing the unknown

    So I bought several of these for a friend who was flying half way around the world so she could put them in her luggage and as fate would have it the flight was delayed and as you can well imagine she was running from place to to place to catch connecting flights but her luggage was not so fast on it’s feet. So she made it to Thailand but her luggage did not. She could however see were it was and as such when it would catch up to her. At one point one piece of luggage was lost but she was able to pin it down for those who were looking for it and as such the lost was found. It is unlikely I have ever given a more useful gift before

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  31. S. Rees

    Great for keeping track of things you often leave behind or can’t find

    I’ve had some struggle lately leaving my water bottle in weird places and forgetting it. I attached this to my water bottle with a Pelican loop and now I don’t have to worry anymore! If I leave it at the gym, my phone will now alert me that I’ve left it behind. I can exclude my house so I don’t get alerts if I leave it at home.

  32. john e.

    Worked well as a baggage finder. Needs Panasonic battery replacement only!

    This worked flawlessly during an international trip where I wanted to keep tabs on my checked luggage. The only drawback is that it will not pair or work if you put anything other than a Panasonic replacement battery in it. I tried to put in a fresh Duracell and finally after hours of trying to figure out what was wrong, I found in the internet that the batteries are made ever so slightly different around the edges and only the Panasonic works. Not a difficult fix, but annoying and I hope Apple redesigns that to make it more user friendly.

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  33. Steve Spencer

    Travel Must

    It’s pretty cool to follow your luggage through the airport with these. They give you a sense of relief that you are traveling with your bags and they weren’t left behind.

  34. SARCrew

    As it should be

    Works as it should, what’s more to say? Ease of mind knowing if you loose it you can find it, as long as it’s lost in a good signal area. Good luck if you are in a area that you are in and out of service it’ll show last point that it had signal. Such is life.

  35. Frances Owens

    great product for the $

    I got this and put in a holder on a lanyard to put on my MIL when I take her out with me in case she gets out of my sight. She is 95 and has dementia. I know this one is supposed to be to track pets or luggage, etc but I thought I would try it before ordering one specifically made for people which are much more expensive and most require a monthly fee. I can use my cell phone through Siri and say “find S——” and it will let me know her approximate distance then hit the maps app and it gives directions to where she is. I tried it with her at home and me at work and it pinpointed her at my address with no problem.I am sure there are more accurate trackers out there but for the money this one is great until/ unless something else is needed in the future.

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  36. Psychonrs

    Love this!

    I bought the AirTag for my dogs. I like them to have freedom of off leash, but to stay semi close. Whenever I take them out, I get the hard headed dog’s tag ready on Find My, well because he’s a dog and likes to chase. He (twice now and at night) has started to chase something, usually a rabbit, I hit the Play Sound and he stops immediately and comes back. I use it to train not to chew on things too. I enjoy not putting a shock collar on him, and not having an extra thing to carry around and most likely misplace. I know these have limitations, which I am perfectly ok with because it does what I wanted it to do, I can use my phone to do the training. No extra remote, no extra collar. I would recommend this product to Apple users 100%.

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  37. Bruce Harte

    Won’t lose anything valuable again

    Great product. extremely easy to setup and use. Expensive but well with the money. I have them on key chains, wallets, purses, cars, truck and looking for more places to use.

  38. alexander

    Cycling through EL SALVADOR with no issues!

    I bought this as a gift for my mom. She is 69 year old going on 26 – and living her very best life. She is currently on a bicycle tour along the Rhône river that will lead into a hiking adventure through the el salvador countryside and finish off with a train ride to guatemala. While I am so happy she is enjoying adventures the worry wart in me is nervous with her thousands of miles away zipping through villages on an electric bike. Here’s where the AirTag comes in. We both have peace of mind knowing I always know the general area she is in and she enjoys her adventures without her daughter nagging her to check in. The AirTag has elven to be accurate on location even across the world. We are both impressed!

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  39. ShopperM

    Air Tag for Wallet

    Bought for my friend to go with his Air Tag Wallet. It was kinda pricey for only one Air Tag, but the multi-packs were very expensive. It connect with my friends Apple iPhone and Apple watch quickly and easily. The rest of the questions can’t really be spoken to at this point in time.

  40. jeremy mckenziejeremy mckenzie

    Brings peace of mind

    It ensures my lil best buddy stays safe, hard to put a price on that. Fortunately you can get one for $30. Best $30 you can spend.

  41. Scott Rowan


    Use this to secure an item I always forget. Has a handy reminder on your phone when you get too far or it moves, it’s a little difficult to pinpoint exactly where it is but will get you to the area where you will go “ohhhh yeaahhhh”

  42. Real honest reviews

    Simply the best

    I am an Apple loyalist but I can tell you compared to other tag’s these truly are the best. I have loved them so much I have bought them for my entire family and will continue to buy even when they die out!

  43. Adan

    Great for keeping track of items.

    After getting my car towed and having zero idea where it was at (due to towing signs not being properly posted), I decided I wanted some type of remote tracking. This fits the bill. There is no monthly fee to continue using. Its super easy to pair to your phone. I keep this on car just to check on it when its parked some where sketchy. I don’t want any more surprises.

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  44. George tampas

    Great Travel Product for An Ounce of Prevention

    I Hadn’t Used an AirTag Prior To Traveling Overseas this Summer, I Am glad I purchased this product. Took a Trip into London Heathrow with the AirTag did not Disappoint, upon Arrival I was able to track my Bags Location with Ease and get in get out of The Airport, While others on Flight Waited for bags that Could not be found via the Airlines Baggage Tracking App. Highly recommend for those Travelling Overseas Post Covid Travel.

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  45. Callista

    Works as Intended

    It took a minute to get configured, I just had to make sure my phone was up-to-date. Works great, I use it for my airpods. I lost them so many times, and this helps me locate it every time.

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  46. Jon Dough

    keep track of luggage

    The tag was easy to link to our phone and reassured us of the luggage presence on an international flight that involved several plane changes.

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  47. Sean A Nedd

    Lost luggage – no more

    Used it on my first overseas trip to track my luggage. Etihad Airlines stated my luggage was onboard the flight but when i showed them my luggage was not and sitting In the luggage room, they quickly had it brought to the plane and loaded.

  48. TS

    Where’s my language?!

    This airtag works great!! You know exactly where your language is. Especially these days with the airlines losing your baggage like it’s no big deal!

  49. Nicole Beaudoin

    Great idea

    Can’t adjust the volume. I was looking for my keys they were in the couch cushion and I couldn’t hear them while standing over the couch. That AirTag needs to be louder. That’s an Apple problem not Amazon

  50. Amazon Customer

    Works and provides peace of mind

    Not sure of battery life but worked like a charm in latest travel adventure. Peace of mind on tracking your luggage locale

  51. Melissa Long

    NOT made for tracking

    Don’t buy this THINKING that you can track your kids. It doesn’t work that way. However, this is GREAT for wallets, keys, remotes…. things you need to find around your home. You can’t really throw it in a car and see where that car is on a map either.

  52. CC

    The smart tag choice for iPhone users

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     *Note- Video shows the sound the Airtag makes when you select ‘Play Sound’ from your iPhone*Airtags are Apple’s entry in the smart tag market; an accessory to help locate devices you might lose. Tile and Samsung have similar products, but the big advantage that Airtags have over other smart tag devices is the connection to the FindMy network, which allows any nearby Apple devices to help locate your Airtag. This is a big deal for iPhone users.So the idea is, you attach the Airtag to something like your keys for example, and then if you lose your keys you can find them in three ways: you can use your phone to make the Airtag beep, you can use Precision Finding to have your phone point you to where the Airtag is, or if it is really far away, it will use the FindMy network to locate the Airtag based on signals received from other iPhone users that are near your Airtag.Here are my thoughts so far:PROS:SETUP: Setup for these Airtags is incredibly easy. Just pull the tab off of the battery shield, hold the Airtag near your iPhone, and it will be detected and prompt you to name the Airtag. Then you associate it with your Apple account, and you’re done.NETWORK: This is the biggest advantage Apple has, because being connected to the FindMy network increases the odds that there will be someone nearby your device if you lose it. Tile uses their mesh network to help you find lost devices, but there are nowhere near as many Tile app users as there are Apple users on the FindMy network. For iPhone users, this means you are much more likely to find a lost Airtag than a lost Tile.PRECISION FINDING: (This feature requires an iPhone 11 or 12) If you are within about 30 feet, you can use the Precision Finding option that points you in the direction of the Airtag from your phone, telling you about how far away it is and what direction it is in. This is super useful around the house to find a nearby Airtag.NFC TAG: You can set a phone number and message for anyone that might find your Airtag, so even Android users can scan the Airtag with NFC, and get that information about who it belongs to, so they can contact you to return it. Apple users can also report a found device through the FindyMy network.IP67 WATERPROOF: IP67 means the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep, for up to half an hour. I haven’t tested this out, but it is nice to know that the Airtags have this protection.CONS:DURABILITY: The Airtag seems to scratch pretty easily on the metal side. Even within 24 hours of test use, the metal side already has a few scratches on it. This might not be a big deal if it is just cosmetic damage, hopefully it won’t affect the device’s functionality in the long run, but I still would’ve rather had it be just plastic on both sides to avoid these scratches.NO LOCATE PHONE OPTION: Having used Tile devices for years, I have found it to be super useful to be able to have two-way location ability; being able to push a button on the Tile device to locate my phone in case I misplace it. You can’t do that with the Airtags.NO KEY RING LOOP: Users of Tile or Samsung Smart Tags are probably accustomed to being able to attach their smart tag devices directly to a key chain via a built in small loop, without having to buy another accessory. These Airtags don’t have a loop, and you have to buy an accessory, which Apple currently sells for about $35. There are less expensive options from 3rd party vendors like Belkin for around $12, but still I was a little bit annoyed to have to spend more money to attach the Airtag to a keychain.OVERALL:So, at first I wanted to compare these Airtags to the other smart tag devices from Tile and Samsung. But actually, if you primarily use an iPhone, there really isn’t much of a choice. The fact that these are connected to the FindMy network, the ease of setup, and the Precision Finding option for newer iPhones, makes it hard to chose anything else. Again, I personally love Tile’s ability to also locate my phone from my keys, but if you mainly use an iPhone, then technically you have the FindMy network to try to locate your phone anyway.So in summary, most Android users will probably stick with Tile, Samsung S20/21 users should try Samsung SmartTags because the AR find is pretty cool and the smart device integration is nice, but all iPhone users should go with Airtags. Hopefully they will add new features in the future.*Pictures show Airtag next to a quarter for size reference, and then ‘connect’ screen that pops up when you put Airtag near your phone for the first time*

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  53. Doreatha

    the tracking device absolutely did it’s job

    Short story went to Alamo rented a car the first car didn’t have usb port so I got out of it switched to a different car guess what I did left my entire purse in the first car left the rental place and the car was rented out to another person. I was separated from my purse for 24 hours and tracked it I had the apple air tag on my keys in purse. A miracle a good person who was an honest person didn’t take anything from my purse. I called police gave them the address where the air tag says my purse was police went to home and retrieved my purse with all its contents! So I stand by this product 100%

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  54. Stephney Lam

    You need this for all of your important things!

    I have bought many apple air tags for all of our important things. All of my kids have them for their air pods and my husband has one for his wallet. Someone stole my son’s air pods at school one day and my son was able to use his phone to track down his air pods down to the exact seat that the child was sitting in a classroom. Also, my husband has a habit of leaving his wallet in his car. Anytime he does this he gets a notification that he left his wallet behind and he knows where he left it.

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  55. Kindle Customer

    Tracked Lost Luggage to Exact Geolocation

    Used the AirTag for my luggage after hearing about the nightmares of other travelers for months regarding their lost luggage. Had a transfer of airlines in an ‘international’ airport (domestic). Upon landing my luggage was a no-show. My transfer from airline with whom the luggage was checked stated the transfer to airline was responsible for my luggage. The transfer to airline was trying to say my luggage never made it to my second layover, to which I was able to reply, that my luggage was at the airport we had just left from, and could provide them with the exact geolocation of said luggage. Which was in “their” portion of the airport terminal. My luggage was quickly found, flown halfway across the country, and delivered to my front porch within six hours. I would highly recommend an AirTag for any checked luggage.

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  56. Michael Swoape

    Keeping track of my tools

    I get a notification everytime I walk away from my main tool box. Which is great, it will never be annoying after I lost my box a few weeks back, and realized I was $2000 in the hole. Luckily they got returned to me. This is definitely a great product to have to keep track of things.

  57. Michaela

    Apple Airtag

    I’ve had my airtag for over a year now. I got it as a birthday present August 2021. The battery has never died. I bought a couple friends one this year for Christmas. This little AirTag has helped me find my wallet on so many occasions.

  58. tiffany

    Keeps my life in order!

    Air tags are great for anyone that is prone to losing things and in this chaotic world, who isn’t? I have an air tag on my cat’s collar. It is perfect for on the days she wants to be an escape artist! I definitely recommend Apple air tags for your keys, remotes, luggage, anything!

  59. Miller


    I live in a confusing city with my grandma and I put this on her car (with their permission)and when she went out she took a wrong turn and got lost. I’m very happy with the purchase and happy with how it helped me find my grandma when she was lost!BIG HELP!

  60. Howard Spindel

    Apple Air Tag

    It’s an Apple Air Tag. There are plenty of reviews available on the web for this product. It works well.I really like the feature where you can make the Air Tag make a noise. Makes it easier to find.

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