Apple EarPods Headphones with 3.5mm Plug. Microphone with Built-in Remote to Control Music, Phone Calls, and Volume. Wired Earbuds Electronics

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About this item Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not worn properly in your ears, you may not obtain the correct sound qualities or call performance. Change the earbud tips to ones that fit more snugly in your ear Unlike traditional, circular earbuds, the design of the EarPods is defined by the geometry of the ear which makes them more comfortable for more people than any other earbud-style headphones The speakers inside the EarPods have been engineered to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss, which means you get high-quality audio The EarPods also include a built-in remote that lets you adjust the volume, control the playback of music and video, and answer or end calls with a pinch of the cord The remote and mic are supported by all models of iPod, iPhone, and iPad (not all models support volume up/down functions). Audio is supported by all iPod models. Requires software version 1.0.3 for iPod nano (4th generation), 2.0.1 for iPod classic (120GB), and 2.2 or later for iPod touch (2nd generation).

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60 reviews for Apple EarPods Headphones with 3.5mm Plug. Microphone with Built-in Remote to Control Music, Phone Calls, and Volume. Wired Earbuds Electronics

  1. Jalon

    These are good for gaming

    I don’t dislike anything about these they serve the purpose for which I got them for ( gaming)

  2. Coffee Gremlin

    Uncomfortable, but good mic.

    I bought apple ear buds specifically for a good mic. Sound is good too, but it’s extremely uncomfortable for me. It personally gives me a bit of a headache, but headphones also give me a headache. Pretty good though!

  3. Kwabena Frimpong


    I love this a lotHave been trying to get some everywhere but couldn’t find it

  4. Stephanie

    Ear phones

    Wanted a basic pair of headphones for when traveling and needed to plug into airplane jacks

  5. Michelangelo J.

    Standard and good quality.

    I bought these, I think, a couple years ago, and I remember them being really good. It came in good packaging and undamaged.

  6. Sr

    Works great for me on my PS5 controller! Price is very good!

    Excellent sound quality and mic for my PS5 controller! I have tried many different 3.5mm headsets and this one is simply the best!

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  7. Jose

    Muy buenos

    Muy buenos lo mejor son originales de Apple

  8. Customer

    Good standard apple headphones

    Been using these since Dec 2021, it’s now Dec 2022 and they still work fine. A decent mic for gaming, good sound for hearing footsteps in games like Call of Duty, and decent for watching media. All around good product.

  9. Andy PetersAndy Peters

    Nice EarPods

    These Apple EarPods are pretty nice, and moreover they are cheap. I’ve been an Apple user for quite a long time, but for some reason I was never interested in using their EarPods. However, I eventually decided to give them a try, and I don’t regret at all. They are very comfortable to wear, sometimes I even forget that I have them on. In addition, they don’t block any noise, which I like because I like the fact that I am still aware of my surroundings and able to have conversations with people. Last, the sound quality is good despite a lack of bass in my opinion, and that’s the reason why I only gave them four stars.

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  10. KrakenTown

    Good basic headphones

    Good quality and comfortable fit.

  11. Cliente de Amazon

    Excelente precio!

    Lo basico a buen precio buena calidad,

  12. Garden100

    Better than Before?

    Just purchased a new one as a spare. Pleasantly surprise to find these new pairs sounding much better than my old pair that I purchased 3 years ago. Dynamically much more full range with deeper bass, crisp high. For the price, can’t beat these.

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  13. M

    Still the Headphones to Beat: My Undisputed, Durable Go-To that Always Has Been and Always Will Be

    These are THE headphones/earbuds, and have been since day one! They sound fantastic and well-balanced. They’re durable, long-lasting, affordable, and there is NO BATTERY about which to worry! I’m one of those people who can’t make the switch to Bluetooth streaming, because the Bluetooth model simply doesn’t fit my lifestyle. For multiple reasons, it just doesn’t, and no amount of features could make it work for me, which is largely due to my lifestyle. One of the reasons that I’m so adamant about my wired earbuds is because I’m an ultra marathon runner and a long-distance cyclist. It is not an uncommon thing for me to go and spend all day long on a trail run, hike, or multi-day cycling excursion. When I’m out for very long intervals in a shot, for example, I need something that I know will just continue to work without interruption. And since mobile phone service isn’t always available, I depend on lots of downloaded music as well. I’ll even just take my iPod in lieu of my phone sometimes, since it’s much lighter and fulfils its purpose of lasting absurdly long on a single charge and plays exclusively music that I enjoy and have deliberately decided to load.Bluetooth streaming might be all the rage, but when the going gets tough, and it’s true reliability that you need, these EarPods have come through for me for essentially a decade. Weather doesn’t affect battery life or performance, I don’t have to worry about any signal breaking up (which has happened to me numerous times with Bluetooth), I can make and take phone calls all day long, and perhaps one of the most important things: I can plug these into any device for immediate listening–no pairing or paired device limits, no menus or device discovery; just plug and play in an instant! I’ll give you a guess as to how many times I’ve been without music on an endurance run or day-long bicycle ride because the battery died in my wired headphones–a big, resounding, glorious ZERO. There is a tremendous freedom in that; a liberation in knowing that you’ll never be without earbuds no matter what. These just continue to go without interruption, and they sound GREAT.I’m almost chuckling at how I find myself having to explain why a pair of affordable wired earbuds works so well for my lifestyle and could never be replaced, but since wireless devices have permeated essentially every avenue of connectivity, sometimes it’s nice to remind ourselves that we’ve more or less had the simplest solution all along. These earbuds are just SO GOOD, and they deserve to be commended for their strengths!

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  14. Leila

    Nice earphones

    Sound quality of these are very nice . 5 stars

  15. serenitys


    They did their job and are an excellent purchase. would recommend to others!

  16. Sarfrazul

    Amazing Product I love it

    This is an amazing product that I loved. I purchased this item many times because this handsfree feels relaxed to the ears, its noise is not irritating to the ears and it is highly based on sound which I loved very much. I’m fully satisfied with this product. Recommended to everyone!!!

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  17. Ludwig Mathias

    Work good

    They work good. Just like the old ear buds they replaced.

  18. LRocker

    As described

    No issues. Needed wired plugs for exercise bike.

  19. Ali

    love them but so easy to lose…

    they’re cute and they work well. they don’t cancel out any noise (sounds pretty much like transparent mode on airpod pro)

  20. Roll DiceRoll Dice

    Just what I needed! Real deal!

    Needed to replace these yet again, so naturally I want the real Apple earbuds. I’ve bought these same ones twice now, and it’s exactly as advertised! They work great!👌

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  21. Debora A Gasiewski



  22. Joel

    Great sound quality!

    The sound quality is amazing and sounds very clear! I use it with my iPod and Macbook and works great!

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  23. Valerii

    Nice product

    best headphones!!!thx

  24. wowza


    they sound great but the mic is a little weird everyone says i sound quiet

  25. NC

    Great set of headphones.

    Fit great.Feel great.Sound great.Thats all i have to say!

  26. Dave

    Classic Apple Earpods

    I picked these up to use with my classic iPod and the quality is what you would expect in sound.While hooked up to a non-iphone the controls will answer a call but the volume buttons didn’t work, as well as not working on the iPod.I would definitely recommend getting these if you have an older device with the 3.5mm headphone jack.

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  27. E.V

    Best Apple earphones

    Gotten for my sister and her bf, they wanted a classic Apple product and these delivered.

  28. Heily z.

    Works well 🙂

    I use it to listen to music and recordings and I say it works pretty well !

  29. Ambrose

    Good quality.

    Mostly bought for the microphone which works like I hoped. Other than that the sound quality is good and they are durable.

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  30. Vivian F.

    Great headphones for Ipod

    These work great. Works with volume control on my Ipod classic.

  31. Synthia

    An Old Classic

    I love these headphones and I wish I could keep using them but i am way to rough with my headphones so they end up breaking. It’s important to be gentle when plugged them in and out and not pulling on the cord all the time. I have damaged a few of them that way. I love them for the sound quality and how well they fit in the ear. They will always be one of my favorites but its probably better to just get bluetooth.

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  32. bones

    classic apple earbuds, can’t go wrong

    i’ve tried a lot of earbuds and headphones and will always go back to these just because of how convenient they are and how good the audio quality is. they have the same quality as airpods, except they’re wired. i used to use headphones exclusively but got tired of how bulky and heavy they felt on my head, so i got some of these and never went back

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  33. GoldenSun

    Fast delivery

    I wanted a pair of these headphones because I thought they sounded really good the first time I heard them some years ago and wanted some cheap headphones that still sounded really good. I’m not sure if these two are the same because the ones I remember had really good bass (2017) and these one, they sound like cheap headphones. Nothing wrong with them, they’re a solid wired earbuds if you just need something small that you can fit in your pocket. They’re comfortable to wear and stay in your ear, at least for me.

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  34. Anna

    Best Affordable Wired Earphones with a plug

    Always been an Apple user, but recently purchased an HP laptop. Couldn’t figure out how to connect them to my airpods, so I bought these wired earbuds instead and in case anyone was wondering as I am clueless, it works perfect with HP laptops and the sound quality is great.

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  35. Jen

    The only review you need. READ FOR DETAILS ABOUT EVERYTHING

    If you are too lazy to read my essay then I will give a quick rundown:REAL Product – They are real apple earbuds, durable and people are lyingFit / Comfort – They will fit small ears amazingly and feel like nothing is there, big ears not so muchSound – Low end and mid is great. Nothing special, high end slightly lacking but its barely noticableDurability – Lasted me for 1.5 years so far, tough and will survive water (swimming, washing machine)Damage – None. They were perfect and still are right out the boxMic – Dont get for a mic. Its in the speakers themselves and are too quiet, but they are in 2 channels igTangling – They do get tangled but they are easy to untangleOverall – 9.5/10, get if you have small or average ears, they feel like nothing is in your earFULL DETAILED REVIEW:Im writing this to discourage the negative reviews that I see way too much about these things. They are REAL apple made products. They did not come used, broken, or anything. I bought these as I wanted some actual good earbuds that would last. I have used the samsung ones for about 2 years when I broke them, so I tried apple. I found some laying around in school (ik its gross) washed em, and they worked great. Sound quality is actually very good for earbuds, however I havent used any super expensive headphones that would blow me away and make these sound terrible in comparison. The low end or “bass” is very important to me and thankfully it is pretty loud, nothing outstanding or anything though. The High end is kindof lacking but not much, still sounds great. Mid sound is loudest, not overwhelming though, pretty good. Anyway, I lost those, so I ordered them, on Amazon. They came early, unused, undamaged, and they sound great. No complaints and they have lasted me for nearly a year. Now an issue you might have with these buds if at all are 2 things: Fit and Comfort. These will not fit everybody’s ears, escpecially big ones. However, they fit in mine perfectly and within a minute I forget I even have anything in my ear, but thats just me. 2 is comfort, which some people have issues with. I think these are incredibly comfortable with the non-silicon tips. They dont hurt, but maybe thats just me. I hate the silicon tips, but some people dont. Either way, you can get used to them. Other things to mention; you can drown these in water or leave them in the wash accidentally and they will work fine. As long as their not in deep water for like over an hour, they should still work. also, Tangling is not a big problem with these. They definetly do get tangled, but they are very easy to ungtangle unlike other buds. Lastly, Microphone. I would not recomment these if you need them to have a good mic. I was surprised to test these and find out the Volume controller that has a mic label on it isnt actually a mic, the phones themselves are. And they are weird. They are wayyyyy too quiet and each but has its own channel, so you can talk into say the left bud and whoever is recieving your mic signal will hear only out the left headphone. You also have to have it so close to your mouth that you are pretty much making out with it. Besides that, they are amazing. Some people with love them, others will hate. If you have small ears, I recomment these. They come in a nice little box too. They will feel like nothing is there. 9.5/10 earbuds in my opinion. Best earbuds I have ever used. GET THEM

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  36. Sandy

    Loved it.

    Its great but ofc its bad for the ears since it destroys hearing hairs when volume is put to high but ofc I don’t listen.

  37. Mari

    Still using it til this day – 1/7

    My bf bought me these earbuds in september and they still work perfectly fine now. The mic is pretty good and they are pretty loud. I received them while I was in a hurricane so they really did come in handy for me to listen to some music as the power was out..

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  38. Sean Connolly

    Totally standard

    I’ve bought plenty of apple earbuds over the years. They’re my go-to standard music-listening product. They’re not super durable, as evidenced by my need to buy multiple copies I’ve the years, and they don’t have anywhere near the highest sound quality of any more expensive set of headphones.However, these are all secondary concerns. These headphones are second to none when it comes to accessibility of listening. They sound solid, they are comfortable and travel well in your pockets or bags. They’re totally standard, and that is totally fine, since that lets them work in more situations in your life than any other earbuds or headphones.

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  39. LaLa

    Nice head phone!

    I ordered these head phones after I lost my other pair. Love them! Sound quality is nice, like what some others said, some of the high sounds are not as pronounced but still detectable. I enjoy them. You can use a Type-C adaptor for IPad Pro. They work wonderfully.

  40. Geraldo villeta

    Le recomiendo a todos

    Esto es producto bastante bueno y tiene una super calidad de sonido genial

  41. L. Bogdon

    High quality sound.

    Years ago I was given an Apple player with these ear buds. Player died and the ear buds keep going. Have bought or given other buds but they are junk compare to Apple. Needed a 2nd set and decided to buy and I the quality of music is great. Buying wired can be a hassle but they always work. Did not want to get Bluetooth that is so much more expensive and then burn battery on the player and buds to deal with.

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  42. user12345

    Game Changer When Airpods Die

    The title can sound a little too much… I have airpods myself but rarely charges them and to save battery on my phone/laptop during the day when I am working I like to plug in wired earbuds instead. I personally like the mic quality better than the airpods while being on call/zoom. They actually sound nice and a game changer when airpods die

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  43. WJ


    These earbuds stay in my ears & sound good enough.

  44. Miekhail K.

    The classics

    I’m satisfied.

  45. Alex

    Easy to use and comfy

    Extremely easy to use and sits comfortably in most ears. Not the best sound quality for directional audio in gaming, but definitely usable and cheap.



    The price and brand

  47. AlexAlex

    Simple, just like the ones that come with an iphone, beware of the jack!

    Let’s be honest. I was not a happy camper to be buying ANOTHER pair of earbuds. But here I am. Currently, they’re jammed and tangled in my pocket, and have already survived a semester at college of me dropping, losing, sitting on, losing again, and once even STEPPING on them. I was so frustrated looking down at the white tangle, knowing I was going to have to buy another stinking pair of earbuds. To be safe though, I plugged them in and played a youtube video. I don’t know how, but an 18 y/o stepping DIRECTLY on the bud did not stop these. It has a little dent, which I think gives it character! I was very surprised (and relieved) that they still functioned as well as the day I got them.Now, are you, like I was, aggravated that you had to get an adaptor because of the phone you have? It’s not a hassle! Sure, I’d rather not have to buy something else (grumble grumble) but I paired this with the “WIKIPro Headphone Jack Adaptor Dongle” (which is also on here!) and honestly, I just always leave them connected so half the time you forget you even have the adaptor at all. Plus, for me at least, the reason I have to keep buying new pairs of earbuds is because it gets all bent near the jack – but with the adaptor, you only have to replace that. Which I’ll admit, is about the same price and I AM on my second one. But just know that if you buy this with the adaptor, you won’t have to be buying both of them again and again.These are just like the earbuds I got with my iPhone 5c back in the day – the perfect “I don’t want to have to worry about these, please just play some music and don’t break in five seconds.”They’re definitely not the highest quality on the market, but they get the job done and have served me well. Again, I STEPPED ON IT!Would buy again, though hopefully I won’t have to for awhile.I also included some pictures with a pen for scale. Hope this helped!Here’s the link for the adaptor I use:

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  48. Don

    They work!

    Yes, can you believe it. THEY WORK!!! (*o*)/

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  49. Max K.

    They work as intended, no issues, very happy!

    They work as intended. I have no complaints!

  50. Jen

    Love it!

    Very please with the purchase

  51. Zerleodon

    Apple earphones. What else to say.

    Good quality headphones. Don’t know why I can rate battery life when they are wired headphones. But ya as long as their plugged in. Battery life is good XD. Only complaint is that you can’t buy these headphones without the mic. I have no need for the mic in these headphones as they are just for audio… and the mic is the highest failure point on them. So wish I could buy a set without. But they’ll do. Much better than the cheap knock off pairs that look the same, but are half price. I threw those away after a day being as they broke immediately. These headphones though are apple ones, and durable

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  52. Richard Thomas Touzo Acosta

    Good enough

    It works well! Still have it months after.

  53. Cody Hash

    Almost perfect!

    These are comfortable and sound great. My only complaint is that if I touch the 3.5mm jack AT ALL while it’s plugged in, it’s creates a ton of static. So using these headphones while the device is in my pocket is not going to work. As long as I don’t touch the jack at all, it works great.

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  54. Sarah Liz

    Hard to find in Brick and Mortar stores now

    These are impossible to find in my old spot. They have the best sound and longevity and are versatile for listening to music and phone calls. Make great gifts.Amazon has them for way less than where I used to buy them

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  55. Megan Mazon

    Excellent audio

    I use these for work, school, and the gym. I don’t really like wireless earbuds so these for me perfect!

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  56. SJ

    It’s Apple!

    Sound quality is so different from other earbuds. It’s after all Apple.

  57. Amazon Customer

    A Classic. Less Ear Sweat.

    This is a classic design and sound quality. Solid. The best thing about it is it doesn’t have rubber tips that go down deeper in the ear so your ears will not sweat as much (if you have that problem) and let’s build up of ear wax. I use it on a smartphone without a headphone jack, but I bought a quality dongle from Amazon and the combo works perfect.

  58. bird lady inc

    Be sure it has the proper port.

    I was not paying close attention and got the wrong plug in.

  59. MollyKKawasaki

    Great sound

    I like it.

  60. zon_Buyer

    Best wired earbuds ever

    Best wired earbuds on the market

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