ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, 40 lb

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About this item 10% more odor eliminators than our Clump & Seal fresh scent. Clump and Seal Cat Litter Multicat Platinum odor control clumping cat litter has powerful odor eliminators plus ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda. Strong enough for multi-cat households! Powerful cat litter odor control so it’s strong enough for multi-cat homes. 7 day odor-free home, Guaranteed. Clump & Seal MultiCat clumping cat litter. Get the cat odor control benefits of having a cat odor eliminating litter box. So effective, it’s guaranteed to keep your home odor-free for 7 days. Patented formula seals and destroys odors on contact. Complete odor-sealing clumping cat litter, a breakthrough in odor control. Unique technology forms a tight seal around odor and destroys it with powerful odor eliminators and Baking Soda. Rock hard clumps for easy scooping. Clumping cat litter with plant-derived particles that help create rock solid cat litter clumping. Moisture-activated Micro-Granules form tight seal around waste without cat litter crystals or cat litter pellets.

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From the manufacturer

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7 x 11.75 x 13.69 inches; 40 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 033200870005

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 15, 2016

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Church & Dwight – Pet

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B01M64FECB

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Best Sellers Rank: #4 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews: 40,846 ratings

About this item 10% more odor eliminators than our Clump & Seal fresh scent. Clump and Seal Cat Litter Multicat Platinum odor control clumping cat litter has powerful odor eliminators plus ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda. Strong enough for multi-cat households! Powerful cat litter odor control so it’s strong enough for multi-cat homes. 7 day odor-free home, Guaranteed. Clump & Seal MultiCat clumping cat litter. Get the cat odor control benefits of having a cat odor eliminating litter box. So effective, it’s guaranteed to keep your home odor-free for 7 days. Patented formula seals and destroys odors on contact. Complete odor-sealing clumping cat litter, a breakthrough in odor control. Unique technology forms a tight seal around odor and destroys it with powerful odor eliminators and Baking Soda. Rock hard clumps for easy scooping. Clumping cat litter with plant-derived particles that help create rock solid cat litter clumping. Moisture-activated Micro-Granules form tight seal around waste without cat litter crystals or cat litter pellets.

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18 Pound, 27.5 lb, 40 lb

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

7 x 11.75 x 13.69 inches; 40 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

October 15, 2016

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Church & Dwight – Pet

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#4 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews:

40,846 ratings

60 reviews for ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, 40 lb

  1. Adam Weidner

    Great for a coughing cat

    When I was young, I had a cat who had struggles with the dust in litters. My parents switched to Yesterday’s News brand for her, and when I got a cat of my own, we kept using it. While we never heard our cats cough from litter again, the smell, cleanup, etc was always a pain, so when we recently brought home a new cat, we tried Arm and Hammer AbsorbX. Unfortunately, it was insanely dusty and was causing coughing fits, so I immediately switched to some Tractor Supply small animal pellet bedding, which is what they used at the shelter. It worked, but much like Yesterday’s News, it didn’t do anything else. She wouldn’t even bury it because it was too much of a hassle.So I did some research and found 4 different options. This was my first and we never made it to the other 4. No coughing fits, easily scoopable and it’s in the room I sleep in and the scent isn’t particularly strong(though that can depend on the cat, diet, how many cats, etc).I haven’t noticed a lot of tracking but the box has carpet around it so it’s not easy to tell. The previous litter would leave little white pawprints on the sheets, though, so this has eliminated that, too.Maybe I’ve just never had the perfect litter, but I can’t imagine never having litter stick to the bottom of the box. I’ve changed the box once since we switched litters and there was one small clump of peelitter stuck. Other than that it’s been easily scoopable, reduces the smell significantly compared to wood pellets and Yesterday’s News, and has lasted the 14 days the box says.More than anything I’m really glad to have found a litter that doesn’t have the dust to cause my kitty coughing fits but still allows me to easily take care of the box.

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  2. Better Not Say!


    I have 3 cats & I have always struggled with little box odor. It doesn’t matter how many times I scoop the boxes it always has the pungent urine odor. I have tried pretty much every “basic” litter and they are all worthless. I moved in to a rental that was… Um… Not animal friendly 🥴 to put it nicely. I stressed myself sick over their boxes and went overboard with lining the wall and floor with black plastic. I scooped those boxes like every hour on the hour. It was that or risk losing the house and I tell ya even scooping that frantically it still smelled. I was using Tidy Cat Multi Cat Household and it didn’t mask anything. I went to Chewy (sorry Amazon) and they had a buy 2 get 1 free special so I took the plunge on Arm & Hammer Clump and Slide and Seal litters. I tell you what I was absolutely blown away. Now I need to add that regular arm & hammer litter in the yellow box is like all the other “basic” litters, doesn’t work. I don’t know what they did or added to this line but it is off the charts AMAZING! The slide version is awesome, it’s slightly more expensive but the litter absolutely does not stick on the sides or bottom of the box. It’s not one of those “doesn’t stick bad” but it straight up will NOT stick to the box! The Seal version is like regular litters and does cake on the sides but nowhere near as bad as the other litters on the market. The BIGGEST AND BEST thing is the odor control. The entire time I used this litter I had ZERO litterbox scent whatsoever. I scooped them once a day and actually got lazy a few times and scooped every other day. My son and husband came downstairs shortly after I switched and both of them commented on how there was no smell whatsoever. I cannot rate this high enough. The clumping on both kinds is also next level! It scoops solid, it doesn’t crumble and leave the little bits of wet litter like the others either. For that reason your litter will last longer. Even though the price is higher when you take in to consideration the zero odor and amazing scoop-ability you are actually spending less on litter than you would be with the other brands. I can go through a whole 38 pound box and not need to do a complete box change. Please, try this! I swear on it! It makes my stomach turn to drop $50 plus on litter at a time but in the long run like I said it’s actually cheaper. I have a Sphynx and he is incredibly picky with litter, he’s totally naked and doesn’t have a single hair anywhere. His feet tend to trap litter and tidy cat is the worst for him. It’s coarse & chunky. The Slide & Seal litter is very fine, almost like it’s been ground so it’s doesn’t stick to his pads or get stuck in between his adorable toes. Lol. If you can’t already tell I am all about this litter! It sincerely has saved me. I couldn’t stomach the thought of having to re-home my babies when we had to move, I could not find a pet friendly house to save my life! It was imperative that I completely eliminate the litterbox smell. I took a leap, bought 3 boxes, and said a zillion prayers! YAY YAY YAY! Thank you Arm & Hammer! if you read this and decide to purchase it I would love to hear what you think! Please report back and now go add this to your cart!!! (They will refund you if you don’t like it so it’s risk free)

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  3. Douglas S.

    Reliable and odor free

    I purchased this after trying many brands from the pet store that made the same claims. Odor free, great clumping etc. However, they always failed. The clumps of urine almost always broke leaving some behind and causing an odor unless the litter box was frequently changed. This product is not like that. When I’m cleaning their pan and my scoop bumps into a clump it is solid enough to stop my scoop. After getting it out from either lowering where i’m scooping or coming in at a different angle, the clump is still in tact and easily removed without breakage. Arm & Hammer has always been known for odor reducing and this meets that expectation as well. My cats are happy to use it as always, right after a thorough cleaning or refresher. I was surprised to find out that not all litter is created equal.

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  4. Ciarston

    Best litter ever

    Wether you have one cat or many. This litter has been the most successful brand. Odor concerns are a thing of the past, dust is low. The price is well worth the value. I’ve tried many brands, and this is the one that works the best for my cats.If you’re concerned about clumping, I’ve been able to leave the boxes for up to a week before the clumps of litter from repeated urination break up into small pieces.

  5. Mahalla

    Best Cat Litter

    I have been on the search of a really great cat litter for a long time. The things I look for are: odor control (cover the scent of ammonia specifically), strong clumping, unscented, a litter that doesn’t stick to the bottom of the box, and something my cats love. This checks all the boxes! A lot of litters I’ve tried dont clump tight enough so I never feel like the box is fully clean, this litter does such an amazing job of clumping any moisture and it makes it so much easier to clean the boxes. My cats are picky about their litter and they seem to really enjoy this one. If you’re looking for a really easy maintenance litter this is the one for you!

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  6. LEFW

    Excellent kitty litter

    This is the best kitty litter that I have found so far. I’ve been a cat ‘parent’ for many years and just recently adopted a mom and kitten. This kitty litter does exactly what it is supposed to do and without all of the dust that other litters sometimes have. The only downside I’ve noticed is that it seems very hard to find and it costs a lot.

  7. Patrick Vincent

    Smell? What smell

    I have been using Arm & Hammer’s kitty litter for several months now and am extremely happy with the results. Not only is it affordable, but it does an excellent job of controlling odors and keeping my home smelling fresh. The litter is also very low dust, which is great for both myself and my sensitive kitty. In addition, I love that it is made with natural ingredients and is safe for both my cat and the environment. Overall, I highly recommend Arm & Hammer’s kitty litter to other cat owners. It has made a noticeable difference in my home and has helped to keep things clean and fresh.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Very little dust

    My cat has issues with dust from litter. After trying many different litters, I read that this one is good for cats with dust allergies. I can now stop searching for the right litter for my cat. It definitely has very little dust and great absorbency. I have reordered it many times and plan to continue using it.

  9. Nadira Rivera

    Great odor control and clumps well!

    This product is so good at odor control. It also clumps well and is not that dusty. I tried to transition to a more planet safe product but it was too dusty and triggered allergies. As well as, didn’t contain Odor as this product did. I used another arm and hammer litter but still not as good as this one. I have three cats. This works the best so far. Hopefully, I can find a litter that works as good and is more environmentally friendly. The search continues.

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  10. Deana

    Great Product

    I used to only use the regular Clump & Seal but then i when my female cat passed away 😢 in ’20 and we got a male cat i def noticed a difference in the power of its ability to absorb and eliminate odor. had to switch within days. when this came out decided to give it a try and glad i did because i’ve never used anything else again! no smell, no dust, or male cat anywhere other than where you see you him 🙂

  11. Ronald Williams

    Better than Cloud control IMO

    I like this.Cat likes this much better than the Cloud Control variety. As a matter of fact I switched to the Cloud Control litter from THIS item and the cat became angry due to the change and he let me know about it too! I switched back to this litter and he’s happy again.Seems to be better litter overall than the Cloud Control variety of the same manufacturer.Order it by the 40’s!

  12. Rolidnot

    Minimal dust, small granule size sifts easier, clumps well, doesn’t glue itself to the bottom of the litter box

    I had been using Dr. Elsey litter for a couple of years but it’s dusty, comes in a hard to handle 40 pound plastic bag that my cats love to rip open when I’m not looking and you can NEVER get a deal on it anymore. It’s 17.49 everywhere – almost like it was price-fixed at the end of 2017 across the board on Amazon, Chewy and Pet Smart.This a review for the Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal so I’ll get on with that but you needed to know what changed my mind to use this product and not Dr. ElseyPro-Very fine consistency, almost like coarse golf course bunker sand. That means it sifts effortlessly which reduces dust because you don’t have to shake the litter sifter.-Comes in a cardboard box with a strap handle, NOT a plastic bag like Dr. Elsey. That makes Clump and Seal easier to transport, store, pour and the packaging is cat proof. I have to leave the Dr. Elsey litter in the Amazon shipping boxes to cat-proof them in my house. If you take the Dr. Elsey litter out of the box, it looks like you’re storing sand bags and the 40 pound bags are really hard for my wife to handle-Clumps well and doesn’t “epoxy” itself to the bottom of the litter box like Dr. Elsey litter.-The “tracking” of the litter by my cats outside the litter box has dropped 75% since I changed from Dr. Elsey litter. The Dr. Elsey litter turns to glue when it gets remotely damp and it sticks to the cats feet, the Arm and Hammer does not hence the great reduction in litter outside the box-Cleans up far easier than Dr. Elsey. When it’s time to change and was wash the litter box, the finer granules of the Arm and Hammer product are easier to remove from the litter box and they don’t glue to the box when damp like the Dr. Elesy product-I can go three weeks between litter box washing. I clean daily (2 cats) and add new litter as needed but the Arm and Hammer product does not smell at all after 2 weeks. That fact makes the Arm and Hammer product cheaper than Dr. Elsey.Con (not really “cons”, more like observations about other customers “cons”)-Many of the 1 star reviews are about the odor of this litter. It has an odor but it’s not bad. It’s better than the smell of cat crap. But if you are odor intolerant, you might not like this product but it doesn’t bother me-Clump and Seal appears pricey. I only buy it when I can get a coupon deal because $24.99 IS pricey. Knock off $2 and add in the fact that you can use less of this product than Dr. Elsey due to the smaller granule size and it’s about the same price as the now “price-fixed” Dr. Elsey litter.In summary, I’ll continue to use Clump and Seal based on my feature/benefit summary above. Your experience may vary. Happy litter box cleaning.

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  13. James Stansell

    best clumping with little dust

    I’ve tried better clumping litter but the amount of dust they create is huge, on the flipside I’ve tried dust free litter and they don’t clump very well at all. I have 3 cats and think ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal works the best at odor control and scoops out easily.

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  14. Amazon Customer

    Always use this brand.

    Love that it’s delivered right to my front door! So very convenient!

  15. Carol

    Delivery location

    Normally this item is a recurring delivered and left by my front door. This time it was delivered in the mail box – difficult to carry 28 lb (?) more than 50 ft and up a flight of stairs. Not a happy customer.

  16. dog mom

    best litter

    my favorite litter ever!

  17. Aaron L.

    No smell! Best litter!

    I had this litter recommended to me while adopting my cat and I am so glad I did. I have been using it for years. I live in an apartment where there is no good place to hide the litter box, so odor absorbency is VERY important. I have never had an odor problem with this litter. Not only do I not smell what the litter masks, but I don’t smell the litter either which is what I want (outside of when I’m pouring some into the box). It’s easy to clean up too!

  18. Ziylock

    My favorite.

    Been using this litter for years I have 4 cats and still like this litter I highly recommend it.

  19. NOLA Jenn

    The perfect litter!

    So…. we all know there’s soooo many types of litters out there. What do we choose? I’d love to take credit for finding this particular litter but I can’t. Credit goes to my sister! This is the first litter that doesn’t smack you in the face with scent! It clumps quickly. It’s easy to scoop. Is it more expensive? Sure! But it does everything it claims to do! Love it and I order it everytime now!

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  20. J. W.

    It’s hard to get excited about litter

    A few months ago switched to A&H “Clump & Seal” from their “Slide” variety for no other reason than it offered a size between 18 and 37 lbs. 18 was inconveniently diminutive for two cats, and I felt guilty about making delivery folk sherpa 40 lbs around (2nd floor, no elevator).This review is relative to “Slide”, in case you’re wondering which to get.Pros: same (or similar) clumping and odor fighting, less-noticeable scentCons: sticks a bit more to the bottom, more dustI’ve gone through three 27lbs boxes and there’s definitely more dust than “Slide”. I’ve got an automatic air purifier (Blueair Pure 411) about 2m away and it kicks on whenever I clean or top-off the nearest litter box- it never did with “Slide”. Subjectively speaking, you can see more dust when pouring it. I’d say it was “low dust” as opposed to “ZERO dust”.

  21. Angie Ybarra

    Love love love

    I have 2 3-month old kittens. This litter is amazing. It’s odor absorbing and clumps great. When scooping, if done correctly, it stays together. I typically clean daily but I’ve gone 2 days with no problems. I’m huuuuge on how the house smells. This ine is bar far one of the best by A&H.

  22. Sonia Castaneda

    I got compliments on the way my house smells

    I was worried my rescue kitten would be put off by the strong scent but he took to it right away and have not had any accidents! It clumps really nicely and it doesn’t make the small rooms it is in stink! Worth the price! The box is super heavy and the fine litter is messy! I got a handheld vacuum just to clean up after my cat but honestly worth the hassle!

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  23. KatLee

    Pretty much work but never as great as they claim it will

    Average for the price. No extraordinary longevity for keeping away smells. Clumping is the same as other litters, not way better as claimed. Yes would buy again but I never expect miracles. Cat pee smells and the only way to be rid of smells is to scoop clumps daily, really deep clean the box at least 2x monthly or don’t have cats!

  24. Amazon Customer

    Works like it should

    Works like it should. Clumps were easy to remove and the cat didn’t try to kick all the litter out. Its my regular litter now.

  25. Shane Altimore

    The best!

    Best litter for your buck!

  26. Sandrajeancornish

    Kitchen Litter Box

    I will never use another kind of litter again. I love the clumping. Because it is in the kitchen, it Hass to be odor free.

  27. Erin

    The only cat litter worth buying

    This cat litter absorbs liquid. It eliminates odor, especially if you are not an “everyday cat box cleaner”. It doesn’t get all over the floor as much as other litters. Just, the best litter, get this one.

  28. Doreen R.

    Not happy with this style

    Not happy with this particular style from Arm & Hammer. Just doesn’t work well. Will stick with the other Arm & Hammer litter.

  29. Kindle Customer

    Box opened in transit and spilled all over inside of box

    I like the product a lot but sometimes in get ripped open in transit and spills into the carton

  30. squidGutz

    Works well for multiple cats

    I was struggling to find a brand of litter my cats liked, and one that clumped well for sifting. It does fabulous on masking the oder and it’s a bit easier to clean out the litterbox.I specifically wanted a good liter to target oder elementation and this litter did exactly that. I’ll be buying this again

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  31. Sheri Wilson

    Best litter I’ve ever used

    I’m one of those crazy cat ladies, I have 5 indoor only cats. I’ve always had cats since I was a child, so I know a good litter. The Clump and Seal litter is by far the best clumping litter available. Clumps like cement, doesn’t fall apart when scooping. I have an ongoing subscription for it!

  32. FatGracie

    Best Litter, very POOR customer service!

    Last time I order from Amazon. A woman who lives and works customer service from the Phillipines is messing up my order on purpose. She told me she can see “Someone on your phone,” and “looks like you haven’t ordered in 2 years.” SO is she STALKING Me?Bezos, better check what your employees are up to….I ordered this litter a WEEK ago and it is delay after delay. Still do not have it. Forget your free “2-day shipping” prime membership!Lost my business and I’m sure you don’t care as you are busy buying newspapers, tv channels, mansions, etc….too bad you wont see this.Have been trying just about every litter out there but this is still the best as far as clumping, odor control, low tracking, and low dust.

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  33. LKC

    Great litter, works great!

    No odor, low to no dust and clumps beautifully

  34. Jamie H.

    Best so far!

    I love the way it clumps..but order control not that good you will need something for order control like baking soda!

  35. Laura Taz

    No dust and room stays clean

    This litter literally saved my cat’s life! Previously used a different brand since I rescued her. She became extremely sick with UTI and bladder infections. One after the other. Took her to several vets and they said it was due to stress (she has a very stress free life). Tried expensive bladder foods, still got sick, tried medication, still got sick. Last effort was to change litter, my idea, so I tried A&H. Using Arm&Hammer for past 6 months and not one infection! She’s happy and healthy now. Old litter had too much clay matter (like concrete when wet) causing particles to block her entry more and more when urinating which slowly closing her opening. If your cat suffers many bladder issues, please try this before you spend thousands on vets with no positive results. Also this litter is not dusty and just a tiny tracking, keeping the room clean and odor free. I will only use this litter now…so impressed!

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  36. Sharon Smith

    Love this litter

    I have 3 cats this is only litter the keeps the smell away and east clean up no dust highly recommended !

  37. CrimsonHeart❤️️


    Works ok

  38. Julie

    The best

    I have 3 cats. This is the best clumping cat litter I have found.

  39. Sheikhnbake

    Really the best one

    I’ve had a succession of three cats over 22 years and this is certainly the best of all the litter boxes. It clumps WAY better—almost perfectly—than any other type or brand I’ve tried. Just great clumping, turning a five-minute job into two minutes or less.

  40. ami winter

    Great litter- no smell easy clean up!

    I love this litter. Been using it for years. Only stuff I could find that stopped the odor of my cats business! Only downfall is now that we don’t smell it, my daughter forgets to clean it often!

  41. nikki

    Tracks through house, keeps odors at bay.

    It keeps the odor’s at bay, doesn’t exactly get rid of the scents completely but makes them tolerable. It tracks through out the whole house though. We have wooden floors but I wash them every day any way so it doesn’t bother me that much but it is something to be aware of. Don’t think I will find a litter that makes the scent go away completely, we have tried many brands and types and I have accepted this.

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  42. becca

    My favorite litter

    The clumping action is amazing!

  43. Lorraine S

    Does the job

    This product is very absorbent. Very clumping. I’m not a fan of the product’s scent. I’d rather have unscented but this does a good job for the money

  44. Amazon Customer


    Love the way this litter keeps odor down

  45. Rebecca E. Kempton

    Does exactly what it says it does

     By clumping all liquids in the litter box, you’re able to contain the smell by removing the large clump

  46. Margie in Oregon

    Good litter

    We have two cats in our home, but you wouldn’t know it because of the litter box. This clumping litter traps the odors well, and makes for easy cleaning.

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  47. Tommy

    AWESOME!!! best ive tried!!

    everything was awesome….clumps up great!!

  48. Steve Feldman

    Doesn’t do the job

    Didn’t take care of oder

  49. IT

    It does the job!

    The clump of the urine is so big it was easy to scoop and clean the litter box. The scent is way too strong

  50. Patrice Michele Sobye

    Tracks everywhere

    The litter does what it’s supposed to do, and I’m sure if you have short haired kitties this litter will be just fine. My kitty has Ling hair and the litter gets trapped in her paw pads and hair so it tracks everywhere. I don’t think I’ll ever find a litter that isn’t a mess.

    One person found this helpful

  51. Paula L.

    Best litter ever.

    I clean the litter boxes at least every other day and this litter is awesome. It hardens well so it is easy to clean out but don’t leave it too long because it will harden too well on the bottom of the box. I wouldn’t switch though because we need to keep those litter boxes clean for our fur babies.

  52. sc

    Not bad

    This looks like the 100% dust free. It’s not. The dust is just much finer. Other than that this is very good litter.The scent could be improved to hide the urine scent more

  53. Beljeferon

    Works really well!

    Cat litter is cat litter. This one clumps fast and hard, absorbs a remarkable amount, does a fairly good job of masking the cat box smell and comes in a gigantic 40lb box so you don’t have to buy it too often.

  54. Jessica


    I tried this litter on a whim. I have 2 cats, 1 male and 1 female. They share a box. I will never try another litter!Clumps fast, no cat smells at all and last over a week.

  55. KL

    Kitty likes it

    My cat is not picky with litter at all, she isn’t one that has to always use the exact same type. However, I am partial to Arm and Hammer, it seems to clump really well and no odors. People always say (with my old cat and this one) your house doesn’t smell like there’s a cat.

  56. abber

    the best litter I have ever used and that’s a 20 year search

    really work and the biggie it lasts much longer than any other litter I have tried and thats has been at least 12 different brands

  57. Michael

    Great value and quality litter

    I decided to try this litter mostly because of the price, it was a great weight-to-cost ratio. I noticed the powder is very fine and my cats loved the feeling when they went to investigate the fresh litter. It clumps together really well so there is not a ton of small fragments everywhere. It advertises 7 days odor free for multi-cat, it lasted more or less 5 days before we started to smell something.

  58. Hilda Brown

    The texture is great .

    It’s not messy when it comes to residue remaining in my cats paws

  59. LaLa

    Great litter but heavy AF!

    I’m new to having a cat. Who knew litter weighs like lead! I ordered two of these by accident because I needed it right away for a rescue kitten. It was late, I had worked all day/didn’t feel up to driving 20 or 30 minutes to the closest store and Amazon offered next day delivery. Honestly, if not for the fact that I really like our female mail carrier (who wears a back brace btw) I might keep ordering this for convenience. I wfh and I saw her from my window hauling these heavy things and I could tell she was struggling. Amazon didn’t put them in a cardboard box either so she knew I had ordered common, every day, heavy af cat litter. And when I brought them inside I realized why she was struggling. So heavy. Still I like the clumping action. I tried another brand after I used these and they didn’t clump well so I went back to Arm & Hammer. The Arm & Hammer does stay smelling fresh a little longer…though nothing takes the smell of fresh poo out of the air right away and the kitten will not use a covered litter box to help me out with that. The main downside is again the weight and how heavy the liner full of dirty litter is. You’d better have a strong liner. I will keep using it but I will pick it up myself from the store and spare our dear mail carrier’s back. I still can’t believe they send these USPS and not UPS. Trying a new experiment right now where I mix this litter with the lightweight Fresh Step crystals litter to make litter box change out day better/less heavy. Wish they’d come up with a lightweight formula like some other brands have.

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  60. Alyssia

    BEST CAT LITTER !!! Must have for multiple cats.

    I’ve used this now for 8 years.My boys are messy and smell. However, after trying to not use this and change I always come back to this litter. It clumps and truly absorbs the odor. I try to keep a clean box, but when I leave for a mini vacation with my two males for 4 days. I can barley smell the odor. Makes for lasting cat litter as it clumps only what is needed. LOVE LOVE THIS LITTER. I have owned several cats and used all types of litter over 30 years and this is the WIN! Add to cart.

    7 people found this helpful

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