ARM & HAMMER Slide Platinum Clumping Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, 37lb Pet Supplies

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About this item PATENTED EZ CLEAN TECHNOLOGY clumping cat litter slides out of the cat litter box, no scraping, no scrubbing. Revolutionary non-stick Slide Cat Litter clumping takes the dread out of kitty litter box cleanup. Uses easy cat litter Multi-Cat formula. DESTROYS SEALED-IN ODORS ON CONTACT. Complete odor-sealing clumping cat litter with powerful odor eliminators plus ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda. A breakthrough in cat odor control. The odor control benefits of a cat odor eliminating litter box. 10% MORE ODOR ELIMINATORS than our Slide Non-Stop Odor Control Cat Litter. Clump & Seal Cat Litter Multi-Cat Slide Cat Litter odor control clumping cat litter with powerful odor eliminators plus Baking Soda. ROCK HARD CLUMPS FOR EASY SCOOPING with Clump & Seal technology. Slide cat litter’s Moisture-activated micro-granules form a tight odor control seal around waste, plant-derived particles help form rock-hard clumps. Easy-scoop clumping cat litter. 7-DAY ODOR-FREE HOME, GUARANTEED. Slide cat litter is a complete odor-sealing, odor control cat litter with powerful odor eliminators plus Baking Soda. Guaranteed odor control for 7 days. An odor-free home starts with ARM & HAMMER.

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7 x 11.75 x 13.69 inches; 37 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 20505679

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ August 17, 2018

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Church & Dwight – Pet


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Best Sellers Rank: #7 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews: 25,615 ratings

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18 lb, 37 lb

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

7 x 11.75 x 13.69 inches; 37 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

August 17, 2018

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Church & Dwight – Pet

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#7 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews:

25,615 ratings

60 reviews for ARM & HAMMER Slide Platinum Clumping Cat Litter, Multi-Cat, 37lb Pet Supplies

  1. Ebonie Pierce

    Best Litter for my multi-cat household

    I love this litter and I can use one 38lb box for two litter boxes with some to spare for a refill after scooping. It really does just slide out! I’ve never had an issue with sticking (unless a cat chooses a single spot to tinkle in over and over then I have to kind of knock it out but never have to scrub). I may be nose-blind to certain litter odors but from cat owner to cat owner, this litter covers smells just fine. I don’t catch noticeable whiffs of poo or pee. If anyone is smelling ammonia it’s been way too long between litter changes! But if you find yourself having gone too long between changes, this litter slides out with no issue! This is my go to!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Best litter ever!

    Unfortunately we have to have the litter box in the living room but with this litter we never smell it unless the cats have just pooped. It’s honestly the best litter I have ever used. It’s also easy to clean and the litter doesn’t cake to the box. As with any litter you still need to clean the box out frequently. We have five cats and they all use two litter boxes. We clean them once a day and this litter handles the load like a champ! It costs a bit more than other litters but is well worth the cost and I never have to totally change the litter so we don’t have the waste. I have tried the crystals but they end up stinking terrible from the urine, but Slide never smells bad. It really neutralizes the urine smell! I recommend it to everyone!

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  3. Amazon Customer

    A most !!!!

    I have tried so far 4 different types of litters for the kittens at home. I have two, we live in a studio so its pretty small and all the smells go everywhere. This was an amazing product I mean !!!- Seriously the absorbance is great ! So easy and does not stick to the bottom of the box- Light, which means that is very easy to pick it up with a vacuum in case there is some in the floor- It smells good- It looks godI just love it !! I subscribed and I am not changing it !

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  4. Robin Oliveros

    Excellent litter but horrible Prine shipping too long

    We love this cat litter because it’s super easy to scoop and/or throw away in a trash bag. It never attaches to the litter box, making it a fast transaction into the bag.I have Amazon Prime and it literally took several days to be delivered. Order a week ahead if you’re desperate for a litter change.

  5. C.B.

    Clean and Fresh

    I am another person who lives in a studio apartment. Rescued a kitten and have tried 3 other litters. This is the first that not only smells good but is easy to clean. No more scraping up gummy leftover urine on the bottom of the box. Yes, poop smells, but I remove it easily. What a pleasure to use and the small texture is a bonus.

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  6. Genny

    Slide!!! Where you been all my life. Great product!

    I love this product. It smells nice. It’s easy to clean. It clumps instantly. What more could you ask for. The only thing I don’t like is the weight is less per box then other Litters. But everything is doing this. Cost more and you get less.Try it. You’ll love it too.

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  7. Gretchen

    Good for a Small Space

    I live in a very small studio apartment with one cat. Even though Slide litter is labeled “multi-cat”, it’s an excellent choice for my space. Slide promises odor control and delivers on the promise. This is the first time my space has been free of litter box odor. I scoop litter twice a day and am also impressed with how clean the litter is—especially after trying a lot of litters that leave the box with a coating that has to be scraped off. For a long time, I thought my only choices were clean litter or odor-free litter. Nice to find them both in one box.

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  8. Kimberly Ellis-Brown


    This is by far the BEST litter we have ever used! It clumps everything so perfectly and is AMAZING with covering odor! We use the Arm & Hammer scent powder on top of this litter just for extra coverage but honestly we don’t need it! I will never purchase any litter besides this one!

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  9. grandma

    First time disappointed

    I love this product and have ordered before, but this time I didn’t know the box was opened an spilled in outer box. So when carrying it in the house it was strolled all through my house. You can see in the picture it was open and all in the box. Slide is the greatest litter to me, but this was disappointing.

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  10. Michael Butler

    Best cat litter I’ve ever used, it’s the gold standard

    Best cat litter I’ve ever used, it’s the gold standard IMO. This stuff clumps excellently, and you can tell by how clean your scooper is after cleaning the box. This litter is ultra-fine, basically no dust. I’ve experimented with other cheaper brands, and found them messy/tracking/high maintenance, but this stuff is really the best. Yeah, it’s considerably more expensive, but clumps better, so at the end of the day its more efficient, you use less than a cheaper brand and much cleaner. I noticed the cats really like this stuff, its a super fine texture, so it drops off their feet and doesn’t track outside the box. I noticed the odor control is also excellent. I won’t ever be switching again. Subscribe and Save for sure, you won’t be disappointed.

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  11. Susan

    Best litter!

    This litter is the only one I’ve found that eliminates the odors. It’s fantastic!

  12. Justin Chu

    Best litter I’ve ever scooped

    Just buy this! Litter slides perfectly and doesn’t stick to the sides or bottom. Nice light scent, no dust, and little tracking.

  13. Donna

    Best kitty litter ever

    I’ve tried a lot of litters, but this is a keeper. The best thing is that it is easy to clean out of the kitty box.6 stars for easy to clean.

  14. Maria

    My cat won’t use the potty

    I purchased this product because I love the commercial on TV. However, I cannot write an honest review because my cat has not used the potty my cat would prefer to use the potty in an outdoor plant pot. I don’t know if it’s the product or if it’s just a cat.

  15. Jenna Williams


    I’ve used Arm & Hammer litters for years, and love them. They are amazing. When my very tidy cat passed (RIP) and we brought 2 new cats into the home, they apparently pee concrete. If I use a “normal” litter, it is like using the litter scoop as a jack hammer to get it off the wall. I tried this type of litter and WOW! It just scoops right up now. Fantastic. Won’t ever go back!

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  16. theben

    Won’t ever use a different litter

    We’ve used this litter for 2 years now and won’t ever change. The low dust formula is true to its name and highly absorbent. Our cat is quite long-haired so keeping her rear clean and tidy can be a hassle with other litters. The Slide Platinum though grabs her urine and feces quickly enough that even her fur doesn’t have time to grab it back.It’s also highly absorbent and easy to clean. Sometimes we forget for an extra day or two on the weekends and the scent has never been an issue. It’s unscented and remains that way for awhile.

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  17. Tim Fennell

    Amazing Litter!

    Our 5 year old indoor kitty has occasionally gone through periods of urinating outside the box. We’ve tried numerous different litters without success until now (knock on wood). She seems to actually like this stuff! Rather than holding her urine and peeing infrequently, she now uses the box several times daily. Also, her typically fowl smelling feces is now undetectable as soon as she covers it up. Other top brand litter didn’t control odor well at all. And, finally, she tracks very little of this litter outside the box. Great litter!

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  18. Zk

    The best cat litter product IMO

    A bit pricier than other options, but the low tracking and clumping, plus no smell for a week, beats the other options!

  19. Marnie Harrington

    This stuff really works and no more scraping!

    Definitely does not stick and litter never requires scraping. Stays fresh a long time. What a great product!

  20. ashley

    Horrible shipping

    The box was open with litter spilt. It was also a lot smaller than I thought.

  21. Elizabeth D.

    Best cat litter!

    This is the only cat litter we have found that truly works for eliminating odors. If you keep the litter scooped daily, there is very little odor!

  22. SB

    So far the best cat litter I have found

    I have tried multiple cat litters, toppers, sprays and clean boxes twice a day. In a multi-cat household this litter has been the best for odor control. It clumps well, easy to scoop and very little tracking.


    Good for now

    Not crazy about the smell

  24. Nathaly Ortega

    It’s alright

    I felt like like we lost more clean product than the scoops of poop and urine… we switched to pretty litter and it’s better.

  25. Nicki Burke

    Great to be able to order heavy items to not have to carry these to & from the car.

    Great to be able to order heavy items to not have to carry these to & from the car. Litter this large is hard to pour, but saves a bunch

  26. Alyssum

    Very easy to scoop

    Great deal, works perfectly!

  27. Russell Glasgow

    The best

    Way better than the others I’ve tried, no secnt tho, will mix it with fresh step next.

  28. Diane

    This litter still sticks to my Robot cat box. It may be my litter box.? Idk?

    This is a good cat litter. My cat loves it. I’m older & have trouble lifting it. I have to pay a bit more & get a lighter box.

  29. Bebe

    Great, quick clumping, clean litter

    Like most cat people, I’ve tried many litters. I had been using the “precious” one with no complaints, but when I saw the regular A&H Slide, it seemed like a formula improvement and I must say it was better. We have both a Litter Robot and a regular large open litter box. My two 20+ pounds cats use both daily. They are finicky and must have a clean box or they’ll want to go somewhere else… So would I, so I don’t blame them! The Slide works beautifully in the Robot (while the Robot is a daily hassle – saver, the occasional deep cleaning isn’t fun and any delay in the need for that is a big plus). Clumps and cleans up easily in the regular box as claimed. My local store, however, didn’t always carry it consistently and I end up desperate and getting something similar.. Whatever on hand. Neither cats nor I appreciate change from something that’s working. So I jumped on Amazon to check out my options.I never saw or heard of the Platinum version of Slide, and figured it must be at least as good and it is.. Exactly as good as regular Slide but the “hockey pucks” start clumping almost immediately! This is good both for my manual scooping (hurry up and go, furball, I’m late for work!) and for the Robot that is set to rotate /sift at three minutes after use… Not all litter is as good to deal with at three minutes, yuck.After a week or more (!) it’s as though the litter is still fresh… Few of any of those tiny bits that fall off of the clumps as you scoop and are too small for the scoop to grab (I thought they were unavoidable) … So it also isn’t building up a mild odor over time and the cats seem to appreciate it. I actually have to remind myself that it probably needs a full switching out to new litter because it seems so fresh! I do scoop a minimum of twice a day, with the cats on a “bathroom schedule” matching their 2x a day feeding schedule. I had to mature a little over the years into the minimum scooping frequency. Once a day is simply not enough. I am now a firm believer in keeping their bathroom area as clean as possible all day long. They might not say so, but the cats deserve as confortable and clean a bathroom place as I can give them.Bottom line, this Platinum Slide is one of the tools that help make this less fun but necessary task a lot less unpleasant.Price – wise… Eh. No real complaints. It’s available when I need it, it’s delivered to my door, and I don’t have to change things up when I can’t get it locally. I’ve gotten both the 15 lbs box and the larger one, delivered without issue. I don’t need to run out or try something different.

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  30. Suzanne Thompson


    This is, hands down, the best, the absolute best cat litter I’ve ever used. I’ve used a lot of litters in my time, but never any better than Slide. Thank you. Suzanne

  31. Amazon Customer

    I finally found a litter I like

    I didn’t think I’d ever find acceptable litter but here it is. I really wanted to use crystal litter but after trying it a couple months, I hated it. It tracks, it’s dusty and it does not cover odor at all (I did try a couple of brands). Cat urine stinks so leaving it in the litter box just because you can with crystal litter doesn’t mean you should. I thought it stunk and I was changing litter more frequently than I should have been. I also tried a few clumping litters…store brands, I found, were extremely dusty. Some hardened like cement which was a nightmare to get out of the litter box, and some tracked so bad, I had litter all over the place.This slide litter is amazing. It is VERY low dust. Many litters advertise low dust but this litter had no cloud dust and I don’t notice any dust when I poor it. If A&H Slide litter were a fabric, it would be velvet. Talk about soft! I find the texture hard to explain but its quite unique. It clumps very good but doesn’t stick to the litter box at all. There’s also perfumy smell to irritate your cat’s senses. It does track a little but I feel I have less tracking issues because it doesn’t get sticky, and the granules are very fine. I have 2 litter boxes and when I was trying litters out, my cats far preferred the box with this litter in it.I had no idea it was going to be so hard finding acceptable litter but the search is over for me!

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  32. Allyn L. Erickson

    I have found my favorite cat litter

    I absolutely LOVE this cat litter!! I have 2 cats and as you can imagine cleaning the cat box is a really awful chore. I bought this litter and I am sooooo happy I did. The dirty litter slides right off the box (no scraping) and no mess. It also has less tracking than most litters, and I have tried them all. I highly recommend it. I don’t give out 5 star ratings but I am so glad I got this. Hope you will like it too

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  33. debra

    Easy clean up

    Have 2 cats… so I scrape pan a lot. It never sticks to the bottom of the pan like other litters do. Clumps hard so easy clean up

  34. J

    Not quite as advertised but good litter

    No smell in the house. Lasts a long time. It doesn’t exactly slide though. I still had to scrape the box some. It’s good litter otherwise though and I’ll most likely buy it again.

  35. TG73

    The only litter I use

    I have 3 cats (and 3 litter boxes) and this is the only cat litter I found that masks the smell of the litter box. I won’t use anything else.

  36. Diana

    No Dust

    Arm & Hammer Slide cat litter is terrific since it is dustless. It absorbs well and clumps with urine. Very infrequently when there is a slight odor, I sprinkle baking soda in with the Slide litter. This is the only litter I will ever buy.

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  37. Peggybenz


    I’ve been using this litter for more than a year now. It is easy to scoop and does not stick to the bottom. Clumps very well. doesn’t track like the lightweight stuff that gets all over the house. Not overly scented yet controls cat odors. comes is a manageable weight box that is easy to open and pour. not overpriced. I plan to continue using it.

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  38. Darlene Pocs

    So much better than others!

    Switched over from tidy cats and scoop away! Not nearly as much litter tracking. No dust, smells as good as litter can smell when dirty (lol). Clumps well. It’s more expensive but IMO, completely worth it

  39. Yao Shi

    The Delivery was terrible.

    It is a good product to use for the cats. However, the delivery was terrible. The box inside was broken. Some of the litter was wasted.

  40. Jody Mitchell

    cat liter

    the one box of cat liter was open and leaked all over inside the shipping box

  41. MARY IRWIN Leather

    Best litter!

    This stuff is amazing! Makes cleaning up so easy. Doesn’t stick to the scooper or bottom of the litter box. Clumps super well! Not alot of dust, smells good – without making the cats eyes water, lol! I’ll never buy anything else!

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  42. Amber

    Best Cat Litter There Ever Was!

    I really enjoy this brand but then they came out with SLIDE and I was like no way.. let’s put it to the test! Originally the other litter cemented to the bottom of the box but not this stuff.. just scoops right out with ease. 🥹 10/10 would recommend.

  43. June McNamara

    Great product

    Great product, my cat notices the difference. Clumps perfect, basically no litter all over the floor!

  44. Valerie Gilchrist

    Best I have used!!!!

    Compared to other brands this has very long lasting odor control.

  45. philtbn

    Everything it’s cracked up to be.

    Easiest to clean litter I’ve ever used. Worth the extra money.

  46. Angela S

    If it were unscented it would be perfect

    I’ve used every kind of litter, clay & non-clay, & for my litter robots this one is a clear winner. The only way it could be better is if there were an unscented version. It’s not overwhelming but there is definitely a perfumey odor that is noticeable. Otherwise it’s great!

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  47. renee jampole

    Great littrr

    This is the best litter. It clumps tight. Would recommend. Personally clumping litter is a lot of work. The litter Is sand like. My cat throws his litter around the whole room , so I am forever with the broom sweeping it up.

  48. Love to quilt

    Mom helper

    The best

  49. Kenny

    Always satisfied

    I’m always satisfied with this cat litter, its super easy to scoop and change. Also controls the smell and my cats love it.

  50. Mary beatty

    Armand hammer slide cat litter

    Best litter ever used and smells great too

  51. annette reynolds

    Iffy at best

    To make it slide, they took away the clumping properties of this product. Therefore you can’t scoop the urine, only the poo clumps. The urine just blends into the litter. Scent is not strong enough to mask it. So you change the litter more often and spend more money buying more boxes.

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  52. VEDO

    Long lasting no scent

    I’ve been looking for a good litter this is the best I have found. I have a electric cat box. No smell it does work

  53. LJ Belsito

    Easy to clean up after cats

    Slides, clumps easy to clean liter boxes!

  54. michelle kytlica

    Better than most

    Great litter, but not dust free and the slide doesn’t always slide. Overall it does a good job. I would recommend.

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  55. Rachel Kleinberg

    A+ for litter robot

    Laying the controversy to rest, this litter definitely has a scent. To me it smells like laundry detergent. It’s not overwhelming but maybe it would be if my litter box was in a smaller space. I was afraid the odor would deter the cats but it hasn’t.Works great in the robot. No extra litter falls through the cracks and the slide technology is real. The robot stays cleaner than it did with the last litter I was using.

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  56. emily

    Great clumping, strong smell

    Over all this is a good product. It clumps well and is pretty low on the dust. I didn’t care for the smell, I thought it was unscented since it didn’t say on the box that there was a scent.

  57. Christine McPeak

    Virtually Effortless!

    When it’s time to change, I just tip old litter into a 2 layer TJ’s bag-and it’s gone!

  58. boquetbonnie



  59. jessica

    amazing product

    I bought this on the fly. It is amazing. I have 2 cats that I need to clean the liter box frequently. It feels like sand. It also covers up the smell really good! I definitely suggest trying this product.

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  60. Ben

    Best Cat Litter

    It is worth the extra money. This is better than any of the cheaper litters I’ve used. Doesn’t mask odors that great, but works well in conjunction with a litter freshening spray.

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