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Biona Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother 5 L, 5 Percent Acidity – Raw, Unfiltered & Unpasteurised – Naturally Vegan


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About this item ORGANIC AND NATURALLY HEALTHY. Made from pressed organic apple juice fermented with the vinegar ,Mother, our organic cider vinegar is aged in wooden casks for a robust finish and its rich aroma and fruity, tangy taste are underpinned by a host of valuable enzymes, making this cider vinegar delicious and naturally healthy NEITHER HEAT-TREATED NOR PASTEURISED. Our raw, unfiltered vinegar is neither heat-treated nor pasteurised, therefore preserving all the nutritional benefits of the vinegar enzymes, our cider vinegar is pure and unfiltered, which can result in cloudiness or sediments, that does not affect its quality VERSATILE FOR MANY USES AND RECIPES. Our ACV with the Mother is extremely versatile. Use in salad dressings and sauces for a moreish zing. It can also be used around the house as a natural household cleaner or an addition to your beauty regime as hair conditioner FREE FROM CHEMICAL PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES AND NEVER GMO. 100 Percent Completely Natural. Healthy food has its roots in healthy soil, this is why, at Biona Organic, we continually reinvest in the organic farming industry, whatever the crop, our farmers never, ever use chemical pesticides and herbicides or grow genetically modified crops HEALTHIER FUTURE. Built on an unwavering commitment to 100 Percent organic, ethically and sustainably sourced food, Biona Organic began life on a kitchen table in London 30 years ago, now bringing more than 400 organic products to lovers of good food
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for dressing, sauces and health tonicsfor dressing, sauces and health tonics


Cider Vinegar with The Mother, Unpasteurised, Unfiltered, Oak Matured

White Wine Vinegar, Unpasteurised

Pumpkin seed oil, cold-pressed, organic

Coconut oil, mild and odourless

Biona Organic Cider Vinegar Unfiltered with Mother 750ml

Biona Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml

Biona Organic White Wine Vinegar 500ml

Biona Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil 250ml

Organic Coconut Oil 875ml
Ingredients Cider Vinegar Cider Vinegar White Wine Vinegar Pumpkin Seed Oil Coconut Oil

Size 6 x 750ml Pack 1 x 500ml Pack 6 x 500ml Pack 1 x 250ml Pack 1 x 875ml Pack

2 reviews for Biona Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother 5 L, 5 Percent Acidity – Raw, Unfiltered & Unpasteurised – Naturally Vegan

  1. Pyknyk

    I go to a healing group where, some time ago, a lady in her 90s looked at my hands and said “my fingers used to be like yours but 20 years ago I started taking apple cider vinegar each day, in water and now have no problems. “That was a good incentive. I read up on apple cider vinegar, some, and I first tried bottles from the supermarket which was turning out costly so I turned to the Internet. Firstly I found only people vouching for large containers of vinegar used for their horses but with some digging I found the Biona.great value, love the bottle and little ‘teat’ thst can be used to measure out a small quantity.In fact I do decant into one of those expensive shop bottles but not to hide the make, just to save lifting a large container. The mother sinks to the bottom. I do try to avoid actually getting that in the glass. Looks slimey!One delivery arrived with a split high up in the bottle so it only leaked when tilted. It had been sitting in at my post lady’s station at the post office for a day in a tray as, she gold me it stripped the paint off! It also stank out the sorting room and her van!Biona replaced this for me, no questions asked.Does it work?Like the old lady, I take two tablespoons first thing in the morning in a sherry glass with a heaped teaspoon of honey and topped up with hot water.My fingers while still looking knobbly no longer burn with the inflammation or make me wince at even light touching. I used to need injections at the top of my thumb but no longer need them.To my mind it does work.If only I had discovered it before I had two knee replacements!I think I am on my third 5 litre bottle now.

  2. Blu3yy

    I drink a shot or two daily. Highly recommended.

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