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Bulk Zero Calorie Syrup, Sugar Free, Maple, 400 ml, Packaging May Vary


(10 customer reviews)

About this item Zero Calorie, sugar free syrup from Bulk Ideal for those who are on a calorie restricted diet, or for those looking to lead a healthy lifestyle Great with foods such as porridge, yoghurt, pancakes of coffee Comes in a squeezy, 400 ml bottle for ease of use Available in a range of delicious flavours Note: packaging may vary for a limited period of time

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10 reviews for Bulk Zero Calorie Syrup, Sugar Free, Maple, 400 ml, Packaging May Vary

  1. Mark

    Smells like the usual sugar one, tastes nice but does have that slight diet taste to it.Still nice though

  2. monique riches

    Really tastes lovely, highly recommend.

  3. ws Whisper

    I bought the maple syrup to try, and I’m mightily impressed.The flavour is very good, it has a very good taste of maple syrup. It’s not quite as sticky/gloopy as the real deal, and not as rich in flavour but for being zero calories it ain’t half bad, and it still tastes good! Lovely on yoghurt and on my protein ice-cream.Artificial sweetener presence is tasted as a slight aftertaste but it is really slight. Once you’ve loaded onto whatever you’re eating it’s an extremely muted presence. I made the mistake of putting some on my children’s ice-cream and they keep asking for it now. They don’t have a clue that it’s sugarless, so as far as I’m concerned, the manufacturer has done a good job with this. I’m certainly up for trying the other flavours now.

  4. Ronan Kenny

    Fantastic taste, great with 0% fat Greek yogurt, protein shakes, pancakes, just anything really if you have a sweet tooth like me. Have tried various low cal sauces such as SkinnyDips, which are nice though a bit weak, and this product is my favourite. It is slightly expensive, but this is a common complaint of ordering unavailable products one would usually find in a supermarket. The only aftertaste I found was when sampled directly, but this is not an issue when mixed with other products.Highly recommend.

  5. Ian S. Rickard

    I like this product a lot. It’s affordable. Though I’d prefer a lower price I accept that no added sugar products cost more. If the price goes up a lot, zDly I’ll have stop buying it. But it is very good considering it’s free from sugar.

  6. Paul

    Good addition to ice cream, easy to use tastes great

  7. mr christopher h kybert

    Good size. Disappointing strength of flavour

  8. Emma m.

    Yummy . I’m keto. And have been for three years now ! My new size 8 body still wants a treat now and then . My old size 22 body didn’t care to much about carbs ! But hay good taste and no carbs .. what is there to not like . It’s not quite like full on maple syrup. More like golden syrup mixed with maple . .but very nice on a chaffel or almond flour pancake .I have tried a few and they had very bad after tastes. But this one is very nice . And easy to forget that it’s not actually bad for me ( all my fave foods are bad for me ! ) Hahaha . Actually . Writing this is making me want to stick the waffle maker on and make myself some good comfort food … I will buy again . X

  9. Amazon Customer

    It taste sweet, but not heavy and they go amazing with pancakes for breakfast

  10. Oliver Wise

    Great taste and versatile

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