Cat’s Pride Max Power Clumping Clay Multi-Cat Litter 15 Pounds Everything Else

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About this item Max Power 10-Day Odor Control – patented formula works immediately to trap and eliminate odors. Unscented – does not contain perfumes or dyes, so it’s great for sensitive kitties and households Strongest Clumps – tight, hard, no mess clumps are easy to scoop and dispose 99% Dust Free – breathe easy and keep floors clean 25% Lighter+ – easy to pour and store compared to traditional clumping litters 15 lb jug provides the same uses as a traditional 20 lb jug of clumping litter Unscented – does not contain perfumes or dyes, so it’s great for sensitive kitties and households Litter for Good Shelter Donation – every jug you purchase donates a pound of litter to animal welfare organizations

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Litter for Good

Over 3 million cats enter shelters each year and fewer than half will ever find a forever home. For every jug of Cat’s Pride litter you buy, we donate a pound of litter to shelters across America. That’s millions of pounds donated each year to help animals in need.

Max Power with Powerful Odor Control

Our patented Max Power formula works immediately to trap and eliminate odor for up to 10 days. Plus, it creates tight, hard, no-mess clumps that are easy to scoop and dispose.

Lightweight Litter

Cat’s Pride Max Power litter is 25% lighter in weight than traditional scoopable litters, making it more convenient to carry and easier to pour.

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Total Odor Control Unscented Bacterial Odor Control Natural Care Unscented Pure & Fresh Complete Care Unscented Max Power High Performance ✓ ✓ ✓ 10-Day Odor Control ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ 99% Dust Free ✓ ✓ ✓ Strongest Clumps ✓ ✓ ✓ Lightweight *As compared to other scoopable litters 25% Lighter 25% Lighter 25% Lighter 40% Lighter 40% Lighter Hypoallergenic / Unscented ✓ ✓ ✓

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 13.5 x 9.25 x 5.7 inches; 15 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ C47215C40

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ August 11, 2012

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ OilDri

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B008W8IUV8

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

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Best Sellers Rank: #9 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews: 16,848 ratings

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Bacterial Odor Control, Natural Care, Total Odor Control Scented, Total Odor Control Unscented

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

13.5 x 9.25 x 5.7 inches; 15 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

August 11, 2012

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Domestic Shipping:

Item can be shipped within U.S.

International Shipping:

This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S. Learn More

Best Sellers Rank:

#9 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews:

16,848 ratings

60 reviews for Cat’s Pride Max Power Clumping Clay Multi-Cat Litter 15 Pounds Everything Else

  1. Shane Mullins

    In my opinion, it’s a perfect cat litter.

    Been using this for over a year now, and Going through 2 jugs a month. Figured I should finally give a review since it has been a very good litter. I chose the unscented as all the scented litters just seem to actually create a terrible aroma. Almost like using the scented trash bags. It just tends to be a worse smell in the end. Unscented litter is always better. And I’m sure the cats also prefer it to not have all the perfumes added as their ability at smelling things are way stronger than ours, those perfumes are probably sickening for them to deal with. This cats pride litter is not only priced great, but it works very well with its clumping ability. I know I always hear complaints about tracking dust with a lot of litters but I have never had a bad dust issue, but I also use a washable rug under my litter box that sticks out about a foot or so on the sides that seems to keep tracking dust and particles at a minimum as most of it drops to the rug. Litter box also being kept inside bathroom vanity cabinet. Litter boxes in the bathroom are great for those times when even the cats can stink up the bathroom, so you can just turn on that exhaust fan. I seriously have nothing bad to say about this litter. Now I clean/scoop the litter atleast twice a day. I have found it easy to maintain if I just scoop it during one or two of my own trips to the restroom during the day. If you are already in there, just do it then. I buy those pet waste bags like the ones you buy for walking dogs. I keep them next to my litter box as they work great for scooping the waste into. I would definitely suggest atleast trying this litter. It’s already pretty cheap, plus I get free shipping through prime. I think my only complaint is that I have seen the price jump by almost 3 dollars within the past couple months. As long as it don’t get much higher, it will continue to be a good deal. Sad to say, But if it continues to raise up, I may have to finally switch to a different brand. But, until that time comes, this will stay my choice of cat litter. Hope this review helps some of you out.

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  2. Jessika B.

    No bad, not great

    First of all, after going through a few brands because the brand I usually buy was out of stock, I bought this one twice ,second order I ordered 2. It clumps but will leave several tiny clumps which will go through the scooper that’s the only thing I don’t like about it but it’s way better than others I bought. I have 6 cats and being that said, the litter does help control smell which is a big plus! The price is reasonable compared with other brands. I will continue with this brand and one other that I also like for my cats if my first choice isn’t available. My cats have no complaints

  3. A. K. Marvin

    Definitely Try This!

    I have fibromyalgia and arthritis, and for years I was using a product that is not sold in stores and comes delivered, weighing only 4 pounds. I used this for years, but their prices recently went up and they weren’t cheap to begin with. I recently had a billing issue that was not resolved to my satisfaction, so I decided to just look for something else, and I’m very glad that I found this one! Yes, it’s a 15-pound jug, but it comes right to my door and I am able to bring it into the condo and then into the laundry room, where I dump quite a bit of the jug in to start for the month, then just pour and replace as I go. I feel that this product is excellent at odor control; my home does not smell like I have a cat or kitty litter in it, and while I would even be okay with a little bit of odor just in the laundry room where the litter box is kept, there is none! This product is also great at preventing tracking; despite having mats in front of the litter box, I always had a problem with other brands of litter creating dust and litter particles all over my laundry room and hallway. But since trying this litter, there is none! I mean NONE! I’m not sure how that’s possible, but I’m just grateful that it’s true. It clumps beautifully — everything holds together well, but it doesn’t turn into freaking cement, which was the problem with another brand that I tried in between my old brand and this one. (Again, with fibromyalgia and arthritis, I could barely scoop out the other product’s cement clumps!) My cat has feline herpes and allergies, and I also have allergies, which is why I got the scent-free version, and my cat has no issues like that with this litter, nor do I. I feel better knowing that we are not breathing in a bunch of toxic chemicals. Excellent value for the money, too! If you’re looking for an all-around good kitty litter, you need to try this!

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  4. Aleesia Hernandez

    No Dust!!

    I bought this litter in a pinch, and let me tell you that it is the most dust-free litter I have ever used!! Thankfully my cat isn’t picky when it comes to her litter, but every other clay litter I’ve tried has been so incredibly dusty, and you couldn’t scoop it without a huge dust cloud forming. Every time I scoop her litter box now, there is absolutely no dust that gets stirred up. It’s super lightweight, and also seems to be pretty low tracking. My cat has long hair so I think tracking is pretty much inevitable, but I haven’t noticed too much tracking with it at all! It seems to stay contained within the litter box area. Definitely will continue to purchase!

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  5. Helene Victor

    Wonderful Product Poor Delivery

    I liked the product. And hated the delivery. The product is great – no complaints. The delivery was bad. The boxes were broken. Two 15 pound containers in each of the two boxes. Boxes not put by door as instructed but left down the walkway by a hedge late at night so it was dark. And the 81 year buyer had to carry each container up the walkway as well as into the house. Four trips. I was more than tired. The worse delivery ever from Amazon.

  6. Happy Buyer

    Good Clay Litter

    I am buying clay after many years of Yesterday’s News, which is my preference. My cats then liked it fine, and I was happy not using clay. However, my current newly-adopted cat rejected YN, which is probably okay since it is now discontinued. I stared hunting for clay, used Fresh Step non-clumping initially, and then decided to try Cat’s Pride clumping/unscented from the reviews. My cat seems to like it well. I like that it is not dusty and, even unscented, it traps odors. I am still not a particular fan of clumping, and I find that this litter “half-clumps.” If you really need clumping, I don’t think you’ll be pleased with this litter. I am staying with it for the time-being due to my cat accepting it and due to the unscented and dust-free qualities. She was starting to scratch and bite her paws with scented, non-clumping Fresh Step. She has stopped those behaviors with the current CP.

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  7. Jake Orton

    Affordable and better than the store bought stuff for my declaw.

    We adopted our cat after she was already declawed and 2 years old.She hates a lot of litter from the store. So we purchased this to give it a try because the Lucy brand we used was discontinued.This brand has the quality and price point that makes it our new choice for biweekly subscription. I’ve had issues with the shipping box breaking, but I understand that it’s a heavier product.

  8. Michele Tedhams

    Affordable and Does The Job

    I bought this kitty litter because my local store was out of what I usually buy. My cats liked it fairly well but are used to their usual. It’s a good quality to use.

  9. ginnylmom

    This is one great cat litter.

    If you have cats, litter is a necessity. And we have tested several. This is a good one. I will be ordering it. It’s a sorbet, but has its own natural scent that keeps it from smelling too quickly. Very happy with it. A cat necessity.

  10. Nicole Alicea

    Odor controlling litter

    This kind of litter is great because it clumps up all of the waste really well, and is very easy for clean up and it is great at masking any odors and keeps a nice fresh, clean smell !

  11. Denise

    Good litter

    Like this litter

  12. Kmbc

    Good litter product

    Product is a good litter. However, when shipping, the shipper should check the condition of the product first. The lid was off. I had litter from the door to the cat box. Alot to clean and try to save.

  13. Amazon Customer

    Doesnt cover the smell very well but works good

    This brand has great absorption and is easy to clean but it does nothing for the smell. I really wish they would add something into it to help cover up the smell.

  14. steve

    Great 👍

    Cat litter! Works great!

  15. Carolyn K.

    They gotta go

    Cats like it but sometimes it sticks to the pan and scoop in the cold

  16. Stefanie2530

    Clumps Well, Covers Bad Odors, Great w/Multiple Cats

    Super absorbent, does a great job of clumping and covering up unpleasant scents. Easy to scoop/easy to pour into the litterbox. I have multiple cats and this litter handles them with no problem. The price is reasonable.

  17. James Barger

    Delivered on time

    If you have a busy day or week and see you need to get litter soon, this is the best way to go. It’s fast and dropped off at your door. If you have questions you can also reach out to the company. The best part is the clumps can be flushed down the toilet which I like because that’s less mess being put into your trash can.

  18. Natt

    I would buy again

    I just got a older kitten to bring in the house. And purchased this litter. It works! And I feel it works better than namebrands. It clumps great, and really keeps the smell at bay.

  19. Caridad de Varona

    My cats love this one!

    I have 3 indoor cats and have tried many brands of littler. This one does all it promises. The smell is drastically reduced, it is easy to clean, it is absorbent. You dont have to dig out stuck clumps from the bottom of pan. It is pricier than some others but it lasts longer too. It does track so a pad underneath may be needed. I just sweep it up.

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  20. RunsWithScissors

    Clumps well.

    Clumps well and is a decent price for Amazon.

  21. Kannelli

    Good price

    I love that it comes to my door and I don’t have to lug it around a store then home!

  22. rmjlAmazon Customer

    clumping/absorbancy best litter

    will certainly order again. !!

  23. Cerrina

    Thank you

    Thank you, works great

  24. Bethany Ingraham

    One of the best for the price

    Buy it. Worth the $$$. My litter box never smells bad!

  25. Karen Patton

    Best cat litter

    I own a pet sitting service. I’ve used just about every brand of litter. This is one of the best. It clumps perfectly and stays clumped when you scoop. I love the unscented variety. I also love that the company donates a pound of litter to an animal shelter for every jug that is purchased.

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  26. sagiv

    Surprisingly scent-absorbing and dust-less.

    Holds for about 3 weeks for 1 cat.

  27. Danita Gilbert

    Great litter

    Great litter for the price. I don’t like to use any others

  28. Teacher905

    Cats love this!

    Easy to clean litter boxes when I use this litter. Cats haven’t mentioned much but I love this. Easy to clean the litter boxes without having to discard the entire box of litter.

  29. StrikerF16

    Great bang for your buck

    I got two of these for under 20 bucks, so I was kind of skeptical. BUT this litter is amazing! It’s not dusty, is amazing at blocking odors and clumps pretty great. I also used Rocco & Roxie litter odor eliminator, too, just in case.

  30. kathy

    Good value

    Good litter , no scent and a reasonable price

  31. alexis

    Good, but

    It’s good litter- it clumps well. BUT! it is dusty, like a lot dusty. And tracks outside the box a bit. I still plan on using this cause It is amazing at covering up the smells and the tracking doesn’t bother me to much

  32. Amazon Customer

    My Cats love it

    I have two cats and two litter boxes in my home. Clearly i have too much time on my hands. I didn’t want to use clay kitty litter but my cats much prefer this to the expensive environmental brand. Leave it to the cats who like the wrapper twist tie more than the toy. How can i possibly curb their joy playing in the clean granulated clay. Guess i will be buying 2 types of kitty litter for the next couple of decades.

  33. KAZ

    No DUST when scooping!

    So much better to clean without smelly dust from the litter box and the clumps don’t break. The 15 pounds does last a good time, and smells don’t linger in the hallway. Clean without chemical scents.

  34. vickie clifton

    Efficient kitty litter

    We have used all kinds of kitty litter, even Pretty litter that was expensive. We have found nothing to compare with this litter that has (clay) mixed in it. We purchased the roll litter box and between the two, cleaning the boxes is much easier and faster. We only have to scrape the back of the box where the cats pee against the back, and that is simple! Slides right off. We would definitely recommend this litter.

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  35. Lisa B

    ok product

    This is an ok product. It really clumps well. I do not feel that it is 99% dust free. I am also not impressed by the ordor control. It is very easy to scoop and clean.

  36. avery

    The best litter I’ve tried

    Literally the best cat litter. All the other ones I’ve tried leave a bad chemical smell and odor on my kitty and throughout the house. Switched to this and immediately was so much better! No smell, easy clean up and clumps great. Won’t buy any other from now on!

  37. Jaydence

    Works Good

    Tried this because I couldn’t get my regular litter.It’s a finer grain, easy to clean and works pretty good in my opinion. Definitely recommend.

  38. scouty 1

    Very good

    Very easy to clean with good clumping. Definitely absorbent. I like the unscented version over the others. Sometimes the scented is just plain overwhelming.

  39. Talulah Sugarpaws

    Very good unscented litter

    Was buying Dr. Esley’s unscented but it was always going out of stock. Tried this litter and it actually works better in absorbing and retaining urine in actual balls / clumps. It’s a bit dusty at first pour but not so much on second use pour. No fragrance whatsoever so that’s good! Though, kinda cheeky for the price to jump up $2 in just 3 weeks since the last purchase.

  40. fishferg

    Great stuff

    This is the best I’ve found to take care of the odor from my new cat. He’s still on kitten food so his food contains a high amount of protein which makes a much stronger smell than my old cat did. This litter completely solves the problem.

  41. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with this product

    Odor control is great. Clean up is easy. Recommend.

  42. Amber B.G.

    Good clumping.

    This cat litter clumps way better than the more expensive brands. It makes it alot easier to clean my cat’s bano.

  43. AYKH mom

    Dust Free

    It’s dust free and no litter tracks throughout the house. The only issue is the urine clumps break apart.

  44. Poppy

    The cheapest u can get but does the job🤷🏼‍♀️

    Who wants to spend big $ on cat litter? Not I! There’s no deodorant in this however so keep the litter box clean.

  45. Sharon Wilson-Kinzer

    Used to cover bad smell

    Worked well to solve my problem at the time – do not have a cat

  46. Barbara Pettway

    First time using the Clumps

    Good for the price




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  48. Susan Akin


    Two adult cats of my own and foster kittens for the local shelter. I’ve used lots of different litter. This particular cats pride is excellent. No dust, easy to clean and virtually no litter box smell. Very happy with this product.

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  49. Kisle Garcia

    This lasted more than any other litter

    I’m not sure what it is, but it’s lasted more than a 24lbs litter. I’m new to owning cats so i’m not sure.

  50. Linda K.

    cat litter

    best cat litter covers odors

  51. Taylor

    Easy and inexpensive

    Man I was a little worried about this product because it was the cheapest. But it is amazing. Lasts forever.

  52. DJ See

    Perfect budget litter, delivered on a schedule

    CANT BEAT IT FIR THE BUDGET CAT OWNERS!! Yes I’m sure there is 1 one dusty paw print or some dumb thing wrong with it. But, litter it self works great for a bargain. Clumps fine, holds orders in pretty darn good, no real odor to the litter itself. Definitely not a febreeze fresh linen deal. It just works!

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  53. Ricky L.

    Great product

    Keeps smells down, great absorption. Easy to clean.

  54. Kerry

    Good Litter

    Decent kitty litter at affordable price. Have purchased multiple, multiple times and will again! 🐈

  55. GENE



  56. KK

    Best cat litter

    I’ve tried every brand of clumping litter and find this to be the best. Absorbs well, very little dust left behind and the scent isn’t overpowering yet masks waste odor.

  57. Elizabeth burkett

    Highly recommend

    This cat litter is the best I’ve bought to date. I’m highly sensitive to smells but this litter absorbs all the kitties mess. It clumps well and is easy to clean. I’ve noticed the litter tracks outside of the litter box isn’t as noticeable with this brand.

  58. Kindle Customer

    Best cat litter I’ve used

    I’ve used close to a dozen different brands, and for me this is the best of the lot. However, I did take off 1 star because it has not been available in more eco-friendly packaging. I do hope this changes in the future.

  59. Tara

    This is the best

    This is by far the best cat litter I have ever used. When we first got our kittens, I almost wound up in the hospital the first time I had to clean their box out because the smell was so bad, that I had an instant migraine and I was gagging. It turns out that it was the cat litter we were using. I researched and ran across this brand and now I am hooked for life. It clumps nicely and the box is so easy to clean now.

  60. Christina

    Good product but …

    My fav cat litter – works amazing well, used to buy it on Chewy but Chewy stopped selling it.So I was so happy to find it here on Amazon. Last month (Nov.2022) I bought two jugs at $9.49 each.Today I see the price went up $2 in less than one month?From $9.49 to $11.49, come on – why??? I won’t be buying this anymore. I can go to Petco and fill the jug myself.At some point ppl will stop buying a lot of unnecessary items and vendors will have to drop the prices… I look forward to this.

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