Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner, Medium, Blue

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About this item For Proper Use & Effectiveness: The medium MudBuster is perfectly sized for medium sized dogs with paws between 2 ½”to 3 ½” wide. Actual Mudbuster measures 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide To use, add a little water, insert the muddy paw, do the twist, dab the paw dry, repeat for 3 more paws The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paws- keeping the mess in the MudBuster and not in your house Keep the MudBuster handy after trips to the park, after walks or hikes, or by your backdoor Simple and easy to use, just rinse and keep on hand for next muddy encounter. BPA free Patent No. D799,126, US and Foreign Patents Pending

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About this item For Proper Use & Effectiveness: The medium MudBuster is perfectly sized for medium sized dogs with paws between 2 ½”to 3 ½” wide. Actual Mudbuster measures 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide To use, add a little water, insert the muddy paw, do the twist, dab the paw dry, repeat for 3 more paws The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paws- keeping the mess in the MudBuster and not in your house Keep the MudBuster handy after trips to the park, after walks or hikes, or by your backdoor Simple and easy to use, just rinse and keep on hand for next muddy encounter. BPA free Patent No. D799,126, US and Foreign Patents Pending

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4 x 4 x 6 inches; 5.76 Ounces

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November 16, 2016

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Dexas International, LTD

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#2 in Cat Brushes

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60 reviews for Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner, Medium, Blue

  1. AnnaAnna

    Love this product!

    I am familiar with the product as my in-laws have the taller pink one for their German shepherd. The taller one seems to tip a bit more easily. So I didn’t want to get that for my household. I have 3 dogs- chihuahua, staffy(65-pounds) and a black mouth cur (she’s 50 and still growing) so I have a wide range of paw sizes. Was not sure if the short size would allow for a proper clean. Figured I try because our yard is literally all mud. We put in a privacy fence in November and well there’s hardly any grass haha. So after a month of trying to clean their paws manually and always missing a spot leading me having to vacuum, steam mop and sometimes shampoo the couch, my husband suggested me trial this out since it works pretty well for his parents dog. So I bought it. And sooooo glad I did! What normally takes 6-8 mins of manually cleaning now takes about 45 seconds per big dog and 30 seconds for my chihuahua. I did have to dump and add more water in between the big dogs but again super quick.Easy to clean. It takes a little to pull the scrubby part out but once it’s out, it’s really easy to clean. And then I leave out to dry. Again takes all of a minute. Much easier taking that apart and cleaning upright then hunched over still cleaning their paws.It takes a little getting use to for some dogs just an FYI. My staffy is afraid of rain. So while my other dogs are typically chill, I still fed them tiny treats while getting them use to it. And will continue with the treats the first week. Just to ensure it’s not a “fight” to try to get their paws in there. I want them relaxed with the process.Attached are photos of my black mouth cur’s paw. It’s dirty paw, wet(cleaned in the paw wash) and then dry. When dipping her foot in, I dipped it up and down twice and all the chunks of mud came off. Soooo simple. My staffys paws just fit. No extra wiggle room which is fine as I’m just sliding his paw up and down not side to side. So it works perfectly.

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  2. T. Hecita

    I make sure to clean my dogs feet with these

    Gotta be honest, my dogs didn’t like this at first. I guess they don’t fancy the sensation of the rubber against their paw pads. But I can’t stop laughing at my dogs reaction when I use this on them (I have 2 chihuahua’s and a pomeranian). My pomeranian doesn’t mind at all when he uses this. But my chi’s lift their paws up so fast it’s so funny. At the end of the day, it gets the job done whether they like it or not. And I get a kick out of it too because it always cracks me up the way my chi’s react to it. I have a sense of humor. If you don’t want your dog fur babies to be uncomfortable, then maybe these aren’t the ones for you. But I like them and I do recommend.

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  3. Terra

    Eliminate Muddy Paw Prints! 🐾

    I have three dogs and every time it rains I know my dark laminate flooring is going to be a mess. I buy doggie wet wipes and try to wipe their paws off with those. I feel like they don’t always do that great of a job. My lash tech talked about how she uses this product on her dogs and so I thought I would give it a try. I got mine today, filled it with warm water and then cleaned my pups paws and dried them off with a towel after. I feel that this product works sooo much better then doggie wet wipes and also it will save me money because I’m planning on just using this product to clean their paws now. Overall: better results, will save money in the long run and will be better for the environment being I won’t be using as many doggie wet wipes. I highly recommend!

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  4. Kathryn Granger

    Great products

    If you are ever out with your dog and say “we’re going to need to get you cleaned up when we get home. You’re muddy buddy.”… You need this product. For some reason I thought it was called the muddy Buddy and came to write a review because I was thinking. Wow! That is the perfect name because you actually say that but it’s not. Maybe another brand is. Either way great product. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because it only goes up so far on their legs. If it was taller and could clean the entire leg it would be perfect.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Needs a handle

    This works well except for a couple issues….first, it’s size makes it difficult to hold on to..and I have hands on the large size. It could really use a handle of sorts…I gusee I’ll have to come up with something. Secondly…if the dog is sitting…the rear legs are a pain to get to. If he’s laying down, the water runs out, making quite a mess. I mention this, since I take my dog out daily to the back yard, and have him lie down on his side when he gets back on a towel, so I can dry his feet. If they are dirty, thus this gadget….it’s tricky to use on paws/feet that are laying horizontally. It would sure help to have a handle to hold on to, however!

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  6. A.C.

    It works! And, you need this-or make your own

    I wish I had invented and marketed this item. The snow is gone and mud is here. My Standard poodle tracks it in.This product, and 2 (yes) people make cleaning paws zippy-do quick. Warm water, a dark colored towel, and my Spoo can enter the house with clean feet.We bought the product with the closed lid, for treks to the park, family farm, etc. I like to keep muddy paws out of my car.🐾

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  7. Amanda

    Not quite big enough

    I feel like I’m trying to plunge a toilet with my dogs foot 😅. I have a newfoundland, and she has enormous feeties. I was hoping to cut down on the amount of mess in the house with this, but even at the large size, it’s a tight fit and she’s not a fan. I may try taking out the bristles so it’s just a cup, and if she allows that, maybe cut the bristles down to half length? We’ll see! Love the concept though, I bought it before we even got her as a pup, and she’s now a year and a half.

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  8. Jeanne Felfe

    Amazingly useful

    When I first saw ads for these things, I laughed. Yeah, right! I have a large, muddy yard and had been wiping feet on towels or using paw wipes. That helped, but even with little dogs, I’d still get mud in the house. I bought one of these and fell in love with the first use. The dogs always have way more dirt and mud on them than I expect. And they don’t seem to mind me using it.I have two under-twenty-pounds dogs, both with hairy feet. This simple paw cleaner is SO much more efficient than anything I’ve ever tried.

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  9. CRCR

    Wish it worked on the rest of him!

    On still-damp mud at least, this was amazingly effective. I thought I would have to scrub more than it turned out I did. Additionally, my young bouncy husky mix didn’t object at all even on the first use of this unfamiliar device.The rest of him is still a muddy mess as he now lounges on my couch, but at least his paws were clean. Lol

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  10. Nikki M.

    Best invention!

    The Mudbuster is awesome! If you have dogs that come in with dirty paws you have to wipe (several times a day) this will be your new best friend!! The large one is a little harder to hold than the smaller one, because I have short hands, but I can still use it easily. Our 50lb dog with deep pads adjusted to it quickly after a couple of days and now stands up instead of sitting or laying down, which is easier on both of us! The silicone insert is easy to clean. With each use you can see how muddy the water in addition to the leaves and grass our furry baby brought in with him. We usually need to swap the dirty water out after two paws, depending on how much he kicked after doing his business. Would 100% buy again!!

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  11. joan

    Does the job well!

    LOVE this product! We have a lab who’s 75lbs, and a mixed breed who’s 45lb. The large is perfect for both. I’m amazed at how well this cleans in between their toes. Based off another reviewer, I did spend time introducing it before I filled it with water and used it. Both dogs are used to us wiping their feet everyday, but this is a very different feel to them. Before using this I was going through countless wipes on both dogs. Highly recommend this product!

  12. Ashlyn Archer

    Use it constantly!

    My dog loves to play outside, and since it’s our wet season, she’s constantly muddy. This makes it so quick and easy to wash her paws off before reentering the house! Why didn’t I buy this sooner?!

  13. Krissy D

    We love it, works well and dog enjoys her pedicure

    I wasn’t sure how well this would work or if my dog would hate it! Best purchase I’ve made in awhile. My dog is notorious for going potty then stepping in it. She LOVED her pedicure, her white paws look and smell so much better, and since it’s winter I put lavender balm for paws on her pads. It saved my back from having to give a bath just for poopy paws 😂

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  14. kristen wilson

    Works surprisingly well!

    I was a little skeptical because I was concerned it would be messier and more difficult, but I was wrong!My big dog (~75-80 lbs) is not a fan of baths/water, so it takes lots of encouragement – and two of us – to do his paws. Hoping that he grows more tolerant of it. The smaller girl (~45-50 lbs) is fine with it. Our backyard has turned to dirt/mud since we got them, so paw-wiping is a regular occurrence. This is definitely easier. We got the medium and it’s perfect. Make sure to measure the paws!

  15. Sierra

    Gets the job done, size down

    Gets the job done, cleans my german shepards paws from being outside. does leave her paws wet, so make sure to rub their paws against the sides of the mudbuster to get as much water out as possible, and then wipe dry with a towel. this not only dries the paws a little more, but helps get the mud stuck up in their paws out.Only thing i dislike about the product is i got a large, but the cup is too big to hold. they almost need to add a strap for your hand. there is PLENTY of spare room even for my german shepard, so i highly recommend (unless you have a truly massive dog) to SIZE DOWN. This will make it much easier to hold, and less apt to tipping over.

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  16. Natalie ShadlowNatalie Shadlow

    Large is really LARGE, Love the lid, Easy to Clean

    It’s definitely a large. I didn’t realize how big it would be but it definitely makes sense. About the size of a hydro flask.Love the lid option. Just for traveling and not having to worry about it spilling.Very easy to clean or rinse out soap from the bristles since they slide right out.Definitely going to have a lot of use from this in WA with all the rain and mud

  17. Bryant Pierpont

    It actually works!

    I didn’t expect this to work anywhere near as well as it does. I have a Husky-Doodle which, in her case, means strong as a Husky and as smart as a poodle. She’s also really fascinated by tearing up my yard. i can fix the yard but she has filthy feet and simple towels don’t get it done. Use this then dry with a towel. I can’t tell you how happy I am with this product. Even more important, my wife isn’t constantly irritated by the footprints. It’s really, truly a great product.

  18. Enigma99ds

    What a great product!

    Pearl the Wonder Dog likes it too. I have had to use it up to 4 times in one day. She doesn’t shy away from it so it must feel good. It’s soft and really gets all the mud out of those furry puppy paws.

  19. ashley corona

    Easy to use

    So far Iv only used it once but liked it. I think maybe I should have got a medium i stead of a large for my miniature schnauzers but it still works great. Paws are clean and smelling fresh. Fast delivery. Easy to use.

  20. Rachael

    Simple and quick!

    The hardest part for me is getting my dog to stop at the door to do this instead of just running in the house with his mud paws 😂 all in all great simple product! Great for muddy days!

  21. k

    Dog approved

    Landscaping the lawn left a mudpitt for dog. This has been helpful to alleviate muddy paw prints everywhere in the house. Also notice his paw pads have softened since daily washing.

  22. Amazon Customer

    Wish I bought it sooner

    Gets my dogs paws way cleaner than with a towel alone. This thing is worth every penny.

  23. Debbie

    Easy clean paws

    This works great. With the coming of Spring the yards and streets get muddy. This cleans my dog’s paws so easily.

  24. Ashley

    Saved my rugs and my sanity

    Great product, effectively cleans paws and it’s easy to use.

  25. SMShoe

    Easy to use

    Get the larger one because water gets dirty fast. I keep a towel near by and the smaller towel still has dirty paws but the larger one gets them much cleaner. I have mid size dogs; beagle and German shepherd mix.

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  26. Tiffany NeumanTiffany Neuman

    Squeaky clean!

    We’ve got a yard full of adobe mud. That stuff is awful to clean off, especially the nails! And our husky loves to run after she goes potty. Before I got the mud buster, we’d just use a towel (and girl HATES her feet touched) so we’d have to go quick before she starts screaming (huskies are so dramatic good grief) – and we see foot prints all the way up the stairs. This mud buster has been a miracle worker!! It works quick and efficiently! Her feet a just a little small for the large, so we have to pick a side and just scrub but that Adobe mud is off her nails within seconds! You can see in the photos how squeaky clean it leaves her feet (yes, I see that I have different feet here, but results are the same)

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  27. Shaina PShaina P

    Easy and effective

    My 40lb female Husky/German shepherd loves digging holes in wet dirt. I use this and add a little bit of Dawn dish soap (animal safe) and it cleans her paws quickly. I then do it again with just water. The medium size is perfect for her.

  28. Casey J. Dunlevy

    Worth it

    Use it everyday, multiple times a day. Such a simple but useful thing.

  29. Amazon Customer

    Cleans paws quickly and thoroughly

    I have 3 large dogs (100 lbs) I bring 1 at a time inside he back door, stand on a large towel. Insert paw, push paw up and down the rubber bristles do he work, they sit on towel for a few minutes, dump dirty water add fresh water and on to the next one. Super easy to use.

  30. Vicki

    Best thing ever!!

    This thing is a floor and area rug saver! No more spot cleaning. Took a couple of times for my doggo to get used to it but now, she waits for it! No more nasty, muddy paws, well worth an extra 3 minutes after playing outside! Highly recommend !

  31. Autonomous J.E.N.

    3 Minutes of Your Time for Peace of Mind

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     I feel like I’ve just about tried it all when it comes to keeping muddy pawprints off of my new, light colored floors: dog booties, dog cleaning wipes, and now the Mudbuster.There just aren’t any dog booties out there right now that will stay on my dogs’ paws. I have two 70-pound mixed breeds– a boy and a girl. The booties don’t come up high enough, and no matter how tightly I wrap the velcro strap around their paws (can’t be too tight either or it’ll be uncomfortable and impractical for them), the booties flip off and go flying the second the dogs begin to run around in the yard. I would end up having to go outside to find the lost booties and have to clean my dogs’ paws anyway. I even looked at dog booties that are attached to a suspender-like harness, but I didn’t want to get that desperate yet. My dogs didn’t really like walking in the booties anyway. Most of the time they just stood there and stared at me like they weren’t sure what to do now.The dog cleaning wipes were my next choice. I tried two different brands. They were just ok. I had to use multiple wipes per dog, and it wasn’t that great at getting the mud off. It would also flick lots of pieces of mud and dirt off their paws onto my floor.Which finally led me to the Mudbuster. Although it’s a bit messy to use because of the water, this takes 1st Prize easily over the other two aforementioned options I tried. The Mudbuster is like a giant deep cup that holds lots of water, you stick your dog’s paw in there, rub it against the soft silicone-like bristles, and it does an excellent job at cleaning them off. You’ll just need a towel with you to dry off the paw after you dunk it in the water. I uploaded a video of myself and my boy this morning demonstrating the Mudbuster. It’s about 3 minutes long, but that’s all it takes. Compared to vacuuming and mopping and scrubbing dirt and mud off the floors and carpets, it’s worth it.I bought 2 Mudbusters, one for each dog. I fill each up with warm water after I let them outside and grab a couple towels. My dogs have quickly adapted to getting their paws cleaned after coming inside on rainy days and don’t seem to mind them at all. They seem to prefer that anyway to me picking at and scrubbing their pads.Since I’ve used this product so many times, I’ve gone through the process of cleaning them and it’s not bad at all. All I did was pull a little on a tab on the inside of the cup near the top, and it let me take the silicone part out in one piece to where it was just the cup left. Washed each piece off with warm water and carefully placed the bristled part back inside, and voila.This product gets 5 stars from me because, for me, it’s the best thing that’s worked so far at keeping my floors clean. It takes a little bit of work and some towels, but it’s totally worth it. Also, my dogs do so well with this product, it’s hard not to appreciate that too!

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  32. Sara Teel


    I never leave reviews, but this product is amazing! So easy to use and keeps my home much cleaner from muddy paws!

  33. Nancy

    O love this!

    We just recently built our home- which means we currently have to grass. This winter has been very muddy- and our dog was bringing it all into the house. Wiping the paws with a towel was not cutting it. The dog does not love it, but has learned to accept it.

  34. Monica C.

    Works Great!

    I ordered the small for my Maltipoo and it fit perfectly. I use this to clean his paws after walks. I was amazed how well this worked! I added a small amount of soap and his paws were completely clean after use.

  35. Natasha McCroryNatasha McCrory

    Great purchase !

    A product we didn’t know we needed until it was recommended ! We have two medium/large dogs who love the outdoors! Living in the Midwest you know know when the mud will show up. Makes cleaning their paws soo easy! Highly recommend !

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  36. Jason Zapisek

    Works amazing! Worth every penny!

    I have a Great Dane pup and this is a Godsend! I love it so much, I bought the small one for my parents’ Westie.

  37. LaurenLauren

    Officially a Staple Pet Item! Lifesaver.

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     Listen. Our floors have basically been a layer of dried dirt since November. Trying to wipe down my dog’s paws after sprinting at the speed of light through our mudpit yard clearly wasn’t doing the trick, and trying to use a big bowl/large cup of water + a towel to clean her paws just took too long and was very messy. So, in short, I love this thing. Loooove. But I have a few tips:1. Introduce your dog to it before using it!!! (Unless your dog just doesn’t care at all about having their paws messed with.) The last thing you want is your dog being afraid of this little thing and having them pull away and fight you while using it. It’ll probably be a completely new sensation for them, and I for one don’t like forcing my dog to do things and give her negative associations with that thing. So anyway:a. First I rewarded her first for sniffing it, bumping it with her nose, just interacting with it.b. Then I rewarded her for voluntarily lifting her paw(s) to touch it. (Shake command. See video. You can see she’s less thrilled about her left paw, which is also the paw she is not used to us messing with. She’s fine with it now.)c. After she was comfortable with that, I would stick her paw into it (no water yet) and hold it there, while rewarding her. As I reward each new part, I stop rewarding the previous step (like the paw-touching.)d. Next, I rewarded heavily when I move it up and down and around on her paws (super new sensation!),e. And then finally I repeat that with water and/or soap. (Only reward while using it! Not after taking their paws out!)Now she’ll come inside and let me do it without rewarding her at all. She doesn’t enjoy it per se, but she is not afraid of it or stressed about it. The introduction process initially took about 30 minutes, and then after the intro I only rewarded her while using the product on her paws the first like, 10 times I used it.2. Water alone works fine. I’ve only used a drop of her dog shampoo soap if she’s insanely dirty.3. Next tip, only fill it 2/3-3/4 way up. This way you can do vigorous up/down/twisty movements with no spilling.3. Do this over a mat or towel, or have a hand towel ready immediately after taking each paw out of the water. Otherwise you’ll still have to clean up the floor. (Microfiber towels dry the paws pretty quickly.)5. Sizing: I went for the Medium and it works perfectly. My dog is technically a “Large” dog at 57lbs, but she has a narrower build and her paws are not very big. I wanted the rubber parts to be able to get in and around her paw pads as well as being able to go up her legs a bit and the Medium is perfect.Last thing: the water gets so muddy that while wiping the paws dry, you might think the thing didn’t clean them! But I assure you it’s just the muddy water – we have clean paws over here and no more dried mud on the floors. Clean-up of the product is very easy, I pretty much just rinse between uses and then clean it at the end of the day and lay it to dry. However, it IS dishwasher safe!! Anyway, everyone in my house is on board using it, and we like it a lot. It is so much quicker and way more effective than trying to do anything else.

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  38. lvbbmom

    Must buy for animal owners!

    I was skeptical of how effective this tool would be because it just seemed too easy.It is so easy to use and it really works!I ordered a smaller size, as suggested in other comments, and it was good advice.I have cleaned up to 8 paws in same sitting but if paws are super muddy I do need to replace water between dogs. I could always just buy another one;)

  39. coryn bryant


    It is simple and easy to use. And it works amazingly well.

  40. Isabelle


    It works! Easy to use and cleans my dog’s paws really well.

  41. Sue CSue C

    Game Changer!!

    OMG…this a total game changer for this household. Tinker Belle, TB for short, would usually get a foot bath over the kitchen sink; but now I have the Mudbuster! TB didn’t struggle to get away; she was calm as a cucumber while I dipped her feet in the Mudbuster. As you can see from the pictures, it works. The Mudbuster will get used a lot when Spring comes. I would recommend it.

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  42. Ed Macke

    Works Great – Easy to Clean

    Add water and the soft silicone bristles scrub off snow, ice, and dirt – works just like advertised. Keep a towel handy to wipe off the water, though. I got the one with the lid so I just keep it filled with water and sitting by the door and don’t have to risk it being tipped over. Can’t say my dog is a fan of it, but he tolerates it. This is so much better than having to pop my dog into the tub to clean his paws after he’s been running in the mud (which was the only way to do it previously).

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  43. Krysten

    Helps clean dirty dogs feet

    This works – it’s just a cup but the right sie for dunking and cleaning their dirty paws. it’s amazing how with every walk when I’m done I’ll use a clean towel and how much dirt they collect. and to think that they lie in my bed and on my pillow so I’m glad to use this.

  44. G Russell

    Buy this!!!!

    We have an Aussie who has ‘snow shoe’ feet! Hair grows out between the pads and toes. We have to trim his paw pads at least every 4 weeks. We’ve always had retrievers so we were new to this phenomenon. So, we started looking for a good way to wash his feet during mud season and stumbled across this gem. BUY THIS!!! It’s super easy to use and our boy took to it quickly with positive reinforcement and treats. It takes less than a minute to clean all 4 paws. It’s huge so the reviews are right about that. We bought a medium and it’s the perfect size. You won’t be disappointed!!!

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  45. Ashley MaeAshley Mae

    Such a great device!

    So easy to use, my kids were able to use this by the end of the first day with the pups. Does a great job with getting the mud off the paws and helping to keep my floor clean. I do with there was some way to make it not so easily spillable. Over all though this will.come in handy to have when we go to dog park or on hikes, no more muddy paws in my car!

  46. Miriah poseyMiriah posey

    Literally amazing

    Okay I never write reviews. But this literally blew me away. I am currently pregnant, and cleaning my dogs feet off is the bane of my existence. This thing literally took so much stress off of me. Knowing I can quickly clean my dogs feet before she tries to jump on my couch. Wow. This thing has changed my life. We have a muddy back yard always. And this just made my life so much better. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE! 10000000%

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  47. Kathy

    My dog is a digger and the mud buster is the best!

    I have a 15 month old highly energetic lab pup that loves to dig and run. My once beautiful back yard now has several paths of mud and multiple holes and my pups paws are full of mud when she comes inside. I’ve had the mud buster for four days now and my wild and crazy girl is finally cooperating with it. She actually seems to enjoy it on her front paws and is tolerating the back paws. My kitchen floor no longer has muddy paw prints all over it. Yay! The mud buster definitely does the job. After a week of use we have developed a technique that works well. I hold the mud buster from the top with my thumb inside of it. Rotating it back and forth and then up and down works amazingly well. I would highly recommend the mud buster.

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  48. Jerilyn Rich

    Yay clean paws!

    I have a German shepherd and a Boston terrier and this is an absolute LIFE SAVER! My floors are no longer dirty from muddy paws and it’s so easy to clean out when the product itself gets dirty. Just fill up with some warm water and dunk those nasty paws and and swish around and boom clean paws! 10/10 recommend you get this!

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  49. Ashley Thompson

    USA MADE 🇺🇸 Time Saver

    I highly recommend this product! We’ve had so much mud lately that I stopped letting our girl into the backyard. What normally would take 30 minutes to get her paws clean only took 10! Normally we clean up with a bucket, scrub brush, and towels. Mud and water everywhere. My girl sat patiently doing a double rinse of each paw. Minimal mud left in between pads.

  50. stacey

    size down

    I bought the larger version based on what was recommended per my pup’s size. It’s too big to hold well. It does do it’s job efficiently but I wished I had bought a size smaller so I could hold it better. Instead, I have to set it on the ground and then put my pup’s paw in it.

  51. beth

    These work great

    I love these! We live in a rural area with a lot of clay in the soils. Winters are wet and snowy and my heeler can’t sit still very long so I have to clean his feet before he comes in, (he’s a spoiled house doggie). I tried a lot of different ways, but these are gentle and he doesn’t mind, plus we put warm water in them. We bought two, a rougher and a finisher!

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  52. DiyDad

    Do it for you pooch and your furniture

    We use this every day and our house smells so much better because of it. The cheetos smell from bacteria outside just festering on his pay is no longer a problem. He also enjoys it.

  53. Nancy

    Works great however…

    It took some training to get my standard poodle to lift his paws and not be afraid of it. I used his favorite boiled chicken but now he wants to wash his paws even when not needed.

  54. Kacie Church

    Works better than I thought

    I got this because my three dogs kept bring copious amounts of mud in my house when the ground gets wet. I have a great pyranees and two 50 something pound mutts and worked great for all. Gets all the mud from the claws and the toe beans.

  55. Katie

    Easy and effective

    This works so well for cleaning muddy dog paws. We had several weeks of rain and an energetic dog, were so tired of mud in the house. Once I bought this it just takes a few minutes of effort (plus a towel to dry) and her paws are so clean!

  56. RG

    Works so well!

    My dog loves to do zoomies around the backyard and in the spring it gets pretty muddy. A couple swooshes and his paws are clean, just dry them off with a towel and you’re done. So much better than trying to get all of those clumps of mud from around his nails with a towel and my house is cleaner because of it!

    One person found this helpful

  57. Paige Poovey

    Really nice for bigger dogs

    I bought it for my 17lb schnoodle and it wasn’t that useful. I was going to return it but then decided to give it to my boyfriend who has a German Shephard puppy that’s always muddy. Him and her both love it!

  58. Kern L. Nickerson

    Jealous of my dog

    What a great product. It is simple, effective and my dog tolerates it just fine. At this point we have only used it in the winter to rinse off salt and snow chunks. I hope it works as well this muddy spring. Kind of wish they made one in my size.

  59. sam goss

    in love w this

    my household has four dogs and our yard is very muddy right now so our floors were always covered in mud. i was mopping at least 5 times a day, but now that we have this life is so much better. it took our dogs a little getting used to, because it is a weird thing but it takes the mud off their paws so much better than just with a towel

    One person found this helpful

  60. Pat K Illinois

    great product

    this works great we have 2 dogs , one is 65 lbs and one is 90 lbs, i ordered the Medium as i read the reviews and most people said the large was too tall. and the dogs knocked it over. they were right the med is perfect and works great, i think the dogs kind of liked it also. I would recommend the large for tall dogs like Danes

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