Diapers Size 5, 128 Count – Pampers Pull On Cruisers 360° Fit Disposable Baby Diapers with Stretchy Waistband, Packaging & Prints May Vary Baby

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About this item Please confirm the size before purchasing. Inapproriate size may lead to leakage issue or can cause rashes” Easy to pull on the most wiggly babies, even for a standing change Easy disposal—simply RIP the Easy-Tear Sides, ROLL the diaper and secure with attached disposal tape Hypoallergenic—free of elemental chlorine bleaching, parabens and latex* (*natural rubber) Locks wetness away for dry, healthy skin with LockAway Channels

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Are all of the ingredients in Pampers safe for babies?

  1. Pampers diapers, wipes, and training pants are made from ingredients that are carefully tested and proven to be safe. The ingredients we use are common in most diapers and wipes and are used safely by millions of babies around the world every day.

How many diapers should I change a day?

  1. In the first couple of months, you might find yourself changing diapers up to 10 times in 24 hours. Diapers should be changed whenever they are wet or soiled. Your baby will often (but not always) let you know.

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Size 3 (136 Count), Size 3 (168 Count), Size 4 (116 Count), Size 4 (144 Count), Size 5 (19 Count), Size 5 (128 Count), Size 6 (80 Count), Size 6 (104 Count), Size 7 (88 Count)

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18.88 x 11.56 x 12.44 inches; 9.08 Pounds

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February 26, 2021

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#7 in Disposable Diapers

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12,404 ratings

60 reviews for Diapers Size 5, 128 Count – Pampers Pull On Cruisers 360° Fit Disposable Baby Diapers with Stretchy Waistband, Packaging & Prints May Vary Baby

  1. Kendra Morrison

    Pull-ups are the way to go!

    These diapers fit amazing on chubby legs and have a lot of flexibility and movement so they never leave red marks on my daughter. I switched to pull ups around 6 months of age and never looked back. I love pampers overall because of their reward program and effectiveness. I never get leaks or have any issues with allergies like I did when using the other major brand.

  2. Jeremy

    Easy to get on and off

    So much easier to get on and off and i love the easy tear material and the built in sticky tape to close it up with.They definitely absorb way more than regular diapers and they dont leak.

  3. Amazon Customer

    These are basically pull ups!

    My own fault for not noticing but these are basically pull ups. They do not have the typically Velcro fasteners on the sides – therefore you have to remove the pants all together to get them on.

  4. Matt smith

    Pull ons are a god send!

    These are the best diapers we found for our active little one. Very convenient to click and have them at your door the next day!

  5. Tatiana Racheva

    I wish they came unscented

    Other than the scent, I have no complaints. We’re trying a little bit of elimination communication with our 8-month old, and having these pull-ups in size 3 has been working pretty well for the past month or so. I’m getting a second box, but only because I can’t find anything else suitable. There’s basically this or nothing.

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  6. FairAndTrue

    Best Ever! Wish I had them twenty years ago!

    Love these diapers. My grandson, like most kids, didn’t like to get his diaper changed. We found these and have never gone back to the normal diapers. They are great. Other reviews mentioned the tape on the back as a flaw in production but THAT is NOT a flaw! It is a smart innovation. Take the diaper off, roll it, and use the tape to seal it. Voila! Closed diaper no mess.

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  7. M A.

    GREAT DIAPERS but costly

    These are the best diapers but man costly

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  8. April McNitt

    BEST Diapers for active babies

    I started buying these diapers because the adhesive in regular diapers were causing skin irritation to my baby’s hips. Turns out it’s the best all the way around. My toddler isn’t quite ready for potty training yet but she’s getting there and it’s so much easier to get her to get changed now. I tried training pants but they aren’t meant to hold pee as well as diapers obviously because toilet training toddlers shouldn’t feel comfortable wet as it defeats the purpose. This is the perfect in-between stage.

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  9. Vivi

    Very Good

    Always Pampers!

  10. ADonovan

    These are the best

    no leakage. Wetness stays away from the baby’s skin. great absorbency

  11. SD Chicken

    Great for active littles!

    As a parent of a 4-year-old boy at the tail end of potty training, I have been using Pampers Cruisers Size 7 with 360 fit design for some time now and I am extremely satisfied with the product. The 360 fit design is a game changer! It allows for a snug and comfortable fit around the waist and legs, preventing leaks and blowouts.The absorbent core is great, it keeps my son dry throughout the night and the soft materials make sure that he is comfortable. The Wetness Indicator is also a great feature, it changes color when it’s time for a diaper change, which is very helpful during the night.The design is also very convenient, the tabs are easy to use and adjust, and they stay in place, which is great because my son is very active and likes to move around. The diapers don’t bunch up or sag, they stay in place and provide a secure fit.Lastly, they are easy to find online through Subscribe & Save and the price is reasonable compared to other brands.Overall, I highly recommend Pampers Cruisers Size 7 with 360 fit design to any parent with an active child. They provide a secure fit, absorb well, and are comfortable for the child. They have been a lifesaver for our family and we will continue to use them.

  12. Catrina Smith

    Skinny Kid Who Never Stops Moving?

    My child is thin and always has been. Never had the chunky baby phase. They run and move and jump and bend all of the time. These diapers are a life saver. The elastic means they do not get bunched up. They are also much more difficult for the child to remove themselves. This was an issue with regular tab diapers. I recommend these to everyone with a toddler.

  13. Karlie Ivy

    Best pull-up ever!!!

    These are by far the best pull-up diaper we have found for our toddler. We have also loved Pampers and when it was time to transition to a pull-up we tried so many other brands to find the right fit. These are a little more difficult to find in stores but they are our #1 go to!

  14. Kassidy

    Good diapers for 1 year old

    I’m somewhat of a diapering master lol but anyway, i can take a diaper off and slip this on in less than 10 seconds on my son. Makes life easy but awful for going out. Gotta take everything off pants, under leggings if it’s cold, and shoes. All while wrangling a crocodile rolling around and screeching in the chilis bathroom.He leaks through at night though. We have to use rascal and friends at night and these during the day.

  15. Garied

    Love for potty training

    Love these diapers for a potty training 20 month old. He usually loves to take off normal diapers with the velcro tabs.

  16. Lucero j.

    Love it and more easy

    Trying to change the diaper is been challenging but now is easy

  17. JJ

    Do you have a diaper change-fighter?

    Does your baby roll, squirm, and try to crawl or wriggle away when you try to change him or her? Have you tried giving baby your keys, phone, TV remote, lotion bottle, or absolutely anything else she shouldn’t have just to try to distract her during a change?Can you tell I’ve been there??I used to dread changing our little one’s diaper. She saw it either as a chance to play a game and be all silly, rolling away and laughing, or she protested being laid down at all. There’s only so many songs, finger plays, forbidden objects within reach, etc that you can do or grab while getting through a diaper change and at a certain point they all just quit working.Enter the best baby product ever: Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit diapers. Diaper changes are SO EASY now!Here’s how to make a change fast and easy for your little one:Have your kiddo stand in front of you and together put the new diaper on. The old one is still on at this time. Pull the new diaper up to just about your baby/toddler’s knees. Then, undo the edges of the old diaper, pull it out from between kiddo’s legs, and pull the new one right up. Voila! It takes less than 10 seconds. Super, duper easy!!My girl doesn’t fight diaper changes anymore. In fact, she was running around last night playing a mini game and bringing me diapers one by one and asking me to put them on her, stacking them on top of each other. Toddlers🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Because these diapers can also pull off and not just be removed by breaking the edges, we didn’t waste any diapers and my daughter had a grand old time.These diapers are not just super convenient, they’re also super absorbent. We have never had a leak with these. We even replaced our overnight diapers and just use these now. Our daughter used to nurse all night long so her diaper was pretty full in the morning, and she never once had a leak… unlike that other brand with cool prints that seemed to leak Every. Single. Night. “Hello” diaper brand over there. You know which one I mean!Another plus for these is the soft leg openings. Sometimes on the tab diapers, the tab section is a little rough and can rub against the thighs of a baby who is crawling or running around. This does not happen with the Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit!I highly recommend you give these a try. If you have an alligator baby who wants to roll away for fun, if you have a baby who is just really not into diaper changes right now and thinks they’re the worst thing in the world, even if you have a baby who is easy to change their diaper but who has sensitive skin and you want something you know is soft and gentle… these are for you. They are absorbent, comfy, and a lifesaver for changes.Oh, I almost forgot to mention! Once I quit trying to make my daughter lie down for every change, she willingly lies down for “dirty” diaper changes now. Often all I need to do is tell her we need to change her p**py diaper and she goes to her changing mat and lies down herself!These diapers have made a world of difference. I tell all my mommy friends about them and have even shared some of our own diapers with people, knowing if they tried them then they would be hooked.Highly, highly recommend!

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  18. Christie Riley

    Ever wrestle with a toddler??

    If your toddler likes to wrestle you like an angry wet alligator when changing its diaper… use these. They pull on like pull-ups. No more strong arming my one year old. Problem solved.

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  19. Amazon Customer


    We love them she don’t leak at night

  20. Cynthia

    Best diapers around!

    I have tried several different brands and types of diapers and I truly believe that pampers 360 are the best! I very seldom have leakage issues and they appear to be soft and gentle on my babies skin! The size recommendations seem to be accurate as well.

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  21. Felicia

    No Leaks and Easy Off

    My lil one acts like a wrestler when I am trying to change him. These work great and easy on and off. Highly recommend.

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  22. HawkGirl4Life

    These Have Been Great!

    These are some of the best diapers we’ve had for our 2 year old. He’s not ready for potty training yet, but hoping that these will get him more prepared for it. The absorbency is great during the day – but not for nighttime… but otherwise, I have no complaints. The are nice and flexible too!

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  23. Antony

    Good when compared to other equal products

    My kids are very used to it and they feel uncomfortable if there is a product change. The only problem with the pant design diapers are they are costly when compared to sticky type and not all the brands are making this kind of pant diapers. Its easy to put on and just tear it to remove. But the price in amazon is much more better.

  24. E. Morgan

    I am a Pampers Mom!

    I have tried every brand of diapers, and I cannot rave enough about how much I love Pampers! They are great absorbency, and fit my tall and lean baby/toddler great. My son is 34 inches tall and 23 pounds, and these will fit him for a while. We switched to 360 fit once he figured out how to undo the tape on his regular diapers. I only have two critiques, which is that the Pampers Cruisers have a faint soapy fragrance compared to the Swaddlers and Pure lines, and that Pampers is sooo expensive compared to store brands.

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  25. Andrea

    No more marks on baby’s legs!

    I switched to these diapers because the huggies brand diapers I was using started leaving little marks/sores on my child’s upper thigh once he started really moving around and crawling. These solved that problem because there’s no tabs. Haven’t had them leak or anything, been using for a few months.

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  26. nicholas keeny

    Good for day, but definitely can’t use overnight

    I love the pampers cruisers 360 for during the day because my 18 month old was taking off his diapers with the velcro tabs. We use them at night too because we used to find him with no diaper on in the morning when we’d get him out of bed. However, these diapers typically do not last the night. If I don’t change him in the middle of the night, it’s almost guaranteed that I will find him with wet pajamas and wet sheets in the morning. I’m having trouble finding slide on nighttime diapers, so I’m stuck using these until he can wear pull ups or until he’s potty trained.

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  27. Nicolas Drury


    We love these diapers! We used these for potty training and even before potty training. They’re really great for babies who don’t like to sit still very long for diaper changes, you can tear them open on the sides when you have bigger messes, I really like the piece of tape on the back that holds the diaper together in a ball when you’re done with it, & we’ve had no leaks out of the diapers.

  28. CeCe Tyshay


    I switched to these because my daughter figured out how to take off the taped diapers. Needless to say, these diapers solved that problem so that’s the best part. Also, no leaks and fits well.Overall, I still like the Swaddler Pampers better because I feel they last longer and hold smell better but I’ll keep using these because I don’t want the baby running around without a diaper. I think she slept longer at night with the Swaddlers too.Though, I never have a problem with rubbing and chaffing with Pampers, that was more of a Huggies problem but if your baby does have a problem with rubbing and chaffing, I would recommend these for that too.

  29. Alexandra

    Good for a Rolly Poly Baby

    My baby rolls a lot, so traditional diapers became hard to put on my baby. These diapers made changing a breeze.

  30. Nuvia Harris

    Best pampers

    I love these pampers, they have been our favorite since our boy was 6 months. I like the fact that he’s unable to take off the pamper as he can’t undo the tape since it doesn’t have any. I always get these and want more people to know about them they are hands down the best

  31. Jeanette Brown

    Fit perfectly with ease of use

    Fit perfectly durable and absorbent. My 2 yo can go potty with ease

  32. David Franklin

    Best diapers!!

    These are the best diapers for toddlers. My kiddo doesn’t want to stop playing for a diaper change, so I just rip off the old one and have her step into a new one. The roll-up tape helps them stay compact to be thrown away.They’re also SUPER absorbent. My daughter sleeps through the night no problem.

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  33. Eva

    Stays put but…

    Pros – stays put for wiggly active babies, easy to put on and take offCons – it’s smaller than the other size pampers size 6 (pure)It’s absorbency is okay but not as great as the pure or swaddlers so if you have a baby that pees and poos a lot, you’re going through a lot more changes

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  34. Amaterasu0

    Good product, price a little too high

    The product itself is 5 stars, my babies love these diapers and will not be happy in anything else. The product itself came in perfect shape and was exactly as expected. I considered trying the subscription service for these but I just can not justify spending the extra $$ even for the convenience. Even at a discount rate in bulk and for the subscription service the diapers are still higher than at any of my local grocery stores. Would be well worth it at $10 or even $5 less. I can get these diapers at 38cents – 40cents per unit at the grocery store…. at the normal price that I paid for these diapers they were around 50cents per unit, the difference really adds up at say an extra 10cents per unit X >3000 units per year….

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  35. Evita T.

    Best diapers for squirmy toddlers

    I have tried so many different kinds of pull ups and these are the best. If you have a kid that doesn’t want to lay on their back to get changed, these make the changes so much easier since you can change them while they are standing up. Except when there’s poop involved, obviously…

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  36. stephen Snyder

    Have finally made diaper more comfortable

    My wild toddler gets bloated after eating and his little pot belly can be comfy no matter how his body moves or grows.

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  37. Abbigail Pruitt

    they were great

    the were great

  38. Tina M. Riley


    They are nice

  39. delreka humphries

    Love these!

    I love these diapers! My son is big for his age and these are perfect for him. Recently started potty training and these are easy for him to pull up and down. Hopefully after my next purchase I’ll officially be done buying diapers.

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  40. Jan Koch

    Love the rip away sides for changing.

    Difficult to get on an uncooperative child but they seem to be a quality product and I love the rip away sides

  41. Blaze

    Good product

    Only complaint I could make would be that the tape on the back doesn’t stay well, and 9 times out of 10 ends up coming loose and being ripped off before changing. Other than that, great diaper and worst as advertised

  42. Keara Nycole

    Great diapers

    Great box. Only place I can get these diapers with the amount

  43. Lily Wang

    good to use

    Have been using this brand for a very long time, it was so soft with nice quality, Would buy more in the future.

  44. Bethany

    The best for our daughter

    It’s very absorbent, fits comfortably, and isn’t scratchy. It is the best fitting diaper we have ever found. It is the one diaper that won’t leave rub marks on her skin too. No matter ehat size or brand, the others would make rub marks. These have made such a positive difference that I am willing to spend more to order them from offline than purchase any other diaper available from our store down the street.

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  45. KIERRA

    Great for Potty Training

    I have been using these on my two year old daughter and 9month old son. They are sooooo easy to slip on a busy bee baby! They are also great for potty training toddlers. Because they are sooo stretchy my toddler can use the potty with ease compared to traditional pull-ups. The absorbency is comparable to a typical pampers diaper. Plus the tab on the back to secure the diaper closed when needed is 🤌🏾

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  46. Elvira

    The best diapers so far

    The best diapers for age 6+ mths. I can’t put any other regular diaper on my son. He starts to move in 3D. Best for travels and chanching on-the-go.

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  47. Michele G

    Good quality diapers

    I like that they are easy to put on. Only issue is that they rip too easily. My child has ripped a few.

  48. Linda K Harvill

    Perfect fit and love the pull on style.

    Not potty training yet but the pull on feature is great. The absorption is perfect. Will purchase again.

  49. Tina

    I like it!

    Since I use this pampers, never had a leaking problems. My son enjoy wearing it because he can roll all over the place easily.

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  50. Eric Waters

    Easy to use

    My wife and I tried these diapers for our 18 month old to start potty training. They are super easy to use and our daughter can slide them up and down Herself

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  51. Jianting cai

    Good product.

    perfectly worked.

  52. Andy alvarez

    Amazing product for babies


  53. April Queen

    Pampers is the brand I chose for my baby!

    After tried Pampers, I never buy other bands of diapers. and this pull on 360 is my choice for getting my baby ready for potty training.

  54. Amazon Customer


    I love the dot , o just wish if it was a little bit wider around baby’s bottom. I use it at home since we change right away, but it won’t work out, night or for long time, it leaks. I took my daughter to store for like one hour and it leaked. Also the tape won’t close If the diaper was soiled.The idea is great , soft, comfortable for me and my daughter.

  55. Laura M.

    Great for older kids who won’t hold still for diapers with tabs

    I use these instead of pull ups. My LO wiggles way too much so diapers with tabs are a pain. These ones are great

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  56. Kindle Customer

    Easy to put on

    I love that I can just pull these right onto my little alligator. The absorbency is good too. But I often find my kid smelling like urine within an hour or wearing these. This doesn’t happen with the normal Pampers diapers.

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  57. Mishelle Slivka


    If you’re on the fence about these, just know that these are the best things ever made. I was struggling so bad to find a diaper that would fit for my son. he is long and slender but has very chunky legs and no matter what different types of fits and sizes we would try I could not stop the diapers from digging in and cutting his thighs. These are essentially pull-ups, they are so stretchy so comfy and they look thinner in the traditional diaper but are actually quite absorbent my son has slept through the night since he was 10 months old and has never leaked through with these diapers. I can’t stress this enough they are just amazing . Lifesaver

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  58. Powell

    Love Pampers!!

    I love Pampers! They are super absorbent, while keeping our baby comfortable. He hates to stay still during diaper changes with the side attachments, so these are great to pull on.

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  59. jg in CT

    A great training tool

    I do like the pull ups, but the stretchy side panels sometime leak. I like the cruisers with tabs , especially at baby’s bedtime


    Awesome Diapers

    It fits all my grandson needs. This is the Diapers we use for him all the time.

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