Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter – Ultra – 99.9% Dust-Free, Low Tracking, Hard Clumping, Superior Odor Control, Unscented & Natural Ingredients Pet Litter : Pet Supplies

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About this item PREMIUM QUALITY: A combination of premium texture and granule size made with 100% bentonite clay for maximum clumping creates litter particles that are just the right size. LOW DUST: Ideal for cats and owners who suffer from allergies with a 99.9% dust-free and hypoallergenic litter formulation. HARD CLUMPING: Hard clumping medium grain clay helps prevent moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray and forms hard clumps that won’t break down, making it easier to scoop. SUPERIOR ODOR CONTROL: Formulated for single or multi-cat households with natural ingredients to keep your home smelling clean and fresh between litter box cleanings. LOW TRACKING: A unique formulation of medium grain clay helps keep litter in the box where it belongs.

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A combination of premium texture and granule size made with 100% bentonite clay for maximum clumping creates litter particles that are just the right size.


Ideal for cats and owners who suffer from allergies with a 99.9% dust-free and hypoallergenic litter formulation.


Hard clumping medium grain clay helps prevent moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray and forms hard clumps that won’t break down, making it easier to scoop.

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A unique formulation of medium grain clay helps keep litter in the box where it belongs.


Formulated for single or multi-cat households with the strength to prolong litter box freshness.


Natural ingredients keep your home smelling clean and fresh in between litter box cleanings.

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 20 x 14 x 4 inches; 40 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 460U

Department ‏ : ‎ Litter & Accessories

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ November 1, 2005

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Precious Cat

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0009X29WK

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews: 69,395 ratings

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18 lb, 40 lb

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

20 x 14 x 4 inches; 40 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Department ‏ : ‎

Litter & Accessories

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

November 1, 2005

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Precious Cat

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews:

69,395 ratings

60 reviews for Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter – Ultra – 99.9% Dust-Free, Low Tracking, Hard Clumping, Superior Odor Control, Unscented & Natural Ingredients Pet Litter : Pet Supplies

  1. Lois Brenner

    As effective as other litters twice the price! We like Dr Elsey’s!

    Have used this litter for years off and on. You know, something new comes along and works well so you just keep on using it though the price climbs like everything else.This litter is excellent and especially well priced for multiple cat homes. Try it, you’ll like it. We do and aren’t going back to the high price litter no different from Dr. Elsey’s.


    Best on the market for me.

    It absorbs very good. The other cat litters I used made me cough when I used it . I thought it was my cat making me cough. Then I found out it was the litter. With this litter I don’t have any of the old issues. Now Amazon please don’t stop carrying it.

  3. AA

    Happy Cats

    My cats love this stuff. It lasts long and I don’t have to constantly refill the litter every day. Recently, I got another brand of litter because I ran out and one of my cats refused to use the litter box. I now subscribe once a month. Highly recommend. Well priced and consistent. My only complaint would be that they don’t put the litter in an easy cardboard box. The plastic bag is kind of annoying and not earth friendly.

  4. Paul L

    Dust Free

    There is very little or any at all dust. Hardens real good and there is no scent. We have had cats for over 20 yrs and have tried multiple brand that claim they are 99% dust free and find they are not. THIS ONE IS PRETTY CLOSE. Maybe it is 1005 that is how good it is.

  5. Ali

    Minimal dust and My Cat can breathe again! Thank you Precious Cat.

    I really like this litter. You will need to clean the box often because of the large solid clumps that are formed but it make them easier to remove.After trying all kinds of litters, I was skeptical this would be more than another expensive experiment. My cat has breathing difficulties and allergies. It is so sad when she is trying to sleep but can’t breathe. And dusty litter can really be rough on her!So we really wanted to phase out the Johnny Cat litter which is really dusty and tends to stink. We had been doing a mixture of Cats Pride Light and Fresh Scoopable (which works pretty well) and the Johnny Cat. It was too expensive to go straight Cat’s Pride and still have to throw away the litter every week because of smell. The Cats Pride clumps also tend to break up when scooping them.For clarification, I typically clean her litter box (giant sized enclosed pan for one cat) every day. And then do a full clean and replace of the box once a week.The Precious Cat litter box arrived timely and the bag inside was fully intact…although the shipping box had taken a bit of a beating.After a full clean of the box, and using Johnny Cat litter pan bags, I filled her box with 1/3 of Cat Pride Scoopable (what she was used to), 1/3 of the Precious Cat, and 1.3 of Johnny Cat (also what she was used to). Experts say to make any changes over a couple weeks to keep them from not using the box.I poured in the Precious Cat and was pleasantly surprised that it was very light dust. There was no overwhelming perfume or smell either. I noticed right away that the clumping feature was pretty good. And if a spot was not clumped (too fresh or hadn’t gotten into the Precious Cat layer), I just scooped some over it and it almost immediately made a good strong clump for removal. The box also didn’t smell as bad as usual.The next week, I did a full clean and replace this time using only the Precious Cat. My cat had taken to it without issue so I wasn’t worried about her not using the box if it was different litter. I filled it a solid 3″ per the instructions and used a liner bag. I found it to be a very easy week. Each day I just scoop the clumps out pretty easily. There is very minimal dust. My cat likes to pee in the corners where the bag overlaps and typically it was harder to clean. But with Precious Cat, I just scoop the litter over it a few times and it clumps right up immediately. I LOVE that the clumps don’t fall apart and break into a bunch of gross little pieces that you can’t get out like with some other clumping litters.I did not have to do a full clean and replace of the litter either. I had to refill it a little because of all the clumps I had removed at the week mark, but I did not have to start over which helps the litter last longer. It also does a pretty good job of keeping the smells down (probably because you really are removing the bulk of the odor causing material). I just sprinkle a little baking soda on the top each day after I clean it and it keeps working like a champ.So, yes, you will need to clean the box often. Those big solid clumps are going to get in the kitty’s way if you let them stack up. But it is actually a lot easier and quicker to clean because the clumps are big and solid. Also, I find that it is a bit expensive, but if I don’t have to replace the full box every week, it should average out to just about the same as the cheaper litter I was using but tossing every single week. The bags are heavy (40 lbs) and not as easy to manage as the lighter Cats Pride plastic handled container styles but they also generate substantially less waste. I feel bad throwing so many of those plastic containers away (even in the recycle).Other reviewers indicated that it could make a concrete mess on the box if you didn’t have a deep enough layer. I didn’t have this problem (even when the layer had gotten lower during the week) but I use Johnny Cat litter pan bags. I don’t like the extra waste from them either but they just make this process SOOOOO much better, that it is worth it.It does track a bit but no worse than the Cat’s Pride or even the Johnny Cat. I have a rug and then vacuum (Shark Rotator) the 10×10 area around it each time I clean the box. Takes a couple minutes.I have just bought another bag and figure I will get 4 weeks out of (1) 40 lb bag. I think this is going to be my new litter for the foreseeable future!

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  6. Mary J. Basham

    Better than Pretty Litter

    I am really bad at cleaning out the litter box. I hate it. I really went waaaay too long. When I finally cleaned it, there wasn’t a bad smell. It smelled, but not knock you over bad. Did the same thing with Pretty Litter and it stunk so bad we had to air out the room.I will definitely buy this kitty litter again and cannot recommend it enough!!

  7. ginnylmom

    A great cat litter

    This cat litter clumps, and takes care of my cats need to jump in the litter box. It clumps well, it restraints the odors well. As described. I will order it again.

  8. Notinks

    Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter – Ultra – 99.9% Dust-Free, Low Tracking

    I have been using this litter for years. Switched to it after my cat was diagnosed with asthma. I do use an odor eliminating powder with it. I have been very happy with it.

  9. Sherri T.

    You have cats???

    Living in the country and being a total sucker, I have more than a few cats. They find me. Even living 40 miles out in the country, further than anyone will drive to dump animals, they still find me. Seriously. I wake up in bed with cats I don’t know. I come home to find cats I don’t know partying in the living room, napping on my bed and helping themselves to chow in the kitchen. Last year a feral had kittens under my kitchen sink. Three cats I had just met, in my house, had litters of kittens in bed next to me while I was sleeping.So I’m not kidding when I tell you I need good litter.None of my cats have had any of the cement clumps some people talked about. I guess that could eventually happen if the boxes aren’t cleaned out in a timely manner. I’m not willing to check that out though.I put this litter in what I call “The Popular Box”, the one they all seem to prefer. I used my regular litter in the back room with the other boxes that get a lot less use. Just for giggles, I skipped a day of cleaning the box with THIS litter, but did clean the ones with the other litter.Even though the box with Dr Elsey’s litter missed a day of cleaning, even though that box get about 3 times as much use as the other boxes, it didn’t smell. At all. The others did.What dust? Very minimal. I especially noticed the difference when I added old litter in the back boxes. There is almost no dust with this stuff.And the clumping? WOW! You could hurt someone with those clumps! Seriously! If you find a stranger in your house, just grab one of these to throw. They’ll be in some serious pain!I barely noticed any odor when I was cleaning out the “Popular Box”. The far less used boxes with the old litter seemed overwhelming after using Dr Elsey’s.One thing to note is that although this is a forty pound bag of litter, the bag it comes in is not much bigger that the 20 lb bags I usually buy. This stuff is HEAVY! I had to drag the litter over to the box and scoop it out with a cup!I also noticed that there is a lot less tracking of litter. I wasn’t expecting that.Needless to say, I’m beyond pleased with this litter. It’s a little more expensive, more so for me because I have so many “Guest Boxes”, but I’m definitely not going back to that other stuff.Now, if they could make a litter that will scatter itself over the poo when my cats can’t be bothered. Is it so much to ask at least that much after everything I do for them???I guess they want to make sure I don’t forget who’s really the boss around here.

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  10. Angela

    Not alone

    I would never ever use just this alone. The dust is disturbingly awful. I mix this with oko soft and it is the perfect mix. I never have to dump any boxes. I have 8 cats and never smell a thing. I scoop every day and just add more. It does, however, track but you can’t have everything. There is always sacrifice in everything so that is mine.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    It’s the best that I found so far, but it’s not amazing

    The reason I got this product was because it is very popular in the cat owner community. It is advertised as being all natural with no carcinogenic chemicals.Pros:- absorbs very well. It turns the pee into balls that are easy to scoop. If you always have enough, it won’t reach the bottom.- blocks bad odor without giving off its own chemical smell- a healthier choice for your cat and yourselfCons:- it still gets dusty. Although you can’t smell it, you can definitely see the clouds of dust when over the litter, just after cleaning.- despite I also have a good matt, the sand still scatters across the house.Conclusion:I will use this for now, until I find a better alternative.

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  12. “Heather”

    Reliable Kitty Litter

    I’ve been using this kind of litter for about two years. I started out with a more expensive litter, but found it very dusty and messy. I did my research and found that many cat owners liked Dr. Elsey’s litter. I gave it a try, and I liked the results. There are probably better litters out there in terms of weight, texture, and environmental friendliness, but for price, odor control, and clumping this is about as good as it gets. Not all cats are alike and it might be a bad choice for you and/or your feline companions. For me and my cat, it’s easily five stars, with the occasional “off” bag being a little lower quality.Other pertinent info: I only have one neutered male short-haired cat, so those with unaltered males, females, long-haired, or multiple cats might have different experiences. I use an Arm and Hammer sifting litter box, plus a Durascoop aluminum litter scoop to remove waste from the sifter and anything the sifter misses. Probably overkill, but it just makes things easier. Also, although this litter is very good at stopping odor, I tend to add some Arm and Hammer litter deodorizer just in case. It also helps prevent any clumps sticking to the litter pan if my cat happens to dig too deep or I don’t notice the litter’s gotten a little too shallow.Here’s my rundown of how this litter performs, based on a couple years of regular use:This is a heavy litter, so if you have mobility issues or can’t lift much weight, you might prefer other options.For my litter box, a 40-lb bag is enough to fill the litter box about 1.75 times. Some boxes are deeper or overall bigger than mine, so plan on purchasing a bag every 1.5 litter box changes per litter box in your household.This stuff forms solid clumps and you don’t normally smell it except right after the cat’s been to the box. The bag will say to change the litter and scrub the box once a month, but it’s best to change the litter and scrub the box at least every 2-3 weeks. After around 3 weeks the area around the litter box may begin to noticeably smell.The litter forms solid, heavy clumps that usually don’t break and are easy to scoop. If your litter is too shallow in the box or if your cat tends to urinate right next to the sides, the clumps won’t form properly and you’ll end up with a nasty soggy mess that sticks firmly to your litter box. Because of how hard and heavy the clumps are, they tend to sink to the bottom over time, especially if your cat has a large volume of urine. If the clumps hit the bottom of your litter box before they fully form, then they stick there and the moisture where they touch the pan doesn’t get absorbed by the litter. Therefore, if the litter level is too low, top it up to avoid a difficult-to-clean mess. Also, I try to scoop twice a day and level off/smooth the litter with the scoop so it will last longer and I’ll be less likely to find clumps cemented to the box.Because of how this litter works, you’ll want to avoid buying it if your cat needs or prefers especially shallow litter, if your cat urinates in the corners or against the sides of the box, or if your cat tends to aggressively dig in the litter, making it more likely to urinate too close to the pan for the litter to form clumps.I have no answer to those reviewers who’ve found this litter cemented to their cats’ paws. The cat’s paws would have to be wet for this to occur, either from water in the surrounding area or their own urine. I’ve never seen this issue with my cat, even though he loves playing in the sinks and leaves wet pawprints everywhere.As for the dust level, compared to the other bigger-name litter I tried initially, it’s usually much less dusty. Sometimes I receive an extra-dusty bag, but it usually lives up to its low-dust promise.Consistency-wise, this litter tends to be medium-grain, but it’s literally a mixed bag. Usually, there’s sandy, fine-textured litter as well as coarser bits, some of which might look more like gravel. It does track a little, especially right after the cat leaves the box, but it usually isn’t too bad.I sometimes get a bag with litter that looks more tan than grey/off-white. That suggests it’s been in a damp environment for a while, and a bag that looks tan will not be as good at odor control or clumping as a grey/off-white bag. It will still work, but needs changing sooner. This is probably more of an issue with storage/shipping than with the litter itself, but it does bear mentioning.

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  13. Chocobot Ranger One

    Best Fragrance free and Dust free Alternative to Fresh Step

    For many years, I used Fresh Step Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter exclusively. In terms of odor control and clumping (the clumps are hard and do not break up), Fresh Step is the gold standard. However….Two new kitties entered my life last fall, and one of them has breathing issues. The dust and/or fragrance associated with Fresh Step was just too much for him and caused him to sneeze, cough, and ultimately to need an inhaler. I did not need to be told to switch litters. The problem was, which one? The solution? I have 5 cats and four huge litter boxes (Petmate Giant Litter Pan), so I bought four types of clumping litter and test drove each simultaneously. I am lucky enough to have an empty tiled office in the basement that serves as the litter box room, so all four boxes were available to all the cats in one place, each with a different type of clumping litter (all unscented). The test lasted 5 months. The points of judgment were, in descending order of importance: dust, odor control, clumping ability, weight, and, to a much lesser extent, tracking. None of the litters I tried were so awful that I tossed them, but I did settle on two winners, each of which continues to occupy two boxes. Here’s what I used:The Losers:Swheat Scoop Multi Cat Natural Wheat Cat Litter:Someone from another review said that it worked fine but smelled like vomit. I think it smells a bit more like stinky cheese, but either way, eww. I do not think it worked well. It controls odors okay, but has one of its own that’s unpleasant and even more unpleasant when mixed with cat poo. And while the litter clumps well, the clumps don’t hold up when they are jostled about by the cats or hit by the scoop. The cats did not seem to like this litter, as it was almost exclusively a “pee only” box. Swheat Scoop is a little dusty, but not too bad. It tracks a LOT. BONUS: This litter is very light.World’s Best Cat Litter, Multiple Cat Clumping Formula:It is certainly not the best, and for my little experiment, was actually the worst performing. Moderate odor control, decent initial clumping, but the clumps were tenuous at best, falling apart easily into bits too small to be caught by the scoop. It smells really good coming out of the bag – a nice natural grainy smell, but the cats did not seem to like this litter, as it was a “pee only” box. Dust is minimal and tracking is moderate. Added plus, this litter is light. Not super light, but certainly far from clay heavy.The Winners:Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter:This litter is made from crushed walnut shells. Its clumping ability is okay, but the clumps fall apart too easily. However, the cats love this litter. It comes out of the bag smelling wonderful – almost coffeeish. It has an odd sort of odor control. It doesn’t really mask anything, but the natural smell of the litter seems to nullify both pee and poo smells. This litter is moderately dusty and tracks a lot, and since it’s dark brown, it’s sort of gross looking. In truth, this would have been a total loser if the cats didn’t take to it so well. I don’t know why, but they love the walnut litter the best. This litter is very light and easy to scoop.Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter:This would have been the only winner if the cats weren’t so crazy about the walnuts. This litter clumps like crazy and stays clumped. Someone in another review claimed the urine went through the litter and created a sort of uni-clump on the bottom of the box. My experience is this would happen only if (a) a very shallow amount of litter was used, or (b) the box was not scooped frequently enough. My litter boxes, which I scoop daily, are HUGE, filled at least 5″ deep, and there are four of them and five cats. I never found what (s)he described. I did notice that the clumps in this litter are a little sticky and are round rather than cookie shaped, like with Fresh Step, which I believe is due to Precious Cat having larger particles and being pretty much dust free. If a clump sticks to the sides or bottom of the box, it can cling pretty tightly, but comes up with not much effort. If I let the boxes go for three or more days, however, I can certainly see how I would have problems cleaning them properly due to the weight of the clumps and their stickiness. This litter tracks lightly. The Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping is as close to Fresh Step as I got while remaining fragrance- and dust-free. Big downer: extremely heavy, perhaps even heavier than Fresh Step. But as long as Amazon offers to ship it free, I’ll buy.Bottom line:If I had to select just one litter, it would probably be Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping, at least for now. True, it’s extremely heavy, but the dust problem is solved. In the rest of my house I am STILL cleaning up many years of Fresh Step dust (I can tell by the smell of that awful “fresh scent” that used to seem pleasant but that I now associate with cat poo). My one cat’s breathing problems are receding and he no longer needs his inhaler. The two brands of litter my cats seemed to dislike, Swheat Scoop and the World’s Best Cat Litter, tended to be “pee-only” litters. I’m not sure what that fact means in the cat world, but I wouldn’t want to commit to a litter the cats see as unworthy of their poops. I tend to think that the reason the walnut shell-based Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh clumping litter is such a big hit is because three of my cats are elderly, two of them being 14. I think their paws are sensitive and this litter is easy on their old paw pads. I would think that the Swheat Scoop and World’s Best would also be old paw friendly, but… all I can say is, cats are fickle and they don’t explain themselves.

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  14. C. G. Moore

    Why isn’t there a 6 star option?

    Cat litter.It’s dusty. Dusty and gray. Also, granular. Decidedly less so upon being used, it forms a foul smelling hillock that waits for the low-man-on-the-totem-pole of the household to reluctantly scoop it. It smells of…cat litter? What else does cat litter smell like? I dunno. It’s the medium in which we expect our pet cats to expel their waste.That’s it.That’s about as much brain real estate each of us has devoted to the rousing topic of “Cat litter” and deservedly so. Cat litter is one of those things that is so inconsequential in our lives, so banal of a product, that any amount of conversational effort devoted to it is too much. That is, when it works.And yet…here I am reviewing it on Amazon.In addition to having a decent (boring?) enough of a life that I can devote time to reviewing cat litter on Amazon, I have two cats. One is a white flame-point ragdoll cat that is the reincarnation of Steve McQueen that’ll befriend a Rottweiler within minutes of meeting (Tucker) and the other is a painfully shy siamese that closely resembles a raccoon that swallowed a medicine ball – we call her “the basement troll” for her penchant for cool, dark spaces and cardboard boxes. Formally, however, she is known as “Bailey”.While Bailey is extremely sweet, she’s very nervous and scares extremely easily. She hides in the basement whenever anyone comes to the house and hates being carried. While Tucker is as cool as Billy Dee Williams and makes the Dos Equis guy look like Don Knotts, Bailey is more sensitive than an open cavity. As a result, she’s suffered from chronic bladder infections for years.While both of these cats are polar opposites of each other, both had one thing in common – they both had a penchant for leaving tootsie rolls just outside of their litterbox. In addition, because Bailey suffered from routine bladder infections, we were starting to see rust-colored spots in not-so-inconspicous places around the house (essentially every carpeted corner in the house). While I certainly don’t condone the tendency for families to throw their hands up in the air in exasperation and send their pet cat straight to the kennel when this happens, I can understand how it happens.If only there was some sort of miracle product that keeps such tragedies from happening…Yes, Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter is that product. How incredible is this stuff you ask? I’ll tell you: it’s so damned good that here I am, semi-supine in my cozy bed on the last Tuesday before Christmas and instead of figuring out how I’m going to get every last gift that I’m obligated to buy, I’m reviewing this cat litter. That’s how f—ing great this stuff is. It’s simply sublime – transcendent even. In a world where every product is so over-hyped, brightly packaged, and intrusively advertised on every screen in your house and yet is woefully and ultimately ineffectual, here’s a product that’s the equivalent of a circa 1974 George Foreman right cross packaged in a manila envelope.Before I continue, I would just like to say that this isn’t one of those inane, dipsh-t “ironic” reviews that self-entertained hipsters write in the hopes that they get recognized by Buzzfeed – I’m as sincere as I can be – this is the Alpha and Omega of cat litter.With that out of the way, the first thing that comes to mind about this litter is that it saved our carpets, piles of dirty laundry and sanity from Bailey’s sketchy bladder. Cynical as I am, I was fully expecting the worst for Bailey – her bladder infections were a more consistent recidivist than Tyron Biggums and there was no end in sight. Like seemingly all pet ailments, I was fully expecting Bailey’s treatment to be outrageously expensive.Thankfully, we’re blessed with a vet that had long since paid off her exorbitant student loans and rather than recommend more “tests” (i.e. $$$$), she recommended Precious Cat Litter. Always in favor of the cheapest, easiest, and simplest answer, I happily ordered it from Amazon. I replaced all the litter in the house (Tidy Cat) with the Precious Cat stuff and was ill prepared with how fast I saw results. Literally minutes later, there were fresh clumps in one of the litter boxes. Both cats took to this stuff like a fish to water. No longer do we find “surprises” propped up against the litter box when it comes time to clean them out and that’s pretty damned nice.So, I give this stuff an easy 5 stars right off the bat due to its ability to coax Bailey to start using the litter box again, and thereby curing her bladder infections for good. That alone makes this a 5 star product. It fully exceeded my expectations. What really makes this stuff special is the comorbidity of the following:1.) Cost – This litter is significantly cheaper than the major brands you see in large jugs at just about every supermarket in the country. For the longest time I couldn’t understand why cat litter was so expensive – I mean it’s not like clay and “proprietary scent crystals” are rare earth metals. Precious Cat Litter brings sanity back to cat litter pricing. It’s also pretty sweet that a 40lb. bag of this stuff ships with free 2 day shipping with an Amazon Prime subscription. Thus, the value proposition is off the charts with this litter.2.) Scent – There is none.No, I’m not just talking about the actual scent of the litter – I’m talking about after it’s been used. Bullsh-t you say? I can’t blame you – every friggin’ litter I’ve ever used that advertised such a claim has failed miserably. Cat urine is so putrid and so powerful that it causes many landlords to refuse cats to be present on their premises. I wish I had known about this product years ago because it effectively renders this objection null and void. The way this stuff absolutely smothers cat urine smells is positively game-changing. We have four cat litter boxes in our house – one is in the upstairs laundry room right at the top of the stairs. Normal cat litters would assault the olfactory senses of any poor soul unfortunate enough to walk upstairs in our house. Not so with this litter.It’s ability to c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y void the stench of cat urine is truly other-worldly, maybe even a little bit spooky. Absolutely nothing should work this well at canceling out one of the worst smells known to the human race. Thus, I have no other choice than to conclude that simple logic dictates that Beelzebub himself MUST be involved somewhere in the supply chain of this product – there’s no way humans alone have unlocked the superpower of neutering cat urine funk. However, this raises a philosophical question unto itself – how bad could the devil really be if he/she/it is involved with such a flawless product? Eh? Think about it.So, Precious Cat litter is not only super good at eliminating cat urine stench, but it also forces consumers to deeply ponder some of life’s most mysterious philosophical questions. Tidy Cat don’t do that, jus sayin’…3.) Clumping performance – To me, next to the puke-inducing smell of cat urine, scooping soggy piles of cat mess is the absolute worst part of changing the litter box. With the mainstream brands, I’ve noticed there’s about a 50:50 chance that the litter will clump. When it does, things are a-okay. When it doesn’t, you might as well don a painter’s mask and goggles to deal with the resulting acrid fumes. Once again, Precious Cat punches far above its weight here. This stuff clumps so consistently and so tightly that Detroit should consider using this stuff to fill potholes. Cleaning the litter box with Precious Cat is a much faster, much easier, and much less painful experience than ever.So, I conclude my review. Is Precious Cat a fantastic cat litter? Indeed. However, it’s something better than that – it’s a product that transcends its meager goals, which is to merely be a substance that cats crap into. For one, it’s absolutely unmatched in its ability to do what no other cat litter can do, namely “leave no trace” that a cat resides in your house, a “silent warrior” if you will. Yes, I said it – it’s essentially the Navy SeALs of cat litter. It’s also cheaper than its inept competitors. Perhaps most importantly, it can be the difference between a cat being happy and comfortable in a loving home and a cat finding itself in a shelter. Lastly, it’s so outstanding that after witnessing its perfection, you’ll be highly motivated to write paragraphs about it on Amazon.Cat litter.It’s Precious Cat or nothing.

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  15. Magzilla

    Me and my cats don’t miss it

    This used to be my go-to cat litter for a few years. It’s dusty and tracks and doesn’t clump all that well in the corners and along the sides of the litter box though. I didn’t realize it until I had no choice but to try the scented dr esley litter because this original version is no longer available. Same issue with the scented, except it smells bad and my cats don’t like it. I’ve moved on to a different brand that I got on Petco, and I wish I had done so sooner. We don’t miss Dr. Esley litter at all.

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  16. Emily

    Clumps very well

    I really like this litter! For me the most important aspect of litter is that it actually clumps so the boxes stay fresher for longer. In fact I switched to pine pellets for a little bit because I couldn’t find any clay litter I genuinely liked, however I had to switch back because my cats hated the pine pellets. I heard good things about this litter and I’m glad I decided to try it because this litter definitely clumps! Almost too well because sometimes if it clumps to the bottom of the box it’s kind of difficult to get off. But I’d rather deal with that than litter that doesn’t form proper clumps. Truthfully I don’t think it eliminates odors all that great but my litter boxes are in my basement so it’s kind of hard to tell. I am definitely going to stick with this brand.

  17. Carly Reich

    I settled on this after a few years trying different litters

    I wanted to give a very detailed review because I tried using reviews to choose litter, but it was very hard to do because often the reviews vary wildly in describing the same qualities of the same litter. I’ll start by saying I’ve tried Fresh Step, Tidy Cats, Arm & Hammer, Pretty Litter, and various other silicone litters before settling on this one. I have one short haired, older female kitty who has one litter box.For a long time, I used Arm & Hammer clump and seal litter. I didn’t hate it, but felt like it didn’t clump as well as it could and I wanted to try something else. So I switched to Pretty Litter for a while because I liked the color changing aspect. However, I started to notice that it wasn’t lasting as long as it was supposed to and I didn’t want to keep paying that much for something that wasn’t doing what it was supposed to. I liked the no-clump aspect, but it seemed to irritate my kitty’s toes. She was constantly picking stuff off the hair on her feet (and she doesn’t have long hair at all) and I felt like it tracked a lot. I then tried a few different silicone litters, but the more affordable ones were too hard to find regularly (ie often out of stock).So after all that experimentation, I had a few qualities I was looking for:- low dust- low tracking (I live in a very small apartment where there aren’t many steps between the litter box and the couch or the bed)- low odor- hopefully non-clumpingI ended up compromising on the non-clumping part, because this litter meets my other wish list items so well.- Dust: I haven’t tried some of the “natural” litters like the ones made from corn, wheat, etc. so I can’t speak for those. But otherwise I have used many of the popular litters and I have concluded that there probably isn’t a 100% dust free litter. I think it’s just the nature of such a product. However, this has less dust than any other litter I can think of and I love that.- Tracking: again, not sure if there exists a 100% no track litter. But in my experience, this tracks the least. I did notice after I was sick for a couple weeks (still scooping ofc but not as worried about cleaning up the litter on the floor) it did start to get a little spread out and ground into the carpet. But as long as I was vacuuming regularly I barely noticed any tracking.- Odor: this and the low tracking were probably the main selling points for me. I’ve honestly forgotten to scoop the box a couple times because I. NEVER. SMELL IT! Even when scooping it, it hardly smells. Only towards the end of its life cycle does it tend to stink much, but again, that’s only when scooping. And I use the scent free one! I hate the smell of scented cat litter (it gets too strong for me and in my head it’s a “cover up” smell, like spraying perfume on a dirty shirt or pants lol) I think this is the best quality of this litter. If odor is your sticking point, I’d definitely recommend trying this.- Clumping: as I said above, this was what I compromised on. **This IS a clumping litter.** But it clumps EXTREMELY well. Honestly sometimes it’s a bit like scooping a rock. If it’s a larger clump sometimes I have to put in some effort to break it in half. So because of that and how great the other qualities are, I was fine with switching back to a clumping litter. I have a Litter Genie so it’s not too much of an inconvenience. Actually, my only (very minor) complaint would be that the clumps get too heavy to fill the Litter Genie bag as full as I’d like, but it doesn’t bother me that much.- Price: I haven’t sat down and figured out how this one compares to the others in terms of price, but it’s at least comparable and I think very reasonable for the quality of what you get. The 18lb bag is a little more than enough to fill up the litter box, and has been lasting about a month.So glad I decided to try Dr. Elsey’s! I hope this review is helpful to anyone else shopping around for litter like I was.

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  18. AgentShadow

    Dusty when poured but super strong

    I poured this in like I would any cat litter and a grey dust cloud formed. It was enough that I inhaled it and it felt like inhaling dust on a windy day.99% dust free…… I guess that one percent ended up all in my bag.UPDATE:The litter held everything together in super strong clumps and there has been no dust since pouring. I would probably buy this one again.

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  19. Patrick Shannon

    Cats love this litter and so do I

    My cats love this litter so much that when it is fresh they will roll in it. Seriously they roll in their litter box but only when no one has gone in it yet. My cats always go in their litter box, no accidents so it makes me very happy. The litter has a pleasant odor and makes it very tolerable when the cats do their business. It is easy to clean up too.My niece had a cat that she loved very much but it had a litter box aversion. It had many many accidents. She took the cat to the vet at least 4 times trying to solve the problem. Nothing the vet did or suggested worked. She was almost to the point of giving her cat up because she couldn’t take it destroying her home. My daughter suggested she try Dr Elsey’s litter because our cats love it so much. She used the Dr Elsey’s litter and the cat hasn’t had a problem since. So glad she was able to keep her cat. If you are thinking about purchasing this go ahead and do it. I think you will be happy you did.

  20. DAVID

    Unreliable shipping

    This litter is great, but the manufacturer’s shipping is unreliable. Several times I’ve had to request a refund because the product never shipped. Otherwise I’d give it five stars.

  21. Wicket

    Best clumping cat litter ever!

    I have tried just about every litter on the market of the “clumping” variety. I moved a year and a half ago from a home where I had lived with two cats for years. While helping me pack this huge house which was filled with way too much “stuff,” my daughter and her husband both commented on all the dust on everything, especially everything close to the above-ground basement where the two litter boxes were placed. Both of them said the dust made them cough, and once I started paying attention, I realized that I was coughing myself every time I cleaned the litter boxes, and the coughing got worse from disturbing the dust going through and sorting and packing. Once I was in the house I rented, I tried two or three different clumping litters, but all of them had the same heavy perfume odor and there was dust from it everywhere, and about half an inch of dust in the bottom of the litter box at all times, so there is no wonder it was getting everywhere with the help of the cats digging and the stuff flying everywhere. Not only that, but the cats sometimes had “damp” paws, the dust would stick to the paws, and they were tracking cement-like trails across the laminate flooring – and the carpeting as well, though at least I could not SEE that! Then I bought a house and spent four months remodeling it. Once again, during the process of packing, we could all see the cat litter dust everywhere and smell that heavy perfume they use to mask odor. I decided that before I moved into my home with brand new everything, including floor tile, carpeting, blinds, etc., I was going to do some research and try to find a less irritating and dusty litter. My reasoning was that if it was making people cough, it could not be good for my cats to breathe it, either. and I had had more than enough of the dust and the “wet cement” paw marks! I decided to give Precious Cat a try, and this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am just sorry it took me so long to take the time and do the research. I have been using Precious Cat since the end of February. There is no perfume odor whatsoever, there is absolutely NO dust at all, the litter clumps as hard as a rock and never comes to pieces while being scooped, and for some reason, I seem to be adding litter to the boxes less frequently. I have not quite figured out the reason for this yet! Yes – it is pricey, but it is worth the price to me to get rid of that constant cloying smell and the dust everywhere all the time. At least Amazon has it now PRIME, which is a huge benefit, because I looked at Petco on-line and thought I had found a real deal. Wow! Forty pounds for $15.99! Then I got to checkout and the shipping was over $16.00! So back I came to blessed, and this is where I will purchase my Precious Cat Litter from now on. I will pay the higher price for such a high-quality litter, especially since I am using less of it than any other litter I have used in the past. Thanks for carrying Precious Cat, Amazon – and thanks for having it available PRIME, too. By the way, anyone who says the “pee balls” stick to the bottom of the box, try this: I lift one end of the box and drop it about 2 inches back to the floor, then tilt it away from me and repeat the process. This completely loosens the clumps and they are easy to scoop. I do this because I am 74 and the less time I spend being down on my knees cleaning litter boxes, the better off I am! I DID replace my litter boxes, because the ones I had were made of some weird kind of plastic that the clumps DID stick to. Remembering a Maine Coon cat breeder with a LOT of cats and kittens who used plastic tote bins without the lids, I bought two Rubbermaid Roughneck bins with 8″ sides, tossed out the lids that came with them, and they are in use now as litter boxes and work great. The higher sides keep the litter from being thrown out with fastidious kitties getting carried away in the covering up process and flinging the litter about, and because one of my cats is a 17-pound Maine Coon female, she is VERY happy not to have to cram her big furry self, including her gorgeous long plume of a tail, into even the largest covered litter box I could find. We are ALL much happier with Precious Cat and new open-top litter boxes! And I must be honest – my first purchase of Precious Cat was NOT from Amazon, because at the time it was not PRIME and I got it cheaper elsewhere. Happily, this is not the case any longer.

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  22. Shayla Peregoy

    Better than expected!

    I saw a decent amount of negative reviews and not entirely sure why. A few people commented on the dust. I thought the dust was minimal. I used tidy cats light weight litter before this and my kitten was 8-10 weeks old, super crazy and would CATapult in and out of the litter box (he thought it was fun I guess), anyway, we would find small litter covered poops around my condo, I guess from his catapulting. Anyway, we got this litter. Our kitten CATapults 10x the speed now at 3months old and no random litter covered poops around! The dust is extremely minimal. No bad odor. Also, the amount of litter tracked outside of the litter box is like 10% of what it was with tidy cats. Seriously. Our psycho kitten had litter all over the place before, it was unreal. Now we only have to sweep a fraction of the time. There was also bad reviews about the pee spots in the litter becoming hard like concrete… what?!? I have not had that issue in any way at all. It’s super easy to scoop and get rid of. I haven’t had any problems at all and will DEFINITELY order this again.When the litter arrived, as mentioned with a few other reviews, the bag was damaged and some leaked out. We opened the Amazon box carefully and found that it was like a 1inch puncture in the bag. With a simple small piece of packaging tape over the hole, it was easily solved. I’m not sure how some people can write such bad reviews over a couple pieces of spilled litter.Anyway, but the litter, you won’t regret it

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  23. Nathan


    I absolutely hate the smell of kitty litter. This is the only litter I will use – it is odorless and does a fantastic job of absorbing smells from the cat box.

  24. AlexLA

    Simply the best!

    You just can’t go wrong with this litter. Have been using for a few years and definitely the best one on the market!

  25. AngryGames

    Not the same litter these days…

    I’ve been using this litter for almost a year now, and decided to wait a long time to see how it performs before leaving a review. We have five adult cats and three very large custom-made litter boxes (made from the giant covered Rubbermaid totes, as three of our cats are 20+ pounds (and not fat, they are big breeds)). The cats range from 8 years old (two of them) to 12+. Litter and cleaning litter boxes is something I feel like I’m an expert in by now (having been an indoor cat owner for almost twenty-five years).At first, after coming from almost a pure dust-based litter like Scoop-Away, this product was a blessing. I tried it, the corn/wheat based stuff, other synthetic types, and as I whittled down which litters were the best, this one, by far, was the absolute best when it came to odor, dust, tracking, and general enjoyment (I don’t really say that with a straight face, as litter boxes are anything but enjoyable, but Precious Cat made the daily job far, far more enjoyable than before).Three months ago I was finally ready to leave a glowing review, but then suddenly the litter that started arriving regularly from Amazon was the same bag, but the contents seem to have cheapened. This litter is now almost as dusty as the stuff I used to use, and this is a huge problem. The minimal tracking qualities of this litter has also shifted, and where I could do little easy spot cleanups daily as I cleaned the boxes, I now have to vacuum every other day as this stuff is all over the house (it’s not pleasant to find it UNDER the fitted sheet on a bed, since the cats love to get on the bed before it gets made when we change the sheets/blankets).The odor control is no longer ‘control’ but more like ‘non-existent’. Typically, we don’t have odor issues, as again, I clean these boxes daily without fail (and if I don’t, someone else does… it has to happen daily with this many cats or it does become a problem). Lately though, it’s getting unpleasant. Keep in mind, once per month, I completely change the litter out and scrub/wash the boxes thoroughly, so it’s not any kind of build-up. We’ve always surprised visitors to our home who exclaim there’s no way they’d ever know we had five cats because there’s never been cat box odor before… this is no longer true.I’m not sure what happened over the course of the last six months or so, but the quality of this litter is no better than the rest. I would absolutely LOVE to give four or five stars, but I’m now starting to shop for other brands. It doesn’t help that Amazon has now pulled the product from their own shelves to investigate issues (though those issues might be packaging/delivery issues, of which I’ve never had a single problem) that customers are having.If the mfg of this product reads this, please, please fix whatever you’ve done to Precious Cat litter and give me the quality product that I have been buying exclusively for almost a year. I hate having to shop for different litter, and the cats aren’t very keen about it either.

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  26. Hong Ta

    My holy grail product

    This is the best cat litter- the only downside I’ll say right away is when you use it with the litter robot 4, be prepared for lots of tracking.This unscented cat litter is the best out of all I have used- and my cat loves it. The best part about it is that it absorbs a lot of the odor and clumps well. The bag can be heavy to lift, so it may be an accessibility issue.Otherwise, the quality of the litter itself is good, and the price point is amazing.

  27. Joanna Sexton

    As close to dust-free as possible

    I have 7 cats which means I have 7 litterboxes shared amongst them all. I’ve used A LOT of different litters in my time, and Dr. Elsey’s is the only one that actually gets close to ‘dust-free’. I was a Tidy Cat user for years but I’ve been using Dr. Elsey’s for about a year now and I won’t switch back. Plus it gets delivered to my doorstep for free!

  28. Si W

    Works great in creating clumps…

    So my cats have always loved this cat litter, and as per the instructions when cleaning the litter box twice a day and replacing monthly it works just as it should… But hey, if you don’t follow the instructions and clean out only one every month it creates cement… People, follow the instructions and keep you little box clean as you would you home; that’s if you keep your home clean…

  29. Megan

    Good product, less messy

    I switched to this from tidy cats since my cat started getting messier. This has cut down on the amount of litter I have to clean up. It’s not perfect but definitely an improvement.

  30. Allen


    My cat loved it and it lasted a while just needs to be a little cheaper to make it 💯.

  31. Amanda 80

    I love this stuff!

    No smell to this at all! I can’t handle a scented kitty litter, they give me a headache and I figure if I can’t I probably shouldn’t make my cat. This litter clumps nicely and has kept the odor away. It does have some dust when cleaning and dumping the bag but I can deal with that.

  32. Jalen Brown

    Better than the worst of brands

    Been using it for about two weeks now and it’s has it pros and con compared to my old cat litter that I used. It absorbs poop pretty well, doesn’t get into my cat’s feet, and hides the smell of the poop better than my old litter. My cats seem to enjoy it more, I see them covering up their business better after they finish using the bathroom with this litter. My problem with this litter is that it sucks at absorbing pee, the pee sinks to the bottom and sticks to the cat litter box, however some of the pee is absorbed a little bit but when I go to clean up after them I have to press or scoop hard enough to get the pee absorbed cat litter. Though there are times where the pee is absorbed perfectly and I have no problem with it, I’d say it’s a 50/50 chance the pee does and doesn’t absorb. This is a 40 pound bag so hopefully I don’t have much trouble with it further on. But, everything else is great and for the price you’re paying and how much you’re getting I’d say it’s worth the try.

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  33. Amanda Brawner

    Love it!

    Love this product! Clumps together for easy scooping. No dust. No smell.

  34. Carolyn DePhillip


    I never smell the potty box with this kitty litter. I very much recommend buying. It ok for the price. It last me longer too. I can get 2 to 3 months out of a 40 lb. Bag, just scooping every other day too. And, I have 3 kitties.

  35. Amazon Customer

    Great kitty litter

    This litter works great! It really cut down on dust and it lasts longer than my regular cat litter, maybe because it clumps really well. The only down side is that it is really heavy.

  36. Amazon Customer

    A Good Economic Alternative

    I would not advise the use of this product during the summer months; when it is going to be hot you are going to want the high dollar litter. Still, once cooler weather comes around this is a great way to save money. This is far from the worst litter I have ever used (and the worst litter I’ve ever used costed more). I’m really glad to see that there are companies coming up with economic solutions. For those of us who have multiple pets it can be a huge assistance. I assume that I am going to consistently order this brand throughout the fall, winter, and early spring.

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  37. Balboa Constrictor

    Happy kitty

    My cat likes it, so I likes it!

  38. Gabby

    Litter after litter later, finally found something BOTH the cat and I LOVE! 🙂

    If you’re looking for a short’n’sweet answer, I’ll just say – This litter is wonderful. Clean, dependable odor control, low tracking, and strong clumping. It has met all my expectations based on it’s glowing reviews.Now, if you’d like to know my litter story, please continue.In my short time as a cat owner (about 8 months), I have discovered a few things about myself. The first and most prominent feature of my “cat lady-ness” is that I am PICKY about litter! My cat is 7, I am not her first owner. When I first adopted her, she was using scented TidyCats with Glade. While I admit that the litter box miraculously smelled like clean laundry, TidyCats tracked EVERYWHERE. I even found it in my bed every day – gross! Additionally, the smell was so strong that I couldn’t imagine my cat enjoying being trapped in a box with that much odor – good or bad. I decided to go on a search. My cat is a Ragdoll, which means she has very long fluffy fur.I wondered if her fur was the biggest problem with the tracking – so I set out to find a litter designed for cats with long fur. This led me to Precious Cat Long Hair litter crystals. This litter had pros, but was outweighed by the cons. The pros: the tracking nearly ceased completely, and the crystals are much easier to clean. The cons: VERY dusty, and It REEKED. At first, I didn’t notice. The container claims that you shouldn’t have to do a full litter change more than every 2-3 weeks. However, about 1 week after changing the box to the new litter, I was scooping out the hard waste and suddenly caught a strong whiff of the urine on the bottom. I almost threw up. The stench was so horrible. I immediately dumped the entire thing and refilled it. Now, normally I would do an entire cleaning of the box once a week. But those crystals were expensive! I was really relying on that 2-3 week guarantee to make them work the dollar amount spent on them. I realized I needed a new solution.I decided to go back to clay, because scooping the urine out daily seems healthier for my kitty. So, I tried Arm&Hammer Double Duty. The box said odor control, but it should have read “Strongly perfumed”! I assumed that the baking soda was doing most or all of the odor controlling. Boy, I was wrong. The second I opened the box, a STRONG chemical smell erupted out. I was worried. This was stronger than the TidyCats, and not nearly as pleasant. But I was out of litter, so I had to use it for the time being; I filled the box. A little while later, my cat went to use her litter box. She started meowing and crying, so I came to check on her. She was standing outside her litter box, her head slightly poked in – smelling it! Then she looked at me, clearly very unhappy. And continued to just stand there and whine about it. Oh dear! She eventually used it, thank heavens! But continued to meow and cry over it every time she had to.I immediately got on Amazon started some more litter research. Finally, I decided to give Precious Cat Unscented Scoopable a shot. I definitely was tired of the scents, and very few reviews complained about tracking. Scooping out the clay should help with the waste smells as much as anything. I ordered it on Prime, and the day it got here – another full litter box change!FINALLY. Something that we both love.My pros: Unscented – I really can’t smell anything, litter or waste! Very little tracking – Just a little bit on the mat ouside the box, none in the bed! Scoopable – Much more hygienic! No dust – I can pour it into the box and keep breathing.Cat’s pros: Unscented – she hasn’t hesitated with using it at all, and I didn’t even do a transition period. Scoopable – she loves it when I can clean everything out daily. No dust! – she doesn’t cough and sneeze as much as she used to.Cons: Just one, the bag is very heavy and a bit difficult for a small person like me to manage. Would be easier with a container with a handle, but that would probably raise the price – so I’m not complaining! 🙂

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  39. Dominee Robinson

    Tracks badly

    Really prefer Arm and Hammer litter, but they do not make an unscented litter and my cats seem to prefer it. It tracks quite badly, have to vacuum more often

  40. Richard A.

    Best for Litter Robot

    This has been, by far, the best litter I’ve used in the Litter Robot. Leaves very little trails behind the kitties, and clumps the hardest of any other litter I’ve used. Keeps the Litter-Robot allot cleaner that other brands I’ve tried. I’ve used Slide, Tidy Cat, and Clump and Seal. In my opinion, this beats them all and is very low dust.

  41. Travis

    Odor virtually disappeared when I added this to the box

    I am very impressed with this litter so far. When I first received it and added it to my cats’ litter box, I was pleasantly surprised not to be able to smell anything at all from the box. Normally, there’s always a little bit of odor when I walk past the laundry room, no matter how often I scoop. This litter completely smothers any odor when the litterbox has been scooped, and I can still barely smell anything when walking past the laundry room even if the box needs to be scooped. It’s important to note, however, that I have a hooded litterbox with a flap over the entrance, and I scoop the box usually every other day. I have two cats, and they fill a litterbox quickly. However, keeping 4 or so inches in the box allows them to bury things better and means I can scoop the box less and smell odors less. I haven’t kept 3-4 inches in the box in the past because it takes so much litter that I would have to buy two pails just to fill it to 3-4 and then have clean to add to it as I scoop it. However, this litter’s granules are larger than most others’, and the 40 lb. bag is excellent for the price. After adding 3-4 inches of litter to my cats’ XL size hooded box, there’s still at least 2/3 of a bag left. After scooping, the litter left in the box looks clean and doesn’t get discolored and wet like other litters I’ve used. So far, I haven’t added any extra litter to the box. With other litters I’ve used, I usually feel the need to add some on top often after scooping because the litter in the box gets stinky really fast. With this litter, I can see myself only adding more when the level in the box gets lower, and that’s what I want. I originally searched for another type of litter because one of my cats has a coughing problem, and I wanted to see if switching to an unscented, dust free litter would help. I wish it was completely dust free, but 0.1% dust isn’t much to complain about. I haven’t noticed any dust at all, and my cat rarely coughs any more. One thing of note about this litter is that it is EXTREMELY heavy. I say this as a man who regularly lifts upwards of 100 lbs. at work. This stuff feels like it’s made of lead. I think the fact that it comes in a bag, without many places to gain purchase, makes it harder to lift. I recommend lifting it up and hugging it with both hands on the bag when pouring instead of trying to hold one corner of the bag, as this makes the litter pour out very slowly. That being said, it’s also best to support the “spout” (or the corner you cut open) with one hand. Otherwise, the top part of the bag is going to go limp and dump a ton of litter into the box. The weight of the bag does make it cumbersome, but I’m willing to deal with the logistics of it for the quality of the litter. However, I do recommend getting a metal litter scoop. The plastic one I have bends unless I’m careful about how fast and at what angle I scoop. It makes getting into the corners difficult, and I expect the plastic scoop to break soon. I’ll definitely be getting a metal scoop when that happens. Despite the heaviness of the litter, it’s very easy to scoop. My cats love to dig in the corner of the box and pee, which makes the pee get stuck on the side of the box. This litter is very easy to scrape off the sides, however. It also clumps very tightly, and even weaker clumps, like those formed by the urine scraped off the side of the box, have the consistency of a thick, sandy paste and are very scoopable. I haven’t had any clumps fall apart on me. Also, an unforseen benefit of the heaviness and coarseness of this litter is that my litter mat can catch tracked litter a lot better. Since switching to this litter, there have been a lot less stray granules all over the laundry room floor, and I haven’t seen any litter clumped in the fur on the bottoms of my long-haired cat’s paws, which is what happened with the last litter I was using. Overall, I’m very pleased with this litter, especially considering it’s about $17 for a 40 lb. bag. I could easily see one bag of this litter lasting me two months, even with two cats. That being said, I’m concerned about the price fluctuations and discrepancies in quality noted by other reviewers. If the price does go up beyond how much I’m willing to pay, I will probably search for another site to order this litter from or just look for another brand. The value of this litter is a huge factor of how much I like it, so taking that away would definitely turn me away from buying this litter regularly and exclusively, which is what I plan to do if everything remains the same as with this first order. If I receive a bag of product with bad quality, I won’t be ordering this litter from Amazon again and will try to find somewhere else to order it from instead. But that being said, I’m very pleased with the product that I have received for this first order, and I will definitely be purchasing this product again.

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  42. K.

    Been using this for years

    I love this litter for my cat. She has chronic asthma and dust exacerbates her condition and causes asthma attacks… As such, we needed a low dust litter. This litter fits the bill AND absorbs well. The price is fair, and I’ve been on a subscription for the product for years now. I think the best part about this litter though, is that it’s unscented. I do not have to breathe in the noxious scent of whatever artificial chemical might cover the powerfully offensive odor of cat piss, ensuring that no grotesque scent winds up sticking to my clothes, skin or cat either. Great product, life long Dr. Elsey customer as long as they don’t charge the formula and keep the price fair.

  43. Kristina_abcdefg

    Truly the best litter I’ve ever tried

    This litter is truly the very best I’ve ever tried with any cat that has been in my family. I am the bleeding heart animal lover in the family, so it was typically me cleaning the litter boxes everyday, even if it was my brother’s cat.This litter doesn’t have some cloying perfume-y smell that competes with the cat excrement smell- it’s almost like how baking soda eliminates an odor. It just isn’t there. The best compliment I have received is my friend coming over and what happened to my cats. Isn’t it the worst when you step into someone’s home and you KNOW they have cats just by the smell that permeates the air? Yuck.the only caveat: the ultra Unscented only comes in a very small bag only. Larger size it bags of litter aren’t offered in the ultra Unscented & I’m so not a fan of this guy’s other versions.

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  44. Vaanth

    Excellent litter, especially for cats with sensitive skin.

    For years, I have used simple Special Kitty clay litter with multiple cats. It’s dusty, but cheap compared to other litter. It performs as well as Oil-Dri too. One of my cats suffered from itchy skin, sores, scabs, and loss of hair, plus feeling rotten. I didn’t suspect the litter at first, but eventually determined it was so after a process of elimination and changing over to Dr. Elsey’s. Although it’s much pricier, it actually goes further due to its clumping and separation. The cats like it, and the previously afflicted cat is now healthy. Highly recommended.

  45. Ally

    Clumping, No Dust, Odor Concealing Litter

    This stuff is the best!Pros:1. No dust. Great for you and most importantly, your cat.2. No scent. Great for your cat and their sensitive noses. Also doesn’t make the room smell like an artificial car air freshener like other litters do with their way to heavy febreeze scents. This stuff will still keep the room odorless even without the perfumes other litters add.3. Clumps really well.Cons:1. It’s heavy.2. This formula in particular may track around the litter box area. Because the granules are smaller they will get in your cat’s paws easier and track around the house a bit. Not a huge deal as long as you have the appropriate items around the litter box to catch anything off your cat’s paws.

  46. Jennifer Woods

    Dependable, affordable, low dust, low tracking

    This product is unscented, but completely masks scent. Even the waste bin I fill after scooping the litter box doesn’t stink as bad as the last litter I used. Very fast clumping. Very low dust. I use this stuff with confidence in the litter box in my kitchen, without fear of contaminating all my surfaces with litter dust.Almost no tracking. I would wager the only tracking that happens is when I accidentally step on the stuff with my bare feet as I’m cleaning up after they kick it out of the box. My cats are champion kickers, so they do still manage to kick it outside the box a little, but not much, and it doesn’t fly far. I use a litter mat under one of my boxes and it keeps it almost completely contained (have I mentioned my cats being strong kickers?).Half the cost of the “no dust” clay litter from Arm & Hammer, but works MUCH better. Does not stick to the walls of the litter box! This is really important because my kitty tends to urinate down the wall of her box all the time. Other litters would clump and harden on the box wall and stick there. Couldn’t scrape them completely off if I tried. Not so with this. It just comes completely away from the sides, even though my litter box is old and scratched up.This stuff is amazing. Hands down the best litter I’ve used, and I’ve used some of the pricier ones. I would not want to use another litter even if I could easily afford it.While in the process of switching to this from the high-cost, lightweight, all-natural, no-dust litter I’d been using previously, I had one box of this stuff and the rest of the old stuff. The cats completely ignored the old stuff. They would only use this stuff. They would rather use a very used box while I was out all day at work, than use the “better” brand which was sitting untouched in the other box.I’ve scooped immediately after liquid waste and it barely sticks to the scoop. Certainly much less than anything else I’ve used. Still, maybe let it sit it one minute before scooping. Solid waste? You can scoop it right away, as long as it’s been covered (mine doesn’t tend to cover his so I cover it for him). If it’s been sitting there for a minute or two you wouldn’t even have to cover it before scooping. This stuff is quick at desiccating all the waste very quickly.Be warned. This litter is heavy. Not a good choice if you or your cats are weak or have pain issues, but if you’re strong enough, or have someone else who can help you with those things, it is totally worth it.You might even try having a strong, wheeled bin for your litter, and standing at the door scooping the litter out into the bin at the door where your Amazon driver drops it, if your arms, wrists, and hands are reasonably functional but your spine or legs give you grief. I already have distant future mobility issue workarounds planned out, because as long as they make this stuff, as long as I have cats, and as long as I am able to, I intend to keep using this.

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  47. Rachel Nickell


    When we were about to get our cat, I asked around social media for recommendations on cat litter. Someone recommended this brand but otherwise I was not familiar. In the past, when we have had cats and I had always used one of the go-to brands you can get at any grocery store. I was hesitant about not being able to get the litter in my local grocery store but we have it on auto delivery so that problem is solved. I’m so glad we chose this brand, there is absolutely zero smell. I am very sensitive/paranoid about pet smells so I don’t say that lightly! We have our cat’s litter box in our laundry room and I have literally never walked in and smelled cat pee or even poop… well maybe poop if she JUST went. Even when scooping and very close to the litter I can’t smell anything. I am very impressed. We use one bag in a 6 week period changing the entire thing out with each new bag. Honestly, my husband and I aren’t even that diligent about always scooping it daily- in the past I felt like the box would smell if we didn’t do it twice a day with the other brand. The other thing I like is it makes really good firm clumps- usually none of those little clumps that are too small to scoop and it does not stick to the bottom of the litter box. There is some dust but not nearly like what I was used to. And I know every cat is different but we have used this since ours was a kitten and she’s never had any issues with it. She does slightly track some of it out of the box but not much and that’s not a big deal to me. I will never buy another brand of litter!! This is definitely the best, worth every penny!

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  48. arkansastraveller13

    This is amazing

    My daughter recommended this when I adopted my cat 7 months ago. I thought the price was outrageous. I was wrong. Start with three or four inches, scoop twice a week adding a cup or two of fresh litter, change it out every three weeks. I use a top entry litter box ( . I can stand next to it and not be offended. It was unavailable once on Amazon and I panicked a little. I have it on auto delivery. Can’t recommend this product enough.

  49. Bob Champion

    Best Clumping Ever!

    I’ve had a pet cat for decades. I always bought a “clumping” litter. The ones I got worked OK but not perfectly. For example, some litter clumps would break up as I removed them from the box. Other times, the wet litter would stick to the bottom of the cat box and had to be scraped to remove.Well, this litter has none of those issues. It is the best I’ve ever used, and I will be a customer for life!

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  50. Nikki Markacek

    Best litter I’ve ever tried

    I thankfully have 2 cats that don’t fuss when I change litters, and I’m grateful because I constantly try new ones in hopes I can find a better option. I don’t know what they do in their box (well obviously I know, but you get my point haha) but if the litter is too fine I get mounts of it dumped off to the side. Or worse yet, it won’t absorb properly and the pee just sinks to the bottom and causes clumps stuck to the pan. It’s a never ending nightmare. So based on the reviews of this I decided to give it a try, and thank God my search is finally over. The granules are larger than a lot of litters I’ve seen, but still comfortable for my cats’ paws. For an unscented litter, it controls the smell like I’ve never seen. It creates hard clumps, and have not had an issue with it sticking to the pan. Overall, one of the better litters I have tried, and surprising great price! I’m a buyer for life.

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  51. Mike

    Way too dusty

    Did a 25 day test w/ World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Litter Formula, Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Corn Cob Litter, and Just the Crystals Premium Crystal Cat Litter. I’ve also previously used Dr. Elsy’s Precious Cat Ultra Premium Cat Litter and can offer a comparison with it as well.(#1) World’s Best: Clumps very well and doesn’t track much at all. There is a small amount of dust, but the dust appears to have a large particle size and doesn’t stay airborne, so it settles quickly back into the box instead of getting all over everything. There is a slight odor to the litter which is a little unusual, but it doesn’t smell bad, and it seems to control the cat odor well. It’s also light weight, which makes it easy to scoop. My four cats had no problem w/ World’s Best. Of the four litters, this is the one I’ll probably end up going back to. Some people look at the cost per pound and say it is too expensive, but it is less dense than the clay litters, and as a result it takes less poundage to fill a litter box. While I didn’t measure this precisely, I’d tend to say the 28 lbs bag of World’s Best goes at least as far as a 40 lbs bag of Precious Cat (or other fine clay litter), which makes the costs a lot more comparable (just don’t overpay for the litter – some of the Amazon marketplace resellers gouge on the price).(#2 – tie) Just the Crystals: I tried this litter based on the excellent reviews here on Amazon. It doesn’t track very much at all (and given the large granules, it is easy to vacuum up when it does). It is easier to scoop than the others, as you just scoop out the poop and then stir it – you don’t need to remove the urine. While that sounds a bit gross, it really doesn’t appear to get wet, smelly, or dirty any quicker than the others. I was also really impressed with the manufacturer, who definitely seems to stand behind their brand. All of that said, while Just the Crystals is much less dusty than the clay litters, it did create a small amount of airborne dust while scooping. It wasn’t particularly objectionable, but was more than either Nature’s Miracle (which had none) or World’s Best (which settled before getting very airborne). My cats also used this box less than the others, though they’ve never used a crystal litter before and likely just aren’t used to it, which I can’t hold against Just the Crystals. The verdict? I probably won’t continue with Just the Crystals myself, but if I used an automatic litter box this would probably be my litter of choice. Price does seem a little bit more than other premium litters when measured by volume (not weight), but because you don’t throw out the peed up litter, you still have just as much litter in the box after 3 weeks as you had when you filled it initially (versus the other litters where you’re steadily throwing away litter as it gets peed up), which balances things out a bit.(#2 – tie) Nature’s Miracle: Basically zero dust, very lightweight (so it is really easy to scoop), and it also smells great coming out of the package. It does track a bit more than the others, though that’s only a minor annoyance to me (could be worse depending on where the box is). The real problem though is that it doesn’t clump well, and since the clumps fall apart, small pieces of old, peed up litter gradually build up in the box, which means it starts smelling bad faster. While I used Nature’s Miracle for years, this is eventually what pushed me away from it. If they could fix the clumping issue, this would probably be my favorite litter because of the non-existent dust and light weight. The clumping issue is a fairly big deal to me though, and World’s Best gets me most of the advantages without that major disadvantage. Per unit of volume this seems comparable to other premium litters – perhaps a bit less than World’s Best or Just the Crystals – but you might need to change it more often to keep it from smelling bad, which could make it less cost effective.(#3) Dr. Elsy’s Precious Cat: Clumps extremely well and controls odor quite well. When I had a stray cat and her kittens, this is the litter I picked once they were of age to use a litter box (rather, I used the kitten version of it) because it seemed to control the odor the best for the longest period of time. It does track a bit more than the litters with larger granules (like World’s Best or Just the Crystals), and it’s fairly heavy, which makes it harder to scoop and change. The worst part is the dust though. As the litter ages, the granules seem to break down into smaller pieces that go airborne and make absolutely awful dust. The older it got, the worse it became. Scooping it would set off the smoke alarm in the room, and I had to wipe down everything in the room with a wet rag to remove the thick coating of litter dust. With one box in the past (prior to this test), it eventually got bad enough I felt like I had to cover my mouth while scooping it. I’ve tried their Respiratory Relief version as well, and that wasn’t any better. I’ve also tried mixing it with a less dusty litter like Nature’s Miracle, but that made little difference. Price per unit volume seems a bit less than World’s Best or Just the Crystal’s (more comparable to Nature’s Miracle – maybe a little less than it too), but I wouldn’t use it anymore even if it were free – can’t stand the dust.As for test methodology… All of the boxes were changed the same day. They were also washed before changing them using fragrance free detergent (I use fragrance free laundry detergent to do the boxes – it’s mild, leaves no odor, and I’m sure won’t irritate my cats). The litter boxes are converted from large Rubbermaid totes (I needed something with high sides as I have one cat that sometimes doesn’t squat and pees over the sides of regular litter boxes). I scoop them once daily at night.While all of the boxes are pretty large (again, they’re Rubbermaid storage totes), one is about 50% larger than the others. Historically, my cats have preferred that box, perhaps because of the extra room. In this test, that box had World’s Best, and, true to form, they used that box more than the others. That said, the box size may factor into that.Also, I did not actually measure volume for the price comparisons. Those are very loose estimates based on how much it felt like I needed to dump into the boxes to fill them. At the end of the day, the price differences between them weren’t so significant as to be the major differentiator between them.

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  52. Rose

    Best dustless.

    After trying others. Nothing like clumping and not seeing the dust flying around is amazing.

  53. AnnEB

    Great product, challenging to get

    Problem only being USPS suddenly decided this was too heavy and after a two day delay they had me come get it at the post office. This hasn’t happened with the past deliveries.

  54. Daniel DeMuro

    Works great, but dusty

    It works great at absorbing odors and clumping. When you are cleaning it or pouring it into the box however you do get a lot of dust. That’s is par for the course for this type of litter but don’t expect a dust cloud free experience.

    One person found this helpful

  55. kyra

    Best ever

    I have never been so happy with cat litter before but when I first used this I was so excited it really worked never want to go back to the other stuff

  56. Stephanie

    Goes fast. Multiple cats.

    They must love it because they’ve all been jumping in their boxes, not avoiding the pine pellets. My cats really doPrefer a sandy texture and this is it. I do not want to go clean my NEIGHBORS DIRT, because these felines don’t like their litter. I’m sticking with this. Was a big hit.

  57. Pat Smith

    Works well.

    Pearl the Cat seems to like.

  58. Basma kadous

    Great value of money and does a wonderful job at absorbing the bad odors.

    I bought this about 3 times now and took my time to test it before I review it. I’ve tried many cat litter brands, and I’ve had issues with the odor in all of them. They just didn’t seem to absorb the urine/feces smell very well. But this product honestly surprised me with how good it is since it’s not very popular ( at least to my knowledge). I have one cat so I usually change the litter box every week or so, and my place remains odor-free the whole time, even right after my cat uses the litter box. A slight odor comes out when it is full and that’s when I know it’s time to change it. It also comes in a huge quantity which saves me a lot of money. Would definitely recommend.

  59. TomH

    Really actually better than other cat litters

    Cat little is cat litter, right? Yeah, pretty much … but I have been using this version for several years now and it’s kind of great. It’s the right size to clump well, and holds together when scooping. It doesn’t need any scent because it really does do the whole clumping thing well — even for my cat who sometimes does more of a spray than a pee. It does a good job making a scoopable clump in either case.And unrelated to the product, but wow, having a huge thing of cat litter show up on your doorstep (thanks Amazon delivery people!) is pretty awesome. I do the subscription thing so just having it show up is pretty sweet.I highly recommend two other things: get a metal cat box, bags designed for holding the waste, and a metal scoop — plastic is terrible for box and scoop, but the default option. I have two metal boxes, actually, and this allows me to go away for a night or weekend without coming back to a stinky mess. I tried the automatic scooper boxes, and the special magic cat litters they use for a while, but in the end, not easier than just scooping.

  60. david turk


    Works. Sons cat likes it.

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