Earth Rated Dog Wipes, Thick Plant Based Grooming Wipes for Easy Use on Paws, Body and Bum, Unscented, 100 Count

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About this item 99% PLANT-BASED: Our dog wipe fibres are certified compostable according to EN13432 standards, and made from cellulose fibres sourced from renewable resources. GENTLE AND CRUELTY-FREE: Made with soothing aloe vera, shea butter, chamomile, and cucumber. Gentle enough for daily use, even on sensitive spots. Gentle enough for daily use, even on sensitive spots.  DERMATOLOGIST TESTED: Hypoallergenic and free of parabens, and alcohol. A Dog Wipe a day keeps the bath stress away! GIVING BACK SINCE 2009: Your purchase from Earth Rated helps support animal shelters, rescues & non-profit organizations. As a B Corporation, making things better, for dogs and people, is the reason we’re excited to come to work each day.  ONE SIZE PRIMPS ALL: Contains 100 regular size wipes (8”x8”) perfect for small, medium, and large dogs.

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Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 10.63 x 4.61 x 2.56 inches; 1.94 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ ERWIPE100-GROOM-UNS

Material Feature ‏ : ‎ Compostable Warning

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 20, 2019

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Earth Rated

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07NHL31CC

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Dog Grooming Wipes

Customer Reviews: 38,824 ratings

Brand Earth Rated

Unit Count 100 Count

Material Feature Compostable

Color Unscented

Material Plastic

Item Form Solid

Scent Unscented 

Number of Items 1

Item Weight 880 Grams

Item Dimensions LxWxH 10.63 x 4.61 x 2.56 inches

Additional information


1 Count (Pack of 1), 400 Count (Pack of 1)

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

10.63 x 4.61 x 2.56 inches; 1.94 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Material Feature


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

February 20, 2019

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Earth Rated

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Dog Grooming Wipes


Lavender-Scented, Unscented


Earth Rated

Customer Reviews:

38,824 ratings

Unit Count

100 Count





Item Form




Number of Items


Item Weight

880 Grams

Item Dimensions LxWxH

10.63 x 4.61 x 2.56 inches

60 reviews for Earth Rated Dog Wipes, Thick Plant Based Grooming Wipes for Easy Use on Paws, Body and Bum, Unscented, 100 Count

  1. Isaias456

    Good wipes

    I got a new puppy and tried a couple of different scents and wipes. These seem to have a nice soft scent, cleans off my Maltese well and it’s good quality. Most likely will subscribe to get them regularly

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  2. Cuddlecakes88

    Good product

    My dog has skin allergies. So this is exactly what she needs. It doesn’t irritate her and it gets the job done.

  3. Jen

    Use these every walk!

    We love these wipes and use them after every walk. They wipe dirt off easily and don’t irritate my dog’s skin or paws!

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  4. Ashley

    Great Wipe for Messy Pups!

    I needed a non irritant wipe to clean my dogs’ paws when we come in from muddy walks. While they are annoyed with the process 🙂 , the wipes smell great and don’t dry out their paws. I love them for the car also!

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  5. Nicole

    Durable Wipes, Gentle on Pup

    I’ve been using these wipes for years to clean my dog. They are gentle enough to use on paws, face, or a general wipe down but durable enough that they don’t rip apart. No overwhelming scent. Great product!

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  6. T Chand

    ok so far.

    I don’t think any product you use on your animal for cleaning should be sceneted. the scent isn’t bad or super strong. I just worry it might irritate her skin, our dog has to have her bum wiped down daily. So far they are fine, but really expensive. You do get 400 wipes with others you get around 100 for around $8-12 so maybe not a bad deal in the end. We shall see.

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  7. Jessica R

    Great for wiping paws

    I use these wipes to clean my dogs paws after he comes inside or if he gets pee on his legs. I really like that they have a texture to them so it helps get his paws clean better than a completely smooth wipe. There is a scent but I don’t mind it and don’t notice it much.

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  8. Udit Sharma

    Great product

    Great wipes! I use it to wipe my dog after every trip outside!

  9. Robert

    Does the job

    I use these to wipe my dog’s ass so he doesn’t get poo on the furniture, he hates it, I’m not a fan, but it’s gotta be done. Occasionally they get all jammed up dispensing and I curse the world.

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  10. LJM

    Work well, buying unscented next time

    These wipes work great! I’ve used them on both of our dogs who have very different coats (pit & poodle) and they work very well on both. I typically use both sides & use two if they need a good clean up especially if it’s been hot. Mine like to roll in anything & everything that stinks and both HATE getting baths so these are very handy.They are a good size and don’t rip or tear when you’re using them either and I rub down our pittie pretty good because she can be a stinky girl!I think the moisture content is good. I personally don’t like them really wet & if I need more because they’re dirtier I add a little water. I’ve only done that a couple times as they are good as is. I’m definitely buying unscented next time though & wish I would’ve went with my gut and ordered those instead as the fragrance is very fake smelling. I have what my family has dubbed a ‘super sniffer’ & the lavender smells really strong/artificial/chemical to me so I can’t imagine what it smells like to my dogs. I wiped them down with an unscented baby wipe after to try and diminish the fragrance a bit. I occasionally have issues getting more than one out at a time but with 2 dogs & using more than 1 each time it’s not a huge issue. That almost always seems to be a problem with these types of products, it can be a hassle but we’re used to it. My husband & I have found that if you pinch them when pulling them out it reduces the chances of getting more than one. We had more issues when we it was full the first couple times. After that it was fine.Will definitely be buying again!To touch on the remarks made about propylene glycol. I looked it up & this is what I found. Unless you are orally ingesting high quantities of it, you should be fine using this product. It’s commonly used in cosmetics and food. No, they don’t list it on their ingredients list on Amazon, but it is on the package. From what I’ve read I’m guessing it’s used to retain moisture. See below from Healthline via Google.Propylene glycol is a synthetic food additive that belongs to the same chemical group as alcohol.SUMMARYPropylene glycol is a synthetic, colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid that belongs to the same chemical class as alcohol. It should not be confused with the toxic substance ethylene glycol.Propylene glycol is commonly used as an additive to aid in the processing of foods and improve their texture, flavor, appearance and shelf life.… it can dissolve some substances better than water and is also good at retaining moisture. This makes it very useful as a food additive, so it can be found in a wide variety of processed foods and drinks (2).SUMMARYPropylene glycol is commonly used as a food additive. It helps preserve moisture as well as dissolve colors and flavors. It is also used in some medications, cosmetic products, antifreeze and other industrial products.SUMMARYPropylene glycol is considered generally safe by US and European authorities. There is only one documented case of toxicity caused by excessive alcohol intake. It is recommended to limit intake to 11.4 mg per pound (25 mg/kg) of body weight per day.

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  11. joanne black

    Very good product

    Puppy always smells clean

  12. Mountain Woman

    Maybe the package design changed…

    I am changing my review from 3 starts to 5 and would give it many more if I could. Earth Rated is absolutely the most responsive company I have ever encountered, with the best customer service EVER! My initial review of 3 stars was because I had noticed what seemed to be a package design change in that I could not close the package and the plastic dispenser was missing. Now, I think that must have been a one-off mistake because all of the other packages do have the dispenser. In addition, instead of removing only one wipe at a time, several would come out together, creating a lot of waste. Marsha from customer service contacted me and offered a free package which I initially declined but then accepted. She explained that there is a new design that allows a one-at-a-time wipe to be removed from the package. However, she didn’t stop there. She followed up several times to make sure we had received the new package. We did receive it today.Not only was there a 4-pack (!) of Earth Rated Wipes, but there was also a really nice collar tag for our dog, Charley, with his name on it, a Bandana, a tote bag, an Earth Rated notebook and pen, an emergency door sticker, and a lovely note from Marsha & the Earth Rated team. I wish every company had customer service like this one! I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you, Marsha and thank you, Earth Rated for a great product and even greater customer service! This is the way to run a company and keep your customers for years.

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  13. Valerie

    Best no bath

    I have a poodle this keeps him clean.This is a very good product.

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  14. Belle

    Great for cleaning Paws

    I bought these to wipe down my dogs paws after an outdoor trip to dog park or walking. They do a great job at cleaning paws and are easy to dispense. I recommend if looking to keep paws clean. My dog licks his paws and don’t want him licking anything bad for him that was outside.

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  15. MK

    Love these wipes!

    Best unscented wipes for my puppy when he comes in from playing outside!

  16. Kathy A.

    Really good product.

    It has a nice gentle scent and it’s very soft to use. I use this on my dog cause she is older and has accidents. It really takes the smell of urine off of her and she smells fresh and clean since I’m disabled and unable to give her a bath every time.

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  17. Veronica Williams

    Smells good

    Love the way they smell

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  18. Life Curator

    I keep this in the car

    This product is very gentle and I recommend it. I always keep this wipes in the car for traveling. Since it’s plant based, I am not too worried when my dog licks his paws after using this product.

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  19. Brenda

    They are easy to use and they work to clean our dogs paws.

    Will purchase again.

  20. A. R. Cordero

    Quality wipes at an affordable price

    These are quality wipes that are conveniently easy-to-use and affordable. They are generous in size, unscented and safe for both dogs and cats. They are the only wipes that I trust to use on my furry babies because they are not made of harmful chemicals. In fact these wipes have the USDA certified Biobased Product label. So yes I highly recommend these wipes for all your furry babies.

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  21. rebecca h.

    Quick wipe down for your pup.

    Love using these when my dogs paws are a little muddy during the spring, summer and fall months. With her allergies as well it help wipe down after rolling around outside in the grass so she’s not so itchy. Great for during the winter as too with not having to bath her with the winter weather.

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  22. Leng Matthew Her


    Works good. It could be a little bit more moist but that’s fine.

  23. L Zielazny

    Does the job well

    Like that there is no scent. Quick clean up of the dog when needed.

  24. Lizab89

    Great product

    I’ve been buying these for years. Such a great item to have when you have a pup that enjoys running in all the wrong places on walks! I keep a pack at all entrances and bring them in the car for road trips. A huge lifesaver!

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  25. HollieHollie

    Great for my 2 senior dogs and my bad back

    I have 2 large senior dogs and bathing them regularly has become a struggle because my back isn’t as young as it used to be 😕I will never not let my dogs on the sofa or in the bed, so I’m able to keep them fresh and dander free in between baths with these wipes! ALSO! I use the lavender scented ones on them before my husband and I have long work shifts away! It has helped keep them calm while we’re away! 😊

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  26. J. E. Dewey

    perfect for my dog

    These work perfect for my dog. We use these for a quick wipe down, or to wipe her butt, they are even gentle enough to use around her face.

  27. carinalynn

    Great in every way!

    Great in every way. It’s the only wipes I use on my pups!

  28. joanrobaina



  29. crisscross

    Great product

    Really love these wipes. Not cloyingly scented, thick enough to hold together and not rip easily, could be a bit bigger, non irritating. Not dripping wet, either, just the right amount of moisture. Package holding up pretty well so far. Will definitely purchase repeatedly.

  30. Colleen Parker

    Not just for dogs!

    I use this on my dog, but since it is all natural, I use it to remove my makeup and it works wonders! This cloth is so thick and durable!! I love it

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  31. C. Lyon

    Great wipes

    We use these to clean our dog’s feet every time we walk him (we live in the city so tracking city street filth into our house isn’t ideal). He loves them, we love them, everyone loves them.

  32. Amazon Customer

    Nice to have on hand

    These wipes are nice to have on hand. Lots of uses of your puppy and adult dogs. I even use them to wipe out the crate. I was disappointed there wasn’t a little more scent to them.

  33. annie

    We love them

    I use them to wipe off my dog’s paws after every walk. There are easy to use, have no scent and gets my dog’s paws very clean. And I’ve notice my dog does not lick her paws anymore. Great product that I will continue to use.

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  34. sher

    Great wipes

    This is the only brand of dog wipes I use to wipe clean my dog. Very useful.

  35. Sarah C.

    Does what’s expected

    The dispenser is a bit hard to use. It doesn’t close back up all the way so some wipes might be dried out at the top. They aren’t the best to get all dirt off but they definitely help

  36. A User


    Favorite product for my two pups! Easy to grab and go!

  37. pjm

    Nice product line

    Product is easy to use. I take them with me wherever we go. Earth friendly

  38. Veronica

    These are the perfect dog wipes!

    I love these wipes! They are gentle in my dog’s face and paws. Use them after each walk outside with him.

  39. Presley Santos

    Love these

    I love that they don’t have a scent, and they really clean my dogs dirty paws well. I also use for her bum sometimes and it cleans it up with only 1 wipe.

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  40. Mel

    Great wipe

    Always a go to when i wipe my dogs paws.

  41. Tampa Girl

    Love these dog wipes!

    I use these daily as one of my poodles needs his bum wiped after each poop. These are no-scent and work great for many uses that I need for my poodles. Also cleans their paws after each outdoor outing and safe for my fur-babies.Great product!

  42. rdyaz

    Good—but badly packaged.

    Good wipe—nice size and strength. The way they are packaged though, usually three wipes come out at once in a ball and get stuck in the opening.It’s a pain every time I grab one—especially while holding the dog back to clean paws etc. It would be better if they were just folded in a box with a lid so you could grab just one.

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  43. Mahmonir Parvaneh


    Nice scent, easy to dispense

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  44. Yoly Mullen


    The only reason I’m giving these a 4-star instead of a 5-star review is the packaging. The wipes are crammed into the bag and the dispenser opening is large which makes it almost impossible to grab one wipe at a time. When multiple come out, you have to push the unneeded ones back into the bag immediately or they will dry out. Very frustrating and inconvenient. Other than that, I love these wipes.

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  45. East-Villager

    Excellent dog wipes

    These are the best dog wipes I’ve used, by far. They’re durable and the unscented ones are truly fragrance-free. They can be a tad bit difficult to remove from the packaging, but in my opinion, I’d rather have wet wipes that stay tucked in their package and don’t dry out that are slightly tricky to remove, than ones that pop out too far (or too many pop out) and end up drying out altogether. These stay wet through the very end of the package thanks to their habit of staying put. I have ordered these multiple times and will continue to do so. Life isn’t so bad that I deduct a star because it takes me four seconds to pull a wipe instead of one second.

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  46. Hailey Demeny

    Do the job, packaging could be better

    We use these multiple times a day on our dog. With the way her fur grows, she usually needs a wipe after using the bathroom. These do the job and aren’t overly scented. We use them to wipe her paws, face and body too as needed. My only complaint is the packaging, it can be hard to get the wipes out of the package and I am usually trying to do it one handed while holding my dog.

  47. Not meNot me

    As good as Kleenex

    I tried virtually all the other brands and found them quite difficult to take a new wipe out because I could not find where it started. Rummaging around to get a new wipe was really a hassle and sometimes you would get two or three of them together. With this product the wipe pops out like Kleenex so that when you take one the next one is right there. When they say no scent they mean it too. I did not find this to be true with other products. Also the wipe does not tear on the dog’s paws as it did with other brands. I cannot recommend this more highly and we have two dogs to use them on!

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  48. Megan Senner

    Paw-fect Wipe With Paw-fect Packaging

    I’ve tried a few different brands and these really stand above the rest.One of the things that stood out to me off the bat was the packaging. Unlike other packaging, this has a hard top plastic type of closure that snaps in place vs. a sticker closure. Other brands I’ve used with sticker closures just aren’t practical and lost their stick after so many uses which dried out the wipes inside. With this hard, plastic snap closure you know your wipes will stay moist and they won’t dry out.I like the overall size of how they fold their wipes and their packaging. The overall package is smaller than its competitors which makes it better for storing. When you are like me and live in a small apartment every square inch counts and this bag is tight and compact which means it fits better in small places. The small packaging with the hardtop closure makes it ideal to throw in my purse or bag when I want to take them hiking or to the beach with me.A ribbed texture that the cloth is made out of makes the wipes themsleves better because they have a chance to lock and grab more dirt and germs off your dog. Even when it’s not wet outside I will use these on my dogs and I am always shocked at the amount of dirt I got off of them that I otherwise would have never even seen. My dogs sleep with me so I don’t want to also sleep with the outside that they bring in.I like that they offer both scented and unscented. I use the scented ones on cav-a-poo and the unscented ones on my pom-a-poo who has sensitive skin. He typically has reactions to things due to his breeds sensitive skin and he had ZERO reaction to these wipes which is great for both him and me lolThese wipes overall just feel more sturdy to me which is a much-needed plus when you are using them to wipe off rough surfaces like their paws or their butt.These are a great alternative to people who want to keep their house dust, dirt, and germ-free. We all have to let our dogs outside but we don’t have to let the outside come in with our dogs.For a more in-depth review on these wipes check out

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  49. Laura Fuqua

    Must have!

    I have been using these dog wipes for about a year, they work great to do a quick clean-up of my 2 dogs when they come inside after playing in the backyard.

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  50. Reginald Waltersby VIII

    They work well but the clasp doesn’t

    I like the wipes but the mechanism to keep them sealed works very poorly and comes open constantly. It’s not very secure and has cause the top wipes to get dry multiple times, im surprised they haven’t all gone dry honestly so that’s nice. Needs to be fixed.

  51. Camille Cruz

    Go-to quality dog wipes

    These are a go-to product for quality pet wipes. I’ve been using other pet wipe brands but this is by far the best one I’ve came across. The quality and thickness of the wipes are great at getting into dirty paws. Price is reasonable considering pet wipes range from $8-15/each where I’m located. I have two dogs and use these wipes whenever they go out to potty so a four pack will last me roughly a month, almost two months depending on how many wipes I use. Also like the fact that it is unscented is great since I wouldn’t want my dogs to have any irritants to their paws.

  52. T for Tim

    Love these

    Found these at a local pet store and wanted to check them out. Now I absolutely love these and it makes my dog refreshed each time I use them from wiping his ears to his butt and paws(of course with different wipes each time). I would highly recommend if you have a dog that comes back with dirty paws or a poopy butt or plays too much and gets junk in his fur.

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  53. Reney

    My dog’s butt appreciate them!🤣

    I bought these for when my big furry mutts get messy outside. Occasionally the one, if we don’t keep his fur cut close, can be a little messy when he poops. There are a lot of wipes in the package and they are soft and safe for those times the pups need extra help. We use them on their paws and face too, but mentioning his butt got your attention didn’t it!🤣🤣 seriously, never use chemical wipes on your dogs to clean them.

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  54. shabnam ghaderi


    These wipes are awesome and the most important of all is the scent it has. All my friends tells me my dog smells so clean all the time.

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  55. PMurdock

    Good dog wipes

    These wipes work well on my dog’s paws and I like they don’t have a heavy perfumed scent. What I don’t like is when you take one out of the package, you end up with several, because they come out at once and I have to push them back into the package.

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  56. Nicole Alicea

    Thick and durable doggy wipes

    Soft wipes . Not too strong of a scent . My dog always felt clean after use . Great for quick clean ups

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  57. Thomas Anthony

    I love these but the dispenser is crap

    These smell so nice and fresh, they also clean our puppy well. I do order these frequently but the dispenser is so bad. I hope the company improves it. The lid never wants to snap closed and you struggle removing them, once you get one coming out, you’ll have several, so you have to stuff them back in, further adding to the lid closing issue.

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  58. C. Chambers

    Dog smell gone

    Used so far just once for our Frenchie. He had the dog smell I can’t stand so I tried the wipes. I used 4 total to wipe him down and scent is mild and not overpowering!

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  59. Sally Wise

    They are tough No ripping!

    Like package. All 4 paws cleared of mud on 2 dogs!

  60. Amazon Customer

    Love these wipes

    We wipe our dog down every time he takes a walk. The fact that these are natural and they really do remove the “outside smell” and dirt keep me buying them

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