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Maggi 2-Minute Noodles Masala 70g Case of 20 Packet


SPICEHUB SAMYANG Buldak HOT Chicken Flavour Ramen Noodles, (Pack of 10) BY SPICEHUB

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Explore Cuisine Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccine, Delicious Low Carb, Plant-based Vegan Pasta, High in Protein, High in Fibre, Gluten Free, Easy to Cook 6 Pack – 6 x 200g


(10 customer reviews)

About this item DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS HEALTHY PASTA ALTERNATIVE – rich in flavour with an excellent texture, these low carb noodles are loaded with 24g of fibre and 42g of protein per 100g Simply use this edamame pasta instead of the traditional sort to make all your everyday meals more tasty, satisfying and nutritious MADE FROM CERTIFIED ORGANIC EDAMAME AND MUNG BEANS – high in protein and naturally low carb, these gluten free noodles are made from two nutritious beans, popular in cuisines all over Southeast Asia ORGANIC LOW CARB PASTA, EXCELLENT FOR VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, KETO, AND GLUTEN-FREE DIETS – this versatile pantry pasta really is the healthy eating food that gives you everything you need with no additives – and it tastes great AS EASY TO COOK AS REGULAR PASTA – just boil for 5-7 minutes Add a sauce for an easy, healthy meal that all the family will enjoy Edamame & Mung Bean Fettuccine is more grainy and crinkled than ordinary pasta, so it holds the sauce better to enhance the whole flavour experience SUPPORTING SUSTAINABLE FARMING – Explore Cuisine searches the globe to bring you innovative, flavoursome foods that you can easily make part of your everyday life 2% of Explore Cuisine worldwide proceeds go to the Food for Thrive Foundation to support the farmers who grow these healthy organic crops
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Explore Cuisine is a global brand that makes delicious, organic plant-based foods.

Using innovative ingredients, it’s a great way to bring fresh flavours to your table.

Plus we support our organic farmers to help make the world a better place.



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  • Our delicious pasta gives you lots of protein without eating meat, fish or eggs.
  • These plant-based foods have up to twenty times more fibre than regular pasta.
  • Just like traditional pasta, you only need to pop it in a pan of boiling water for a few minutes.

black bean

edmame spaghetti

mung bean rotini

black bean & sesame


Green lentil

Black Bean Spaghetti

Edamame Spaghetti

Mung Bean Rotini

Black Bean & Sesame Fettuccine

Chickpea Fusilli

Green Lentil Penne
Protein/100g 45.3g 42.2g 20.6g 40.8g 20.5g 21.2g
Carbohydrate/100g 14.3g 13.1g 50.4g 10.0g 61.7g 57.7g
Fibre/100g 19.6g 23.3g 13.7g 24.0g 10.5g 6.0g
Soy Free X X


Dairy & Gluten Free

Food for ThriveFood for Thrive

Supporting Our Growers – Food to Thrive

Supporting Our Organic Farmers – We believe that healthy food grows from healthy hands, hearts and lives. That’s why 2% of all our worldwide sales goes directly to the Food To Thrive Foundation.

Sustainable Crops and Fairer Wages – By partnering with the local farmers who grow our organic crops the Foundation has helped hundreds of communities in some of the world’s poorest regions

10 reviews for Explore Cuisine Edamame and Mung Bean Fettuccine, Delicious Low Carb, Plant-based Vegan Pasta, High in Protein, High in Fibre, Gluten Free, Easy to Cook 6 Pack – 6 x 200g

  1. Lyndsey

    These are great for quick, tasty nutritious meals when mixed with vegetables etc.

  2. McEwan

    Incredible, delicious: don’t miss pasta!

  3. Dotty

    Ordered this brand for the first time and I cannot recommend it enough.Taste like real pasta if not better. Really filling and I’m not feeling like a carb zombie afterwards.

  4. Deanna

    I really like the ‘mouthfeel’ of these – I’ve tasted some truly awful pasta impostors over the years and these are, by far, the best. In a way these aren’t even an impostor – they aren’t quite the same as wheat pasta, but they’re certainly similar and have a unique, delicious dimension in their own right. I cook for no longer than 5 mins – packet says up to 7 – and recommend you do the same

  5. Natalie B

    I’ve been purchasing this product for a few years now and happy to see it in bulk on Amazon. It has no funny tastes or rubber texture, actually very much like traditional pasta! After cooking I add extra virgin olive oil, and fills me right up due to the high protein content. On a side note it smells like edamame and beans after you cook it!

  6. obelix

    We love this stuff. We use it just like pasta, but it is vegetable carbs, (more complex carbs and more nutritious) not white carbs. It tastes delicious. We were so glad to find it online as it has been difficult to source locally. We prefer it to ordinary pasta, and also to the red lentil and chick pea pasta (good though they are) which are easy to find in local supermarkets.

  7. G

    We are gluten free and this tastes amazing and it is better for us than normalPasta. Great weight loss

  8. MiA

    This is lovely.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Love the taste and goodness.

  10. Nikki

    Never thought I would find a low carb version that is palatable, well it definitely gives pasta a run for its money, a lil bit pricey but worth it. Will purchased again.

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