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Mavala Stop Deterrent Nail Polish Treatment Stops Putting Fingers In Your Mouth, For Ages 3+, 5 ml (Pack of 1)


JND 100% Pure Acetone Soak-Off Gel Acrylic Tips Nail Glue Nail Polish Remover (100ml)

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Foot Peel Mask with Peach by Plantifique – 2 Pack Foot Mask Dermatologically Tested – Repair Heels & Removes Dry Dead Skin for Soft Baby Feet – Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask for Hard Skin – Peeling


(10 customer reviews)

About this item Over 300,000 customers globally have chosen our Foot Peel Mask. Magazines like Daily Mail, Mirror, Glamor, Elle and Cosmopolitan featured and recommended this Natural Exfoliating Peeling Treatment The Peach Foot Mask removes calluses and cracked feet painlessly from the deepest layers of the skin. The Plantis complex helps get rid of your dead, dry skin and the Peach Kernel oil rejuvenates and accelerates the regeneration of your skin cells The quality and safety of the foot mask is guaranteed by the Independent German Dermatological Laboratory established in 1978. Our dermatologists created this foot exfoliator peeling mask formula without any harsh or harmful chemicals, such as parabeens or lanolin Easy to use: only three steps to soft feet in less than two weeks – Soak. Apply. Wash. Just follow our video instruction while enjoying your favourite show/book or sipping a cup of warm tea Choose the best Spa experience for yourself or for your loved ones as a gift. It fits both men and women, and covers most foot sizes ( up to size 11 US/ 45 EU)

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Product Description

foot peel peeling mask for hard skinfoot peel peeling mask for hard skin

Natural and Vegan Ingredients in a Powerful Plantis Complex 3 in 1

natural organic healthy foot mask men women natural organic healthy foot mask men women

soft feet for baby foot peel mask peeling like a snakesoft feet for baby foot peel mask peeling like a snake

soft feet for baby foot peel mask peeling like a snakesoft feet for baby foot peel mask peeling like a snake

Regenerates Faster Your Feet Skin Cells

Peach kernel Oil rejuvenates and increases the regeneration of your skin cells. The Peach healthy acids in our foot mask also maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

Moisturises and Softens Your Feet Skin

Aloe Vera is a key ingredient. Thanks to its healthy antioxidants, it is excellent for keeping your skin moisturized while it goes through the peeling process.

Cleanses and Purifies Your Feet Skin

Papaya is a super ingredient when it comes to callus removal. It sheds off impurities alongside dead skin cells. It maintains your feet skin texture radiant and clean.

tested foot peel mask tested foot peel mask



peeling peeling


Soak feet

Soak you feet in water for 10-20 minutes.

Wear the booties

Wear for 90 minutes.

The peeling process

The peeling process takes 5-7 days.

The results

Real results after peeling.

tested foot peel masktested foot peel mask
elle glamour daily mail peach foot maskelle glamour daily mail peach foot mask

foot peel mask


clay mask for face



quartz roller

Special Edition Plantifique Foot Peeling Mask

Plantifique Single Peach Foot Peeling Mask

Plantifique VEGAN Dead Sea Mud Mask with Superfoods

Plantifique Jade Stone Roller for Face

Plantifique Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Plantifique Rose Quartz Stone Roller for Face
About Get the benefits of all our Foot Masks in one box! Family Pack includes our 4 Foot Peel Masks. Each of them provides natural peeling for dry and rough feet, revealing the softest skin. Get rid of hard calluses on your feet with this gentle exfoliating Peach Foot Peeling Mask. Relax and enjoy a satisfying peeling process and say hello to your baby soft feet! The Superfood Clay Mask is the best hydrating mask for any skin type. The Superfood-rich formula will help you fight acne and blemishes while nourishing your skin. Roll away fine lines with the Jade Massage Set! The Jade Stone is known for its lifting effect on the face and for promoting balance. The set is a great gift idea for your closed ones. The Rose Quartz Gua Sha is the perfect tool for your face and body. It will relieve the tension in your muscle leaving feeling relaxed. The Rose Quartz Set will help you increase blood circulation, improve your tone, and bring a glow to the skin. Enjoy all these anti-aging properties with the massage set.

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Package Dimensions

‎19.4 x 14.5 x 2.7 cm; 140 Grams

Package Weight

‎0.18 Kilograms

Item weight

‎140 Grams




‎Customer Service Excellence. We want you to have the best experience with the product. If you're not satisfied please don't hesitate to contact us and we will find the best solution for you





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Date First Available

15 April 2019

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433 in Beauty (See Top 100 in Beauty) 2 in Moisturising Socks

10 reviews for Foot Peel Mask with Peach by Plantifique – 2 Pack Foot Mask Dermatologically Tested – Repair Heels & Removes Dry Dead Skin for Soft Baby Feet – Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask for Hard Skin – Peeling

  1. Sean

    At first I didn’t think this had done much. It wasn’t until a week later my feet started to peel, and I have quite literally been left with baby soft feet! My feet were horrendous before, I can’t rate this enough!

  2. Ms. Jessica J. M. Richards

    Let me begin by saying I’ve used many different types of foot peels before, with varying levels of success. The typical English weather changing left my feet severely cracked recently (you should moisturise your feet, who knew?!) and my feet had never been so bad before, but I couldn’t find my usual go to foot peel. I saw this particular one had loads of reviews and most were great. On impulse I bought it though it was more expensive than my previous ones, the bonus was it was on offer when I bought it so despite it being pricey for me, there was a discount so I thought I’d give it a try. From my experience of foot peels, I usually see results within a day or so. So when day 3 came around and I saw no visible results I got worried. Looked at the 1 star reviews and panicked that I made a £16 mistake (COVID times, I can’t really afford to make those!) anyway, I saw a lot of bad bad comments like, it’s a scam and doesn’t work, it burns your feet, there are no tags to secure the socks etc. But then day 4 came and my feet started shedding like a snake (I’ve never owned a snake before but I assume that they shed like my feet were). The pic I added was day 4 and the floating white stuff are my skin peels, I didn’t want to be too graphic but I know I like seeing actual results so I wanted to provide one for you. A week on and my feet feel amazing, it’s still peeling but I’m not surprised because like I said the cracking was bad and very very thick (sorry TMI). My feet that’s under the dead skin feels super smooth and soft. My key learning is that I never soaked my feet every night for 7 days after the foot peel as suggested but this time I did and it made a huge difference. I also moisturised it everyday for the 7 days which added to the softness and good results. I wore socks every night to stop the moisturiser from coming off on the bed (I caked it on with O’Keefes) I also kept the foot peel on for 2 hours (not recommending it, just saying what I did). Mine came with tabs that is separate from the actual socks but I had no problems securing the bags and then wore thick socks for added security during the two hours. It was pretty easy to use, and my feet feel amazing! I would say he really patient with it, soak your feet for 20 minutes everyday for 7 days and moisturise too! As tempting as it is, don’t pull the skin off the feet that is peeling, it doesn’t hurt if you do but I think rubbing it off is better and only takes off the skin that’s actually ready to go. Don’t do this thinking your feet will be perfect within 7 days because it may take longer than that and don’t be afraid of how corpse like your feet will look during the peeling process. Just to add I have sensitive skin but I had no problems with it like I’ve seen others have had in reviews. Overall I would use it again and have recommended it to friends already! I’ll update this if I suddenly have a bad reaction or results but 1 week in and I’m happy. All the cracks are gone 🙂

  3. Kirsty Jones

    I have to be the first to admit i do not really write a review on stuff i buy but i feel that i need to with this , i find this product amazing some people might find this product expensive but i can deffenetly say that its totally worth it. Its hard enough to try and find a product cheep to make your feet soft , im happy again to spend money on this product as it says exactly as it is and you deffenetly see the diffrence in a few days of your old skin peeling away, i would highly recomend this product and was even better doing it for a girls night with a few drinks and relaxing xx

  4. Anon

    Continually come back to these. They are more expensive than others you can get online or in stores but they really work

  5. Beth

    My friend said to me to get something like this after my surgery.I wasn’t disappointed.The peach smells like peach snaps not that it really matters does it?Easy to use.Used over an hour, just chilling.Even after 2 weeks it’s still doing it’s job.Very satisfying to me to peal off my own skin after about a week of it getting to work.Now bought bigger box

  6. Duffers

    I highly recomend this product. Easy to use and you will see your dead skin peel away. It can take a few days to happen.

  7. M. C. D

    Not gonna add pics as there’s plenty available that show you all you need to know. Defo soak your feet every day after doing the booties. This seems to be what makes it work. Not for the faint hearted. Have banned my fella using the other one in the pack as he’s the type to pick the skin off. Don’t do that, it’ll come away of its own accord. Took about 3 days to start but once it gets going, you’ll know about it. Don’t do it within 2 weeks of needing to wear any type of open shoe as no-one else need to see you shedding like a snake. Highly recommend!

  8. Blue67

    These are fantastic well worth the money put them on and my feet where peeling for a couple of days could not believe my eyes. Then my feet where as soft as a baby’s all hard skin gone everywhere on my feet. Could not believe the condition they left my feet in. Use a few times a year and your feet will feel amazing could not recommend enough…

  9. Davina

    It is a good product, but may be more suitable for people who have thick cuticle on foot otherwise there would not anything to peel off.And there are some stimulating materials which may lead to intolerance. Please make sure you are okay with all ingredients befroe you buy it.

  10. Anonymous

    I have thick skin so this took about 2 weeks for it to work for me, but it eventually did. You get 2 pairs in a pack also. Definitely great for value and gave my feet a new lease of life.

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