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Fungal Nail Treatment for Toenails Extra Strong, Finger and Toe Nail Fungal Treatment, Contains Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E, Nail Repair Treatment with Nail File and Nail Brush, 50ml


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About this item Repairs and Restores: An effective and fast-acting nail treatment that helps to restore the healthy appearance of discolored or damaged nails and prevents future reappearance of nail infections Alters the Nail’s Microevnironment: Our nail fungus treatment for toenails fights against onychomycosis (fungal nail infections). This powerful formula improves nails’ surface integrity, keeps them in good condition, and combats odor caused by fungi Acts fast: Our effective nail fungal treatment provides first signs of improvement in as little as 2 weeks! The nail recovery period depends on the degree of damage and therefore can take different amounts of time. It can take 3 to 6 months for a new nail to develop Pampers your nails: Give your nails a luxurious oil treatment! The natural oil blend hydrates the nail plate and binds moisture into the nail and cuticles, creating a stronger nail surface and improving your nails’ appearance Natural Ingredients: Combining 5 beneficial oils with Vitamin E, this deeply hydrating nail fungal treatment for toenails offers a powerful antifungal nail treatment formula rich in active ingredients

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Product Description

Thera Healthcare BenefitsThera Healthcare Benefits


Sweet Almond OilSweet Almond Oil

Melaleuca Leaf OilMelaleuca Leaf Oil

Jojoba Seed OilJojoba Seed Oil

Argan Seed OilArgan Seed Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Hydrogenated sweet almond oil improves nail strength. It is rich in zinc and also contains considerable amounts of B-complex vitamins especially B6 and iron that also help improve nail health and destroy fungus infection.

Malaleuca Leaf Oil

Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil (tea tree) is an essential oil with many therapeutic benefits. Among its healing benefits, tea tree oil has antifungal and antiseptic properties.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Simmondsia chinensis seed oil (jojoba) will keep your nails healthy in addition to possessing anti-inflammatory properties that help prevent any damage to your cuticles and nails.

Argan Seed Oil

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil (argan) moisturizes the cuticles, encourages healthy nail growth and is great for maintaining healthy nails.



First SignsFirst Signs



  • Diseases which cause poor circulation.
  • Older age (>65).
  • Wearing artificial nails.
  • Swimming in public swimming pools.
  • Nail injuries.
  • Skin injuries around the nail.
  • Moist fingers or toes for an extended time.
  • Weakened immune system.
  • Wearing closed-toe shoes, such as tennis shoes or boots.


  • White spots appearing on the surface.
  • White, yellow, green or brown parts.
  • Thicker growth than normal or, in some cases, thinner than normal.
  • Becoming brittle, with broken or jagged edges.
  • Change of shape, curling up or down.
  • Lift off of the nail bed.
  • Bad smell.
  • Pain.


  • Cleaning and disinfecting manicure and other nail enhancement equipment and supplies are strictly necessary before each use.
  • Use clean socks after each procedure.
  • Try to avoid as much as possible moist environment such as swimming pools, locker rooms, saunas and floors of public showers.
  • It occurs more often at people who wear tight shoes and stay in sweaty socks.
  • Choose breathable footwear all the time.
  • Cut your nails properly.
  • Consult a doctor when needed.
Do not do thatDo not do that


Do Not Do That!

Some people choose not to treat especially if the infection is mild or without symptom, however if left untreated, a fungal nail infection can cause the nail to thicken and distort, eventually drying out and detaching from the nail bed. The thick, distorted nail can become a source of discomfort when walking, and as the toenail begins to separate from the nail bed, it can become painful.

Inside the Box:

  • 50 ml of Fungal Nail Destroyer Wonder Oil.
  • FREE Nail File.
  • FREE Nail Brush.
Thera HealthcareThera Healthcare

Fungal Nail Destroyer is exactly what you need!

Here’s How You Can Prevent Nail Infections, Help Destroy and Eliminate Fungi! Pamper Your Nails, The Way They Deserve.

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‎Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

Package dimensions

‎14.7 x 4.9 x 4.6 centimetres

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‎0.15 Kilograms

Item dimensions L x W x H

‎47 x 47 x 147 millimetres






‎Anti-Fungal, Natural

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Product Dimensions

‎4.7 x 4.7 x 14.7 cm; 150 Grams



Date First Available

14 May 2019

Customer Reviews

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417 in Beauty (See Top 100 in Beauty) 1 in Nail Repair

10 reviews for Fungal Nail Treatment for Toenails Extra Strong, Finger and Toe Nail Fungal Treatment, Contains Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E, Nail Repair Treatment with Nail File and Nail Brush, 50ml

  1. Luna

    I tried another product before this and spent months applying it but it did nothing.I’ve had a fungal nail for around 20 years, had meds from the doctor and tried every ‘old wives tale’ around, even Vicks vapour rub but nothing worked.I decided to try this as a last resort and began applying it 3 times a day back in February with a disposable lip brush making sure I covered the entire nail and brushed it underneath where the nail was raised from the nail bed.By end end of April I saw a marked improvement in my nail so I stopped using it.Now in September the old nail has finally grown out and I have a perfect nail, a lovely white tip and a healthy pink nail, after years of having a discoloured and thickened nail it’s amazing!I really can’t believe this has actually worked and I can’t stop looking at my beautiful new, healthy toe nail :)I highly recommend this as it’s the only thing that has worked for me in 20 years.Follow the instructions and be patient as the nail does take time to grow out but it’s so worth it.

  2. Mr. J. Wiafe

    After a few days of use, maybe three or four, I am seeing a distinct difference in transforming discoloured toe nails to healthy coloured nails. I simply squeeze one or two drops from the pipette into the affected nail.

  3. Gisela Araujo

    It is a slow process and the secret is to maintain consistence. I’m in my second bottle, after suffering for a few years, and I can see a good improvement

  4. Christine Doncaster

    This stuff is amazing, you can see the difference after just one application and a fraction of the price you’d pay in the chemist. Easy to use.

  5. andy dacosta

    Very good value

  6. Terry Sellers

    “Have used this product previously & is excellent in dealing with my nail problems.”

  7. Chris A.

    I have had quite a bad fungal infection on my big toe for about three years now. I have tried a variety of products, none of which worked. I cannot take the anti fungal medication offered by my GP, because of a clash with my regular medication. I bought this product to try based on the various positive reviews. It works amazingly well and the infection is almost gone. I recommend this product to everyone.

  8. Pixifuf

    Firstly I’ve waited over a month before writing this review as wanted to actually review the product and its effectiveness.On arrival I was really impressed with the packaging; lovely ceramic bottle with a sturdy thick glass pipette. I was also really pleased with the free crystal nail file which alone is worth a good chunk of the product price.The oil itself is great, smells amazing and looking at the ingredients are basically all natural which really drew me to this item in the first place.I’ve suffered problems with both my big toes’ nails. It started with discoloration and then the nails both started lifting from the nailbed and putting any pressure on them was really uncomfortable. I was referred to a podiatrist by my GP (I have other foot ailments; flat feet and bunions with two different types of arthritis in both big toes’ – I know, lucky me) and I’d provided numerous nail clippings (yes it was gross and embarrassing) and each time they came back negative for bacteria/fungus.The podiatrist said it seems I’ve had some trauma to the nailbed and unfortunately once the nail has lifted so much and for so long it won’t reattach.I hate feet at the best if times but I became so embarrassed by my toenails I wouldn’t dare wear sandals and was forever hiding my feet. I decided to try to cut them down as far as I could hoping that might help but instead the nail grew thicker and more unsightly.Fast forward to perusing Amazon for nail products and I found this gem!! So I have to say I’ve been really bad at trying to use it 3 times a day and I’ve often missed complete days at a time however the difference it’s made is unbelievable :)On one foot my toe is a) completely attached with no discomfort when I press on it and b) the discoloration is basically disappeared and there is only the tiniest of grooves left but on the edge of the nail.The other foot is getting there slowly but surely. There is still discolouration but I can visibly see it fading and the nail has reattached and after filing the thickened nail it’s not growing back as thick. Although it still doesn’t look nice it’s such an improvement already and I’m confident with continued use it’ll grow back normally.I’d also like to note that I put the oil on my bunion too and it really helps with the inflammation as well as the burning itchy pain – AMAZING.Sorry for the long review but wanted to explain thoroughly how pleased I am with this product.I wasn’t going to add photos but feel it’s only fair. I didn’t take photos of my feet beforehand as I couldn’t bare to look at them but you can compare my worse toe to the other one as it was just as discoloured and both were not attached and even after being told by a medical professional they wouldn’t.Don’t hesitate get it in your basket!

  9. Cole

    Having tried the Scholl fungal treatment – which made no noticable difference, I decided to try this. Although initially sceptical, there was an immediate visual improvement and after just a few weeks the condition had all but vanished. I intend to persist, as the affected part of the nail needs time to grow out, but if you’re looking for a treatment that definitely works then I’d personally recommend this.

  10. Ron

    Excellent scent does the job. Easy to use and apply.

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