Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads 23″ x 23″ | Puppy Potty Training Pads That ABSORB & NEUTRALIZE Urine Instantly | New & Improved Quality Puppy Pee Pads, 100 count Pet Supplies

(60 customer reviews)


About this item NEW & IMPROVED LEAK-RESISTANT FOLDED EDGES – Redesigned pads with folded edge to prevent leakage even better than before No need to unfold the black edges – SEE VIDEO FOR DEMONSTRATION ABSORBS PET URINE AND ODOR – Glad Pets carbon-activated puppy pads absorb odor and pet urine, keeping your home free from pet urine odors 5 LAYERS OF LEAK-PROOF PROTECTION – Leak-proof pads absorb urine in under 30 seconds. Please make sure all edges are folded out completely during use to prevent leaking MEASURES 23″ x 23″ – Use these dog pee pads on their own, in a puppy crate, or even as a liner. Each charcoal dog pad measures 23 inch x 23 inch PHEROMONE ATTRACTANT – Pet training pads are developed with pheromone attractant so your dog knows where to go ADDITIONAL HOUSEHOLD USES – Get more use out of these disposable xl wee wee pads by using them as a food & water spill catcher, cat litter box spill mat, wet paw door mat, crate liner, furniture protection sheet, bath mat, and even an oil change drip mat

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Activated Carbon Training Pads Ultra Absorbent Training Pads Jumbo Size Training Pads Ultra Absorbent Training Pads Quantity 14 Count, 30 Count, 50 Count, 100 Count, 150 Count 24 Count, 40 Count 30 Count 85 Count Size 23″ x 23″ 23″ x 23″ 28″ x 30″ 22″ x 22″ Absorbency 3 Cups 4 Cups 6 Cups 3 Cups Features Best For Puppies & Small Dogs Double Sealed Edge for Leak Protection Best for Large or Multiple Dogs Best For Puppies & Small Dogs

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 10.5 x 11.1 x 7.75 inches; 6.25 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ FF8654

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ October 5, 2016

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Brand Buzz,LLC

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B01LWS9514

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

Best Sellers Rank: #10 in Cat Litter & Housebreaking

Customer Reviews: 107,991 ratings

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14 Count, 24 Count, 30 Count, 40 Count, 48 Count, 50 Count, 50 Count – 2 PK, 60 Count, 72 Count, 100 Count, 100 Count – 2 PK, 120 Count, 144 Count, 150 Count, 168 Count, 180 Count, 200 Count, 240 Count, 250 Count, 288 Count, 300 Count


Regular – 23" x 23", Giant – 30" x 36", Ultra Absorbent – 23" x 23", Jumbo – 28" x 30", Small 17.5" x 23.5"

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

10.5 x 11.1 x 7.75 inches; 6.25 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

October 5, 2016

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Brand Buzz,LLC

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#10 in Cat Litter & Housebreaking

Customer Reviews:

107,991 ratings

60 reviews for Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads 23″ x 23″ | Puppy Potty Training Pads That ABSORB & NEUTRALIZE Urine Instantly | New & Improved Quality Puppy Pee Pads, 100 count Pet Supplies

  1. Jon Dough

    No odor excapes

    Our 13-year-old Yorkshire terrier will not reuse a pad that she has once visited. This pad is unique enough that she will reuse it and even prefer it before going outside.

  2. Donna Roy

    Absorbency & drying, 2 thumbs up 👍🏾👍🏾

    If I could change one thing about this pad, which has nothing to do with the seller, would be to add the tapes on the bottom of the pads to keep them from moving and slipping. I had 8 pups that used a large pool do their business but the pads were moved around a lot causing partial use due to the pad being bunched up. This also caused poops and pee on the bottom of the pad which made for a messy clean up. This problem also forced me to use more pads than I should’ve had to. Oh and the pups chewed through padding perhaps trying to get to what was inside. Other than that the absorbency was spectacular.

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  3. Ashley

    Would definitely recommend!

    These do not leak! We left one on our patio to coax my puppy to go outdoors and forgot to bring it in overnight and it was rained on. When I removed it the next day, the wood underneath was dry. These hold an insane amount of water and we’re just using the small ones.

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  4. Moonlady130

    Highly recommend these training pads!

    These charcoal training pads are amazing! They truly mask odor and are also very absorbent. I now don’t have to change pads as frequently and the clean up is very easy. I use this for my Guinea pig and it stops him from eating the paper, as he would with a normal pad, so that’s great too! For extra absorbency for a small pet, I place a mixed layer of wood chips and shredded paper pieces on top of the charcoal paper for him to lie on top of and burrow into and, he loves it! You cannot go wrong with these pads. 10 out of 10

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  5. Annoymee

    Highly Recommend!

    I’ve tried multiple brands and these perform far better than anything else. They seem to be very absorbent with little to no leaking (when senior dogs pee on the pad instead of the edge); odor seems to be controlled. I provide these pads for overnight use and they DO NOT seep through to the floor!!! For added protection, I have since started placing these on a kennel tray for the mishaps of “edge peeing”. Works like a charm!

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  6. Amazon Customer


    These pads are incredible!!! I have a Breeze litter box. The Breeze pads were too expensive, so I purchased these as a replacement. They work perfectly! They also fit perfectly after I cut them in half. Now, I only use these pads for my litter box. Clearly, I highly recommend them!

  7. Sheryl Glover

    The absolute best potty pads

    This is the first time I’ve tried these pads, but I know a man who has a Chihuahua sanctuary and he uses these regularly. I thought I would try them out. So glad I did. These are the best pads I’ve ever had ever. The pad absorbs immediately, there’s no smell, which means I can use them longer, there’s no leaking. Impressed and will be a permanent product in our home from now on. I have five senior, senior Chihuahuas. These are our new go to. So happy I bought these.

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  8. Amanda

    Love that these are black

    I really like that these potty pads are black so they don’t advertise pee puddles. They hold pee well and do not smell. I will be buying more of these when I run out.

  9. NicoleR

    The Best Training Pads I’ve Tried

    These are the best training pads I’ve tried! I foster dogs and these have made potty training a lot easier!

  10. shelley carpenter

    Works great 👍

    I bought these for my Dad’s puppy and he loves them. They are very absorbent and keeps the odor down.

  11. Christy

    Great pee pads

    Great pee pads. Very absorbent and no smell. My dogs that use these when we’re at work are 5lbs and less.

  12. Barb

    My dog will not try this

    They seem nice but I am not able to get my dog on this. Maybe someday.

  13. Sabrina


    I wasn’t sure if my dog was gonna use them at first cause they weren’t white it took him a few days before he would use one. They are thin but seem absorbent

  14. Carla

    No smell!!

    Finally a pad that absorbs quickly.Plus the charcoal also really does control the urine smell.100 percent satisfaction!

  15. Psychotika

    Glad we’re Pads make you Glad you Bought them.

    Couldn’t help the title. These are the best. They don’t tear easily. They trap urine, and leave no Odor. Rapidly traps and gels the urine.

  16. Furbabytaco


    I order these almost monthly for my two dogs and normally love them. However, this last batch sucks because the sides are folded in. It’s hard to open them and now they don’t lay flat so the urine goes under the sides. I’ll give it one more delivery, if it happens again, I’m changing brands. I don’t know why they r folded different. Hoping it’s just a QC thing and goes back to normal.

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  17. Shopping with Grandma

    Good to have especially for cold winter days

    These work well as long as his aim is good!! I believe in the charcoal smell control too! One lasts for several potty trips and it doesn’t get stinky!! I also like that you don’t have big yellow spots as I would have on the white pads. He does go outside well…but when it’s -10° with a whims chill factor of -40…these are great!!

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  18. Robert

    Bad Batch

    I have been buying these for quite a while now with no problems until this latest order. The sides seem to be glued down making it very difficult to peel the flap open and then it kept wanting to flip back over leaving no boarder in our tray allowing pee to run under the pad. What a headache this batch was, every pad had the problem. I really hope it does not happen again or back to Bulldog pads.

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  19. Ken G.Ken G.

    Super absorbent 🧽

    I like the subtle dark color of the charcoal pads compared to a yellow pee stain on white pads. My puppy instantly knows where to go due to the attractant in the pads. Highly recommend!

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  20. Linda Steventon

    For my dogs.

    They go on them all the time while I’m at work.

  21. Jackie

    The charcoal helps with odors.

    Love these for my indoor pups! The charcoal helps with the odors of urine.

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  22. Daphne Santamaria

    Favorite pee pee pads

    Work amazing absorb everything and neutralizes the smell

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    Know the correct size

    Product was describe, does the job great

  24. Kathy Street

    Best there is

    I have been using these pads for a couple of years now it was a little hard to switch them over from the blue ones but now that I have no more accidents on my rugs. In my opinion, best puppy pads around my dogs don’t go outside they only use the pads.

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  25. Christine

    No pee smell!!!

    I have an 8lb Maltese. I have had a terrible time with pee smells from other puppy pads! This is the first puppy pad I have used, that lasts a day or two without any smell at all! I am so glad to finally walk into my house, and even directly into the bathroom where the pad is, and not immediately smell a used pee pad! Will absolutely keep purchasing these!!!

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  26. Carmen Carmen

    My favorite!

    Let me say that I have used so many pads in my dogs life time! She’s 8 and I had her since 8 weeks! These are by far the best we’ve used. Not sure if we will ever find one that is 100% leakproof. These are 90% of the time. She’s a small yorkie. But she can soak it in one use sometimes. She does pee a lot.

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  27. Luis A.

    Muy útiles

    Entrenar mascota

  28. Ms. Darlene BrownMs. Darlene Brown

    Glad Training Pads

    Once the Urin is on the pad it takes about 1 minute to feel pretty dry. I really don’t think that 100 Pads were in there. I believe there were only 50 because I’ve had them about 1 WEEK , and there ALMOST GONE!! I wish they would DOUBLE CHECK. Before they send them to customers, BECAUSE the PRICE is EXPENSIVE for only 50 PADS!! Plus I have a 2.24 Oz Yorkipoo, so I know I’m not using it for a LARGD DOG!!! Please FIX THIS ISSUE!! Darlene Brown ( XRTSUGA)

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  29. Kelly Heflin

    These claim to hold up to five cups of liquid and they might hold half a cup

    I used these for a while until I discovered the Hartz pads which are much more absorbent and hold a lot more liquid without leaking. They are thicker and these are terribly thin.

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  30. Brian W.

    Good puppy pads for our small Morkie dog

    These pads work great for our little dog but they don’t control odor very well. The absorbtion is fine. It doesn’t go through to the floor. But they are not very good for controlling odor. You’ll need a spray of some kind for that. I liked Nature’s Miracle the best out of any order control spray I’ve bought so far. But these pads get the job done for potty training and absorption.

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  31. jaeljael

    No smell, no puddles

    Very few people will be using these the way we do. They’re for our immune-compromised cat. Long story short, we can’t use litter. So it’s puppy pads in her litter box. Cat urine is a distinctly terrible smell so the better the pad the happier we all are.Here’s what that looks like with other pads: fold a puppy pad to fit. Layer on another pad. As soon as you smell it (and you will smell it) don rubber gloves and remove soiled pad(s). Get urine on your arms anyway. Use half a roll of paper towels to sop up puddles that seeped under the pad. Use pet friendly cleaner to clean pan. Layer fresh pads in the clean box. Take a shower.Here’s what it looks like with these pads: put one pad in the litter box. Check back regularly to see if she’s used it. Start to wonder if she’s dehydrated. Smell pad. Lift pad to check for seepage. Touch the pad with your fingertips and discover it’s barely damp. Cry happy tears when you realize you need to change one pad once a day and clean the box once a week. Say a quick prayer of thanks to the geniuses at Glad.Seriously though, no smell, no seepage. That’s all I need to know! I’ll never buy any other puppy pads…for my cat.

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  32. Frequent ONLINE Flyer


    I have 3 dogs and a doggy door. However, I have an old lady Chihuahua who simply will not go out at night due to fear. Therefore, we started buying puppy pads to place on the bathroom floor for her at night. These pads are really great for the smell compared to the blue and white ones! Really!!! Those blue ones reek! These black carbon pads absorb the ODOR quickly and the color stays NEUTRAL with the black CARBON lining. Great!The only problem is that when my little Chihuahua goes potty at night, there is a 50/50 chance that the pee will ROLL OFF THE SIDE of the pad and the pee will be under the pad in the morning when I see it. It looks as if the white edges (there are 2 white edges) of this carbon pad DO NOT LEAK, but the solid black edges do (there are 2 black edges). (See the image of the product to understand that 2 sides have white-lined edges while 2 sides do not.) Some days I have a mess to clean up, but other days it is fine. It simply depends on how close to the edge my little doggy goes potty. If she goes potty in THE VERY MIDDLE, it works just GREAT!! If she is near one of the edges, I might have a MESS IN THE MORNING. The pad only absorbs so quickly, and the gel can only form so fast; however, this does not mean that there should be a leak. I really think the company should work on the binding on all 4 of the edges.I want to address a few of the other customers who took pictures of their “pads not working” and posted them here with negative reviews. At least 2 of you have used the pads UPSIDE DOWN. Of course, the pad will not absorb pee on the plastic side! You have to put the mesh, webbed CLOTH SIDE UP. The plastic side goes on the bottom. Yikes! Really people!?! If you are someone who rated this product low, but YOU WERE TO BLAME for the product not working, you should be ashamed of yourself and come back to this page for a more accurate and honest assessment of the product. Really!Also, I want to assert that if your dog uses these every day, you should CHANGE THESE PADS EVERY DAY. I understand that if you have a big dog using these, you might need 2-3 a day, but even then, they cost pennies a day! I got my 100 pack for $17.00. This works out to $.06 a pad. If your dog pees on it, by the end of the day, you should change it! CHANGE IT after a day. You don’t have to change it right after he/she pees on it, but you should be changing these regularly. Come on…don’t blame the manufacturer for defective pee pads when THEY WORK for your dog to pee on but then you don’t change them enough and so your pet goes potty on the carpet next to the pad. Come on. Let’s be logical here. That is not a manufacturing issue. That is a YOU issue. Be kind to your pet. Don’t make him/her step on gooey carbon gel on a plastic pad to go potty. Change it once in a while!

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  33. Isaias456

    Good product

    This is a good product but my pup was confused by the color and smell. Takes some getting used to.

  34. Alex Thomas

    Little Expensive but SO good

    Great puppy pads, I had no issues with leaks. My wife commented that she likes the color of these better than the normal blue and white ones- so if that matters to you get em.

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  35. catherine cerriteno

    It really works

    I bought this for my 4 month old puppy, she was peeing all around and surprisingly this was and ecxelente solution. I place them in 2 only spots and I can say she looks for them and pee.

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  36. Amazon Customer

    They work

    Still have some

  37. Amazon Customer

    Good price

    Work like most but the price is right

  38. Breanna June Bergdall

    Really needed larger pads

    Got the same product once before but the pads were bigger the last time. This size does not hold enough liquid for my big dog

  39. Delicate Thistle

    Goes a long way in a day

    I adopted a rescue dog and she’s afraid of the outside. 🙁 So these pads have been saving her anxiety and my floors. She’s 10 lbs so these pads are used for a few times before needing to be thrown out. The absorbency is great!

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  40. L Joon

    Very helpful

    Love how you can’t see the pee stains on it!

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  41. SassC

    These are the PADS!

    These pads are everything. Living in an apt with a house dog can leave a mess when it comes to pet urine (stained floors, etc). These pads absorb quickly, DON’T leak and does not give of any odor even when you pick them up to change them out. Yes, they are a little pricey but you get what you pay for! I’m a forever customer because those other brands just don’t get the job done….PERIODT

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  42. PMB

    Size on packaging is inaccurate, but very good product.

    I’ve been purchasing this product and particular size for a very long time…I am extremely disappointed, to say the least about this last purchase. You’re misleading the public, as these training pads are not 23×23. The ones that I received are 20×23. Very stark difference so I measured. You should change the packaging to represent accuracy or lower your pricing. I will seek other products or options next time. Ty

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  43. yutzzz

    Best potty pads that I’ve tried!

    I ordered a pack of these over a year ago and didn’t feel like it was important to leave a review, but also because it took me almost a year to use the package I had purchased!My little shih tzu is housebroken, but I always leave out pee pads just in case I am in expectantly working late.It’s not fair to my pup to make her hold it on those days that I didn’t know ahead of time that I was going to have to stay at work for a couple of extra hours and I refuse to put her in a crate when I’m not home!Also, living in the Midwest, winters get cold and it can be hard on a little dogs feet to be out in the freezing cold and sorry, I refuse to put little boots on a dog! A winter sweater, but no boots!So, anyway, a year ago I ordered these, it took a long time to use the whole bag, but once I did, I was out at one of the larger home improvement stores and just grabbed a large bag of their pads and started using them. Pee pads are all the same right?Well actually no, they are not at all the same!With the brand that I purchased, I’d put them down and if I came home and saw that my dog had used one, when I’d go to pick it up to dispose of it, there is always always a wet spot on the floor!My dog is about 8lbs, she is incapable of peeing out more than possibly 1/16th of a cup of urine when she needs to go and I’m being generous in the amount of urine that she would possibly go at one time, yet these pee pads that I purchased from the home improvement store ( that were 3 dollars more than this bag of glad brand bags mind you) have not even been able to hold that amount of urine and I always need to mop the floor under the pad once I get home on top of having to toss out the pad!On top of the disappointing performance of the store brand for my dog, I have now rescued a lion head bunny. Since adopting her, I have discovered that you cannot put normal rabbit bedding down in her cage, anything you leave is going to stick to their long hair!I was at a lose as to what to do until another lion head owner suggested that I use pee pads to line my bunnies cage! An ingenious suggestion that has kept my bunny’s hair free of bedding debris, but once again, lifting out the pee pads is a disgusting mess!They wind up being soaked with urine and wet underneath the pee pads as well!So tonight I threw in the towel on this other brand of pee pads and I just placed an order for another bag of the glad pee pads!They work incredibly well, not once did urine ever soak through the pad and onto the floor when using for my dog, I’m just hoping they work just as well in my rabbits cage!I will keep you all posted if they do or not, but as far as using for my pup, they are the most absorbent pads that I have ever used and will continue to order these and only these from now on!I should known that since they are made by glad, they were going to work better than any others!No one paid me or gave me any promotional incentive to give this review, this is my honest opinion and I cannot recommend these any more highly than what I have said already!No, pee pads are not all the same and the expensive ones that come from reputable stores do not work better than these!Trust the Glad brand pads! They work better than any brand out there!

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  44. Evy

    Good product

    I get these for my mom and she has a cheweenie. They work great for her. She has a box inside a big garbage bag and then these on top so if they leakk its not on the floor but hasn’t yet and she’s been using them for over a year. Just wish the went lowing in price when I first were getting them I paid $16 for the same package, then covid hit, need I say more.

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  45. Jenny C

    Nice but small…

    I have a 9 pound Maltipoo and thought these would be perfect for her. The reason for the 4 stars is they are very small, so instead of using one pad, I place two on the floor. Otherwise, it’s a great product. It absorbs well and eliminates odors.

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  46. L.A

    Great Product for a 1st time puppy mom!!!!!

    I love this product it saves me time from keep buying more pads. I was skeptical, because I was using the blue pads at first. But it didn’t make a difference my puppy knew what to do. Love the quantity and how it absorbs. The pads are good and the urine/poop doesn’t go through the pads. Thank you

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  47. Connie

    Pee Pads for Dogs

    My little five pound dog likes these best and rarely does her business anywhere but these pads. The ones with perfume she seriously doesn’t like. These work for her and I don’t use any other brand anymore.

  48. Alice

    Best pads ever!!!!

    There is no pad that compares to these. The dogs go right to the middle and do their business and the gel absorbs the liquids and the smells. The problem with the other brands is that the dogs seemed to be attracted to the blue border around the pad and not the middle, leading to many accidents.We were completely surprised by the amount of urine the pads absorb and no more damp floors below the pad.

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  49. Amazon Customer

    Convenient if you’re able to switch them fairly quickly

    I have a senior dog who is becoming incontinent. She is very small, 13 lb, so I’m not dealing with a big volume. It keeps the urine from running all over but the liquid does seep through to the bottom, leaving a damp patch. It cuts down tremendously on the mess, but you do need to get them off the floor as soon as you notice that they’re wet. I appreciate the size because I can spread a few out and then remove the one that gets wet, rather than have to throw one big one out just because one little corner gets wet. Recommend.

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  50. Marangely Martinez

    Works like a charm!

    These pads have really good absorbency, they don’t smell or have any funky odor to it and they are very good for potty training. My dog is not used to using pads, she’s never even been potty trained but as soon as I put these on the floor she just went there and that’s how it has been with these pads, I didn’t even had to get those potty training mists or sprays that smell horrible for her to know. The pads are very good size for the price too!

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  51. Lucinda Callahan

    Good product

    I was looking for a puppy pad that would stand up to my dogs. Performs well but took off 1 star because there’s something about the pads that one of my dogs doesn’t like. She started to potty in the kitchen after I started using them. The other dogs use it just fine.

  52. marianne

    Great product!

    These pads are awesome! I have small dogs that go on puppy pads. And these are perfect! The carbon absorbs instantly and no leaking on the floor. Great by for the money

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  53. Michele Luckado

    These work well !

    These work very well. They are very absorbent and leak proof. And they’re also great for when my little ones cannot go outside due to bad weather. I love them!

  54. Jr J

    A must for puppies

    A must for puppies

  55. Carmen Agosto-Cruz

    Awesome find!

    Highly recommend

  56. kantra


    Great pee pad, nice to see its not blue, nice and large

  57. Elizabeth Robinson

    Great pet pads

    I used these for my pet bunny’s house. They worked very well for cleaning up his space daily. He lived to a ripe old age, but sadly, he passed away last Spring. These pads made caring for him a lot easier. I would recommend them for other pet bunny owners.

  58. NeeKay

    Best leak proof pads on the marke

    I’ve tried all the various charcoal doggy pads, these have the best leak guards of them all. I exclusively use these. Don’t waste your time or money on other brands. Protect your floors & use Glad brand.

  59. A foster

    Wee wee pads are the best but this goes underneath

    Wee wee pads are the best but this goes underneath

  60. Kharla VidalKharla Vidal

    New design is not as good as the old product—why the change?

    The pad on the left is the old Glad pad—the thickness, leak “proofness” and even just how it is folded worked really well—i give 5 stars for this pad.Now the pad on the right is the Glad pad with new packaging, folded differently that makes it fold right back and the white strip that’s supposed to stop urine from going over the edge gets hidden under the fold again so the urine overflows! The thickness also changed, its so thin that urine seeps through. Why the change? How its folded did not significantly decrease the size if that’s what you intended to do….very thin material now—cost cutting? Well you cut the quality too!!This packaging now i have received for 2 or 3 shipments…i’m already looking for a better product. Make it as you have made it before!!!

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