Good’N’Fun Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs, 1.5 Pound (Pack of 1)

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About this item A Savory Combination Of Five Flavors That Dogs Love Most Treats Made From Rawhide And Pork Hide, Then Wrapped With Real Chicken, Duck And Chicken Liver Natural Chewing Action Helps Reduce Tartar Buildup Great Source Of Protein Satisfy Your Dog’S Natural Urge To Chew

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Good ‘n’ Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs

Long-lasting entertainment

Tails will be wagging for this flavor packed treat! With 3 different types of meat, Triple Flavor Kabobs satisfy your dog’s cravings. Premium Chicken Breast, Wholesome Duck and Hearty Chicken Liver are combined to create a deliciously unique treat that will keep your companion entertained. Reward your dog with long lasting flavor and fun.

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Good ‘n’ Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs contains a savory combination of five flavors that dogs love most

These delicious chew treats are made from rawhide and pork hide, then wrapped with real chicken, duck and chicken liver to create this truly delightful, long-lasting treat your dog will love.

  • Made with real chicken, duck and chicken liver.
  • Great source of protein.
  • Natural chewing action helps reduce tartar buildup and remove plaque.
  • Healthy & delicious way to satisfy your dog’s natural urge to chew.

Good ‘n’ Fun Triple Flavor Chews Good ‘n’ Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs Good ‘n’ Fun Triple Flavor Wings Chicken ✓ ✓ ✓ Liver ✓ Duck ✓ Beefhide ✓ ✓ Porkhide ✓ ✓ ✓

About this item

  • A Savory Combination Of Five Flavors That Dogs Love Most
  • Treats Made From Rawhide And Pork Hide, Then Wrapped With Real Chicken, Duck And Chicken Liver
  • Natural Chewing Action Helps Reduce Tartar Buildup
  • Great Source Of Protein
  • Satisfy Your Dog’S Natural Urge To Chew

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4-Ounce, 12-Ounce, 12-Ounce, 18 Count, 24-Ounce, 36 Count, 48-Ounce, 192-Ounce, 1 Case of 4 pks, 288-Ounce, 432 count, Kabobs/Roll-Ups, Kabobs/Wavy Chips/Soft & Crunchy, 18 Count (Pack of 12)

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9.45 x 3.5 x 10.04 inches; 1.01 Pounds

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April 1, 2018

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Spectrum Brands Pet LLC

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#1 in Dog Bones

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50,344 ratings

60 reviews for Good’N’Fun Triple Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs, 1.5 Pound (Pack of 1)

  1. Joyce Niemi

    Dog loves them!

    Beware! Becomes an addiction for her.

  2. Larry

    Dogs love it

    Dogs get several flavors in one treat…

  3. Shaun

    My pup’s favorite

    So I give it a low rating for longevity because my dog eats this is in 30 or less but she is 100lb of beautiful lovable destruction. I had to raise the bird feeder so she would stop chomping birdies in one bite. Grandmas doggo a lil 8lb fur ball that is some kind of poodle can spend an episode of the office with one of these. Even tho my pup kills these I still buy them. She gets so excited she will take this treat back to her spot to enjoy it instead of just swallowing it like other treats. When Amazon drops these off she gets all excited about the front door. I dunno if she smells them or what but dang. They seem ti be a pretty good quality and these never upset her stomach like other treats. Again this dog eats birds and mice whole without issue so what is in these other treats that upset her stomach?!? I’d definitely recommend these to anyone that has a good boy at home that needs a treat and some good ear scratches

    5 people found this helpful

  4. Jeni Romero

    Great product for the price, and the quality was excellent.

    I liked that it was delivered to my front door in a timely manner, and the cost was economical.

  5. B. webb

    love them

    my dogs love them.

  6. B. O’Dell

    My dog loves it

    We give this as a treat after my picky eater finishes her kibbles. She loves it.

  7. ThisIsJaine

    Fresh Breath!

    Love, love, love these! My breath has never been fresher and I rarely even have to floss anymore. Also A+ on taste, value for cost, and fast shipping.

  8. Antonia Flores

    Fast shipping

    Good product my dog love it

  9. michael gargiulo

    Great For Our Picky Dog

    Our 10 year old cockerspaniel has always been extremely picky about her treats. We’ve probably spent a few hundred dollars trying to find snacks for her that she won’t give a dismissive sniff to. Found these on sale at BJ’s earlier this year and was happily surprised that she LOVED them.These are nicely portioned for a small to medium-sized dog. She usually tears the smallish meat chunks off right away, but then uses the stick portion to gnaw on for a few hours.Price is great for the amount of kebabs you get. Our dog has a sensitive stomach and these treats have been fine for her digestion.

    5 people found this helpful

  10. shawn stead


    The dogs loved it

  11. Anita

    My Dogs love these

    The Good n Fun triple flavor rawhide were bought as a treat for my two dogs. They love these and will turn nose up at anything else. They love the flavor, they know where we keep them and will sit there till you give them one. You can’t go work with this purchase. Your dog will love you for it

    One person found this helpful

  12. lynnez

    My picky Yorkie’s love these.

    I can hardly get my dogs to eat high-quality dog food with a topper ( Marie’s was a life changer) But they love these. I only worry about the rawhide which they are saying is not that great for them. BUT, some days they never eat and it’s a relief to have the only thing I KNOW they will always eat. Probably not great parenting, but I’m a worrier.

    One person found this helpful

  13. Susan


    My pups are hard to please but they ate them right up. I should have bought more bags.

  14. Jonathan Brown

    Diesel Dog loves these treats

    Diesel Dog loves these treats. I find the bones are hard on my teeth, but he just chomps them down

  15. Lu

    Great buy!

    These treats are always frsher than what you buy at the stores.! The ones at the stores are always discolored and stale.There looks like there is more meat on the sticks. My dogs love them. Good price for amount you get.

  16. Rich Whipple

    Quick shipping

    My dogs enjoy them too much they are just eaten without much time spent chewing.

  17. Shivaun McCloud

    The dogs loved the treats they stay fresh in the bag.

    The product stays fresh in the bag and the dogs love the treats.

  18. Kennedy Ward

    Pup approved

    My Husky loves these but she can finish one in literally less than a minute. They are supposed to be for chewing like a bone but she tears them up lol. Still great she loves these and I feel like I can’t keep them on the shelf lol

  19. Ness

    My dog says …

    … yes!!! He loves them daily

  20. Lorna Syer

    Zoe’s fav

    We have a very picky Anatolian Shepherd. This is the one treat that she consistently gets excited for. With so many she will smell it and walk away or turn her head in refusal.

  21. jennifer korngiver

    Dogs love

    Buy big pack

  22. gegi

    Dog Crack

    My dog woke me up to take him outside in order to get another treat

    One person found this helpful

  23. Irene J Garcia

    Dog treats

    My dogs love these treats.

  24. Sugarland02

    Too large – molds

    My dogs love this treat so I supersized to 48ozs but the smell and the actual mold are stunning. Will still buy regular size like 24 oz, but don’t recommend 48oz size unless you’re feeding a kennel.

    2 people found this helpful

  25. Mary V.

    Dogs love them

    I buy these for my sisters dogs for they love them!

  26. An Le

    my dog love

    my dog fav treat

  27. April willingham

    great for treats

    great as rewards for dogs

  28. Johana Vargas

    My baby loves it

    I always buy this for my baby

  29. dawniellelee

    Best dog treats ever!

    My puppy loves these things. Most definitely will continue to buy these for him.

  30. carlos song

    My dog loves these a lot

    Good deal if i buy a huge package

    One person found this helpful

  31. Vera

    My fur baby’s favorite treat!

    This is our 5 year old boxers favorite treat!!! With those adorable eyes and sweet face he can sucker us out of two treats a day! LOLWhen they are on sale, I buy two bags because we can go through them quickly.My sister gave the puppy an AMAZON gift card forChristmas so we could order him a bag for Christmas – by far his FAVORITE gift!!!

    One person found this helpful

  32. Sonogirl

    Dog loves these!

    My dog loves these and begs for 1 every morning! I only lasts a few minutes but that’s ok with us. If you want a long lasting rawhide chew that keeps dog busy for a long time, then this is not for you. My dog is 6 years old and weighs 75 lbs so he is a hard chewer. Smaller dogs may get longer chew time. My dog likes bones that he can “eat” and isn’t very fond of bones that he has to chew on for long periods of time so these are perfect.

    3 people found this helpful

  33. DaDussa

    Dogs go crazy!

    My dogs love these. I guess it really is a triple treat just like a banana split for us humans. Whenever I give them a different type of chewy I can see the disappointment in their faces. When I hand them these I get a smile from ear to ear!

    One person found this helpful

  34. Sterzy

    My Bugg (Boston Terrier/Pug mix) loves them

    This bag is huge and better value. We pay the same price for a bag of 8, at the local grocery store. I think there are 35 in this bag.My dog loves them and we rotate these with the Good N’ Fun flavored bully sticks. He loves both and the only reason we rotate is because he gets bored with the same treats all the time.

    One person found this helpful

  35. LLB

    These are my dogs favorite treats…

    I have a small Maltese mix and a very, very large Rottie who both love these. Ofcourse the rott eats hers quicker but little Izzy can naw on it for quite a while if the big rott didn’t try to steal it from her.It would be smarter of me to give these a one star so that they would always be in stock but I can’t let you deny your pup of these yummy healthy treats. Every dog I have ever given one to really love them. What’s not to love about three meat chunks in a single treat?This is my dogs morning after pee treat and if I run out they are mad about it. They go to cabinet I keep them in and pout and scratch at the door. So amazon stop running out!!!

  36. Barry M Nason

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  37. BD

    My little dog loved it!

    My little Yorkie loved these treats! Her favorite by far! Got her when she was about a year old and she was abused. She was just skin and bones. That sure changed in the next almost 8 years! She loved food and ate home-cooked meals. She was very spoiled and had a choice of foods, yet she was very picky about any kind of dog food or dog treats. Except for these! Not sure why, but she absolutely loved these! This was the only dog food/treat she would eat. I purchased it 10 times (between 7 to 10 bags each time) and never had any issues like mold etc. Occasionally I would receive a batch that seemed a bit tough, maybe because it was older? I would always cut the meat to little pieces so it wasn’t a big deal (she never ate the sticks and after I cut the meat once, she decided it’s easier to let me do the work).I still have bags left of this stuff. It will take years for my brother’s Yorkie to eat them all. Of all days, Amazon picked today to ask me if I was running too low. She would have been 9 today. I will never forget you Lala!

    2 people found this helpful

  38. Vaanth

    My dog’s favorite treat.

    My dog is not real picky and likes an assortment of items, but these are definitely his favorite. I have subscribed to these on Amazon for a while and each package has been fresh. Cost is fair compared to others.

  39. Alene Lopau

    Dogs love them

    I have two dogs, Yorky, and a poodle standard. The dogs just really love these. I give two to the large dog and one to the small dog and they just have the best time chilling.

  40. rosie57

    Good N fun dog treats triple kabobs

    My dogs love these but they have become unreasonably expensive I will not be purchasing anymore. I am going to home made treats instead.

  41. Palm Springs Reader

    My Dogs loves them

    It takes a while for my small dog to eat them she eats the Duck Chicken and the other one and sometimes she eats the rawhide. Highlight of her day.

  42. Raqui

    He loves it

    We are leaving in a Family building when I want Meeko comes to my floor I just have to shake the bag and he came too fast . He loves the snack so much. I will love to get some discounts because he loves it and eat it too fast lol

    One person found this helpful

  43. Cristy

    Popular chews

    I have three shepherds. They love these raw hides. They last as long as expected for my dogs size. A little pricey but worth it if it makes my furry children happy. I do like the larger size so I will keep purchasing.

  44. Sarah

    My dog loves them

    My dog loves them! Some in the packet were mouldy despite the oxygen saver packet in them.

  45. B. Curry

    The only things the dogs are expect for their “dinner snack”

    If I didn’t have a regular supply of these in the house, I know our four dogs would eat me in my sleep.

  46. Connie

    My dog loves it.

    My Love this. But it doesn’t seem that appetizing to me actually rawhide is hard.

  47. Dan D.

    Great snacks

    Our dogs love them

  48. Cynthia Northup

    Best dog treats out there.

    Always arrive fresh and my dogs absolutely love them. Any dog would love them and any dog who’s parents bought these feel the same way. Great for chewers.

    One person found this helpful

  49. Amazon Customer


    My aussie loves these! They’re great for entertaining him!

  50. Teresa

    Thank you!

    Never disappoints! Thank you!

  51. Deborah Malekzadeh

    Excellent product

    Excellent product

    One person found this helpful

  52. Jacqueline Wood

    Can’t live without

    I have bought these for my dogs for many years. Yes they are a little pricey but my dogs prefer this dog treat. My dogs are very fussy.

  53. Aga

    Your dog’s best snack

    My dog loves it, they are expensive cut Amazon provides the cheapest option available. Totally recommend it, my cocker spaniel loves it.


    My dogs love it price went up.bought it 45 times this year.will not buy expensive..

    Product good.price went up again..will not buy for that price ..

  55. Bobbie Jo

    My dog loves this .

    These are my dogs favorite treat .

  56. Amazon Customer


    5 stars for flavor, 3 stars for safety.My dog has been eating these treats for almost 2 years. He absolutely loves these. My only con is, once the meat is off, and the bone is chewed for some time, the bone begins to unravel. Not an issue ideally because he loves chewing them up, then i tradh it. However, recently he was eating his bone, for a while. I could hear him chomping, I looked over and he looked a bit out of it. I went to his mouth, and opened it, here the bone was partially unraveled and half the bone was down his throat , while there was about an inch only in his mouth left. I immediately pulled the bone out and there it was the full bone, half unraveled.So I’d say just don’t leave your pet alone while eating these bones or if you’re leaving the house. Usually my dog eats the meat, then comes back for the bone later, but this one day, thankfully i was there, because he was choking. Thankfully I didn’t leave him with his bone while leaving the house, which I would typically do to distract him.Overall he loves the bones, so the flavor is great, just a bit scary when they unravel, especially if your pet grabs and goes! Just something to be aware of.

  57. Mary Ellen

    Remy’s favorite snack

    Favorite snack for my grandpuppy

  58. Patsy Martinez

    Dogs love them

    Dogs love these treats. No mess to clean up after they eat them.

  59. Laurel

    My dog loves me

    His favorite treat.

  60. Danielle Neal

    Dog’s best treat

    My dogs love these treats. They can chew off the outside flavors and then have a rawhide to nibble on for days to come.

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