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Key Benefits

One-swipe wonder!

Promotes appearance of longer, thicker lashes

Suitable for contacts and lash extensions

Ophthalmologist tested


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Product Type

Lash Enhancing Serum

Leave-In Lash Conditioner Conditioning Peptide Mascara Pre-Mascara Lengthener/Thicken Intense Thickening Mascara Heated Lash Curler Benefits

Enhances natural lash length

Less lash fallout + breakage Conditioned lashes + length Extra lash length + volume Dramatic lash volume + health Long-lasting heated curl Ingredients

Amino Acids + Hyaluronic Acid

Widelash + Avocado Oil Peptides + Natural Wax Blend Peptides + Natural Wax Blend Castor Oil No pinching/crimping Suggested Use

Once daily to lash line

Daily before mascara/primer Once daily Once daily before mascara Once daily After mascara + on-the-go Recommended For

Short, thin, brittle lashes

Stronger/softer/healthy lashes Conditioning dry, dull lashes Adding lash volume + length Lush, dense looking lashes Instant, natural lash curl

How does it work?

Infused with a blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids to promote the appearance of naturally longer, thicker looking lashes in 4-6 weeks, with full improvement in 3 months. It’s a favorite for helping to enhance short, thinning, brittle lashes.

What should I do if the product gets into my eye?

GrandeLASH-MD is not intended to be applied directly to the eye. If the product gets into the eye accidentally, rinse with cool water.

Can GrandeLASH-MD cause sensitivity?

As with many skincare products, users may experience a period of initial sensitivity. If this occurs, we recommend using the product 2-3 times a week for the first 2 weeks. Then, continue use as directed. If sensitivity persists, discontinue use.

Does GrandeLASH-MD also work for eyebrows?

GrandeLASH-MD is designed to be used on your lashes as it has a concentration of lash loving ingredients that follow your lash cycle. Since our brows easily collect dust and dander, we wouldn’t want anyone to experience cross-contamination

What should I avoid when using GrandeLASH-MD?

Don’t apply to the actual lashes, lower lashline, or inner tear duct area. Don’t use more than one dip into the bottle or multiple strokes of product per each lash line. Don’t forget to let the product dry completely. Don’t apply more than once a day

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1mL, 6-week starter supply, 2mL, 3-month supply, 4mL, 6-month supply

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#1 in Lash Enhancers & Primers

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38,855 ratings

60 reviews for Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum, 1 ml – 6-week starter supply Beauty & Personal CareLive viewers eye icon

  1. Angelica

    This stuff really works!

    I bought into the Latisse serum that Brook Shields used to promote some years ago and it was a waste of money like bougie water.I heard from a girl at the nail salon about this particular product and I’m happy to say it actually works!!!It will make your eyes a little pink or sensitive but I wear eye makeup too so it’s just like having washed your eyes with soap a bit.To me, it’s absolutely worth the price and almost any inexpensive mascara will do.

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  2. Maria

    The picture speaks for itself

    It works very well, my lashes have never been this long ever. Some people have complained about side effects such as; discoloration on water line, irritation, etc. but I haven’t had any of those issues. One thing I will note is that I did notice, my lashes appeared darker, but I’m not complaining! The serum worked fast, I started noticing a bit of a difference around 2-ish weeks. Although I do think that the serum is SOO overpriced, I bought the travel size which states it only last 6weeks and it’s been over 6 weeks and there so much still in the bottle. I have a hard time spending $60 or so on this…

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Skeptical, but now buy all the time!

    I can’t bring myself to buy the larger size as its just expensive, but this stuff works. I have always had full lashes but they were never long so when I wore mascara you couldn’t see them that much still. After three months (this bottle size lasted me that long) I saw dramatic results. My boyfriend and friends even commented. I apply every morning before work, and even when I plan to wear makeup (just let dry first). I apply above the lashline like eyeliner and then I go under the lashes and stroke like I would if applying mascara. (without touching the eye of course).

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  4. Faith

    Love my new lashes

    I don’t have any before or after pictures BUT I love this stuff! I’m not very into makeup and all that but I’ve always hated my short stubby lashes. I knew this was working when my sister asked if I had finally figured out how to wear false lashes. NOPE! Just using my lash growth serum lol. Love it! Already ordered my second tube, I use it two or three times a week now that I’m happy with my length. In the beginning I used it regularly once a day in the mornings.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Really works and I was skeptical

    I saw a difference in my lash length within a few weeks. I have used prescription lash growth before and it turned my eyelids pink and I grew a little facial hair under my eyes, but this didn’t have those side effects. I also tried fake eyelashes (too much work, uncomfortable, and too dramatic). I tried having my lashes done by a professional but it was expensive and time-consuming. I’ll definitely be buying this again. This is the way to go for nice long lashes that still look natural.

  6. holly g


    I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to cosemetics. I’ve tried several other brands and they were ok but I must say, I’m VERY impressed with this product. I saw results in a few weeks of use and people have actually commented on my lashes. I’m truly blown away that it actually works. Will 100% buy again and have recommended this to many.

  7. ladybolt17

    Eyelash serum

    My eyelashes were very weak, short and brittle per my Eyelash Stylist. I’ve been using this serum 6 weeks and the growth,Length and thickness has improved greatly. I am amazed on the improvement.I am hooked on Grande Lash eyelash serum and I have reordered my next tube.The price is worth it completely!!! Do not hesitate to order this product. Do it now!!!

  8. Linda R.

    Works well

    Product works like they said it would. It took a few weeks to notice but now I actually have to trim some because they hit my glasses. Seems that some hairs grow faster than others. I’ve been using this for about 2 months, at first every night and now a few nights a week. I will buy this again when this one runs out

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  9. Krystle

    This Product Works and I’ve Tried Everything!

    I’ve always wanted long full lashes and went to eye lash technicians to get them. And was still not happy. Then I found this product! And let me tell you…my eyelashes grow. You have to remain consistent. I did not see results until the 3rd week. I started getting compliments from men about how beautiful and long my eyelashes were. I can really see the difference and best yet—my skin is okay with the product. I had no allergies or anything. I am so happy! Make sure you use the product as instructed every day.

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  10. Bailey


    I normally don’t write reviews but I feel like I had to for this! AMAZING! I bought this a week ago and I’m already seeing crazy results! My eyelashes were damaged due to extensions so I bought this. I also have sensitive skin and this hasn’t hurt my eyelashes/skin either! I’m truly so impressed and sooooo happy with the results and how quick they happened! Must buy!

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  11. Jordan Ramirez

    Great Product

    My eyelashes were damaged from lash extensions so I had a lot of bald spots; all of those filled in within the first 3 weeks! My eyelashes are significantly thicker and no bald spots. Now i can see the length! The only disappointing thing was my bottle accidentally tipped over on my bathroom counter during use and most of it poured on the floor. I am pretty sad because i got the 3-month supply and it was $70…. I wish the container had like a stopper to where it couldnt pour out in worst case scenarios but other than that and the price. I love this product. And i learned the hard way no matter what do not let the bottle fall!!!

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  12. Amanda rooney

    LOVE IT!!!

    I have super sensitive skin so I’m always nervous to use new eye products. I’ve been using this products for a few weeks now and it hasn’t bothered my skin at all, no redness, or irritations to my eyes. I’m super pleased with it. My eyelashes are for sure getting long and finally getting back to normal. I decided to go and get eyelash extensions done and I will NEVER do that again, it ruined my natural eyelashes and pulled a good bit of them out. so I got this eyelash serum to help my natural lashes grow back. AND IT WORKS!!!!!

  13. Jennifer Grover

    Works! A bit irritating so need to gauge use accordingly

    This product works for sure, but it does irritate the eyes a bit. I use it maybe 4 days/week. The eyelash line feels just a bit itchy and swollen if I use it more frequently. I think it slightly darkens my eyelid as well. I always wear eye makeup so this doesn’t bother me much. It is also helpful to have a product because it encourages full removal of eye makeup at night (sometimes I get very tired and sleep with my eye makeup on- this forces better hygiene)

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  14. Iresly

    It works

    my lashes were weak and i lost a lot of hair because of fake eyelashes , after two or three weeks i notice that i had more lashes and they longer. But i feel like after 8 weeks i havent seen more change, as if thats all they are going to grow.

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  15. Dinorah


    I received this on January 10th, I’ve been using it for six nights now and I woke up this morning to see that my lashes are way longer than ever before!! I use it as directed but I also like to use the applicator like it’s a mascara wand to coat underneath my lashes and omg it really works. Yeah the product is expensive but I swear it’s worth every penny. My lashes used to be straight and short but now it’s noticeable that I have lashes and bottom lashes!!! Buy it, buy it now

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  16. claire

    Can already notice a difference in 2 weeks

    I have been using this product consistently for about 2 weeks and I already notice my lashes growing! Does not irritate my eyes in any way and I have very sensitive eyes. Excited to continue to see growth from my lashes!

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  17. A

    What the ??? Sjogren’s – Frank Alopecia from Lupus/Meds

    At first, I was just glad that I could use it at all. I have tried a bunch of lash sera ONCE each. I have Sjogren’s secondary to lupus – hair/brows/lashes all have been sparse for decades now, and the lash stuff burned my dry old eyes like nobody’s business.But this serum didn’t hurt much at all. And it didn’t seem to work much, either. Until it did.It took longer – by weeks – than it did for most people it seems. And I wasn’t sorry. This stuff isn’t cheap, and I wasn’t mad that I wouldn’t be paying for it again. But yesterday, my eyes started to sting as I put on sunscreen. Not the sunscreen I put around my eyes. The sunscreen I put on the rest of my face. My lashes are so long that they got into the stuff on my cheeks.I’m not going back.

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  18. Katherine Y

    Serum effective in lengthening lashes but has ingredients some may wish to avoid

    After using this clear eyelash serum for less than two weeks, I’ve noticed a difference in my eyelash length. I apply the serum like liquid eyeliner every night on the top lash line. According to the package, the product should be used nightly for three months to maximize the benefit of longer lashes.Since using the product, I haven’t had any irritations or problems. After running the product through the EWG-Skin Deep database, I found that the overall product score was 5 for safety. This is right in the middle of the range, running from EWG-verified, the best, to the 10, the worst. Ingredients that worsened the score are Triethanolamine (score of 5, moderate risk for causing irritation), Phenoxyethanol (score of 4, high risk for causing irritation), Sodium Metabisulfite (score of 4, high risk of causing irritation), and Sodium Benzoate (score of 3, high risk of causing irritation). Those who are sensitive to these ingredients should probably avoid this product. The packaging states that those who have dry eyes, are pregnant or are nursing, are younger than 18, or are undergoing chemotherapy should not use the serum.

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  19. Kaitlyn

    It does work

    It does work well. I experienced eyelash loss from extensions however, it does make my eyes itchy.

  20. Loretta L.



  21. Claudia

    Love it

    Grande lash is great and easy to use. Definitely worth your money to grow your lashes!

  22. Jewel Burnett

    Great product. Works well. Will burn your eyes.

    Your lashes will grow but if you get any in your eyes, it does burn pretty bad so beware.

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  23. keerthi gondy


    I don’t normally write reviews like I never usually do for amazon, but I had to write a review for this lash serum!!! I didn’t have much expectations besides the reviews I read, but I absolutely LOVE this lash serum!! I noticed a clear difference after several weeks (not exactly sure how long, assuming 4-5 weeks) and my lashes are just so long and beautiful!!

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  24. melinda w mendel

    It really works!

    I’m an older woman and have tried a variety of skin care products over the years. I faithfully read the reviews, never purchase something with less than a 5 rating and, once purchased, follow the directions comp!etely. Regardless, I have never had a product that lives up to its reviews until this lance enhancing serum!! Within about 2 weeks, my lashes appeared thicker. I’ve been using the serum nightly for 2 months now and my lashes are significantly/noticeably longer! And I’ve never experienced any side effects.So, even though this product is expensive, I will never stop using it. I have no reservations in recommending Grand Lash MD Lash Enhancing Serum!

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  25. TO

    First time trying

    Dislike…The reviews on irritation are true. I have used eye lash serum for a long time. Tried this one and it literally toke about 2 weeks before I could use about everything other day, and now I’m at daily. Also you don’t need much so if you apply more than one application to the lid you can wake up with junk in your eyes.Kind of expensive for the price so I bout the trial size just to see if I could past the irritation.If your already using a serum you may see some decreased length before this takes effect.Like….You first see more volumeThen you start seeing the length.I would buy again you just have to be patient , be consistent, work past the irritation to determine how much you can tolerate and you will be good. I wanted to give up while working passed the irritation and getting used to it…but this have lots of positive reviews is no way near as expensive as some of the other ones, and you don’t lose a ton when cleaning your lashes or face.Volume plus length=win win

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  26. dani

    BUY THIS! Thank me later

    This stuff is AMAZING!!! Highly recommend.I had lash extensions for a few months and decided to take a break and my lashes were so short after having the extensions removed. After looking at the reviews I decided to buy this product and honestly noticed a difference after about a week.At first, I applied it every day, and then I started doing every other night, and it’s been a few months now, and my eyelashes are longer than they have ever been.This is well worth the cost!!! If you’re wondering whether to get it, do it!

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  27. Maurie


    Kick started my lash regrowth process.

  28. Jones GA

    This works!

    Have tried other “eyelash serums” where I didn’t notice any growth. Using Grande where noticing eye lashes getting longer, on the second tube now. Will continue using. This was referred to me by a Esthetician.

  29. Ella Reagan

    Get it.

    It is so worth your money. I could tell a difference after the first month using it. I’ve been using it for a year now and my lashes are so long.

  30. Mimoka

    really good product for eyelash growth, but causes awful dark circle

    I do love the product. It helps me grow the eyelash in a week. not just grew a bold point back, it made them longer. However, in the first three days, I had redness in both my eye for a whole day long. After a week, it causes a dark circle. It does its job to grow dense and long eyelashes, but also think of if it is worth having a bad dark circle.

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  31. ERH

    Works Better Than I Hoped!

    After 3 months my lashes are noticeably longer and thicker, works as advertised.I had no irritation and have been recommending this product to my friends

  32. Adiana Delavega

    a hot girl take

    I was skeptical at first but this serum legit works. I’ve even got my sisters on it now. (My brother is not interested and continues to take his beauty for granted).My lashes have always been short and rather sparce but now I’m walking around looking like an animated disney forest creature.My lashes are definitely longer and fuller than ever before, but I also feel like they look… shiny?I haven’t seen anyone else mention this in reviews but it does seem that another effect of this serum is a glisten- Like I’m a pretty crier. (I am not but now I can pretend!)It took about a month of nightly application for a very noticeable difference.Note that a small amount of product goes a long way. At first, I was slathering quite a bit of goop onto my lash line but it doesn’t make the serum work better. It just made me go through the product faster and resulted in some slight dark circles under my bottom lash line. So just use one swipe for the intended outcome.Last thing- to maintain fuller, longer lashes, the serum should be used continuously. I stopped using it for a little while and then realized my lashes reverted to normal over time.I am typically pretty good at complaining, but I fully stan this product. No complaints. Just out here living my young, dumb, n’ beautiful era.*bats lashes*

    47 people found this helpful

  33. CJen

    It works

    After I ordered the product, I read that it could cause permanent under eye bags which is a worst problem to me, so I’m kind of scared to use this product, but I do feel like I was starting to see results after just a few days

  34. Evea Tabbsum

    It works!

    I tried this because it was on sale on prime day and after 2 weeks of using it I realize how longer and fuller my lashes looked.I stopped using mascara because of how natural and long my lashes looked.I did notice that after a while my eyes would irritate so I started using it every other day instead.A lot of people say it’s had discoloration but me being brown, didn’t notice any around my eyes.It is really pricey too but I think it’s worth it if you want to be high maintenance to be low.So you wouldn’t require any mascara or curling your lashes

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  35. Mattie

    I was consistent with it for four weeks and I saw the difference.

    I was skeptical about this product but it really grew my eyelashes. I was consistent with it for four weeks and I saw the difference. I was unsuccessful with how to apply false lashes so I choose this instead. I haven’t looked back since.

  36. George R.

    it works

    I have been using for several months now and my brows are fuller

  37. Devara Delozier

    It works !!

    This works ! Apply every night, my lashes are so think & long now ,

  38. SammyBoBammy

    Long lashes

    This product absolutely works! Within a few weeks I noticed a difference. You have to be diligent with mrng/evening application, but it will absolutely live up to its name if you use as directed.

  39. Pamela Abeyta

    Amazing! It really works.

    I am so thrilled to have fuller, longer lashes. This is a miracle worker.

  40. Clair


    Grew my lashes so long and I always get compliments. Took about a month!

  41. Ann Ljuba

    Great product!

    I bought this for my teenage daughter and she loves it. I refuse to let her get artificial lashes. She’s been using it for 2 months now. There is a noticeable difference in her lashes. They are longer and beautiful. She no longer wears mascara. She just curls her lashes with an eyelash curler and goes! She was using the serum everyday and now uses it every other day bc she is happy with the length of her lashes. Great product!

    2 people found this helpful

  42. ckdike

    Great Product

    This product really works. I am a hairstylist and have seen it work on several clients. So deciding to try it myself was a no-brainer. I have been using this product for about a month now, and I can already see a difference in the thickness and length of my eyelashes.

  43. Sharee D. Barrett

    Works amazingly well.

    I wanted some length and fullness to my lashes for a wedding. This did the trick! I am surprised this worked as good as the Lash stuff you pay big bucks for. I’ve tried Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields and the prescription Latisse. This gave me the same results with 1/4 of the price.

  44. knives

    helped so much

    My eyelashes were barely growing no matter what I used. Tried castor oil, vitamins, and nothing. I consistently used this and my eyelashes are super long. I wish I would’ve taken a before and after. It’s pricey but worth the money.

  45. Amanda

    Lashes Have Never Looked Better

    My lashes have never been longer! You almost don’t realize this serum is working until a few weeks later, you wake up and notice all the hard work this serum has been doing behind the scenes. You need to be consistent when using this serum, then when your lashes are at your desired length, only maintenance use is necessary. Definitely worth the purchase as it’s easy to use and gives great results.

    2 people found this helpful

  46. Brianna

    so worth it

    i wish i had taken before pictures but im forgetful so alas no before and after picture. but i have to say, with only a month of daily use (with the exception of a few forgetful days at first), i can see such a difference already. i didn’t even like to wear mascara because it didn’t seem like i had much lash even with product but grande lash has really grown my lashes. love it!

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  47. Jeremy Brink

    Huge difference!

    I had almost no eyelashes before, then 3 months later, people ask me if I’m wearing falsies! Be careful not to put too much on because it does sting a bit if it gets into your eyes. Also, putting it on RIGHT before you go to bed helps.

    2 people found this helpful

  48. LUna

    Would buy again

    I was told to get this stuff by a friend, I was skeptical getting on Amazon but I’m glad I did.. I’ve always had long lashes but false lashes started to ruin them and it’s been a week and they already look fullerwpuld buy again

  49. Stacey F.

    It works

    This really works!! I noticed such a difference in my lashes. I wish that I had taken before and after pictures. Highly recommend.

  50. kittybee

    Started growing a weird third eyelash layer

    This was recommended to me by a lash artist, who noticed that I had some bald spots from having lash extensions done for a long period of time. I used this every night for three weeks or so, then stopped using it for a couple of weeks when I was out of town and didn’t bring it.I didn’t think I saw any growth, and whatever growth I had was probably hidden by the extensions I had just gotten done. When they started falling out, I noticed that the bald spots seemed to have filled in. On my right eye, the lashes on the end lift, but not on my left. Then on my bottom row of lashes, a few stray lashes had started growing below my normal lashline, which point straight downward. Very odd. So I guess this proved that the serum works. Just don’t be surprised if lashes start growing in different directions and below/above your normal lashline.

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  51. Scarlett Sands

    It really does work, but causes irritation for me

    I find this product to be very effective in lengthening and increasing the density of my lashes. I had a stye a few months ago that caused a little bald spot in my lash line and this product helped them to grow back quickly. I do, however, experience redness and irritation of the skin on my eyelids and I wake up in the morning with crusty and sensitive eyes. I do wonder about the long term effects of using this product, but for now I am very happy with the results and I think the results outweigh the negative side effects. Do be warned.

    5 people found this helpful

  52. Slim

    It works for me!

    I wear contact and have no issues using this product. I was skeptical, but it actually worked for me.

  53. Nedina Mary Nordquist


    Works well. It takes time but the lashes did grow longer. It did irritate my eyes a little but I just kept using it.

  54. Natalie

    It really works!

    I used to use the R&F lash boost but made the switch to this and haven’t looked back since. It really works! love that they offer different sizes.

  55. Peyton Prevost


    This is honestly my favorite Amazon purchase! This serum has helped my lashes grow immensely and I always get compliments about how long my lashes look! 10/10 recommend!

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  56. Ashley D

    I mean I was a sceptic but wow!

    My lashes were thin and short.. after 34 days exactly they’re MUCH longer. Not to much thick. But I’ll takeIt. Price is little high IMO

    2 people found this helpful

  57. Kasey

    I am a huge fan of this product!!

    My sister and niece told me about this eyelash serum. So I had to try it because I’m sick of fake lashes and had very short ones of my own!! My eyelashes have grown tremendously. They even look healthy and thicker!! This is my third bottle and I’m still Amazed!!

  58. bloondie2

    It absolutely works

    I’ve tried many brands of lash growth serums from inexpensive to nearly $100. This is the only brand that has worked for me. You MUST be diligent and apply every day, preferably at night, although you can use it whenever you want to. Like it says, you have to be patient and by the middle of week three I saw darker and seemingly thicker lashes. By the end of the twelve weeks I had the longest and thickest lashes of my entire life. I do wish it was less expensive, but the results are (IMO) so worth it. I personally will buy this for the rest of my life. It makes such a difference in my appearance and it definitely makes me feel younger and prettier.

    11 people found this helpful

  59. kayla rodas

    I’m in love !

    I’m amazed how much progress I’ve had in only two weeks ! I’m obsessed !!

    One person found this helpful

  60. KC


    I have been using this daily for a bit about 10 weeks. (I started with the Travel size first). My eyelids feel a little sensitive or tender for the first week, and slightly burns if it gets in your eyes. I didn’t notice any changes until this week. It hasn’t been very significant. But I do see a few eyelashes coming in wildly over my row of eyelashes… Lol! I will give it another few weeks.

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