GREENIES Original TEENIE Natural Dog Dental Care Chews Oral Health Dog Treats, 36 oz. Pack (130 Treats) Pet Snack Treats : Pet Supplies

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About this item Small Dog Dental Treats: One GREENIES dental treat a day is all it takes for clean teeth, fresh breath and a happy dog; These irresistibly tasty treats feature a delightfully chewy texture that helps fight plaque and tartar Supports Oral Health: The chewy texture helps clean teeth, maintain healthy gums and freshen breath to make mouths happy day after day Find the Right Treat: We make GREENIES Dental Treats for every age from puppy to mature, and every dog size from small to large, plus we offer Grain Free, Weight Management, Blueberry Flavor and Fresh Flavor varieties Made With Natural Ingredients Plus Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients: GREENIES dental treats are easy to digest with highly soluble ingredients and provide balanced nutrition for adult dogs for healthy and delicious treating Veterinarian Recommended for Dental Care: These dental treats are made from high quality ingredients combined into soft chews your dog will love

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GREENIES Dental Treats Freshen Breath and Clean Teeth

The unique texture of GREENIES Dental Treats helps fight plaque and tartar

These delicious, daily dog treats are made with natural ingredients for healthy teeth and gums.

Help kiss bad dog breath goodbye with breath-freshening dental treats.

Highly soluble ingredients make your dog’s dental care easy.

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Greenies Puppy Dental Treats Greenies Original Dental Treats Greenies Weight Management Dental Treats Greenies Grain Free Dental Treats Greenies Fresh Dental Treats Greenies Aging Care Dental Treats Fights plaque and tartar ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Easy to digest ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Made with natural ingredients, plus vitamins, minerals, & nutrients ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Unique feature Designed to support teeth and jaw development including added calcium Irresistibly tasty treats help clean teeth Weight-friendly for overweight or less active dogs Easy-to-digest grain-free recipe Natural mint flavor for minty-fresh breath 50% softer texture* gently cleans teeth and gums (* vs. GREENIES original dental treats)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.13 x 8.13 x 7.75 inches; 2.25 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 10123651

Department ‏ : ‎ Dog-treats

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ January 16, 2011

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Greenies

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B006W6YHYQ

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Dog Treat Cookies, Biscuits & Snacks

Customer Reviews: 55,419 ratings

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11 Count (Pack of 1), 22 Count (Pack of 1), 43 Count (Pack of 1), 65 Count (Pack of 1), 96 Count (Pack of 1), 130 Count (Pack of 1), 192 Count (Pack of 1), 260 Count (Pack of 1)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

5.13 x 8.13 x 7.75 inches; 2.25 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Department ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

January 16, 2011

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Dog Treat Cookies, Biscuits & Snacks

Customer Reviews:

55,419 ratings

60 reviews for GREENIES Original TEENIE Natural Dog Dental Care Chews Oral Health Dog Treats, 36 oz. Pack (130 Treats) Pet Snack Treats : Pet Supplies

  1. almaw

    My dog loves these chews

    My dog looks forward to this chew every morning.

  2. Kathy B.

    Dog enjoys

    My dog loves these!

  3. Cruz’in Review

    Greenies Original Dental Chews for Dogs

    We got two dogs that enjoy these chew. It seems to help keep there teeth nice and healthy. For the bag it last about a month and half. We get the 96 count, since it seems to be the one that usually goes on sale. Thanks for taking the time to read my review.

    3 people found this helpful

  4. Jane

    My dog is old. I had to break them up in small pies. Hard for old dogs with old teeth I think.

    Too hard for my old dog to chew on.

  5. Linda Lee Flajole

    Our puppy loves it

    Our puppy loves it and it cleans his teeth really well.

  6. Cynthia Beatty

    Taste and works with keeping her teeth clean and fresh breath.

    My dog loves these and her teeth are extremely white.

  7. Bong

    My Pup loves these 🙂

    My pup loves these; she has one before her breakfast and after dinner

  8. Krod

    Great for my Dog

    Is there supposed be two or three packets in the box that says 130 for teenie. I only received two small packets in the box.

  9. bookaholic

    Our Chihuahua knows how to spell Greenie!

    Our little girl Chihuahua loves the teenie Greenies and will turn circles and stand on her hind legs for them. We started spelling “Greenie” in front of her to see if anyone had given it yet and now she knows what we are spelling! The treat is great at keeping her breath fresh and teeth clean. We can definitely tell, by her welcome home kisses, when we are traveling and nameless person staying home has forgotten to give the Greenies!

    2 people found this helpful

  10. Nyawker

    Grandpuppy loves these.

    Grandpuppy loves these.

  11. Kywoman

    Dog loves them!

    Good price vs Pet Smart. Quick delivery and good plying. ❤️

  12. James Mulcahy

    Don’t buy these in your grocery store

    Awesome value, compared to store prices. My pooch loves ’em!

  13. Scott Berridge

    Maggie Loves these!

    My Cairn Terrier loves these. i keep them in a metal can and she comes running whenever she hears me shake the can.

  14. renee Ritter

    Greenies Original Teenies Dental Treats

    Maggie’s teeth are clean and her breath is great. She knows when her treat is coming and gets so excited.

  15. Brenda G Straub


    Our dog dearly loves them and his breath is a lot better also.

  16. Amazon Customer

    Works well & my dog loves it.

    My dog loves it, asks for it morning & night. His breath & teeth seem to be doing great.

  17. Matthew Beasley

    Flavor? How the heck would I know? The dog likes it.

    Dog loves them. I do truly hope they improve his dental hygiene. I can’t specifically speak to that but his teeth are in decent shape (4 years old).

  18. Lindada

    My doggie loves it!

    My dog loves it. 👍🏻

  19. Roy Mortensen

    dog treats

    makes my dogs happy

  20. joanrobaina



  21. Melissa K James


    My dogs love these. I have 4 wiener dogs. Always fresh

  22. Faye S

    dog loves them

    My dog loves these and her breath is smelling better

  23. kimberly parker


    These are the only treats my dog will eat. She loves Them and they help will bad breath.

  24. Grace Hughson


    My dog loves them and helps with her breath.

  25. Amazon Customer

    That they are fresh in study packaging.

    My toy poodle age 17 yrs. Soon loves the taste the size. Every evening she lets me know it’s time. Usually stays fresh to the end of the bags. I always squeeze the air to make sure it stays fresh. Helps keep her teeth clean from her soft food. Since she is unable to have dental cleanings anymore. Thanks Greenies!

  26. Ariana

    Good value

    I can only guess about the freshness, flavour, and longevity based on the dog’s reaction. The dog likes them and along with regular tooth brushing the dog’s breath does not smell. I like the fact that they’re separate bags thinking that this keeps the dog treats fresh and is easier to store the treats.

  27. Wallflower

    one today at right before bedtime love them

    This is perfect for my six Little York Shire Terrier mix. They found them at the shelter he’s been there for over six months with no people adopting him simply because he had superpowers, that’s what we come in this house I have some super powers and so does he he was on day two of three to be put down when Salt Lake City animal shelter stepped in andBrought it back to the HS at Salt Lake City where are you then again sad. Brought it back to the HS at Salt Lake City where are you then again sat. I had finally gotten myself I have enough to go in and look at a dog I had lost my best friend about a year ago and it’s just kills me today. But boy am I happy I did I went from tiny towns it’s just a little dogs because I can’t walk thinking I’m going to need a really tiny dog and for some reason I went to the bigger section one up yeah there are these people talking really mean about this dog like what about what’s wrong with his ears what’s wrong with his skin why doesn’t he have very much hair and what’s wrong with this teeth what’s wrong what’s wrong what’s wrong. I was fuming mad they called him ugly they said every bad word in the world and there I am another person with disabilities we like to call the super powers and I said can you step away from the dog you’re obviously not interested. They Freaked out and we’re totally embarrassed I gave them the eagle eye all the way how they got around the corner and then the way the door opens another person came I couldn’t get to him and they started to do the same thing and I just said hey I’ve been waiting a long time at the door swings wrong you don’t want this dog you’re only talking negative about the dog so if you’re not interested please walk away. So they did and I have a second best friend his name is Tyrion as Manchester as I was parked out while it was still in there but it was flying from being bet are parked without now. It took me about 15 minutes to KM convince to come over to where I was and it was a long hard 15 minutes on my legs and back believe me but he was just hold his head down now and tell him I think he’s cute and you can look up at me like what is she doing and I called him handsome and Joe me to be your mommy everything I could think of putting my finger through the kennel coaxing them over and finally after about 15 minutes he stood up I kind of shut yourself off and I said that’s right shake it off baby shake it off and he came over and sat back down.I picked this little chin up and I looked him in the eye and said I’m gonna be your mom and you’re going to be just fine we’re going to do just fine together I can I say I drink and I know things I picked this little chin up and I looked him in the eye and said I’m gonna be your mom and you’re going to be just fine we’re going to do just fine together I can I say I drink and I know things. Quote from Game of Thrones by Mr. Lannister himself

    5 people found this helpful

  28. Terry E.

    Dogs LOVE them.

    If I have a greenie in my hand, my dogs will obey any command.

  29. Chris Banks

    My dogs LOVE Greenies

    My dogs don’t like the generic brands at all. But when I give them a Greenie they act like it’s a filet mignon. If they’re full, they’ll carry the Greenie everywhere they go until they actually settle down and start chewing on it. The Greenies stay soft and smell nice. I’ve also tried them on the blueberry flavor. They love those, too.

  30. JenniferRoze

    My dog’s favorite

    These are my puppy’s favorite treat. They’re a great size and last a long time.

  31. Greg Lazicki

    Dog bones

    Good product

  32. tribe8fan

    Good for small dogs

    They’re a little much for my older Pomeranian, but my Pekingese mix really enjoys chewing them. It’s say they’re good and digestible for the dogs because no one gets sick when they have them.

  33. Jean Price

    good deal for the money.

    my dog loves to get his teeth brushed now. he likes the taste of the tooth paste, he loves the greenies. much cheeper tan the stores.

  34. DPW

    Dog Treats

    Our dog’s favorite treat.


    My dog and his teeth love this

    I try to protect my dog’s teeth as dental treatments for dogs cost more than human costs. I find my dog loves greenies and so far (knock wood) his teeth are doing well.

  36. C. Cox

    Great for even an older dog who has no teeth

    We have a dog who is a rescue who has no teeth, and even she loves these. There are very few treats out there that she can eat definitely buy again and again.

  37. Stephen

    Great buy

    Dog loves them that’s all that matters

  38. Susan G.

    Dogs teeth look great

    They help keep the tarter down on my dogs teeth.

  39. sgb


    GREAT PRICE & he likes the small size just fine. I was buying the large size then cutting them but these work much better for him.

  40. Summer

    my dog loves these and it’s good for her teeth health

    I give my little maltese dog 1 a day after her dinner it’s good for her teeth and she enjoys it too.

  41. Rose

    Will buy again

    My dog dislikes when I brush his teeth everyday. I bought peanut butter flavored toothpaste but the hassle to get him to open up for dental hygiene has been tough. I notice some tarter buildup and figured I wasn’t doing it enough and was frustrated over fighting with him about it. So I got him these now I check his teeth and that tarter buildup is gone. He loves these and thinks of them as a treat. My husband even has him work for them by sitting , spinning , and giving him a paw . I still brush his teeth but mainly during bath time because its easier for me to get in his mouth. These work and maintain the freshness in between teeth brushing time.

  42. Dan Verarde

    My dog loves these

    My dog absolutely loves these, they are her favorite treat. She knows it by name so when I mention Greenies period she starts with her eyes going wide and then begging by barking. I also trust that Greenies has the best ingredients that won’t mess with my pup’s health but keep her breath pretty fresh 👍

    One person found this helpful

  43. RPS in Seattle

    Best chews for dogs. Value package.

    I am glad I found this value pack of Greenies. My dog is only 15 pounds. I had been buying the larger Greenies and cutting them in half. This package is economical so I can buy the right size Greenies for my dog and not having to cut them.

  44. consumser CA

    My dog loves these

    When I need to go out and put our dog in the crate, I always use a greenie as an incentive. It also cleans and removes some of the plaque. I can’t speak to dental health, but as a treat, she loves it and will put herself in the crate just to get a greenie.

  45. Cheryl Dunn

    Helps keep teeth cleaner

    This helps keep my dogs teeth clean before bedtime.

  46. Suz

    My dogs love these!

    I can only speak for my dogs…there are no substitutes for “greenies!” They love them!

  47. George Kirtiktsis

    My dog loves it

    I bought it couple times online but this time Product arrived with short expiration date (5 days) but seller made it right.

  48. M Fivecoat

    My baby boy loves them

    Convenient, I have on auto reorder

  49. Daphne Santamaria

    Dogs love it

    Dogs loved them and they helped clean their stinky breaths

  50. Jenn Bunny

    Great snack

    My dog seem to love these. I don’t know about the flavor because like I said it’s for my dog they are a little small I wish I would’ve got a little bit bigger ones my dog seems to inhale them and she’s still a puppy

  51. George H. Erdner

    These really do keep your dog’s teeth clean.

    First, my two dogs love these. More important, they do an excellent job of keeping their teeth clean. Just remember to match the size of the Greenie to the dog’s weight, as the hardness of the treat is indexed to the dog’s bite strength. My dogs a Chorkies, half Chihuahua and half Yorkshire Terrier. Both breeds have a reputation for losing teeth. Greenies are keeping my girl’s teeth cleaner that even attempting to brush their teeth. There are other brands of dental treats, but Greenies are the best.

    One person found this helpful

  52. Vicki Williams

    Dog love them

    My dog gets at least one greenie a day. Good for digestion and teeth.

  53. Marie


    My dog doesn’t like treats but she likes these greenies . They are reasonably priced . The size is good for a small dog although I have to cut it for my dog because she has a hard time chewing.

    One person found this helpful

  54. Bibi

    Poodle’s favorite treats!

    Bought these greenies for my nephew’s poodles and they love it!

  55. Eric & Sherry Wilkens

    As advertised

    Our fur Baby loves These.



    My fussy eater dog loves these. Have ordered them many times

  57. BKS

    Good buy

    My dog likes these a lot! Helps with bad breath. Vet said she may never have to have her teeth cleaned. She is a senior now

  58. Mary Ida Bonadio

    My dog loves them!

  59. Alvin T. Carter

    Fresh breath

    I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I give him these once a day. He loves them and they take him a bit to consume. I never brush his teeth nor do any other mouth cleaning and the vet says his gums are surprisingly healthy and his breath doesn’t stink.

    One person found this helpful

  60. Stuart C. Lynch

    Very tasty, according to our dog!

    It is difficult for me to personally attest to the flavor of these dog treats, as I have not sampled them myself. However, I can confidently say that our small Pomeranian is absolutely enamored with them. In fact, if I even pass by the bag without providing him with one, he will often chase after me, displaying his displeasure until I relent. These treats clearly have a palatable taste that is highly appealing to canines.

    One person found this helpful

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