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Hellmann’s Vegan Mayonnaise, 2.6 Litres Catering Tub


(10 customer reviews)

About this item Hellmann’s Vegan Alternative to Mayonnaise. The great taste of Hellmann’s you love, free from the things that you don’t A delicious vegan condiment that is suitable for sandwiches, salads and veggie burgers Hellmann’s vegan mayo is not only free from eggs, but is also gluten free with no artificial colours or flavours With a thick and creamy texture, new Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo is the perfect sandwich spread for any sandwich Perfect for dipping chips, topping burgers, binding coleslaw and sandwich spreading
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From the manufacturer


At just fourteen, young Richard Hellmann was already fostering a love of food as an apprentice at his local food market. But it wasn’t until he moved to New York that he found true success.

It was here that Richard met his wife, Margaret, who just happened to be the daughter of two deli owners. And in 1913, Richard and Margaret realized their dream of setting up shop and the Hellmann’s Delicatessen was born.

Our Story

The deli that would become our birthplace opened its doors right in the very heart of New York: Columbus Avenue, Manhattan. And Richard began creating his now legendary mayonnaise. Jars were filled to the brim with a delicious blend of ingredients picked to create the ultimate creamy texture and taste.

Originally, two versions of the recipe were sold, and to distinguish between them, Hellmann put a blue ribbon around one. He believed his creation was the best mayonnaise ever. And his customers thought so too. The “ribbon” version was in such high demand that Hellmann designed what is today the iconic “Blue Ribbon” label, to be placed on larger glass jars.


Hellmann’s reputation for being delicious spread across the country, making our mayo a staple in American kitchens for generations since. The brand’s flagship product, Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise, is the bestselling mayonnaise in the United States, thanks to its unmistakable taste.

10 reviews for Hellmann’s Vegan Mayonnaise, 2.6 Litres Catering Tub

  1. BooksChatter

    Amazing flavour and texture – as close to the real thing as you can get.It is 72% rapeseed oil, water, vinegar, sugar, salt a bit of starch and some flavouring (including mustard and lemon), no artificial colours or flavours, no GMO ingredients or gluten.It is as close to the real thing as we have ever seen. Very creamy, very lemony / zingy. In fact, the ingredients are incredibly similar to the Hellmann’s Real Mayo: it just uses a little less rapeseed oil (72% instead of 78%) and some starch to replace the eggs, which explains why the flavour is so similar.Note that this is different from the American and Canadian recipe which uses soybean oil instead (their Real Mayo, however uses canola, i.e. rapeseed oil). Rapeseed oil is considered a healthier choice over soybean oil as it is lower in saturated fat (7% vs 15%) and higher in monounsaturated fats (63% vs 25%), as well as containing omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.This 2.6L/2.6kg catering bucket at £12.49 is excellent value at £4.80/kg compared to the small 270g pot which is normally anywhere in between £9.26/kg and £5.56/kg, at the time of writing (1 July 2020), and this mayo keeps extremely well (we have actually kept the open tub in a cool-room, rather than the fridge, without any issue). Use subscribe and save and you can get this for as little as £4.08/kg!We have purchased this item twice so far and did not have any issues with the delivery/packaged being smashed; if this happens to you, just notify Amazon and they will replace the item for you.

  2. Rossi

    Great texture, great flavour, great price. Can’t go wrong.

  3. louise

    This is the second tub of Hellman’s vegan Mayo that we’ve bought. It’s such good value and tastes great. We get fed up of buying expensive tiny jars of vegan mayo so this is brilliant.

  4. Miss V Rowan

    Not my fave vegan mayo (veganaise) but great value, makes brilliant potato salad/coleslaw.

  5. Kristy Simpson

    I ain’t no caterer but it don’t take long for me to get through this tub! Most of my non vegan friends opt for this mayo over non vegan mayo, and you know what people are like about vegan food! So it must be good!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Used to cater for a wedding … all the non vegans were amazing and kept coming back for more coleslaw and potato salad !

  7. Stiven Skyrah

    Sure you can pay £5 for a small jar at your local supermarket. Or you can go on full on hulk and buy this massive tub of the fabulous vegan dream that is Hellman’s vegan mayo. It’s delicious, and frankly.. much more delicious than regular old mayo. It works with chips, it works with burgers, it works with 🍕, you know what, it works if you just sit in your home eating from the tub with a spoon. This is one of the best mayo’s on the planet. Possibly the best. Buy it, eat it, love it. Then wash the tub and use it for something else. Thank me later 😊

  8. marcindombrowski

    Great taste mayo.Highly recommended for everyone.

  9. John E.

    If you ever wanted like, WAY too much mayo, then this is the tub for you. Added bonus is it is vegan mayo so you don’t have to contribute to endless animal suffering just to have a tasty sandwich!This stuff tastes just like mayo with eggs in it, it’s pretty much exactly the same. Delicious!

  10. annmarie

    Tastes lovely we used to put this on everythingBut price to high now to recorder.

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