Hot Logic Portable Personal Mini Oven, Red Home & Kitchen

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HOT FOOD WITHIN ARM’S REACH: Ideal for cooking healthy dishes, heating frozen boxed meals and warming comfort food at home, in the office, or at parties, potlucks, or gatherings YOUR FOOD, PERFECTLY COOKED: Evenly cooks or reheats fresh or frozen meals – even leftovers – in about an hour without burning or drying out your food HEAT YOUR WAY: Compatible with most flat-bottom, sealable containers including glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, aluminum foil, and cardboard. Accommodates containers up to 8.75” W x 6.75” L x 2.5 H“ or 1.5 quarts of food SET IT AND FORGET IT: Requires no monitoring – just place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day, whether it’s work or play and enjoy your meal when you are ready for it DROP THE MIC: No more overcooked meals, frozen centers, waiting in line or dealing with splattered food; HOTLOGIC is revolutionizing the way you make your meals without the old microwave TRIPLE GUARANTEE: Backed by our make it right guarantee, one-year warranty and a customer service team that has one job: to leave you utterly and completely overjoyed Included Components: Lunch Bag With Warmer

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About this item This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. HOT FOOD WITHIN ARM’S REACH: Ideal for cooking healthy dishes, heating frozen boxed meals and warming comfort food at home, in the office, or at parties, potlucks, or gatherings YOUR FOOD, PERFECTLY COOKED: Evenly cooks or reheats fresh or frozen meals – even leftovers – in about an hour without burning or drying out your food HEAT YOUR WAY: Compatible with most flat-bottom, sealable containers including glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, aluminum foil, and cardboard. Accommodates containers up to 8.75” W x 6.75” L x 2.5 H“ or 1.5 quarts of food SET IT AND FORGET IT: Requires no monitoring – just place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day, whether it’s work or play and enjoy your meal when you are ready for it DROP THE MIC: No more overcooked meals, frozen centers, waiting in line or dealing with splattered food; HOTLOGIC is revolutionizing the way you make your meals without the old microwave TRIPLE GUARANTEE: Backed by our make it right guarantee, one-year warranty and a customer service team that has one job: to leave you utterly and completely overjoyed Included Components: Lunch Bag With Warmer

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Hot Logic




1.5 Quarts

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Lunch bag with warmer

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Portable Personal Mini

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9.5 x 7.5 x 3.5 inches

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4.7 out of 5 stars

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#805 in Kitchen & Dining (See Top 100 in Kitchen & Dining) #12 in Ovens & Toasters

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January 14, 2020

60 reviews for Hot Logic Portable Personal Mini Oven, Red Home & Kitchen

  1. Allison

    Food warmer

    My husband works construction and he brings this to work with him and plugged it in about an hour and a half before lunch and has a hot meal every day. He loves it.!!!

  2. Melissa Owens

    Great for construction workers

    My husband is an electrician and is always building commercial structures with no heat. This is his new favorite item. Fresh hot food daily instead of the cold sandwich in 10 degree weather. He makes his oatmeal in the morning then warms up his lunch in the afternoon. Says in about 15 minutes he’s got steaming hot food.

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  3. Japp Kaur

    It works like magic

    OMG! This stuff works. I have it in my office, and I have been eating hot meals. It doesn’t work as fast as a microwave, but much much faster than an oven. The hot plate inside warms up the food, and the external pouch keeps the heat inside, so it works really well. Highly recommend it.

    One person found this helpful

  4. Michelle

    Great purchase

    This mini oven works great. Purchased this for traveling where the hotel didn’t provide microwave. It’s compact & light weight, probably not even a pound. We used it to heat frozen meals and reheat leftovers. The dozen meals took about 30 minutes to heat and kept food moist. Will definitely order a second one as it can only warm one meal at a time.

    3 people found this helpful

  5. Margaret CrawfordMargaret Crawford

    Not what I expected

    So I like it because it does heat my food, however, it did not come with a plug for the outlet…it was instead for the car cigarette lighter. It does work but I needed this to have a plug. I can use this when I’m on the road, but I’ll need another one with a plug.

  6. Bruce

    Works great

    I bought this to take to work with me. I warm up frozen meals and leftovers on it all the time. As long as you remember to put your food in a couple of hours before lunch it works fantastic. And food tastes so much better than using the microwave.

  7. Eric

    Great way to get warm food at work

    I work in a small office that is part of a larger shared space. There isn’t much in the way of a kitchenette so the HotLogic has been a great way to get warm food for lunch. I’m very happy with how it works. I didn’t want to heat plastic so I bough a pyrex 3 cup glass dish that fits perfectly. Very happy!

    5 people found this helpful

  8. beatrice

    Can’t do without it.

    Use for mainly cooking meat for freezing. Making meal preparations a breeze. Also use for travel. Given several as gifts. Just cooked ribs over nite for freezing. LOVE IT

    One person found this helpful

  9. Justin Morris

    1 Year Later….Still doing great!

    Had this for almost one year (bought January 13, 2020). Anytime I do road trips I take it with me. Bought a car inverter so I can plug into cigarette port, instead of buying the car version. If you are using it to warm up pre-made food, minimum takes 30mins. Anything frozen, anywhere between hour but no more than 2 hours, at MOST. Love taking it to hotel if there is no accessible microwave. Since this operates more like a hot plate, it slow cooks your food evenly. I normally start using it a 1-2 hours before I’m hungry or mealtime. Wouldn’t recommend plugging it in and heating your food when you’re in hunger mode lolOverall, highly recommend it. IF this were to break today, I would order another one tomorrow.

    33 people found this helpful

  10. Jes

    So far very impressed

    I just got this unit and ran my first test. It’s a little smaller than I thought it would be, but no biggie for me.I re-heated a left over soup directly out of the fridge, put in a sauce pan, took the element out of the container and placed it on the counter top and plugged it in.From cold soup to hot soup in 90 minutes! Very nice!I then left the pot on the element for another hour, and the soup was piping hot! Almost too hot to eat!More tests to come with my Jackery and Stanely power boxes!

    6 people found this helpful

  11. T.C.

    Husband loves it!

    My husband loves it. Uses it daily for work to take leftovers for lunch. He’s an engineer in a building and the environment he works in he can plug it up and eat when he’s ready. The container he uses is a pyrex glass leftover container with a lid that we brought at our local Giant grocery store. Its the same shape and fits inside perfectly.

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  12. Scott Farry

    A MUST, for meals on the go….

    I am a construction manager and spend 5-6 hours a day driving from place to place.The Mini Oven is surprisingly fast at heating up leftovers from home. You can cook a frozen dinner in about an hour.Frozen leftover pizza slice in less than an hour….Food is heated up, without drying out.The Mini Oven is very easy and fun to use, and I’m eating healthier…..And saving money on buying lunch.

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  13. Megan Lynn

    Great product

    Love that this is so easy to use

  14. Kyle

    Life just got a little nicer…

    As mentioned in other reviews, this food warmer is really just a hotplate in an insulated bag.At first glance the Hot Logic Mini doesn’t seem to be very special. However, upon closer inspection (and use) it is apparent that Hot Logic has put a lot of thought into this product and the intended use and has produced a very well-made and useful product.Plus, after much research I can’t find any other product out there that comes close to matching the features and versatility of this portable food warmer. Before I get into my (long winded) review here are some specs on this unit.Specs:o 1 shelf with Smart Shelf Technology (cycles off and on maintaining optimal food temp.)o Nylon case available in four colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orangeo Exterior dimension 10″W X 8″L X 3.5″Ho Can accommodate food containers up to 8.75″W x 6.75″L x 2.5″Ho Plugs into a 110v standard wall outleto Heats food to a max of 212 degreeso Consumes 42 Wattso Weighs 1 lb. 4 oz.o Electric Cord is 48″ longo UL CSA Certifiedo 1 Year WarrantyI travel a lot for work, mostly by car, and after years of fast food (mostly unhealthy, expensive, time consuming, and often served from unsanitary establishments) I started looking for something to take with me on the road other than a cooler with a cold sandwich.After looking at all of the available items out there I fortunately settled on the Hot Logic Mini.After receiving the Hot Logic Mini the first thing I noticed was that it is a quality made product. The attractive double zippered nylon case opens and closes easily and the 48″ electric cord is long enough for my needs. (Note: The cord can be folded and stored in the pocket in the back of the case.)Eager to try it out I simply dumped some chili in one of my many Pyrex glass containers (I prefer glass containers.), snapped on the container lid, zippered the Hot Logic Min shut, and plugged it in. 45 minutes later, I had piping hot chili. Of course your result will vary depending on starting food temperature, portion size, container size, etc.Note: You can use most any appropriately sized flat bottomed container (with tight cover) as the maximum heating/cooking temperature will not reach over 212 degrees. (The warming plate will cycle off and on maintain a maximum temperature of 212 degrees.) At this temperature food will be kept well above the recommended 135 to 165 degrees for food safety, but not hot enough to burn your food or container.After use, you simply have to wash the container you used. (Much easier than some of the warming products where the container is built in or requires that you buy disposable liners.)I did read a few non-positives about this product such as it not having an on/off switch. However, I am ok with that as a switch would add bulk and is just one more thing that could break. However, if you are using this at an office and have to crawl underneath your desk to reach an outlet, you might think about getting an extension cord with a switch or at least one placed so you can easily plug and unplug this warmer.Also, this unit only runs on 110v AC (household current), however this is not a big dealer to me either as it is only pulling 42 Watts and even the cheapest DC to AC inverter should be able to handle that. Plus, many new cars come with an AC outlet built in.Bottom line I am very happy with this purchase. I can heat up (or cook)food as I drive down the road and pull over under a shady tree and have a nice hot lunch (and a nap afterwards). When I get to a hotel I can keep it in the room to heat up leftovers or food I buy from the market. I’ll also use it at home to heat up (and possibly cook)food as it uses a lot less electricity than my oven or microwave. Plus, I don’t have to plan my meal times perfectly as the Hot Logic Mini will keep my hot food at the right temperature for hours.I hope this review helps!

    26 people found this helpful

  15. Jamindian21

    Great invention!

    Can’t believe I never knew such a thing existed! I hardly believed it when I read what it did! I am so happy I can stop eating fast foods for lunch! I just plug it in as soon as I get to work – and it’s like a freshly cooked meal when I am ready to eat! I haven’t tried actually cooking a meal in it but I don’t doubt that it would! I usually have it on for about an hour and a half before I am ready to eat but I think an hour as is suggested would be adequate! Extremely happy with my purchase!

    11 people found this helpful

  16. Lynn Kim


    Who was the genius that design this ?!!! Seriously ! Instant boost up my quality of life !!! I could finally have a hot lunch every where I go !

  17. Fergie

    Awesome product

    This item is foolproof, just plug in for an hour or so depends on the amount. I place my container on the plate and it is ready at lunch time, no need to monitor.

  18. C B.

    A great addition to my tool bench.

    I purchased my HotLogic Mini 3 years ago now and I have used it almost every work day for each of those years. I was tired of eating cold food and I tried an insulated container, but the food didn’t stay warm and I spent more time in the morning heating it up. The HotLogic Mini still works just as well today as it did when I bought it. Up until 2 months ago I used plastic containers, but now I use Pyrex Snapware. I use the 4 cup one which is just under 7″ x 7″ and it works even better than the plastic ones since it seals better!Each morning when I set up my work bench on different job sites the HotLogic Mini is the first thing I set up between 7:30 and 8:00. At 12:00 I have a piping hot meal of quinoa, salmon, mushrooms and Wickles sandwich spread.This is not a purchase you will regret! I don’t!

    16 people found this helpful

  19. Gary Helmink

    Worth Every Bit

    This has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Be advised, not all recipes or left-overs will work so effortlessly well. I cannot report that I have found any of those. I suspect there are only a few things. But I have merely started to empower myself with such a risk-free hot meal at all times, that I can capture the moment to do so at work. Firstly, I have tried successfully to provide myself with ready hot meals with the Crock-Pot lunch warmer. It works well. However, being restricted to the proprietary container, leaves too much narrowness to the equation for any absolute satisfaction, because of singularly limited dining containers. Now, for the HotLogic warmer, I can have my own meal warmed and held in a container compatible to my choice (Glass-Lock) to deliver to me an instantly gratifying hot lunch in my work environment to satisfy any stickler for individualistic superiority. All the other lunch-minions scurry for some mucked-up public microwave to scald and scorch and boil their miserable leftovers or plastic, industrial, MSG ridden, convenience poison, waiting in line for the scarce minutes to sit down to their reluctant pseudo-nutrition. I merely remove my container from the HotLogic pack and open it on my elegant place mat and sink my personal tableware into some succulent entré, lifting it to my waiting pallet to indulge in the anticipated culinary delight (choose your own verbiage). With just the right added ingredients, I can make a plain-Jane substance turn into the reason to go to work. Maybe my imagination has gotten the best of me, but my imagination has been inspired by this HotLogic Personal Oven (lunch warmer) to ready myself for tomorrow. Like some obsessive competition, I look forward to making someone break the ice and ask me about this rig. I merely go about my business as if the mechanics of fixing a superior lunch for myself is far better than marching off to some Greasy-Spoon, Blue-Plate-Special. Well, it is!Okay. Now to review this product. I have become so personally enthusiastic about the success of my initial use of the HotLogic Personal Portable Oven that I can make this comment. The potential is clear to me and the failure is impossible. In just one week, five work days, I have become the greatest advocate in my living room. Not bad for an introvert! So, I tried to sabotage my experience. Can you imagine anything worse than to put cooked Japanese Black Rice in the refrigerated container. Three days later I open a can of salmon, pick the bones and soft skins, throw in some fresh asparagus cuts with a little butter, teriyaki glaze, dehydrated garlic and onion and closed it up, thinking I might have made a mistake. My hypothesis was pointed towards disaster, however, even though I still expected the worst, that the salmon would stink the break-room, that was my only mistake. Surprisingly, I sat down to a tasty dish, even for canned fish, and delighted in not having made a mistake at all. I have turned cheap cake with a dollop of cream cheese, frozen berries and white chocolate chips, into a tasty warm desert to round off my private dinner. There is no way I would wait to pay top-dollar for such excellent results. The thing is that I merely placed the ingredients in the container, sealed it up and packed it for the next day or two in the fridge. Then I plucked it to carry to work and placed it in the HotLogic first thing, forgetting it. Lunch could be at any time several or few hour later. When that time came, I merely unzipped the enclosure, as the containers were held at table-hot temperatures perfectly and suspended in time, and placed my succulent nourishment before my salivating anticipation. I even tried a portion of buttered bread folded in foil and received a tender accompaniment to my feast. This is better than a cold bento box. Why should I call in reservations at the Angus Barn? I just entertain the imagination a little, mainly because that imagination is inspired by the readiness of a perfect hot meal all because of this HotLogic. Don’t take my word for it. Just DO IT! I am now a member of the clean lunch plate club.

    4 people found this helpful

  20. Alayna Johnson

    Great bag!

    This is a great bag. I use it at work. Depending on the temperature and what I am heating up, I will plug this in 2-3 hours before mealtime. The food is nice and hot by that time. The first meal I used with this bag, I left the food in for 4 hours and that was a bit overkill (it was a curry dish with rice). 2-3 hours is perfect. The bag is a good size for a meal, without being too large and burdensome to carry around. I would highly recommend this bag.

    8 people found this helpful

  21. Stephanie ChengStephanie Cheng

    Excellent for slow heating meals!

    I bought both the 12V version and the wall plug version. I get up early to hit the ski resorts so that I can snowboard without getting stuck in traffic. This means I eat breakfast and have coffee in my car. It’s really nice to have a warm home cooked meal! Some resorts don’t offer great food. 2 of the 1 lb tin containers fit for perfectly. Thank you to another reviewer for the pro tip!I loved the car version Hot Logic so much that I bought the wall plug version. I work remotely and don’t always have time to make lunch. So I just place a prepped meal (using Factor right now) into a Pyrex container in the Hot Logic. When I have a break, I have a hot meal ready.

    2 people found this helpful

  22. J OliveJ Olive

    The Ultimate Must Have!!

    My new lunch date, always hot, always ready, super easy to clean! 🔥😍 Plan your lunch date, it doesn’t matter that’s ice cold or frozen. Plug in your lunch box, it will be ready in 1-2hrs or less. You will enjoy a piping hot lunch! This little baby is the perfect size, easy to clean and most of all it Really works. I am not a paid affiliate, I am just a very happy camper! 😊 This is also my new go to gift 🎁 that anyone who I gift this to will be thanking me! This product is well worth the money!

    One person found this helpful

  23. Dianne N.

    So far so good!

    As a home Healthcare worker, I am constantly driving house to house to work with patients, so I don’t have access to a microwave, making hot meals impossible unless I’m doing take out. Things to consider about my review is that due to the nature of my work, I am constantly in and out of my car, which means the jot plate is not constantly on. That being said, I think this is a pretty good product. I also give my REFRIGERATED food a 1 min nuke before heading out for my day and my food is pretty steamy by lunch time. I’ve never tried it straight from the fridge or freezer, or had the hot plate on consistently for longer than 1 hour. If these circumstances fit yours, I’d say it’d a great buy!!

    One person found this helpful

  24. cshoe

    Hot food for lunch

    I’m a teacher who shares a kitchen (and microwave) with several others, so I don’t always get to use it when I need to. I had been looking for a way to enjoy hot food at lunch without eating out every day and paying for delivery fees. None of the traditional containers I tried worked. I was eating room-temperature meals all the time. Then, I found this Hotlogic mini portable oven. It works as advertised and I get a hot meal when I want one.

  25. PsychoMunchkyn

    I can’t remember when I bought this (maybe 2020?) but I still use it daily.

    I love that this piece of equipment makes setting lunch at my desk so easy. Pop my pre-prepped foods from the freezer in when I get into the office and by lunch time BAM! Easy peasy ya’ll. I have this sitting on top of my desk, have forgotten to turn it off over night (I don’t recommend this), and it’s still not warped he desk or stopped working. Truly a gem of a product!

    One person found this helpful

  26. S. Albright

    Heats great!

    I love this. I generally put my food in to be warmed about an hour before I want to eat just to make sure it’s heated through. It’s piping hot by then. So glad I have this to heat my food without destroying the nutrients warming it in the microwave.

  27. Lacey


    i got this for traveling and i’m absolutely so glad i did. perfect for leftover food if your hotel has a fridge but no microwave! also good for on the road. my boyfriend drives a gmc truck and it plugged right in and food was hot and ready to eat within 30-40 mins! it even kept our leftover steak tender. buy this!

  28. tell people that it is a puzzle

    My son loves this!

    I bought this for my son for Christmas. He is a delivery driver and was getting tired of eating sandwiches for lunch every day. Having a place to warm up his lunch is sometimes challenging. He plugs this into a power inverter in his delivery truck and a couple of hours later he has a hot lunch to enjoy on a cold, rainy, or snowy day. It works well for frozen meals or any leftover soup or casseroles. It wouldn’t work well for things like pizza though. He loves it!

    2 people found this helpful

  29. AjAA

    Great for travel

    I can put frozen food in there and it will heat within 2 hours. I travel for a living so it’s nice to be able to have hot meals in my hotel. Only thing missing is a way to program when you want to turn on, so you can have hot breakfast.

    One person found this helpful

  30. Jennifer FieldsJennifer Fields

    Works Well.

    This product is sturdy with a handle that makes it easy to carry and a four foot cord that facilitates being able to place it in the most convenient area during use. It also comes with a plastic container and lid to use for your warming and cooking needs. However, it would be nice if there was an indicator light to verify that the unit is on at a glance.When it arrived, I cut up and seasoned some raw potatoes and onions to see how long it would take them to cook. It took 5 hours and 45 minutes. When I choose to cook potatoes again, I will slice them thinner to reduce the cooking time. I have not warmed up any leftovers yet but judging how hot the unit got while the potatoes were cooking it should have no issues warming.So far I am very satisfied.

    13 people found this helpful

  31. Randy Carstens

    Easy to use

    Pizza using aluminum foil ready in 30 minutes pasta piping hot in 2 hours using Tupperware container.Very impressed with what I have used it for so far.

    2 people found this helpful

  32. Amazon Customer

    So quick to heat up!

    Love this little oven for work. I have forgotten to plug in at work but it only takes an hour to heat up soup or chili. Perfect for this absent minded teacher! No cleanup really other than the food containers used.

    One person found this helpful

  33. M3kids

    Easy to set up and use.

    Used on the road for tractor trailer driver.

  34. Cynthia K.

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

    Just bought my 3rd one..gave one to a friend…I am bedridden and I use this to heat all my meals….if you purchase the 8″x 8″ aluminum pans..fold the edges fits perfectly inside the bag and keeps everything totally clean. It also helps to brown pizza and frozen sandwiches…..I am so glad I found the product!!!!!I have heated items in glass, plastic, cardboard, frozen meals, aluminum foil, paper towels…’s wonerful!

    8 people found this helpful

  35. melissa

    Awesome invention

    Bought this for work because they didn’t have a microwave & I was tired of cold lunches. I plug it in about an hour or two before lunch and yummm, nice hot food. Life saver for me!!! Definitely worth the buy!!

    4 people found this helpful

  36. Paula Hughes

    Great Gift !

    Excellent product!!My 2nd order!

  37. F. L. OKelley

    My grown up lunch box!

    I have owned a Hot Logic Mini for six or seven years. Initially, I purchased it for camping and potluck dishes where I might need to provide my own heat to keep the dish warm.In the last couple of years, I have come to rely on this as my lunch box when I work. I absolutely love that I can meal prep lunches ahead of time and have anything from fish to soup in this little gem. I can plug it in somewhere in a quiet corner out of the way when I arrive at work and then 2-3 hours later when it’s my lunch break, I have a hot lunch waiting for me without needing to find a microwave oven or stove. Absolutely no cooking food aromas can be smelled until I uncover my casserole dish when it’s time to eat.Often my coworkers stop by to check and see what’s on the lunch menu for the day. I am frequently told I have the most appetizing lunches around. One of my favorites is cheese ravioli with sauce. I start with frozen, uncooked ravioli then add a little sauce to the bottom of my dish (so that the pasta doesn’t stick to the bottom of the dish), arrange my ravioli on top of that, and top with more sauce and a handful of mozzarella cheese. Delicious!I prefer using glass/pyrex-type baking dishes in the Hot Logic. The Pyrex brand six-cup is a perfect fit as is the six-cup Snapware brand. However I do prefer the Razab 6.5 cup with locking lids the best. They are less expensive, completely leak-proof and also a perfect fit for the Hot Logic Mini. ( can heat ready-to-eat frozen meals still sealed inside the cardboard container without risk of anything burning. A person can use any flat-base dish for eating and cooking, including paper plates or bowls, aluminum foil, aluminum pans, plastic, glass, heavy-duty freezer bags, and even restaurant carry-out containers. A person can also cook food from raw, as it functions much like a slow cooker. It has more difficulty with root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, turnips), and it will not sear or crisp edges on meat. It doesn’t do well rice or pasta either, so when I do these, I pre-cook to al dente. It is perfect for frozen portions though!It is a great meal preparation device for one or two people!

    62 people found this helpful

  38. Eagle1973

    I wish I found this sooner

    Bo keep a good diet at work!uy it!! It works amazing- keeps my food warm perfectly and quickly. Now I have a better means t

  39. Ena Yu

    New idea of carry luch bag

    The bag I got that hight is too low so it can’t hold a little bit higher container inside.

  40. Keyshla

    Love it!

    I take it with me when flying and I absolutely love it. Takes about 30-60 mins to heat a meal.

  41. JC

    Perfect for Work or Camping

    I bought this one to heat up food when car camping. You leave it while you go for a hike and when you come back your meal is hot and ready. It works!

    2 people found this helpful

  42. Dee Best

    it gets really hot

    this is good for on the go when you have time to wait for your food other than that it takes a while for food to heat completely up. I haven’t tried cooking with this, but I would imagine it would take some time if you like your food well cooked.

  43. Jamie Propes

    Excellent – Perfect for the Office

    This warmer is perfect for the office!! Food gets very hot from frozen in about an hour. The size makes it perfect for my desk. I highly recommend this for anyone that finds it difficult to get away for a hot lunch.

    2 people found this helpful

  44. Adriane

    Saves bunches of money

    This was a gift. I have a cabinet full of these. If you want to save money, buy a few 6 cup pyrex, put your leftovers in, then take them to work to warm them perfectly. I am totally sold on hot logic.

    5 people found this helpful

  45. Nathan Mack

    Awesome product

    I loave this product. I plug it in when I get to work, and my food is hot and ready to eat by lunch time. This is a must have if you are a meal prepper.

    2 people found this helpful

  46. mslawyes

    This is a must have.

    It works!!!! Great for dorms. I lived in a place with no kitchen. This works!!!!

  47. Vanessa

    This is a truly great product

    Just like advertised. Warms up everything. No smells either. Perfect for work!

  48. DW

    Love it

    I bought this item in 2016, and can’t believe that I still use it for my lunch. I don’t like the microwave and this has helped me eat warm healthy food every workday. Just make sure you plug it in one or one and a half hours before your meal time, depending on the food you are warming.

    9 people found this helpful

  49. Sheryl

    Great for at work!

    My husband loves his! It saves him lots of steps to the microwave at lunchtime, only to have to waste time waiting in line. He puts his food in his Hot Logic mid-morning and it is perfectly heated by lunchtime!

    3 people found this helpful

  50. Joni

    Thought had ordered the one with 12 volt plug

    Works well

  51. Amazon Customer

    Great buy


  52. Jennifer T. Farrell

    What a neat little lunchbox

    So far so good ….. easy to use !!! I was skeptical about this but it’s working as described. I plug in an hour before lunch ….. this was so I remembered. When I came back to it …. It was nicely heated and the plastic container was not melted .

  53. Kassondra Jodon

    Don’t touch the plate on the inside.

    It’s perfect size for frozen meals or heating up canned soup in a Tupperware bowl.

  54. Abiodun

    Portable but very slow heating

    I like that it is portable, and it comes with a food container. what I dislike is that it takes about 1 hour to heat up food that fills the container.

  55. T

    Finally we can eat homemade food

    It was hard for us to take lunch since our jobsite did not have a microwave to heat up out lunch and sometimes we did not eat all day because we would work in areas where there was no where to buy food. I’m so happy we got this. Now we prep our food the night before, put it in the lunchbox in the morning, take it to work and plug it in 45 min before lunch time. And we finally get to eat our own home cooked meals plus we can heat up our homemade tortillas!!!!! Just awesome!!!!

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  56. Donald Rose

    Hot logic is great


  57. Trey

    So far so good

    Its a hotplate in a laminated tote made out of cloth, it works pretty good but takes awhile to heat up food, if ur foods cold its going to take a hour to dethaw and another hour to cook. It only reaches a certain temperature so u could even touch the service of the hotplate if u wanted and sadly the hotplate is made of plastic not metal, thats how they use plastic and the compatibility for on the go. It has no gauge to control temp just reset low heat. If anything get a hotplate for cheaper with more temperature control with a pyrex bowl and call it a day. This works since i bought it already but i live in my truck and only use 100ah. At 2 hours for every meal im using more electricity than a 500watt hotplate for 5-10 minutes

    7 people found this helpful

  58. Sheila

    Very easy to use

    I ordered for my sister to take to work. She loves it and will be ordering more and in a different color

    One person found this helpful

  59. Donna Keith

    Needs a sturdy container inside.

    Great for traveling

  60. miscbills

    Great Great Item

    I wish I had this years ago. I have eating sandwiches and salads because I don’t want to wait in line for a microwave and lose my minutes of lunch break. Also my food is not soggy. I put bread sticks in aluminum along with the food and it comes crispy.

    2 people found this helpful

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