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Childs Farm | Baby Nappy Cream | Aloe Vera | Suitable for Newborns with Dry, Sensitive & Eczema-prone Skin | 100ml

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Huggies Pure Extra Care, Baby Wipes – Box with 12 Packs (672 Wipes Total) – 99 Percent Pure Water Wet Wipes – Fragrance Free to Clean and Protect Sensitive Skin


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About this item Safe for your newborn – Dermatologically tested and fragrance free, Huggies Pure Extra Care wet wipes are gentle enough for sensitive and newborn skin. Enriched with 99% pure water – Our baby wipes are formulated with skin loving natural fibres, which help prevent skin irritation. Trusted Brand – Huggies are the World’s #1 Branded Baby Wipe (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Tissue and Hygiene 2021ed, retail value RSP, 2020 data) – and approved by the British Skin Foundation showing that we aretrusted by parents around the world. Durable – Huggies Pure Extra Care Wipes are our thickest wipe yet, with a cushiony texture making them ideal for cleansing baby’s delicate skin. Buy 12 packs of wet wipes – Ensure you’ve always got at least one baby wipes box ready at home, in your bag, the car and anywhere else for any wiping needs. Bulk buy 12 packs – that’s 672 wipes in total – to stay stocked up.

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From the manufacturer

Huggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, babyHuggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, baby

Feel the thickness

Huggies Pure Extra Care baby wipes are our thickest ever offering a gentle, thorough clean and so much softness on delicate skin.

Huggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, babyHuggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, baby

Enjoy natural ingredients

Our wipes contain 99% pure water meaning you can be confident using them on bottoms, faces and hands. The wipes themselves are made up of 71% skin loving natural fibres from wood pulp.

Huggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, babyHuggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, baby

Love the efficiency

Huggies Pure Extra Care have the right amount of strength to prevent tearing in use. We know you need your wipes to do the job when it really matters and that’s what these wipes do. Kind to baby and to you.

Huggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, babyHuggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, baby

Breathe easy

Fragrance free, our Huggies Pure Extra Care are perfect for sensitive skin. Pure and gentle – they’re our most caring wipe.

Why Huggies?

Huggies, Baby Wipes, All over clean, wipesHuggies, Baby Wipes, All over clean, wipes

Huggies, Baby Wipes, All over clean, wipes, babyHuggies, Baby Wipes, All over clean, wipes, baby

Huggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, babyHuggies, Huggies Wipes, Extra Care Wipes, baby wipes, baby

More than 40 years of industry experience

We’ve been in the baby and childcare space since 1978 – and have been innovating and improving our products to help parents navigate their way through the unknowns of babyhood, ever since.

We’re with you all the way

Every child is different and we celebrate this. Whether your child is ready to potty train, stay dry overnight or have fun safely in the pool, whatever journey lays ahead, we’re here throughout.

Sustainable Thinking

We’re on a global mission to reduce plastic in our products and packaging whilst constantly looking for other ways to improve our environmental footprint.

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‎1.42 Kilograms


‎672 count

Manufacturer contact

‎Uk Price & Inv Dept Mocatta Hs Trafalgar Brighton Bn1 4Bg





Country of origin

‎United Kingdom



Customer Reviews

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Best Sellers Rank

190 in Baby Products (See Top 100 in Baby Products) 15 in Wet Baby Wipes

Date First Available

1 Jun. 2018

10 reviews for Huggies Pure Extra Care, Baby Wipes – Box with 12 Packs (672 Wipes Total) – 99 Percent Pure Water Wet Wipes – Fragrance Free to Clean and Protect Sensitive Skin

  1. DeBz

    Value for money

  2. Joanna

    Love them. I do. My son loves them. And I use them not only to clean his bum :)Thick, soft, don’t rip, one comes at a time. LOVE THEM!

  3. Anonymous

    I always stock up when they are on offer!

  4. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been using many different brands over the years, but nothing can beat these. They’re so thick and cushiony that I split one into two and give a wipe with each half, so a package lasts twice as much.

  5. Tigger

    Theses huggies baby wipes are the best buy ..they are so soft .strong great for sensitive skin….

  6. Muneeb Ali

    Emergency needed wipes these did the job on my son’s sensitive skin

  7. Mr Kipling

    Summary:- A truly colossal number of wet wipes- Seemingly wetter than my memory of other products- Subtle smell, reminds me of cucumber for some reason (The product description states “fresh smell”, so I’m not sure if the scent is aloe vera or not?)- More uses for these than I care to write down!This is by far one of the best purchases I’ve made this year! I hadn’t realised how much wet wipes were missing from my life until I bought these. Honestly, it’s so handy to have them to hand quickly and easily.Quantity:The first thing I was struck by when I opened these was the sheer volume of wipes you get. There are 12 packs of wipes in total and they go down at a surprisingly slow rate, and I’ve been using them quite liberally! Perhaps if you’re actually using them for keeping a newborn baby clean then you’ll get through them quicker, but even so I’d be surprised if they didn’t last you a month or two minimum.Quality:While I don’t have anything to compare it to really, I can’t really find any reason to complain. The wipes stay wet for maybe an hour after being left out, and while the material is quite thin it come apart easily. One minor fault is that the wipes can occasionally be a little awkward to get out of the packet, as they do not always come up in pairs to leave a “tab” to pull on. The wipes themselves can also be quite wet (no way), which can be a good thing but also could be a bad thing if you’d rather they didn’t dribble liquid onto whatever you’re cleaning. For example I usually squeeze the moisture out a little before cleaning my computer monitor with them.Smell:The smell is quite subtle, and as mentioned above reminds me of cucumber a little. It’s a very natural smell and not overpowering at all, although I must admit it is not my favourite smell in the world. That is obviously subjective though, and opinions will always differ.If you’ve found this review helpful, let me know with a thumbs up! Likewise if you felt it was lacking in some way then feel free to give it a thumbs down. Happy shopping!

  8. Jodie Atkins


  9. Larissa Read

    I used to hate Huggies wipes.I got one pack when my baby was quite small, and I kept tearing little bits off the first wipes in the pack. ‘Who has time for this when changing a poo-ey bum?’ I thought to myself.Well, when my baby had a bit of conjunctivitis, I was out and about when it attacked and had no wool and sterilised water. So I popped out to Boots and bought Huggies Pure wipes, knowing that they had very few nasties compared to most other wipes, so I could wipe away the majority of the gunk while waiting to get home to clean her eyes properly. I was careful to find the lip of the first wipe in the pack and then pulled it out. From that point on, all other wipes in the pack came out cleanly, one at a time. When I got to the very end of the pack, the last few wipes stuck together, but we’re talking, like, three wipes. I can deal with wastage of two or three wipes in an entire pack, personally.After using this pack of Huggies Pure wipes, and being thoroughly impressed by the thickness and wetness of the material, I realised what Huggies were by far the superior wipe on the market. I found I could use fewer wipes per nappy change (particularly the poo-ey nappy changes), because I could fold over a wipe once or twice to get more use out of it, unlike going through up to 10 Johnsons Extra Sensitive wipes on a particularly messy change.Converted, I quickly signed up for a subscribe and save on the Huggies Pure wipes. As my monthly delivery approached, I noticed that the Huggies Pure wipes were out of stock. So I signed up for these Huggies Natural Care wipes instead. And I’m glad I did, for two reasons.1) The Natural Care wipe is the same material as the Pure wipes, have the same wetness factor, and pull out of the pack one-at-a-time cleanly like the Pure wipes. But they have a lovely, subtle naturally fresh smell (unlike Pampers Fresh Clean wipes whose scent is so overwhelmingly ‘chemical’ in nature that it makes me dry heave when mixed in a cocktail of poop). It’s actually quite pleasant. The wipes still have no nasties in them, like the Pure wipes, and the only additional ingredients are aloe vera, vitamin E (tocopheral acetate) and a perfume.2) The packaging on these wipes still have a sticky tab opening. I know, I know, the Pure wipes have a ‘moisture lock’ opening that is more like the plastic top openings on some preferred wipes brands (Pampers Baby sensitive and Tesco and Aldi own-brand wipes to name a few). But my baby has worked out how to open those tops, and if left unattended with a wipes pack, she pulls half the pack of wipes out before I can prise it away from her greedy, destructive hands. She hasn’t quite figured out how to open the sticky-tab opening, so these wipes are safe for now. The picture of the baby on the packaging makes it easy for me to locate the tab, knowing as I do that it opens near the baby’s head (I was constantly fumbling around looking for the opening on Pampers Fresh Clean wipes, as the entire pack has printed patterning that looks the same).I may try other wipes from time to time, but given how enamored I’m am with Huggies Natural Care wipes, I’m sure I’ll be using these for years to come.

  10. Lizzie

    Huggies Great wipes for sensitive skin – thick, soft and fragrance free.

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