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I Sushi Premium Sushi Rice 5kg


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About this item Finest quality sushi rice Quick and easy to prepare Perfect size for kitchens, restaurants and even students An essential part of authentic Asian and oriental cuisine Can be used in almost any dish
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From the manufacturer

The Art of Sushi MakingThe Art of Sushi Making

i-Sushi Premium Sushi Rice

The ‘art’ in sushi making.

The best quality sushi rice you could find on Amazon The best quality sushi rice you could find on Amazon

Want to make perfect sushi? i-Sushi is the secret Want to make perfect sushi? i-Sushi is the secret

Can be used in other cuisines too! Can be used in other cuisines too!

The best quality sushi rice you could find on Amazon

User friendly, sticky, delicious and perfectly shaped – i-Sushi is your partner in the kitchen for making Japanese cuisines.

Want to make perfect sushi? i-Sushi is the secret

Loved by discerning Japanese chefs and foodies alike, i-Sushi can be found in most households and commercial kitchens all over the world, thanks to its authentic taste! You’re one click away to have this delivered to your doorstep in no time!

Can be used in other cuisines too!

From Risotto (thanks to its medium grain species and round shape) to Fried Rice, i-Sushi Premium Sushi rice delivers the taste and presentation every time!

10 reviews for I Sushi Premium Sushi Rice 5kg

  1. Kim SeoungJun

    Hard to tell this is the best rice in the market, but it’s fine rice for everyday meal.

  2. macunix

    better than local shops..

  3. Calvin Crichton

    I’ve bought this make of rice a few times, its good clean tasty rice and buying it this way is far cheaper than most supermarkets. I’d recommend this product and will definitely buy it again.

  4. August

    My favorite

  5. Ingrida

    Perfect Sushi rice !!I can’t understand why people writing silly reviews.. like it’s not a sushi rice , can’t make any sushi of this rice.. bad quality,no taste and blah blah blah..Yes – you can make delicious sushi of this rice! They are fine !! Just perfect!! Definitely will by again in the future! Recommend!! 5* !!

  6. Arya

    There are many grade for sushi rice which is type of short grain rice.This one of the cheapest on the market, taste good. Its not sticky rice but sticky enough more than medium rice ( thai jasmine rice ).If you cook whit the right amount of water, it can be turn into sticky fluffy rice whice really delicious when hot, we eat this as everyday rice. Only occasionally make sushi or kimbab.Just dont treat this rice like basmanti rice, or soak for hours. The best way cook this with rice cooker, which only take 30 mnt to cook.

  7. Duki

    This will last for quite some time (unless you cook rice on a daily basis) and can use it for any rice dish you can imagine

  8. Renata


  9. Kimno Sparkes

    I used it for sushi! 5kg will go a long way and can be use as you would like any other type of rices or eaten as is with anything.

  10. Shr Shzn

    I first tried this rice at a friend’s. Decided to get it along with the Judge rice cooker. Super happy for this purchase!

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