Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast,Produced in a nut-free facility center, Mild and creamy with notes of hazelnuts and brown sugar, 2.2LB (Pack of 1) Roasted Coffee Beans : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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About this item One 2.2 pounds bag of Lavazza Super Crema Italian whole coffee beans 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta Best used with an espresso machine Contains only coffee

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Super Crema Espresso Italiano Espresso Barista Gran Crema Crema E Aroma Gran Espresso Qualità Rossa Roasting Medium-Light Medium Dark Medium Medium Medium Composition Arabica and Robusta 100% Arabica Arabica and Robusta Arabica and Robusta Arabica and Robusta Arabica and Robusta Tasting Notes Brown sugar and hazelnut Fruit and flowers Honey and roasted coffee Chocolate Cocoa and black pepper Chocolate Preparation Method Espresso Machine Espresso Machine, Drip Coffee Maker, French Press, Moka Pot, or Pour-over Espresso Machine Espresso Machine, Drip Coffee Maker, French Press, Moka Pot, or Pour-over Espresso Machine Espresso Machine, Drip Coffee Maker, French Press, Moka Pot, or Pour-over

  • About this item One 2.2 pounds bag of Lavazza Super Crema Italian whole coffee beans
  • 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta
  • Best used with an espresso machine
  • Contains only coffee

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Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Roasted Coffee Beans

Customer Reviews: 75,929 ratings

About this item One 2.2 pounds bag of Lavazza Super Crema Italian whole coffee beans 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta Best used with an espresso machine Contains only coffee

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5.51 x 3.15 x 14.96 inches; 2.2 Pounds

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370839488400 368547716045 368547716052

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Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.

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#1 in Roasted Coffee Beans

Customer Reviews:

75,929 ratings

60 reviews for Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast,Produced in a nut-free facility center, Mild and creamy with notes of hazelnuts and brown sugar, 2.2LB (Pack of 1) Roasted Coffee Beans : Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. Jen L.

    Pretty Good

    This has a mild flavor, however as a lover of espresso, I felt it had more of a drip coffee taste, almost bland, not the over roasted flavor I love. I may try the Gran Crema next time.

  2. Yar N.

    good clean after taste not too bitter

    I would recommend this coffee to a friend!

  3. fay


    Wish there was a way to reseal the bag

  4. cruz

    Love strong coffee

    I love this coffee. I love strong coffee!

  5. Patricia Yourkoski

    Best coffee I ever had!

    Fresh flavorful and excellent flavor best coffee!

  6. W Chan

    good quality product

    Fresh coffee and perfect for my capuccino

  7. Ronnie b.

    Smooth taste

    Best coffee yet tried a few before this one enjoying every day before work

  8. Sal B.

    It makes an espresso the way I like it

    It’s something you can rely on

  9. Kathleen M Squires

    Best for my espresso machine

    Best coffee for my espresso machine

  10. Alec

    6/5 , am buying again

    2nd Edit: 26 Feb 2020, I’m about to finish the last of this bag. I’m gonna buy another 2.2lb/1k because this was that good. I’m gonna try a different flavour, maybe the Gran or the Super Crema. The honey and almond sounds really intriguing….What I did to preserve the beans, because once I opened the bag, I couldn’t close it, was put the beans in Ziplocs. Quarts worked for me, I had two I could barely zip and a sandwich baggy. Making four to six cups daily (and to stretch them out, I’ll pour more water over the used beans. If I made a batch of six, I use three cups next, then two cups. By that time the beans are tired. Hey, these were good! Not really expensive, but I wanna stretch my money out!) the 2.2lb last nearly two months. Ignore what I was saying about maybe these will be stale, these were fantastic.6/5 , am buying againI have a bag of ground coffee to go through before I open this (won’t be long) but something that gives me pause is the manufactured date, the day the coffee was roasted.A year and a half ago?!?! When I was working for Peet’s Coffee, they told me to throw away any bag of coffee (3lbs or more) over 3 months old since roasting (didn’t happen often, they went through several bags daily), I’ve never seen coffee over a year old! Beans don’t ~really~ expire, it’s not like I’m gonna get cancer because my coffee was stale, but the tasting notes will/would be off and the cup will/would be flat. I suppose that the nitrogen process the beans are treated with help preserve, but this bag doesn’t contain nitrogen, it’s your standard coffee bag with an air port, any gas in there that wasn’t air has now escaped. I’ve seen those coffees at the store, they come in tins to not let the gas escape (also a product sold by LavAzza).Long story short, I haven’t tasted my beans yet, and while I’m eager to, I am also cautious. I will update the review with actual stars and report what I think are the drawbacks, if there are any, when I open the bag.*ahem*So I finished that other bag of coffee a while ago, I’m just pretty lazy and forgetful.WOWUpon opening the bag (very well sealed, I ended up using scissors and storing the beans in Ziplocs) the kitchen filled with coffee scent — literally. Blooming, blossoming, exploding out of the bag was this incredibly deep toasty earthy smell of very dark and flavourful beans. Just wow.Ground the beans for my drip (I’m investing the money for a small espresso machine soon, you know, when I have $1000+ spending money), loaded Mr Coffee up and in ~5min I had a cup of java (cup of italia?) covered with a thick layer of natural oils. The liquid was mean looking, jet black with crema coloured bubbles (but no genuine crema, this was a Mr Coffee), and the aroma was like a brick wall.The first slurp was incredible! There is a wealth of flavour in these beans, more than just a smoky, rough, charred taste, these were notes of deep earth, softened by a sweet taste (the bag says cinnamon, I feel like it’s a stretch, but sure), layered with the customary roasty toasty notes darker roasts have. But this wasn’t your $10 bag coffee where the roaster forgot to turn the beans and it came out crispy, these were roasted to the prime level, and I imagine, these beans must have been treated or stored in nitrogen or something, because these were fresh, and the bag denotes the manufacturing date, which I believe is the day they bagged the beans, which is probably the day or day after the beans finished roasting, and the bag says it was over a year ago.Incredible. This was a good bag of coffee, this is a good mug of coffee.

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  11. A. H.

    A lesson about coffee and Lavazza to understand the review.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: Gran Crema is an EXCELLENT blend of coffee to make cappuccinos and lattes, producing an incredibly velvety crema. The espresso drinker who prefers a stronger taste and full body will also certainly enjoy this roast blend.Tastes: If everyone had the same tastes and liked the same things, there would only be one coffee in the world. Finding the “perfect” coffee is a personal decision tailored by your own taste and likes, and even then, many times you want to have something different or change, therefore in finding YOUR perfect coffee, it depends on your present tastes and moods at that one particular moment in time…which can change. My best advice is follow your feelings and have a try at different things to find NOT what you like, but what you DEFINITELY do not like. And most certainly do not buy or force yourself to like something, because others do like it or love it. Buy for you, not for them.Coffee basics: 2 types of beans. Arabica, which have a smoother taste in general but have lighter body and make less crema, and Robusto, which make more crema and have a stronger taste and body but carry more bitterness. Plants are grown in warmer climates all around the globe, and each place yields beans with distinct flavors regardless of the same bean used. The roasting of the coffee, different machines, water quality and grind quality also add to these differences. Tamping (espresso styles) and amount of coffee makes a very minimal difference compared to all the other factors, and everyone gets the hang of it with practice (i.e. no need to focus so much on pressures and exact weight and times). WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT: the WATER!, the quality of the coffee, the right grind for the style you are making (finer for espresso and Turkish, coarser for other styles), and a good machine for that style, which is NOT synonymous with expensive (stove tops are not). You get these 4 things right, and all the other factors won’t matter much, and you will have an excellent coffee every time. The water here where I live is horrible, and so was my coffee, so I had to spend quite a lot on a filtration system for the water.Italian coffee: Our preferred styles are espresso, cappuccino, and latte (it really means milk and the original Italian name is caffè e latte, but we have dropped the “e” over time) and all are served hot. In Italy, flavors/things added to these styles are only found in places where tourists are (i.e. no creams, cinnamon, iced, etc) and most Italians do not even consider or have heard of adding anything else, other than sugar. In Italian bars (this is what we call coffee shops in Italy and why they’re called baristas) ALL coffee is a blend of arabica and robusta, making them versatile. ALL bars in Italy also use whole milk, typically what we call lunga conservazione which stores at room temperature until opened (hence less refrigeration storing space needed). You might find places that use more than just whole milk in tourist areas, but is not a certainty. Whole milk froths better than other milk. Coffee is quite important in Italy, so much that the price of coffee is strictly regulated and has been, long before the owners of Starbucks were even born.Lavazza: Most sold coffee brand in Italy. Lavazza makes 2 lines of coffee geared to the preferred Italian styles, one for home use, and one commercial, but each and every one of them is different from each other and any coffee in the home line is totally different from any one in the commercial line. The home line consists of:1. Qualità Oro – 100% Arabica beans from a blend of Central America and African highlands. Medium roast.2. Qualità Rossa – 70% Brasilian arabica and 30% African robusta. Medium roast.3. Gran Aroma – 60% arabica and 40% robusta. All Brasilian. Medium roast.4. Gran Crema – 40% South America arabica and 60% Southeast Asia robusta. Dark roast.5. Crema e Aroma – 30% South America arabica and 70% African robusta. Medium roast.Qualità Rossa is the most readily available in Italy and hence the less expensive and most used/sold in Italy also. Qualità Oro is aimed at espresso style, Gran Crema is aimed at cappuccino and latte styles, with Gran Bar and Qualità Rossa being more versatile. Qualità Rossa seems to most to have a balance IN TASTE (smooth vs. strong) between arabica and robusta. The entire Lavazza home line is excellent Italian roast espresso coffee but is best to stick Gran Crema (mixing) and Qualità Oro (straight) for what they’re geared for, and in the proper use you will find the correct taste, smoothness, and next to no bitterness, if any at all. They are all superb for use in the right manner and none of them are oily.About me: I definitely do not like bitter or oily coffee (all coffee is oily per se, but I do not like coffee that has a distinct film of oil on top, which you can see at an angle and which is typically bitter coffee). I prefer cappuccinos and “lattes”, but regardless I like a strong taste and therefore use Gran Crema, but I do enjoy espresso also so I do use Gran Aroma, which still has enough strong taste for my cappuccinos and lattes. My family in Italy in general prefer espressos and use Qualità Oro, but also use Qualità Rossa (much much less). You will only see me at Starbucks in case of dire emergency, which translates to 3 times in 20 years (once after an 18 hour travel marathon in planes). I’m not even mentioning any other coffee places. I use a Gaggia at home and drink tea while I travel. My entire family owns Gaggias. Not because we’re married to the brand, but because we have tried plenty others, but Gaggias last us much better than the rest. My mother’s must be at least 30 years old. However, one glance at her stove top will convince you it was around before Metusela.Anecdote: I was quite entertained when I learned about the craziness to obsess over tamping pressures, weighing, and stopwatches. Out of curiosity on a British espresso machine that uses no electricity or stove (but you have to have boiling water so you need it anyway), I found a video of this American guy showing the ROK coffee maker which was totally obsessed with this and I learned that it was quite common. I told my mother, who laughed, and shared it at the local bar in her neighborhood the next morning. The barista (our friend) had to call me at 4 a.m. my time (it’s ok, mamma has been doing it all these years). He almost didn’t believe me. I had to send him youtube links, including the ROK guy. He asked “Are they crazy? People believe we use scales and stopwatches at the bars?” About tamping he said it’s common sense. It has to be compact enough so that you get the flavor out of the coffee, but not too compact that breaks the pump on the machine.

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  12. rjv4EVER


    I’m reviewing the Lavazza BARISTA PERFETTO Espresso. It’s good, but not great. It may be my inexperienced skills at grinding espresso beans, but there is a small hint of a bitter aftertaste. I may be grinding the beans too finely, so I’ll be adjusting the grind over time. My other problem…there was barely any crema on the espresso shot, but this could be due to my tamping of the espresso. I’m a novice espresso bean grinder, but an experienced barista. I normally use Dallmayr Monaco Ground Espresso in my Breville Bambino Espresso Machine and get great crema on each shot with no bitter aftertaste, but being a coffee snob (I hail from Seattle…LOL), I really wanted to try grinding my own beans, but I suppose this will take time as well. I will say what I do LOVE about the Lavazza Barista PERFETTO…it’s really heavy on the Chocolate notes. Sitting next to my latte cup and I can smell the notes of chocolate. Do not be confused, it still taste of espresso but with the aroma of dark chocolate…it smells heavenly! My beans came vacuum sealed and we’re fresh. Am I convert to beans over pre-ground espresso…um, not just yet. Im going to try to perfect my grinding skills and then I’ll update my review from there.

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  13. Simon S.

    Every bag I try, I’ll update this review.

    I’m a home-barista, and I own a Breville Barista Pro. It’s a great home espresso machine. I drink my espresso straight, or as iced-coffee in the summer and lattes when it’s cold. That’s the context. Now, how do I like these coffees?In general, I’ve found Lavazza coffees to be good in quality and arrive fresh and ready to brew. The company packs their coffee tightly and with the oxygen in the bag replaced by nitrogen. Some people wonder about where to find the “roasted-on” date on the bag, but from this particular brand, the “best-by” date is a more accurate measure.1. October 2022, Barista Gran Crema: It’s marketed as floral, with notes of baked goods and honey. I very much agree with the baked goods and honey. Acidity is low and well balanced by the deep full-city roast. More on the “intense side” of the scale (as Lavazza puts it), it tolerates milk extremely well because its interesting and moderately complex profile is able to cut through the sweetness of the milk so well. Enjoyable and a great value for the money. I highly recommend latte-lovers try this out.2. January 2023, Super Crema: It’s marketed as a medium roast with notes of hazelnut and brown or cane sugar. It’s well known among the coffee shop community and I could instantly see why. It’s a very well-balanced and inoffensive blend. Certainly another full-city roast, it’s slightly earthy on the sip, and then nutty and slightly oaky on the finish. Here’s the truth about this blend: It’s hard to hate it or love it the same way few people hate or love a Toyota Corolla. It’s just really good at doing the job for a fair price, and it does nothing that will surprise you. Enjoy it however you want, it’s not bad at anything. It might actually remind you of a coffee you grabbed at a cafe lately.3. If you found this review helpful, let me know and I’ll keep adding to this as I try out more varieties from this brand.

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  14. Anastasia

    Best coffee I’ve ever had

    I am not a big coffee drinker. I drink hot tea year round for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, my husband’s family are big coffee drinker. My husband drinks coffee maybe once or twice a week. I bought this coffee so the beans would stay fresh in between my in-laws visits. I have a grinder for my spices which also has a coffee grinder attachment and I use my French press for my loose tea.I made my husband and my in-laws a cup of coffee… they absolutely loved it. I mean OBSESSED! So I had to give it a try. It’s a coffee I could drink everyday. Absolutely delicious. I’m still a full time hot tea drinker but if I am going to drink coffee this is the only kind I will drink. So good.

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  15. Richard C. Brown

    Not the best but very good

    This is not the best coffee ever, but it is good enough to be my everyday cup of joe. I know this an Italian Expresso roast, but I’ve been grinding it medium-fine and brewing it in my Bunn coffeemaker. It’s been my daily driver for over a month now.It is medium roast and is fairly mild flavored for an Expresso roast. It is pretty tasty, though, and at this price, it’s about the same per ounce as ground Folgers classic roast. This tastes better than Folgers, plus it’s whole bean to boot. I can grind a wonderful tasting pot of coffee with it.The only gripe I have with this coffee outside of the relatively mild flavor is the freshness factor. I’m not a terrible coffee snob. I like whole bean coffees but don’t roast my own beans. I don’t over worry about freshness, but it appears that my particular package of coffee was packed in August, and I received it in November. I’m not expecting a guy with a burro to come knocking on my door with a bag of freshly harvested and roasted coffee beans, but I would hope a decent sized company using Amazon’s distribution network could do a little better than 3 months between packaging and delivery. That said, I don’t notice a lot of stale taste.

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  16. Bela Sziklassy

    If you like Lavazza, you’ll like this

    I find Kanazawa to be a decent budget brand of coffee; we drink exclusively espresso.I first decided to try them because Costco had bags on sale that averaged around $6 a pound. I’m used to paying up to 4x more than that (which I will say probably isn’t worth it in comparison). Came across this one with a discount coupon and it’s pretty much identical in taste to the standard lavazza offering, the difference being organic.You aren’t going to get any complex tasting notes or anything, but if you typically drink milk based drinks, this will be more than adequate. You absolutely will not get better at a chain coffeehouse, I’ll promise.

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  17. ESBSY

    Freshness, great, Airtight storage… meh

    The product is actually excellent. I buy it monthly, so I use it frequently. I love Lavazza coffee because its excellent flavor and quality. Now, if I’m being honest, the airtight freshness is hit or miss. I would say that of the two I received, one is airtight and the other not so much. I will use the inflated one quickly, and it’s great, but the airtight seal seems to go away pretty quickly because by the time I get to the next bag, it is rapidly inflating and the airtight seal is pretty much gone. Is the flavor good? YES. Freshness? Great. Airtight so you can leave it in your cupboard for a while comfortably, meh… maybe not. Will I continue to buy it? Yes, of course, because I love this brand and this flavor.

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  18. Alex James

    Super automatic

    Love these beans, the bag is huge so I feel that it is a great value for your money. I use it in a Super automatic Delonghi Dinamica – which these work perfect for. These beans are mild in color (not too dark) and overall they are a little more oily than other higher quality beans, however not too oily that I wouldn’t use in my Super Automatic.I use other brands, but I find myself always keeping this in stock in the house just to have. Recommend!

  19. Señorita Hamburguesa

    I don’t know how else to say this: it tastes like bacon fat

    I mean, I’m sorry? I’m not a snob or anything. Well, I drink Lavazza and illy so maybe I am a little? I love me some gas station coffee so you decide.Okay, so this coffee:-good packaging? Yes.-good size? Yes.-freshness? Yes.-quality overall? She real good. Two thumbs up.Flavor is the whole problem for me. I originally bought this for cold brew but ended up using a different Lavazza blend. Whatever. So homegirl has been sitting in a dry, cool space (my cabinet) for like 2 months-ish. Anyways, I run out of my illy Classico for moka pot and I’m like, “yes, party. New beanz. Let’s do this.” I blitz her up and the smell is good, the texture is legit, good amount of that good-good bean oil aka. I’m into it. Then I brew and I’m like, meh. Mind you, I inhale my coffee while rapidly preparing for work. (Wait wait wait.. I didn’t realize until right now but I’ve been drinking mediocre coffee at work.. maybe to compensate. In the words of Ted “Theodore” Logan, “WHOA.”)I’m writing this after brewing for a second day. It’s my day off so I think I’m paying more attention to what’s going on. I have no food cooking, my neighbors aren’t cooking, no smells coming from anything that I think would affect this aroma or flavor. I added 2 sugar cubes (my regular) and 2% milk (normal as well) – it’s an americano, if you will. To me, THIS TASTES LIKE BACON GREASE. For real. Okay, fun fact: I was a professional chef for like 12ish years so I KNOW WHAT BACON GREASE IS. This, this coffee has the initial flavor of chocolate I get for Hanukkah (chalky and artificial sweetener). The smell is savory and then bada bing, bada boom – bacon grease. Not fat, grease. Like someone has used it for shallow frying and now it’s bitter, slightly burnt.Summary: this is just me and my taste buds. Like I said, everything else is great. It’s truly (are you ready for this?) …….. a matter of taste. Hahaha!

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  20. von Diesel

    Very impressive, especially at such a low price

    I like coffee from my local roasters, but that gets expensive. I’ve been searching for a “grocery store” whole bean coffee for everyday use with my Breville Barista Pro. I tried Cameron’s, Kicking Horse, Kauai, and Ethical Bean so far. Ethical Bean and this Lavazza espresso Italiano are the best of those by far.This is a nice medium roast. I was pleasantly surprised by the mix of flavors when I pulled an espresso. There’s a bit of fruity acidity, but it’s not overly sour. There’s a little roast too, but not too bitter. It’s not super gourmet stuff, but it’s a nice balance and very drinkable. It’s a bit mellow in a cappuccino, so those who like more coffee flavor in a milk-based drink may want something with more punch (or just adjust your coffee:milk ratio), but again this is perfectly fine. This should also make a very good Americano or Aeropress coffee too.At $12 for 1 kilo (2.2lbs) this is amazing. That’s less than 22 cents for a homemade double espresso! I’ll still be trying other things and enjoying my local coffee roasters, but this will probably be my go-to coffee for regular use for a long time. I’ll definitely buy more when this bag runs out.I wish the bag was resealable, but I just pour the beans into a big Tupperware container when I open it.

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  21. lofty perch

    Our favorite coffee in its price range

    Bold and flavorful, without bitterness. A consistently good cup of coffee. Coffee prices seem to fluctuate as wildly as the stock market, and so we try to stock up on this coffee when it’s at a reasonable price.

  22. D Coolios

    Makes one fine cappuccino! Surprisingly good for its price

    Amazing coffee given its price. Given the recent surge in specialty coffee prices, I am going to use this one as a backup and keep it stocked up in my freezer henceforth.I pull 1:1.5 ristrettos at 92 deg C. That has worked rather well, with nice caramel sweetness in the resulting shots. I use it as a base for my cappuccinos. Reminds me of the classic Italian style chocolaty espressos I tried in Europe this past summer.Note that the airtight packaging is quite good. The roast date (I am assuming that’s what “manufacturing date” refers to) was only from 6 months ago, which frankly surprised me. Also because of the robusta content, the coffee doesn’t age as quickly as those specialty arabicas you might be used to, if you’re a home barista like myself! Just make sure you distribute this absolute massive bag into smaller portions (I do mason jars and old Illy cans) and freeze those right away. I use a Niche Zero grinder, so I grind single doses from frozen.One minor point is that there is not as much Crema as I would have imagined given the name and the robusta content. Not that it matters to me in the slightest, but if that’s the reason you’re buying it, look elsewhere.

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  23. Susan Zajac

    This product delivered as promised!

    Got my burr grinder buzzing this morning to taste my first cup of Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, Medium Espresso Roast, and it did not disappoint! Aroma was fantastic, bountiful Crema and the taste was phenomenal! Not a note of bitterness or acidity. I will repurchase.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful cup of coffee

    This is by far the best coffee I have had. I suffer from acid reflux so I can only drink decaf, but some still affect me. Not this one. I really look forward to my morning cup of coffee.

  25. Neesha

    Love this coffee

    I use these beans everyday for my morning espresso. It is seriously addictive. Ever since Costco discontinued it I’ve been buying it from Amazon, and the extra one or two dollars is worth it. I don’t even bother trying other beans, these are amazing.

  26. M L Thompson

    Very nice medium roase

    This is a very nice medium roast coffee. I always buy beans, and this is good by itself or mixed with another coffee that I have lying around. The package implies that this may be a dark roast, but it definitely is not.

  27. Mr. T

    Amazing coffee in our expresso machine

    I have tried a few different coffee beans in our Breville expresso machine. It grinds the beans for us, so the whole bean is perfect. This roasted coffee smells amazing. The flavor is delicious for this roast. I hope that this helps.

  28. Amazon Customer

    Roasted 4 months ago, but tastes great

    Ordered in December, arrived in December, and apparently roasted August. Much much older than my local roasters, but still tastes great actually. Would definitely buy again. I use it for a super-automatic and semi-manual espresso machines, and both come out great. A little concerning that they have a best buy date 2 years from date of roasting- guess I viewed this brand differently. Buy I’d definitely buy again!

  29. Max

    Great tasting beans

    Great beans at a very good price. Even if they were double the price, I think it would still be worth the money. The only thing I have to say is that the package wasn’t air tight, but they still taste fresh and great. Perfect for espresso shots

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  30. codi


    Even though “espresso barista gran crema” is not 100% Arabica but a blend,I’d buy it again. It is very smooth. Love Lavazza brand. I usually buy “Qualita Oro” or “Perfetto”.

  31. Joseph C. Wallace

    Give it a try

    I use a French press and usually add a bit of cream before I plunge. Don’t ask why I tried it but it works. So I wanted to give this a shot. Even alone In a French press this is good but a dash of cream inside before pressing makes a world of difference. Not sure just something random I tried by adding cream to a press, it worked and the coffee is light enough where a dash of cream is all I want.

  32. Pamela L.


    This Italian coffee is so flavorful, and does not need to be brewed espresso. I have a one cup drip, and it turns out great. There is no burnt taste. I have found if it tastes too strong, just lower the amount of grounds, and the flavor is smooth. I have had the last few bags come not vacuum sealed, but with long freshness dates. This has been my only coffee for 5 years. I really do love it!

  33. Taylor Vich

    If only I had a proper espresso machine!

    This was by far the best espresso I ever had. Even when made in a french press, this espresso is wonderful alone, but also stands up well to basically any flavor I’ve served it! It’s an ideal combination, a bold medium brew with low acidity that’s perfect whether I’m craving it black or with all the fixings.Another outstanding thing is just how fresh this was. It was great when I received it, and withstood being stored (properly) in my cabinet for four months without going stale or losing too much flavor.

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  34. madelinebird

    Best beans for automatic espresso maker

    I have a fully automatic espresso machine for over a year now and I have tried more than 10 different types of beans. It has a lot to do with personal flavor preferences but this beans makes the most crema when I am making americano and espresso. It has the best balance of depth and acidity and works great to make milk drinks as well. I wouldn’t try anything else and I have been using this beans for months now. Can’t get enough of this!!

  35. Mike

    Pay attention to the size

    This is a BIG bag of coffee — if you’re looking for grocery store size this one is considerably larger. No complaints though, the beans are fantastic. One of the packages I got seemed to be a little less well vacuum sealed than the other, so I transferred it all to a giant Tupperware, which is probably better regardless.

  36. Critical Reviewer

    MFD (roasted on?) date 6/15/2022. Received this on Aug 29, 2022. It’s nearly 2.5 months old.

    The media could not be loaded.

     So, I’m a big coffee enthusiast. I have been doing espresso and coffee roasting for about 10 years now. I’m a home roaster, and I’ve included a photo of my coffee battlestation: BES920XL, Vario, and Sette 270WI grinders, along with some bags of my green coffee beans. So, why am I prefacing my review with all this? Just so you know, I know coffee, and I really know espresso.Anyways, I got Lavazza’s stuff a LONG time ago when I first started espresso, and I thought it was pretty good back then. So, I saw this big sale on Amazon, and I thought I would give it another try. The price for 2.2 lbs was just too good, even for a home roaster. And, I was getting tired of home roasting every other weekend. I was thinking to just do a subscribe and save on Lavazza and see how it goes.So, I first got the Super Crema, and I will do a review on it on its page. This is for the Espresso Italiano, which is my second Lavazza product on S&S. I got the product on Aug 29th, and when I opened the package, I noticed it was vac sealed in a plastic bag, and it was AIR TIGHT and completely vac sealed. As a home roaster, I knew this coffee wasn’t fresh at all. Freshly roasted coffee gives off LOTS of gassing in the first couple weeks after being roasted, and even after the first month, if you vac sealed it in some plastic bags, in a few days, the bags will no longer be a vacuum. I know, because I often vac seal coffee when I give it away to friends in Food Saver bags, and even on week 4, the coffee is still off gassing. So, I look on the bag to check for a roasted on date, and to be fair to Lavazza, they do have a MFD date (which I’m assuming is close to the roasted on date). Most coffee brands including Starbux doesn’t do this. They all have a Best By date, which is just pure garbage. Anyways, I noticed the coffee is nearly 2.5 months old. Now, why is this a problem for espresso?Anyone who is anyone in the world of coffee knows that for great espresso and crema, you need REALLY fresh coffee. Now, there will be a lot of debate on whether crema is necessary or even good for great tasting espresso. Most championship award winning baristas will infact swirl the crema away before tasting the coffee. However, crema, and a lot of crema, is a sign of fresh coffee, and is very important for lattes and latte art. You’re not going to be able to do latte art with flat espressos. I’ve included a shot of the crema layer on this coffee, and although it’s not bad, it’s not great either. On my freshly roasted coffee, the espresso layer is easily 1/3 to a half of the entire espresso shot. This coffee produced crema that’s maybe 1/6 of the entire shot. It’s not bad. It’s not stale to the point of not producing any crema, but it’s just ok.Now, for the flavor. Again, crema isn’t as important to the flavor of the espresso shot, and it’s here, this coffee shines a bit. It’s has a nice, woodsy undertone that is pretty common with espresso. But, there’s also a lemony, citrusy back bone which is pretty nice. The coffee is definitely not floral. I’m not really getting any notes of jasmine or earl grey, which is typical of floral coffees.The roast level is on par with medium roast. Inspecting the beans, I don’t see any that went beyond first crack. It’s very even, and perfect medium roast. Which is weird they called this Italiano. If you’re expecting an Italian / French roast, this is not it. But, if you like Italian / French roasts, you really need to wonder about your palate. Medium / Light roasts are where it’s at.Value, this is very good value though for pretty decent coffee. I would rate this coffee overall as a 3.5 stars. But, It’s too bad Amazon is limited with their 5 star ranking system. I’m planning on sticking with the subscribe and save for awhile. So, if that’s any indication, I think it’s worth the trade off of not having to deal with roasting myself every few weeks.

    46 people found this helpful

  37. Shay

    Delicious dark espresso

    I bought these for my 78 year old mother who can never get a dark enough roast. These beans were tasty, fresh, aromatic, dark, strong, bold and without a hint of sourness or “burnt” flavor.Very similar to Pete’s Dark French Roast or Starbucks Dark Espresso beans, just a bit further on that smooth lingering good bitter aftertaste.

  38. Barry Briscoe

    Great Value Great Beans

    I had been purchasing from Lavazza direct and found that the shipping charges where a bit much. I found the Oro on Amazon and it was less and shipped free with Prime. I opted to subscribe with no worries. The beans arrived with a long expiration date and looked great out of the bag. Happy new year.

  39. shopgirl

    So good!

    I love this Italian espresso coffee. It’s smooth/rich & delicious w/o any bitterness. I do a Turkish grind w the beans (finest grind/powdery almost). I use mine to make lattes at home. I use my reg drip coffee maker + use about 1/2 the amount of water that I’d use if making a cup of coffee (but still use the same amount of coffee). It turns out soooo yummy & delicious. I add some cinnamon + coco powder, microwave my milk & froth it w a handheld frothing device, then pour my coffee into it. Delicious!

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  40. Tyler J. Gilbert

    60% Arabica and 40% Robusta

    I’m not a huge fan of robusta blends because of the bitterness I was getting from dosing too high.Once I changed my basket to a double and lowered the dose to 14.5g it was more drinkable.I froze half the beans, so if those keep their consistency this might become my daily driver.14.5g in, 28-30g out anywhere from 25-35s is where I’m at right now.

  41. Westley

    Great tasting espresso!

    First time trying this brand and won’t be the last! Produces Great tasting espresso and good amount of crema. Would definitely get more in the future!

  42. Thomas G. Boerger

    Good coffee for the price and amount

    Good coffee, not bitter; like the 2 pound bag


    whole bean ,great flavor ,low acid

    Love that I can purchase in bulk, saves on packaging, grind fresh in the morning, and this is a low acid coffee that won’t upset your stomach.

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  44. N

    Best taste EVER!!!!!

    We totally love this coffee from the first time we tasted it! Just the best! Bag with beans came fresh and ready to grind, yummmm

  45. D Williams

    Good! Need to use more, good price, shipping was slow, definitely not what is expected from Prime.

    Good! Need to use more, good price, shipping was slow, definitely not what is expected from Prime.

  46. AC77

    Surprised me

    Makes really good espressos. The flavor is good and I enjoy getting these. Nothing like a nice latte in the late afternoon. Does well in my grinder. Nice Crema in my cups.

  47. Courtney

    Good, but

    My husband and I have been buying Lavazza beans because they are our favorite and always taste so fresh, however, this previous bag we received does not taste right. It almost tastes as if the beans are burnt or sour. I would really love a fresh bag!

  48. Marc

    Our Favorite Espresso for the Money, Delivered to Our Door Monthly!

    We have a Breville Barista Express that we use daily. We love coffee, we are not such extreme coffee snobs, but we love good coffee and avoid bad, cheap coffee at all costs. We have a sub $1,000 espresso machine, but I think we take coffee reasonably seriously.After we got the Breville, we were in search of a good quality, consistent espresso blend that didn’t break the bank. We tried the World Market brand espresso blends – we have traditionally liked their coffee – as well as several locally roasted blends. We also tried Starbucks and a couple of national brands but found them too earthy, dark, bitter for our normal drinks that don’t have any sugar in them.Then we found this blend of Lavazza. The first couple of times we actually got it at a retail store. We loved how consistent it was, it has a nice creaminess to it, it’s very easy to get quality crema that coats the cup. It is great as a straight up shot, as a latte, cappuccino, or as we do it most days, an Americano with cream. I never get tired of it, and when we make coffee drinks for guests we always get great compliments.The beans are also not too oily, so there is no additional maintenance required on our machine versus some of the other espresso blends we tried. Then to top it all off, we have a subscribe and save and get it delivered to our doorstep just when it’s time for a re-up. in short, this is a great espresso blend, a good price, and the convenience can’t be beat!

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  49. YK

    Great coffee for espresso

    Perfect coffee for espresso drinks. It works well with any espresso machine.

  50. Tom King

    Italian dark

    Rich, dark, flavorful coffee in the best Italian roast tradition.

  51. Here2Help

    Excellent expresso beans!

    These beans grind well and taste great to me. The beans were almost three months old when they arrived. And the expiration is over 1 year away.I used the beans to make expresso and coffee, and I enjoyed both.I studied beans prior to making the purchase and this brand was listed as the #1 brand seller in Italy. Additionally, my expresso machine recommended this brand bean in the operating instructions.

    2 people found this helpful

  52. Summer

    Favorite coffee beans!

    These are my new favorite coffee beans! I was using the Lavazza Creama beans for the longest but felt the price was a little steep. So I decided to try these since they’re the same brand a lot more affordable. I’d say they’re very comparable!

  53. Nicole

    Superb Coffee Delayed

    We love the coffee. It was our second time to purchase. Unfortunately, it took way too long to ship and deliver. Suggest ordering in bulk to avoid delay.

  54. Giuseppe

    An excellent coffee but its price is not.

    As I said, this coffee is excellent, a very intense flavor to my palate, but its price is not, since it is a bit high… in any case, what is good must be paid for, it is also imported and that makes the product more expensive, but in summarized it is an excellent coffee.I recommend it if it is to you. He likes good coffee.

  55. Major Wood

    Super Crema!

    For a darker roast I was expecting a more bitter taste. Using the Hario V60 I find the flavor smooth and creamy with no bitterness. A pretty good buy for a kilo of coffee. I just need to order a large sealed container to house all of the bag.

  56. Annie Grace

    Best decaf I’ve ever had!

    For health reasons I have to cut down on caffeine so I use 2 scoops caffeine and 4 decaf. Ugh it’s true, decaf is like brown water. I always thought people were being dramatic. No, it’s that lacking in flavor. Until I tried This decaf-outshines them all! Truly the best I’ve tried but a little too pricey for me so I just teased myself with it. 5 stars if it was more affordable.

  57. Kaila

    Best espresso & value we’ve tried so far

    This is our second or third time ordering- we have a Philips automatic espresso machine and this has elevated our coffee game at home. The crema of the espresso did not disappoint! You can’t beat the size and quality.

  58. Kindle Customer

    It’s so good!!!

    We purchased an espresso machine last year to help save money, and cut down on spending. We have been using Starbucks Blonde Espresso, which we really liked, but holy cow! This coffee is SOOOO much better. It’s incredibly smooth, and I could immediately tell the quality difference when it came out of the espresso machine. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase, and will definitely continue using this brand!

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  59. Di CV

    Delicious coffee, always fresh.

    I discovered this coffee at a local store, but they don’t always have it. When I found it on line, I ordered it and will continue to do so. Delicious

  60. Craig_LA_Calif49er

    Very good flavor. Brewed with Aero Press (hot and cold brew)

    Lavazza Espresso Italiano has a lot of flavor. I make regular brewed coffee with Aero Press. I’ve also made cold brew. I’ve purchased it several times and have been satisfied with the freshness and flavor each time.

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