Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) Grocery & Gourmet Food

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About this item 100% Mountain Water Sourced from beneath hundreds of feet of stone Natural Minerals & Electrolytes Infinitely recyclable aluminum cans Limited edition art on bottom of each case

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 10.5 x 8 x 6.9 inches; 13 Pounds

UPC ‏ : ‎ 860000023917

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Liquid Death

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07G3G3F53

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ Austria

Best Sellers Rank: #2 in Mineral Drinking Water

Customer Reviews: 28,590 ratings

  • About this item 100% Mountain Water
  • Sourced from beneath hundreds of feet of stone
  • Natural Minerals & Electrolytes
  • Infinitely recyclable aluminum cans
  • Limited edition art on bottom of each case

About this item 100% Mountain Water Sourced from beneath hundreds of feet of stone Natural Minerals & Electrolytes Infinitely recyclable aluminum cans Limited edition art on bottom of each case

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1 Count (Pack of 12), 1 Count (Pack of 18)

Flavor Name

Berry it Alive – Sparkling, Mango Chainsaw – Sparkling, Mountain Water – Still, Severed Lime – Sparkling, Sparkling Water – Unflavored

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

10.5 x 8 x 6.9 inches; 13 Pounds

UPC ‏ : ‎


Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Liquid Death

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#2 in Mineral Drinking Water

Customer Reviews:

28,590 ratings

60 reviews for Liquid Death Mountain Water, 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. Random Reviewer #349876200

    The best flavored Liquid Death

    Slightly orange, slightly mango, all delicious. This is easily the best flavor of the three fruit-flavored Liquid Deaths.

  2. Vanessa H


    This water tastes so clean and crisp. It’s perfect. I don’t like drinking it out of a can so I pour it into a cup, but it’s still tastes perfect.

  3. K. Gruenwald


    I am a big fan of Liquid Death. I was thrilled when they released flavored sparkling water. Severed Lime is my favorite flavor. Absolutely delicious!

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  4. David J. Smith


    It’s a good drink, if you like carbonated drinks. I was never a big fan of it. Other people may think different. /shrug

  5. Ari M

    Don’t get too attached.

    I love this water. I drink it daily. For now. When I saw the 18 pack option I was thrilled. At the time Amazon was charging $20.99/18pk. In the past 2 weeks after my last purchase it has been $25, then $35, now back to $25 today. When I first started buying this water a year ago it was $12.99 for a 12pk. Now those cost $15-16 depending on where you buy them. Just seems sad to fall for a new product then watch as you get exploited for brand loyalty.

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  6. Chris

    Best served Cold

    This water is the cleanest good tasting water of my life. It’s expensive for those that have expensive taste. If you havent tried it, you may or may not ever go back to regular water. It’s best served Cold!

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  7. Amazon Customer

    its water

    fun way to get family to drink water. stays cold longer.

  8. Kate

    Sparkling versus still water reveiw

    I ordered as I loved the packaging. I loved that it’s in a tall can and the effort to reduce plastic. Def want to support that movement.The sparkling water tastes great and I would buy it again. However, for me I didn’t like the still water at all as it had a metallic taste to it. With the sparkling it’s soda like and satisfying vibe while drinking it.So A plus on the sparkling. For the spring water …just “meh” for my taste. Hope others disagree and enjoy.

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  9. Tyler

    Great tasting water!

    This spring water is fantastic!I’ve recently started getting into water and watched Martin Reese’s video on this.I totally recommend to anyone looking for great tasting water.PSI used to believe Voss, Smart Water, and reverse osmosis water used to be top tier. Boy was I wrong!

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  10. Sara Mac

    Love liquid death

    This stuff is my life saver, I have to watch my sugar intake, so soda no more for me. Liquid death is so great to have, gives me the bubbly goodness I like without any sugar. I love that the fizz is light and not overpowering like other seltzer waters. It’s kind of like fizz level you would get from a beer.

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  11. Jaclyn Lewis

    Favorite water

    We keep this stocked in our house and vehicles. It is everyone’s favorite water, and we love all the flavors.

  12. Catherine Dupont

    LOVE this water!!!

    Worth the price. Love the flavor. I will be a repeat customer

  13. cassy

    Half the cans had little pin holes

    The water is fine for water, but has a metal taste from the can. The cans are the worst! Sometimes just the force of opening the tab would cause a tiny pin hole and then it was a race to drink it as fast as you could bc it’s getting everywhere or just toss it out and try again. Lost more than half because this.

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  14. R. A. Black

    Great flavor

    Strong flavor for sparkling water.

  15. Laurene Smith

    Great water!

    Very good water with decent alkalinity

  16. Parker Reed

    Tastes like death

    What more can you ask for from water?

  17. Scott R Schaaf

    Best Sparkling water I ever had

    I’m not a fan of sparkling water, but this stuff tastes really good.I drink about 2 to 3 cans a day.I almost completely cut out soda from my life because of this stuff.

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  18. Chosen


    Never disappoint. My go to for sparkling water. Easy to carry and cool look.

  19. Kylie Vicario

    Deliciously Evil!!

    These water cans are absolutely delicous. I love them, death to plastic, and happy holidays 💖 (this was written on Christmas lol)

  20. Rader023

    Best Flavor of Liquid Death!

    To me, this is the best flavor of liquid death. Pretty good price compared to buying it in the store. Still wish it was slightly cheaper.

  21. Amy

    Great Taste from a Can

    I didn’t think you could get good taste from a can — with pretty much anything. But I started buying Liquid Death because it’s a can instead of yet another plastic bottle. Plastic bottles pollute everywhere! Still, I was so glad I tried it — it doesn’t taste like the can! This water a great find.

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  22. Claire chapman

    The BEST

    My absolute favorite seltzer to have. Its super refreshing and not overly sweet at all. Ive tried all the flavors and the berry and mango are the best

  23. NJ Dale

    It is the best, with a clean fresh taste.

    A friend told us to try and how great it was. So I bought a case and he was right and now I am a regular customer.

  24. Jeremie Savaiinaea

    Definitely worth buying for long term benefits

    Love this stuff! It might all be in my head about how good the quality is or how I feel better physically and mentally after drinking these different types of water. Though it’s something worth continuing if you notice the same benefits from drinking them.

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  25. Tyler Durden

    Best portable water I have tried

    I bought this on sale, assuming it was all a gimmick. I don’t know what makes the difference but this is excellent water. I have had friends try it and they agree. Maybe plastic bottles do leach taste into the water(?) The box says the source is the Swiss Alps. Is that the difference? It does not say exactly where in the Alps, maybe it’s a tap in a Texaco gas station. If it is, I have drank a lot of Swiss Texaco water and will continue to buy it. Two things to note, I drink this at work at a professional environment. People will comment. At first people think it is alcohol, then they think its an energy drink. Second, the aluminum is very thin, as soon as you open it, the pressure is gone and it folds and bends. Personally I like this because part of their “mission” is less plastic. I like that they use the minimum amount of aluminum.

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  26. Jimmy Turnmire

    Best tasting mtn water

    I love this water! Tastes so much better than any other mtn / spring water

  27. Carrie Ann

    Great tasting!

    Love this water! Has a great taste and arrived in good shape. I do wish it was easier to find in-stock at retail stores.

  28. Olione

    good tasting water

    everyone else thought I was silly for ordering water in can. but if you grew up in the 80s-90s, you like they taste of cans, like me. I think this is a wonderful product and will be buying more for sure.

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  29. brystol

    The best

    I do not like to drink water. But I love this water and I do drink it. It taste totally different from plastic water bottles. It doesn’t taste like aluminum either. I love love love this water!!

  30. Kym

    Very Expensive but excellent.

    It is a great water but to expensive.

  31. Sophia

    Careful! Amazon lets me down but not Liquid Death.

    Liquid Death is hard to find as a 12pk in my location so I thought having the option through Amazon was a lifesaver. My first shipment was backordered, then the second came just fine. But this last order was ruined. A whole box came wet, and leaky. Despite that, I still want more Liquid Death. Mango Chainsaw and Berry It Alive are not overwhelming in flavor, the fluid ounces in the can is similar to that in bottled water and at the end of the day, I’m getting my hydration in.

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  32. Amazon Customer

    No surprises here

    Water is water. Seems pricey to me.

  33. Josh

    Goodbye plastic

    Cool art. Awesome message. Liquid Death needs its own Sea Shepherd vessel!

  34. Founding Principles

    It was a good day…

    Upon receiving my case of water, before I could open it, I was immediately drawn to the dark and mysterious artwork on the side of the box. I stared in awe and wonder as I held it — I could already feel my thirst beginning to quiver in anticipation of agony. I gently placed it on the counter, and carefully and curiously sliced the packaging tape with a precision cutting instrument, cautiously avoiding damaging the contents. What would I unleash, I thought?Once the savage contents were exposed, and I lifted the first can from its cellulose cage, I instantly recognized a difference in heft from cans containing popular grain beverages. This was going to be no normal experience! The can was emblazoned with the words (in dark gothic lettering) “Liquid Death” — and a skull, surely from the corpse of a once-raging thirst. It was as if the can screamed, “Release me! I will slay your thirst!” My thirst immediately began writhing, filled with the uncontrollable fear of death. Death to thirst is quickened by a properly chilled thirst-slaying agent, so I restrained myself, and placed it in a sealed, temperature-reducing chamber. I’m almost certain the can shuddered somewhat when it felt the first draft of coldness.Once the can descended to its maximum kill potential in my refrigerator, I waited for the right moment. It was a hot, humid spring day in backwater South Carolina. Cases of cheap, domestic grain beverage were ubiquitous, the cans of each failing to accomplish the seemingly impossible that day — the slaying of thirst. When I gripped the can, I instantly felt a deep chill. I knew my thirst was in deep trouble.The top of the can, including the pop tab itself, is a luxurious gold color. I wedged my finger underneath the tab, and pulled effortlessly to open the can. As soon as the tab punctured the lid, a howling hiss escaped from the can. The death engine had been activated. I felt a rush of adrenaline, if not a sense of unbridled masculine power. The thirst that was raging within began writhing again, but much more vigorously, “screaming” as it were with a hideous, mouth-piercing dehydration. My mouth, in the throes of a near-death experience, was about to be delivered!As I tilted the can at my mouth, the water quickly and precisely cascaded over the parched membranes of my oral cavity. They squealed with delight, absorbing every succulent drop of what tasted like chilled, heavenly nectar. Each gulp was answered with a subsequent dying gasp from my thirst, with each passing gasp growing weaker and weaker. Alas, within seconds, the vicious thirst that plagued me was no more. Liquid Death had decimated yet another victim! O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?Interestingly, I noticed a subtle side effect upon the consumption of this beverage of death. I felt an unmistakable rise in a masculinity that had been long forgotten in modern times. The sensibilities of modern, emasculated males, had left me. I felt empowered! I felt invigorated, unlike any pharmacological compound (blue, or otherwise) was capable of! I at once felt victory, violence, aggression and arousal! It was refreshing!! When I inquired with my spouse, I asked if she noticed a difference. The answer was enthusiastically, YES!You might think the story ends there. It does not. I ordered my next case of masculine nirvana. Then, I picked up my club, grabbed my spouse by the hair, and drug her to my cave. It was a good day for both of us.Death to thirst!!

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  35. Tiffany B

    Great brand. Great flavor

    Great brand! Even better flavor!

  36. joey

    Murder your thirst

    If you like murdering your thirst, and mangoes this is the water for you.

  37. Jorge

    It’s good

    Saves the planet It’s just water

  38. Mona Dorame

    Surprisingly refreshing!

    I liked the refreshingly crisp taste of the flavor in the water. No weird aftertaste! Plus I was able to purchase it on my snap benefits!

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  39. Angel of Mercy

    Perfect name for perfect sparkling H2O

    the thing that makes Liguid D stand out from all the rest is the % of carbonation. I dislike most competitors because the bubbles are just too much. L D has a lower carbonation that is PERFECT and makes it easy to really quench thirst without killing your throat. Guzzle it down all you want and SMOOTH SMOOTH

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  40. Twigg lech

    My little secret

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Liquid Death, which has saved my life on more than one occasion (literally).I’ll start with what happened 2 years ago- I went on a vacation where there was no shade to shield me from the triple degree weather. I had a hard time drinking water or remembering to, and basically would reach for ANY other liquid first. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I got heat stroke- big time, to the point where my body started seizing. I end up in the ER- yep, it’s severe dehydration and I’m getting told I could have died. Doctor advises me to drink more water. I stop by 7-eleven, I see these cans. I was confused at first (“why is there beer with the waters?”). I grab one out of sheer curiosity. Lo and behold, it’s the absolute best water I’ve ever tasted in my life. I end up buying out every store in my area, and eventually feel sad that I can’t find them anywhere anymore.Then, almost exactly a year later- kidney stones, that supposedly are going to require surgery to remove. I end up ordering several cases of Liquid Death- by the time I finish the cases, my stones have passed and the doctor is bewildered. No, it wasn’t cranberry juice or some crazy diet- just this water, which I consumed enough of to eventually get $80 back when I recycled them.And thirdly, to the biggest selling point for me- many people think it’s beer. I, myself, thought they were beers when I first saw them. As a sober person, I cannot explain to you how much of my sobriety I owe to Liquid Death- it feels like a tall boy, looks like a tall boy, but it’s water. The placebo effect of it has kept me clean for years since I discovered it, and I still reach for one after a long day at work to wind down.Everything about this company, this brand, this water is incredible. If you live near me and are having trouble finding it- I’m sorry it’s because I still buy the entirety of stock when I find it. I can’t get enough of liquid death- thank you so much for everything you do for the planet, for the body, and for me.

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  41. DeAnna L Mandigo

    It tastes super Berry! #BerryIt Alive #MURDERYOURTHIRST #BERRYITALIVE -#IDidYouCanToo

    I love that it is all natural Switzerland Alpine Mountain Water, infused with natural Berry flavor, and the added natural mountain water carbonation, pushed it it above and beyond Berry flavor-you guys did “A Bobby Flay Of Flavor!” I have definitely MURDERED MY THIRST! #LoveLiquidDeath ☠️ I really did #BerryItAlive love your mission to Kill Pastic and how you guys donate 10% of profits to that mission!!! I support #DEATHTOPLASTIC and you guys!!! I will keep ordering as long as I possibly can, so I can continue to #MURDERMYTHIRST

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  42. D. E. Staunton

    You will never go back to plastic bottles

    All my life I’ve been drinking nothing but water. As a kid, I hated sodas of any kind. Fruit juices were too sweet. Believe me this is the best water I have ever had in my life. The water is the freshest, stays cold the longest, and I finally have mineral water that is recyclable here in Massachusetts. Not to mention the company is helping the environment in a massive way. Start stocking up on these cans, pronto!

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  43. John Grande

    My addiction lol

    I don’t know what they put in this water, but I am absolutely addicted to the stuffNo honestly I think it’s a great product. I’m definitely behind backing up and not utilizing plastic. It’s definitely a premium product but sometimes you have to pay for small luxuries.

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  44. Wren

    Love this sparkling water

    When I saw that the water was sweetened I decided to try anyway. Not a big fan of sweet water flavors. I LOVE THIS SPARLING LIQUID DEATH BERRY IT ALIVE AND SEVERED LIME SPARKLING WATER!!! Can barely taste the sweetness. It is delicious!!!

  45. Anna

    Murdered Dehydration

    I conformed to dry January and this has really helped for those days when you get off work and want to crack a cold one. It really itches a scratch for that “kshhh ahhhh” feeling I’m looking for after a long day at work without regrets in the morning. I will definitely be buying again.

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  46. Tolly

    Such good water!

    Okay, it’s a bit pricey, but it is absolutely delicious. So far (I’ve ordered it several times), I’ve always got the Alps water, and it is fantastic. No chlorine taste or smell, no bitter or other after-taste/icky smell that comes from tap water.It’s good at either room temp or cold, though I guess it’s slightly better cold. I keep a few in the fridge for those cravings (and I DO get cravings now for this water . . . not any water, THIS water).It’s super expensive for water, but . . . it’s so worth it!

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  47. Cliff

    great water

    loved it started buying it near thanksgiving bought 8 times at like 20$ then went up to $25 last week now it’s $34!!!???? never again because of the price change. thanks amazon

  48. La Su

    Stop buying this in the store please

    I love this water, hydrating and chugable. I’m having issues in my area of this stuff being sold out, so I have to order it.

  49. David W Hawkins Jr

    Amazon greed

    The water is great but now I won’t buy it anymore. Amazon is too greedy adding 7 bucks to what used to be a good value. 18 cans for 27 dollars is a rip off!!! 22 dollars was a fair price for this water! I rather buy water in a plastic bottle than to pay Amazon for their greedyness. If Liquid Death reads these reviews the please rethink dealing with Amazon.

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  50. Roland

    Great product Amazon’s delivery drivers are garbage though

    The product is great, helps me personally with avoiding drinking Monster, and I just love their marketing it always entertains me. Only issue isn’t even with the product itself but with Amazon’s careless delivery drivers who love destroying stuff. Product arrived and thought it was maybe rain damage or something but it was from one of the cans being damaged to the point it leaked all over the boxes. Thankfully it was just the one that ended up empty and the rest were just dented otherwise I probably would’ve had to return it and wait for a new shipment.

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  51. John Solus

    10/10 would murder my thirst again.

    I can say it is the only water that immediately tasted different than others, being much smoother and not as heavy in a mineral-like taste. Made me want to climb Everest in nothing but a loincloth and an axe.

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  52. Taryn N Brown

    Decent Water. Cool Advertising.

    With this water you are definitely paying for the advertising, but you should know that when you buy it.It tastes better when you pour it in a glass because the can alters the taste.I do appreciate the company’s mission which is why I will buy this water in the future every so often.

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  53. Cierra

    Liquid death Fans for life

    My boyfriend starts and ends his day with Liquid Death so I had to load him up for Christmas.

  54. Brandon K Rosendale

    Good Stuff

    I really like this drink with the light lime hint behind it and no nasty aftertaste like some others

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  55. Ash

    Best carbonated drink out there

    Ever since my girlfriend and I have tried these, we have been hooked ever since! They’re very refreshing!

  56. Mrs.Patterson


    I love these the water it’s self tasted fresh but giving these out to people was so much fun!!! My I laws took them to church to drink and that was awesome!!! My kids thought they week beer cans and realized it when we said they could have one ! Best packaging and marketing ever!!!!

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  57. Katrina Albert

    This is not flavored carbonated water.

    It’s good but there claim that this is sparkling water with a twist of lime is dobious at best.water doesn’t have 20 calories per serving. But it is tasty.

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  58. Keri

    Water tastes better from metal

    Love the taste! No plastic yay! Trying to rid my life of single use plastic. This water is so good!

  59. Kim Westbrook

    Liquid Death Water

    I like the way it quenched my craving for water I usually drink tap water

  60. Max

    It’s sparkling water in a cool can

    Nothing particularly special about this beverage, but if you like sparkling water and being edgy I highly recommend buying some of this stuff.

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