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LOOV Organic Buckwheat Groats Gluten Free, 1 kg, Raw, not Heat-Treated, All Nutrients Preserved, Delicious Nutty Flavour, Good for Sprouting, Organically Grown in Nordic Climate, non-GMO


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About this item 🌱 100% raw organic buckwheat groats. Gluten free buckwheat groats are made of organically grown buckwheat that is dried at a temperature below 39Β°C and hulled using traditional mechanically operated mills, it means the buckwheat organic is cleaned without steam or heat. This method preserves colour, taste and nutrients of the gluten free buckwheat. Raw buckwheat groats organic do not contain any dirty hulls and can be used straight out of the pack 🌱 Despite its name, buckwheat is not a type of wheat β€” in fact it’s not technically a grain at all! Organic buckwheat is gluten free and it is packed in a gluten-free environment. Organic gluten free buckwheat is good to use for people who are intolerant or sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain gluten 🌱 Our gluten free buckwheat tastes slightly nutty, and, unlike heat-treated buckwheat, it does not have a burnt taste. Organic raw buckwheat is very filling and can be roasted, boiled or consumed raw. Buckwheat groats bio are good for porridge, salads, stews, risotto, muesli or granola, and sprouting. Good to know: it is recommended to soak the raw buckwheat before using 🌱 As organic raw buckwheat is not heat-treated, it remains viable, all nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are preserved. Buckwheat is rich in trace elements, B vitamins, and amino acids. Raw buckwheat is a good alternative to boost the nutrients in your recipe. Raw buckwheat groats can be sprouted easily. Sprouted buckwheat has the most nutrients, add it to your soups, porridges, salads, and smoothies 🌱 Grown in Nordic Climates in Europe. Non-GMO. LOOV buckwheat is grown organically in Estonia, the Land of Organic Beauty! 22% of Estonian land is organic. 51% of Estonian territory is covered in fores
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4 reviews for LOOV Organic Buckwheat Groats Gluten Free, 1 kg, Raw, not Heat-Treated, All Nutrients Preserved, Delicious Nutty Flavour, Good for Sprouting, Organically Grown in Nordic Climate, non-GMO

  1. Caz

    I use this buckwheat as the main ingredient for making my own granola. It’s great that it is unroasted as otherwise it wouldn’t sprout. Once it’s sprouted (by soaking for a couple of hours then leaving in a sieve for 2 or 3 days with regular rinsing) I mix it with other organic ingredients – various nuts and seed, oat flakes, chopped dates and apples, then leave overnight in a dehydrator. It’s delicious for breakfast with organic milk!

  2. Angel

    Absolutely amazing product from Estonia😊. You can literally taste the active nutrients within the buckwheat. The digestion is unbelievable. I dont feel bloated or heavy after eating this produce unlike other grains such as typical wheat breadπŸ˜‘. I made my own homemade bread with this and I am a very very happy bunny with the taste, results, and quality of this produce.I’m so impressed I looked up the country Estonia and was very impressed that its considered a land of natural organic beauty with much of the land covered by forests. πŸ™‚ I live and breath organic and always try my best to eat natural cultivated or made produce containing the most bio available nutrients and minerals and I’ve got to say I am blown away by this product. I want to thank the sellers very much for making a stand and selling quality true organic ingredients to the mass public. Your work is incredible, your work is invaluable and we very much need more companies like you pushing back for us humans to eat more bio available nutrient rich foods , truly organic as possible for greater or improved human health.Thank you.Customer For LIFE πŸ™‚

  3. Karen

    I have used buckwheat flour for years and it’s not always easy to get living in a remote part of the country, so I was delighted to find this raw organic buckwheat flour! I follow a gluten free diet and use the flour for making pancakes & bread and also in other gluten free baked goods. The quality of this flour is excellent, it was delivered quickly and I am pleased to say I will be ordering more when I am in need of a fresh supply! Thank you for a wonderful, healthy product!

  4. Regi

    My favorite buckwheat flour in my opinion. It’s perfectly fine and smooth, I easily came up with new recipes and have made dumplings, pizza, apple crumble. I even tried to make a french pastry and it was ok, a bit heavy but hey… who would even think that you can make a croissant with only buckwheat flour. I wouldn’t

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