Luvs Pro Level Leak Protection Diapers Size 5 172 Count Economy Pack Baby

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About this item Please confirm the size before purchasing. Inapproriate size may lead to leakage issue or can cause rashes” Nightlock Technology locks away wetness for up to 12 hours of overnight protection Secure & Stretchy Sides With Comfy Leak Barrier Cuffs Wetness Indicator turns blue when wet, telling you when your baby needs a change No Parabens, No Latex* *Natural Rubber

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Are all of the ingredients in Pampers safe for babies?

  1. Pampers diapers, wipes, and training pants are made from ingredients that are carefully tested and proven to be safe. The ingredients we use are common in most diapers and wipes and are used safely by millions of babies around the world every day.

How many diapers should I change a day?

  1. In the first couple of months, you might find yourself changing diapers up to 10 times in 24 hours. Diapers should be changed whenever they are wet or soiled. Your baby will often (but not always) let you know.

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 18 x 12.65 x 9.75 inches; 10.55 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 3077203527

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ September 2, 2021

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Procter & Gamble

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B09HY9P5HW

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Best Sellers Rank: #5 in Disposable Diapers

Customer Reviews: 9,009 ratings

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Size 1 (294 Count), Size 2 (264 Count), Size 3 (234 Count), Size 4 (198 Count), Size 5 (172 Count), Size 6 (144 Count)

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

18 x 12.65 x 9.75 inches; 10.55 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

September 2, 2021

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Procter & Gamble

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#5 in Disposable Diapers

Customer Reviews:

9,009 ratings

60 reviews for Luvs Pro Level Leak Protection Diapers Size 5 172 Count Economy Pack Baby


    Diapers that work
    Shipping came fast, nothing to fancy does its job and covers all around. Doesn’t leak, no rash.

  2. Jordyn

    Love my Luvs!
    These are really great for my little one. They’re good for her sensitive skin, fit well, and they’re more affordable than other leading brands. The only downside is that they don’t hold as much as maybe other brands would, but my babe doesn’t like to sit in diapers long so that’s not a problem for us. On the contrary, because baby goes through them so fast, having good diapers that are more affordable has been the best!!

  3. dominoez21

    Switched and No Regrets
    I’ve been using Huggies and Pampers on 2 babies. Finally made the switch to Luvs, since my wallet has been absorbing diaper costs…ironic.I’ve heard good things from parents about Luvs. Good quality and lower price. I was a little skeptical, but decided to give it a try. Finally made the switch, and I have to say I should have done it earlier. Would have saved more money.PLUS…apparently Luvs is manufactured by the same company that makes Pampers!Had zero diaper material-related skin issues to date.
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  4. Lexus Parks

    Best diapers! Must buy!
    Can’t beat the price and quality of these diapers! 10/10 recommend

  5. Amazon Customer

    First time buying this brand
    I have herd good and bad about this brand. So I’m pretty excited to give it a try. From the feels of it, it pretty comfortable! Once my little guy finished the current pack he has right now. We are giving luvs a run!
    One person found this helpful

  6. harold a paredes

    Great value
    Very good quality for the price

  7. Mohammad K.Hasan

    Great Product!!
    I have been using this brand of diaper since my baby was born. It’s so cheaper than that other brand but quality is great. Would recommended.
    One person found this helpful

  8. Brittney Vair

    Good for the price
    I definitely prefer targets brand of diapers for my daughters sensitive skin and the money. For the convenience of this though, it’s worth it when I forget to pick some up.

  9. Katherine M. Simmons

    Not the paw patrol ones…
    My two year old had a fit because they’re the old design without the paw patrol characters on it (as advertised in the picture). So now every time we change he cries and begs for the ‘puppies!!’ 🙄🤷‍♀️
    One person found this helpful

  10. Renan Pereira

    Very good
    The best my baby has ever used, does not irritate the skin, great absorption and the price is the best, combining the useful with the pleasant, sensational!

  11. Victoria Elliott

    The only brand to use
    This has been my go to brand with both of my boys

  12. P. Montano

    Pampers for newborn
    Good supply pampers for baby hope they worked well

  13. Darkmane

    Always come back to Luv.
    I’ve tired so many different brands over the years and Luvs always stood out for me. Their quality really dwindled in 2019 but I think they listened to all the parents who complained and they are trying to improve. Good job Luvs!I can’t even count how many times I’ve purchased this, basically every month since 2017. My kids have no sensitivities nor allergies so I never had to look anywhere else. I feel they are priced correctly, even though its a lot more expensive now, more than it was when I had my first kid, its still cheaper than bigger brands.It holds pee and poop well, the cotton inside doesn’t break or separate, its spread out evenly and we don’t see a lot of leaks.If your kid has no reaction to this, I’d say these are the best.
    6 people found this helpful

  14. A. W.

    Don’t like the pictures on it…
    Don’t like the pictures on it…
    One person found this helpful

  15. 🤔

    Clean soft
    Hmmm. Smells good
    One person found this helpful

  16. Amazon Customer

    I sent these to my great grand child.
    Great brand.

  17. Alejandra Armas

    A big one
    One person found this helpful

  18. Sharonda Arnold

    Luv pro
    Great price for the value.
    One person found this helpful

  19. Dirk Hicks

    Best diaper for all
    Unless you have a little with very sensitive skin these diapers do amazing and are a great price. We do subscribe and save on Amazon for best price. The leak protection is great (girl and boy)
    One person found this helpful

  20. Jessica Coulter

    It’s a brand what else can I say. Only used cause couldn’t get the normal I would use

  21. Ahmad

    I would recommend
    It is okay for sensitive skin. The oboe protection is good too. The size fits more than perfect. It doesn’t fall off or open by it self.
    One person found this helpful

  22. Elvia Aranda

    Absorben y son muy cómodos
    Me gusta la textura,
    One person found this helpful

  23. Sirena Johnson

    Not Paw Patrol but very absorbent
    They weren’t Paw Patrol, as advertised.. but the diapers have great absorbency and we haven’t had any leaks, even on very big poopies.. so I don’t really mind about them not being Paw Patrol..
    2 people found this helpful

  24. John W. Robertson

    Best Low Cost Diaper
    We have a big family and we have used luvs for years and years. They are by no means the very best diaper, but I think that they are the best for the price. I gave it 4 stars because in the past 4 years, the velcro comes undone too easily making it simple for a baby to remove his own diaper. When I have a persistent baby, I use duct tape across the front.
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  25. Cherice

    Best diapers
    These diapers work very well
    One person found this helpful

  26. Vit

    Not paw patrol
    I just ordered these, mainly bc they are paw patrol. I got the original ones. Im returning and exchanging for another and really hoping I get paw patrol. Otherwise isn’t this false advertising. So annoying
    2 people found this helpful

  27. Amazon Customer

    Good overall , but not that absorbent.
    These are pretty good diapers. I would only recommend as day diapers, not nighttime ones. My little ones are heavy soakers during the night, so most of the mornings their clothes were soaked. I would still purchase just maybe use a different brand for higher absorbency at night.
    2 people found this helpful

  28. Leah Latuso

    Great diapers for the price!
    They are a little bit thinner than Huggies and pampers, but they still work great for the price and my sensitive skin child had no issues
    2 people found this helpful

  29. Lord Moore

    Purchased for charity
    This item was purchased for a local charity that assists mother’s in need.
    One person found this helpful

  30. Annie Collins

    Good price
    Ok, good price.
    2 people found this helpful

  31. bwkmeltdown

    Poor tab closure
    This box of diapers had poor tabs. They did not hold the diaper closed. This is the first time I have had any issues with them.
    2 people found this helpful

  32. Bwentfishing

    So close to being my #1
    I use luvs during the day and pampers at night
    One person found this helpful

  33. Dave

    False advertising. NOT Paw Patrol Diapers.
    I ordered these for my son because he loves Paw Patrol. Received the regular loves diapers. – Well Poo!
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  34. rachel

    olny lovs
    best in price

  35. Yvonne b

    One person found this helpful

  36. Kindle Customer

    Great for Pee not for poop
    After yet another blowout in Luvs I’ve given up on this brand. They worked great with my 1st kid but they have probably changed their product since then. These diapers are thin. Babe is almost 3mo and in size 2. These hold up for most of the night before needing to be changed. He poops average amount in each diaper, but the diaper cannot absorb any breastmilk poop. Today’s blowout of all the way up the back made me now dislike luvs because it can’t do anything for poop.When we start potty training we may go back to these since they hold pee fine and are cheap.


    Velcro don’t stick
    I loved the original style I am a subscriber but after they came out with the paw patrol style the velcro don’t stick well pamper keeps coming off. So now I un subscribe just for that.
    4 people found this helpful

  38. Ruth

    So far they work great
    Haven’t had any problems this is my second time ordering. No rashes and no leaks!
    One person found this helpful

  39. Laura Beth Noel

    Love these!
    Is there a great for my two-year-old Paw patrol loving toddler. Never had a leak with them
    One person found this helpful

  40. Kaliya Bhowaniprasad

    This diapers are affordable and it gets the job done!
    I’ve tried other diapers but luvs is amazing and affordable. I never had any issues with leakage or diaper rash! My son os gonna be one soon and I’ve been using luvs since he was like 2-3 months!
    3 people found this helpful

  41. Rebecca Malone

    Love these!
    My favorite diapers but wasn’t too happy with the boxing

  42. Aaron

    The best value without compromising on durability
    My daughter has had some leaks with other brands, but this brand has not had a leak from her moving around, or long car rides. The absorption is amazing and I do not understand how the diapers can keep all of that inside of them. I am very happy with these, and I will continue with this brand until she is potty trained.
    4 people found this helpful

  43. Hula Grammie

    surprisingly thin, less capacity then Amazon brand
    surprisingly thin, less capacity then Amazon brand. Not that I advocate changing baby less frequently but for longer car rides or overnight, these are not the quality I expect in a name brand. will be switching back to Amazon’s brand

  44. Dominek Glover

    I’ll give them a 7 out of 10!
    I love the pamper over all but, the Velcro sucked! The diaper keeps coming off. I usually don’t have this problem but, this time they’re just not sticking. The first box I ordered and gave them away. This box I purchased for myself.
    3 people found this helpful

  45. Kayla

    I miss the old LUVS
    I miss the old LUVS. Before they had paw patrol on them.
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  46. Concha Bernhardt

    Contains a blowout surprisingly well’
    10/10 would recommend for all night use10/10 contains those early poop blowouts.
    One person found this helpful

  47. Nicole Knipp

    Way better then other diapers
    I have bought every band of diapers and nun of them work but luvs every other band my son peed one time and peed through the diaper please don’t think they are cheap they are not good trust me they are the best
    2 people found this helpful

  48. Norberto

    Solución de las necesidades del bebé
    One person found this helpful

  49. Bryana ramirez

    Cute diapers but don’t stay on
    These diapers are sooooo cute but they don’t stay on.
    One person found this helpful

  50. mom2twinsnmore

    Great diaper
    My granddaughter was always peeing through diapers so I bought these and never a leak I now buy them for both granddaughters
    One person found this helpful

  51. Marina

    Best diper for my babies sensitive skin
    So these diapers were the best for my baby boy and now we stuck to them we get them always for both my babies which they are better than any other dipaers I’ve tried. This is the only diaper that my son wasn’t allergic to the others gave him butt rash and so we stayed away because I found loves the best diaper for them. And I have no issue with Luvs. Highly recommend it its worth the price and a very great product.

  52. Angie Alba

    Best diapers ever!
    I was so worried to change for this diapers (since my son born i always used Pampers), this ones are sooo much cheaper but i thought it was such a waste spend $65 every box (for my baby just to poop on it), but wowww, i love this diapers so much.At the beginning I was not sure cause it doesn’t feel as sturdy as the others, I wasn’t sure if it will last all night, but it does! I don’t change my baby diapers from 7pm to 7am and we hadn’t have any accidents till now. Also and the most important thing for me, is that sometimes my baby got rashes with the other diapers, but with this he has never got a rash! I can’t believe I spent so much money in the other diapers when this ones are so much better!
    7 people found this helpful

  53. Timothy

    if your baby can rash from sented diapers skip
    i found these when she would fit a size three. for the amount ant the price i was happy. they worked great. but as i ordered my second box i noticed a rash on her parts. i had a dr app so i asked him what it was. we figured out it was the diapers. no way she could of used these when she was a size five they are to thin but as a stay at home day they were great. i just finished up my last box, i only used them during the day for short times so she wouldn’t rash again. the saying on the butt was cute “bed hair dont care” and they never leaked. they got full over night when she slept thru but no messes. i hope these work for you, the price is great, you can fit 20 of them easy in any bag, and they fit her well. oh, the Velcro…its not the best but it works if you keep them in a one piece. i hope this helps someone. its my honest 2 cents free
    4 people found this helpful

  54. Bianca

    Best thing since slice bread
    These diapers are very absorbing and live up to whats claimed on the box for a slightly cheaper price.I brought these diapers from Amazon because what I was paying in store was almost equivalent for the price sold on here.The difference is that I get more diapers that what the stores offer. Depending on the box size you get about 25-35 more diapers. Buying from here has helped me eliminate frequent diaper runs to the Walmart or Target.
    2 people found this helpful

  55. Jeanette Garza

    Best Price in Town!!!
    We were on our last 2 diapers in the middle of the night. Placed an order and Amazon had them delivered at 4 am in the morning before my baby even woke up!!! And the price was the cheapest I’ve ever seen for diapers… SCORE!!!!
    2 people found this helpful

  56. samantha z.

    great product
    now these diapers!!! They hold an explosive poo if you know what I mean! Newborn or 18 month old… these things work! Kudos to amazon too for this being able to be shipped right to my door! Now I don’t know about you but, I am a mom of 2 under 1 yo. so saving me a trip of carrying the diapers in and out of the car for the same price if not a better price than at the store, this is my type of purchase!!! 10/10 recommend
    3 people found this helpful

  57. selina Granger

    The Best dipers!!!
    What can I say loves have been around for years I used them on my children and my youngest son is 30 .And now my grandchildren it keeps them dry overnight also I would highly recommend loves over any brand of diapers!!!!!

  58. Kim Vo

    Way cheaper than other main brands
    I started using this brand due to the price as my daughter is almost done potty training. She wears it at night and it’s leak proof (about 10-12hrs). It’s not as comfy as the other brand she used to wear though. Also, the cut of the diaper doesn’t really cover the belly very well. But, if you adjust it strategically, it does it’s job.
    3 people found this helpful

  59. JulesOTooles

    These diapers win!
    I tried all the cheapest diapers. Target is the only brand cheaper than these Luvs and these do a much better job overnight than any other brand we have tried. No more constantly changing sheets because they were soaked with pee. We have also found them to contain our son’s #2s as well. They do have a scent that at one point I started associating with my son’s #2 but that has since passed, thankfully.
    3 people found this helpful

  60. Ronald

    Great diaper, good quality!!
    These diapers are less thick than the box stores brands, but they hold a lot more without leaking. Not that we let him sit in full diapers but sometimes he pees a lot especially while sleeping!! We haven’t had a leaking accident in bed or otherwise since using Luvs Pro! Also other diapers would allow the smell of soiled diapers to transfer to clothing even though no direct contact with fecal matter to the clothes. These diapers stopped the smell in the diaper, no smell transfer. So I assume they must be healthier for baby. Don’t know how they made a lighter, thinner diaper be clean, but we are sold on them!!
    2 people found this helpful

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