MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door iCrate Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet , Divider Pane l & New Patented Features Dog Crate : Pet Supplies

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About this item Newly enhanced with added security features to keep your pet safe | Slide-bolt door latch now feature patented Paw Block and locking tip s to create a safer, more secure home for your pet iCrate single door dog crate measures 30L x 19 x 21 inches and is suitable for medium dog breeds with an adult weight of 25 to 40 pounds. If your dog’s weight or measurements are on the higher side for this crate, we recommend buying the next crate size up Dog crate includes a divider panel, durable & leak-proof plastic pan, protective rubber feet, carrying handle, and customer support team based in Indiana Easy to assemble & portable | Dog crate sets up in seconds with no tools required and conveniently folds flat for travel Durable & strong, quality construction creates a secure place for your dog to fulfill their natural instinct to den. Proper ventilation, large door openings with low thresholds, and rounded corner clips make iCrate a safer crate experience for your dog PLEASE NOTE: MidWest Homes for Pets manufactures the iCrate & Life Stages dog crates. Assembly and safety instructions are included ; please read all safety instructions prior to use

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iCrate Single Door Crate

A Trusted Top Seller From MidWest Homes for Pets

iCrate single-door dog crates by MidWest Homes for Pets are the Inclusive Home Training System designed completely around the safety, security, and comfort of your dog. Features include safe and secure slide-bolt latches, rounded corners, and a removable, washable plastic pan for easy cleanup in the event of an accident.

Quick and Easy Assembly

iCrate sets up easily in seconds without the need for tools and folds down to a portable size with included plastic carrying handles to move the folded crate from one location to another comfortably.

From Puppy to Adulthood

iCrate also comes with a free divider panel for use while your puppy is growing. The divider panel will allow you to adjust the length of the living area while your puppy grows, keeping the living space small enough to reduce the chance of your puppy eliminating in one end and sleeping in the other.

Top iCrate Features

  • Slide-Bolt Latches
  • Pan Stop
  • Protective Feet
  • Leak-Proof Pan
  • Rounded Side Clips
  • Rounded Corners

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MidWest Exercise Pen with Door QuietTime Deluxe Ombre Swirl Pet Bed QuietTime Crate Cover Steel Pet Gate Snap’y Fit Food and Water Bowl The Perfect Accessories for Your Crate! Attach to a Crate For Extra Space & Room to Exercise or Use Alone Fits in a Dog Crate And Works Great As A Stand-Alone Bed Provides the Privacy, Security and Comfort that Dogs Instinctively Need and Desire Keeps Pets in a Good Place Bracket Attaches to Crate and Holds Bowl in Place Easy to Set Up — No Tools Required Ultra-Soft Synthetic Fur Overstuffed Dog Bed Hook & Loop Tabs Hold Cover Neatly in Place While Allowing Access to End & Side Doors on 1, 2 or 3 Door Crates Strong & Durable Steel Frame Construction Locks Securely to Reduce Water and Food Spills in Pet’s Living Area Folds Flat for Convenient Storage “Non-Skid” Grip On Bottom Surface Made from Durable Easy Care Washer and Dryer Safe 100% Polyester Pressure Mounts for Easy Installation Rust Resistant Brushed Stainless Steel Bow Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Use Plush Ombré Swirl Pattern Complements Any Home Décor Allows Access to the Slide-out Plastic Pan in Your Crate for Easy Removal and Cleaning One-Handed, Safe & Secure Spring-Loaded Latch Bracket Allows for Easy Removal

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 30 x 19 x 21 inches; 17 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 1530

Department ‏ : ‎ Pet supplies

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ June 8, 2004

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ MidWest Homes For Pets


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Basic Dog Crates

Customer Reviews: 150,208 ratings

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18-Inch w/Divider, 22-Inch w/Divider, 24-Inch w/Divider, 30-Inch w/Divider, 36-Inch w/Divider, 42-Inch w/Divider, 48-Inch w/Divider


Double Door, Single Door, Single Door, Blue, Single Door, Pink, Single Door + Dog Crates

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

30 x 19 x 21 inches; 17 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Department ‏ : ‎

Pet supplies

Date First Available ‏ : ‎

June 8, 2004

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

MidWest Homes For Pets

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Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Basic Dog Crates

Customer Reviews:

150,208 ratings

60 reviews for MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door iCrate Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet , Divider Pane l & New Patented Features Dog Crate : Pet Supplies

  1. Over 10 Years Reviewing

    Bought Size Small Cage, solid and sturdy.

    Step One:Shipped well, and put together in 5 minutes.Its portal as well so built that way.PRO:The cage is heavy duty, we have a 13lbs dog that can not bend or manipulate the cage.Two door version is awesome allows placement in varied places.Its tall enough to stand in with no issues.The bottom plastic is heavy plastic.Great Price, allot cheaper then the exact same at Pet box stores.Doors have a area that allows a padlock is extra locking if needed.Cons:There are no cons, other then the side door, why solid.Does not swing flat when open. So it kind of sticks out a little.But if not in a walk way, it wont matter.I wanted to address that there are negative reviews. I think they use the same size metal and same thickness pan in the Larger units. But in the small size its study, no way my dog could bendor hurt the cage. There are no sharp parts.So I have to assume the larger units may not feel as heavy, or may have issues.But this small cage, I love it. Much better then expected.

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  2. Nicki M

    It’s working

    I heard the doorbell and my boyfriend text me to let me know it arrived. He put it together before I made it downstairs. All of a few minutes. Now listen, he is really strong without trying so I cannot take his “it was easy” lightly. However, he said you literally take it out the box, lift it up, and snap it into place.I figured out that the bottom tray does slide out, which is very helpful when you need to clean it. The divider is great, not so easy to put in or take out (in my opinion) because the hook get caught on the sides. In spite of that, once you get it in there it works great.My dog is strong (although small) and crate training for him has been tough so I have caught him the first few times trying to chew his way out, but this crate is not going anywhere. The paint hasn’t even budged.I haven’t traveled with it yet so I do not know if this is good for travel since I got a 42”. We will see.This is a great crate though!

  3. Crystal Leedom

    Very roomy for the taller puppies.

    My puppy outgrew his crate awhile back but the price for a new one was too much. I was hoping he’d outgrow his nighttime chewing before he outgrew his crate. But then I came across this one. The reviews were very mixed but mostly positive so I gave it a try. Keep in mind that he doesn’t have anxiety or separation issues. Nor did he ever try biting his previous crates. Just likes to chew holes in blankets while he falls asleep or is bored. He loves the size and roominess of this new one. Now he’s a pretty big/bulky puppy. He’s probably about 75 pound and a lab hound mix. We had a little problem initially setting it up as the walls somehow got tangled up with each other. But after that was figured out, we haven’t had any issues collapsing it or putting it up

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  4. Goddess Being


    Got this for my cane corso puppy, he is now 8months old and still fits in it. My dog however is kennel trained and does not nudge at the door and I know that’s why it’s still together. My cane corso that I adopted as an adult had terrible anxiety problems and bent the metal or an even sturdier kennel. If your dog has anxiety issues invest in a much sturdier kennel. Overall with my personal experience with my new puppy, I am very satisfied and pleased. Thank you

    2 people found this helpful

  5. Alibel Bello

    New Pup Parents behold, a cave fit for the wolf’s descendants!

    We recently got a corgi one week ago. We’ve both had dogs of varying sizes but never as a puppy. This was a new challenge and we’ve learned through trial and error what’s worked best. And best so far has been her crate!We had a bed and an open space before for her. She elected to chew the pillow and preferred the smallest corner where we had our vacuum robot.She has responded well to crating (fortunately).In regard to the set up, it was relatively straight forward as it pops/opens up when you pull it. Be careful with your fingers as they may get trapped between the walls of the cage as you open it up.The doors to the crate have different resistances, unsure for what reason but not an issue. Very happy to have the divider included as it allowed us to make the crate a more appropriate size for her.We connected her crate to a play pen and it’s worked as an adjunct play/eating/stooling area for her when she’s not out and about in the apartment.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful product!

    Wonderful product! Easy to put together (took less than 30 seconds, no tools necessary!) Comes with handle for easy carrying and has a little plastic sliding pan on the bottom for easy clean up! It is very sturdy and has enough space for my dog to comfortably turn around in it. It has 2 doors which is plus and I can fit my dog’s bed in it. Beyond satisfied with this product!

  7. vo1

    Jumbo crate

    We have a poodle/mastiff mix. This is big enough for her… It’s huge. Make sure you have the room. She’s gentle so we haven’t had issues with her trying to get out or destroy this thing. I have another crate with only oneoor, and I wish we had gotten a two door like or second one. It works well.When this crate arrived, the bottom pan had a hole broken into it. I got in touch with the company through their website email and they were very generous and sent a new pan. They were great to work work and I appreciated their good service and prompt shipping.

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  8. Miya

    Doggy Crate

    So I got a puppy and I didn’t want to purchase a small crate for now and have to purchase another one when she it’s larger. My friend told me about this MidWest Homes and I love this crate! It’s so easy to put together and the divider is great for the puppies age and it’s easy to remove when your dog is bigger. Currently we are working potty training and the crate makes it easy to train my young pup.

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  9. Lynn Ray


    I got a rescue dog that had issues with destructive behavior so this crate has been perfect. He likes hanging out inside and I’m able to fit his dog bed in there with extra room. It’s got a LOT of space inside. We’ve traveled with this crate and it folds nicely to fit in your car.My dog is a 2-year-old pix mix that weighs 50-60 lbs. The 42-inch is a great size for larger dogs.

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  10. Sarah

    Excellent item

    Single most heavily used item for crate training and for sleeping in my house. I got a 30 inch bed in it, covered it with terry towel and the dog uses it as a safe place and for sleeping. Love the silent bolt to the doors. I made it cozy by adding some soft blanket over the ‘bed sheet’ . The dog will not pee or poo in the crate which is his sleep area, and I happy with that.

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  11. Kindle Customer

    Perfect parrot transport cage

    I needed something small enough to transport my destructive 30 year old parrot. He chews on everything. I recently purchased a product specifically made to transport parrots, he chewed a hole through the screened area and basically destroyed the item the first time I put him in it. I added a sturdy perch and some hanging toys for him to chew on. He’s perfectly content to travel in this cage and it’s nice and small, easily carried by me. He won’t be chewing this up, it’s very sturdy.

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  12. J

    Very easy to set up.

    Great for my old boy who is a bed wetter now. Any time he falls asleep he pees. So diapers much of the time and cage with waterproof pillows at night. Should travel well in the trunk of our car. Seems sturdy too, though he could probably be contained in a cardboard crate old as he is. Sure it would work great for a young dog crate training too.

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  13. taylor

    Perfect for Pom puppy training

    Easy to put together and use. Training my puppy to have less anxiety alone and to be a better potty trainer. She’s 9 weeks old and only used the puppy pads and outdoors for potty, 0 crying in the crate and never soils in it, took 5 days to achieve it. It does Attach to the widwest play pen fence. I feed my dog her meals in there and keep all her toys so she feels like it’s a nice place to be. She’ll take her naps in here by choice and if I find her falling asleep to nap I’ll move her in there so she feels like it’s the sleepy time area and sometimes I’ll close the door and occasionally lock it to show her just because she goes in there doesn’t mean it’s bed time or I’m leaving. I leave the door open into the play pen when I’m at work so she has more space. Remember you still gotta take them potty, they physically can’t hold it longer than they are old when they’re little, 1 month= 1 hour of holding it. My puppies 9 weeks (Pomeranian, smaller breeds have an even harder time holding it cause they’re sooo much smaller) I typically stop giving her water 3 hours before sleepy time, helps her hold it longer like a big girl and i make her last meal about 6 hours before sleepy time, gives her time to digest and make poopoo on the backyard lawn for potty training. She has a flat bed to lay on, and a fleece blanket that’s circled around it to feel like it’s nesting, I leave in several toys so she’s not bored (a plush, a hard chew, and a soft chew toy). Before I go to bed I leave the fence side unattached where shelll need to be exiting to go to the backyard, I also leave my outdoor shoes and a jacket by the door, it’s best to be fully prepared to help them get outside ASAP so there’s no accidents, I also make sure my jacket and shoes are on before I open her crate, if he covers coming off I need to be ready to open that door and move. When I go to sleep I set an alarm for 4 hours while she’s crated (they need potty breaks when they’re younger) when I wake up I just have to uncover her crate with a blanket and open the crate door and she runs straight to the backyard door and we go out for immediate potty time. Do not greet your puppy when letting them out, it makes them excited and they might have an accident or not make it, they also might get distracted outside and forget to even go potty being excited or trying to ply and wait till your back inside instead to go. After we go potty we come back in and she has her breakfast of wet, dry, and raw frozen food and I refill her water. I gently and silently pet her while she eats it, it helps her not feel food aggressive while older to have hands around her and touching her while eating, if she finishes it all I give her a little extra till she’s full. After she’s finished eating I clean out the food tray and close the pen and leave her crate door open for her and I finish sleeping my 8 hours while she can nap, or have access to the play pen and potty pads for peeing. Her crate time is over and the older she gets the longer she’ll be able to hold it for, so the longer her crate time will be naturally. It took my puppy 2 days to stop crying when being crated, the key is to not give in the the crying and whining. I stand in the the other room where she can’t see me, whining is fine, barking is not. As soon as she starts being loud I say no, quiet in a stern serious voice until she stops. Took 3 tries before she stopped and I could go lay down for sleep. Took 3 more days after that for when to stop crying when I leave her in the pen to go back to bed. She a very smart puppy and a good learner, if your pets food motivated use that to your advantage and feed them snacks in the crate to make Them like it more, and reward them for good behavior, in the crate and not crying. Tell them good girl/ boy in a soft (not excitable voice, don’t want them getting excited and barking again) at night when they’ve stopped crying for a minute.

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  14. Keitha Shideler

    Quality and easy set up.

    My pup has taken to this kennel very well. He can lie in any position with comfort. I’ll find him napping inside all on his own. He can see everything that’s happening indoors and out.Just lift from the top and easily attach the ends. Seriously it’s unbelievably simple and quick to set up. Door swings great and latches easily. Highly recommend.

  15. Lani

    Tall enough for my Pomsky!

    This is my 3rd crate I had to buy since my Pomsky kept having random growth spurts… in her legs only! So she got too tall for her past crates even though she fit length wise in them. This crate is great for her (30 pounds) and is just the right height for her. There is a double latch which I never had in my past crates, but I like how it is there for extra security. I will say putting it together was absolutely terrible for me since two of the sides got jammed into each other and i had to use tools to pry them apart. No issues after that, but it was pretty irritating that it took me 30 minutes to set up a crate instead of the usual 3.

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  16. Erika larkin

    Buy the XL for your puppy!

    If you have a large breed dog, I would advise buying the L or XL when they are a puppy. My baby outgrew his first medium size kennel super fast, could have saved $80 if I just got the XL first. He has anxiety so the bigger kennel gives him some relief. However, I cannot transport this one as it is very large and heavy. Other than that, great kennel!

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  17. Angela Marie

    Comfortable, cozy crate for my Furbaby

    I love this crate and highly recommend it for any pet owner that wants their dog safe while they are at work! My Luca 1 yr old black lab loves it! It’s got plenty of room for him to stretch during the day and is safe while I’m at work.

  18. CMac -Amazon Addict!


    This crate was a replacement for a “portable cloth crate’ that I had for my “little re-decorating instigator”. We absolutely need the crate because, he honestly feels that, it is HIS job alone, to inspect EVERY inch of our house, when we are not home. And even though HE won’t admit to it in front of other dogs, he hates thunderstorms and firework. So, for US,,,The crate also comes in handy, when he “freaks” during a thunderstorm. Being in the crate during a storm, helps to calm him, and lessens the stress, on all of us involved. We only use the Crate, for short periods of time, when we are not going to be home – I for one, don’t ever suggest a dog be kept in a crate, for an entire day. It’s just not a fair thing to do to a dog. If this is the case – say while you are at work during the day, have a neighbor or somebody that you trust, come over and let the little guy out, for a short break, ***(like I said,,,,this is just MY opinion).For us, the “portable Cloth Crate” was nice, and also very easy to use and to travel with. BUT,because our little guy has, the ability to use his arms, like a pro tennis star, he ripped the screening off of the inside of the front door flap rather quickly. To help remedy this situation, I purchased fiberglass screening, and stitched a new piece of screen, onto the inside AND the outside of, that zippered door flap. This new Flap, lasted for MAYBE a WHOLE, 3 months.It was then that, I knew that, the little fella was on his way to an escape of EPIC proportions! And that, my somewhat, neatly kept home, would soon become, a dreadful mess! Why? He will come up with all sorts of stories,,,,his favorite chewy or toy, or something of that nature, could not be found (blah, blah, blah,,,he has a tendency to over exaggerate on what REALLY took place, while we were away ;o} ) All to often, this would, necessitate in him absolutely NEEDING to getting out of that crate, and finding “it”, by himself. Of course this is showing us undying love, simply by saving US the trouble, of having to help HIM, in finding it! He’s smart,,,what can I say, but his stories and excuses are getting a bit ,,,well,,,,”used” up and old. As I said, it was only a matter of time,before the next escape came,,,tick,,,tick,,,tick went the clock.And so, this brings us to THIS wonderful All METAL crate! Not only was it fairly inexpensive, but very stealth as well, for a larger dog crate. And, that is because, since the crate itself folds and ships flat, it can be folded back into it’s original, small, flat, compact size in no time. Leaving it perfect for, extremely ease of use, when packing for travel. It ships in a flat box, it folds back into, a rather flat format. Just lay down the ends, and then the sides, in their easy to figure out format, and it folds up, all while leaving the plastic tray, inside of the crate. Once you have it folded up, just place it on the bottom of your trunk. Then, you can place your other items, right on top of it. Luckily for me, it was actually a bonus that I had tried the cloth crate first,,,and here’s why: If you have one of these, DON’T THROW IT AWAY! Take the measurements of your CLOTH crate, and then find a similar size metal crate. Because of the way the soft crate was made, it had large zippered end panels. Because of these, I was now able to put the metal crate INTO the soft sided cloth crate, and make the metal one somewhat “camouflaged”, in my living room. Plus with the cover over it, it makes him less afraid of the thunder storms. And because the soft one came with a awesome carry bag, I used the carry bag, to store and carry, the folded up metal crate when traveling – nothing went to waste on the soft crate, except that darned screen door (which I cut off)!The metal crate itself, is a much better, and much needed, totally WONDERFUL, well made piece of doggie equipment! it’s a solid and safe place for your pup when you cannot be there for him. The sides lock into place, the door has a sliding latch that stays in place,,,it really is just an all around great crate to keep our little “Houdini re-decorator”, in a safe spot, when we cannot be home with him, or take him with us .***HINT for sizing*** depending on WHAT “Dog Expert” you are listening to, on that particular day,,,, all too often, they suggest a crate that keeps your dog somewhat cramped area. We liken this to be: sort of like a “Goldilocks Fortress” – not too big and not too small. Our pup is a Sheltie, he stands about 15 inches at the withers, and weighs 17 pounds. The 30x19x21 was really a perfect fit for him, because we like him to have the ability to stand up, stretch a bit and turn around as needed. To us, it is just seems very mean, to stick a dog into a box, that they cannot move in. Simply because, this type of small spaces, it can cause cramping and make the dog, to become, leery of the crate. Which can then turn into: your pup, not wanting to use his crate, at all. And really,,, if your dog is a snooper, isn’t it better to keep him safe when you are not home? We have tried all sorts of different sizes for different dogs over the years, and we have found that, Get a crate that they can move around in and you will find a happier dog when it comes time for: “In the Crate”. And, because this one is collapsable, it stores away easily if needed, so you don’t necessarily SEE the extra size, when it is not needed; (the plastic crates that come apart, only store inside of each other, and take up a lot of real estate in your home or car. So, yes, I would highly suggest this crate. In the end, I give it four stars because, it would have been nice to have a carry bag come with it, for ease of use when traveling. I still love it though! Good luck!

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  19. Dubya

    Perfect for our little dog

    We recently got a puppy at around 3.5 pounds, but we only had a larger crate someone gave us. We thought it might work, but turned out to be too large and our pup was soiling on one side and sleeping on the other. Realized we needed a much smaller crate with just enough room to stand, turn around and sleep. This perfectly met our need. He stopped soiling immediately after we got this crate. Even at around 6 pounds now, it’s still perfect for him and doing its job.It wasn’t too hard to put together. Just a little tricky to get the front face in place. Took some force to get the clip to lock. Nice and solid once it’s all together. The protective door latch keeps our pup from being able to open it. The plastic tray just slides in and out through the bottom front.Overall, this crate did exactly what we needed it to and the quality has been great. Highly recommend for small puppies!

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  20. cynkal

    Works great for training!

    These cages are easy to set up. Have solid locks and great price. I have 5 now for all 5 of my dogs. I love that they break down for storage and travel. Perfect for training my dogs to have their place to sleep and rest.

  21. Gloria Smith


    I use the crate for when I have guest I like to have my dogs in crates. I also use it for an area they can lay and relax. I have 2 other crate for my other dogs which help when Im clean they are out my way lol.Delivery was awesome as well they followed my instructions on delivery I was 100% satisfied.

  22. Merain Barnes


    This is perfect!! Recommend from my brother and this does not disappoint… easy to put together and easy to transport. There’s a divider up right now for my puppy and you can adjust the divider to any length. Perfect for her to grow up in!

  23. Smiley

    SUCCESS! 5 Day Plan…

    Success! My husband and I are sleeping without two dogs in our bed for the first time in 9 years. We purchased two 22” crates for our 2 year old Yorkie & our 9 year old Maltese, and started with a plan.Day 1- assemble the crate, find a quiet yet central location, shut the door and leave their favorite dog treat inside the empty crate. Let the dog sniff and explore the crate. Do not let the dog go inside today.PS. For two dogs, we placed the crates next to each other.Day 2 – open the door and encourage the dog to get the treat “In your place”, and then let the dog leave quickly. Praise your dog. Shut the door and add another treat to the empty crate. Quick training day.Day 3 – repeat Day 2 twice today, and leave the door shut with a treat inside the empty crate for the rest of the day. No staying in the crate for more than a few seconds. Praise your dog. Another quick training day.Day 4 – open the door and encourage the dog “in your place”, then get the dog to lie “down”, give another treat when they obey, and shut the door with the dog inside. Sit close by for one hour (good time to read emails or text friends about your dog training success). Give a few treats if the dog stays quiet. Let dog out, quickly shut the door, and add a treat to the empty crate. Praise the dog.Day 5 – at bedtime, encourage the dog into the crate “In your place”, then to lie “down”, & give treats. Lock the door, cover the crate with a towel or blanket leaving the front not covered. Say goodnight, turn off the lights, walk away quickly, and enjoy your first dog-free sleep.The first night, our Yorkie barked after 8.5 hours and she definitely had to go outside. I took her out and returned her to the crate for another hour. Now both dogs can easily last 9-10 hours.We don’t use the crates during the day, unless we have a worker in the house. And we always leave the crates locked during the day with a small treat inside.NOTE: We do provide lots of exercise after dinner and ample visits outside before bedtime. This helps with longer sleep for all of us! 💕Hope this helps you and your pup. Our pups enjoy their special places (especially with treats!). I’ve tried dozens of treats but the best for us have been Tricky Trainers since they are small and tasty.Good luck, and remember your dog will feel safe and comforted in their crate.

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  24. Issabella Jane

    Good size, decent price.

    Nice kennel at a decent price. Arrived on time in good condition. Easy set up. I ordered two for my 75 lb female Rotties and they fit perfectly.

  25. Sandy

    Exactly what I wanted! Bud has no problem sleeping in it.

    Needed this for xlg dog, for sleeping in the house, great price.Easy to fold up put away or move to another place. For a large Lab pup, it’s great.

  26. Ra’anaa S.

    Purchased the 30 inch

    We purchased the 30 inch crate and it’s the perfect amount of space for our small dog. It’s also pretty sturdy, and it comes with a handle to use when traveling so that’s a plus

  27. Kellie San Filippo

    Excellent product!

    Crate was so easy to set up in a few minutes! The divider was an extra bonus which was so helpful while potty training. Highly recommend!

  28. KG

    Great crate .. sizing is off! Size up!

    I have a border collie + blue heeler mix (45 lb) that looks like the dog in the 36 size crate but I found that the 42 size crate fit him best. Like the 36 fit him but he didn’t have room to stretch out and move around enough. So if you are looking for your dog to be able to move freely and stretch out while sleeping I recommend sizing up!

  29. P. Burt

    Easy to set up, Sturdy

    This is the first crate I’ve had and was a little intimidated by the size. Super easy to set up. Have a 65 lb Lab puppy who has separation anxiety…crate is holding up very well. Very pleased with purchase.

  30. Aineadele

    Very Useful, Affordable, Time Saving and More

    I ordered this kennel to house my two foster dogs who are both under 10 lbs. I bought the 30 inch with the divider, and it has been plenty big enough for them. They are both able to turn around comfortably and sprawl out on all fours if needed, and there is still a little more room. I took the divider out before I let them go in it, so I don’t know how well using that would go. I have been using this kennel for them for about 5-6 weeks now.Pros:-Arrived right on time. Important since my fosters needed a kennel to stay in fast. They are chewers and markers and soon showed that they could not stay in the room with a baby gate for long unsupervised. They quickly peed all over the bed and on the floor, and also started chewing on the wall and door frame. The kennel helps them stay out of trouble when I can’t be home or can’t watch them while they run around the house. It has prevent more damage to my walls.-Really, really great for when you can’t supervise your pets. Saved me tons of time by preventing them from marking as much or soiling bedding on my bed from them jumping on it and peeing everywhere. I don’t know why they pee on bedding, but they do. The first time they peed on my bed, I spent hours washing everything and spraying my mattress with white vinegar/water/baking soda mixture to remove stains+drying the mattress. I did not want to repeat that, so the kennel helps in those moments I can’t watch them to ensure they stay off the bed.-Easy slide single latch for quick opening. I’ve never had an issue with them getting it open.-Latch on bottom in front to hold kennel tray into place. Prevents it from sliding out during travel or use.-Easy to clean. I can wipe off accidents, dirt, or throw up easily with a cloth. Then I just spray with some vinegar and water to safely disinfect. Also dries fairly quickly.-Folds up easily for travel. Also slides well into back seat and opens back up easily in car to transport dogs in kennel. Has been extremely useful for this purpose, since again, my fosters are chewers and will chew on seat belts (potentially costing unnecessary money to repair), and their car harnesses. I actually decided to stop using harnesses for them, and just keep them in the kennel, because they kept trying to chew the harnesses off. I was concerned they would get loose in the car and be unsafe walking around unrestrained, or as the littler one likes to do, hop into my lap and down onto the floor around my feet (dangerous when driving). Using this kennel eliminated that problem and gave me peace of mind while driving. A huge beneficial factor. Not only that, but I don’t have to keep buying new harnesses because of them chewing them off. Another save of money.-Very affordable. At only $26 dollars for a $30 inch, this was a huge deciding factor in me getting this brand of kennel. For those who foster, this is a huge relief, because rehabilitating animals is not cheap.Cons:-I really only have one, and that the sharp edges in some places on the kennel. There are spots where the metal bars are welded together and they are not rounded down. This leaves sharp edges with the potential to leave cuts. I was closing the kennel one day and one of the sharp points actually gave me a little cut on my hand. Nothing major, but a little sting. I’ve heard reviews where dogs trying to nose or paw out of the kennel have gotten cut up by these sharp points. This is a very significant concern and a disappointing issue to have on an otherwise great product. The company should address this and ensure all future manufactured products have sanded down these rough points on the bars to ensure the safety of the animals and their handlers/pet parents. They could also provide information to previous customers about how to safely round off these points on products already purchased. For me it has not been a huge issue because my foster dogs don’t attempt to nose or paw the cage very much, but it was alarming when my hand was cut a little while closing the kennel one day. I recommend inspecting the entire kennel before use and safely sanding down all the sharp points, or having someone else who knows how to do it safely sand it down for you. Because of this issue, I must give 4 stars instead of 5. Otherwise very good product!Despite the rough edges, I would buy again, including in larger sizes for use with other dogs, but would look into sanding down the rough points. This has just been extremely helpful and affordable for me as a foster and saved me so much money and stress by preventing issues that can occur from animals. I would recommend.UPDATE 8/16/17I recently ordered another of this size of kennel. It’s clear they changed the texturing on the kennel pan, but I don’t mind that. I’m having a significant problem setting up and breaking down the new kennel though; the alignment seems to be off or something when I try to latch the different parts together or take them apart. We actually have to lodge a key between the parts to pry them apart without smooshing our fingers. Not sure what happened with this item compared to the first one. Never had problems setting up our first kennel like this. Not happy with the issue, but it’s an inexpensive kennel, which we like. I’m not going to dock any stars because it’s still a good deal and we like the product in general.

    6 people found this helpful

  31. MooseKisses

    Just what we needed

    Perfect for our girl after having ACL surgery. She has plenty of room to move around a little, but not too much, as she needs to rest.

  32. marley

    Damage kennel

    Nice big sturdy kennel. Got shipping damage and I don’t want to send it back just need to figure out how to fix the bent corner.

  33. Amber Curran

    The best!

    My dog loves her new crate so much! Very good quality and amazing price for size vs in store prices for the same size. Highly recommend!

  34. William Ousley

    Excellent for the $

    Currently using for new 11 week old Golden. The divider is nice to have for such a large cage.But we’ll worth the money.

  35. Catherine Hesch

    Very convenient

    We purchased the x-large crate with the double doors for our growing Great Pyrenees puppy. I was concerned the double door would lessen the quality of the structure. This is not the case. I like the convenience of being able to place the crate with the option of end or side access. This very large crate folds flat easily and sets back up just the same. Great design and will last for years no doubt.

    One person found this helpful

  36. JayPReview


    This does exactly what it says! AND it’s so much more affordable on Amazon. I went to the pet store and these were way over $100 easily!I love the separation section to adjust to the growth of our 7 month mini Bernedoodle. Great height for him to standup and walk around in.Definitely recommend anyone who’s trying to crate train your pup!

  37. Diana Mercado

    Return was easy.

    The first kennel I got was clearly repackaged and was a prior return. It was rusted and the tray on the bottom was cracked and broken at the corners. It was a pain to repackage, but the return process was smooth and I got my refund pretty quick. I ordered a second one and it was brand new and works great for my 3 dogs. We use the divider to house our frenchie and chihuahua on one side and our pitbull on the other. Plenty of space. Just wish the actual doors to the kennel were on opposite ends.

    One person found this helpful

  38. FlouTTiest

    Absolute life saver!

    And, my hound likes it too. Took her a while to settle into it (she must associate cages with ‘new home’), but she seems to like how comfortable and spacious her new room is. I added the cage cover, side padding, and dog bed – the cage comes with a divider I attached toward the top to store additional dog bedding, should we need a quick change on the road. Perfect! Thank you!

  39. Becca Glastetter

    Easy to set up but did come with crack on bottom

    We don’t get our puppy till February so I can’t rate it for potty training or chew proof yet, but it did come extremely fast and set up was so easy. The only problem is that the bottom is cracked.

  40. Rachel Brewer

    Perfect for keeping her contained at night

    What I wanted it to do: I needed a new place for my 9 year old toy poodle to stay at night – she was raised on potty pads, so she has to be crated to keep her from using the bathroom in the house at night. I had to switch up the usual crate she slept in, and got this 22″ kennel to replace it.My fears: I had read that the crate didn’t come with a true latch, just a single bar that could be jostled open. I also read that some of the ends of the bars were not rounded.Neither of those turned out tot be true, at least for the 22″ option. It has a regular, L shaped latch that falls into the lock position like normal, and the ends of bars are not sharp. I can’t speak to how easily she could bend the bars to escape (or hurt herself), as she is a passive dog, but I can say she would have to put in a lot of work. I also saw another reviewer saying zip ties could help this issue if it’s something you’re worried about.My likes: This kennel is the size I need, looks cute, and keeps my dog safely contained and comfortable at night. Most importantly, it came as advertised which is always a relief.My dislikes: There’s a sticker on it that I don’t really like.That’s it, the kennel works great and I covered the sticker with some of my own. Great buy, highly recommend.

    17 people found this helpful

  41. the keyman

    Very sturdy and high-quality

    My Chihuahua mix had to be crate rest so we purchased this crate for her. It has been the best crate, ever strong and sturdy. Easy to open easy to close and she’s so very comfortable in there. Highly recommend!

  42. A.C.

    Great for large puppies

    We specifically purchased this for our Standard Poodle puppy- easy for him to get in and out. This crate offers options for side or front door, so we are use it in multiple spaces.Once one figures out how to collapse the crate, it folds down quickly, and flat. There has never been any rust. We also have used these rates to transport poultry to county fair.

    One person found this helpful

  43. a1exny

    Very comfortable size for a large breed

    Super happy with the quality and the easy set up. This thing is VERY large, so make sure you have a large car if you wish to travel with it. We use it as a house crate and it’s super functional.

  44. MDunbar

    Puppy loves her own space!

    When I turn around and can’t find my puppy, I go look in the crate and there she is! The divider provides a comfortable space for her 5 pound, wait… she just turned 8 pounds, 5 was last week.The crate will grow with her and I love that. We took it to Auntie’s for the weekend and it folded up nicely and slid into the car.

  45. Jennifer Roberson

    MidWest Is Always Dependable!

    I was flying to St. Louis to pick up a puppy and bring her back to Arizona. The in-cabin carrier was fine for that use, but not to stay overnight in a hotel room, as I feared the pup would probably chew holes in it. I had recently bought a 20″ carry-on hard-sided suitcase, so I checked measurements. Yes, the MidWest crate *would* fit in the suitcase. Just barely, but fit it did!I have used MidWest wore folding crates for over 30 years. I have several larger ones, but they would not have fit in a suitcase for this trip! Well-made and always dependable.PROS:Handy, light for a metal product.Fits many places easily, including a suitcase!CON: I *will* knock it a bit for using a plastic pan, though I know it’s cheaper and lighter. But they are chewable by larger dogs determined to tear them up.Sorry for that ding, but I gotta be honest!

    15 people found this helpful

  46. Leila & Kirara’s Toy Trove

    Cozy Safe Space for Your Fur Babies 🙂

    The media could not be loaded.

     Ordered this for my 6-month old rottie pup, Kirara. She fits more than comfortably in the X-Large Midwest Kennel (marketed as 42L x 28W x 31H, but I measured and found it about 0.5-1inch shorter on all dimensions, no biggie), and has enough room to play around a bit. She can sprawl out completely and still has space even while standing. Both doors and locks are fully functional with no problems, and I actually love the change in the lock– previously it was just a straight bar but now it has a dull hook curve at the end which really secures it. The kennel is very sturdy and can definitely take some damage, but at the same time it’s incredibly simple to fold up for storage. As a bonus, the crate comes with detachable handles that you can use to pick it up.Addressing some “issues”:I read a few reviews stating that the tray isn’t removable, but I found that to be false. There is a 2 prong lock below the door on the 28inch side, push that down and you can slide the tray out of the kennel for easy washing.Another concern that I had read about was puppies getting their paws and jaws stuck in the bars– this could definitely happen because the space between the bars is about 1.5inches. If you have a young pup that’s prone to gnawing and sticking their noses in places they shouldn’t, I would recommend finding a different temporary living space for them before moving them into an iCrate.One last, slightly gross thing– IF you can’t get to your pup in time and they happen to go #2 in their space, they could step in it and the excrement could be grated off their paws and flung outside of the kennel. Really this is my only issue with the kennel, but as long as you check on your pup and get into a rhythm, this is easily avoidable :)Overall? 5 stars!-Leila & Kirara

    5 people found this helpful

  47. C. White

    Thank You MidWest Homes !!

    I love this product, it is larger than I expected, chew proof, easy to clean..just slide the tray right out and slide it back in. Stress free for me when I have to run a quick errand and get back home and my living room is not torn up. Item was very well packaged and easy to assemble without instructions. Well worth the price and keeps me smiling

  48. Elsa

    Good but look out for some sharp edges. Great 2 door system. Large, spacious

    The reviews of this crate indicated that there were some sharp edges in the past that may or may not have been corrected. My cage has very few sharp ends but they are there. I’m not sure if that’s what the other reviews were indicating. This cage is nice because it’s got two openings. I’m using it for a bird right now (while she heals from illness) and all her perches and dishes fit it in nicely. She enjoys the space and the various levels of perches I’m able to put in it. It’s sturdy and doesn’t seem to be chipping in any way at this time. It comes with a bottom tray, removable if you want just a grate. I’ll recommend it as I don’t see the few edge pieces a problem at this time.

    3 people found this helpful

  49. Judy L Jones

    Does the job

    My 65 lb pit is comfortable and she has not been able to get out or break it

  50. Raquel M.

    Like described

    We’ve been crate training a 9 year-old great pyrenees, and this crate has survived lol I recommend it

  51. Brylie Jennings

    Great quality!

    We have went though our fair share of kennels with our dogs, but this one is very sturdy and has thick metal, unlike the others we have gotten where the metal is very thin and poor quality… definitely worth the price, also comes with a divider if you need to make it smaller while puppy is small, and then remove it when they are bigger!

    One person found this helpful

  52. Ashling

    Excellent Crate

    The 42″ is the perfect size for our chunky chocolate lab. She feels secure and cozy but it’s still enough room for her to walk in circles until she finds the perfect spot to sleep. It’s easy to assemble and break down for travel. The first time setting up is a little confusing until you figure out which sides you’re handling, but it doesn’t take more than a few minutes. We didn’t even have it fully set up and our dog was already laying in it! The only thing I’d warn is that its size can make it tricky to transport if you have a smaller car. I drive a Chevy Cruze and was just barely able to finagle it into my trunk, but we made it work!

    5 people found this helpful

  53. LindaW

    Just what I needed for moving with 2 cats

    After receiving the crate, it only took minutes to unfold and lock into form. I left the crate open in the family room with an old towel on the bottom surface with a few toys for about 2 weeks. They slept in there, hid more toys in there and made it their own.When packers and movers arrived at the house, it was easy to put the cats in the crate in the utility room (the last to be packed) for their peace of mind and mine. They did very well and couldn’t chew through or even try escape. Lots of purring when I checked on them during the day.

  54. Jr Ranger

    Sturdy, easy to set up

    NOTE FOR FOLKS BUYING A CRATE:pay attention to which sides the doors are on. Before mine arrived I figured it had 2 doors and could go anywhere, right?Nope. The place where I wanted to put it left 1 door against a wall and the other hinging awkwardly backward near a table so the pup couldn’t get in easily. Tried it upside down. That got the doors in the right place but the door closing levers are very gravity dependent. Ended up moving it to the other side of the room where the doors open the right direction but doesn’t look right.Moral: Don’t be like me. Pay attention to where the doors are and which way they open.PS this is a good crate.

    9 people found this helpful

  55. Baysidegal

    It fit the small space I have

    I have a very small space to keep this crate for my small 6 lb dog. It fit well. I bought it to car travel with and to take with me when visiting friends. It should work quite well, plus it folds down!

  56. Oona

    Very Good For the Price

    I have a small chihuahua dog. I wanted something that was bigger than what I previously had. A lot of dog crates are just an insane amount of money. I came across this one and it had good reviews so I figured I’d give it a shot. It came quickly. VERY easy to set up. This cage is a good purchase.

    One person found this helpful

  57. Mia

    Perfect for my cavapoo

    I have a 15lb cavapoo puppy who just got neutered and it’s the perfect size for him. easy to assemble and comfortable for him to sprawl out and still be secure. Definitely recommend!

  58. Casidy Whitt

    Cute Pink Dog Crate!!

    I bought this crate for my grandmother, my mom and I are buying my grandmother a Cavachon (small/ medium dog) for Christmas, which we are actually picking up this weekend. I ordered this crate YESTERDAY, I live in the country so I didn’t expect for it to be here in literally ONE DAY!!!!! I am beyond happy with this cute crate! I bought the 24” long pink crate. It is easy to assemble, took maybe 30 seconds, If that, it just pops together! I am beyond happy with this and I know she will be too. I removed the sticker that’s on it (it looks like a name plate on the front door of it) so I took it off to put Cocoa’s name on it because I just thought that’d be adorable lol. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! -one very happy customer!The only thing I noticed was that it seems spray painted with a gloss pink paint, it doesn’t look bad at all, it’s so cute! Thanks again!

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  59. Grandma Imaginext!

    Perfect! But the blue is not baby blue, it is bright turquoise!

    I ordered the blue one, it is bright turquoise which happens to be my favorite color, so that is a bonus for me.This crate is perfect, strong, light weight, very easy to unfold out of the box. We never opened the instructions because you don’t need them. You open the box, pull one side out and snap it, repeat the other side and you are done. It comes with a handle that you can snap on also.I am very happy with how easily the tray slides out, even though I won’t need it.The door has a simple secure latch to keep it closed but a second latch is included that you can snap onto the top of the door if you feel you need extra security. I guess if you use this for a really smart pet, you might want that.

    3 people found this helpful

  60. Toni Conerly

    Very easy to setup

    It was very easy to set up. Although I haven’t figured out how to remove the divider so I just left it inside laying flat. The medium size has plenty of room for our shih tzu/Pomeranian to move around

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