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About this item FULL FLAVOR, ZERO SUGAR: Zero Ultra has 10 calories and zero sugar, but with all the flavor you’re accustomed to and packed with our sugar-free Monster Energy blend. REFRESHING TASTE: Zero Ultra’s lighter tasting flavor profile is a less sweet, sparkling, citrus energy drink that delivers refreshment. Monster Energy Zero Ultra is great for any occasion. UNLEASH THE ULTRA BEAST: Some people are impossible to please. As soon as they get what they thought they wanted, they always want more. Our team riders and Monster Girls are no different they’ve been dropping some hints lately. They’ve been asking us for a new Monster drink. A little less sweet, lighter-tasting, zero calories, but with a full load of our Monster energy blend. Sure, white is the new black. We went all out: Monster Energy Zero Ultra. STOCK UP WITH A 24 PACK: For those looking for a Monster that’s lighter tasting, has zero sugar, and contains the full Monster Energy blend, Monster Energy Zero Ultra is available on in a convenient pack of 24. Due to new FDA nutrition labeling requirements, product labels may vary from those pictured

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The Line Up

Peachy Keen

Zero Ultra

Ultra Watermelon

Ultra Fiesta

Ultra Rosa

Ultra Violet

Ultra Paradise



10 10 10 10 10 10 Can Size

16 Ounces

16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces Pack Size

24 Cans

24 Cans 24 Cans 24 Cans 24 Cans 24 Cans 24 Cans Caffeine

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Sugar

✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘

More Flavors to Enjoy

Ultra Gold

Ultra Sunrise

Ultra Red

Ultra Black

Ultra Blue



10 10 10 10 Can Size

16 Ounces

16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces Pack Size

24 Cans

24 Cans 24 Cans 24 Cans 24 Cans Caffeine

✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Sugar

✘ ✘ ✘ ✘

Additional information


16 Ounce (Pack of 15), 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 24), 16 Ounce (Pack of 24)

Flavor Name

Ultra Black, Ultra Blue, Ultra Fiesta, Ultra Paradise, Ultra Peachy Keen, Ultra Red, Ultra Rosa, Ultra Sunrise, Ultra Violet, Ultra Watermelon, Zero Ultra, Ultra Golden Pineapple

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

2.5 x 2.5 x 6 inches; 1.38 Ounces

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Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Monster Energy

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#2 in Energy Drinks

Customer Reviews:

58,458 ratings

60 reviews for Monster Energy Zero Ultra, Sugar Free Energy Drink, 16 Ounce (Pack of 24) Energy Drinks : Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. J. H.

    This is an excellent tasting energy drink!

    A very low calorie energy drink with a great taste!

  2. Amazon Customer


    This is my fuel. Don’t talk to me in the morning until I’ve had one.

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  3. Kelsey

    Doesn’t taste like blue raspberry in the least

    Sooo I usually get ultra violet. I love it. Taste exactly like grape soda. I need energy but dislike most energy drinks…..until I tried ultras. Started w the sunrise (orange), then moved to rosa (pink), and would get white when those two weren’t available. Only thought to buy in bulk on Amazon, when my mom started drinking 2-3 Red Bulls a day ( about 3 months ago). buying in bulk on Amazon, was a good amount cheaper than the grocery store and took snap/ebt as payment. Score! Went out on limb and tried purple and finally found MY FLAVOR. NOW ALL THE SUDDEN ITS NOT AVAILABLE TO BUY W EBT. Other flavors accepted it, including the blue one which said it was blue raspberry. I don’t taste blue rasp I taste grapefruit. Not my thing. Now I’m stuck w 24 cans of monster I will likely reluctantly try to drink and end up wasting 80% of.Guess I’m buying purple ones out of pocket for now. Or paying $2.50/ can, individually, at target.Anyway for the blue one, not my thing. If u like grapefruits you will love it tho!

  4. Bekah

    Tastey Caffiene

    Tastes like a strawberry and grapefruit had a rosè baby. Delish!

  5. Product Tester

    Love this!

    I don’t really get energy drinks to get energy, but I really love the flavor of this I’ve tried three other flavors of the spread and I think the Rosa is my favorite followed by the black cherry.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Cheaper at Costco

    Good but can get for less at costco

  7. Robbie R Marks

    Soooo many

    Go to the gift for my brother who is a big energy drink fan. This is his favorite drink and I couldn’t be happier to find such a great deal.

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  8. Crazy Dave

    monster comes in pretty good flavors for being sugar free

    I like these they’re a good value for the money Too bad amazon can’t deliver them without problems.

  9. Peachsniffer_69

    quick and undamaged shipment

    I drank all 24 of these in the span of 8 hours and I’m having horrible stomach cramps but worth it 🍑👍

    One person found this helpful

  10. Jackie M. Vidicki

    Hard to find

    This is my favorite flavor but can’t find easily. When you do find it the price is always jacked up. Very sad.

    2 people found this helpful

  11. Danny

    Best Value for Quantity

    This product tastes amazing coming from a type 1 diabetic. RedBull can not compete with Monster when it comes to zero sugar products.

    One person found this helpful

  12. Angela Copeland

    Different but good

    The flavor of the Monster Rosa is very mild compared to others. It’s not strong but you still get great flavor. Since buying by the case (24 pack) the value is significantly better than just getting a can from the store. It is also more convenient due to not being able to find this flavor in stores.

    4 people found this helpful

  13. robert kady

    Great taste

    Best monster flavor

  14. jason smith

    Best flavor

    My favorite flavor

  15. Todd harrison

    If you like pineapple soda!

    I love pineapple soda and it tastes just like it but better!

  16. David & Nuvia

    Best Monster Flavor!

    Best flavor out of all the Zero Ultras

  17. Vikki

    Peach flavor is amazing

    I love love the peachy taste. It tastes just like eating a peach.

  18. Rockin Double J

    Taste like old time orange soda pop

    This stuff reminds me of the orange soda pop I drank back in the 80’s, but with no sugar.

  19. Seth L.

    Great Flavor

    I bought these to stock my house and give to friends and it’s by far my favorite monster flavor. Taste exactly like other peach products you know of such as peach sour patch. Great drink with long lasting effects.

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  20. Danny Kellner

    Exactly as advertised

    Great purchase

  21. G-Dub

    Best one out there.

    The white cans are my favorite. Monster doesn’t get me jittery like Rockstar does. Bang will kill me.

  22. Matthew Kupper

    Awesome flavor

    This monster flavor is one of the better ultra flavors. Definitely worth your money.

  23. Tanya

    Wow very good flavor

    I was pleasantly surprised with this flavor!

  24. Carolyn Gorman

    It’s monster

    Nice orange flavor😊

  25. Ronda Landgraf

    Half the cans where smashed

    Disliked half the cans being smashed

  26. Amazon Customer

    Love it.

    So much easier to buy by the case, because you can’t always buy it in the store.

  27. Allen LaPan-Tillson

    Great flavor and just the right size serving

    Good quality product for the price.


    Excellent flavor

    Great flavor especially when mixed with ice and vodka in a big glass. Or by itself I guess.

  29. thomas

    Best way to buy

    Way less money to buy like this. Do the math

  30. Jason Sellers

    Clean and crisp with lots of energy

    My favorite of the monster flavors. It’s smooth with great clean and crisp flavor with a twist of tang like a grapefruit.

  31. Lucas Cook

    Ultra Fiesta – My New Favorite Flavor

    I’ve tried a few of these flavors so far:Ultra White – not bad but not great, best you can usually find in a convenience storeUltra Black – Better, like a sour warhead but you get used to itUltra Rosa – Sweet and fruity, like diet pipeline punchUltra Fiesta – Sweet and tropical, like a NOS without the sour bite (or the sugar)

  32. Heather Gantt

    Tired Moms Unite

    To all the tired parents out there looking for a boost of energy, look no further. I cannot begin to tell you how many cases I’ve bought… my heart would probably explode if it knew. These drinks are both addictive and delicious.I’m not a coffee fan, so I was looking for a way to get some caffeine into my system and help me keep up with all the energy my little one has, and that I seem to lack. The product is the holy grail.I drink one a day. Sometimes two. Is that healthy? Maybe not… but after 2+ years, it’s my favorite part of my morning routine! Amazon is my go to place to purchase since I’m able to bulk buy at a discount! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a tasty, energy packed drink!

    12 people found this helpful

  33. Andrew M Myers

    Lighter flavor than white. Mild sweetness

    This flavor is less intense than the ultra white. The flavor is more pronounced when chilled and is best served cold. The closest flavor I can compare it to is a white or light blue Gatorade with the energy drink flavoring.If you prefer a stronger taste this may not satisfy you. However, when served after being chilled in a freezer for about 60 minutes, it seems best.

    2 people found this helpful

  34. Thomson

    Authentic product at the best price!

    This is the same Monster Ultra Watermelon drink that you find at the gas station or grocery store but at the best price! I have this on subscription which makes this extremely convenient. my favorite Monster Ultra flavor so far.

  35. ☆ wəach ☆

    Gamer Girl Approved Price

    I’m pretty low energy/tired and typically have 1-2 monsters a day.This listing has the best price I’ve seen! Usually around $1.50 per can beats most stores! My stores, individually and in packs usually come around to $2-$3 per can.I only drink the Ultra type monsters, 0 sugar and only 10 calories, and they typically taste the best!If you’re looking for flavor suggestions I highly recommend:Ultra Peachy Keen(sweet wonderful peachy juice taste, like the peach flavor usually added in tea but with monster!)Ultra Paradise(semi sweet green apple! love this one!)Ultra Zero(White)(sweet but not too sweet, lightly fruity & non specific taste)Ultra Watermelon(sorta sweet but tart, like sour watermelon candies)& Ultra Gold(like a semi sweet Pineapple without the juice flavor, i wish it tasted more like pineapple juice but still amazing)Ultra Sunrise is good, it’s like orange juice but not one of my favorites enough to buy a big pack, my boyfriend loves this flavor though!I haven’t have the Ultra version of Fiesta Mango but the Juice Monster(with sugar) is one of my favorites in the Juice line so I bet it’s good.I also like the added discount when I made the order an automatic subscription. I don’t do subs often on Amazon but every bit counts! I have the 24pck delivered approx. every 3 weeksTL;DR: Best price I’ve seen($1.50/ea), good popular flavors, + bonus pts for discount with sub

    35 people found this helpful

  36. Scott

    Excellent packaging and flavor

    The monster 24 was packaged securely and as described. It has a sweet and tart flavor but not overly so. It personally reminds me of mild sour apples. Definitely Recommend and will be buying again.

  37. Jollymon



  38. Andrew Biesemier

    ultra convenient

    my go to beverage. When I discovered i could buy bulk packs on amazon instead of a can or two at the gas station it was life changing. my grocery usually only has the whites and sometimes a variety pack in 12 packs but my preference of flavors are never available. I had never even heard of the black flavor and its tied for my second favorite. obviously flavor is a personal preference but my top few are peach, then fiesta/black, then paradise and white, then blue and orange, then the rest. there arent any i dont like but rose and gold are my least favorite. again its awesome to buy a couple 24 packs to keep the fridge stocked since i go through about 2 a day.

    10 people found this helpful

  39. Rhonda L. Thomas


    I bought 2 cases @ $37 per case right before Thanksgiving.Today the price per case is $62!!!!This is a carbonated beverage with a little Caffeine!!I’ll just go back to coffee or tea, cause these are NOT worth $2.58 per can.

    10 people found this helpful

  40. Donald Harrison Bowman

    I’ll pay $36.00 for a case, for $65.00, you know where you can stuff it.

    I love monster zero, most flavors. Every case of monster zero used to be $35.00 or less. Now, today the orange Fiesta was $35.00. The rest of the flavors are $65.00 or more. You are clearly gouging, you can keep it.

    13 people found this helpful

  41. Eddie N.


    Great tasting energy drink. Reminds me of orange soda

  42. Joe

    A quality product

    This is a quality product, too bad it has had price increases that made it cost-prohibitive to purchase.

    One person found this helpful

  43. Linda Vides



  44. Theresa Oliver

    Fiesta Energy Drink

    In my opinion the best flavor of monster on the market with zero sugar

  45. Jane vermilya

    Thank you

    Always. Good flavor, thank you 👍👍👍😂

  46. Brian Crumb

    Better than coffee

    Start my day

  47. Travis Henry

    Great Cherry Flavor

    Great Flavor


    taste filling

    lower pricing

  49. Curtis Hohenecker

    Pretty good

    I got it early, and it was sent as expected.

  50. George Kovach



  51. Eclectic Georgian

    Delicious and easy on my stomach

    I wish they were less expensive, but this is the best way I’ve found to get monster zeros!

  52. RustyIron

    Good product, good price

    I’m not saying this is cheap, but the price is the same as that of the big-box store when it’s on sale. I had never tried this flavor before, but it’s good. Normally I get the white can Ultra.

    2 people found this helpful

  53. Richard Geer

    Tastes great!

    Love these drinks! Most energy drinks either have a strange taste or they upset my stomach. I have no issues with this one and it has a pleasant flavor. I’m also a fan of their vanilla and moca Java drinks, but they have way too much sugar for me.

  54. Matthew B

    Life is Peachy

    Zero sugar, caffeinated and peachy. Love it. It tastes like peach ring candy not real actual peaches but it’s very good. One of the best Ultras so far.

  55. Austin Giles

    Solid Black Cherry Flavor

    I had never seen this flavor in stores before, so I was hesitant to order a whole case of them, but they didn’t disappoint! The flavor itself is fantastic, with the same zero sugar taste you get from the other Ultra cans. Obviously much less costly than buying them individually from a store, so the purchase is financially responsible. Also, let one sit out (as I forgot to drink all of it) and even after an hour, the flavor was not diminushed.

    8 people found this helpful

  56. deborah marshall

    My favorite.

    Super delicious, but I will NEVER pay 74.50.

  57. franklin1109

    Packaged with care

    Great Flavor love the Peach Flavor this time it was Triple wrapped for Protection 4 boxes Covered great boxes i always use them afterwards.

  58. Karin

    Item Damaged

    All of the cans are damaged!

  59. Miss Sissy

    Lower caffeine, cheaper alternative to Pure Zero Grape Rockstar after Amazon’s huge price increase.

    With Amazon’s price for Pure Zero Grape Rockstar soaring 50% in less than one month, going from $17.99 to $26.98 per 12 pack, it was time to find an alternative.This is pretty good and has a flavor that has elements of citrus and grape. It has ten calories per can compare to Pure Zero Grape Rockstar at 20. It’s caffeine is a significantly lower at 140mg vs. 240mg, which is good if you drink too may energy drinks (I do). The only bad thing is that it has 6g of carbohydrates, which is triple the 2g of carbs in Pure Zero Grape Rockstar.I prefer Pure Zero Grape Rockstar’s flavor, but I reduced my subscription quantity after Amazon’s 50% price hike and substituted this, can for can, in a new subscription. If enough people cut back, or cease purchasing the now-grossly-overpriced Rockstar products, maybe executives setting the prices will take notice.

    21 people found this helpful

  60. Joe

    OMG!!! If u like black cherry u will love this flavor.

    Omg. I’m in love with this new flavor. It’s awesome.

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