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Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes 400g (Pack of 12)


(10 customer reviews)

About this item Ingredients |tomatoes 99.8% and salt Premiumness | The best tomatoes are picked when perfectly ripe, cold crushed, and processed with our patented technique to capture the flavour of just-harvested tomatoes Characteristics | It keeps all the freshness of just-harvested tomatoes. It is a unique product that combines the finely cut pulpy part of the tomato with the juice How to use | Ideal for cooking long at high temperatures, but also suitable for using uncooked, thanks to its fresh, fragrant flavour. Excellent for sauces, stews and soups, or even bruschetta Mutti | From Italy’s #1 tomato brand*. Since 1899 Mutti has been processing tomatoes with passion and a scrupulous supervision of the entire production chain
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Our mission as a company is to raise the tomato to its highest expression. This passion has driven us for 120 years. Even today we are still learning new things about this wonderful fruit and constantly improving every aspect of its production to make the best tomato products we possibly can.

Chopped Tomatoes

The Mutti Chopped Tomatoes maintains all the freshness of freshly-harvested tomatoes. It’s a unique product because it brings together the tomato juice with its most pulpy part, chopped into extremely fine pieces, a feature which makes it right for long cooking times even at high temperatures, like in the oven. It is ideal for homemade pizza, for recipes with meat, vegetables and legumes and to dress fresh durum wheat pasta or egg pasta

  • Italy’s No.1 brand of tomatoes are now available in the UK
  • Mutti uses 100% certified Italian Tomatoes, with no GMO, and only cultivates in open fields
  • All tomatoes are processed within just 2 hours of being picked, ensuring maximum freshness, taste and goodness
  • A vibrant red colour and distinctive sweet taste, hallmarks of all Mutti products, means they truly stand out from the competition
  • Once you’ve tasted Mutti tomatoes, you’ll never think about this everyday kitchen essential the same way again

10 reviews for Mutti Finely Chopped Tomatoes 400g (Pack of 12)

  1. Vince

    Very nice.

  2. Richard Moore

    Expensive yes but the flavour, colour, texture is far better than any cheap watery tin you buy. There my special occasion tomato sauce I use them when I want something just a little better.. if you can afford them then I certainly would say YES, I can afford them on occasions so when I do use them i certainly use them for the right meal; but they are good.. It’s going to be the same this winter with my central heating…. When at home alone it’ll be a fleece and a duvet, when people come round I will be so middle class and I will have it turned on to a balmy 25!!

  3. Dave

    Very thick and not watery like some other tinned tomatoes. I have these on repeat order

  4. john L.M.

    God Quality

  5. s h simpson

    Only tinned Tomatoes worth eating.

  6. S. F. Livingstone

    The most delicious tinned tomato’s we have ever purchased . Taste and consistency are superb.

  7. kb

    Great tomatoes for all dishes.

  8. J R Ellis

    Mutti produce top quality tinned tomatoes and at this price it’s a no brainier. Just order them!

  9. Mrs AJ

    Having read previous reviews I was a bit apprehensive about buying this product. I had no reason to be . I received 12 tins all perfect . My first test was the slosh test . I always shake tinned tomatoes to see how much sloshing is going on. More slosh less tomatoes and more watery sauce . No slosh quietest tomatoes ever . On opening, the tin is packed with perfect juicy tomatoes in a thick purée sauce . Having eaten a tin for breakfast today I was not disappointed they are even better than they look . These will be my new go to product. Although more expensive than the usual tomatoes I buy you definitely get what you pay for .

  10. Peter Walker

    Great product, tasty, quality all the way through.

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