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Nizoral Anti-dandruff Shampoo, Treats and Prevents Dandruff, Suitable for Dry Flaky and Itchy Scalp, Contains Ketoconazole – 60ml (Pack of 1)

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Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis, Itching Scalp and Dandruff, 250 ml


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About this item Effective treatment for scalp psoriasis and dandruff.For cutaneous use only Treats your scalp, cares for your hair The shampoo can be used by adults and children aged 12 years and over Leave the lather on the scalp for several minutes Effective treatment for scalp psoriasis and dandruff Treats your scalp, cares for your hair The shampoo can be used by adults and children aged 12 years and over
Leave the lather on the scalp for several minutes Volume: 250 ml Show More

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tgel hair loss care dandruff scalp health shiny dry nourishing shampoo conditionertgel hair loss care dandruff scalp health shiny dry nourishing shampoo conditioner
tgel hair loss care dandruff scalp health shiny dry nourishing shampoo conditionertgel hair loss care dandruff scalp health shiny dry nourishing shampoo conditioner

tgel hair loss care dandruff scalp health shiny dry nourishing shampoo conditionertgel hair loss care dandruff scalp health shiny dry nourishing shampoo conditioner

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Contains NeutarTM

Contains NeutarTM, a unique coal tar formulation, proven to help treat your scalp.

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Triple benefit

With a triple benefit: Fights flakes, soothes itching and calms redness.

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Clinically proven

A clinically proven treatment. Use 2-3 times a week for up to 6 weeks.

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Shiny hair

Leaves your hair shiny and manageable.

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How often should you use T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo?

Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo should be used two to three times weekly. Treatment usually lasts for six weeks, after which time improvement should be seen. If no improvement is seen after 6 weeks, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.


How do I use the T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo?

– Wet hair thoroughly

– Apply liberal amounts of shampoo and massage into the scalp to form a rich lather

– Leave the lather on the scalp for several minutes

– Rinse and repeat the application once more

– Rinse thoroughly, avoiding contact with eyes


How does Neutar Coal Tar work?

Neutar coal tar is a solubilised coal tar extract which is a purified alternative to coal tar. Coal tar works by reducing cell turnover and relieving inflammation and itching.


Can T/Gel Therapeutic shampoo be used on dyed hair?

T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo can be used with caution on dyed hair as in some cases there might be temporary discolouration of blonde, bleached or tinted hair.


Is it safe to use during pregnancy?

Do not use T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo if you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless recommended by your doctor.


tgel hair loss care dandruff scalp health shiny dry nourishing shampoo conditionertgel hair loss care dandruff scalp health shiny dry nourishing shampoo conditioner

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4 Dec. 2006

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10 reviews for Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis, Itching Scalp and Dandruff, 250 ml

  1. Kayce

    Stopped my hair itching after the first time I used it. Ended the flaking after the second application, and it has this calming effect on the scalp.I 100% recommend it. I wish I could get all the money I wasted on Head and shoulders back. This is the product you need.100% real value. No gimmicks. It delivers big time.I recommend this product.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I have had an itchy scalp for the better part of a decade now but couldn’t find a shampoo to fix it. Head & Shoulders did the job but it was too strong and as soon as I stopped using it, it was back to step one. This shampoo is just perfect for me and I use it thrice a week. It’s awesome! Do buy it! xD

  3. Alex B

    I have been suffering from my itchy, dead skin on my head. Tried some products then decided to look up online. This was my frist shoot and for not its working. Redness around my head is gone, dead skin is being reduced. Scent is not really pleasant and i will advice to use some good conditioner since my hair felt really flat after just using this shampoo. Still for what it supposed to do is in my opinion worth trying, in my case effects were visible after couple of times.

  4. Duncurin

    Many, many years ago Duncurin was a young lad at school. The boy next to me suddenly produced a comb and started combing through his hair. I’m not sure where the teacher was, but just go with it. As he combed his hair, a cascade of dandruff began to issue like a snowstorm (please don’t read any further if you are squeamish!). This then fell on to his desk top. He continued to comb and to comb and to comb. This was one of those horrific things that you don’t want to watch but somehow cannot tear your eyes away from.After some minutes his desk was really covered in all this dandruff and dry skin from his scalp. It was a thick thick layer all over his desk.He then produced a 6” ruler and a bit like a snow plough clearing a runway, used the edge of the upturned ruler to collect the dandruff and dead squames. These piled high on his desk and he continued to sweep them into a great linear pile on his desk. He then, with a few nice deft sweeps from his ruler and wrist, swept the whole lot on to the floor. There was a cloud of stuff all falling on the floor and by this time I was so pulled in by this sight that I had no idea anyway where the teacher was.What amazed me further was the volume of stuff produced and how quickly and certainly a few lessons were learnt there and then which became quite useful later to do with how much stuff both wanted and unwanted our bodies can produce and how quickly!More than this, years later as a GP I was really active with managing folk who attended with scaly scalps. Often of course, people try loads of things from the chemist before they come and see me and there are some really useful agents that one can use before needing my help.Even more important, as I am still mindful of watching this schoolboy that day, I am particularly active with managing any scaliness of my scalp.So, for instance one might use an emollient shampoo which basically moisturise one’s scalp. Some contain urea which is good at reducing scale. One then might go up to use one of the proprietary dandruff shampoos. These nearly always contain Selenium which is a really good anti-fungal agent and often fungal infections are at the heart of excessively scaly scalps. One then might try a pure anti-fungal shampoo like Nizoral and certainly where my management of a really scaly scalp failed was either because I’d failed to diagnose and manage psoriasis of the scalp or an intractable fungal infection which the specialist would then provide anti-fungal tablets for; often after sending scrapings for examination under the microscope.One agent that is especially good is of course Tar and enter this product which is ideal for controlling itchy and flaky scalps. Going to the gym twice a week and being “chlorine washed” as I go for a swim after, my scalp can become itchy and flaky. Days gone by, we would use real tar preparations, and yes they really were thick black and smelly, on more serious skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The patient would be wrapped in this gooey mess, sheets and bandages were burnt afterwards and it was really quite miserable for the poor souls. Mercifully these days, more friendly preparations are available.T-Gel is a much more purified form of this ‘base’ tar and it feels good, isn’t too strongly smelling of tar and is not at all thick or gluey. It forms a nice lather on one’s scalp and is easy to wash off. I must confess that I don’t really notice a tar odour – maybe until my hair is dry.As you might expect, I am very, very keen to keep ahead of any scaliness on my scalp and thus have a little rotation of Aveeno shampoo as previously reviewed, Nizoral and T-Gel. I tend to use the T-gel the most as I find it ideal at restoring and settling my scalp after a swim in the pool water. This is a good, safe and easy to use method of keeping my scalp itch and scale free. Just another quick note, try to avoid steroid based preparations like Betnovate scalp lotion as this can really muddy the waters and make diagnosis very difficult. So, rather than use steroids see your GP first. Happy combing!

  5. sarah

    Bought this to use on my 12 yr old who had really bad scalp psoriasis, got fed up of prescription stuff that didn’t work and was time consuming.Well, after three weeks of use her head is about 99% cleared up. Went from almost full scalp coverage to barely anything at all!At first I never seen any visible results but it helped with the itch and it wasn’t getting worse so kept at it. Then suddenly this week noticed it’s mostly gone.I am imagine psoriasis will come back but I will definitely put my faith in this shampoo to keep it at bay.

  6. Helen

    I am so thankful I tried this product!! I had very bad Dermatitis on my scalp which was causing sores and my hair to fall out from the follicle due to the stress. I was looking for a product which would remove the flakes without inflaming my scalp further and it is very effective. It is even more effective when used with other products and preventative measures.For those suffering from an inflamed scalp particularly Psoriasis or Dermatitis here is my own treatment plan which I have had much success with (Please note I am not a doctor);-Use Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo a few times a week to remove the worst of the flakes (It really helps shift them- I had big painful patches of these which were hardened lumps of skin and after 2 applications I already see a BIG difference)-I used steroid (hydrocortisone) cream on the worst patches of skin once hair is dry (Dry on a cooler heat so not to irritate the scalp. Or let your hair dry naturally for as long as possible)-I apply hemp oil to my whole scalp at night (make sure its organic and cold pressed preferably) and wear a hair net (shower cap, wig cap etc will do)The hemp oil takes the itch away straight away. The hair net allows your scalp to breathe but keeps it moist and warm so that the hemp oil can soothe your scalp overnight. You will need a net otherwise the hemp oil could stain your pillowcases. Apply the hemp oil mask at night a few times a week or whenever you need to. Its easiest at night as it will leave your hair extremely oily, although if in discomfort apply during the day also.-In the morning wash the hair with the Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo. It recommends doing this 2-3 times a week on the bottle and will remove more of the excess Hemp Oil from the evening before.Tips:~Don’t use steroid cream for too long as it can thin your skin.~Patch test the Hemp Oil if you have not used it before and leave behind your ear for 48 hours prior to test for a reaction. You do not have to dilute it and it is a safe product to use.~Don’t use Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo too often as it will dry your hair out. Use it 3 times a week.~I use Dr Bronner’S Baby Castile Liquid Soap in between shampoos which doesn’t irritate my scalp. It is the gentlest shampoo I have found so far.~If you have dry ends from the use of the Neutrogena T/Gel then Apple cider vinegar is a good substitute for chemical conditioners, so is coconut oil. Apply after you have washed the shampoo out.~Avoid alcohol and citrus based shampoos which can irritate your scalp further.~Avoid colouring your hair when you are going through a flare- it will only make it worse.~Your diet can also have a big impact on your health – your skin is your biggest organ!I hope this helps someone suffering from these!Helen 🙂

  7. Eli26

    I’ve tried many different products for dandruff and keep coming back to this one although it doesn’t smell as nice as other shampoos it does get rid of dandruff and leaves my hair soft.

  8. Vicky H

    Recently diagnosed with scalp psoriasis and research showed this as the most recommended medicated shampoo to buy over the counter instead of having a prescription product. I’ve used this a number of times and each time my scalp feels less itchy and I’m having fewer new patches of psoriasis appear. The smell isn’t the nicest but it’s worth ignoring if it helps.I do tend to need to use conditioner but concerned that the chemicals mixing may cause a reaction. I did do aome research as to what is recommended but I couldn’t find any specific recommendations for a particular conditioner to use alongside T-Gel.I’ve tried using a small amount of Garnier Banana Hair Mask as it’s supposedly more natural ingredient wise and vegan, and so far I’ve not had any adverse reactions using these combined.

  9. Deborah Forde Catwell

    I suffer with psoriasis in my scalp and it itches so badly, but since using this every 3 days I have not itched once. I wash my hair first with regular shampoo to get rid of all the flakes, then I put this on and leave it on while I finish washing my skin, then I rince it off about 4 mins later. It does leave ya hair soft, so I do condition it afterward. Doesn’t smell the best, but does what it’s supposed to which it more important and once conditioned the small goes away..

  10. Spartan

    I was battling serious dandruff, and all the while a certain brand’s anti-dandruff shampoo was clearly having no effect and other precautions weren’t fixing the problem. I searched around and by the low-price and raving reviews, chose to give this shampoo a try. Let me just tell you, this not only got rid of my dandruff for good, but it also fixed my frail dry hair!This shampoo smells very much like the trusted, pricier Nizoral shampoo I long ago used and impressively promises the same results. The shampoo gel comes out in a yellowish-brown colour and has a thick consistency. It only takes a blob as I wet my hair first, then with an extra splash of water began rubbing the shampoo into my scalp. Immediately, my head feels so soothed! You then leave the shampoo on it for a few minutes before rinsing off. I didn’t realise how badly my scalp was suffering, as soon this lathered into my scalp, I felt a soothing, cool sensation, easing any itchiness. Most surprisingly, I find you can really feel this shampoo hydrating the scalp upon contact. My scalp feels smoother and what seems like layered in a calming balm that gets at the root to stop dandruff from developing again.Whatever the science behind this shampoo, I can confidently say this has transformed my long dandruff-ridden scalp. It only took two washes to already notice a major difference, with absolutely no flakes after. The shampoo recommends continuing the application for at least 6 weeks to fully treat the scalp.

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