Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with 1% Ketoconazole, Fresh Scent, 7 Fl Oz Beauty & Personal Care

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Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Gets right to the root of dandruff

If you’re struggling to find a shampoo that works effectively to get rid of your stubborn dandruff, turn to Nizoral. It’s clinically proven to control flaking, scaling and itching. And, Nizoral is so powerful it can even control severe dandruff†.

And, it starts working from the 1st use.

Nizoral is different because it doesn’t just address the symptoms, it gets right to the root of dandruff as it kills the fungus that causes it. Nizoral is the only over the counter dandruff shampoo with Ketoconazole 1%, a clinically proven, powerful dandruff fighting ingredient. Get freedom from dandruff with Nizoral!

The Benefits of Nizoral

  • Use it just twice a week
  • Ketoconazole 1% controls flaking, scaling, and itching
  • Leaves your hair dandruff-free
  • Gentle enough to use on color treated, chemically processed, or gray hair
  • Helps control hair loss from dandruff

Freedom from Dandruff!

Eliminates Stubborn Dandruff

Nizoral is the only over the counter dandruff shampoo with Ketoconozale 1%, a clinically proven, powerful dandruff fighting ingredient†.

Proven Effective

Ketoconazole was shown to be 10X more effective* at fighting fungus, the primary cause of dandruff, than the active ingredient in the leading dandruff shampoo brand based on lab testing.

Leaves Hair Soft, Clean & Smelling Fresh

Unlike some other dandruff shampoos, Nizoral’s luxurious formula has a clean fresh scent. And, you only have to use it 2x a week. On the days you’re not shampooing with NIZORAL A-D, you can use all the shampoos you’ve been dying to try.

Helps Control Hair Loss From Dandruff

A person with dandruff can lose 2-3 times more hair per day. Nizoral’s powerful active ingredient controls dandruff AND helps control hair loss from dandruff.

* Data on File, Kramer Laboratories, Inc., 2019. Not a product to product comparison.

† Data on File, Kramer Laboratories, Inc., 2019.

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60 reviews for Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo with 1% Ketoconazole, Fresh Scent, 7 Fl Oz Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Rey

    Fungal Acne Miracle Worker

    First of all, this product isn’t talked about enough among the acne community. I stumbled upon its use as a solution for fungal acne (i.e., those small bumps you might be experience) from a user on Instagram. Within 2-3 days of using this on my forehead to cure the acne bumps caused by the sweaty NYC summer, the bumps were gone and my skin looked IMMACULATE.While this isn’t the intended use of the product, I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking for a potential solution to their fungal acne (note: this product was not effective in treating my monthly hormonal breakouts). I applied it on clean skin and allowed it to sit for ~30 seconds before washing it off in the shower and followed up with my regular skin care routine. I’d advise you not to apply it to wet skin, as water will more than likely cause the shampoo to run into your eyes and cause it to burn.

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  2. Wilma

    This works!!!

    I had really dry scalp to the point where my head would itch so much and made me desperate even self-conscious because you could see the dry patches around my hair line. Well scrolling threw instagram a dermatologist mentioned this product and I right away purchased. On the first use I already saw a difference and with constant use I no longer have itchy dry scalp. No more dry patches. My daughter also uses it and likes how it maintains her scalp healthy because she was also getting an itchy scalp and this has really helped her. It’s not cheap for the amount you get but it’s well worth it. I don’t wash my hair daily and when I do I double wash first with this shampoo and then with a second one and it has worked. Try it you won’t regret it!!!

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  3. Justin

    It works, period

    Tried many things over the years to controll dandruff. Some worked better than others. Tried some organic stuff and didn’t work to much. First time I used this, I immediately saw a difference. Used it as directed ever few days and the other organic stuff on between. 3 months later and is still working VERY well! Dandruff is completely gone. I also got the conditioner and the head scrubber thing. All recommended. Just wish it didnt have the dyes in it but… Will continue to buy this

  4. RT

    Great for beardruff

    During the height of Covid my beard was getting itchy and flaky, a problem I had never had before. My ordinary face wash wasn’t cutting it so I tried special beard washes, but those didn’t work either. The problem was fungal growth from the constant warm moisture from my breath being trapped in my beard. This shampoo immediately fixed the problem. I use just a dab and it lathers up nicely in my beard. It only needs to be used every three days so it lasts a long time. I’m so glad I bought this product.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    Nothing better!

    First review I’ve ever written. My hubby has struggled his whole life with scalp psoriasis and dandruff. I wish I’d taken a before pic, but I didn’t because I didn’t have much hope. I saw this in an “Amazon Must Have” list. He has tried so many things to no avail. But THIS stuff… It started working the first time and he now has no more issues at all. If you struggle with that, please try this!

  6. Soren

    best dandruff shampoo for my hair

    i’ve always suffered with dandruff, no matter how much or how little i washed my hair, no matter what shampoos i’ve tried, it never went away.this shampoo has literally saved my scalp. i hardly see a spot of dandruff in my hair anymore, i no longer feel embarrassed and i don’t have to dust my shoulders from flakes anymore. i’m definitely buying again!

  7. Brianna Cole

    seriously amazing. i swear!!

    i don’t ever make reviews, this is actually my first one. but i have struggled with dandruff FOREVER. for years and years. tried everything. but i saw this on tiktok and it has so many good reviews on here. it’s like 16$ or something but SO WORTH IT. seriously worth the price. i mean you’re spending so much other money buying cheap products that don’t work. if you have serious dandruff. you have to buy this. with a few washes (and i only wash my hair a few times a week) , it goes away completely. like magic. so so worth it. and it smells great and you don’t need a ton either. lathers so well. i wish i could tell the world about this. only tried the shampoo, i don’t think you really need the conditioner of this brand. i just use garnier. amazing. buy it. you won’t regret it.

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  8. Maritza

    Adiós total a la caspa

    En serio si tienes caspa tienes que probar este shampoo es tan bueno que no tengo ninguna crítica de este producto, había probado de uno y otro shampoo para solucionar el problema de caspa. No tome fotos de un antes y después pensaba que sería otro fracaso pero no fue así.100% recomedado

  9. GHaider

    Amazing results.

    I have been struggling with dandruff for almost all my life until I found this product. I use it 1-2 times a week and the results are amazing. I don’t have itchy head or dandruff falling off on the collars.The dandruff is gooone. I use a moisturizer afterwards which works great.

  10. Mar

    If you have fungal acne, you NEED this !!

    The scent is kinda ehh— like a cleaning product or baby powder or something, but this is a must use if you have fungal acne. I’ve been using it as a face wash / mask leaving it on 10 mins before washing off and after twice I can already tell I’ve halted the spread of my fungal acne rash. Hopefully it will now start to reverse it….

  11. Bernardo Sanchez

    It works!

    It works! I have been dealing with dandruff for a while and saw the review for this product and decided to buy it, I used it next day and did a lather of shampoo left it in there for 5-8 min rinsed and repeat. And when I was drying my hair I immediately saw that the dandruff was gone!!! I love this product, plus smells great.

  12. Donovan Shroyer


    This product worked amazing for my hair, after the third use all my dandruff was gone. I had so much dandruff in my hair I was about to give up because I had used so many products already. I’m glad I gave this one a try. I highly recommend.

  13. Nanci Elmasri


    Used this on the husband’s scalp five times and it was gone. Noticeable difference after two washes. We’ll use it once a month moving forward. From really bad to healthy shiny scalp. Got the brush and massaged the scalp for a few minutes as recommended.

  14. KimCMuir


    This is the answer to facial fungal acne! Just put on your forehead and leave for three mins before you rinse off completely.Do this night and day for a few days and your fungal acne will disappear!!You have to find a moisturizer or serum that is fungal acne proof for afterward.Before I used this product, I had tried just a regular dandruff shampoo but got zero results.Stop using this on your face once your fungal acne goes away because it’s too drying, of course.This Nizoral is a little miracle worker

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  15. eyeonthescreen

    Moderates Psyboherra Dermatitis

    Didn’t get this shampoo for scent or the like. I got it because it’s recommended for moderating dandruff due to PD, which I have. I’m a veritable snowman wherever I go. But Nizoral seems to work. After only one shampooing the amount of dandruff was noticeable reduced. I’ve been using it for several months now and the dandruff is still reduced, but no more than it was with the first application. So while the dandruff is minimized it’s not eliminated.

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  16. Bigh

    Absolutely fantastic

    I’m really not into shampoos and haircare (I make my own shampoo from a minimal base shampoo), and especially not into conditioners. But this stuff is amazing. I wash my hair with the Nizoral shampoo “brush” – the thing with the silicone pointy things, and its really effective and relaxing (and true silicone, unlike a cheap Chinese knockoff I tried).I then use their Deep Moisturizing conditioner with the same “comb” and that is even more invigorating to my scalp – it’s a fantastic feeling. I leave the conditioner in while I soap up and rinse off, and the last thing I do is rinse the conditioner out. My hair definitely feels more substantial and soft and – I kid you not – the very first time I tried it my wife said “your hair looks great! No, really, it looks great!” She seemed genuinely impressed, so I said “thanks!”Then she said, “what’s left of it, anyway.”I love that woman. Especially when she’s away at work.

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  17. Audrey Threlkeld

    Perfect for using on my face

    I discovered this was an OTC cure for the fungus I have on my cheek. Whatever active ingredient this has is completely different than the other dandruff shampoos out there that actually kills the fungus. I let it sit on the area for a few minutes then wash off like normal and it has helped control the redness, itching & white bumps (not acne) on my cheek. Saves me from going to the dermatologist (for now)

  18. MrMondayN1GHT

    Worked Great and Continue to Use

    This shampoo worked really well for me. I needed it to help with flakiness in my beard and after a couple of uses it ended up clearing it up completely. I continue to use it to this day to keep everything clean. I use this shampoo every 3rd day now that everything has cleared up and have been doing so for several months now. A little bit goes a long way so this small bottle should last you quite a while.

  19. Tor

    LOVE this stuff

    THIS shampoo is the only thing that got rid of my dandruff! I’ve tried T-Sal, Head & Shoulders and Selsum Blue, none of them worked and they all had a strong chemical smell which is not the case with Nizoral.I also love that it makes my hair so soft.

  20. Grumpy Dad

    I’m a believer!!!

    For so many years I couldn’t wear black, would have to dust my chair off, and was constantly moisturizing my nose and face.One day a Dr friend suggested I try this out for my nose as she didn’t know I suffered with severe dandruff of the scalp as well. She then told me to use it on my scalp as well.At first it did nothing. Then magically after say the third week of using this off and on I noticed a difference.I no have almost zero dandruff, 10000s of percent better and I no longer have dry flaky nose , brow, beard area. My face is no longer red as well.This has been a miracle cure for me. One I take for granted but quickly remember when I put on a black shirt or check my chair for an embarrassing snow storm.Try it!!!

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  21. Kayla

    90% improvement in itching and flaking of scalp

    Tried every product (natural oils included) and process I could find for more than a decade to relieve flaking and itchy scalp (it’s technically not dandruff in my case) and nothing ever worked or helped at all. I followed directions on the bottle (except only washing hair twice a week, like is normally done for me) and it has improved the issue at least 90%, even after I stopped using it (per bottle instructions). Have used it ~once a month since then, just for fear of the itch and flake returning to the same level – not sure that I even need to do that. Everyone is different, but it was pretty quick acting on my problems, in which case I can quit using it at all unless I need another treatment of it if the problem returns full force.

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  22. haylee

    This worked wonders

    Honestly so good! I have such dry scalp, so this stuff really helps so much.

  23. Mom

    Head and should ain’t nothing compared to this

    I’ve used so many ani dandruff shampoos in my life, and living in a colder/dry climate means I cannot wash my hair daily. This shampoo provides everything I need for my scalp and helps protect against the weather.

  24. Josh

    Annihilated my scalp acne in 3 days!!! Will keep buying

    Had huge nasty, disgusting folliculitis/scalp acne that has been haunting me for years on the back of my head. My hair is long, so fortunately nobody could see it. I bought this and lathered the scalp area and let it sit for between 5-10 minutes. Literally nonexistent anymore after 3 days, been using it every day. No problems and a clean fresh smell. I have tried EVERYTHING you can think of (prescription sulfur shampoo, tea tree bars, head/shoulders, apple cider vinegar, etc etc)…NOTHING worked but this did. So far so good, glad to have found this product!Update – My scalp is now COMPLETELY clear! This is the perfect solution I’ve always been looking for. Also started using the Nizoral conditioner, and even the conditioner doesn’t cause more breakouts.

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  25. Kasey Wince

    Really helped with the skin under my beard.

    I was using Head and S, however I still getting dry skin under my beard at times. Not anymore. This stuff is perfect. Ordering more in just a moment.

  26. Em

    Beats the flakes but a little drying

    My scalp gets fairly dry and leaves embarrassing flakes but this shampoo helps immediately. It works so much better than head and shoulders and better than any other product I’ve tried! I use it about twice a week in between using my normal shampoo. It does dry my curly hair out a bit so I use it with a deep conditioner.

  27. gigi

    Really works

    Finally, relief. Just use occasionally now, alternating with regular shampoo. Such a difference.

  28. amara ★彡

    Fav Shampoo!

    It’s been a few months since I bought this product but now it is my holy grail. My scalp is so thankful for this reducing my dandruff! I barely have it at all now

  29. venus star

    Gets rid of the flakes

    My husband uses this for a flaky spot, like cradle cap, that comes and goes. It works well for him

  30. Juan J. Garcia

    Only ketoconazole option I’m aware of

    Kind of pricey but haven’t been able to find another option for a shampoo with ketoconazole

  31. Ray V.

    Attention Suffers of Mild Seborrheic Dermatitis and/or Psoriasis!!

    Alright, let preface this by saying, I am not a doctor or medical expert, I can only speak to the results, I myself have experienced.Back Story:So about 2 years ago, I started getting dry skin around my mouth, nose, eyebrows, and occasionally my ears and cheeks. It was pretty mild, so I never went to a dermatologist. However, before this time, never did I have to lotion my skin regularly, so this was a change for me.When this started happening, I used Aquaphor Healing Ointment (Advanced Therapy), and while it made me look greasy or like I was sweating for a couple hours, lol, it wore off enough, and would leave me looking normal the rest of the day. The only time my skin was really irritated was right after I would shave. However, dryness/peeling would get real bad if I did not at least lotion all those areas of my face after I showered. While I did some minor Googling about the issue, I was clearly too lazy to do anything about it, and the lotion solution sufficed for me. Dumb, I know.Anyways, fast forward to about 1.5 months ago. I started to notice a white growth under my left thumbnail that started to detach my nail from my nail bed. For some reason, this concerned me more than the dry skin on my face. So after Googling again, I found ti could be a problem with yeast growth under my nail. Then, I remembered reading that yeast growth could be causing my face problems. After connecting the dots, I decided to find a possible solution, to possibly kill two birds with one stone.After some searching, I stumbled onto Nizoral. After reading all the reviews, I was encouraged. I purchased this product and it has helped me tremendously. I could not be happier. It says to use it only every 3-4 days, which I say you should stick to, because I would use it on back to back days and it would seem to dry my skin out, but that could have been in my head.My Use:So, I know this is shampoo, but I almost treat it like liquid soap. I rub it on my skin/scalp and leave it there for 3-5 minutes. For my fingernail, I would lift it, since there was a gap and the nail was coming up. I put Nizarol directly in the ever so small opening between the nail and nail bed, and left it for 3-5 minutes. I am not sure if that was smart for the fingernail, but it worked for me.Results:TLDR: It worked everywhere, lol.Mouth/Upper Lip: This area was the worst of my dry skin issues. Like said, it was especially bad after shaving. Sometimes, my skin would be patchy red and inflamed after shaving, especially on the top of my chin and right below my lip. It would look gross for like an hour. In addition, when I did not shave, but did not lotion my skin, this area would eventually get pretty flaky before the end of the day. I also had issues with the corners of my mouth, especially after eating. My upper lip generally did not have any issues, but sometimes I would in very cold/dry weather.So, after using this product, I have seen a great deal of improvement. For the first time in almost 2 years, I do not have to lotion my face every single day. The patch below my lip still is not where I want it to be, but it is very much better. My skin feels dry after a shave, but now it does not look red or inflamed. It is getting better, and I think it will continue to get better. The corners of my mouth have issues if I do not lotion for 2 days or so, but they are much more minor to what they used to be. The minor issue above my lip is currently non-existent, however, we have not had any cold weather yet. This was the most noticeable problem I had with my dry/flaky/peeling skin, and I am happy to say, Nizarol has worked wonders. I now can use regular lotion instead of Aquaphor, which I still adore.Eyebrows: This was my second worse area, and I say eyebrows, but it was actually the area in between my eyebrows would flake worse than my eyebrows. I rub Nizarol into my eyebrows, in between them, and around my eye sockets. Nizarol has pretty much cleared up this issue, and I am thrilled Nizarol has basically eliminated the second worst dry area on my face. If I do not use lotion for several days, it does flake, but in a very minor way. Side note: be careful around your eyes, it burns pretty good if you get the shampoo runoff in your eye, lol.Nose/Nostrils: This was my third worst area. I would have dry skin on the sides of my nose, the point of my nose, and even on the inside of my nostrils! First off, putting Nizarol in your nostrils may not be safe. If you do do it, don’t huff the Nizarol when it is in your nostrils, breath through your mouth. My nose area has improved, but is now more of an issue than my eyebrows. Still it is much better, and I can go a couple days without using lotion. It is also more of the inside of the nostrils than the outside of my nose. I think if I were willing to put Nizarol further up my nose than just the inside rim, I could eliminate the problem. But, at what cost? Lol. I don’t want to ingest this stuff, lol. Either way, I am still happy!Head/Scalp: I have never had much of an issue with my scalp other than minor dandruff, for which I have always used Head & Shoulders. Despite this, I use this shampoo, as intended. I can not honestly tell if it is making any difference. Also, I have very short hair, so I cannot tell if this makes my hair coarse like everyone else says. If it does, I would use a conditioner like other reviews suggest.Ears/Earlobes: So, while it was more rare, but sometimes, my ear lobes and the bottom crease where the ear connected to my face would get dry and flake. I rub Nizarol on my ears, on the inside of my ears, and behind my ears/ear lobes. I have zero issues here now and never have to lotion this area any more.Forehead/Cheek Areas:These were not really problem areas unless it was cold/dry/windy. We have not had that type of weather, but I really do not think it will be a problem.Pelvic Area: I know this is a touchy subject, lol, but what I have to say is tame and could help some people. So several months back, something new happened, I noticed my pelvic area was dry as well, after using clippers. I used Nizarol in the creases of my leg, and in in my pelvic area, including directly on my —–. Results? Well, this has virtually eliminated the dry skin everywhere. Even better, I am chaffing less when running, which is awesome! I figured Nizarol was working everywhere else, so what the hell? Luckily for me, this was another minor issue it helped.Fingernail: Getting back to my fingernail, I had this white chalky/flaky formation under my fingernail. It had got to almost halfway down my thumbnail. It was causing my nail to lift. It did not hurt, but I thought it was unsightly. So I lifted the nail and put Nizarol in there. Again, possibly not safe, but a couple weeks in and my nail is almost back to normal. I eventually started cutting deeper into my nail to get the Nizarol farther back, which has worked. My nail almost looks normal and it looks like it is pushing the last of white to the font of my nail. So the growth stopped moving backward and it has improved. Another win!Others Uses?: As you can tell, I pretty much use this stuff all over. I put it on my elbows, the knuckles of my toes, and the point of my ankle bone. I think it is helping, but I am not 100% sure. What I can tell you is that it seems that it seems easier to get the dry skin off after applying the shampoo. A pedicure is on the docket and if I remember, I will update this review.Conclusion:Nizarol has worked way better than I could have hoped, and I did not even have to go to the dermatologist. I am hoping within a couple months, my skin will go back to normal. I am not sure if that will happen, but I love what Nizarol has done for me. I encourage anyone that has some of the issues I had to give it a try. Again, my issues were mild compared to some of the pictures I have seen, but I imagine if you are struggling with mild to intermediate issues, and you have not gone to a dermatologist, this could help you.I hope all this helps! Good luck!****Update: 7/25/2017***Fingernails: Nizoral completely fixed my nail problem!Face: So, when I first started using this product, I saw quite a bit of improvement. I no longer have red patches anywhere on my face. The only issue is that there have been diminishing returns. Nizarol has helped tremendously, but I still have dryness and dead skin issues. It is much more mild now, but still exists, however, I am grateful for the continued results.Scalp: Lol, I still cannot tell if this is helping or not. I still have minor dandruff. Nizarol has had no effect on my scalp as far as I can tell. Not a big deal for me though…

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  32. Dawn Harris

    ZERO dandruff after YEARS of it

    A run down of my hair/type.Course/thick/dark brown to black/wavy/long mid-back lengthEthnicity: Asian/pacifier IslanderAge: 26I don’t have photos that can show this product’s effectiveness but trust me when I say this product genuinely works.I have not experienced hair loss or any negative side effects so far! Also, this is the daughter of this account, Aley.So to the point:Pros:- Mild clean smell, not over powering- Completely got rid of my dandruff that I have suffered with for years- I no longer have to wash my hair every 3-4 days (and that was pushing it truthfully I would need to wash every 2 days but I don’t like over washing my hair) I can now wash once a week no dandruff at all, I just experience some oiliness but nothing extensive, only after not washing for a week while exercising throughout the week. I’m a heavy sweater to get an idea- Lathers well and feels clean but not overly stripped.Cons:- Honestly not any, would love other scents but this is a medicated type shampoo so I get why they don’t.More background:I have had horrible dandruff and itchy scalp for years. I would sometimes wake up to the pain of me scratching in my sleep to the point I would see blood under my nails. (Sorry if TMI but it was that bad) I’ve tried many different shampoos and conditioners from head and shoulders to relatively expensive brands bought only in salons. This has been a game changer and at this point this is the healthiest my hair has ever been as I have dyed and bleached my hair many times which possibly contributed to the dandruff. But even as I went natural with my hair, I still experienced very bad, huge flakey dandruff. Since using this for over a month now I have had absolutely no dandruff to speak of even with scratching my head every now and then just as someone may normally do throughout the week. I also go to the gym 4-5 times out of the week and sweat heavily from my head as my hair is very thick so it gets hot quickly but still not issues with dandruff or excessive oiliness. Truthfully I’ve never experienced oiliness much before but I do now to some degree but nothing crazy and it’s more of a normal hair kind of oiliness of after not washing for week.Hope this helps someone make the decision to switch as I stayed away from medical shampoos tested towards itchy/dry/dandruff scalp because tbh I didn’t want to feel like I needed it or was someone who had it that bad, but just do it you’ll be so much happier.

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  33. Violet


    This is my Folliculitis Journey and i include ALL THE PRODUCTS I USED to get rid of it.I got Folliculitis on my groin area, i had no idea what it was since i have never had it but it started spreading down my legs and leaving these dark marks/scars. The lesions started multiplying, i went to the doctors who gave me an ointment gel, which did absolutely nothing for me, it was an acne treatment.Since it started getting hotter and summer was near i knew i had to act fast or else i would have to wear pants all summer. First things first, from my research it states not to shave to prevent he spread of Folliculitis, so yes i did just that. I didn’t shave for over a month…i know gross but it had to be done.*If you do decide to shave, use a new fresh blade every time you shave in order to prevent spread. Also if you have folliculitis on your legs don’t use the same blade on your armpits etc.I looked up items on amazon and read reviews for “Almond Clear: Body Clearing Serum” decided to give it a try, i started with Level 1 and used it with the Hibliclens antibacterial soap as everyone in the reviews did. I already had the soap since its so amazing and i recommend everyone have thissoap in their home it works miracles. I was already using this soap by itself for about 2 weeks prior to buying the Almond Clear bottle and i noticed no difference. When i read that buyers were combining both Almond Clear Serum and the soap i decided to do the same, but still i felt that Hibliclens did not do much for me. My Folliculitis was very stubborn!*Everyone is different so what works for someone might not work for others.As for the Almond Clear serum, i noticed immediately a difference! overnight the lesions seemed like they shrunk.The only complaint is that the bottle doesn’t contain much. I had a big area to cover so 1 bottle was finished in 1 week. I would definitely recommend you purchase the bigger bottle so its worth your money (they have the 4oz option available). Also level 1 is more for someone who might have like 1-4 lesions..or for sensitive areas like the face. I felt like it made a difference but i definitely needed something stronger to completely get rid of them, i should’ve skipped to level2 like everyone else did in the reviews.I bought level 2 when i ran out of level 1 and i definitely noticed a huge difference! Listen to me right now, if you suffer from severe Folliculitis YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!Honestly my case got so bad i had so many lesions on my groin area they started spreading down to my thighs and legs and even my private area :(i was so stressed i couldn’t wear shorts and even pants would cause me to breakout in hives and the infected areawould get so red and irritated easily. It got bad!Luckily this product saved my life..I started using this April 20, today is May 27 and i am pretty much cured, the lesions are all gone and even the scars are faded! This product faded the nasty dark marks.The reviews recommend using up to 2xs a day. This did not work for me, my skin is very sensitive so i would only use 1x a day, every night after i showered i would apply and leave overnight. I do have to say that this product makes your skin peel and drys your skin out. For me, it made my skin excessively dry and i would shed skin almost everyday.Because my skin was getting beyond dry i decided to moisturize. I used CeraVe Moistorizing Lotion every morning when i woke up.*(make sure to always wash your hands before and after you apply a product to prevent from spreading to other body parts). used this lotion because alot of people with skin issues use this lotion and it works well, i had no issues, great product!I shower every night so i decided to use a Folliculitis body wash i found on Amazon. I leave it on the area for about 5 mins then i rinse. I also noticed a big difference with this product right after the 1st use! I used this product for about 1.5 months? product i used in the shower was the Nizoral Shampoo. I saw YouTube videos of people who used it on their arms and face to treat folliculitis. Luckily i already had this shampoo as well, its to treat dandruff, i recommend for both dandruff and for folliculitis, i feel like this items made a difference. I replaced the Hibliclens soap with this product, i leave it on the area for about 5 mins then rinse in the shower. I used this product for about a month. final product i used was Defense Soap, i used this soap in order to kill any bacteria or fungi that might have been causing the Folliculitis. I felt like this also made a difference and i washed my whole body with this in order to prevent any Folliculitis from spreading on my stomach or arms…I was terrified of getting it any where else, the soap makes you feel fresh and clean specially after a workout! It does dry your skin so you don’t have to use everyday, but if you do i would definitely recommend to moisturize with the CeraVe lotion or just any lotion in general. I used this product for about a month.*Be sure to use these products EVERYDAY, TO SEE RESULTS YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT.If you are on a budget: Out of all the products i would definitely recommend you use the Almond Clear Serum and the Folliculitis Body Wash by Ovante. Yes i know this is a VERY LONG routine and so many products to use, but all my folliculitis is pretty much gone already! It is pricey to buy all these items, but honestly i was willing to pay $100+ in order to get rid of this and it was worth it!I guess it depends how bad do you want to get rid of this? I think its worth it!Do your research, find out what works for you, try different products until you find something that works for your skin. I HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE!

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  34. S. E. Ray 🏆

    Positive Results ✔️

    I have used Nizoral for a number of years and finally decided to leave a review. It is true that ketoconazole was shown to be ten times more effective at fighting the fungus Malassezia restricta compared to the competing dandruff product. This fungus exists on most adults’ scalps. This commensal yeast is capable of inducing a much broader variety of pathologic states than it has been given credit. It feeds on the oils on your scalp, breaking it down and leaving oleic acid in its place. Many people are sensitive to oleic acid. The body then reacts to this acid by increasing the speed at which skin cells renew. It is an attempt to rid the scalp of the irritant and can cause flakes. The solution, Ketoconazole is the most effective treatment for Malassezia overgrowth.One thing I learned as a long term user, when the manufactures states not to use continually, there is a reason. Too much use resulted in sores in my case. Chemicals such as zinc pyrithione, found in dandruff shampoos, disrupt the metabolism of the scalp fungus but repeated use may result in the yeast developing resistance and they no longer work. That’s why you should switch up treatments, switching from a zinc-based product to a selenium-based shampoo every few weeks. I use Neutrogena T/Gel in my rotation which helps with chronic scalp psoriasis and common dandruff. A person’s personal chemical composition will dictate what works best in rotation.Overall, I would recommend this treatment shampoo to anyone asking. 👍

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  35. Karsen Leek

    Just TRY IT!

    Lets first say that I’ve only used this shampoo twice so far since I’ve purchased it. I will hopefully circle back after more uses.Backstory: I have struggled with SEVERE flaking, inflamed scalp and skin shedding for years. I had a partner years ago who didn’t let me sit in his car if my hair wasn’t contained. I tried shampoos, tea tree, prescribed creams/shampoos, changing my diet etc. nothing tamed the beast that was/is my embarrassing skin condition. I was on the verge of shaving my head.Last week: I purchased this shampoo after its overwhelmingly positive reviews, my first wash I noticed a change. Still a little itchy but way LESS skin shedding and irritation, the shampoo itself has a pleasant smell and it lathers very well. I am now on my second use (usually wash every other day), and the spots that were less severe (top of my head) have cleared up significantly and basically disappeared. My most severe spot has been the back of my scalp, and I have noticed a significant change in that aswell. I am excited to wear black today to truly test it.I am almost brought to tears by finally finding something that has fixed a health issue that has caused me SO much distress my whole life.Just try it!

    3 people found this helpful

  36. Katie

    Just Buy It!!

    * Disclaimer, this is a long review, but I’m so incredibly happy with the results that I want you to know how upsetting it was that nothing worked longer than a day until I bought this shampoo.I started getting dandruff in my late 20’s. I’m 36 now. At first it wasn’t bad and then it got noticeable to the point I was embarrassed. For reference I have really dark brown hair, thick and very long. I had literally tried every kind of dandruff shampoo and conditioner from stores to online to salon recommended. From $5 bottles to $35 plus. The only way they would remotely work is if I used them daily, but by the end of the day or next morning, I’d have the ugly white flaking or white piece stuck in the middle of a strand of hair. If I went two days without using them, it would be enough to notice even with my hair in a bun And headband. And I usually wash my hair every 3-4 days because I never needed to wash it daily.I randomly searched on Amazon again about a month or two ago for dandruff shampoo because now it was getting itchy and I was so upset every day to see my hair. I found this product with high reviews, Nizoral. I said to myself, I’m desperate and I’ll try anything. I purchased it. When I first went to use it, it was super blue and I wasn’t sure how it would leave my hair, but I scrubbed it all around my scalp, only one wash. Then I used my normal conditioner, Nexxus, not any kind of anti dandruff conditioner (because I have those too). I wanted to see what the Nizoral would do without also having to use an anti dandruff conditioner. And for another reference (there’s a lot of these), I first used it after not washing my hair for about 3-4 days, with only using dry shampoo in between. I got out of the shower and didn’t see white flakes. I let my hair dry naturally as I wasn’t going anywhere and drying it is a 30-40 minute process which I don’t like doing lol. But I love my long hair; it’s a love/hate relationship.Anyways, back to this magical shampoo, I woke up the next morning and no flakes, no white stuck in strands of my hair, no grossness falling out of my hair onto my sink or clothing when I ran my hands through my hair or brushed it, nothing! I was so excited, but hesitant because I said let’s give this the day test. Checked back at night, nothing. Checked the next morning, nothing. I went 4 days without one single flake before my head was a little itchy because of just needing to be washed.I repeated the Nizoral shampoo with my normal conditioner again, and same thing. Days and no flakes or itching. I literally cried I was so happy and couldn’t believe the type of sorcery this product had bestowed upon my head.I am now on month 2 or 3 I think, and I use this once a week with my regular conditioner and the dandruff is just gone. And that is days in between without washing my hair. It also doesn’t make my hair dry or feel gunky or anything. My hair is always soft and smells nice. I was worried something like this would give off a weird medicated kind of smell, but not at all!If you have dandruff and nothing has worked or your tired of having to use something every day in order for it to work, just stop and buy this. It’s not even that expensive and I have had two months of use from ONE bottle; again with that reference, I have hair down to my bum that takes 40 fricken minutes to dry with a blow dryer because it’s so thick.Hands down I would literally promote this shampoo anywhere, even though my dandruff has been a really embarrassing condition for me. I wish I had before and after photos, but my dandruff was pretty much gone after the first use. So I couldn’t even get a before picture now and it hasn’t come back.Seriously, if you made it this far, Just buy it!** Also, quick footnote, I do shower daily. I just don’t wash my hair every day. It goes up in a tight bun on my hair days off in the shower, which usually will stay up the rest of the day because I work from home and between being a single Mom getting a 7 year old up and ready for school and morning chores and then working for 10-12 hours, I’m too lazy to style my hair. Now, I do use a normal dry shampoo in between hair washes. But I had that routine before I bought this product, so I know 100% the only reason my dandruff is gone is because of the Nizoral shampoo.*** Second footnote, I’m not being paid to write this nor was this some kind of promotional item I got to use to write about. I’m just that impressed and so happy with the results and I know there has to be someone else out there that is going through that struggle I did and I just want that person to feel the happiness I do right now.**** This is the longest review I’ve ever written in my life.

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  37. Josh G.

    This stuff just plain works.

    I have suffered from a scalp condition for over 25 years. If I don’t shampoo my hair daily, I will get painful scabs and scaling, unbearable itching, raw skin. The amount of dandruff that comes with that is just obscene. I’ve tried all the typical dandruff control shampoos, oils, astringents, etc. I’ve tried medicated ones, and they may have worked at first, but they changed their formula or something, and they stopped working almost as quickly. This just plain works. This completely healed me. I followed the directions on the bottle. I used it every 3rd day. shampoo, scrub, rinse, repeat, rinse. I use a very small dab of conditioner afterward, and in between washes. I don’t use shampoo on the other days, I just use a bit of conditioner because it does a good job to get some of the excess oils out and smooths out my texture nicely. some days I just leave it alone. I never even get a flake anymore. Not one little itch. I wondered for years what it must feel like to have a healthy scalp, and now I know. Try this stuff. Follow the directions. If you’ve found nothing else has helped you, this very well may.

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  38. Amazon Customer

    Must have for dandruff!

    This product is my saving grace in the dry winter months! I tried so many other products before this and nothing worked as remotely well as Nizoral. It leaves my hair feeling extra clean and helps remove any product buildup. It takes a couple of weeks of use for me to notice most of the flakes gone. But then I only use it about once a week for maintenance and the dandruff stays away! I only noticed my dandruff coming back because I ran out of my first bottle and hadn’t used it since it started getting cold again. If you struggle with yearly dandruff cycles then I 100% recommend this product!

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  39. Brett

    Part of a hairloss/regrowth treatment + dandruff control

    Bought this to use alongside a Finasteride prescription, and Minoxidil if the prescription doesn’t help. I’ve read that using this shampoo a few times a month can help with hair regrowth, so I decided to give it a shot. Has a smooth velvety feel to it, and my scalp honestly felt better after using it. The only thing I didn’t like was the day after I was at the gym and sweating, and could smell the shampoo coming off my hair. It’s not a bad smell, I’m just not used to smelling the shampoo a day later. My hair hasn’t regrown yet, but my scalp does look healthier and there isn’t any dandruff up there.It is kind of expensive for how much you get, other than that it’s a good product. Not mean to be used daily.

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  40. Susana King

    Hair loss

    This cleared my dry scalp in TWO uses. No more itchiness, dryness. I suffered with a dry scalp for YEARS and I swore I had tried everything until I saw this on tiktok and had to give it a try. After the first use I could feel how different my scalp felt. The ONLY downfall is that I noticed an increase in hair loss. But I only wash my hair twice a week. I would take that over what I was dealing with with my scalp. It was embarrassing having flakes all over my shirt. I’m glad I finally found a solution that works!

  41. Deanna Vega

    I’m shook.

    Yeah. This thing worked for my dry scalp! I’m so impressed and amazed. So far it isn’t working as effective as it did for me for my s/o but honestly I believe it’s making a slight difference. Try it! 🙂

  42. Jessica Sanders

    It really works!!

    I can’t believe how well this works! My teen is so relieved we finally found him something that is getting rid of the dandruff without having to spend a ton on going to the Dr and buying stinky prescription shampoos. He has used twice a week for 2 months now. He made sure to let me know I need to get another bottle so he doesn’t run out 😆

  43. Shawna Y


    If you have scalp psoriasis please do yourself a favor and try this shampoo.I have super sensitive skin and that includes my scalp. I have the worst flare ups when I’m stressed for prolonged periods of time and the amount of flaking/peeling on my scalp was unbearable. I have tried TGel, charcoal and tea tree shampoos that would work okay, but nothing I have tried comes close to this!The scent is clean and it feels like regular shampoo unlike the tar you feel and strong scent of TGel. I wash my hair twice a week and leave this on my scalp for 3 minutes and rinse. After the second wash, I had a brand new scalp. No more irritation, redness, flaking, peeling. And it worked for my eyebrows too!I very much, highly recommend!

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  44. Amazon Customer

    best shampoo

    This is the best shampoo if you have dandruff. I have had an issue with them for years, and nothing has helped this. My friend told me about this. This is very minty. It leaves your hair moisturized enough for at least a week, which is huge for me.

  45. Ellen NC

    I love this shampoo

    I suffer with psoriasis on my scalp. I’ve tried everything. I really like the way the shampoo helps with my terrible flaking, and it leaves my hair very soft..

  46. Amazon Customer

    This Product Actually Works

    My partner suffers from really bad dandruff in the winter. We tried several different dandruff shampoo and conditioner brands as well as ointments and serums but nothing worked until I found this product. My partner no longer deals with dandruff or itchy or dry scalp. I’m so glad to have found a brand that actually works!!

  47. Kyara

    Great for babies and adults

    Works wonders for cradle cap! I got this prescribed by my children’s doctor for cradle cap and ordered extra online and it works perfect!I have a friend who uses it for skin problems as well and it works miracles! Amazing and versatile product!

  48. Rebecca

    It Works

    I have never had a dandruff shampoo actually work for me. Head and Shoulders? Nope. Neutrogena? Nuh uh. A dermatologist I follow on Instagram suggested this stuff… and lo and behold! My dandruff is gone! Which is a good thing, because snowing on my black clothes was getting really old. Nice to wear black confidently now, especially since it’s my uniform for work, and it matches the color of my soul.

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  49. farah


    I have SD, eczema, KP, literally all dry skin conditions and this is the only dandruff shampoo that works for me. I’ve tried just about every head and shoulders shampoo out there + dermatologist prescribed ones that never really cured me. This actually works. On my fourth bottle!

  50. Jammie McGee

    Smells AMAZING

    I thought it wouldn’t really smell that great because of it being a dandruff shampoo but it smells amazing! And it’s already starting to work and I’m only on the first week of trying it

  51. drthrax

    Amazing product!

    This is the only product that works on my dandruff. Wish it was a little cheaper but I’m thankful it works for me. Typical head and shoulders does not kill the dandruff for me. After 3 to 5 showers this restores my hair. As long as I use this product I don’t see flakes!

  52. WMD in Kansas

    It you have foot fungus or athletes foot scrub your feet with this shampoo.

    After hearing that this shampoo kill’s fungus I thought why not try it on my very stubborn foot fungus. By gosh it’s working and my nails are finally clearing up after years of disappointment with so called cures for fungus toe nails. Just buy a good back brush and scrub you feet with it his product regularly. Hope it works for you too as an off label cure!

    2 people found this helpful

  53. Matthew

    Did the trick!

    I have used head and shoulders for years and always had a flake or 2 then something changed and my scalp was starting to get worse in many ways. 2 days of using this and WOW! Best my hair has been in years! Smell leaves something to be desired and a bit expensive.

  54. Amazon Customer

    Works great

    My dandruff of over 40yrs has finally gone. I cant believe it. I will keep buying this product. Now, my hair looks healthy and fuller. I noticed the effect the first time I washed my hair with it.

  55. Mariana


    I suffered from a lot of dryness in my scalp but since I started using this shampoo once a week my scalp is very healthy and without dandruff.

  56. Katrina Gosha-Dover

    3rd use was the charm

    After the third use I haven’t seen any dandruff 😊 Thanks for saving me a trip to the dermatologist!

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  57. Gonzalo

    Quita la Caspa

    Lo utilizo por recomendación de mi dermatólogo y es efectivo para la caspa, después de unas dos semanas empiezas a ver los cambios totalmente recomendado

  58. Love2shop

    This is a life changer.

    I don’t usually write reviews (I feel like everyone always says that), but I had to write one for this product. I have tried everything under the sun and so far this is the only product that has really made a difference, so I wanted to take some time and share my experience.I have naturally curly hair and if you know anything about curly hair, you’re not supposed to wash your curls everyday, but I was at the point where I couldn’t go more than a day of not washing my hair without having this weird stinky scalp smell and severe itching. I was also experiencing a lot of hair loss. I know some shedding is to be expected especially with curly hair but I felt like mine was almost scary. I tried everything from expensive scalp detoxes, scalp treatments, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, salycilic acid, pyrithione zinc, washing more frequently, washing less frequently, you name it, I tried it. Then I found an article that said my itchy, stinky scalp may actually be from a fungus called “malassezia”. Apparently, this fungus lives on the scalp of most healthy adults without causing any problems but the immune system of someone with dandruff may overreact to that fungus. which can cause inflammatory reactions like folliculitis, dandruff, and eczema. The article also said if you have an oily scalp (which I do) it’s most likely not “dry scalp” and here I thought the reason my scalp was so itchy was because it was dry! The article gave some recommendations like salycilic acid and pyrithione zinc, tea tree oil, etc., but I had already tried those and none of them helped me. So I decided to try Nizoral. Nizoral’s active ingredient is Ketocanozole 1%, which is an antifungal used to treat dandruff. I was at my wits end and decided before I go to the dermatologist I would give this a try and let me tell you, Nizoral has done me wonders. The horrible itching is just about gone. My “smelly scalp” has improved tremendously. I now can go more than just a day of not washing my hair and not have that the stinky scalp smell. I am shedding less too. I still shed, but no where near as much as I was. I did read some Amazon reviews for this product and many said that it caused them to lose hair, but for me it has actually helped my hair loss. I use it two times a week and will do so for 8 weeks as directed. It has a pleasant smell, It’s not overpowering and certainly doesn’t smell medicated. It can be a little drying though, but I just use a really good conditioner for my curls.My review isn’t intended to provide any type of medical advice, I just wanted to share my personal experience. For me, this product has been a life changer and I hope my review is helpful!

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  59. Tim Young

    It’s a great alternative for your prescription 2 percent.

    I buy this as a stand in for when the VA lapses in prescription availability which has been more recent lately(it fluxes and wanes with the presidents) This is a 1 percent solution that works great, smells good and take the place for the 2 percent ketoconazole shampoo the VA usually provides me if they don’t have it.

  60. Cezary Czarkowski

    Best one so far

    I was reading for a long time about different shampoos, I had heavy dandruff and oily hair I bought H&S clinical didn’t help at all. My dandruff was so bad that if I shake my hair it would be like snow on Christmas day.I used Nizoral twice and my dandruff is gone my hair stopped coming out too. very good value and nice smell. I massaged the shampoo in and left it for 1 minute then rinsed it out very well. 5/5

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