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About this item NATURAL HAIR GROWTH: 4 capsules per day of this clinically effective hair supplement promotes visibly thicker, stronger hair growth and less shedding with 21 medical-grade, natural ingredients. 100% drug-free. FOR WOMEN’S BIOLOGY: Physician-formulated to improve hair growth from within by targeting the 6 root causes of thinning hair in women–including stress, hormones, and aging. With natural ingredients that also support better sleep, energy, and skin health. CLINICALLY PROVEN: 90% of women saw improved hair overall, 86% saw better hair growth, and 84% saw less shedding after 6 months in a clinical study. Results may vary. THE #1 DERMATOLOGIST-RECOMMENDED HAIR GROWTH SUPPLEMENT BRAND*: Grow with the brand trusted by leading dermatologists to improve hair growth naturally. *According to IQVIA ProVoice survey for 12 months ending March 31, 2022.

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 4.8 x 2.8 x 2.76 inches; 13.12 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎ NutraWoman

Department ‏ : ‎ Women

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ July 15, 2014

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Nutrafol

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00LU4CZP8

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Hair Regrowth Treatments

Customer Reviews: 12,866 ratings

About this item

  • NATURAL HAIR GROWTH: 4 capsules per day of this clinically effective hair supplement promotes visibly thicker, stronger hair growth and less shedding with 21 medical-grade, natural ingredients. 100% drug-free.
  • FOR WOMEN’S BIOLOGY: Physician-formulated to improve hair growth from within by targeting the 6 root causes of thinning hair in women–including stress, hormones, and aging. With natural ingredients that also support better sleep, energy, and skin health.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: 90% of women saw improved hair overall, 86% saw better hair growth, and 84% saw less shedding after 6 months in a clinical study. Results may vary.
  • THE #1 DERMATOLOGIST-RECOMMENDED HAIR GROWTH SUPPLEMENT BRAND*: Grow with the brand trusted by leading dermatologists to improve hair growth naturally. *According to IQVIA ProVoice survey for 12 months ending March 31, 2022.

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

4.8 x 2.8 x 2.76 inches; 13.12 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Department ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

July 15, 2014

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Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Hair Regrowth Treatments

Customer Reviews:

12,866 ratings

60 reviews for Nutrafol Women Hair Growth Supplement. Clinically Proven for Visibly Thicker, Stronger Hair (1-Month Supply [Bottle]) … Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Debbie Imhof

    Have patience & you will see results of thickening & better conditioned hair.

    Have patience & you will see results of thickening & better conditioned hair.

  2. idalmis

    La pastilla es excelente

    El producto es de los pocos q hacen su función es pocas palabras si funciona ahora si es Dificil de tragar pero vale la pena

  3. dani girl


    First, I was skeptical so I did month one nothing there. Second month is where I noticed that there were some hair growth where there wasn’t any growth at all that was when I was a true believer number month three hair is really starting to come in. I’m a believer. Yes I am.

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  4. Sploder

    Miracle product maybe?

    Writing a comprehensive review on a bunch of hair loss products in the hope it will help people in my same situation!Started losing hair as a 16 year old girl. By 26 I had maybe 20% of what I had growing up. It was debilitating. I have tried every single possible thing for it, a lot of items from Amazon. MY HAIR STOPPED FALLING OUT AND IS GROWING BACK!FIRST: Go see a doctor! Even if it’s just your primary care doctor. Ask for a preventitive full blood count test. I wish I would have done this years ago. Turned out I was deficient in 3 nutrients: vitamin B, vitamin D and iron. Surprise surprise these are the top contributors to healthy hair! Also (not sure for men), but ladies, go see a dermatologist as well. They may be able to prescribe something like spironolactone to help your hormones adjust which could be a leading cause in your hair loss.Nutrafol: My hair STOPPED falling out after about 2 months on multivitamins + iron supplements +Nutrafol (nutrafol recommended by my dermatologist). Not sure if it’s the Nutrafol that is working wonders, or if it’s a combination of that plus other stuff, but I’m not planning on stopping it.Minoxidil/Rogain for women products: used these for a decade. Never did anything for me. However the dermatologist recommended I keep using minoxidil after I started taking supplements so imma keep using them even though they legit did nothing for me.Laser helmet: this thing actually works. I used it for about a year before discovering my nutrient deficiencies, and even without taking multivitamins and such, I definitely noticed a decrease in hair fall. I’m going to keep using the laser helmet because I truly believe this stimulated hair growth. Dont get the laser comb, its worthless. Get the helmet.Nioxin: I’m very confused around how this product works. I think it just makes existing hair stands thicker?- Shampoo is not bad- The spray stuff in the foam format sucks. It just does. It leaves your hair super crusty and I dont see the benefit if it- The dry shampoo is amazing for volumizing and making your hair look thicker 10/10 reccomend. A product I used in a similar fashion was l’oreal root cover up. It kinda stains your scalp and makes it less noticeable. Highly reccomend that too if you want to be more confident about your hair.- All other sorts of “hair growth” topical products that are not minoxidil. If you actually have hair loss from the scalp (not just breakage of damaged hair) these dont work. They just dont. I’ve tried so many different things, argan, coconut, olive oils, lemongrass, essential oils, deep masks, “hair fertilizer”, etc. I’m just gonna give these 0 stars because they do not work if you are experiencing real hair loss. They are great to make existing hair healthier, but too many of these products either market towards “hair loss”, or legit say “give us a 5 star review we will send you an amazon gift card” and so the reviews are all skewed and wrong. I feel like someone needs to post a truthful review about them and say they do not actually work for hair loss, they are just hair conditioners on steroidsLastly, if you have the money for it, look into PRP therapy for hair loss. Dont go to weird pyramid scheme “bosley” or “restore”. Just talk to your doctor or dermatologist about it.

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  5. sherri easton

    Decreases hair fallout. Worth the price!

    I used this product to reduce hair fallout, and promote new hair growth!

  6. Ariel Anderson

    No flavor great product

    Been using it for 2 years. I can actually tell a difference. I’m a pretty cheap person but this is worth it to me.

  7. Ainsley

    Does what it says

    Bought this for my wife. It has made a huge help in her journey

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  8. Liliane Nazário

    Very good !

    Very good!

  9. Shunta Williams

    It works

    Reliable, expensive but worth every penny.

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  10. Lili

    Menstrual Period for over 3 weeks now and bad cystic acne

    I unfortunately didn’t get to try this long enough to see any difference in my hair, but I have been on an extremely heavy menstrual period for over three weeks now taking 4 tablets everyday. I am currently on my third large pack of Always #5 overnight pads (just alone on this menstrual period). I googled what was happening – and the ingredients in Nutrafol is like a blood thinner. My periods are so heavy that I have stained my bed sheets several times and have to wake up in the middle of the morning to change my pad, which results in my not being able to fall asleep. I have stained my bathroom mats with blood several, several times. It’s a lot of work washing these blood stains. I have taken a total of three bottles. My cystic acne was bad enough that I had to go on Retin-A to control my acne on my face and neck.

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  11. Elaine Barringer

    Does it work to grow eyelashes, too?

    To regrow hair after illness. But I’d like to know if it regrows eyelashes, too.

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  12. Hello,

    Nasty Taste

    I bought the vitamin supplements and the hair serum. This review is only about the vitamin supplement capsules. They arrived on time and the package was properly sealed. However, when I opened the vitamins, they smelled “funny”. But sometimes vitamins just smell weird like that…, so I ignored it. When I swallowed them, they tasted like vomit. So my question is: Did they expire or go bad in transit? I don’t see any expiry. Another bad thing about them is that the directions say to take 4 capsules. DO NOT TAKE ALL 4 CAPSULES AT ONCE! Maybe it’s just because mine have expired…, or because they taste really bad…., or because they smell horrible…, but my mouth broke out with canker sores on the inside of my mouth. However, the good news is that when I only take 1 capsule per day, I don’t get any canker sores – but I do still get the nasty vomit scent and taste. Unfortunately, I don’t think that taking only 1 capsule per day will do me any good. I won’t be buying them again.

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  13. Angie B.

    Takes some time

    I wanted to wait a while before I reviewed this product. I had covid around 4th of July weekend this year and when September came around I was losing A LOT of hair. I mean, balls of hair would fall out everytime I washed my hair. The bottom two pictures are from the beginning of September and the top two are now. (Middle of December) I am having little to no hair fall out now and as you can see, some growth. I still have a long way to go before I get my thick hair back but I definitely feel that this product has helped my hair tremendously. I will keep trying these pills for a few months to see if my hair will grow thick again.

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  14. L. Nobles

    Waiting fir results, but need to follow consumption directions better

    This was recommended by dermatologist for hair growth. Continuing to take it but have to do better with taking it as often as recommended… my bad. Think it is working & will continue to take all in their current bottle. Will reorder it again.

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  15. Marguerite Sherwin


    I have always struggled with thin hair. Now in my late 50’s I have been loosing a lot of hair and it was frightening. I have taken this Vit. for 1month and am no longer scared to shower and brush may hair. I am not loosing tons of hair anymore and may nails aren’t splitting. So far so good!

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  16. Alex

    Personally did not notice any hair growth at all

    Horrible smell and after taste, which didn’t really bother me, but i did not notice any hair growth/thickness at all

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  17. Betty Gigantino


    If this product works I can not tell but it did upset my stomach. Will not purchase again.

  18. Mariano perez


    Worth every penny bought it for a family member.we had tried a lot of other stuff but this really works.

  19. bradford forschler

    My hair is so thick

    I have been using these for over a year now. And I will continue. My hair is so healthy and thick again. 42 year old women.

  20. Rosalind

    Too early to report on effectiveness of this product as I just received yesterday.

    I ordered because my hair is thinning despite all. I have tried to do.

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  21. Janet Lacey

    Caps large hard to swallow

    Just after 4 weeks of use, noticed my hair stopped falling out by 90%

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  22. Michael Zimmer


    Good stuff

  23. KC417

    Amazing product

    This product is a God send. I was experiencing massive hair loss. 60 days in not only has my hair loss ceased but I have significant new growth as well. I will never stop taking this product. Five stars!

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  24. Cynthia McCaa

    Thank you. I find nutrafol effective.

    I use nutrafol for thinning hair.

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  25. Marcie Baker

    I will order again it works!!!!

    I will order again it works!!!!

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  26. Amazon Customer

    Thicker hair

    I’ve been taking these vitamins for about 9 months in addition to medication for Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia. After about 5 months of taking the vitamins I noticed thickened hair and hair regrowth around my temples where I had lost hair. My hairdresser notices and compliments my healthy looking hair. I feel certain that Nutrafol has made a positive difference in my hair regrowth.

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  27. Emily

    I think it works?

    I noticed at about 5 months postpartum that my hair was thinning—my part looked wider, hairline was receding, and I had major bald spots when I wore my hair up. Started taking nutrafol at 8 months postpartum, and now a month later my bald spots have already filled in a lot! Obviously I don’t know if I can attribute that to the nutrafol as it could’ve just been my hormones regulating and a new hair growth cycle starting but I do think it made a difference. Wish I had started it sooner, BUT I will probably only use for another month because of the cost and taking 4 huge pills sucks. Will update if my hair falls out after discontinuing lol.

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  28. Leigh Lindsey


    I’ve tried everything for my hair and when menopause hit, it only got worse. This is the ONLY thing that has ever worked and I’ve tried almost everything. It takes a month to notice you have stopped losing hair. Another couple months to see the hair growth. Been on it a year and my hair is back to normal.Pros: it works, period. Cons: spendy and you have to take it forever. But I was losing so much hair and now my hair if full and stronger. Worth every penny. I have it on subscription and it comes right on time every month.

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  29. elizabeth jones

    I wanted to love it

    I have severe postpartum hair loss and this was suggested to me by a few people. And while I do notice some hair growing back, I’m not sure it’s any more than would be coming back without it?? But here’s why I’m not thrilled about it- acne breakouts like crazy. No other dietary changes except for this and suddenly my forehead looks like a pubescent preteen. I have *literally* hundreds of little red zits on my forehead and around my chin. I discontinued use for 2 days and the acne cleared up. Tried again- next morning, zits all over my forehead again. I am not an acne prone person is the slightest. Never have been. I have really clear skin- takes a lot to break me out and this did it like it was nothing. Just beware it’s possible. I know not everyone will have this experience.

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  30. Marta A.

    Very happy with the product

    I’ve struggled with hair loss recently and after one month of taking this , I see a huge difference. I do not like the flavor. It’s nasty but it works . Will def keep buying.

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  31. Yesenia Isamar Pantoja

    Me está saliendo muchísimo cabello! Mas grueso y siento más abundancia

    Súper fácil de íngerir! Cumple su propósito que es que nazca y salga mucho cabello… Lo recomiendo al 100% quizás se les haga un poco caro pero vale la pena por los resultados! Invierte en algo bueno para ti! Ya que al verte al espejo te sientas gratamente agradecido de quien ves reflejado en el!

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  32. Cheryl L Wegelin

    I definitely see hair growth.

    I like product.i see more hair.i was loosing my it appears works.

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  33. Wild Thing

    Nutrafol for women

    Can’t really give a true review yet as I have only taken it for a month. Though my thinning hair seems softer which in some places shows more scalp than I wanted. I will keep taking it for at least 6 months to see how it really helps my thinning and have high hopes for it helping me.

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  34. B B

    It might work

    So i have been using this supplement religiously for 1 month and half and I’m telling you the moment I saw new hair popped up on my head, I know for a fact this is not some type of scam vitamin. It’s worth to notice that nutrafol could be one of the major factor that contribute to my hair growth, beside low light laser therapy and one PRP treatment that I had month ago.

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  35. Brittney Siter

    I see a difference after a month

    My hair started thinning after my third child. After taking these for a month a feel the fullness at my scalp. I will continue to use.

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  36. elda nimard

    Muy buen producto, eficaz obvious resultados desde el segundo mes de tratamientoxos

    las capsulas son grandes pero faciles de tragar el sabor aceptable.Lo recomiendo mucho por sus resultados

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  37. Roger D. Hermes

    It works but not as expected

    On almost done with my 5th bottle and my scalp is showing more thickness. But the problem is I am still losing hair. So the growth of new hair is great but I am still losing my long thin hair. I was hoping it would stop falling out. I went to a dermatologist and they did a biopsy and my hair follicles are is alive. But why the hair loss. It will take forever to grown out. New hair is about 3/4 of an inch.

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  38. Jojo

    Great for hair growth

    Easy to swallow capsules. Taste a little too fishy. Works as advertised

  39. aleks

    Hard to swallow 4 capsules at a time, weird smell/taste

    I bought this believing reviews. I just started.4 pills at a time, that too if they have odd smell and taste is definitely a tough one to handle. But im gonna continue and wait to see results. Will post update after 3 months.

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  40. Bettina Garcia

    Really works

    So I’ve been taking this for 12m recommended by a dermatologist when I did not respond to the shots or other topicals that were prescribed and suggested. She did tell me initially that she’s seen it work for some and not others but it would take a minimum of 6m to see results. I did see some new growth in that time but not as much as I’d like but I continued to take it, but now at 12m I can not believe the difference. I was wearing hair pieces just a couple months ago and I feel like I’ll never have to do that again. It’s helped my self esteem so much to not have those bald patches anymore. The bald spots I previously had are still a little thinner then the rest of my hair but I feel like it’s just going to take a few more months before they are completely filled in.

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  41. betty

    Took this for 12 straight months. Most honest, thorough review on this product.

    2018 was a rough year for my hair. It actually started in late 2017 when I got a keratin treatment on my super thick, super curly Caucasian 3b hair (think Keri Russell in the 90’s). After the very first shower, 3 days after the treatment, where you wash off all the product, I noticed something was wrong, my hair was falling out like INSANELY, in clumps like a horror movie. Since I’ve always had SO much hair, I ignored it and went on with my life until about January 2018 when my family and boyfriend started noticing how thin my hair looked compared to before, this is when I panicked and went crazy on the internet and diagnosed myself with telogen effluvium (TE) which I believe was onset by the keratin treatment (which is rare but can happen). I was right however because I eventually visited a very prominent dermatologist in my area that confirmed I was indeed suffering from TE, she also introduced me to this product and I started taking it as instructed (4 pills a day) for 12 months straight. I was very realistic about my regrowth and did not, by any means, expect instant results within a month or even six for that matter, I told myself I’d take it for a full year and I did and here is what I think. Yes it does work but not any better or worse than a generic brand without strategically marketed ad campaigns, tons of doctors probably being paid to back this product and just a plain and simple brand image. I know my review went into too much unnecessary detail but I’ve been checking the reviews for this product for months, actually over a year now, just to see what people say. Most people leave a one star review after just one month of using it, I find that unfair. But take my advice and save your money, unless pretty packaging is extremely appealing to you and you have too much money to care but considering I purchased 12 bottles (both from their website & amazon) and paid around $1000 just to get the same results I would have gotten from a $10 bottle, it really just wasn’t worth it for me.

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  42. FloridaMan

    Bottled hair growth magic!

    I have been using this supplement for about 3-4 months now. Previously, my hair had been falling out in clumps and my once super luscious, long hair was close to having bald patches and was thinned out. I’d been using Olaplex and all the good stuff for protection, but the problem was internal. I had the most stressful year of my life this past year, so stress has played a large role.I tried this as a last ditch effort and debated between this and Viviscal, which are the two dermatologist recommended hair growth supplements backed by clinical trials. After watching a ton of YouTube reviews I ended up going with Nutrafol, because it seemed to affect hair quality along with thickness/growth, and attacking the problem on different levels nutritionally.I took the four pills religiously for the first couple weeks, and I noticed a difference within two weeks. Within a month, I had growth coming in the front of my head where I previously couldn’t get it to grow and a solid inch of growth. They taste kind of funky, but they’re worth it.Currently at the hair salon and my hair dresser remarked on how noticeably healthy and thick my hair looked. It grows significantly from crown to filling in my hair line in front that had been damaged from too tight of hair styles. Now, honestly I typically only take 2 pills a day, and will try to get in 4 pills if I can remember! Hair is almost back down to mermaid length and within a couple more months I believe the thickness/hair quality will have traveled down further.Definitely worth the money. I’m only upset I didn’t take pictures.

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  43. Abby

    Working for me!

    Context: 30 year old, dealing with excessive shedding (handfuls of hair in the shower), thinning/recession around my temples, and general loss of my once full and voluminous hair. I do have an autoimmune disorder, so it’s possible some kind of deficiency is my root cause.This stuff is expensive — but after trying other vitamins and thorough, intentional hair care for months, I splurged hoping for some results.I have taken Nutrafol for about 6 months now, and am very happy with the changes I’ve seen since about 3-4 months in. The shedding has reduced to what I assume is a normal/healthy amount — less than I have had in years. The balding patches around my hairline have sprouted a ton of baby hairs that are continuing to grow along with the rest of my head — and the most shocking part for me was the lifelong short, fine hairs above my ears have had a ton of growth and are thickening to match the rest.I have also noticed my hair seems healthier, softer, more manageable, less frizzy and oily — however I don’t know if that’s credit to Nutrafol, my hair care routine, or both.Due to the cost, I tried cutting the dose to half — two a day — about 2 months ago, and have not noticed any changes in my progress (aside from the growth not seeming quite as quick as before).I have not had any of the digestive issues or side effects mentioned in other reviews taking it before bed with my medications.Cost aside, given my experience — highly recommend.

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  44. Kate

    Give it time! Helped my thinning hair.

    Warning: lengthy review but felt it was necessary!I have waited to write this review until I had finished up the recommended 3months as I realize it takes time for your body to respond and for hair to grow. I am now nearing the end of my third bottle and truly think this product helped to stop my hair thinning and jumpstart the regrowth process!I want to start off by saying that my hair loss was related to telogen effluvium triggered by a recent T1D diagnosis, stress and hormonal changes. I am a 29yo female with typically thick wavy hair and lost a considerable amount of hair to sudden shedding. I would highly recommend talking to your doctor and/or dermatologist to determine the root cause of your hair loss before spending the money on these. Often there are underlying issues, such as thyroid or scalp conditions, that should be addressed first.I also think it’s important to use these vitamins in conjunction with other at home treatments. In addition to nutrofol I’ve been using scalp clarifying shampoos (head and shoulders), brushed my hair when dry only, avoided pulling my hair back to prevent additional fallout, occasionally used castor oil treatments, and purchased a silk pillowcase to avoid damage when I slept. I feel like all of these together have helped greatly with my hair regrowth. Just some tips I wish others would have told me when I was going through the worst of it :)As for this supplement, I really think it has helped with my shedding and regrowth. I took the first two bottles consistently for two months and noticed new growth coming back and less hair fallout around month 2. I then scaled back during month 3 and began to notice my fallout returning. Since going back on a strict regimen I’ve noticed the shedding has stopped and my hair is looking so much thicker around my scalp!I will continue to order this for a couple more months but realize that the price is too high for me to continue using indefinitely. Will likely switch over to a combo of biotin and collagen and continue my home hair care.Bottom line – I think this works for people who have experienced a sudden hair loss and still retain the follicles necessary for regrowth. BUT it takes time to show results. Take pictures to track progress and be patient. If anything, taking these helped to calm the stress of losing hair because I really felt that I was doing something daily that was going to help show results in the long term.Good luck on your regrowth journey!

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  45. Sandra M Tello

    Positive Results

    At first I thought that this product was expensive, but the result is worth it! At 70+yo my once long eyelashes were almost gone to short hairs. This made it incredibly difficult when showering since water was constantly in my eyes; figured out that my eyelashes were more functional than I thought!!! I’ve been on this Nutrafol regimen for almost three months and have noticed that not only have my eyelashes gotten longer (able to blink off water in shower), but my eyebrows have grown and are more dark, and my hair feels thicker. Look forward to seeing if this continues!!!

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  46. gilbert

    Its a hairy thing

    bought this for my wife , meds make her hair to the same. So after two month i looked and her hair looked more fuller , fluffy. I guess more alive! I am going to get some to try out due to I am loosing my hair. I don’t want to go get hair transplant and the price , I can buy a car for that. Its working for her!!

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  47. Maggie L.

    This is WORTH it

    This stuff is legit. I’ve been struggling with significant hair loss the last year, but would say my hair loss began 1.5 years ago after the most stressful period of my life. This last year I have seen multiple specialists and diagnoses. Some say I have genetic hair loss, and others diagnose chronic telegenic effluvium due to extreme stress. I’ve tried hair serums, rogaine, prescription meds, supplements, annndddd nutroful. And here is the reason I am convinced that nutroful is a real cure and treatment for hair loss.About a year ago, when my hair loss first ramped up and I was seeing scalp on my head, I went to my dermatologist. She told me she didn’t know what was going on but try rogaine and nutroful, so I did. I did this for about 3 months religiously. I would say after 2 months I noticed a difference in my hair. The hair was growing back and my hair in general was healthy. It felt thicker and great. I actually thought I might be able to grow it long again. So, I told myself I must have just had telogen effluvium, the temporary hair loss and all over thinning due to the extreme stress I had the preceding months. I pretty much stopped nutroful and rogaine.About 1-2 months later, I noticed my hair changing again. I was shedding much more. It didn’t feel as healthy, and the individual hairs just felt thinner. So, I started on the nutroful and rogaine. Went to see more specialists and was referred to THE hair loss doctor in my city. She of course had a long wait time. I finally saw her in late October 2018.She had never heard of nutroful, but told me it wasn’t gonna do anything bc the hair supplements are gimmicks and told me to stop taking. Her sole reasons for me to stop taking it was the biotin does nothing for hair growth and a recent study showed taking large amounts of biotin can interfere with doctors detecting if you’re having a heart attack. Now I’m only 33, but if there’s a risk and no reward why take it? And who am I to disagree with this expert? So I stop taking nutroful, again, for the 2nd time in 1 year. I’m still on the rogaine etc etc. and sure enough, about a month later my hair dramatically changed again. I started shedding significantly again. It wasn’t as healthy. The hair that began to fill in was looking sparse again.I’ve stuck this out for almost 3 months to see if my hair would rebound back. And it hasn’t. I am convinced that nutroful, for whatever reason, was the only thing actually working to help my hair.I’m also convinced this doctor simply doesn’t know what nutroful is or does. She admitted she had never heard of it, and probably assumed (maybe rightfully) that it was bogus as there’s a lot of bogus stuff out there.I received my new bottle of nutroful today and could not take my 4 pills fast enough. Stick with this stuff guys. It is the REAL deal and I have been trying everything available whether prescription or not, and no matter the cost. Now I just have to anxiously wait the few months, but I can’t wait for what I know nutroful will do for my struggling hair.UPDATE: today is 2/19, and I’ve finished by first bottle of nutroful. Once again, my hair already feels differently and I’ve only been on it for 1 month. It’s stronger, shinier, already looks thicker, my hair shedding has absolutely decreased, and it seems to be growing faster. Side bonus is my nails are stronger and growing much faster as well. This week I actually had an unsolicited comment that my hair looks thicker etc.I’ll keep updating this for people. I swear I’m not a sales person for nutroful nor paid to write any of this. But I am a person who has felt devastated by hair loss and tried so much, I’d love to help others in the same situation.Side note – I finally traveled outside of my city and went to a real hair loss expert. I got a concurrent diagnosis of telogen effluvium and androgonetic alopecia. He absolutely said to stay on the nutroful. I was also diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis, a scalp/skin condition. Not likely causing my hair loss but definitely not helping regrowth. I say this because I have seen FIVE dermatologists, one who was known as an “expert” where I live, and no one took the time to ask questions or really look at my scalp. It sucks having hair loss but at least I have some answers…so don’t give up if you don’t yet!

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  48. mellamia

    Use with caution..

    I wish that I’d looked through all of the negative reviews BEFORE trying Nutrafol.I know that the majority of negative reviews were related to the cost of the supplement or that it did not “work” as expected. Those, while disheartening, are not really what I would pay attention to. I was willing to give it a 6 month “try” to see for myself.What I would have paid attention to were any reviews about adverse reactions.This supplement is loaded with ingredients, and many are in very high doses. Please proceed with caution. I have Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis (controlled with prescription Naturethroid and dietary modifications).My hair has been getting thinner and finer along the temples for a few years now and I thought I would give this product a try.Today is my 7th day taking the supplement as directed. The first several days, I felt fine. The past couple of days I was feeling a bit “off”, but associated the feelings to having disturbed sleep. (which I figured was from having caffeine later in the day than usual, or staying up late one night)Today was a different story.About an hour after I took the dose, I started feeling unwell.My ears were ringing,my hands were shaking,I was having frequent PVC’s,I felt” jittery” inside (though my “vitals” were not significantly elevated… heart rate was 93 (73 is my “normal”) and my blood pressure was 127/84 (my “normal” is 120/70))I had a strange pain/ache/fatigue sensation from just at the upper jaw to slightly above the temples on both sides.I felt as though I may pass out.-This was very disturbing, as my husband was working late and I was home with our 8 year old daughter. I called to have a family member come over and hang out with us until my husband got home, “just in case”. I started drinking a lot of water in hopes of flushing the active ingredients out of my system faster… (I didn’t know what else to do as the supplement had already been in my system for over an hour by this point)I emailed my dr’s office (they sell Nutrafol). (Happy they were answering emails at 845pm but they didn’t have much advice, stating these symptoms can happen with any number of the ingredients contained in Nutrafol.. they recommended to drink a lot of water (which I’d started already) and hope the symptoms pass… and to go to the ER or Urgent Care if things worsen or do not get better by 10pm)Well, 3 hours and 64 ounces of water later, most of the symptoms have diminished.. the lingering tinnitus and the unpleasant sensation at the temple/jaw area are all that remains. I am hoping that by tomorrow this will all be over.I do not have any known allergies, I take a few quality supplements from OrthoMolecular and Life Extension and have never had a reaction like this. I have not changed anything else in my diet or supplement routine since starting Nurtafol. (aside from stopping my biotin and vitamin E supplement when starting this)So, unlike the Nutrafol founder with RA who commented on one reviewer’s cautionary post, stating he has been taking it for 4 years with no problems… I will not be continuing this supplement. I ordered directly through Nutrafol and signed up for a subscription.. I am hoping the cancellation process is more painless than the supplement itself.I have no idea if this is related to my autoimmune disease, or some other unknown factor, but I agree with a few of the reviewers who said… proceed with caution.Being repetitious, I know, but I’ll say again, there are a LOT of ingredients in this supplement, many of which are in very high doses. This may be fine for the vast majority.. but it isn’t for some.When I was feeling my worst tonight, waiting for my Dr’s office to email back.. I was googling like crazy to find out if there were any reported side effects with this med… I stumbled across a study done to evaluate the efficacy of Nutrafol. I found it interesting that people with autoimmune thyroiditis or thyroid problems (along with many other groups of people) were excluded from the study (could not participate)This could be due to the fact that hair loss/thinning/textural changes are common in thyroid disorders and therefore would present too many variables to control for the study… but it also makes me wonder if they are even sure this supplement is safe for people with AI thyroiditis.. (good news for the “normal” people out there.. the study DID conclude that the product performed as “advertised” when the participants (those who met the criteria to take part in the study) took as directed for the prescribed amount of time.)It is obvious that MANY people are able to take this supplement with no adverse reaction… but I am not one of them. Sadly.

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  49. Anastasia

    Love the result

    I didn’t know what expect. Honestly. But after I was done with taking the whole jar I noticed my hair growth, and less hair loss. Which is a goal of course. So I decided to give a try for the second round.

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  50. Amazon Customer

    Works slowly

    Been a month and I’m starting to see improvement in thickness overall

  51. CoCo

    That you have to take 4 capsules a day.

    It’s a hair nutrient/grow product. Haven’t used it long enough to make an adequate review.

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  52. Marilyn Hamilton


    I don’t write a lot of reviews, but feel this product deserves it. I’ve been on this faithfully for over 2 months & feel like there’s been a tremendous reduction in hair loss & root integrity. I’ve been trying many products over the past 2 years, and this is the first time I’ve seen results in combination with the VIRTUE hair loss shampoo & conditioner. I highly recommend these supplements along with VIRTUE hair products. My results have been amazing after 2 years without success previously.

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  53. L.Penny

    First time purchase from dermatologist office

    I started going through menopause in my mid 30’s and one apparent side effect was thinning and subtle ongoing male pattern baldness. No way, I’m a woman! I’ve been seeing a bioidentical hormone replacement doctor for several years and have tried different treatments through him for my hair problems and none seem to help. My hair really dislikes testosterone injections so I cut the dose in half and inject twice a week. That did seem to help some; however, I continued having the problem. My doctor pretty much exhausted anything and everything he could think of to help me, but the one thing that did seem to really help was a “saw palmeto” supplement. I was in my dermatologist office, maybe 2 years ago, and we were discussing both of our problems with hair thinning, male pattern baldness, etc. and led her to started selling “Nutrafol” in her office. She said that this may help me, yes it has saw palmeto in it, so I bought a couple of bottles in her office. (Same exact price as you can get it on Amazon from Nutrafol.) I started using it as directed and continued using the product for, I’m guessing maybe 5 or 6 months, and was ready to buy more bottles when I got this wild hair, not literally but figuratively, to stop taking it because was it really doing anything??? Even though I thought to myself that I hadn’t been obsessing over my hair or really even thinking about it lately. You know how we all can be. (Ha!) So, I didn’t order anymore and the empty bottle landed in the trash can, the days passed by of me “saving money” and thinking maybe my body finally adjusted to the hormone imbalances etc., when all of a sudden I realized I was obsessing about my hair thinning AGAIN! Needless to say, good feeling of “saving money” went out the door and right away ordered more bottles. This doesn’t work immediately and as I said earlier, for me, it was all of a sudden realizing that I was no longer obsessing over my hair and seeing the male pattern baldness actually filled in. So, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t give a 5 star then. Even though this product works for me it isn’t perfect. Everytime I go through a really stressful situation my hair relapses, falls off the wagon, whatever your favorite thing to say is. 😁 I just keep taking the Nutrafol and eventually I see my hair responding and little sprouts and new growth happening and the next thing you know, my hair looks normal, full, and healthy. Then BAMB! Stress again…Maybe the people who make Nutrafol could find the one perfect ingredient to add, to counteract the negative effects of stress. That would be the ultimate 5 star rating from me.

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  54. Lucinda

    Love this item but it was short a couple of pills

    Product was missing a couple of pills

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  55. Danielle

    Noticeable changes within first month

    My hair has always been thin and fine and I tend to shed A TON. Post COVID I developed acute thyroiditis and that imbalance did a toll on my hair. Tried so many different supplements and serums until trying this brand. I have severe IBS and was scared to take so many pills daily. I only did 1-2 of these a day instead of the recommended 4. Within the first month and a half of taking this supplement my baby hairs were growing out to now fit in my pony tail. Overall hair looked slightly thicker, shinier, and stronger. Im on my second bottle and recommend to give it a try! Im 24 years old, good health, and my hair loss was primarily due to hormonal imbalance, stress, and genetics since my hair has always been a bit thinner. I wouldn’t expect this to all of us a sudden make you go from balding to thick locks, however, most likely you will notice a mild-moderate difference as I did. Hope this works for you as it did me!

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  56. kjb

    Progress in One Month

    So I started taking the vitamins on August 13 and I am seeing results. I have very little to no hair on my edges and I have posted my progression within this month. I will be ordering another bottle I can definitely see the new growth.

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  57. Marhow

    It really works!

    Works great

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  58. The Right Family


    Listen, I had COVID-19 at end of Dec 2020 into Jan 2021. I recovered, but my hair started shedding worst than a Welsh Corgi, Great Pyrenees, and Saint Bernard combined!!! I was using Ayurvedic Hair treatments but to no avail. I was sent to a specialist who then referred me to a Dermatologist – diagnosed with telogen effluvium. Now, I’ve had telegen effluvium postpartum for my 2 children in 2017 and 2019 but COVID-19 brought it back and made it worst! Dermatologist gave me options and this Nutraceuticals – Nutrafol – was on the list. I opted to try. Started taking it daily from April 01, 2021 and by July 2021 I had seen a SIGNIFICANT reduction in hair shedding. By August 2021, I started seeing more volume restoration (because of reduced shedding). This product works for me. It may not work for everyone but it worked well for me.I stopped taking it in September 2021 when I found out I was pregnant.I am now 9 months and about to give birth soon. I plan to start taking the Postpartum formula after I stop Breastfeeding, however, I will start using the Hair Growth Activator Serum as part of my hair care routine after my baby is delivered. The product is pricey but it was worth the price to see my hair shedding being significantly reduced. Give it a try and monitor your progress for at least 3 months. If it doesn’t work then I’m sorry. If it does work then AWESOME!I’m a Black woman with 3C curly hair and in my late 30’s.

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  59. Amazon Customer


    Like that seem to work. Don’t like taking four tablets daily.

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  60. Allison

    Nutrafol works wonders for hair growth but..

    This product was exceptional at growing my hair rapidly even my hairstylist noticed all of the new growth only a month after taking it. The trade off for me was excessively oily skin and hair and constant acne breakouts when I haven’t had problem skin for years. I’ll take the lack of hair growth/volume over bad skin.

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