Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, 8.5 Fl Oz Olaplex

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches; 8.82 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 20140616

Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 A batteries required.

UPC ‏ : ‎ 896364002428

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Olaplex

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07D37PQGL

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Best Sellers Rank: #2 in Shampoo & Conditioner Sets

Customer Reviews: 65,780 ratings

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#4 Only, #4C Only, #4P Only, Blonde Maintenance System Kit, Bond Maintenance System Kit

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

5.2 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches; 8.82 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Batteries ‏ : ‎

1 A batteries required.

UPC ‏ : ‎


Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#2 in Shampoo & Conditioner Sets

Customer Reviews:

65,780 ratings

60 reviews for Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo, 8.5 Fl Oz Olaplex

  1. Gloria

    Silky texture

    Small amount goes a long way. Hair texture changes immediately to soft and silky.

  2. rob g

    My hair loves it!

    Olaplex comes through, doesn’t let me down. I have natural wavy/curls. It gives the softness to manage hair

  3. Shayla Blue

    Would recommend!

    You don’t need much for a thorough wash so, while it’s expensive, it should last awhile. The first time I used it I could notice a difference in how my hair felt. It also smells good!

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  4. R. Lee

    I Am Impressed

    I believed that my hair, because I have aged, had become a hopeless, frizzy mess. I even bought a wig! After my first shampoo with Olaplex No. 4…WOW! I discovered it wasn’t my hair, it was the shampoo I had been using–a salon brand name and expensive, too! The results from just one washing were amazing. My hair was shiny, smooth and manageable. I promptly threw my former products away. I am a believer in Olaplex and will use it from now on.

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  5. Amazon Customer


    I have very curly hair (a mix of 3-4 a,b and c for reference) this is my GO TO detox shampoo. I wash my hair 2x a week. This stuff is a game changer for curly hair! My scalp is so clear, my curls are soft and more defined. It’s amazing. I also have psoriasis on my scalp and this is the first time in 20 years I’ve found a non medicated shampoo that works and doesn’t hurt.I use it with the no.8 mask. You will not regret trying it! And it lasts. I’ve had my bottle for 2 months now. Olaplex is a legit game changer.

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  6. catwoman 1302

    Works great!

    It really does help my split ends.

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  7. Wendy


    Soft comfortable and keeps our feet warm

  8. Kris Randall

    Works after first application

    This product works miracles, my hair felt stronger, healthier and thicker. Will by again

  9. Catherine Wittman

    So silky smooth!

    A great product that cleanses while still leaving your hair feeling nourished!

  10. Magda

    the best toning shampoo

    Kept it on for about 3 minutes and it toned my hair to the perfect icy blonde. Didn’t dry my hair out and left it smooth and shiny. Definitely a must have!

  11. Sarah Blake

    Perfect for any kind of blind brassiness!

    I LOVE this product so much. I’ve been holding of buying any Olaplex items due to the price, but I desperately needed a purple shampoo for my new growth to remove the bassinets that can come along with that. So I decided to use this on my hair DRY and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes before jumping in the shower, scrubbing my scalp really well and them just folling up with my regular shampoo on the non brassy parts and then conditioner. And when I took off my hair wrap to see if I would be once again disappointed with another “purple” shampoo, I was shocked! This Olaplex product actually does what it says it will do. Amazing huh? All of my brassiness was removed and my lovely ashy toned blonde was back! I highly recommend this product. If you don’t need a lot of brassy control and are just using this as upkeep, using int he shower on wet hair, leaving it on for 3-5 minutes, will work just fine. But for that extra pump of ashy blond- try it on dry hair right before you’re ready to shower and you’ll be 100% surprised and satisfied. This is coming from someone who’s tried every. Single. Purple. Shampoo on the market. Worth the dough!

  12. @thehauks

    The best purple shampoo

    I’ve been using Olaplex No.4 for about a year. This has been the best purple shampoo that I have used. I am constantly recommending it to my friends or anyone that compliments my color. (Of course I give my stylist a shout out too!) I use this about once a week and leave it on for a few minutes. It has consistently kept the yellow/bronze out of my blonde. I will add, if you leave it on too long it can make your blonde look more like the frost blonde. I know thats preferred among some but not others so be aware of how long you’re leaving it on and your preferred blonde.

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  13. MS24

    Genuinely impressed

    Without having a regular hair dresser to help me keep my hair long and healthy, my ageing, fine hair has been more prone to breaking over time. I’ve had to do much of my own research on products (not trying to spend a lot of $ and time trying them out) I finally found this product in a set of reviews that had great promise, but it was the only one not too thick or heavy for fine hair. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks now and I’m already seeing a great improvement! My hair has never looked so lustrous and it only ever got this soft with major conditioner mask use (I actually haven’t used my mask since starting this product). I also have far fewer hairs in my brush than in the past. Thank you so much for this product and I will be buying it again in the future!

    20 people found this helpful

  14. Fancypants

    Far Exceeded My Expectations

    I have no idea why I bought this but I’m glad I did. I was always cynical toward high priced shampoos. I would spend a bit more on special treatments but I always figured that shampoo is just get your hair clean so why splurge… Normal me would never spend $30 on a tiny bottle of shampoo. Life crisis me did. I normally use suave or pantene , just the deep cleansing ones, and since my hair has extensions in it I always had to use quite a bit to make sure it all got all over my head, through all the thick hair and I went through large $6 bottles rather quickly. I have bought, once or twice, expensive salon shampoos, Aveda, etc, but felt like I had to use a ton for them to actually get my scalp/hair clean. I was terrified this would last maybe 3 shampoos for me when I saw the bottle lol. The first time I used it, I used way less than I normally would of my other shampoos and it just kept multiplying itself, maintaining a THICK consistency, every time I ”shmoished” it around my head, lathering it around very thoroughly. I could have used even half the portion I tried. It’s the most incredible thick creamy sudsing, CLEANSING shampoo. It will probably last about 3 months and I’m fine with that at this price. It actually made my scalp and hair feel totally squeaky clean and fresh, without making it feel dry or tangled. It’s a miracle you guys. Just buy it. Life crisis or not. Just buy it. lol – oh and a bit of background, I have professionally platinum balayaged hair, and even though the bleaching process is the best of the best, we still need to repair and help the hair, so for me it’s all about the bonding products and they DO work. I’ve noticed my hair getting longer than ever because it was not breaking off, almost as long as my extensions now, but not as thick- yet, but still preserved what little I had left to grow it longer…then I graduated to the original and top product in that category (olaplex) and my blonde is now super shiny and feels like silky brand new hair. I really trust this will continue and even exceed in preserving my hair than the cheaper ”bonding” products I was using. I use Oleplex 3,4, and 5 now and I will not go back to anything ever again. If you want platinum AND long healthy soft shiny hair…these three are what you need.

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  15. Jeanne B

    Recommended by my stylist

    My stylist highly recommended this product as I have begun my “transition” to gray hair. It was much more expensive in the salon, so I ordered it here. This product does a phenomenal job keeping my natural and new gray hair just that: gray. No yellow tinge or dullness. I use it once a week and leave it in for 5 minutes and it allows my natural highlights to shine like a gray/silver/blonde and I love it!

  16. Sarah wheeler

    Best on the market!

    I love this shampoo. I first purchased it to try and fix my dried breaking hair. It was knotting up all the time with the other name brand I was using and always felt rough. This shampoo and conditioner set has completely changed the feel and looks of my hair. It is now very soft; not as frizzy and the tangles are almost non existent. I love this product so much I purchased for both of my daughters who have a lot thicker hair than I do and they both love it as well. Would highly recommend!

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  17. Amanda

    I was skeptical, but this is going to last a LONG time

    I love the #3 treatment but I’ve never bought the shampoo or conditioner because it’s SO expensive for a small bottle. I ran out of shampoo and decided to give it a go after reading a review that said they didn’t need to use much. And they were absolutely right. The consistency of this shampoo is very thick, and it turns into a lather in your hands. Which truthfully, normally I don’t do with my regular shampoo. But I’d say I use like, 1/4th of how much I would normally use, and even that might be too much. I haven’t had it long enough to say whether it works, but I know that I won’t have to buy another bottle for I’d say at least 3 months, and I have a lot of hair so that’s a win for me.

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  18. Just Me

    Must Have This Product

    I simply cannot live without this product. My hair was going grey, becoming dry, frizzy, thin, and just plain looked and felt awful. I tried numerous products and spent a lot of money looking for solutions. I even consulted my Dr who had no advice to offer. Then I noticed that my hair felt really great after my hairdresser washed it and I asked what she had used. It was Olaplex. She suggested using Olaplex No4, 5, 6 & 7 for my hair. Seemed pretty expensive, but I was desperate. So worth the money! I literally cannot live without this product. My hair feels and looks great!

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  19. Laura Smith

    Perfect product

    I love how well this tones out brassy-ness, it’s noticeable after the first wash. It’s important to make sure none is left in your shower after using it because the deep purple is hard to get off after it dries. The only thing I don’t like is how small the bottle is, my hairs so long I go through it pretty fast. All in all it does exactly what it’s supposed to do

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  20. Amazon Customer

    LOVE Olaplex!!

    I love love love this shampoo. You do not need very much so it lasts a fairly long time. My hair has less tangles since using and it stopped falling out. Guess it had whatever my hair needed to restore it to a healthy state.

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  21. Amazon Customer

    Best toner

    I love this as a toner, as a shampoo it doesn’t lather that well and makes my hair knotty. I’ll use this, let it sit and then shampoo and conditioner with another product. The color comes out incredible. Rich buttery champagne blonde. Best purple shampoo/toner I’ve come across.

  22. A Miller

    Great product

    I use it once a week. I had colored very curly hair. It was very dry and distressed. This line of products has turned my hair into soft healthy curls. I love that it doesn’t have a strong smell. I have allergies and I tolerate this line well. It’s pricey but using it once a week is worth it.

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  23. Wendy Normand


    Strengthening, shine, texture – you name it and it worked! So thrilled!

  24. Arifa


    U cant go wrong with this shampoo!!! Bow down!

  25. Jay

    ya no se me cae el cabello y me brilla como si tuviera un luces

    Lo compre despues de haber visto varios videos y opiniones, buscaba un shampoo para caída del cabello, con raices grasas y puntas secas y este es el mejor shampoo que he comprado en mi vida, ya no se me cae el cabello en la ducha, solo un par de hebras, nada comparado coomo antes, soy rubia y el cabello me lo deja tan brillante que parece q tiviera highlights, el precio vale la pena, el tamaño es pequeño pero con un poquito hace el monton de espuma, ya llevo 3 meses usándolo y va por la mitad; me han dicho que el cabello me ha crecido muchísimo y otra me dijo que brillante se me ve.

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  26. Tanya L. Fegan

    The best

    It works

  27. Amazon Customer

    As good as the reviews

    I have had such a trouble finding shampoo that doesn’t make my hair creasy. The reviews were amazing on this and I couldn’t agree more. I am back to only washing my hair twice a week…yay!

  28. Antonija Petrushevska

    Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

    Product is of quality as always, my only bad comment is that the seal under the cap of the bottle was detached and shampoo has spilled a little when it arrived.

  29. Jen

    I see improvements.

    I used this shampoo because my hair was damaged from over processing. I have used it 3 times now & can feel & see a difference! I also use the conditioner.

  30. Sunshine

    Never received

    Never received constantly delivering update and asked to cancel order. Why bother to orderShampoo is great I have purchased it befor at Ulta

  31. Tess

    Very clarifying

    I have very oily hair and this product has worked well to help with that. I used to need to wash my hair every 3 days but now I go a week in between washes (the picture is my day three hair) The only complaint I have is that it drys my hair out a little bit but that can be fixed with some oils!

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  32. LARA H. ATL

    Truly amazed

    I bought the shampoo and conditioner while on sale for Prime Day, and am gobsmacked how good this is. I’ve been bleaching my hair platinum blonde for 35 years and this stuff makes my hair feel silky! And it’s so concentrated you only need a small dab. The bottle might be small, but it lasts a very long time.

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  33. Shaila G

    Great product

    I love this product. It makes my scalp feel good and fresh. My hair has body and bounce as if it was styled at the salon. My only complaint is that the bottle leaks. I travel a lot so I’ve been losing a lot of product. This is with the large size and travel size bottles. It costs too much to not have better packaging (buyer beware).

  34. Lori Schmitt

    The best for my over processed hair

    Olaplex is the perfect product for my old and over processed hair. I use all the olaplex products to provide a middle age uplift to my not so luscious locks. I’ve literally tried every product on the market and this is my new go to for life.

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  35. fsandoval

    I’m amazed that it worked.

    I was skeptical when purchasing this shampoo because of the price. Well I used an entire bottle and I saw the difference in my hair. Wow. It’s not a HUGE difference but enough for me to notice. I use this shampoo every 2 days.

  36. PM

    Best purple shampoo

    This is probably the best purple shampoo I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many). I’ve received so many compliments on my hair after using this with No. 5. Any purple “staining” on your hands comes off in the shower with soap. Great product, thank you!

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  37. Jaime Rothbard

    Big impact

    I love how much smoother, shinier and softer my hair looks after I use this product. I’ve been using a keratin treatment on my hair for the last year and this shampoo maintains the effect beautifully. Not too strong of a scent.

  38. JC

    My favorite Shampoo

    Love this shampoo. My hair was coarse and now it is soft. When I received it the shampoo had leaked out. I wish they could change the bottle style to stop the leakage.

  39. kimberly yurich

    Best shampoo

    I am finally getting new hair growth where I was losing hair after using this product for the last 3 months. I was losing hair due to menopause and this is the only shampoo that I have noticed new hair growth. Best shampoo and clean ingredients.

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  40. Jose Gonzalez

    My girlfriend love this product

    My girlfriend has noticed by using this product her hair feels very smooth and soft

  41. Marcelle Alencar

    The best

    The best thing for your hair

  42. Robyn Crosby


    Expensive but with it for damaged hair.

  43. joan maro

    One little drop is all you need

    Excellent product! The bottle will last I’d say 6 months. One pea size amount of shampoo-rub your hands together-add a little hot water and wash your hair! A little goes a long…way!

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  44. patricia barnes

    Excellant product

    Quality shampoo

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  45. Lyndsey

    Love Olaplex products!

    I love Olaplex products. The difference they make to the look and feel of my hair is incredible. I won’t buy any other brand now.

  46. ROBERT Y.

    Definitely does the job!

    This will tone the yellow right out of your hair! Be careful to not use it more than once a week or you will have purple/silver hair and purple hands. I actually had to lay off of it for awhile because my students asked me if I put purple highlights in my hair..hahaha! This did feel a little drying as well, but if you’re only using it occasionally, it won’t bother you.

    4 people found this helpful

  47. Dela Prado

    Great price for a product that I use regularly!

    I usually buy this from a salon or Ulta but I pay considerably more money for it!! I have been blonde for about 6 months and this keeps it looking beautiful! This is NOT MEANT for daily use! I use it once a week usually or less. It WILL dry your hair out! For extra moisturizing you can use the olaplex bonding conditioner. This is exactly what I buy for $30 or more- I love my results!! I don’t wash my hair daily- maybe 2-3 times a week- but this only 1 time a week and it works great!!

    8 people found this helpful

  48. CM

    Change to this NOWWWWW before it’s too late

    Sometimes you want to save money. Not with your hair please. My hair stylist made me buy it because there was no point in spending all the money at the hair salon to then end up with the worst hair quality. Anyway, switched, grateful, happy, now in my third bottle and will just not quit

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  49. Ketevan

    This is mostly effective for the damaged hair.

    I have tried lots of expensive options but this shampoo was ideal for my highlighted, and very dry hair. Adds sparkle and restored aired even one use.

  50. Catrina

    Smooth hair

    This is my go to brand! LOVE it

  51. Jamie

    Love this product

    Great product definitely recommend it!

  52. Amazon Customer


    Works great and smells nice

  53. LLewis

    Buy it!


  54. Bridget Becker

    Amazing hair care

    High quality hair care products

  55. Julie A Tucker

    Works like it should.

    It clarifies my blonde hair and gets rid of the yellowing.

  56. cris


    I love it

  57. Mandy

    Nothing beats olaplex!!!

    Best product ever!!

  58. Surabhi Tripathi

    Good shampoo

    I color my hair so this shampoo is good to keep my hair good and hair color is still there for at least for four weeks.

  59. Ashley Patterson

    Repairs breakage within 2 days

    My hair was breaking to the point everytime I shampooed and conditioned my hair I thought I would be bald soon. The #4 used with the #5 conditioner has improved it greatly.

  60. Alana

    Great product, but pricey!

    I finally caved after months/years of hearing how great Olaplex products are for hair – and more specifically, hair repair. While I do see the allure, I have extremely thick hair – and this product did not last me long. I would recommend this purchase as a “once in a while splurge” rather than your go-to shampoo, especially if you have thick hair!

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