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About this item HIBISCUS TEA BAGS – 100 Tea Bags filled with premium hibiscus from Egypt. ORGANIC HIBISCUS TEA – The tea is filled into tea bags and packed into foil-lined kraft bags in California 100 ECO-CONSCIOUS TEA BAGS – Our premium tea bags are constructed of Abacá Hemp Fiber Paper. They are free of dyes, adhesive, glue and chlorine bleach. No staples, strings, bags or extra waste – just delicious tea! CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC & NON-GMO – All our products are certified USDA Organic and certified Non-GMO. Look for the USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project seals on our products! LOVE IT OR WE BUY IT – We don’t think you should pay for products that you don’t love. If you aren’t enjoying our products, simply let us know and we will refund your order – it’s as easy as that!

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How did we get our start?

  1. Years ago we set out on a trip around the world where we experienced many cultures and their foods that supercharged us in a way we had never felt before. From there, we were inspired and motivated to bring these foods to others.

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  1. Our products are organic, non-GMO, and sourced from nutrient dense origins around the world. We don’t think you should pay for products you don’t love, so “love it or we buy it”. But with more than 150,000 positive reviews, we hope you’ll love it too.

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  1. We love our 2 million+ customers and the input they share with us. It’s exciting to source nutrient rich products and deliver them at fair rates so everyone can feel good.
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  • About this item HIBISCUS TEA BAGS – 100 Tea Bags filled with premium hibiscus from Egypt.
  • ORGANIC HIBISCUS TEA – The tea is filled into tea bags and packed into foil-lined kraft bags in California
  • 100 ECO-CONSCIOUS TEA BAGS – Our premium tea bags are constructed of Abacá Hemp Fiber Paper. They are free of dyes, adhesive, glue and chlorine bleach. No staples, strings, bags or extra waste – just delicious tea!
  • CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC & NON-GMO – All our products are certified USDA Organic and certified Non-GMO. Look for the USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project seals on our products!
  • LOVE IT OR WE BUY IT – We don’t think you should pay for products that you don’t love. If you aren’t enjoying our products, simply let us know and we will refund your order – it’s as easy as that!


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 11.65 x 7.09 x 3.15 inches; 8.78 Ounces

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ FGO

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07ND51YPC

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ Egypt

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Herbal Tea

Customer Reviews: 102,864 ratings

About this item HIBISCUS TEA BAGS – 100 Tea Bags filled with premium hibiscus from Egypt. ORGANIC HIBISCUS TEA – The tea is filled into tea bags and packed into foil-lined kraft bags in California 100 ECO-CONSCIOUS TEA BAGS – Our premium tea bags are constructed of Abacá Hemp Fiber Paper. They are free of dyes, adhesive, glue and chlorine bleach. No staples, strings, bags or extra waste – just delicious tea! CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC & NON-GMO – All our products are certified USDA Organic and certified Non-GMO. Look for the USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project seals on our products! LOVE IT OR WE BUY IT – We don’t think you should pay for products that you don’t love. If you aren’t enjoying our products, simply let us know and we will refund your order – it’s as easy as that!

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1 Pound (Pack of 1), 4 Ounce (Pack of 1), 6 Count (Pack of 1), 20 Count (Pack of 1), 36 Count (Pack of 1), 100 Count (Pack of 1)

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Chai, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Gunpowder Green, Jasmine Pearls, Matcha, Matcha Latte, Nettle Leaf, Rooibos, Rosehip, Sencha, Jasmine, Black, Black Tea (Decaf), Green, Hibiscus, Ashwagandha, Assam, Black Tea, Chamomile, Dandelion Root, Darjeeling, Elderberry, Ginger, Ginger Lemon, Ginger Peach, Green Tea, Green Tea (Decaf), Honey Ginseng, Irish Breakfast, Lemon, Matcha + Green Tea, Milk Thistle, Mint, Moringa, Moringa Mint, Oolong, Peppermint Leaf, Pu'erh, Raspberry, Rooibos Chai, Rosehips, Spearmint, Thyme Leaf, Tulsi, Turmeric Ginger, White Tea


Loose Leaf, Iced Tea Bags, Tea bags

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

11.65 x 7.09 x 3.15 inches; 8.78 Ounces

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Herbal Tea

60 reviews for Organic Hibiscus Tea Bags | 100 Tea Bags | Eco-Conscious Tea Bags in Kraft Bag | Raw from Egypt | by FGO Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. james wascko

    Good stuff!

    This is the Mrs….. I have bought a few different types of organic peppermint tea and they all have a very light flavor or I have to use 2 tea bags to achieve the flavor I’m looking for.. not super strong, but just right….. But this one is really good. I normally put in more water than 8 oz (about 10-12 ozs) and this one is good even with extra water in the cup.I like that it has no string to cut and the tea bag itself is not bleached with a bunch of chemicals.If one was to purchase a box of another brand at the store it can run about 5 dollars + or -. So at 4$ for 20 tea bags (which is about what you get in the store, one brand that I liked was only 16). This at 4$ for 20 tea bags (when broken down to the same size as the store) this is a good deal.Hopefully this helps someone. Something else I have learned is that each person has a different pallet on their tongue… So what’s strong or weak to me might be different to someone elseBlessings

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  2. VeganPrepper

    Most delicious earl grey we’ve ever had!

    We make this often in our family in a big pot that makes six cups (48 floz or just under 1.5L) of tea. It is THE best earl grey we’ve ever had, and we’re tea snobs, which you will absolutely be able to tell for yourself by the end of this review. For those who would like to know how to make the smoothest, fruitiest earl grey you’ve ever had, here are our instructions.Here are the basics of brewing good tea: get the water the correct temperature and use more tea (not more time) for a stronger cup. There you go!We use an electric kettle with temperature control. I heat an entire kettle of water to 195F (about 90C). (This can be achieved, though not as precisely, by boiling water in a regular kettle on a stove, then removing from heat and letting sit for 5-7 minutes before using. If your tea turns out super bitter, let the water sit a bit longer next time. If it turns out weak, use it faster.) I use 8 tea bags for the 48oz. Typically I do the rule of “one bag/tsp per cup plus one for the pot”, but found that 7 was not quite as strong in flavor as we like, so I added one extra tea bag and it was perfect.Let the tea brew for exactly 3 minutes, then pull the bags out. Viola! The best tea ever!Generally speaking, if you want a stronger flavor with black/green/white/oolong teas, it’s best to use more tea rather than a longer brewing time. The longer brewing time risks making the tea bitter. I know it feels wasteful at first, but really, this is how you get the best tea you’ve ever had in your life. It makes it worth it. If, however, you love the bitter taste that tea can get when it’s brewed too hot/too long, then you do you and brew it however you like it. We hate that bitter taste, so we go to a lot of trouble to avoid it.

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  3. jCee

    Love it and will continue to reorder

    This product is wonderful. It tastes great, it’s fresh, and comes packaged in a recyclable bag. I have a reminder to order on a regular basis, as I drink it every day.My doctor told me I was pre-diabetic and by accident, I bought ashwagandha for the first time as I was trying to find something to calm me down and help me manage my stress. After using it for a few months, my doctor ordered a blood panel to see if I was still pre-diabetic and I wasn’t!I was unaware that ashwagandha helps manage blood sugar until my blood test results came back.This is a great product and the price is the best I’ve come across for the number of tea bags per package (100).

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  4. kasimonsen

    Love this tea!

    This tea is amazing! It is fresh and I love the fact that there are no strings. I drink it daily–sometimes hot but mostly I drink it cold throughout the day. After I steep it (many times along with a green tea bag) I add ice cubes then transfer the tea and bags into my water bottle (filled with ice) and keep adding water throughout the day. My body feels better and I don’t think I have as much “brain fog” since I have been using this. I have given several packets of these tea bags to friends to try–it’s that good!

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  5. James Houston Jr

    Great for all kinds of things

    So this is James wife. I bought nettle tea because im over weight and Ive been having problems with my urinary tract. I was 180 on 1/5/23 and today 1/15/23 I am down 6 pounds and I have lost 4 inches off my waist. The first couple days I was burping alot and had a crazy amount of energy. I WILL DEFINATLY BE ORDERING MORE! the only thing i didnt like about it was the taste, It taste really stong. It also helped with my urinary issues.

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  6. trish

    Better have a very fine mesh steeper

    The tea is very flavorful, robust and tasty. Quite a pleasing flavor with no after-taste. However, the tea was rather crushed and broken with a fair amount of it pulverized. Fortunately I have a very tight mesh strainer, but some “powder” still permeated the tea. I would look for upgraded packaging next time or I might try an alternate brand. I think when I get to the literal bottom of the package it is going to be as powdery as store bought tea and it is going to need little empty tea bags to steep. But the flavor is fantastic. Would have been 5 stars if the packaging had been able to protect the product from crush/pulverization during transit.

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  7. Nate

    OK for the price (Earl Grey)

    It’s acceptable for the price, but not as good as I was hoping.Unlike most Earl Grey teas that use bergamot flavour extract, this one uses real bergamot oil, which is good, but there’s not enough. As others have mentioned, it’s a very subtle flavour, not as robust as I was hoping. I’d put the strength of flavour at 2/5. Still, what little flavour that’s there is good.So why 3 stars? Well, it is marketed as containing FOP and TGFOP tea grades, and I’m skeptical. Tea grading is somewhat subjective, but as someone who has visited tea plantations in India and has purchased truly high quality full leaf teas, I don’t think the leaves meet the claimed standard. The teas are fine, they taste quite good, and are probably at least OP/FOP quality, but the leaves are fairly large and almost all are broken into medium sized pieces. There are very few tips and there are a reasonable amount of stems. So at best we are looking at FP/FBOP tea.I’m not happy with the advertised grading, and I wish it had more bergamot. But it’s acceptable for daily use and probably the best in this price range.Lord Grey by Stephen Smith Teamaker is the highest quality Earl Grey I have found, but you certainly pay for it ($60/lb), and I don’t think it’s worth the premium for an everyday cup.

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  8. Michelle Marie Wendt

    Good Herbal Tea, Nettle Leaf

    When I opened the box and saw this bag of Nettle tea I started cracking up — it’s enormous! Good thing I like it. I was dubious at first, because upon opening it smells like cut grass to me. But the taste reminds me of weak green tea. This was a very nice surprise, because I prefer black and green teas, so for an herbal, good-for-you tea, I am very satisfied with the taste.

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  9. Taylor Vich

    A great helper for stress relief and more

    Ashwagandha tea is great on nights when stress is really getting to you, so when I ended up without anxiety medication for a while, I started drinking this daily. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a replacement, and you should never stop taking your medication without consulting your doctor. However, this tea is great for controlling stress without making you tired.Now, why am I giving this a four star review when I have such a favorable opinion of it? Not only does it have a good, neutral flavor, but it also smells great, so what could be the matter? The problem lies in the eco-friendly teabags. I lost one, sometimes two teabags per package of tea because they either stuck together or fell apart in the package.

    28 people found this helpful

  10. ChereseCecelia

    Blends smoothly!

    I recently tried the Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder and was really impressed with the quality and taste. The powder is a vibrant green color and has a smooth, creamy texture when mixed with water.One of the things I love about this matcha powder is that it is organic, which means it is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This is important to me because I try to prioritize products that are produced sustainably and in an environmentally friendly manner.The taste of the matcha powder is also great. It has a subtle, yet distinct, grassy flavor that is really refreshing. I love adding a scoop of the powder to my morning smoothies or mixing it with hot water for a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon.Overall, I am really happy with my purchase of the Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder. It is a high-quality product that I would definitely recommend to others.

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  11. Jill Sanchez

    Amazing Matcha Powder for the price!

    Was very pleasantly surprised by this matcha powder. I’ve tried a lot of budget matchas, and most are pretty terrible. This is lightly sweet and grassy, with no bitterness. May settle slightly in a drink, but blends very well and not gritty at all. Beautiful green color, not like so many that turn an unappetizing brownish color. Tasty enough to drink on its own. Can’t believe how delicious this is for the price.

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  12. Kenneth Downs

    Good but smells like kratom.

    First of all let me clarify that I’m fully aware that this is not kratom. That being said if you’ve used kratom in the past and quit you might have a problem with this because it looks and smells exactly like it. Doesn’t taste quite like it but it is pretty similar. I was able to get over it though and I still drink this regularly. Got to be better for you than coffee 🙂

  13. Amazon Customer


    I really enjoy black tea but even the decaf will keep me up all night. So in a quest for an herbal option with 0 caffeine I’ve found rooibos and raspberry leaf tea to be similar on flavor to black tea without the caffeine! And, this chai version of rooibos is so flavorful and tasty!

  14. Liz P.

    Fresh & Consistent

    I’ve ordered this Nettle leaf a number of times. It always seems fresh and clean. I don’t know much about nettle but it appears to be a good product. I’ve used it a handful of times in tea but I mainly use it in homemade dog food (part of a natural hip & joint recipe I make in the slow cooker plus I heard it was good for allergies. I’m no expert.). Once I add the nettle it makes for a familiar, fragrant herbal freshness that both me and my dogs recognize. It is one of the primary ingredients and must be noticeable to the pups. They seem to enjoy it. Can’t say if it has any positive effects but I’ve been using it for several years and had no adverse issues.

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  15. R A Vent

    Tastes pleasant

    Tastes pleasant. I am fighting cancer and read a study that white tea helps relieve mucositis caused by chemo therapy and read some good things about health benefits, so I am giving it a try. The taste is smooth and pleasant. My taste buds are affected by chemo and most things taste bad to me, but the tea tastes nice and is comforting.

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  16. Superstar

    Calming a bit pricey

    I have trouble going to sleep. This is calming. Best to take a cup in the evening then later 1 or 2 hours before bed. Because I have gut issues I mix it up with smooth move tea. I also take magnesium citrate to keep bloating away. Tried chamomile tea before but this works better for me. 4 stars because its a bit expensive compared to other teas. Also because it doesn’t make you fall asleep, it only helps you wind down. I also take melatonin and B1.

    5 people found this helpful

  17. Barry

    bags are thin

    I only marked it down as the bags are a little thin. I get my hot water from a hot water machine that drops the water from about 8-9 inches into the cup. often the bag will break open letting the leaves to float at the bottom. I would drink about 3/4 of the cup and then throw it out as not to be drinking the leaves. other than that it was okay

  18. Kayla B


    This tea has no taste, so don’t think you’ll be getting a strong raspberry flavor. Plenty of nicely individually packaged tea bags. I drank this 2x a day since 33 weeks of my pregnancy, can’t say whether or not it helped with labor because I had to get induced @38 weeks

  19. Kritayuga

    Excellent tea

    I bought this street watching Dr Berg speak about the benefits. I like that this is organic and the flavor turned out too be pleasant. Not a big fan of teas but this tastes down right decent (i don’t sweeten it). This tea helps me relax and is refreshing! Thanks doc!

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  20. madam x

    No string and paper tags on these tea bags – Cancer Update

    I prefer these because they can be dropped into the boiling water of a saucepan without those unsightly strings hanging out. I usually add about 1/2 – 1 inch of chopped fresh ginger into the cold water. I make batches of 4 cups (4 bags). Then add lemon juice and sugar to taste.Update: I was asked by Amazon to answer the following question: “Why does this product cause cancer?” There was a photograph of this product with a circle in the lower left-hand corner supposedly related to cancer. Today I looked at my package and studied it carefully. There is nothing written related to cancer on the package.

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  21. Sheila Robinson

    Healthy, truly eco-conscious, and delicious!

    I love this tea! Not only does it taste good, but it has health benefits as well. I had read that matcha tea would lower blood sugar, and it did. My blood sugar readings have come down to normal levels. I have been able to brew three cups of tea with just one tea bag, which is definitely a plus. I’ll be ordering more of this high-quality, eco-conscious tea!

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  22. Michele Pittman

    Where Has this Tea Been my Entire Life?

    I got turned on to this tea by a plant based doctor because it contains more antioxidants than green tea. I love the idea of drinking hibiscus tea. It has something of a flowery smell which is heavenly. I use 3 teabags per cup and then 2 teabags in my next cup for a total of 5 per day for maximum benefits. I will use a little raw unfiltered honey or a packet of monk fruit sweetener but you don’t really need it if you’re used to drinking tea without a sweetener. Even with multiple teabags in one cup it’s not too strong, in my opinion. The bag re-seals nicely and keeps the teabags fresh and I think you get a lot of teabags for the cost. I also love how these are round teabags with no strings. Perfect.

    29 people found this helpful

  23. Philo

    More than good replacement for Twinings Earl Grey (loose leaf)

    Review for: Organic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 16oz bag (1pound), bought September 2020.The underlying black tea is a good mix of Keemun and Assam. The Keemun makes for a lighter tea that does not drown out the Bergamotte oil, or force an amount that makes the tea taste soapy. Twinings itself has replaced most of the real Bergamotte oil with extract and their website doesn’t say how much real Bergamotte is left. I still like Twinings Earl Grey, it’s been my family tea for more than half a century, but knowing that this organic product uses only the real thing (2% organic Bergamotte content, as per ingredient list) is an extra star in my book. The tea that arrived was super fresh with an aromatic scent (expiry date end of January 2023), which is important as the bergamotte oil fragrance and tea aroma will evaporate over time.The taste is a delicious, light to medium strength Earl Grey, great on its own or (for lighter taste) mixed with 1/3rd Darjeeling. If you are used to soapily strong Earl Grey variants or those made with Assam alone, you may find it too light. If you like Twinings, you’ll probably like it alot.I have not been able to do a direct taste comparison side by side, as I ran out of Twinings before this arrived, but as I am sitting here, sipping a cup of the hot, dark-golden liquid with a small teaspoon of cane sugar, tasting a well balanced mix of light black tea and bergamotte oil, I am letting out a satisfied sigh. I am finding this one to be an excellent substitute.Update 2021: Had 3 1-pound-bags of this in the meantime, and all of them were perfectly aromatic and tasty.Preparation instructions:Serve in thin-lipped bone-china cups of approx. 6oz size (better sensory experience than mugs for delicate teas, see image).Use 2 tea pots and a straining sieve: one pot to steep the leaves and another to strain the brewed tea into, in order to get the leaves out before they turn bitter.Bring 3 cups / 24 oz of water to boil, pour over 6g (0.22oz) Earl Grey tea leaves while still boiling. The leaves should float freely in a pre-warmed tea pot. For less or more tea, just multiply or divide water and tea by the same amounts.Strain after no longer than 3 minutes of steeping through a tea-straining sieve into the serving tea pot. (I am setting a timer to 2:40 min brewing time and don’t stress over 20 seconds more). When I strain the tea, I either stirr the leaves right before, or let the leaves drip from the sieve after straining, to get all the full, concentrated tea. (if you accidentally steeped it too long, you can try decanting without stirring the leaves and it might save you from a bitter experience). I drink it with a little cane sugar and a piece of bread with something sweet on it, and thereafter, my brain starts working. If you are a Trekkie and have not tried what Picard’s favorite drink really is about when properly prepared, this is it. If yours is bitter, you either use too much tea or you let it steep too long.Oh, and I never use tea bags for black tea. It is filled with the tea dust that is breaking off from the properly dried tea leaves, the leftover after the leaves have been packaged. That tends to make for an overpoweringly strong tea, plus the dust tends to seep into the tea itself. Either that or (with luxury versions=filled with proper leaves) it does not have enough room for giving off its taste. Free floating is the way to go.If you want to avoid the garbage getting all wet, just leave the used leaves to drip and dry in the sieve over the pot you used for steeping before throwing them away.Disclaimer: this is the first time ever I bought this product. I have picked and paid it myself and have nothing whatsoever to do with either FGO, Amazon or Twinings. This is a pure tea enthusiast’s review article and I hope you enjoyed it and your tea.

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  24. Deedster

    Great health benefits and tasty

    Especially enjoy a hot cup during the winter, but one only needs to look up the nutritional benefits of nettle tea to know it’s a must drink. The flavor reminds me of a strong green tea. It’s very earthy, yet makes the tea water feel extra soft.

  25. Sherry MacK

    Tasty Roobios Chai in reduced packaging

    This chai is really excellent- the spice blend is spot on and harmonious and it is caffeine free! Being able to buy bulk tea is important to me- the reduction in waste packaging is good here. The sachets don’t have wasteful strings or tags and they come in one re-sealable bag/envelope that keeps them fresh. Big high five!

  26. Alds


    Wasn’t expecting the 16oz to come in a HUGE BAG. Photo compared to my 10.2 inch iPad lol. Not sure what nettle leaf is SUPPOSED to taste like since this is my first time trying it. But it does taste like green tea with a slightly bitter aftertaste, which I was expecting after reading about it. Kinda like bittermelon (ampalaya). Bought it for my dad’s gout and thyroid issues, as well as our BP and blood sugar. Can’t comment on how those levels are affected until we get tests and since I just received it today. Overall, it’s pretty good and definitely worth the price! I think it’ll last us a year or 2 which is great bc the expiration date is in March 2025.

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  27. Amazon Customer

    One less pill to swalloe

    I was so happy to see the Ashwaganda tea back in stock. Supplements are a big deal in my house in addition to balanced meals and teas.Unfortunately, I don’t always find swallowing pills easy so I’m always on the lookout for ways to source through natural means. This Ashwaganda tea not only tastes delicious (IMO) but gives me easy, daily access to this powerful antioxidant. I like to throw 3 bags in a 24oz mug and add 2 bags of the Lemon Ginger for a tangy, earthy pick me up midday.

    10 people found this helpful

  28. DuffyJayy


    this tea is very good. i think it’s best to be used without honey or cinnamon or anything just drink it in its rawest flavor for the best results. i noticed when i drunk it with honey i got sleepy very fast

  29. Michelle Navarro

    Great for PCOS/suffering from high testosterone

    This tea is absolutely AMAZING! recently found out I had high testosterone so I decided to buy spearmint tea & drank 2 cups daily and it has worked miracles! Not only has it lowered my testosterone but it has improved my acne SO MUCH! absolutely love this, will be purchasing again! I know for one tea bag it’s 8 ounces of water but I like to do 16ounces. WONDERFUL!!!

    9 people found this helpful

  30. Whitney

    Great tea! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I’ve been very pleased with this tea. Great flavor, easy to brew, and smells great. I have about 2 C worth every morning on my way to work. It comes in a resealable bag to Keep the tea fresh. I’ll be ordering again for sure. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  31. Heidi

    Love it!

    I started using this product months ago as a suggestion to help with balancing hormones due to PCOS. I drink it daily. I am now having positive results. Don’t skip a day or more as you will see the difference. This product is fresh. I store it in a dark, sealed canister to maintain its freshness since there are so many in the pouch. Great purchase!

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  32. Amiti

    Love This Tea!

    I drink it most days, nice flavor with lemon and Agave sweetener .. I also add a pinch of cayenne pepper … in fact add cayenne pepper to your drinks and maybe it will satisfy your alcohol cravings …

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  33. Jessy Latour

    Calms me down!

    A colleague recommended me that tea! It tastes really good and calms you down (not to the point of falling asleep, but to actually end cycle on your day so you can switch gear into “you mode”).

  34. Verna Helm

    Turmeric Ginger Tea

    The first time I tried this tea I thought it was an odd tasting brew. Not something I had ever tasted. I put a tiny bit of sweetener and a dash of cream in the cup and I was sold! I find myself craving it on a cold, snowy afternoon. It has a teeny bit of cinnamon in it which just adds to the warmth of the turmeric and ginger. An added bonus is that the tea bags are compostable, so yea. My favorite tea by far.

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  35. Paul Silverstein

    Best so far

    I am really enjoying this green tea. I’ve had green tea from a South Carolina farm in the past and didn’t really care for it. This gives me big thick leaves in generous portions. Good value for the money. It also gives me a little caffeine buzz and no headache, which the other green tea would occasionally leave me with without the buzz. I highly recommend.

  36. sheldon

    My new favorite

    The local coffee shop I’m going to always uses this one. I’m so obsessed with it, I had to ask the brand and order my own pack to drink more of it. I love it

  37. Amazon Customer

    Very good but…

    Great tea but the mint in the batch I received is not the same that’s used for Moroccan tea. This tea has a bit of a peppermint taste….this is different from authenic Moroccan mint tea. I still enjoy it

  38. Rene Rains


    This Matcha is almost, and I do mean almost, as good as the ceremonial, Imand this is quite a bit cheaper. You can now consider me a loyal customer of this brand. Very pleased.

  39. Evan

    Simply great taste

    I purchased this product on a lightning deal to try let me just say I do not regret it at all. The taste is wonderful is some of the best hibiscus I’ve ever had. Freshness is there will be getting again

  40. Kim Nicholas

    Just as described, & fast shipping.

    Arrived quickly, and just as described. I would have preferred it shipped in an envelope and not just with a shipping label placed on front of the item. Wanted to give as a Christmas gift but you couldn’t even tell what it was as the front was completely covered up.

  41. Mackenzie

    Love it

    Best peppermint tea I have had so far. Some teas you can tell are old and don’t have that much flavor, but this one is so potent in a good way. I will definitely be buying it again.

  42. Lea Jean

    It’s good

    It’s a little bitter and strong but I enjoy drinking in the am .I don’t know what the benefits are but I don’t think I’ll continue buying it .

  43. John

    I drink ginger tea most nights –

    I drink ginger tea most nights — often mix it with decaf green tea. This is a good product. Good taste and economical. No strings attached so to speak!

  44. Frederick McDermott

    Straight forward green tea with matcha.

    Very good buy and a really no frills green tea. Reasonably priced. I’ve enjoyed this more than regular green tea bags. I would buy it again.

  45. ndjimou Marie Pascaline


    Works. I noticed a reduction of my hormonal breakouts. The tea itself is fresh and tastes great. I recommend. Packaging is minimalist but great. I love.

  46. Christina

    This white tea does not have much tea fragrance as the others I have.

    It has little fragrance when it’s dry and not much taste when wet, but if you like light flavor tea it’s OK.

  47. Pamela Ciambrone

    Great flavor relaxing tea

    Love this tea after a long day. It works within 30 minutes of sipping. I rest well after each night of drinking a cup.

  48. Naomi

    Great for Hirsutism

    I use this for hirsutism caused by PCOS. Along with other natural healing, this helps tremendously with hirsutism

    4 people found this helpful

  49. SocalDancer

    Green tea pitcher bags are the solution!

    Pitcher bags are a great way to get your daily water plus green tea benefits. These are amazing. Organic green tea has so many health benefits. If you want an alternative to drinking hot tea, it’s very easy to make a 2-qt pitcher with one of the 36 bags in the package. If you don’t want iced tea, you can wait until it’s room temperature. I make up a pitcher every day or two and add a little liquid Stevia for sweetness. Delicious! A perfect way to help with your daily water needs plus the health benefits of green tea, which are many.

    8 people found this helpful

  50. cmac

    Healthy way to start the new year

    This tea is amazing. I sweeten it a little with honey and drink it before bed to help me relax. I’m hoping that using it will help lower my blood pressure and clean my liver. I will be consistently drinking every day to get the full benefits

    4 people found this helpful

  51. Lawrence

    This tea is the best as I have now kicked my store brand tea to the curve.

    Love the flavor of this tea and the value for the money. It has a smooth taste and, a clean fresh flavor.

  52. SLS

    Works great in Iced Coffee Maker!

    I enjoy both Iced Coffee and Iced Chai! This is Amazing in my Iced Coffee maker to make Iced Chai! Strong enough to make 2 portions with the same ground tea leaves! I add a little bit of sweet cream for Iced chai latte! 😋 Yummy!

  53. Mrs Leannette Boggan

    Great product

    I purchased this because it was suggested for girls/woman that suffer from pcos and I see the results. Mainly for hair growth.

  54. Food

    Helpful with PCOS Symptoms & Tastes Nice

    I’ve been sipping 1-3 cups a day of this since November and have been enjoying it. The flavor scent is nice, not overwhelming, and I find this helping in the management of some PCOS symptoms.

    3 people found this helpful

  55. RTK

    Strong flavor

    My son and I love Rooibus tea. It’s definitely worth paying a little more for loose tea rather than the prefilled tea bags. The flavor is more intense and the color is bolder too.

  56. filiana taveras

    To have a strong taste of ginger,

    To have a strong taste of ginger, I had to add 4 bags to the 12oz of water. I’ll try something else after I finish this one. Better luck next time

  57. KocoaFairy on TWITCH


    this bag is HUGEEEE!! last you at least a few months depending on how much you use. i’ve noticed a ton of difference in my lung health & overall ability to fight off and/or not get colds!! highly recommend & will be purchasing again 🙂

    2 people found this helpful

  58. Saccharinemama

    These are great

    Really nice cup of tea.We heat the water to 175°, brew for about a minute to a minute and 15 seconds and I use six or seven pearls for 16 ounces of water.

    2 people found this helpful

  59. Y. Chen

    Very good ginger tea

    I have been looking for ginger tea without other additives, especially sugar. This one meets my need. The unit price is not expensive. The pocket is small but the flavor is strong after it is dipped in the hot water for a few minutes. Recommended.

    5 people found this helpful

  60. PT

    Different taste but affordable

    This is my first time trying this organic brand. It has a different flavor compared to other brands I’ve used. This is on the affordable side at least.

    2 people found this helpful

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