Pampers Diapers Size 5, 50 Count – Swaddlers Overnights Disposable Baby Diapers, Super Pack (Packaging May Vary) Everything Else

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About this item Wrap&Protect leg barriers protect where leaks happen most Ultra-soft absorbent layers help keep baby’s skin dry for up to 12 hours LockAway Channels lock wetness away for dry; healthy skin Available in 8 nighttime prints Packaging & products may vary

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Are all of the ingredients in Pampers safe for babies?

  1. Pampers diapers, wipes, and training pants are made from ingredients that are carefully tested and proven to be safe. The ingredients we use are common in most diapers and wipes and are used safely by millions of babies around the world every day.

How many diapers should I change a day?

  1. In the first couple of months, you might find yourself changing diapers up to 10 times in 24 hours. Diapers should be changed whenever they are wet or soiled. Your baby will often (but not always) let you know.

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60 reviews for Pampers Diapers Size 5, 50 Count – Swaddlers Overnights Disposable Baby Diapers, Super Pack (Packaging May Vary) Everything Else

  1. KB

    4.5 stars for leak protection – a must have at night to sleep!

    So I was using regular diapers at night (honestly I didn’t know these existed!) until a friend told me about them. I use them every night now. He occasionally wakes up wet but nothing like before. Worth it for a few better nights sleep.

  2. Greg Glotzbecker

    5 stars

    These diapers are the only ones that will work overnight for my son. He kept waking up in the night because he was wet. These keep his pajamas dry until morning. 5 stars

  3. RunnerGrl17

    Perfect Night time diaper

    These are the only diapers that have not leaked at not for my little guy! After trying so many I’m thankful we found these!

  4. Rebekah

    10 out of 10.. DO recommend.

    Never again has my son had a blowout or soaked through when sleeping through the night. Forever buying Pampers!

  5. Kindle Customer

    Good but had some leakage

    Overall good over night diaper, however, I found that my baby peed himself and the bed a few times even with this diaper. I don’t recommend these for potty training, they’re meant as an extra protection for accidents at night while sleeping

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  6. Ana Paula Rodrigues

    Not for tummy sleepers

    This worked ok. My baby is a tummy sleeper and still got several leeks unless I changed him in the middle of the night (so what’s the point?). I ended up switching to the competitor brand which is more expensive but has extra padding in the front and seals better on the sides. So overall works way better.

  7. bart h.

    They didn’t fit me so I gave them to my 1 yr. old. He said the only hold about 4 or 5 lbs

    Good value

  8. nafe

    Holds ALL the wetness in

    1st time using these. I prefer pampers anyway. These lasted all through the night and were super full but no leakage none! Baby didn’t wake up at all n when she did she wasn’t soaked through. Well pleased

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  9. Cowboy

    No more pee throughs!

    We have two boys who are fully potty trained during the daytime, but the nighttime has been a struggle. They unload massive quantities of pee at nighttime and this resulted in everything being soaked in the morning. Usual precautions were taken like no water hours before bedtime, pee before bed, etc. but the standard Huggies and Kirkland (Costco) diapers wouldn’t hold in all that night pee. It was gross and annoying to do pee laundry every single morning.Switching over to the Pampers nighttime diapers has been a game changer. There hasn’t been a single pee through in the month we have been using these diapers. No more kids soaked in pee and no more morning laundry routine. These have better coverage and better absorbency than standard diapers and are a must for anyone in a similar situation. We never had a problem with our daughter but the boys are pee machines.Only negative remark about these diapers is they have that Pampers baby power smell which I don’t care for. However, I’ll take the baby power smell over a pee soaked kid any day. Five stars!

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  10. Ike

    Good diapers

    Didn’t notice much difference between these and the regular pampers. But still a good diaper.

  11. LV

    A must for dry Mornings

    I been buying these night time diapers for over 3 years now. Only 2 times out all these nights my baby woke up wet in the morning. However I still chose to give a 5 star rating because those 2 times are nothing compared to over 3 years that I have been using them. Right now I’m buying the size 4 for my second baby he is now 8 months. My baby is able to sleep 12 hours straight through the night with out having to change his diaper in the middle of the night and in the mornings I still have time to do a couple morning things before having to immediately change his diaper after he wakes up.With another regular daytime diaper my baby wakes up wet, uncomfortable, fussy, I have to change the blankets, his pajamas, wash blankets and everything wet. Its a waste of electricity, water, time and my energy that can be used for something else in the mornings. Plus I avoid a morning rant by having to avoid washing and cleaning all the wet mess.To me having a night time diaper is a must. We have daytime diapers, night time diapers, and quickie diapers. Those are the ones that I change quick before having to finally put the night time. My husband says which diaper you need the Tuesday daytime diaper or the Saturday nigth time diaper. 🙂 But its a routine that works for us.

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  12. nursingstudent1217

    BabyGearLab is correct again

    After many nights of my son waking up wet, I was on the hunt to get the best overnight diapers. Despite not being a pampers fan initially, I was reading reviews on babygearlab for the best overnight diapers and had to try these. They rated these best overall for nighttime. In all honesty though, these are the best diaper for overnights, I haven’t had a leak since I switched to these. I also size up for more absorbency, my son is currently in regular size 4 diapers but the size 5 are great for overnight. Just bought another package, I’m sticking with what I’ve found works!! As a side note, I also tried coterie and sposies with a size up diaper, there’s really no comparison.

  13. Stephanie C Martinez

    Great product

    I never write reviews but these diapers are great. My daughter (6 months at the time) was waking up at 4am every morning all wet in the front. At this point changing her diaper, clothes and bedding would fully wake her. I came across these diapers and they have been lifesavers. They do not leak at all and she goes all night without needing a diaper change and finally sleeps through the night (7:30pm to 7am). I did follow the recommendation of some reviewers to size up. She was in a size 3 at the time and I got a size 4. She has recently started using size 4 daytime diapers but the size 4 overnights still work fine.

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  14. Natasha Gorniak

    From a stressed out momma waking up to soaked beds… I recommend 100%

    I wish I could have found these once my boy started crawling. Super absorbent! Literally have not had a single diaper leak! Overnights are so nice we co sleep and he used to be soaked but once I started using theses I was so relieved. No more waking up to wetness at random! I strongly recommend! (I have a boy not sure if it is different for girls.)

  15. Karen Court

    Best nighttime diapers!

    So we have had the biggest problem with our son wetting the bed because of the diapers filling up to fast. So we decided to give the pampers nighttime diapers a try and they have worked out really well. Now if he goes 3-4 times then they will still over flow but we make sure he goes prior to bedtime and they work great haven’t had nowhere near as many bed wetting as we did!I would recommend these diapers for any parents they work really really really well 🙂 they fit him great, easy to put in and stay on.

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  16. Fambam

    My Favorite Overnights

    These are my favorite for bedtime for my 18 month old! During the day we use Pampers Cruisers 360 because he’s been known to un-tape swaddlers, but these are great for bedtime! I forgot to put one on him last night and he woke up soaked through and smelling of pee. With these overnights that doesn’t happen.

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  17. Amazon Customer

    Diaper has changed a little

    I used to spend the money for Huggies overnights cause my baby sleeps 12 hours at Night and I thought I needed the expensive ones to help keep him leak free. Then I tried these and I loved them! First of all they smell amazing, they’re so soft to the touch and for His skin and they’re way cheaper! I bought a box like two months ago and fell in love so I purchased another box last week. They came in the same box but it’s a different diaper. They’re not as soft, the waist band is like tapered (which might be a good thing, I’m unsure so far) and they look totally different. I guess the most important thing is that they still provide great leak protection and absorb really well so I can’t complain too much but if I’m being honest a big part of why I loved them so much was their softness and smell. Anyway, they’re still a GREAT diaper, I would recommend these to any parent!

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  18. Tarah B.

    Must Have for Nighttime!

    My daughter is at an age where we haven’t started limiting her liquid consumption, because it’s honestly just not worth the “fight” until we’re ready to start potty training. It’s worth it, for us, to spend a little extra on the nighttime diapers, let her drink what she wants before bed, and not have to wake up in the middle of the night or wash her sheets every time she leaks through a normal diaper!

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  19. liz


    My baby is still only 3 months old and just started sleeping in longer streches. She lept 10 hours in these diapers recently and when I changed her the diaper was still pretty dry and not soaking wet. It was very slightly damp but still had room if she did sleep longer. I would recommend these and will buy again.

  20. Virginia


    These diapers have been a lifesaver! My son drinks LOTS of water and milk throughout the day, he used to pee through every single diaper every single night. Every morning I had to wash his sheets and his pajamas, as well as give him a bath because he was covered in pee. These diapers have changed our morning for the better, my son now wakes up to a full diaper but completely contained and his clothes are dry. I now have a newborn daughter and will be using these again. Best purchase EVER!

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  21. SLPeterson

    Only diaper we use, even during the day

    These diapers are the most absorbent ones we have found and one of the few that holds the pee in a way to not cause diaper rash with less frequent changes overnight or car trips.10/10 Would recommend.

  22. Viktor Myshalov

    Excellent for the night

    The children sleep without need to change the diaper in the middle of the night. Great diaper.

  23. Mike Wayne

    Holds a nights worth of pee pee well !

    These diapers do a great job, no leaks so far !

  24. Jennifer Bowen

    Good, as expected

    Love these for overnights

  25. Mavi

    These are super comfy

    I like these which is why I’m subscribed now. I do have to double pack my toddler now that it is colder and he leaks at night. The leak is more so a him problem than the diaper –He moves a lot at night. I have started putting a pull-up diaper on top of this one and no more leaks now.

  26. Erika

    Best overnight diapers

    These diapers are the best overnight diapers. I would recommend getting a size up from their regular size of diaper for full night protection

  27. Yin M. Phung

    Worked great

    I tried other brands of overnight diapers and these have worked the best for my son! Washing the bedsheets every morning due to diaper leaks are such a nuisance, but we have had NO leaks with these! They are pricier than others, but they work wonderfully so I would say they are worth the price.

  28. Daniel Heltsley

    Extra Capacity

    Love the extra capacity and absorption of these diapers

  29. Jenny Gil

    Wonderful! Defenetly worth it!!

    These are the absolute best night diapers I have ever purchased! They hold all night long for my grandson who is 2.5 years old, drinks alot of water and is Autistic. We haven’t had a single bed wetting incident since we got these for him and it helps to keep him asleep since he would wake up in hysterics when the bed was wet before.

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  30. haoplee

    Honest Review: Pampers Swaddlers vs Overnights vs Pure

    IMAGES (from left to right): Reg Swaddlers, Overnights, PureUPDATE 2/28/20: since writing the review our baby is now 9mo and has had 2 minor leaks and I found that it was because the diaper put on crooked or not tight enough (trying to diaper and dress a squirmy 9mo isn’t easy!). But I still think these work really well.We’ve tried all three lineups of the Pampers brand for overnight protection and would rate them as follows:1. Overnights (marginally better then the reg Swaddlers)2. Swaddlers3. PureOur baby would sleep 12-12.5hrs a night without waking up since 8weeks, but around 5mo he started to sleep on his tummy, and that was when the leakage problem became more regular. We tried sizing up on diapers. Still little help. We added a Sposie pad to his bigger diaper. It helped most nights, still had leakage. We’d also point his peepee down. Sometimes he’d sleep on his side and we’d find leakage by the tabs too, which doesn’t have coverage. Because we really like the Pampers Swaddlers fit for him during the day, we thought we tried the Overnights and Pure. We tried all three with the Sposie pad to compare. He doesn’t poop at night, so I can’t attest to overnight pooping.Thoughts on the OVERNIGHTS: Yes, I agree with other reviewers that they are almost identical to the reg Swaddlers. HOWEVER, it is just when you open the package bc they have been compressed and flattened. I had set aside all three aside to compare and inadvertently discovered that after some time, the Overnights puffed up a little bit and decompressed. They felt thicker and more padded, in an airy way. It was noticeably different from the Swaddlers by now. You can’t tell the difference in the picture but just by touch and feel, they feel like they have more material to absorb than before when they were removed from packaging.Thoughts on the PURE: We’ve used them before for daytime, but didn’t like how they fit. They run bigger than the Swaddlers. He’d have regular blowouts bc there wouldn’t be a good enough seal despite having a thicker padding. I thought this would be a clear winner bc of how thick these diapers are compared to the reg ones and would better for absorbing pee, but they simply don’t fit well at all and he’d still leak around his inner thighs.Ultimately, I found that having a pad + sizing up (if your baby is within close range of the next size, otherwise daytime size is ok) + PLACEMENT of diaper are key. Making sure the diaper and pad were high enough and that the pad not peeping out the diaper. The tabs needed to be flushed/flat against one another, without puckering for optimal protection.The Overnight line worked best for us, then the reg Swaddlers not far behind. The Pure isn’t worth trying again.

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  31. Amanda Vandewalker

    My Preferred Overnights

    I use these for both of my babies and have never had a leak or overnight blowout. Both of my babies have sensitive skin and have never had an irritation or issue. Highly recommend!

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  32. Aisha Ahsan

    no wet

    i used it for a while, very good quality

  33. Amelia

    I will never use a different overnight diaper!!!

    These are amazing!!!!The best overnight diaper! I struggled so much to find one cause my baby is a heavy wetter and these are perfect. He wakes up dry and finally sleeps through the night

  34. Sandra caldwell



  35. Tara

    Absolute perfection

    I had trouble finding a diaper that my son wouldn’t leak through at night the absorbency of these diapers makes it a clear winner alone…. no more waking up in the middle of the night to asleep change my boy hoping he doesn’t wake up

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  36. Janet serrano

    Great diapers for the little one who fills up diapers fast

    I’d recommend these to anyone who’s got a little one who is constantly filling up diapers fast my son w out of fill up a diaper as soon as I put it on it seemed like and I’d have to set an alarm in the middle of the night to change him but with these diapers I’m changing him less and sleeping more

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  37. courtney

    You need these

    My son is wearing a size 2 diaper but we kept having issues with him wetting outside his diaper at night. We started using these and he’s woken up with dry clothes every single night. It’s been months and I absolutely won’t put anything else on him at night! The sizes 3 work perfectly for us, and the absorbency is fantastic.

    3 people found this helpful

  38. Gcc210


    First 3 nights my 2 year old son peed right through like he wasn’t wearing a diaper. Fine for a few days then leaked again. The longest stretch we went without having a wet bed is 5 days. He did better on his regular diaper. Buy a different brand

  39. dayonnah


    I love these my baby sleeps 11 hours and sometimes it’s hard to not wake up and change her diaper these last no leaks

  40. TheHonestReview

    I love Pampers

    I’ve used so many types of diapers, and I always find myself coming back to Pampers. Pampers just does diapers correctly.They hold so much pee through the night with my 2 year old. They don’t ever allow blowouts to even be a thing. I never worry about leaks. I trust this diaper with my newborn that’s coming in October. I refuse to use anything else at this point. I’ve never been disappointed.Thank you for making a diaper I truly trust and love.

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  41. SynonymGirl


    The product itself seems to work great but I literally can’t use it because it has one of those super-strong “baby powder” scents. I just looked through all of the photos and product info to see if I somehow missed a mention of this, but nope. How is it possible that a company would not say that these diapers are scented?! I’m sure some people love it but if you have chemical sensitivities or are sensitive to strong artificial scents, these are a no-go. Wish they were more clear about that.

  42. Goombahh


    I’ve been doubling up on daytime diapers during the night with my 18-months-old, but he was still wetting through. These diapers keep the clothes and bedding dry 95% of the time.

  43. Haley H

    Not the best

    NOT FOR HEAVY WETTERS. We frequently had nights where he would soak all the way through the diaper and wake up in the morning having to bathe him and change all of his bedding and sanitize his bed. Buy Huggies overnights instead or goodnites. Wayyy better quality than pampers ones.

  44. Danielle Perez

    Great diapers no leak

    Great for nights and long car rides for no leaks!

  45. Caitie

    Good for Overnights, Powerful Smell

    When we first received these, they had a super powerful scent – reminded me of like maybe your grandmas house. It was so intense that after the first night we used them, the next day I changed the baby into a regular Kirkland diaper and my husband could still smell the scent on our child. Since being opened, the scent has somewhat subsided but just be warned if you or your children are sensitive to scent/fragrance. Otherwise, for an overnight diaper we haven’t had any issues with performance.

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  46. erika anders almaraz


    Muy buenos, batallaba mucho en que amanecía mojado mi bebé con estos muy pocas veces llega a haber una fuga. Funcionan muy bien, los volveré a comprar cuando se terminen

  47. bridgette

    Great for over night!!

    My son is only six months old, but these are great for overnight! He’s sleeping 8-9 hours sometimes and having this extra absorbent diaper really helps and buying one box will last a while.

  48. Lisa

    Works majority of the time

    I will say that these work soooo much better than a regular diaper. There are times though that I will get my son in the morning and he will have wet clothes from leaking through.

  49. K McGrath

    No more early waking

    So thankful for these diapers. Baby boy no longer soaks through his jammies and sleep suit and so doesn’t wake at 4 am for a change. We put one on at 6pm after his bath and change him at 7 am when he wakes for the day. We use a size 4 though he’s usually a 3 in every other diaper. He weighs 20lbs at 10mo.

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  50. Jake

    works great for my 1 year old. Not for my 3 year old

    can not hold back what the 3 year old does.

  51. liz k

    Great Diapers

    These are super absorbent and have not leaked at all. They are a bit pricey, but I think worth it!!

  52. Teresa

    Great Value

    I bought these for my cousin, there baby is just one year old. She loved them!

  53. Angela Carter

    Best over nights

    These have to be the best over nights they make. Only bad thing is they don’t make them in another size up.

  54. harold a paredes

    Super absorbent

    Super absorbent

  55. Maggy


    My daughter was peeing through her diaper every night. These stopped that! Game changer.

  56. zentenk2

    Cough alert !

    This diapers smell like baby powder strongly. And baby genital looks powdery which I like.

  57. Bre

    Great for long sleeps

    My little one defeated the regular diapers overnight so we figured we would try these, no more leaks at all or blowouts in her sleep. Highly recommend.

  58. Kolt

    My daughter is dry all night

    No more wet beds with these

  59. Breezy

    Leak protection is amazing!

    Finally found a brand that can protect leakage when my child is sleep. Easy 3 hour protection!Also, they are very soft and gentle on the skin my toddler finds them comfy and the tabs are strong doesn’t easily come undone.Plus diapers are long in length to help blowouts for when you kid is sitting/laying for a lengthy period of time!

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  60. Khiara Alexander

    Good Diapers

    Baby sleeps through the night in these, they absorb a lot. Have had it leaked through twice in the entire pack

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