PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Large Dog Dental Treats Beef Flavor Dental Bones, 2.08 lb. Value Pack (40 Treats)

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About this item Contains one (1) 2.08 lb. 40-count pack of PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Beef Flavor Large Treats for Dogs PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Triple Action acts as a dog breath freshener that works to clean teeth and freshen breath, and has a clinically proven texture that reduces plaque and tartar buildup Our dental treat sticks have a unique X-shape design and are specially designed for adult large breed dogs, weighing over 30 lbs. Feed one PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Oral Care Treat every day for maximum benefits to oral hygiene PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Dental Chews feature a tasty beef flavor with dental treats your dog will truly enjoy

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From the manufacturer

DENTASTIX Treats are made with a unique X shape to help scrape away plaque and clean teeth down to the gumline.

The clinically proven texture helps reduce plaque and tartar when used as part of a daily treating routine.

Tasty DENTASTIX Treats help your pup maintain a healthy mouth, so you can snuggle up close.

Unique X-Shape Design Dental Treats ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Helps Reduce Plaque & Tartar Buildup ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Freshens Breath ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Tasty Oral Care Treats for Daily Treating ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 3 x 8 x 8.3 inches; 2.08 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 10113523

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ July 19, 2013

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Pedigree

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00I9N3AXO

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

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Best Sellers Rank: #5 in Dog Treat Cookies, Biscuits & Snacks

Customer Reviews: 42,807 ratings

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7 Count (Pack of 7), 18 Count (Pack of 1), 32 Count (Pack of 1), 40 Count (Pack of 1), 51 Count (Pack of 1)

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Beef, Chicken, Bacon, Bacon & Chicken, Variety: Chicken, Beef & Fresh

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

3 x 8 x 8.3 inches; 2.08 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

July 19, 2013

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Domestic Shipping:

Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.

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This item is not eligible for international shipping. Learn More

Best Sellers Rank:

#5 in Dog Treat Cookies, Biscuits & Snacks

Customer Reviews:

42,807 ratings

60 reviews for PEDIGREE DENTASTIX Large Dog Dental Treats Beef Flavor Dental Bones, 2.08 lb. Value Pack (40 Treats)

  1. The Mrs.

    Great for my dogs teeth

    I’ve been buying these on subscribe and save for a few years for my dogs teeth. The older dog has some teeth issues and the younger just needs maintenance. The older gets a full stick, younger gets a half. The dogs LOVE them and anything in the kitchen that sounds like this package causes a stampede.Regarding the freshness, you can tell when they start to get a little stale as they are harder to snap, they get a bit more bendy. No doubt just as effective, but sometimes our bag doesn’t get resealed right and they get stale quicker in our very dry climate. They smell like dog treats – so not pleasant for me, but perfect for the dogs.As for the old dog’s teeth- I don’t see a huge difference in his accumulation of plaque/tartar. Not sure if including the water additives for dogs teeth may help in combo. If I were to do it all over again, I would have started him on these when he was younger – before he had a buildup.I have family members though who use these with their dogs and they tell me they can tell a huge difference in their dogs teeth. So I definitely recommend giving them a try.

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  2. TrixieTellsAll

    These are my favorite!

    I brush my teeth every night with one of these and the vet says my teeth look good. These are so good, bacon and chicken yum, not mint, yuck! Mom says there must be something addictive in them because I’d do anything to get one. And she’s right!

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  3. GARY


    My dog says the treats are fresh, has good flavor and they are good for any time of the day. No issues with long expiration.

  4. Nicholas

    Perfect For Treat Toys

    Perfect for treat dispensing toys because they are easy to break into pieces. To harden them, simply leave treats outside the bag overnight.

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  5. Glenda Gutridge

    Ryleigh Jane loves them!

    My sweet, beautiful, loyal, and smart Ryleigh Jane knows that after dinner she gets one of her favorite treats! DentaBone beef flavor is something she really looks forward to.

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  6. Amazing Customer

    I think they smell disgusting, but the dog loves them

    This is the after dinner treat for our dogs. You’re going to be stared at until they get them.

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  7. Tipnic

    Dog loves them

    Dog loves them, great smell and flavor, she knows where I keep them and sits there waiting for another one.

  8. Eva Audrey Spratley

    My dogs love these

    My dogs really like these. I use them for their bedtime snack.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Dogs love chewing

    Mid-morning treats!!

  10. Forestbnd

    Perfect for dog that needs a chew

    Honestly, I bought these to keep my dog from chewing slippers, kids, toys, and other random stuff in the house. I probably get five minutes of use out of it but it’s enough time to clean up. He seems to really enjoy them.

  11. Robert Luyando

    Not the Best but affordable.

    My dogs seem to get nauseous when eating the Chicken flavored. They LOVE the Beef Flavored and the Mint Actually smells nice. I suggest either of the two, depending on the need.

  12. Amazon Customer

    My dogs love these

    My three dogs love these and impatiently wait for theirs as soon as they come in from their morning run. I have been using them for years, and finally just added them to subscribe and save so I will never run out. I have tried all flavors and my dogs don’t seem to prefer one over the other. I feel like they are helping their teeth as advertised, and will definitely continue to use them.

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  13. Nicholas

    Doggy Luv Approved

    Yes doggy like much. Each flavor very yummy and pupper approved. Teef R clean and tummy happy. Can has more please?! Yes, yes you can has more my lovely pupper here have a dental snack. Nom nom brushy brushy. 5-Stars!

  14. SaxonNightshade

    A little bit stale but my dogs love them

    My dogs love them, I wished they lasted a bit longer. Takes them 30 seconds to eat it. They came a bit stale but the dogs don’t seem to care

  15. Rusty P.

    Good product but expensive

    Good product for the dog but it is expensive

  16. M.J.Walker

    AGAIN for Ms Betty

    I understand these are to clean her teeth. But she likes them so much, I have to break them up into little pieces so she thinks she is having more than one a day.

  17. Amazon Customer


    my dog loves them

  18. 67VW

    No dental problems

    Been using them with my Bulldog for more than 2 years. They are convenient and she enjoys them. Keeping her teeth plaque free and no gum issues.

  19. jfwiv

    My Dogs Love these!

    The dogs get so excited every night when I tell them it’s time to go to bed and brush their teeth. They are 7 years old and have not had to have a cleaning yet. They’ve gotten one of these everyday since they were a puppy. Keeps their breath fresh and they don’t taste too bad. I’ve tried all the flavors. I’m not particularly fond of the mint. But I do enjoy the chicken and beef. I don’t believe they helped my breath much. I still have to scrub them in the traditional manner.

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  20. IMRAN™

    My 2 German Shepherds Love These

    I am not sure how nutritious or healthy they are not but my two adult German Shepherds love these as daily treats.

  21. joe reyes

    Excellent dog treat

    My dog loves this treat and looks forward to it everyday.

  22. kiki

    Very effective product- be sure your dog CHEWS rather than swallowing big chunks

    Short Version: This product does what it claims. I have 2 dogs who each get 1 dentastick a day. Both have great teeth, and the older (11 years old) is only now showing some preliminary tartar on one side of her mouth. I have seen them both start to have tartar when I was less scheduled about given them sticks daily, and I’ve watched it recede when I got back on the ball. this product works.Way too long version:I worked as a veterinary technician for 10 years, and I gave hundreds of clients “the talk” about the importance of oral hygiene. I’ve personally performed dentistry services on dogs and cats (including scaling, polishing, and tartar removal where it was literally cracking chunks of tartar off teeth). Taking care of your pets’ teeth is important. it makes them healthier and happier, and helps to prevent one route for heart disease, kidney disease, and general infection.I’ve tried lots of things to take care of my dogs’ teeth; the dentastix are the last on the list:tooth brushing:I started with straight up tooth-brushing. That was a failure. my spaniel HATED mint-flavored pastes, and would get all trembly all over any time she smelled it. she LOVED the meat-flavored options, and so we’d spend the time having a wrestling match while she tried to lick the paste and eat the brush i was trying to use. I gave up.Dentabones:These were the precursors to dentastix. larger, and SUPER effective. the spaniel got one 1-2x a week, and it kept her tartar at bay. I check her over pretty regularly, and if I missed a week or 2 (or 3) of dentabones, i’d see the tartar creeping up.t/d:this is a Hills prescription food targeted for tartar control. I never used it for meals, but I’d get a bag through work and give the kibbles as treats. The kibbles are large and designed to be too large to swallow whole, forcing the dog to crunch them. The spaniel will eat near anything (but mint toothpaste- see above); while she wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about t/d, she ate them. I didn’t use them for long, though, because while the spaniel would grudgingly crunch through while giving me spaniel-eyes, my german shepherd took the “too large to swallow” size as a challenge. i was a bit nervous about this causing problems down the road, from either choking, or bloat. also, it doesn’t do much good for the teeth if not crunched.C.E.T.s:these are the raw hide-type treats you can get at your vet’s. they’re treated with some enzyme or other to help break down tartar. These are supposed to be more digestible than other rawhides, so you have less concern about rawhides blocking up the GI tract. These work moderately well, and both dogs were relatively big fans. For a chewer, they’ll last a decent amount of time, and my spaniel was a fan. I stopped using these for a couple of reasons. 1- once again, the german shepherd wanted to swallow his whole and quickly so he could steal the spaniel’s. 2- they’re a little pricey for daily use. 3- the biggest reason was that my spaniel was a little too into savoring them. she’d chew and suck and tug on them, and they become long and slimey and gross. inevitably, she’d start sucking on one she had tugged out to be long and it would lodge halfway down her throat and half way still in her mouth, making her gag and me have to reach in and pull it out. once or twice, fine, but she started doing this every time. too risky for me.NUBZ:these are the treats for teeth sold at Costco that are shaped vaguely like a bone/toothbrush. the dogs both love them, and in a flavor test (holding one in each hand and letting the dog choose- and my dogs do sniff back and forth), prefer them to dentastix. Unfortunately for them, these just don’t seem to keep the tartar at bay. they slow it for sure, but not to the degree i’ve seen in the dentastix.Kirkland Dental Chews:These are the x-shaped treats also sold at costco. I never used these long enough to she a tartar effect because my spaniel had an allergic reaction to some ingredient and got itchy and pink all over.Dentastix:I resisted dentastix because I thought it was just a scheme to sell smaller dentabones for more money or something. I think it ends up coming to be only slightly more expensive to do dentastix once daily v. dentabones once weekly. or it did, before the dentabones were discontinued. I’ve had great success with dentastix. the one time my vet noted there was some beginning tartar build up, I really knuckled down on remembering to give dentastix regularly, and the tartar completely receded. i haven’t had any allergy issues i had with the kirkland line, it’s more effective than nubz, and cheaper than CETs (with less choking hazard). I think these are a GREAT addition to your regular doggie care.The only caveat i have is that there still is a bit of a choking hazard. My german shepherd was eating one and got too big a piece lodged in his teeth. Apparently (as told by my husband) he started freaking out, frothing, slamming his head about and pawing like mad. My husband actually though the dog was having a seizure. before calling me in a panic though, he investigated the situation a little closer and found the big chunk (like, 3 inches long) that was causing the freak out. he pulled it out, and all returned to normal. This is the only time something has happened like this and they’ve been getting the dentastix daily for 3 years. So use these with confidence, and stay in the room while your pup’s eating them.

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  23. PEM


    My dogs enjoyed so I guess it is very good.

  24. Hankster007

    These are great for your dog!

    We like these de tasted for our pet so much that we use the subscribe and save option for these. These are great treats and our dog love them! Great product for your pet at a competitive price!

  25. cathie


    The dogs get one after our last walk of the night

  26. Amazon Customer

    My dog loves these!

    Costco no longer sells these and my dog hated the different brand that they were supplying. The product arrived in its original packaging and was fresh. My dog is over 50 pounds and I give her one a day, half in the morning after her meal and half after her evening meal. Amazon offered the best price for these denta stix. I looked everywhere, compared prices and could not find a better price than on Amazon…for now. I highly recommend these treats.

  27. Ron N

    My dog likes them!

    They help clean her teeth and she thinks that they are a treat.

  28. William

    My dog loves these

    Although I personally can not attest to the flavor but my dog really really likes them.

  29. Ms Eva Williams

    My big male Lab love them.

    My dog,who is a purebred Lab

  30. Manuel flores

    Muy buen producto

    Lo compro otra vez

  31. suem

    Best thing for teeth

    I have 2 70 ln dogs. They each get 2 a day and have never needed to have their teeth cleaned. Same for the previous dogs. Plus they love them

  32. Paul Heath

    My girl loves them!

    Bella truly enjoys the flavor

  33. Mary White

    DENTASTIX for the Win!

    I have 2 Mini Aussies and the just love DENTASTIX! I am on auto-delivery, and there are times when we don’t make it to month’s end before the package is empty!!

  34. Linda M White


    This is the only chewing stick I will buy. I have read horror stories of dog rolled up chews processed with glue. I trust this Dentastix and my dogs love them.

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  35. Robin O

    My dogs love these and they really clean their teeth. 😊

    Love this product

  36. Carey Nelson



  37. Kristie N

    Great Value

    Dogs love these

  38. J Dow

    My lab loves them!

    My lab loves Dentastix!! She loves all the flavors, but the bacon flavored ones are her favorite!


    Enid Santiago PR

    Excelente calidad y mis perras le encanta

  40. Patricia Y.

    Favorite canine dessert

    My 10 year old Beagle mix has a Dentastix after her kibble breakfast and dinner. They make a difference in helping to keep her teeth clean.

  41. C Deharo

    dog’s health

    dog loves them and teeth are clean because of them

    One person found this helpful

  42. Ss

    My dog loves them!

    Like how well they keep my dog’s teeth clean. Dog loves the taste.

  43. professorkaren

    My dog goes nuts for bacon dentastix

    We started our dog on the beef Dentastix when he was just less than a year old…he’s a big Olde English Bulldog thZt weighs 90lbs now thst he’s 13 months old so when he was just under a yeAr old he was probably 80-85 lbs. the large is a perfect size for him too!! Not so small thst he could choke on it…not too big that he snaps a hunk off of it too!!he is a super chewer! Nothing in my house is sacred so I always worry about him breaking a rest into smithereens and choking on a piece. Not with these! They are stout enough to survive my dog! And I know thst the shape of these help his teeth get cleaned and the flavor keeps him interested in it for a long time too!! I hsve not hSd his teeth checked so I don’t have a vet report on their effectiveness. But the amount of this this stick stays tumbling ion his mouth must be doing something good!!Do we started him on the beef but wanted variety so we went to the bacon and yes..he loves bacon the most!! I put them on subscribe & save!! Yukon and I highly recommend these Dentastix!!

  44. Leigh G.

    My dogs love these!

    I’ve been giving these to one of my dogs since he was a puppy and his teeth are clean and his breath doesn’t smell. Our other dog is older and her teeth were not very clean and had really bad breath. Since giving these to her for the past two years both have improved for the better.

  45. Nancy Schuster

    cleans teeth very good

    freshens breath also

  46. Amazon Customer

    A great product to protect your dog’s teeth!

    Since I’m unable to brush my dog’s teeth each morning, I have the advantage to give her one of these. She likes the taste and eats them up! Great product to keep your dog’s teeth in great shape!

  47. Kristi

    My dog loves these

    I wasn’t sure if it was going to be okay to buy these on Amazon, but I’m very happy I did. They were well within their “Best Before” dates and came undamaged, and I got to save money since some bigger name pet stores have been increasing prices on these. There was a time when I tried to brush her teeth with that peanut butter flavored toothpaste, but she curled her lips around her teeth so much her face was puckered, so I canned that idea. My stubborn senior pup absolutely loves these smelly sticks, and I love that they keep her teeth clean and keep her happy.If you’ve never used them before, they ARE pungent, but it’s worth it. They also have a rubbery sound when they chew, but they’re awesome for cleaning teeth. My girl’s teeth are nice and white, and the tartar and plaque she used to have built up on her back chompers are mostly gone. I don’t know how long it took, but I’ve had her on these for months, and I just rotate flavors for her. Super recommend these.

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  48. L.

    My dogs love these.

    Came fresh and did not bother my dogs sensitive stomach. They love the flavor.

  49. Darcy A. Rohde

    My Dogs love them… they look forward to their Denta Stick every mrorning !

    I have a German Shepherd, a MinPin, and a 5 lb Chihuahua, so I buy the Large Sticks, take one (1) stick out, break it in half, then break one of the halfs in half… so Sophi gets a half stick, and Chica and Huxley get 1/4 of a stick after their morning potty … they really love the routine… I make them “SIT”, then I give them each their piece… they run to different corners of the house with their piece of Denta Stick… like they robbed a bank.

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  50. Ashley Juresic

    Put it on auto delivery and never run out!

    My dog recently had a dental cleaning because she’s about 5 years old, never had one before, and needed to be put under for a skin tag removal also. Anyway, they showed me before and after pictures and while there was a bit of a difference.. it was minimal. They commended me on maintaining such great oral hygiene for her, especially for her age. Neat thing is that between her hard plastic chew toys from her BullyMake subscription and these dental treats…. I do literally zero dental hygiene care. It’s definitely paying off!! I got my roommate’s dog on this routine now as well and we’ve both noticed a remarkable decrease in tartar/plaque on his dog’s teeth.

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  51. Chaos & Coffee

    Not JUST for large dogs

    I have 4 dogs that fall into most of the size categories; puppy, small, medium and medium large. I buy these and break them into smaller treats. Each one becomes two and saves me money. My gang has great teeth (well except the oldest one) and they love these. They think it’s a cookie and I let them think that.The bag is a Ziploc closure so they stay fresh for a few weeks. They can smell them in another room and come running so I have to believe they smell fantastic. (No sense of smell for me.) They get their snack on so they must taste good too.

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  52. Richard OttenRic

    They are good thanks

    They are good thanks

  53. James Kowalczyk

    Dogs love them and know when they show up, availability has been an issue

    Quality of the product has been great, availability has been a challenge at times. They are always fresh, dogs know the moment the package is brought into the house.

  54. Mark

    Nice treat for dogs

    Our dogs love these chewy bones. We love these for our dogs as it helps clean their teeth and is good for them as a snack, unlike rawhide bones that take your dog hours to chew up these take a few minutes and we like that because if we leave rawhides with our dogs they try to take whoever hasn’t finished yet which leads to growls between our dogs, with these our dogs and us as owners are happy!

  55. Atara

    Good treats

    I give my dog 1 a day and they last me about a month and a half. Buying them in bulk on Amazon is cheaper than buying them anywhere else.

  56. muna dabish

    Dog loves

    My goldendoodle is 86 pounds and he loves these. He chews through them pretty quick but still a great treat.

  57. jansvendsen60

    Puppy approves

    My dog loves these and has never turned them down. She’s a big chewer and this seems to satisfy that need for her. Her vet is always happy with her teeth so they seem to do their job and they’re reasonably priced.

    One person found this helpful

  58. Julie

    These are a hit with my dog

    My dog loves these treats! She’s always so excited to get one. They seem to help keep her teeth clean as well. I would recommend.

    One person found this helpful

  59. KayeB

    My dog loves these

    I give my dog one of these daily. She likes the beef flavor best. Vet recommended.

    One person found this helpful

  60. Stefanie


    My dogs love them. The scent isn’t bad especially for dogs. I am assuming the flavor is good because my picky dog eats them.

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