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About this item BOREDOM BUSTER INTERACTIVE DOG TOY: As one of our most popular intermediate level 2 designs, the Dog Brick interactive puzzle includes additional obstacles and combinations of steps that will keep your dog focused and mentally-stimulated as they search and sniff out the tasty treats! FLIP, LIFT, & SLIDE TO HIDE TREATS: The Nina Ottosson Dog Brick comes with 3 types of treat hiding compartments to test your furry’ friends skills! Flip lid compartments open and slide to reveal two separate treat hiding spots while removable brick bones conceal the third hidden compartments in this puzzle dog toy. ENCOURAGES POSITIVE PLAY HABITS: This fun and rewarding puzzle is great for reducing anxious dog behavior and redirecting destructive behavior. BPA, PVC & PHTHALATE-FREE: Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound interactive treat dog puzzles are designed with your pet’s health in mind from food safe materials that you can trust with your dog. Easy to clean with warm water and soap between uses. PLAY IT SAFE: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised pets. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

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From the manufacturer

Always Supervise

Play together and supervise your dog closely. If your dog wants to chew on the game, correct & redirect their behavior. Start over as quickly as possible and get their attention back on the treats.

Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Playtime Problem Solving

Did you know that 15 minutes of mental exercise equals 30 minutes of physical exercise for dogs? Dogs love to explore and problem solve in their own way. Some use their paws and some use their nose. Each game is designed with your dog’s natural behaviors, senses, and safety in mind.

  • Intermediate challenge
  • 20 hidden treat compartments
  • Exercises your dog’s mind
  • Fights boredom & reduces destructive behavior
  • Works best with small treats or kibble
  • Fun for all breeds, sizes, & ages
  • Easy to clean with soap & water
  • BPA, PVA, & phthalate free

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The Benefits of Dog Puzzles

Help Reduce Undesired Behaviors

By putting your dog to work with a puzzle or game, you are focusing their attention and energy effectively, ultimately reducing boredom and destructive behaviors. Puzzles are also a great way to distract dogs from fireworks, thunderstorms and other situations where your dog may get anxious.

Create Balance In Your Dog’s Life

As Nina says—a dog has four legs and one head, and all five need exercise but in different ways. These challenging and rewarding activities will engage your dog’s mind and natural instincts.

Strengthen The Bond With Your Dog

Nina Ottosson puzzles can help build your relationship with a newly adopted dog and help shy dogs come out of their shell. You can also use these puzzles to train and practice basic commands like “sit” and “stay” with your pup.

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Which Level is Best for My Pup?

Level 1 – Beginner

A great way to introduce your pup to problem solving and puzzle games with one-step actions.

Level 2 – Intermediate

Has added obstacles that require your dog to combine actions to reach their reward.

Level 3 – Advanced

Challenges your dog to learn sequential steps to find their treat using more complex mechanisms.

Level 4 – Expert

Requires your dog to complete a series of steps in the correct order for them to earn their treat.

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Meet Nina Ottosson

Nina has been creating puzzle toys for more than 25 years! She started because she wanted a good activity to do with her two small children and her dogs indoors. She realized many others have the same needs so she started developing more games with different difficulty levels for all types of dogs.Fun Fact – Nina received a 2017 Pet Age Icon Award for her development of innovative treat puzzle toys and raising awareness for mental stimulation being an important part of a dogs health.

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 12.75 x 9.25 x 2 inches; 1.2 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 67333

Department ‏ : ‎ Mens

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ July 13, 2017

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Outward Hound

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0711Y9XTF

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ China

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Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Dog Toys

Customer Reviews: 98,536 ratings

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Level 2 (Intermediate), Level 3 (Advanced), Level 1 (Easy), Extra Parts, Level 4 (Expert)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

12.75 x 9.25 x 2 inches; 1.2 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Department ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

July 13, 2017

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Outward Hound

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Domestic Shipping:

Item can be shipped within U.S.

International Shipping:

This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S. Learn More

Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Dog Toys

Customer Reviews:

98,536 ratings

60 reviews for Pet Supplies Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy, Intermediate

  1. Judy S Ferguson


    I hide treats in this toy on a regular basis. Niko, my male spaniel, learned how to use very quickly. This is an over and over use toy, not a one and done. Well made and always fun to find the treats.

  2. Mandy Williams

    My pup loved it

    It was a great enrichment toy. If you have an aggressive chewer be sure to put it away when not playing. My dog chewed up one of the “bones” but we can still use it.

  3. Lois

    Not challenging enough for our pup

    This is a great puzzle for dogs. The good news is that it is durable and well-designed. The bad news (which isn’t so bad) is that our puppy got all the treats in 10 seconds. Subsequent challenges where I only had one or two treats, she got the treats, never bothered the empty compartments, and looked at us like – what gives?!

  4. Nikki

    Lots of interest!

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     She loves this toy and has started to get the hang of it after a little less than a month. She’s looks forward to it every morning and we can even use it to distract her when we leave for errands.HOWEVER:If you have a larger dog with destructive/chewing tendencies, DO NOT leave this with your pet. My dog figured out how to rip the little doors off which isn’t a big deal because she isn’t a chewer and isn’t destructive. I can see a larger dog chewing on the doors or even the white bones maybe once treats have been retrieved. It’s just something to keep in mind.

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  5. grace

    Difficult for my dog

    My dog gives up trying to extract the treats. She collects few and lets go the rest. I have trouble clearing it myself too.

  6. Mikayla Whitfield

    Pretty good

    Pretty good enrichment toy if your dog likes to use his/her nose. Only reason I didn’t rate it higher is the plastic could be chewed through if they wanted to

  7. Shay

    Worth it!

    I tried a lot of different things to help stimulate his mind and this is thr first time I’ve ever seen him this exhausted after playing with it! It’s only his 2nd time using it and he has managed to chew the holes so it won’t be long before he destroys it. I really feel like it’s still worth it though. I would buy this again, and again if it gets him from digging holes in our back yard and tearing up our chopped wood.

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  8. Truth Squad Member

    The best of 4 I bought

    Two littermate puppies at 2 different houses so we bought 4 different puzzle feeders to make sure the pups were kept busy. The others were too simple to solve (quickly) and one even became a chew toy. So I’m buying a second so we have one at each house.

  9. Amazon Customer

    My baby loves it!

    If you have a poodle or poodle mix, they may figure this out too quick. My finished this in 2 mins. But he went crazy after all the treats were gone. He insisted on playing with it after.

  10. STEPH

    My 4month American Bully Likes it

    I keep looking for new was to entertain and slow my puppies fast eating tendencies. I got a bob’s a lot which we both love (she reallly loves knocking it around), but found that at certain times the noise is too much for the house.I got this Level 2 Puzzle (brick). She struggled with the smaller compartment under the red compartments on the first try, but by the 2nd time she was already a pro. She has it entirely figured out when using it to feed her, but it does slow her down from about 60 seconds to 5-10 mins now. She loves these games and gets excited anytime she sees me pick them up. I will probably just keep this one for a a few months, and then incorporate another toy!

    3 people found this helpful

  11. melian

    My puppy adores this

    I got the beginning toy feeder for my 5 month old Chichuahua. The pic is the one I’m reviewing. I can’t speak to it’s durability or longevity as I’ve had it only a few days, but it is already worth the price.I give it 5 stars. It may be too easy because it took him about 10 minutes the first time he saw it, and after that he can clean out the toy in 3 or 4 minutes, but he loves doing it. He comes and asks me to refill it over and over until he’s full.He also likes to take the little tube-things and back to his bed to chew on, tho they’re too big for his little mouth to really get much done, and within a minute or less, he scampers back to the dish for more food, so it is more a reflex than intent I think. He adores the getting the food out, it entertains him. I use 4-6 pieces (puppy chow is pretty small and I don’t fill the circles full) and I refill from what I’ve measured out how much he should get total. I re-fill over and over until either he’s full or it is gone. I also put a half a mini Milkbone treat in two circles (one mini broken in half) every other refill or so, just to keep things interesting for him. He loves working for those bits of chow! Give it a try, your puppy might like it as much as mine does.

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  12. Homeschooling mother of 5

    Keeps the dog engaged!

    We bought this puzzle for our dog over a year ago. He plays with it whenever we fill it for him. He had no trouble deciphering how to move the outside sliders, but the center part was a bit more challenging. I finally decided to put regular dog food in the outside compartments and reserve the inside for treats. After making that change, it didn’t take him long to figure it out. I did have to turn the disk for him a few times to show him how it worked. Now he goes through all the outside compartments, ignoring the food and looking for treats, then goes to the middle. After consuming all the goodies from the center, he goes back to the outside and eats the regular food. I haven’t managed to convince him to save the dessert for last.I see that now there is a way to make the puzzle even more difficult by adding the lock to the sliders. The one I have is an older model which does not have that function. It would be interesting to see how long it would take him to figure it out.My one complaint about this toy is that it takes a little while to fill up all those compartments, but I think that is the case with most dog toys. I give this toy five stars because it is entertaining for all involved. He enjoys the challenge of getting to the treat, and I (and anyone who might be visiting) have fun watching him do it!

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  13. Debz

    My poodle loves it!

    I bought this for my 11 Y/O toy poodle who can get up to mischief if she isn’t properly challenged. Especially when we leave the house. I recently was gifted my senior grrrl from a friend who wasn’t able to give her the life she deserved. So, it has been an on going education with her. I learned a couple weeks ago that poodles are the second smartest dog in the world and need to be challenged. I immediately started looking for an enrichment toy for her. The cheapest one was on amazon. I placed the treats inside, placed it back in the box and wrapped it up the night before Christmas for her to find in the morning. Sure enough she began the process of unwrapping it when she discovered the present. I pulled it out of the box for her when we all started opening gifts. She circled it and tried to use her paws to get at the treats and was trying to figure out how to lift it. Everyone around was saying that the pegs were too big and she wouldn’t be able to use her mouth to lift it. I should have taken bets at this point, because I’ve seen what this old grrrl can do! Anyway within 15 minutes she had figured it out and it took another 10 to get them all out and she got her treats. I have now ordered a level 2 and level 3 for her.Update 12/28/22:I recieved Level 2 at 4 PM. I put treats in it and gave it to Poodle at 4:10 PM. She figured out how and had all the treats out at 4:15 PM. I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for them. I’m thinking I need to find a toy that has a combination lock on it… she is one smart grrrl!

    22 people found this helpful

  14. Christine

    Keeps my dog entertained and stimulated.

    My 6 month old golden retriever is extremely smart and very high strung – His mind always needs to be engaged in something so I got him this puzzle after he seemed to master the lower level ones. He’s done it a few times already and seems to love it. I’ve only put treats in the outer boxes so it’s easiest for him and the first time he tried it, it took him 11 minutes to get everything. Even after he solved it he kept going back to it thinking there were more treats so it kept him busy even longer.I was slightly disappointed to see that he managed to pull one of the sliders off (I thought they were pretty secure.) It took me a few minutes to get it back in place and now I know he really needs to be supervised with it. Other than that it’s a great puzzle and we’ll get many hours of use out of it!

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  15. Raven


    I’m so happy they sell these by themselves so you don’t have to replace the whole toy! I have a border collie and if I don’t keep her busy she will chew everything.Point and case: I got stuck at work one day and she had chewed these. I was upset because she loves her puzzle toy and it was pretty expensive. I didn’t want to have to pay $30-35 to replace it every time she chewed it up but thankfully they sell these replacements.They took a little force but snapped in pretty easily. I honestly done even know how she got the other ones out to chew them. I would say with most dogs you’re probably pretty safe you probably won’t ever need these but if you have an aggressive, determined chewer then these will be your best friends!

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  16. Tooluser

    good puzzle, wish it didn’t slide so much

    I have a very smart cattle dog mix and a very dumb border collie mix. Both enjoy this puzzle. The girl cattle dog is very food focused and can do this entire puzzle in just over 30 seconds with just her snout (will claw if stuck).Her ‘brother” will spend 30 min on it and get about half the treats. Can’t quite figure out the center spin (particularly when he’s standing on it lol). It keeps him occupied for a while but eventually get tired of him sliding it all over the kitchen floor (or he gives up) & we have to let the smart one finish for him.I wish someone would make a modular lego-like puzzle we could change up at will. I’d spend $200 on it.

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  17. JT

    Engages my dog

    My dog gets excited when she hears the lids on this puzzle. She is very good at flipping the lids to open the compartments, and sliding the compartments. She picked that part up quickly, but struggles a bit with consistently removing the blocks. As a result she will pounce on the open lids. They fortunately pop off easily and I put them aside when she knocks them off. They easily snap back on when I clean it.She’s a 3yr old Cattle Dog mix. She uses her muzzle a lot, followed by her paws. She’s mouthy with other stuff, but not this puzzle or any other we’ve used with her. She did grab a lid I dropped and gnawed it up. She had it for 10-15 seconds and deformed it badly. So keep an eye on it while your dog is interacting with the puzzle.We have had it for a couple of months and she is still excited to play with it. We do rotate through a couple of others to change it up.

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  18. Brittany

    Buy It and Defeat Destructo Boy!

    I’ll try to keep this short. It’s plastic, so it’s not chew proof, but you should be keeping an eye on your dog with something like this anyway. I haven’t had it more than a few days, so I can’t speak for durability or longevity. One piece came off when he tried to pick it up, but it snapped back in easily.What I can speak for is: Bandit. The 9 month old puppy in the photo. He is a smart boy. He learned to plug our tub and turn the water on so he can play in it after he opens up the bathroom door. He has also figured out how to unscrew caps on bottles. So, as you can tell, we have our hands full.When he was 2 months old, we got him a snuffle mat and that was good for him until about 3 months ago. He gets tired of picking the food off it at times, picks it up and shakes all the food out. It’s irritating to say the least because at the same time, if he’s bored, he’ll fling his food bowl so he can pick the pieces up.He’s constantly looking for ways to work his little noggin and sniffer. This seems to be an excellent one.When I put it down, the first thing he tried to do was pick it up and shake the food out. It did not work. I only latched 2 of the things since it’s his first time, which was good for him. I debated on showing him how to use it, but that’s how he figured out how to truly unscrew a cap (he was curious about what I was doing. In hindsight, it was a dumb idea. I know. Some lessons are learned the hard way. Others are learned by cleaning juice and water off the floor.)I let him have at it and it took him a few minutes, but he got it. It seems to have been a good brain teaser because he is chilling now and not destroying my new-to-me house (built in 1951, but I digress). He’s been going crazy sniffing since we moved in a few days ago, but the novelty of the house seems to be wearing off.This toy seems to be a good way to keep him entertained and my house not destroyed.I would also like to note that he has never used a toy like this before. We have a tippy ball that spills food (which he has also learned to shake to get the food out faster). We have a snuffle mat and a licking mat. I use these when he turns into his supervillain alter ego, Destructo Boy. I’m excited to have a new tool to defeat Destructo Boy with and save the new tub from his antics. (I hope)I would also like to note that he now believes he had to eat his entire meal out of these toys.

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  19. Steve

    Excellent toy, but some pups will chew it up

    This is probably my five month old pup’s favorite toy. It shows. I’ve had it for about two weeks, but honestly it doesn’t look much different now than it did after the first day. That first day I really thought I was going to have to replace it after the second. But somehow it’s held up without getting too much worse for wear.It’s durable in the sense it seems like it’s difficult to break it. However it will show chew damage very quickly, and some of the trim can be chewed off with relative ease, which is a concern. I get that the softer plastic is probably better for their teeth, but man I would love to find one of these that can do that and be chew-proof. I’d buy a dozen.My pup is very smart and gets bored with most of her other toys pretty easily, but this has consistently held her attention for as long as the treats last. This is one of a very few things I can bust out (along with the peanut-butter-and-frozen-kibble Kong toy) that I know will ensure I can eat or work for a bit without her wanting to be a part of what I’m doing. I’ve seen her come up with a few different strategies for “solving” it–the obvious one, flipping it, and one where she’s able to pick it up in her mouth by the edge and center hole and shake it. I added some extra complexity putting it in an open box that doesn’t quite have enough room to really flip it over or get a good angle for picking it up by her mouth as I described.Like really, in spite of the damage I can’t say enough good things about this toy. If anyone knows where I can find my magical chew-proof version I would probably pay a finder’s fee. Only half kidding.

    27 people found this helpful

  20. Bardim

    Playful Pooch

    My dog has not ever been interested in playing with toys, and appears bored at times. I purchased this puzzle toy to give him something to do even though I held out zero hope that he would be interested. He absolutely loves it! He is able to sniff out treats in all 3 hiding spots, and able to figure out how to get to them. From the first try, he has been successful, even getting excited when he sees I am loading it up. Occasionally he get frustrated when a treat is under the red sliding holder and will pull off the red lid, but it pops right back on. Love this, and plan to order something more difficult from the same company.

    5 people found this helpful

  21. Sobarbeau

    Clever dog toy

    Purchased this dog toy to challenge my female Maltese and keep her busy for a while. The brochure suggested adding a small rope to each white handle so the pet could unlock each compartment. After doing so and placing small treat in each slot I placed toy on floor and my dog went to work. She first pulled one rope but drawer didn’t open; then she pulled several ropes consecutively, and tried to slide the covers open. So I figured she needed to see starting point which helped her to get the reward. On 2nd reloading of treats she grabbed one rope and jerked entire toy upward at an angle which unlocked drawers on opposite side plus the one she just pulled. She continued to jerk ropes around toy lifting toy at angle until all drawers were open. She then stood on top of toy and slid the covers open. Each compartment cover has about 1/4” of movement in it so the treat could be detected but not retrieved without properly opening the slot. It seemed like the white center area of the toy and the white pull tabs grabbed the attention of my dog before the green slider covers did. This is a good brain game for my fur baby.

    9 people found this helpful

  22. HappyHome

    Buy it, they’ll like it!

    It is durable, cannot chew it, and she’s tried to get a treat by chewing the piece and she couldn’t even grasp it. I’ve had big dogs before and I can’t see an aggressive chewer getting pieces off this. There’s so many ways to modify it if you’re clever. In the beginning I took the big green wheel off to make it easier to move the red circles, but she figured that out quick. There are little “locks” that prevent the square portals from moving and I have had to start using them to make it harder, she is figuring those out too. So NOW it’s a level 4 game! I like playing with it with her. I was sooo worried it would be too challenging for my mini poodle puppy (5 mths), but she is always soooo excited when I put it down. She’s extremely clever, even sassy! This brings her down a peg. Enjoy.It can be intimidating at first, but get it anyway. You’ll see… They will figure it out. I dehydrate chicken breast and she makes it work. It helps distract her when left alone.

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  23. christina

    A good toy but our boxer puppy chewed this up right away

    This in theory is a good toy, however, our boxer puppy after finding most of the treats was able to rip the doors off the compartments and chew them up. Most of them can clip back in but they don’t sit properly because they are warped from the chewing. The white bone covers were NOT able to be chewed up and those remain intact. We do still bring this toy out to use because our dog has fun with it, we just aren’t able to input treats in some of the compartments. I would purchase another one of these toys to try because I do like the products. Our dog is still a puppy so basically anything he gets his paws on gets destroyed 🤷‍♀️

  24. Hal Lewis

    We use it at every meal.

    This is not a difficult puzzle for dogs to solve, but you should continue to use it anyway! We’ve been using it for many months and our one year old poodle expects part of his meal to be served this way.It’s interactive, so it’s fun for him. He looks forward to it and if we stopped, he would be unhappy and confused.We put his kibble in the openings in a pattern and he consistently will open only the ones containing food.He will chew the bones if left out, so we try to keep track of when he is done eating. About half the bones have been chewed to some extent but are still useable.

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  25. Susan

    Challenge your dogs brain!

    Purchased this toy for my 1 yr. old toy poodle who is very curious, and loves a challenge. He took to it with his paws to seek and find the hidden treats, and loves when we change up the games. To my surprise, my 5 yr. old toy poodle who is very food oriented loves using his nose to open the box to find the treat. One nice point is that the game comes in 2 parts, so they each can play at the same time!Highly recommend this brain challenging puzzle for your dogs!

  26. Chris


    It took her about a month in a half to figure this out, but I love the challenges. Keeps her mind occupied for quite a long time. I put in her favorite treat, and it motivates her even more, and she LOVES it! I also would suggest to take it away after they are done, don’t want our pups to chew it up lol. I highly suggest to get this though! For sure! =))

  27. Todd F

    Works really well for pet rats

    I don’t own a dog. I bought the Puppy Hide n’ Slide for my pair of pet rats. There are seven treat chambers in the puzzle, and you can set the level of challenge for each chamber. When we play, I set it up with a combination of challenge levels.Easiest is where a treat chamber is covered only by a piece that has to be swiveled to the side. Or you can cover the treat chamber with a little column that has to be slid aside. The rats figured out both of these challenges on their own fairly quickly.A slightly greater challenge is a two-step solution where the movement of the swiveling piece is restricted by the sliding column. The column has to be slid aside first, and then the swiveling piece can be moved. It took a little longer, but the rats figured this out on their own as well. Don’t hesitate to demonstrate a solution if your pet is getting frustrated.You can increase the challenge even further by having the swiveling piece restricted by the sliding column(s) of an adjacent chamber. I suspect this level of abstraction would be too difficult for a rat, but I might try that out sometime on a single chamber and see what happens. If you don’t pay careful attention to the positions of the sliding posts when you set up the puzzle, you might accidentally create this arrangement for one or more of the chambers.My rats have done no damage to the puzzle. I’ve never seen them even try to chew on the components, I suspect because it’s so much easier to just move the pieces than try to chew through them. But if you give them a really challenging configuration, like the one mentioned above, they might try to chew their way to the treat instead. As is the case for all toys like this one, keep an eye on your pets while they play with it.If you’re looking for an enrichment toy for pet rats, I happily recommend this one. It’s too big for even a large cage, so you’ll want to use it when you let the pets out for free roam.

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  28. Kirwan O’ Reilly

    Our puppy is fascinated

    Our new puppy is really fascinated with this puzzle. We place some upside down, like cups, and place treats in them. We place some treats under the cups. It occupies our little guy for up to 20 minutes at a time. You can vary it and test your dog. Once they figure out how to get to the treats, it goes faster (of course) but you can hide one treat or as many as you can fit under or into all nine cups to keep them guessing.So far, the cups haven’t even gotten a single tooth-dent, which impresses us.

  29. Ainsley Smith


    I’ve had this for over a year and is still holding up for two puppies, 1 older dog, and a rabbit. All of my pets love using it to get treats out of. I even used it as a sort of slow feeder for my puppy but that got to be a bit tedious to pick up and fill out every feeding. Great for treat puzzles though! My rabbit has a great time throwing the pizzas around to get to her veggies.

  30. Katie Willis

    Good but with some durability issues

    The concept of this toy is great. It keeps my dog entertained for a while. Unfortunately, my dog will sometimes try to move the squares around not by moving them with her nose but by “digging” aimlessly and aggressively at the whole surface of the toy in general. That caused one of the squares to come out and then once that happens, they all start coming out, so we had to put the toy back together. Since then, that hasn’t happened but I wouldn’t let your dog use this unsupervised because if this had happened when we weren’t there, she would have chewed up the squares.

  31. JS

    Yay! Replacement parts

    I’m glad to see that there are reasonably priced replacement parts for the toy and the fact that my dog pulled and chewed off one tile doesn’t mean I have to trash the whole toy (which would be a waste of plastic). He was honestly disappointed to see his kibble in a bowl while the toy was out of commission. For an Aussie, what fun was free food? My dog is delighted to have his breakfast toy back.

  32. NWS

    Fun for dogs

    My puppy loves this but has broken off the lids which are easy to put back on. I can see some teeth marks but it could be those razor sharp puppy teeth.

  33. Amber

    My dog enjoys it

    It wasn’t difficult for my 8 month old Australian Shepherd – Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler) to figure out how to work it. But, we still bring it out of rotation at times to give her something to make breakfast a little different.I dislike washing it because there’s not really a good way to go about it.All that being said, I’m glad that we bought it. It does stimulate their brains and gives them a job.

  34. mggossett

    Big enough for my Labradoodle

    I was worried about buying this because I thought it would be to small for my 45lb labradoodle. I’m glad I decided to get it for her Christmas present though because it’s a great size. So far I have put dog food and scrambled eggs in it and she loves it. It is nice that it takes her a bit longer to eat her eggs too. She figured it out really easy so I’ll probably but the next level soon but for now it’s entertaining. I don’t think it would stand up well if actuality chewed but it’s pretty sturdy.

  35. Kestrel

    Very clever, very sturdy.

    This is a “Level 3” dog puzzle from the Nina Ottosson collection. I was disappointed in Levels 1 & 2 because they were way too easy for my pup… & they had parts that could be lost (or chewed). This puzzle, tho, is really well-made & very durable, with no “loose” parts (tho you can temporarily remove the center dial if your pup needs less challenge in the beginning). It’s also very clever with lots of places to “hide” kibble or treats, & interesting ways for my pup to move pieces to access those treats. It’s been really fun watching him experiment & learn how to slide pieces around. Most important, tho, is that it’s fun, challenging & rewarding for my pup.

  36. lauren p.

    Great for treat driven dogs

    This is perfect for our Husky who is constantly wanting to play and be given treats. After showing her how the puzzle works, she has gotten better each time at finding treats. We like this one because some of the boxes are easier while the sliding ones are more difficult. It keeps her busy.

  37. Britt

    Decent product but not the most practical

    I have other interactive toys for my pup that I don’t have to put together again every time he uses them. The fact that the pieces come off/apart so easily is a disappointment to me, as my dog can easily disperse them about the house. Wouldn’t purchase again

  38. Erica

    Pup smart

    I got this to keep my pup busy while I’m at workHe figure it out very quickly how to get the treats out lol. But it been doing very well through him being rough it. Need get him a harder one next time

  39. R. Painton

    Well, it’s cute…

    It’s cute. I put it out with the inserts in right away, figuring my dog might have trouble (this was her second smart-toy).Nope.She flipped it over and kicked it, dumping all the white bones and treats right out so she could wolf them all down at once. She only took a couple of minutes to snuffle it and make sure she’d dug out all of them before she was done with it.Then she grinned at me and walked off to get a drink.I think maybe it would benefit from either a heavier base or suction cups or something! 😀

    3 people found this helpful

  40. HdShroom

    Three minutes

    It took our 5 month old grandpuppy three minutes to figure this puzzle out. That included a trip to the back door to see what the OH was doing outside. The pup did have fun, and I’ll continue using it with him.My usual way to introduce something like this puzzle is to show him how it works and the treat that is to be found. I didn’t this time, hoping it would take a bit longer to figure out, and used pieces of his kibble in it. I’ll be looking for the next level later.

  41. Ingrid

    Maltipoo LOVES it !

    Our Maltipoo was always getting into our trashcan, but we then came to the realization that new was being so destructive because he was bored. This was the first puzzle toy we have bought, and with the quality of Outward Hounds toys, it will hopefully not be the last !

  42. Dave K

    Really a Level 1 IMO

    This is the first dog puzzle I have ever used so keep this in mind. But my 4 1/2 month old German Shepherd puppy figured it out and sucked up all the treats in less than 5 minutes, now she just wants to destroy it. I was hoping it would keep her busy longer, guess I’ll tray a level 3. But it is sturdy and works as advertised.

    One person found this helpful

  43. conlan

    Works as advertised

    It fits a cup and a half of food if you overfill it. I put small kibble in the little cups and big kibble in the round indentations. My dog eats too fast and sometimes gets an upset stomach—this puzzle forces him to eat slower. He’s an australian cattle dog and has not destroyed it yet. It’s waterproof which makes it easy to rinse.

  44. AyLaLoca

    Concerned about the durability of side handles

    Apparently not as difficult as preferred. MamaMia dove right into it as tho she’s had it all along. I’m concerned over the durability of the side handles they have to pull out to unlock the treats. She just got this for Christmas and I’m praying she’ll get at least a few months before it breaks apart.

  45. Alexa Gaines

    Super cute and great!

    This is a great puzzle for my older dog. He isn’t much of an energetic dog and this is great for stimulating him. He’s still learning how it works, but he’s slowly getting the hang of it. It’s really cute watching him try to find the treats and figure out where they went and how to get it out.Since he was very confused at first I started by emptying the bones and only putting one with a treat and have been adding as he gets the hang of it. You need to find a very excited treat or else they get bored quick and don’t try to get the treats.*Will update with pictures*

  46. NGoodwin

    The puzzle is great but not durable

    It was really engaging for the dogs but they ripped the red doors off and chewed them up right away.

  47. AM

    Love this toy

    My puppy is super annoying about knocking her food all over the floor, and this toy is the perfect solution. It holds quite a bit of food (probably over a cup if I really stuffed it), so I’ve pretty much just been feeding her all her food with it.It keeps her busy for a solid half an hour per fill, and gets out a ton of her energy since she has to work to get the food out. Only critique is that it is kinda hard to fill it using the little hole, and you have to really shove the food in to get it full. It is totally worth it for the 30 minutes of peace I get while she plays with it though!

    2 people found this helpful

  48. ACE

    Gets their minds going

    My pup has so much fun trying to open each compartment for treats. After a few weeks she gets her treats with ease. Caught her chewing the removable pieces. Always supervise your pets

  49. Grace Bowman

    Fantastic Diversion for a Dog that likes to Figure Stuff Out

    This is the first level 2 toy my 1 year old beagle has tried– he was gifted a level 1 toy and figured it out very quickly. My dog loves this thing! It didn’t take him long to get the hang of moving the flaps and shuffling the cylinders over the holes. I use his food in this before he gets dinner. Smash hit, highly recommended!

  50. Heather J. Jones

    Mental stimulation

    This puzzle came today which was perfect! Kali is 6 months just had spay surgery and this is an amazing activity for her it keeps her busy and quiet. Mentally she was engaged and quiet. Perfect play and reward for her. I put some dog treats and her food in it and she enjoys this much better than a regular bowl.

  51. Gwen M

    Not for aggressive chewers

    This is a great difficulty level for our dog who is a 6 month old mixed terrier. It’s just challenging enough to make her work without being to easy or difficult. Unfortunately she is easily able to pop the lids right off the red sliding boxes, so she definitely needs to be closely supervised while using. She wants to chew on the kids and it is apparent they can’t withstand much chewing.

  52. Renee

    Dog Solved the Puzzle Another Way…

    I have a 27 lb/medium sized adult dog who gets excited when playing with this toy. But instead of twisting the white bones to pull the orange tray he drags the entire toy across the room and slaps it with his paw to get the treats out. I’ve even seen him play with it upside down, lol. It keeps him entertained but he almost never uses it as instructed, however, he always gets the treats out.

  53. KGB

    My ‘child’ is so smart – NOT

    I never thought I was that parent who thought my child was SOOO smart. However, I bought this thinking ‘My child (pet) is so smart, he can work out this advanced puzzle”. He could smell the food but could only figure out how to get to some of them – the center section was way beyond his skill. I was even opening up the sliders so he could find them. After a few minutes, he gave up. I would recommend starting with one of their simpler puzzles.There were a few minor issues which is why I gave it 4 stars. Food got stuck under the center section, with no way for him to get to it. The locks seemed to close too easily so he couldn’t move the sliders (I had to keep unlocking them). The sections are a bit small, so it won’t work well unless it’s for a puppy or pointing nosed dog.I think it might work if your dog is named Einstein, but I’m going to start simpler so it’s a positive, fun experience for my baby!

    11 people found this helpful

  54. Stacey Greenberg

    Yorkshire Terrier LOVES this game

    I do wish I had a video for everyone because it was highly entertaining! We introduced our 8 year Yorkie to this game because she is absolutely restless despite 4+ walks a day, max melatonin and hemp treats. After little instruction and a little frustration on her part, we left her alone to think it through. Our dog is highly food motivated. We originally only filled 12 slots. Within 5 minutes, she opened one on her own. With verbal encouragement, she excitedly tackled the rest and had the whole board cleared within 20 minutes. She spent the rest of the next 10 minutes banging on the board and reopening compartments looking for more treats. 🤦🏽‍♀️ We set her up again yesterday, this time hesitating very little and enjoyed herself immensely. She started to walk off with one of the white bone pieces to bury it without finding all the treats before I redirected her back to the board. This has not curbed her restlessness but it does challenge her. I think we need to move up the difficulty but you can see how we’re not sure of her intelligence (so smart yet little things or our ignorance of dog behavior). Overall, this dog would have physically annihilated this game if she could and she could not – it is in perfect condition. There’s still a good amount of challenge left in sliding parts before it’s completely mastered. This game is a huge win for us and will be following the line.

    14 people found this helpful

  55. susan a.

    Great starter puzzle for your smarty-pants!

    My Great Pyr puppy is very smart, so I was looking for something to work his brain and this is his first puzzle toy. Got this for him for Christmas… BEST THING EVER.It takes him about a half hour to find all the treats. He likes the moving parts A LOT and will play with the slide parts after the treats are gone.AND he still gets excited when I get it out for him (we do daily puzzle time)Parts can come off (intentionally), so it is my opinion this must be a supervised activity.I’m looking forward to introducing him to more advanced puzzles!

  56. Trippet

    Boredom Relief / Mental Exercise

    The media could not be loaded.

     So many are complaining that the bones got chewed up. That’s because the dog has to be taught that the bone isn’t the prize, the item held within is. They don’t reason like we do and anything to a dog is a chewable item. I made the same mistake with my 8-yr old hyper-but-uber-smart Spitz / Husky mix. When he was a puppy I didn’t know even a portion of what I do now and he tore up a great number of toys as a result.I’m starting fresh with a new pound puppy. My 10-month old took off with the bones initially and tried to chew them. I removed them from her and redirected her to the real treasure. After the 2nd round of training she started ignoring the bones and going for the real treat. She now takes her meals in this or her Kong Wobbler. I still have to watch because as I was typing this she finished the game and got bored waiting for me so proceeded to chew up one of the bones.The 8-yr old owned this in no time. His first time with it he put his paw on the center to hold it in place, then picked up the bones, tossed them to the side and reaped his rewards. He was considerably more slobbery than the girl, so do be aware that these things can get slimed. I’m using other toys with him due to the goo factor, and to offer him more of a challenge since this was far too easy for him.This has been a great relief for boredom for the 10-month old. She cracked her foot on our patio when the two dogs were running full speed ahead in the yard, resulting in a toe fracture. I am to keep this puppy on limited activity for 4 – 6 weeks so I’m learning all sorts of new tricks to keep her mind active to make up for the lack of physical exertion. Now that she’s able to put weight on the foot this toy, the Kong Wobbler, and a plush toy with holes to pull smaller plushes from are helping me do just that.Pros:Good introduction to puzzle toysDurable But requires training to prevent dogs from chewing the pieces upLightweightEasy to set upCons:Noisy if your dog manhandles itMoves all over the floorSlobber can make the pieces difficult to handle (or just gross)Takes a little time to set upSupervision neededVideo is the boy on his 3rd attempt. He has a listening problem – he can’t hear “sit” when he doesn’t want to. 😀 I have to send him to the crate because he has resource guarding issues I’ve never been successful at training out of him so to keep things civil I send him away from the game before I refill. If that one piece hadn’t escaped, breaking his concentration, he would have finished up pretty darn quick. The girl is less elegant in her execution.

    1,231 people found this helpful

  57. amazon customer

    Great entertainment

    Our dog loves using this toy for meal time, and we love watching him go at it! He occasionally tears off a door or two, but they are easy to put back on and continue to work fine. He is a big chewer, but no problem for this toy so far… only a few minor teeth marks visable

  58. Catherine Tapia

    Good product

    Have a herding breed and he always needs something to stimulate his mind. He does go through this puzzle very fast but I feel that that is good because he is learning how to get the treats out. The only downside for this product is it is kind of hard to hand wash it and make sure it’s cleaned all the way. I do not own a dishwasher so hand washing is the only way to clean. Other than that really like this product. I really like the durability. It is heavy so it stays on the ground.

  59. JECartwright

    My Dog Loves This Challenge!

    On special occasions, I put this out for my border collie and he always shows excitement because he loves a challenge. It is not difficult to slide the compartments or access the treats, and it is very durable. I think he is ready for the next level!

  60. hammeri

    Not really difficult

    My pup (Aussie Doddle 9months) takes at most 5 minutes to solve this puzzle. I need to get a more difficult one to solve. Otherwise, very durable puzzle that our pup loves for the treats.

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