PetLab Co. Probiotics for Dogs – Support Gut Health, Itchy Skin, Seasonal Allergies, and Yeast with Each Tasty Chew – Dog Probiotics – Perfect for Small, Medium and Large Dogs – Packaging May Vary Pet Supplies

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About this item ONE CHEW, MANY BENEFITS – This dog probiotic is formulated to deliver digestive support, promote healthy yeast production and encourage a normal immune response. Unlock a new world of happiness and comfort for your dog WORLD-CLASS INGREDIENTS – Our pet probiotic supplement contains a base of Inulin (prebiotic for dogs), Honey, and Pumpkin. Plus 8 strains of beneficial bacteria that work as a digestive aid, optimize skin health, and support coat comfort EASY-TO-USE – Young puppy or a senior dog? Supporting their gut health shouldn’t be difficult. Our canine Chews are easy to use and easily absorbed, and thanks to their mouth-watering pork flavor, they are easy to give to even the fussiest of pups PREMIUM PRODUCTS – Our dog health supplies are made using high-quality ingredients from the US and prime locations worldwide, and our products are exclusively manufactured in the USA INVEST IN YOUR DOG’S HEALTH – Want to help your dog’s occasional itchy skin, yeast production or loose stools? Our Probiotic Chews are the product for you. Subscribe and save today to join over 1 million dogs in the PetLab Co. family

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  1. After losing his beloved dog Krystal, our CEO Chris set out to improve pets’ lives. He formed PetLab Co and has since helped millions of pets.

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Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 3.11 x 2.87 x 2.6 inches; 4.2 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎ PBSC

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ June 23, 2020

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Synergy Labs


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Best Sellers Rank: #2 in Dog Probiotic Supplements

Customer Reviews: 28,161 ratings

Additional information

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

3.11 x 2.87 x 2.6 inches; 4.2 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

June 23, 2020

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Synergy Labs

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#2 in Dog Probiotic Supplements

Customer Reviews:

28,161 ratings

60 reviews for PetLab Co. Probiotics for Dogs – Support Gut Health, Itchy Skin, Seasonal Allergies, and Yeast with Each Tasty Chew – Dog Probiotics – Perfect for Small, Medium and Large Dogs – Packaging May Vary Pet Supplies

  1. Valerie W. Mack


    I absolutely love that this works really well in getting my dog to stop the excessive licking, and scratching that she does. But she does not like the flavor or the scent. I have to hide it in some chicken to get her to eat it. I tries everything and she would eat around it each time. But i finally crushed it up and put in some chicken and she eats it. My dog is a very picky eater, but that just lets me know that it was good for her and i am smarter than she is. She has improved so much and her coat is beginning to glow.

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  2. Rayne Alexandra

    Dog probiotics? Who knew

    So call me crazy but these thinks work so so good. Backstory- My dog has a scratching problem that gets out of control and he just scratches and scratches. Then he also bites and chews off his nails. we have tried everything. Medications, coning, corrective behavior, supplements and nothing worked. I had stumbled upon these a while back and the thought behind them made since because I take probiotics to help keep everything balanced why not a dog. I saw immediate results with giving my pup these. They stopped the itching and the nail biting. The idea is that he has an overgrowth of yeast and that is what causes the behavior. This stops that over growth of yeast from the gut. These are pricey but they are the answer you have been searching for if you have come to the reviews to see what this is all about.

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  3. Patti Whitlatch

    This changed my dogs life!

    After searching for a probiotic for my golden retriever, and failing again and again, I finally found the one for him! He has an excess of yeast, so he smelled, his coat was very coarse, he constantly had ear infections, irritated skin, chewed on his feet and would scoot his bottom outside. In just 6 days, there is an amazing improvement! Not only is he less itchy, but he has much more energy than he did before. He was very lazy most of the time, but now he wants to play constantly!! I am truly shocked at how much better he is! This probiotic is a God send!!!! 10 stars!

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  4. Gilbert Cannon

    Daily Results

    Check in next week with my girl American Bulldog first week trial its just 2 days and she hasn’t lick her paw area or scoots her bottom on the rugs or shake her head everytime she take a step around the house. The package handler was my only problem leaving my package in the snow instead of bringing it to the back door as instructed. Thank you ProLab Co. & Amazon for getting my Baby Gyrl together!

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  5. Sal

    Starting to work week one

    Just purchased these and started giving to my little dog who was always biting her paws she used that she’s doing it a lot less I’m only a week and so that’s why I didn’t give you 5 stars he’s only 10 pounds and I’m only giving her a portion. I Will update at a later time to see if these things really work

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  6. Connie E

    Dog needed to be coaxed to eat.

    This is advertised as chewy… Maybe our product was old or not sealed well but it was more hard than chewy from the initial opening of the package. Our GSD that easily eats most anything put before her had to be coaxed to eat it. Update** we were given a full refund for our purchase based on review, without asking. 5 stars for customer service.

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  7. Michael S.

    Read for your dog’s health

    Last year I adopted my first dog. And with most rescues, they eat what they to eat to survive. So naturally he had some gastrointestinal parasites and the breath that could be compared to summertime Florida roadkill. Just DISGUSTINGLY AWFUL!!! I too suffer from IBD and stomach issues so I take a daily probiotic.After 2 months of medication he was finally 100% but his breath was still putrid. Then I thought if they make probiotics for us, they have to make them for dog’s! I tried a different brand before these and they made my dog sick! I stopped after one dose. Then I found these. He actually enjoys them! Where as the other brand he would smell it and turn his head.Now here’s the key for them to work. DO NOT give the servings as it suggests. My guy is 90lbs and when I gave him 3 he got sick a few days later. So I started slow and gave him one a day and that was the ticket! Now I give him 3-4 a week after a meal. The suggested amount is just way to much. For smaller dogs I would even do half of one.You can see and SMELL the results! With these and other natural chews like beef trachea, beef joints, his breath has improved 10 fold! He no longer smells like he eats a rotting carcass for every meal! Not only has his breath improved but he has the shiniest most glowing coat! My neighbors and other fellow dog walker’s noticed his improvement as well. He went from a hopeless dirty broken street dog to an absolute STUD! The transformation has been incredible! And this product has definitely had a hand in his transformation.

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  8. Donna McLean

    Appears to be working

    Hasn’t been quite two weeks but this product seems to be working to rid my pup of that horrible smell! He’s still licking but not as much and the smell is going away.

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  9. carol

    PetLab Probiotic Chews Helps But..

    No harsh scent to the pork flavor, my dogs’ coat seems fuller and shinier, she still scratches most likelyfrom other allergies.What I can’t get past; is that for a 40lb dog, at least two chews a day are recommended for her weight size but the only size container of chews PetLab makes are the 30 count. So I’m Hoping PetLab recognizes this error or inconvenience and decides to produce a 60 or 90 count canister of chews in the near future. They are also somewhat expensive for a 30 count canister.

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  10. Adelaide R. matcham

    Are there other flavors and scents?

    My dog had a couple of open sores that she kept licking and cause it to bleed. I think she has stopped irritating them so they will heal and no more bleeding in the house.

  11. Keith

    Rated highly. Can’t give them to both of my dogs

    One of my dogs can take these and the other one has stomach problems after taking it even after cutting it in half.

  12. Amber Y

    Great customer service

    Customer service reached out and i appreciated it is much. You know we buy stuff and sometimes it doesn’t just work the customer service seems to truly care about their customers and that is hard to find.Thank you again.My dog has been taking it for several days I have not seen any improvement. I attached a video I took while writing this review. Just didn’t work for my dog. He did however enjoy the flavor he gobbled them down.I had high hopes

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  13. Seajay128

    My dog won’t eat it

    I’m sure it’s a good product but no matter what I try my dog will not eat it. I messed up. Put it in with some peanut butter. Hide it in his food. You definitely won’t take it on his own so it’s not the product’s fault. It’s my dog’s fault

  14. tracy


    So far so good I think

  15. Amazon Customer

    Great product, but not a good value for large breed dog owners

    Great product! My dog loved them and it truly helped him with his itching and excessive paw licking. Only downside is that if you have a bigger dog (mine is 73lbs) it only lasted 2 weeks. If you have a small dog that only needs 1 a day I think it is worth it. But larger dog breed owners will need to give 2 or 3 depending on weight and so it does not last as long.With the cost of dog food rising adding another $70+ a month may be a lot for some families.

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  16. J. Kennedy

    Ick Ears Cleared Up

    My 10 year old Shih Tzu /Cavalier mix became diabetic after an illness last year. She then started to have constant stinky, draining and itchy ears. After $$$ for drops, pills and shampoos at the Vet I read about these. I thought.. Why not? After a couple weeks her ears were cleaning up. She was scratching less and licking her paws less. We give her 1 a day and she thinks they are a treat. She loves them. Her ears are much better and I hardly ever see her scratching at them or licking her paws like she used to. She appears much more comfortable. We use these along with kzetokonozole shampoo and her ears are pretty much back to normal beyond occasional flare ups (I blame the diabetes).

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  17. Bobbie Bayes

    Worked better at first

    Our dog loves it! However, it seems less effective now than it did the first month.

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  18. Danny

    I just start to feed this to my dogs … so no experience now

    My dogs like it … so I will continue and see how it works

  19. Amazon Customer

    Helped with yeasty paws when nothing else would

    My boy Winston has been struggling with itchy, yeasty paws since we got him two years ago. It’s not medication worthy but we’ve tried so many probiotic supplements and this is the first and only one that has worked!! Will never switch!

  20. StephanieH.

    Buy it! It works!!

    My 10 year old mini schnauzer all of a sudden developed dry itchy skin, it looked like ring worm but was flaky like dandruff. I was not sure what was going on. I had tried numerous shampoos and lotions from the local pet store who said “this will work”, “maybe you are bathing him too much”. No thats not what it was. I only bathe him when he “stinks” which as a small dog isnt often. Anyways. I bought these back around thanksgiving time frame. Started them right away upon delivery. It is now Dec 11th. The itchy skin is gone. the flaky skin is gone. His hair is soft and shiny. I will continue to purchase these because whatever is in them, well clearly I know because it lists the ingredients… but I will keep on buying them because it helps out my little guy so much.

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  21. Rick W

    Dog seem more healthy after utilizing the product

    I have no way of knowing what the flavor is like, nor the scent as I have not tasted it, and do not intend to the dog, same healthier after using the product more than that, I can’t add

  22. Larry B

    Works great

    The chews really worked. We have a few dogs that always itch behind their ears yet there is no ear infection. Started these chews and the itching has stopped. My only complaint is the cost for three dogs. May have to go to every other day or find a cheaper alternative.

  23. Mang Moua

    Our dog shed a lot less.

    I think the most noticeable difference in my dog was her coat, she sheds a lot normally but started to not shed as much. A lot less paw licking and head scratching. The package was smaller than I expected but our dog enjoyed the “treat”. A dog’s sense of smell is already so amazing—the scent is overpowering.

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  24. PinkSunshine

    It works really well!

    My miniature dachshund is allergic to grass (we think) and is constantly itching and licking her paws during grass season. The doctor gave us allergy medicine that is $65 a month! It worked partially too. I saw an ad for PetLab chews and thought it was worth a shot. It took a couple of weeks to fully set in but once she had been using them regularly we noticed a significant decrease in her itching and licking. After a couple of months it is pretty much gone! PetLab chews cheaper than the medicine and I am happy to be giving her something more natural than medicine as well.

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  25. Karen

    My dog loves it

    It works as advertised. I tried other brands, but the itch that came with it drove my dog nuts, so I changed to this brand. I recommend this

  26. Marshall Linker

    Must have for dog owners

    My 7yr old female pit had issues with licking her paws and swores between her toes. Has been lifetime issue had gotten worse than ever but in 4 days on these they cleared up no swores in 2 weeks now and have seen a major increase in her energy! I’m new lifetime customer!

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  27. Amazon Customer

    Seems to work

    We have it to our yorkie. Seems to work , still evaluating.

  28. Firefly

    My dog like this and acts like it’s a treat

    It seems to do what it’s suppose to do, therefore I have no issues with giving this to my dog daily.

  29. Suthrnshopper

    Cleared up bad breath!

    My dog had horrible breath problems. Even though I paid for him to have surgery on some of his teeth it seemed to have gotten worse. I initially purchased this product so that he would stop licking his paws but it solved his bad breathe problem too. I would give 6 stars if I could.

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  30. Cliente Kindle

    Funciona excelente

    Mi perrita tenía pulgas y se rascaba mucho le empecé a dar como indica las instrucciones y se fueron las pulgas si funciona

  31. Ghislaine


    THIS IS AMAZING!!! I have a 1 yr old female corgi and a 7 yr old female corgi. The puppy has had many skin issues and costly vet visits with Cytopoint shots and antibiotics (2 rounds). In the last week or so the licking and chewing at her paws has gotten so much worst! Did some online research and it said that it might be a yeast issue. I tried a Natural Dog Company skin and coat chew and it immediately made the licking worst where she would lick all day and night long to the point of scabbing the bottom of her paws. And then my 7 yr old started doing the exact same thing with the constant licking/chewing of the paws and bottom of the paws it was driving me insane! I was desperate and saw the ads and the good reviews on Amazon for the Pet Lab Co probiotics chews! OMG just one chew and the licking/chewing has stopped!!! I’ve also combined the healing of the paws and redness with the Natural Dog Company Paw Soother that helps heal and moisturize the paws. Only one day in and it’s so much better!! I did read the bad reviews about some dogs getting sick just make sure they eat the chews with a good meal. So far so good and I’m so thankful and if this continues to stop the licking/chewing/redness I will sign up for the subscription. THIS REALLY WORKS!!!

    39 people found this helpful

  32. Martha Gehrman

    Seams to be working.

    My fog chewed on his paws so bad I thought they would strat bleeding. Now he only chews a little.

  33. brett giger

    Good product

    Good product , its been helping my dog

  34. Laura

    Muy caro. Veremos si vale la pena!

    Acabo de comprar esto , espero que funcione , aunque a mi perra parece no gustarle , trato de dárselo igual , ya que hace años sufre de terribles problemas en su piel , escamas y esas cosas , le saqué todo lo que sea con pollo, ya que nos dinos cuentas que era lo que empeora su condición , rascarse y morderse el trasero hasta lastimarse , hemos usado muchos productos y gastado demaciado en el veterinario, espero esto funcione , solo que es muy pequeño para el precio tan caro!

    12 people found this helpful

  35. Boatdog


    We had to take our dog to the vet regularly for cytopoint injections for itchy feet. She was constantly biting and licking her feet. A week or so after giving this supplement she no longer has this itching. This supplement is somewhat expensive, but cheaper than the $85 per month we were spending on the cytopoing injections.

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  36. Marie Arzate

    My dogs look forward to their daily dose. It has helped them both tremendously!

    I started using the product fir my senior dog. She has allergies and would like her paws excessively. It really made a difference.

  37. John Carroll

    Seems to be helping

    I saw in instagram video for this product. Although it seems to help with our dog’s digestive system, it does not help with his ear itching as the video indicated.

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  38. Luella Raper

    It works!

    Finally, a dog probiotic that seems to help my dog’s skin condition, etc. Thank You

  39. nomad46474

    These work!

    As far as I can say is…these work! Prior to getting these probiotic chews for my dog he was scratching and licking his paws quite often. Now since he’s been taking them is scratching and licking has been greatly reduced. Also his poops have been more consistently normal as well as helping with other factors. Would definitely recommend for your fur baby if they are experiencing similar occurrences.

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  40. C. Scalchas

    Worked great on a rescue we had who was having but problems

    Our the baby loves the taste. One a day and he’s as regular as ever

  41. Shopper 1

    Seems to help

    I give the dog one a day. He seems to have less gas. Been using in for a couple weeks with no issues. He seems to enjoy eating them.

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  42. Karen

    Can’t believe the difference in less than a month she thinks she’s having a treat for

    For the first time I can give her something she needs without fighting to get her to take it.

  43. Deborah Coble

    He loves it !!!

    He loves the flavor, so it’s easy getting him to take it! And he feels better!Thank youDeborah

  44. Chanel

    Life saver

    My dog was on Apelquel a very expensive medicine ,after running out he would itch in lick his paws none stop baking soda dog wash would help a lot with room temperature raw coconut oil on his skin and to eat a spoon full every other week but after a while he’s be back to scare thing a few weeks later until we found this product he’s no longer licking his paws you have to give it to them with a nice full meal & use the correct amount for the size we break his up & hide it in his room just 2 days after the probiotic hes Doesn’t have that red strip he use to have on his back he seems extremely happy again

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  45. Amber K Granger

    Very expensive

    Very expensive I’m on fixed income

    One person found this helpful

  46. G. Ortega

    Labradoodle Loves his probiotic

    One of the precautions we now take regularly to avoid ear infections.

  47. Detrie Bell


    My dog stopped having drainage from his eyes after about 15 days. It works.

  48. Tracey


    My dog likes this and I see it helps her,the price is high for small jar.

  49. Wilma Joyce Osburn

    Good for my yorkie

    Your pet need this just like people do

  50. Barbara Szemplinski

    Helps reduce my pet’s discomfort

    My doggie suffered from discomfort with her feet. She often licked and chewed. She rarely does now.

  51. Christi A Couch

    Amazing Product

    This product has worked wonders for our senior dog. His coat and breath have shown major improvements.

  52. Rasheed B

    It Works

    Started to see a difference in just a couple weeks. My little one had dark flaky spots from yeast, and skin smelled like sulpher. Vet wanted to keep testing, * More Money) I read reviews, this product works!!!! no bad side affects, he loves them and they are worth the money!!

  53. Rosalie S. Smith

    Pet health

    She has stop scratching an bitting feet.

  54. Amazon Customer

    Picky dog likes it….

    I didn’t know that the bottle would be that small, but its kool. My Captain loves it and that’s what matters. He’s stopped shakingand scratching his head like before.He still licks his paws though but not as much. I’ll keep monitoring. I say get it.

    8 people found this helpful

  55. Latricia Nelson

    Slowly but surely less itching. And I don’t really hear her tummy now

    Seems to be pretty tasty. She loves it like she loves her treats

  56. tonya

    My dog absolutely loves this probiotic.

    My dog was scratching a lot and this probiotic helped tremendously. Try it.

  57. Barbra..

    Good product

    Dog seems to like them

  58. Amazon Customer

    Le encantan a mi perrita y está mucho mejor ahora

    Ella siempre se rascaba mucho pero con este producto se acabó su problema de picazón en su osico es mucho más saludable

  59. John Driesch

    Seems to be working

    My dog Gibbs is getting better he was in pretty bad shape before we go if he these so hopefully his condition continues to improve

  60. Lisa L.


    My dog loves it! And he’s more active !

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