PetSafe CozyUp Folding Dog Stairs – Pet Stairs for Indoor/Outdoor at Home or Travel – Dog Steps for High Beds, Sofa with Siderails, Non-Slip Pads – Durable, Support up to 200 lb – Extra Large, Gray Pet Supplies

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About this item CONTINUE CUDDLE TIME: Help your best friend climb up on the sofa or bed all by themselves SAFETY TESTED FOR DURABILITY: Small size supports pets up to 150 lbs; large size supports pets up to 200 lbs NO SLIPPING: Nonskid feet, fabric tread covers and siderails keep the steps from moving and your pet from sliding SIMPLE TO STORE: Pet steps fold down flat so you can easily store them under your couch or bed SIZING: Small measures 24 in L X 16 in W X 20 in H and large measures 28 in L X 18 in W X 25 in H MADE IN THE USA: These high-quality pet steps are proudly made in the United States U.S.-BASED CUSTOMER CARE: Our pet product experts are here to help you and your pet and are available by phone, email or chat if you have any questions QUALITY PROMISE: PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations since 1998 to help keep your pet healthy, safe and happy

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28 x 18 x 25 inches; 10.05 Pounds

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March 20, 2020

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Radio Systems Corporation

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#3 in Dog Stairs & Steps

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60 reviews for PetSafe CozyUp Folding Dog Stairs – Pet Stairs for Indoor/Outdoor at Home or Travel – Dog Steps for High Beds, Sofa with Siderails, Non-Slip Pads – Durable, Support up to 200 lb – Extra Large, Gray Pet Supplies

  1. Skyhawk

    Training tips

    Training tipsDon’t know if anybody is still having trouble getting their pets to use these stairs, but I wrote this up just in case.I have a chronic illness and sometimes am confined to bed for much of the day. I bought these steps because the bed is very high and I got a new puppy a month ago. When it was just the Chihuahua, reaching down to scoop him up was quite uncomfortable, but it was doable, and once he was up he would stay there as long as I did. It’s a different story with the pup, a somewhat heavier than usual toy poodle (poodle sizes are based on height, not weight). He would cry to come up, stay a few minutes, jump down for a sip of water, cry to come up, grab a nibble, cry to come up, etc. and all this reaching down 28” and lifting him was getting to me.I received the steps on Tuesday, four days ago, but did not set them up until Wednesday. As suggested in an excellent review posted here, I placed them against the bed rather than facing it to provide more support. I tried all the suggestions that came with the product, but dogs, just like most adults, are wary of new technology. The dogs would stretch from the floor to grab the treats, but would not climb. After considerable effort I got the poodle up onto the first step, which he accomplished by hurling himself at the stairs so hard I had to put heavy books behind them to prevent them from sliding on the hardwood, even though I used the miniscule rubber feet supplied with the stairs (providing 2 of the feet for each stair post would be much better). He would climb no farther. The Chihuahua quickly got afraid of the whole process. So I called it quits for the day rather than make the steps an object of terror. Meanwhile, my big Siamese cat, Bob Buttinsky, was miffed that only dog treats were being used in the training process and I had to repeatedly shove him off the stairs to work with the dogs.The next day I changed tactics, using an approach I call “Baby Steps.” One at a time I started the dogs from the fourth step and patted the bed, and each readily made the little jot up. Then I placed the hind legs on the third step and each climbed onto the bed to much praise and affection. From the second step, the Chihuahua made the climb, but the poodle jumped off. I immediately put him back on the third step so he would end the session on a positive note. I decided to use Bob as inspiration for the dogs, and he readily climbed all to the way to the bed with just a few treats and a bit of encouragement. He also used them to climb down and has continued to do so. Later we had two more successful sessions starting Peanut, the 5 year old Chihuahua, on step 2 and Charlie the poodle on step 3.Friday, day 3, I began with Peanut, hind feet on the second step and he climbed the rest of the way up, piece of cake. Charlie, watching, made the climb from the floor on his own initiative without any assistance, as soon as Peanut reached the top! Then I put Peanut on the floor, patted the first step and he, too, used the steps easily. I repeated this a few times and did so again in other sessions and they are trained. I will continue to reinforce this training multiple times a day until they readily use the stairs whenever they want up.Summary:1. Once you set up the stairs, that must be the only way the pets can make it up to a bed or favored piece of furniture, no more lifting. This is essential, even though at first it means more work to help them. (However, I would make an exception if you are, for example, trying to get an older large dog into a vehicle. You can’t walk away if he won’t try!)2. Make sessions short and fun. If your dogs are getting tired, frustrated or frightened, session is over. If they appear stressed by your attempts to train them (Peanut’s anxiety) or exhibit undesired behaviors (Charlie hurling himself), don’t get discouraged, but wait at least 24 hours before trying again. You don’t want to reinforce negative results.3. Repeat sessions multiple times the same day to reinforce what they have learned so far, without trying to introduce the next step.4. If you use treats, break them into tiny pieces. They may not work if Fido is full. And make sure they are something very yummy that you reserve only for training.5. Be lavish with praise and encouragement. They want to please you and at first will overcome their doubts only because they love and trust you.6. Be confident you can do this—if you have doubts, they will too. Expect it to take some time for them to learn this new skill so you don’t push them too fast, although they may surprise you like my pups did!7. Try the suggestions in the pamphlet. That may be all you need. If they fail you, try the Baby Steps way.8. Use your other pets for encouragement. Dogs are very social and pay close attention to other dogs or to cat buddies. They are also often jealous of praise and will attempt to outdo each other. Watching Bob may have made a big impression on Charlie and Charlie definitely got Peanut to make the climb. He wasn’t going to be outdone by the little whippersnapper!9. Punishment is not appropriate if your dog is slow in figuring this out. He is either not sure what you want, knows what you want but doesn’t know how to do it, or is scared stiff. Patting the next step usually works in the first case, and Baby Steps should resolve the other two issues. If he isn’t getting it, make the first move super super easy and acknowledge its accomplishment with both treats and praise.10. If you have a large dog, please contact the seller prior to purchase to make sure the steps will accommodate him.If you have questions, please post them as a comment and I will answer if I can. I am a retired veterinarian with experience in training and behavioral medicine.

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  2. Becks

    Elder dog LOVES.

    The love of my life has grown into his old age and has started to struggle to jump up onto the bed. The vet said he needed stairs now because all it would take is one wrong foot landing and…well, yeah. We got the stairs. haha.I wasn’t sure which ones to get because he’s large cat size haha. I was afraid these stairs might be to small for him or even too big for the small room, but they don’t take up too much space and he does just fine with them. They are also super sturdy and I feel very comfortable my baby is safe when using these.I also thought training him to use the stairs would be super difficult. I mean he’s 12 and he’s been jumping up for 12 years. But treat motivation definitely works.For those of you who may be struggling, this is how I trained my elder dog to use the stairs and he had a blast learning:The very first time to get him up the stairs I had to set him on the steps and get him to realize that they were steps. Once he realized what they were (5 mins) i lined each step with treats. I did this maybe 3 times and then I started holding one treat at the top. He would try to jump up but i would shift my weight to claim the space and encourage him to come up again hoping he’d try the stairs. after a minute or two if he was still confused I would tap the top of the stairs and he’d bound up them to get his treats and lots of praise. I did the same for down i’d toss a treat on the floor and claimed the space around the stairs so it was his option. After about 2 days Draven had totally got it that if he wanted a treat he had to walk up the stairs which is when I reduced how frequent he got the treats so he didn’t grow to expect it and relied more on praise.The other training problem nobody really mentions (and why i’m being so detailed) is I sleep on the side opposite his stairs. So the problem became how do I get him to remember to go back around the bed to get up the stairs on the other side. How I started was (with the stairs at the bottom left of the bed I claimed less and less space at the foot of the bed so that he got used to me pointing to the stairs from a distance while holding a treat or saying “no” when he tried to jump up on the bed or if he did jump up before he could get his treat i had him walk down the stairs and back up them and then rewarded him (so he didn’t get discouraged but understood if he wanted the treat he had to use the stairs). Eventually I was able to sit on the right side of the bed and use voice commands and hand gestures for him to remember the stairs. The cutest part was getting him to remember the stairs when he was on the bed and i dropped a treat on the floor and he had to remember to turn around and use the stairs when he was excited af. He’d want to jump and I’d tell him no and he’d stop mid action haha a couple times I had to gently aim him in the direction of the stairs, but eventually he got it (and by eventually I mean a few tries over a couple days). I don’t know if this will work for you but if you do try, I hope your dog decides it’s as much of a game as Draven did. We both had a lot of fun.It literally took me like a week to get him to understand to use the stairs, and another week for him to remember they were there and use them of his own accord with no incentive. We’re on week three and he’s fully conditioned to using the stairs (but he still gets treats sometimes for doing it just cuz i love my smart little boy).

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  3. 5smoothstones

    it’s a little wobbly and it’s steep.

    I have 2 little dogs – 10 lbs each. They don’t like it much. They tolerate it but it’s a little wobbly and it’s steep, so they’re nervous about using it. Plus, it’s not quite tall enough to get up on a tall bed. I have a 12″ mattress on a 14″ high frame. I ended up putting a thick platform of styrofoam packing material (from a new vanity) under it to give it 5″ more height and another step.

  4. HaselHasel

    Great, but the pads don’t stick!

    I’ve had a taller version of these stairs for about 6 years. After getting a new bed it was time for a new set of stairs and I knew I would order these again.My only complaint is that the pads are not sticking. I’ve added super glue to the back of them in the hopes this will allow me to use the pads it came with. Otherwise the stairs are sturdy, nonslip and look amazing!I did not have issues with the padding on the original stairs I purchased many years ago (they still have the original pads on them!), so I’m guessing they’ve changed adhesives since then.I still highly recommend these stairs for anyone who needs them, just might want to consider purchasing a bottle of loctite along with it!

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  5. anne lanphereanne lanphere

    Works perfectly for us!

    Great height & sturdy enough for our needs. I suggest using some adhesive on the stair pads as they’re too big for the groove they’re meant to go in & will start pulling up. Also glue on the rubber discs which go on the bottom, they came off immediately. My dog is a 6.5lb toy poodle, it took him 2wks to master the stairs as they’re narrow & he was a bit scared. The video link they send was very helpful & worked for us in his training

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  6. sci-fi nerdsci-fi nerd

    My old fraidy cat loves it

    My bed sits kind of high, so my ‘fraidy cat, Mamie, doesn’t like to jump onto it because she can’t see what’s up there. Also, she’s a senior cat, so as much as she wants to crawl into bed with me, I know it’s a stretch for her to jump up and down. She has passed on coming up more than a few times recently, so it was time to get her some help.She was wide-eyed and wary of these steps when I first snapped them open. But after I stuck on the felt pads and put a couple treats on each step, she bravely made her way up. The steps are wide/deep enough that all 13 pounds of her can stop and stretch out on each one, while she inspects God knows what cats see and smell that we can’t.In the morning, I snapped the steps closed and slid them under the bed. Easy peasy, even for this 59 year old lady with a bad shoulder. I’m perfectly pleased with this purchase.

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  7. FlowerChild

    Sticky stair riser tread thingies are utterly useless.

    Tried to load photos, but none of my photos or videos ever want to load on amazon. Weird huh? Bought this as “like new” from amazon. It’s not. Whoever returned it got dog hair all over the sticky stair riser treads & they will not stick to the plastic stairs so neither of my service dogs will use them although it’s identical to the last stairs we owned. Mine is garbage bc it was previously used.

  8. SciFi Fan

    Pads don’t stick well

    Good product, solid, looks nice and easy to set up. The little fabric pads don’t stay on well so you might need to use extra glue or tape.My elderly cats, who I bought this for a couple months ago, have yet to set a paw on it. Life is dumb sometimes.

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  9. HB

    Great, sturdy staircase for pups

    We bought this for our Frenchie who likes to jump on and off the couch… He’s destroyed two stairs previously – one foam and one foldable storage box one… but this one is much sturdier and he can’t chew this one up. It was a breeze to assemble and fold down. My only complaint is that the little black strips that go on the stairs do not stay stuck for anything. I ended up using a ton of super glue to keep them down. Our frenchie had a field day ripping them off as the corners stuck up.

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  10. Olivia

    Pads didn’t stick

    I’ve had this product for 9 months now. My chihuahua mix has patella luxuation and needed to be careful with his knees. So I got these stairs. He quickly used them to get on the bed without training. I wish it had a little more weight to it and the pads didn’t stick even though I place heavy things on it so it could stick. The dog hair is hard to clean from the pads so its a furry mess all the time.

  11. J B.

    Good sturdy product

    Stairs had a cracked locking tab. Return was easy and I ordered another. Good sturdy product.

  12. Health conscious

    Only one small issue

    Because its so light weight it moves when being used so I will need to add more rubber to the bottom of the legs but the price and ease of setting up is good

  13. Krysti

    Great stairs, needs some diy

    The media could not be loaded.

     I only saw a few other reviews with similar issues as myself, but the carpet mats and the non slip grip feet keep coming off. A few minutes after pressing the mats down well onto each step, the corners will start to lift and easily come off. Not sure if it’s the adhesive and plastic combination, but this is very frustrating especially when the non slip comes off while my dog attempts to go up. You can definitely glue the feet on and spray adhesive the carpet mats but I feel it should be either be part of manufacturing or they need to invest in better adhesive steps for the mats/ non slip.Besides that it is very sturdy and easy to fold up for storage. Just be ready to do a little extra to keep the carpet steps and non slip attached.

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  14. David Peters

    nice stairs for my dog

    these are pretty nice stairs, I got my dog to use them very easily (bribed with treats) I put the feet pads on but it still slides a bit on my tile floors, I will need to figure out a better way to stop that. But all is good, they can fold easy if needed too

  15. Christie Lee

    Works but needs to be stabilized

    I use these stairs for my dogs to get in and out of the car. I always have to stabilize them by putting my foot on the bottom stair when my dog is going up or down them, otherwise they slip. But that isn’t the biggest problem. The issue is that the plastic round thing that holds them together keeps popping out. The other day when my dog was going up the stairs, the plastic thing shot out and landed in the street. I couldn’t find it until later when I saw a car had run over it and smashed it. So there are no replacements as far as I can see, for these little plastic pieces. I’m buying an entire set of stairs over again. Other than those issues, these help save my dog’s hip joints hopefully.

  16. Claudia Steen

    Dog steps

    Bought this for my disabled dog to get in my car. He loves going on rides. He has no problems using the steps.

  17. MegMeg

    Worth it

    10/10 recommend. Our dog was unsure of it at 1st but a few treats in of understanding what it’s for and he was sold. He certainly appreciates making his life easier.

  18. Randy

    Sturdy set of steps

    Bought this for our Terroir to get up and down the sofa. It took some time and a few treats to train her to go up and down. After a couple of weeks, she uses it frequently at ther own discretion.

  19. Amy Calkins

    Step fabric fail

    So the black fabric on the steps for some reason are not fabricated on permanent. They send you the cut outs with a sticky back. So I removed the paper backing and stuck them on the steps and they just fell off. Horrible idea. I don’t understand why they just did not make them as a permanent fixture to the steps. It’s a good thing I have a roll of reflective Stick tape for grip. I bought it to put on the steps of my motorhome because it glows in the dark and I’m just gonna put it on the steps. As far as durability goes the latch is a kind of cheap looking plastic tab because you can fold these steps up and then unfold it and it latches to the tab.It’ll be great for storing it in your car and taking it places you need to go but I think if you’re latching and unlatching repetitively it’s going to wear that plastic notch down and break. Some of these steps can be outrageously expensive so I think you’re getting what you pay for.

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  20. Shannon

    A Decent Product

    With our cat getting older, she’s been having a hard time jumping up on her favorite spot, our bed. We wanted sturdy stairs that she felt comfortable on that wouldn’t take up too much room.It was extremely easy to assemble. Just pull the back legs out and attach the pads. Unfortunately, the pads do not stick well at all. When I put them on, they kept popping back off. We thought maybe the adhesive needed some time to bond, but my cat has gotten them stuck to her paws climbing the stairs. It took some time to get her used to them, but she is now able to go up and down them like a pro.I wish that it was a bit heavier. I didn’t want big bulky carpet stairs, but this one feels almost too light. I have a feeling that big dogs would easily knock this over or send it across the room, even with grips on the feet.

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  21. Stephanie Rivera

    Very light to move

    It serves it purpose

  22. Kate

    The pads need some work

    Very sturdy steps. Easy for my pugs to use. My one complaint is that fabric pads aren’t sticky enough to stay in place. I had to super glue them on.

  23. John D. Pilla

    Good enough, but returned it.

    Good enough, but returned it, our dogs are older, and afraid of it, and for me not worth the bother of trying to get them to use it.

  24. Janet

    Makes my Basset Hound feel safe!!

    This is a great product. My Basset Hound likes sleeping with me but hard to get into bed. These steps make Buddy feel safe so he has a great way to get into bed. We also take these steps when we travel so Buddy is able to get in and out of our vehicle with no problem.

  25. GwennyGwenny

    Mostly Great

    These are incredibly easy to put up and fold and super lightweight for moving form one room to another or even to take with me when we road-trip. Only reason for a star off is 2. (1) The black step pads do not stick to the stairs, even with repeated and consistent pressure and they shed. I have not been able to resolve this yet. They just keep flying off whenever I fold or relocate it. (2) it comes with small rubber feet for the bottom in an attempt to prevent it from sliding around. But the small rubber feet pop right off creating a choking hazard for my puppy. Fortunately, I caught them in time. I resolved the issue by purchasing the rubber like shelf liners from the dollar store and putting one under it. My puppy learned to use these when he wants dip or down very quickly (with treats of course) and he now had the independence he needs.

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  26. Aneta

    Finally I found a durable set of stairs

    I have ordered other similar products which were flimsy and broke. This unit is super sturdy and works for my 80# dog–hard plastic and not composite cheap wood .

  27. Courtney Isle

    Works great for my small dogs.

    Works great for my small dogs that love to sleep in bed with me.

  28. Christine

    Saved the day!

    My elder cat developed diabetes and meowed when landing. This was a great purchase. He was timid the first day but after coaxing with a couple good boys, he used the stairs all the time.

  29. WW

    (Edit) Very good if my puppy would realize it’s not a toy or bed!

    (Edit) Below is my five star review. I’ve knocked a star off and will explain why, even though I’m not for sure if it’s the product’s fault or if my puppy is just being silly.Last night, the puppy was running around the living room like puppies do and the steps fell over. I didn’t see him touch them and don’t think he did, he’s only 5-6 pounds. They also didn’t hit him or anything like that which is why I don’t think he knocked them over. He was several feet from them when they fell. It looks like one of the notches that holds the prop part of the steps up, had come unlatched.Now … the puppy is terrified of them. I tried getting our older dog, still a puppy to me, to run up the steps since the new puppy will follow him. He wouldn’t follow him. He sat there and looked at the steps and was pulling away like he is scared of them. He will smell them, I’m assuming he thinks they’re alive now. Despite my daughter telling me not to, I picked him up and stood him on the bottom step. He would not move. Maybe he will get past this but for the time being, he’s not even considering using them anymore. I work in engineering/construction and would wonder if there’s a way to put a rubber cap on those latches the prop hooks to, so they’re more seated once latched? I’m throwing out the cheapest possible way to keep this from happening. I have no bad feelings towards the company and would still recommend these steps but I would mention the latches, maybe tabs are a better word and how even some electrical tape around them would make them thicker so they aren’t likely to slip loose.I also wanted to mention the ease of “putting these together”. They’re already put together when you receive them. You just have to peel off the treads and apply them on the steps.____________________________We got a new puppy this Christmas. He’s a little Shihpoo. Currently, he’s about 6 pounds and his legs are so short, you can’t tell if he’s standing up or sitting down! We mostly got these for him to get on and off the couch but our daughter has decided they should be at her bed at night, in case he wants to get up in her bed. We also have a dachshund/pekingese that also can’t jump up on the couch or beds. He’s so spoiled he doesn’t need steps, someone just walks by and boosts him up but he quickly started using the steps which I think helped the puppy to understand how to use them. The only problem we’re having is the puppy will walk up two, lay down and go to sleep. I’m pretty sure he’s just lazy and not getting that tired that quick!These were easy to set up and feel plenty sturdy enough. Both the puppy and bigger puppy have been on them at the same time. The sides as other reviewers have mentioned do seem to help a lot too. The puppy was a little scared of them at first and I imagine if he could have seen off the sides he would have been more scared. There’s another use that probably isn’t recommended. Our older dog likes to chase the puppy, so it becomes a near playground-type structure for the dog to chase the puppy up them, then they run along the couch and back down the steps.Last, they feel solid and sturdy. I don’t think either of our dogs will ever be over 15 pounds so that’s not a worry.

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  30. Jody Saylor

    They really serve the purpose.

    My dog loves the steps. She is 6 months old and had never been exposed to climbing steps. She is a 9 pound terrior mix. I started her out by placing a treat on the 2nd step then as she climbed I would move the treat to a higher step. She caught on right away. I did the same thing with teaching her to come down, only using a toy this time. She picked it up quickly and now I couldn’t do without the steps. She can get up by herself in the middle of the night to use her pad and it saves me from having my sleep interrupted. Now we couldn’t do without the steps. I forgot to mention that they go next to my bed and are plenty tall enough for the dog to get on the bed.

  31. Allison Roesberry

    Very sturdy. It’s great if you can convince your dog to use it

    My only complaint about these stairs is that the no-slip backing on the stairs keeps falling off. It needs better adhesive. Which would be a bigger problem for me if I could convince my sweet Senior dog to use it. Unfortunately I waited too long to buy one and her arthritis has progressed to the point where stairs are getting really hard for her. But if you buy one be prepared to super glue those non-skid strips on because otherwise you’ll b be trying to stick them back on daily. That’s the only thing costing it one star in my review. Otherwise it’s a great set of stairs that collapses really well to not take up a lot of space when not being used.

  32. EthanJEthanJ

    Success!! with a little “treats” encouragement 🙂

    No assembly, just unfold and it securely snaps into place. The added adhesive-backed material for each stair is essential, as the plastic alone is too slippery for my dog’s paws/nails. But with that added and some encouragement with treats (as suggested in the brochure), she was going up and down the stairs just fine.This is a great size to fit my bedroom – the key selling points are that it can be easily folded up, it is taller than most others online (25″) and not too wide (18″).

  33. Ahleen Davis

    After folding two or three times one side doesn’t go in it’s not safe

    These stairs are very sturdy and convenient but after having to fold them only twice there’s a problem with one of the sides staying stuck in and is wobbly . I’m worried for my dog that she might fall. I’m going to see if I could get an exchange it is only been a while.

  34. Momof1



  35. Di Lakeland

    Awesome Purchase

    Our 8 year old min pin took about 3 days to master going up these steps, and about 7-10 days going down. We just wish we’d found them sooner, we would have spent less time worrying about him jumping off our high bed and possibly injuring his back/legs. They’re sturdy, well made, no issues with any of the materials i.e. step carpet pads are all intact. Love this product, and highly recommend them!

  36. MarshmallowChicken

    Works as designed

    Bought these to help my 6 yr old German Shepherd get in the car while using a back seat extender. The stairs work fine except the felt pads do NOT adhere to the plastic. I ended up returning them because they didn’t work well with the backdoor design of my SUV so my dog didn’t like them.

  37. Linda

    Not for old dogs

    My dog is a little elavated in age. Wr have ti bribe him to come up the stairs to the bed . He’s been abusing it so we stopped treating him so beware of the little tricksters. It took us about 2 weeks to have him walk up the stairs properly. They are very NARROW. If your dog is a little heavy or older they will struggle to go up. Order a bigger size I recommend. It will help them so they don’t wobble up . It’s a convenient product but overpriced.

  38. Linda R.


    It was a little to short but we made it work

  39. busymom


    I bought this for my 11 pound dog to get in and out of the car. It is light enough that I can easily take it in and out of my trunk with one hand. (I am a petite woman.). It took me two days to train my dog to go up and down the stairs. (I started in the house, using it to get him to go on the couch.). Transitioning to the car (A Model Y) was a little harder since there was a gap from the stairs to the backseat. Going up the stairs is no problem, but I will have to find something to bridge the gap for him to descend the stairs. (Physically he can handle it, but mentally the gap scares him.)

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  40. mimib

    Almost worked

    These are sturdy and there was no assembly. Fold up easily and would be no problem to transport. The issue I had was that my dog is an Aussie X so normal legs and the stairs just seemed to be too close to each other. She never was able to use this item so it was returned.

  41. Mark Myword

    A decent way for a pooch to climb onto a bed; those bottom pads DO give and it might slide a bit.

    *Update* –My pup is about 50 lbs. (mix lab and border collie) and loves getting in my bed after I make it in the morning. Of course I use a “pet” cover on the bed (that is also sold here) which catches hair and most moisture if there is any, so I don’t worry about that. He has for eight years jumped up and off the bed; but I noticed him struggling a little to get up, about a month ago. I wanted to make it easy for him so I got this at what I thought was a reasonable price on some special deal day, all I know is I saved a good $20 on the price. Anyway, my problem was getting him to use the thing. He wouldn’t climb them for love or money the first two weeks, (and yes I tried the “treat on a step” trick. It partially worked, but once the treats stopped, he stopped using them. Finally, I saw him hesitating to get into bed one night so I put the steps there and blocked the space where he might try to jump up, and coaxed him to go up the stairs, with some trepidation he finally climbed up the stairs and into bed. So it seemed I finally beat that problem. Now if only I can get him to use them to get OFF the bed as he still just jumps off rather than take the stairs. This hasn’t been an easy sell for him at all. The one time I practically left him no choice but to come down the stairs, I found something worth a little concern: Those stick on pads… WILL SLIP!As he began to come off the bed, the steps pushed a little away from the bed. Not far, but enough to frighten him back onto the bed. I don’t want to ruin my floors making it any stickier, and I think if he’d just go up and down them normally they’d work fine. Just be aware that it’s NOT completely unmovable, they can slide a bit and if you have a jumpy dog, that could make matters even harder for you. I mostly keep it folded under the bed for now, and every now and then he can be coaxed to slowly use it, but he does NOT like it and I fear may never get used to it. I think for some, if not most dogs, it’s a good buy; but be aware of your dog’s ways. If he/she shies away from anything that might shake a little or slide a little, he/she may not take to this thing as easily as you would hope. Good luck. I’m keeping mine; but my pup is just not using it.

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  42. Ginny F.

    Great stairs but the pads would not stick

    This is the third of these type of steps that I have purchased. I keep coming back for more because they have always been an excellent product. I like them because they’re very lightweight (I have a bad neck so I can’t carry anything too heavy), they fold and tuck away easily, they are sturdy/easy to maneuver (I have a miniature dachshund), and they’re easy to clean. I never had problems with the previous two; but with this purchase, the pads would not stick to the stairs. I had to use a hot glue gun to secure the non-slip pads to each step. Hopefully this will work. Only time will tell. I shouldn’t have to do that, should I?

    4 people found this helpful

  43. Sheila

    Easy Assembly and Sturdy

    It’s just what I wanted but my dog is afraid of it. Sigh….I have an old dog who could use the help getting in/out of the car or on/off of the bed but she refuses. And we have a puppy that could use it for the same reasons and he also refuses. Both act like they are afraid of it. I guess because we don’t have stairs in our home? In any case, it’s sitting in the garage but it’s not it’s own fault.

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  44. Mark

    Amazon Warehouse’s Standards Are Concerning

    First off, the product itself looks to be of good quality and might be adequate for its purpose.However, without the optional rubber foot pads that are SUPPOSED to come with it, this thing easily slides and becomes a death trap on tile flooring. My 125-pound dog almost got seriously injured when it slid out from underneath him and flipped while I was training him to use it.I’m all about buying used items in order to save money and prevent waste, but this is the SECOND product I’ve purchased from Amazon Warehouse that was advertised as“Used – Like New (Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged.)”And both times, the product arrived missing components (in this case, the VERY necessary rubber pads) and dirty (in this case, there was animal hair matted in the fabric strips for each stair).If you’re going to buy this product, be wary of buying used, even if it’s advertised as “Like New”.

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  45. Louise Minter

    This was just what I needed.

    My dog Butch and I Love these….he gets in my pickup now with no trouble and it folds up when not in use.

  46. mscran19mscran19

    Holding up great for our small dog almost 5 years later

    Our 7.5 lb Pomeranian loves her couch stairs. They are the perfect size and still going strong almost 5 years later. Easy to clean and move, for times when she needs to stay off the couch.

    One person found this helpful

  47. Kate

    Pads doesnt stick

    My dogs are still getting used to them, I just don’t like how the carpet pads are barely sticking they’re all coming up. Might have to return them.

  48. Cynthia Saunders

    Safe entry to & from bed & sofa

    My 4 lb yorkie was jumping off my high bed and was concerned this would lead to joint and bone issues. The steps are perfect & safe for her.

  49. Jason Jimenez

    Fantastic product

    This was the only doggy steps products that I actually liked. It is clear that the product is exactly the same as it appears in the pictures and it’s made out of wonderful plastic so that it actually got a hold a dogs weight, unlike the worthless foam stairs. this product is amazing.

  50. mariam lillieberg

    four step is too steep for my dogs

    one out of three small dogs are able to use them as they are pretty steep.

  51. RainbowFire

    Wonderful Product!

    I have 5 dogs- 3 Chihuahuas, a Golden Retriever and an American Eskimo Dog. One of my Chi’s-Matisse-age 5 months ran up these stairs the second I put it down. I didn’t need to coax him at all. He spends a good part of the day just running up to my bed and down again. He has turned it into a game. Matisse weighs 6 pounds. One of my other Chi’s- Rocky – is 2 years old and had to be coaxed up with treats. He hasn’t any problem going up but always jumps off the bed rather than going down the stairs. Rocky weighs 7.2 pounds. And last (but of course not least) my 13 year old Chihuahua-Shelby-has been running up a very steep and long staircase since she was very young and she showed me exactly once that she can go up and down these stairs with no problem but that she would rather be picked up and put on the bed. This isn’t a reflection on the stairs in question but rather the fact that Shelby and I have always made a game out of her getting on and off my bed and she would rather continue the game. Shelby hates any kind of flooring that doesn’t feel rock solid which mean these stairs are NOT flimsy. Shelby weighs 5 pounds. My Golden- Blaze – put his front paws up on the third step the other night and did a back stretch, then backed off and nothing happened to the stairs, they held fine.(but I certainly wouldn’t encourage this with big dogs) Blaze weighs 60 pounds. My Eski-Nemo-likes to try and run under the stairs and in doing so has knocked the stairs over…again NOT the fault of the product but a testament to how good they are because the stairs were perfectly fine. (I did however put a stop to Nemo’s behavior.)The stairs are a snap to put together… A few hints. 1. If your dog’s nails are too long your dog is going to have trouble going up stairs, not just these stairs but any stairs especially if you have a taller than average bed where the dog has to make a small leap onto your bed from the last step. 2. This might sound a little weird but…if you have satin sheets your dog can slide off as he makes the final step onto your bed…trust me.3. Make sure that your sheets/bedspread are not covering any part of the stairs or again your dog can fall off…and once again, not the fault of the stairs. 4. Make sure you put the stairs flush up to your bed/couch and check it once a day, someone could have accidentally kicked it or moved it without you knowing, in which case your dog could get his paw caught between the top step and the bed/couch and fall off. 4. BE PATIENT WITH YOUR DOG AND MAKE IT FUN even if it takes your dog a very long time to learn how to use these stairs. Don’t force your dog up or down the stairs to teach him, that will only scare him more. Try luring him with treats and LOTS of praise and keep the stair training session to 5 minutes or even less. 5. Some folks wrote that they put the stairs sideways against their beds so that it would take up less space-if that works for their dog that’s great but I found that my dogs didn’t like it at all because it forced them to turn their bodies and jump sideways. My personal opinion is that it’s not as safe when it’s sideways because the top step has nothing to lean on which in turn makes the entire thing unstable and able to tip. And I guess that’s about it…oh I forgot, the steps come with some stick ons for traction…they work perfectly.I used to spend half my day putting my Chi’s on the bed, off the bed, on the bed etc. which was a giant pain…A REAL giant pain because I broke my back years ago…Now my back actually hurts a little less. I just love these stairs!

    One person found this helpful

  52. Robin D. Nash

    Looks better in the ad

    I have an aging 55 lb dog, who is starting to have climbing issues. Thought the stairs were a good idea. Upon opening the box, several plastic pieces had broken off the stairs. None of them appeared to cause the stairs to be defective. I initially had trouble getting the stairs to snap in place, and put it at the foot of the bed. My dog just never warmed up to the stairs. She would climb them ONLY if I held her choker and guided her up. It seemed shaky under her weight. The stairs didn’t stay locked, and almost buckled under her. I had wanted this for the car, but figured I could practice with her climbing onto the bed. Even treats were not enough to get her to climb on her own. I instead bought a harness with a heavy duty handle that I could use to get her into the car. Much easier and much cheaper. The stairs now sit in the garage, awaiting the next yard sale.

  53. Jenlynn21

    My chihuahua approved this

    I have a high up king size bed. My chihuahua loves the steps bc she can freely move up and down them without any problems. My cat is an 18 pound cat and he likes to sit on the top step lol this holds him and the chihuahua at the same time! Never collapsed or tumbled over.

  54. Richard Holt

    Works fantastic for my dog who has bad hips

    This works fantastic. My dog can easily access my bed both getting on and off. Perfect product . It alos looks nice next to my bed and its easy to move when cleaning.

  55. Albert Tischler

    Looks Great > But Most dogs are leery to go up !

    My dog didn’ feel comfortable going upl My neighbor’s dog also . Don’t understand Dogs I Guess : (

  56. LeathuhLeathuh

    Good product, but had minor issues out of the box

    I was a little concerned when I took it out of the box as I noticed 2 issues right away. It is make out of hard, very solid plastic, which is good for stability, but the tabs that you clicked to have the stairs fold open looked like they had been misused. The tabs were a slightly different color like they had been bent out of place before. As it looked brand new, I am not sure what could of caused that unless they are tested & it occurred at that time. The other issue was on one of the steps there was a hard pointy plastic point that would definitely hurt an animals paw. Covers for the steps are provided for traction, but could not be put on the step with that there. It was not small. I did not measure it, but would guess it was about 3/4 inch. As it is hard plastic it was extremely difficult to remove in order to put the step cover on. I was not able to remove it completely, but enough to put the cover on. Once locked open it seem secure. Those bent tabs tend to worry me though, as my dog is older & often stops half way up, which I notice causes it to wobble. If she went up in one shot, I don’t think it would be an issue. She is a little heavier, but safely under the weight max recommendation for the product. I will say, I don’t think I will be folding the stairs very often, as the compromised tabs concern me as far as the longevity of the product. I am not sure if I got a returned one or why I received it in that condition. I chose to keep it, as the product seemed new other then that issue. Also, didn’t want to go through the issue of returning for something that seemed minor, although if it ever causes an issue or collapses with my dog on it, I may regret that. While it was disappointing to have those issues out of the box, it otherwise seems like a good product. My dog was hesitant to use it, but with a little training with a treat as reward, she took to it fairly quickly. She was no longer able to jump up on her own. The only downside is she is still looking for the treat at the top, LOL!

  57. Amanda Hatch

    Borrow a set before you buy

    Trying a friends set first, my dog will not use these, I’ve tried everything, treats, toys , briberyNothing will entice her to climb past the first step. She just jumps from the floor, several times until she makes it.

  58. Amber

    Great stairs!

    These stairs are great, but if you’re a doxie parent, these may not be the best. I have found that these stairs are a little too steep for my mini to go down comfortably. That being said, I think these would be just fine for any non-sausage shaped pooch. We’ll definitely be keeping these, though, as the quality is great.

    One person found this helpful

  59. Tom Kishman

    Our dog children love them

    We have 2 smaller dogs: a Jack Russell & a Chug (pug/Chihuahua mix). The Jack started using it right away. It took a couple days for the Chug to get comfortable. Over all I think it’s great

  60. P.trosper

    They work!

    I have a 5 pound Yorkie, short little legs, he uses these stairs like a champ, we have one for the bed and one for the bay window, he is up and down them constantly, very good price and very sturdy! highly recommend them.

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