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One (1) 8-Count Bag – Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter Accessories, BREEZE Pads Refill Pack Multi Cat Litter Cat litter pad refill is part of the Tidy Cats Breeze litter system (sold separately) Breeze cat litter pads are designed to last and control ammonia odor for 7 days for two cats, each bag includes 8 pads Disposable pads for cat litter box make cleanup a Breeze and eliminate the need to scoop urine clumps Each fast-absorbing cat pee pad locks in moisture so the litter box remains dry, and the lightly scented cat litter pads help maintain a fresh-smelling home

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The Easiest Clean Routine

Rethink the litter box with the BREEZE Litter System. The innovative all-in-one system helps you conquer odor by dividing liquids from solids using an advanced pellet system and disposable pads. Non-clumping pellets allow liquid to pass through to the absorbent pad below, locking in moisture and fighting odor. Solids stay in the grated tray, where anti-tracking pellets ensure easy scooping and odor control.

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Blocks Ammonia Odors

Ammonia Blocker prevents ammonia odor from forming for one week for one cat, helping you maintain a clean, fresh-smelling home and keep unpleasant odors at bay.

Game-Changing Pellets

BREEZE advanced pellet system lets moisture pass through, separating liquids from solids. Solid waste stays on top, where anti-tracking pellets help control odor and make scooping easy.

Moisture-Locking Pads

A highly absorbent pad traps liquid to keep the BREEZE system dry and control odor for up to seven days for one cat. After a week, just toss the disposable pad and replace it with a fresh one.

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Breeze Litter System from Tidy Cats Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Clumping Litter Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter Purina Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Litter Naturally Strong Key features Easy to use system, Prevents ammonia odor for 7 days 14 Day Ammonia Blocker, 50% lighter than leading clumping litter, Low dust for a clean, easy pour 10 Day Odor Control, Strong clumps for easy scooping, 99.9% dust free formula Non-clumping for easy cleanup, Low tracking, Powerful odor control 100% natural, 100% powerful, Activated charcoal controls odor, Naturally free of fragrances and dyes, Clay granules lock away moisture, and provide natural, tight clumps Varieties available Hooded, Open, XL, Multi Cat Pads, Scented Pads, Pads and Pellets Refill Bundle Pack Free & Clean Unscented, Instant Action, 24/7, 4-in-1, Glade Clean Blossoms, Glade Clear Springs, Tidy Max Glade Clean Blossoms, Tidy Max Glade Clear Springs, Tidy Max 4-in-1, Tidy Max 24/7, Tidy Max Instant Action Free & Clean Unscented, Glade Clear Springs, Instant Action, 24/7, 4-in-1, Tidy Max Glade Clear Springs, Tidy Max 4-in-1, Tidy Max 24/7, Tidy Max Instant Action Glade Clear Springs, Instant Action, 24/7 Unscented Litter type Litter Box System, Pellets, Pads Clumping Clumping Non-Clumping Clumping

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 11.65 x 5.7 x 3 inches; 1.12 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 70230169075

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ March 4, 2019

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Nestle Purina Pet

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07N72XW67

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ Japan

Best Sellers Rank: #8 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews: 73,077 ratings

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(1) 7 lb. Pouch + (1) 8 ct. Pad, (1) 7 lb. Pouch + (2) 4 ct. Pads, (2) 7 lb. Pouches & (4) 4 ct. Pads, (6) 10 ct. Boxes, 8 ct. Pads, 10 ct. Pads, (10) 4 ct. Boxes, 21 lb. Box, 28 lb. Box, Hooded, Original, XL

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Multi-Cat Pad/ Active Clean Pellets, Original, Spring Clean, Multi-Cat Strength, Morning Fresh, Active Clean, Hooded, XL


Bundle │ Pads + Pellets, Original Pads, Scented Pads, Enhanced Pellets, Original Pellets, System Starter Kit

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

11.65 x 5.7 x 3 inches; 1.12 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

March 4, 2019

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Nestle Purina Pet

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#8 in Cat Litter

Customer Reviews:

73,077 ratings

60 reviews for Purina Tidy Cats Cat Litter Accessories, BREEZE Pads Refill Pack Multi Cat Litter – 8 ct. Bag Pet SuppliesLive viewers eye icon

  1. Liz

    Been using for a year now

    I had to leave a review because I am not sure why people say these pellets turn to sawdust. I switched to this product over a year ago now, and I would never use anything else. The pellets stay clean, I change out the pads every 3 days; I only have one cat. I would suggest though not using other pads, I have tried them all but they don’t absorb as these ones do. Not even close.Since I have started using this system, my cat is much happier. Took about 24 hours for her to switch, I just scooped some of her mess from the old litter box into the new one and pretty quickly she figured it out.No smell, No waste, no mess. Seriously, best change I ever made, you can’t even tell I have a cat in the house. I highly recommend this system.. and I only have to refill every 3 months so for 120 bucks a year… yeah.. you won’t catch me going back to that old system.. no way!

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  2. Christy

    Best litter box ever

    I’ve tried a few different litter boxes and this is by far the best in regards to odor reduction, ease to clean and size. It completely neutralizes cat urine smell which is a huge plus. Feces still smell but we use the genie (similar to the diaper genie) and clean daily or every second day and that controls any smell well. Definitely recommend this! The only thing to be aware of is you have to use the pellets specific to this brand as they don’t absorb the urine, allowing it to pass through to the pee pad below. However, you can buy any pee pads to save money.We have two cats and need to replace the pellets every 3 weeks and pee pads every 4 days.

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  3. Dana

    Wish I had it sooner

    This system is wonderful. My cats adjusted to the different litter type with no problem. Easy and fast to do daily. With 2 cats and one is a heavy water drinker, I change the pad about every day and a half to 2 days. Most of all no more cat litter tracked around the house. I take apart the system every 3 weeks and hose it down in the shower. I only use half a bag of pellets, enough to cover the drain slots. Just stir them up every time I remove the BM’s. I probably could have bought the small unit. The pellets dehydrate the BM.

  4. aquaowl

    Game Changer!

    I’ve been seeing this litter box for a couple years and was never convinced it would actually work for my cats. I have 4 older cats. 7-13 years old. And have all been using clay litter their entire lives. I absolutely despise clay litter. It’s gross, dusty, stinks, and tracks all over my house. I finally had enough of it and bought this box.Took about 5 days and every one of my cats were using it. I do not notice any smell at all. With clay litter, you KNEW there was a litter box in the room. Especially when you need multiple boxes. I have now purchased this one along with the XL one and I do not smell anything at all. No dust, and if any of the pellets get tracked out, they’re easy to put back in. No more digging cat pee out of the corners of the boxes. And no more having litter clumps stuck on your scooper (so gross!!) Also, no litter sticking to my cats’ paws. Changing the pad is less gross than I thought it would be. So far I have had no leakage at all. Scooping the poop is the same as it is with clay litter, so nothing to say about that. It is what it is. I still have a couple clay litter boxes out just in case. And they’ve now been unused for a week. So I’d say the for sure prefer this box.All that said, this box is incredibly overpriced… in my opinion. Especially the XL version. I bought some Amazon replacement pads and they seem to be the same as the ones that came with this box. Both are unscented and while I don’t go directly up to them and sniff, you cannot smell cat urine while being in the same room as the box. I was worried about this as I hate scented litter, but didn’t know if the unscented pads would do much; especially with 4 cats. But they do work. Still pricey with multiple cats though, as you’re changing them more often. But I’m not sure what else I can do. I’m trying some other options to replace the Purina pellets. I cannot afford to keep refilling these boxes monthly with the expensive name brand pellets. Pine pellets have a scent, and they also turn to dust. Which I find gross. I’ve tried them before and my cats and I hated them. So I’ve decided to try out dried beans. I know, it’s weird. But, the urine supposedly passes through them to the pad just like the name brand pellets. So we will see how that goes.All in all, I do recommend you give this box a try. If your cats cooperate and start using it, you might really like it. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. For one cat it probably wouldn’t be that bad. But with multiple cats and multiple boxes, it gets incredibly pricey. Kind of worth it if you hate clay litter as much as I do!

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  5. M.E.

    Turned out to work very well

    I was worried about getting this litter system because of some of the negative reviews. Would the whole house smell when my cat pooped? Would the pee smell even with the odor absorbing pads – would I need to change them every day? Would my cat even use the thing, or would I lose money trying this out?We just adopted a 5-month-old kitten. I started him on the litter he was used to, which was a clumping litter, but I didn’t like the smell of the litter itself, and even though I tried a mat and a covered box, the litter still sprayed whenever he sprang from his box and I had to vacuum it up. I really wanted the Breeze system to work for us.At first he wouldn’t use the Tidy Breeze system. I think he didn’t like that he couldn’t bury anything in it. So I doubled the amount of pellets, so that he’d have enough material to do his burying without standing on the grate. I put it next to his old litter box, and I filled the old litter box with half pellets, half clumping litter, so that he would get used to the feel of the pellets. He MUCH preferred his old litter and never tried the Tidy Breeze, even when I let his old litter get pretty dirty. I didn’t want the old litter to get SUPER gross, so I finally just removed it and hoped he’d use the Tidy Breeze. Well, he didn’t. He went a whole day with no poop or pee,and I know he didn’t go in the house because he was still kept in just one room. So I replaced his old litter box (cleaned) and waited a few days….cleaning out the clumping litter but adding in just a few more pellets until it was 3/4’s pellets. Then I finally removed it again and left only the Tidy Breeze system. FINALLY, he used it. Only once did i have a problem where he pooped on the carpet right next to me. I figured that it was because there was poop in his Tidy Breeze box and he didn’t want to use it and wanted to let me know that. He had never minded how much poop was in the clumping litter , and I’m sure that’s because the poop in the tidy breeze did smell that time because it wasn’t very well covered. It’s like he had to learn to bury it completely…and since now he buries it completely under the pellets, I pretty much don’t smell it until I uncover the poop it to clean it out, and then I put it in a bag and toss it in the outside garbage, and the smell is gone and it isn’t a problem. It’s better than smelling the other litter everywhere in the house all day long.To prevent another ‘outside the box’ mishap, I bought another system, also filled it with double the amount of pellets, and I clean them both out in the morning and at night (which takes less than five minutes), so he typically has at least one that is free of poop, and I haven’t had any problems with him going anywhere else. When he just goes pee he doesn’t dig as much, so I don’t think it becomes a problem for that.As for the pee pads, I change them about twice per week, which costs me four pads per week. I am ok with that, but if you have lots of cats maybe you’d want to change them more and it would get expensive, I don’t know. I don’t think I necessarily have to change them that often, but that’s just the way I want to do it.I’d rather have this than have to vacuum up the clumping litter and smell its awful scent. Also, when I clean the ‘dust free’ clumping litter, there is definitely dust. Since my kitty likes to dig a lot, I prefer he isn’t creating a cloud of dust to breathe in every time he uses the litter box. Also, when I clean this, I don’t really have a problem with the poo sticking to the pellets like some people do, nor do I have little pieces of poop all over. Maybe one or two pellets actually stick to anything and on occasion there might be a tiny piece of something that I have to get with the corner of the scooper so it won’t fall through the cracks. My kitten eats mostly canned food with only a little bit of kibble, so perhaps that makes his poop unsticky, I don’t know.I was able to fit these hooded litter boxes into these : doesn’t even look like i have two litter boxes in my house. Of course, if you use the litter box enclosures above, maybe you don’t need the hooded Breeze system unless you want everything to be really super clean.I’m really relieved that this system worked!

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  6. Kobe C.

    Best litter box I’ve used

    We’ve had cats for 30 years. I’ve tried everything at every price point. Automatic always break. The brilliant part of this box is the pad. Once you eliminate the moisture there is no smell and easy clean of the solids as they dry up in the matter of hour. I bought second one as we have 3 cats now and they fighting over the one I’ve had for a year, and I will never buy anything else, unless they come up with one that has pad and manual crank to overturn litter and collect solids without scooping. That would be a dream box, as long as it’s not electric and automatic. Maybe someone will read it and come up with one, lol… 😉

  7. Aleric

    Better than any other litter I’ve ever used

    I’ve had cats my entire life and have gone from clay litter to clay clumping litter to organic clumping litter, each promising to trap odors, increase cleanliness and blah blah blah. None of them, NONE OF THEM hold a candle to this system.I used to have to have the windows open in my house, the bathroom fan running constantly and an air freshener just to beat back the smells. Sweep the floor every other day to collect scattered litter into little piles where it could be vacuumed up once a week, and STILL deal with crumbs of litter underfoot.This system has legit changed all that. The few bits of litter that escape are about 10 per week, and they never go far. I don’t have to immediately open the windows when I get home to get rid of the stale, stinky air from the cat box. The bathroom fan that has run every day for the past 10 years is mercifully off. The air freshener is no longer pumping lavender into the air.The pads are easily replaceable with the pull out drawer. The litter can be stirred so the urine doesn’t linger or collect on the litter, and even after the advertised “replace in one month” condition, it’s still not an incredibly offensive odor. Replacing the litter is still a little bit of an operation, but nothing at all compared to removing crumbling, stinking clumps of organic litter.Incredibly, this system also saved a friends cat from a bladder cancer, since the bloody urine was trapped in the pad and easily spotted. A quick test, some surgery and the beloved senior cat gets a few more years with her family.

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  8. V. Canfield

    Breeze Litter Box Hack-Perfect!

    I really liked my Breeze litter box, but now I LOVE it. Seriously, this hack is life changing. I have to share it with the world. With my regular Breeze system, there was still rank urine odor I just had to live with. Also, my cats pee a lot and that pad would get pretty soaked and smell even more. This new method, dare I say, is perfect?Why you need to do this.-It’s really easy to do.-There is zero pee smell. ZERO. The only scent you get is fresh pine.-It’s sooo easy to clean.-As long as you scoop out the solids, the litter is like fresh liter. Every. Single. Day. Forever and ever.-It’s so inexpensive.I found the hack on Youtube (Thank you Victorian Gardens Cattery). Here is what you need:-Puppy pads 30 x 23-Equine pine bedding (about $7.50 for 40 pounds) or pine litter (more expensive)-So Phresh plastic cat box from Petco 19.25×13 x 5 (or other plastic bin with the same dimensions) *Note: If you have the older version of the Breeze litter box, use Petmate large litter pans.-Standard or hooded Breeze cat boxStep 1: Put a puppy pad in the Petco litter boxStep 2: Take out the tray from Breeze litter box (you don’t need it anymore)Step 3. Place the Breeze litter box inside Petco box. It will fit snugly with room underneath to catch the sawdustStep 4. Place a generous amount of pine pellets in the Breeze cat box (ah, pine smell)Now all you have to do is scoop the solids and give it a stir with the scooper when your cat urinates. The pine absorbs the pee, turns to sawdust and falls through the Breeze slats. To clean the sawdust, just get out a new pad, lift the Breeze box off and place on the puppy pad. Take the corners of the old pad, draw them together and toss it in a bag. Now all you have to do is pick up the pad and Breeze box and place in the Petco litter pan. That’s it. There is something so satisfying about stirring the pellets and seeing the sawdust disappear, leaving only fresh pine behind, that it stops being a chore.Original Review:This litter box has changed my life. The worst part of cleaning the litter box were the clumps of urine. Yuck. Now there’s no smell, cleaning the box is a -pardon the pun- a breeze, and there isn’t litter tracked all through the house.Being the frugal person that I am, I came up with my own pellet and pad alternatives. I tried both and they work just as well for odor control and easy clean up. Everyone knows about the puppy pads. That’s an easy one. But replacing the pellets wasn’t as obvious…until I found a package of dried navy beans in my pantry. Epiphany! They worked perfectly. They were cheap, didn’t absorb the urine (if you’ve ever had to soak beans, you know it takes a long time for them to absorb water), the right size, the right texture, biodegradable and white like the pellets, so aesthetically pleasing. The cats took to the mixture of navy beans and pellets with no problem. Pinto beans are even cheaper, but I liked the look of the white navy beans. The cost breakdown is below.Pellets $2.27/pound (Walmart online 3.5 pounds/$7.96) to $2.28/pound (Amazon bulk of 21 pounds/$47.94Navy Beans-$1 to $1.30 a pound (grocery store)Pinto Beans- 74 cents a pound (Walmart 4 lbs/$2.98)Regular Breeze pads- $1.05 a pad (Amazon bulk of 60 for $60) to $1.34 a pad (Walmart online 4 pads/$5.36)Puppy pads- 15 cents a pad (Costco 100/$15 ) to 28 cents a pad (Walmart 14 pads/$4)Hope this helps others because the cost of the pellets and pads kept me away from this litter box for years. I’m so glad I made the switch. I added a photo showing 2 pounds of navy beans added to the pellets.

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  9. Sue W.

    Game changer!!

    Product just as described, easy to assemble. It came w one 3.5lb bag of pellets—you need two, as others have said, so buy another bag or two separately.I have four indoor cats and four litter boxes. Maybe if I scooped every single day or even every other day it would make a difference. But I’m lazy. The dog usually eats the poop (gross, I know, but we do try to keep her out of the one room where the cats are as much as possible). So I’m usually dealing w urine clumps. Not too bad of a problem but my cats go against the back and side walls and those areas don’t clump so I’m left w urine soaked litter that won’t come out w a scooper. So I scoop all the clumps and add plenty of new litter for their sake but also for my sanity bc it helps decrease the terrible cat pee smell. It never ends though, the process of trying to keep the boxes as clean as possible, and I have a very sensitive nose and I almost always smell something a day after I’ve scooped.The tidy cat Breeze system has really been a game changer for me. I started w one system and put it next to one of the regular litter boxes to transition the cats. After a few weeks, my two boys use it to urinate but still use regular little box to poop bc with the pellets, they can’t cover their poop. I got a second Breeze system last week and put it next to one of the other regular littler boxes. Just the two boys use it. I’ve not seen the two girls use it at all, but the greatest thing is that w this system, you cannot smell the cat pee at all!!! The pads are super absorbent, and the pellets don’t seem to absorb the urine at all. It just passes right through the pellets to the tray underneath w the pad.It says to replace pellets once a month. We will see how expensive that gets. When I read about people washing or rinsing the pellets, I thought, Well that’s strange. Now that I’ve had the two new box systems, I can see it would be pretty easy to carry out the green thing the pellets are in and hose them off in the yard so I may try that.I may try to eventually replace my other two regular litter boxes but so far the girls don’t se to want anything to do with it. I’m afraid if I don’t give them the traditional litter box option they will spray, and that sends me completely over the edge. But so far, having two less regular litter boxes to deal with and replacing them both w the new system has significantly decreased the cat urine odor and my sanity. Definitely worth it even if all four cats don’t use it and both boy cats won’t poop in it.

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  10. Karen L. Norton

    This setup is SO easy to use….

    …..and so much cleaner than “traditional” cat litter. Little to no “transition time” with my cats, either. And no there’s no more kitty litter being tracked on my floors. It’s very easy to clean (let the #2 dry and just flush it), and even the “pee pads” are a breeze – just set a clean one in there once a week! We’ve used this with our cats for 10+ months now and would never go back to hauling those jugs of kitty litter again!

  11. Amazon Customer

    Four cats and it works!

    I was so skeptical of this product! My daughter and her husband are living with me while their house is being remodeled, which means I have 4 grown cats indoors. Regular litter was costing a fortune and the smell was terrible so I gave this a shot. I NEVER smell urine with the pads made for this system, at all! Poop is easy to scoop away, I make sure to do that daily. The only time I ever have any smell is if I need to scoop away poop. Once scooped, smell gone. There is minimal tracking depending on which cat has used the box, but pellets do not get stuck in grout lines like old litter did. This is a game changer!! FYI, I put it next to the other litter box for one week and then phased it out the next. I also use two bags of pellets in the XL one I bought.

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  12. btrflies


    If I could take out a billboard and shout on the rooftops, I would….this is THE BEST litter box ever!!!! I clean houses and I recommend this to everyone who has cats. I wish everyone I clean for would buy one of these. There is absolutely NO SMELL. Other than when the cat initially poops, but scoop it out, flush it, problem solved. You usually can tell by walking in a home that they have a cat because you can smell the litter. But with this system you cannot tell AT ALL! It’s the only reason I ever considered getting another cat (after my other cat passed away 10 years ago). The reason I never wanted another cat was because, as much as I loved my cat, I hated the tracking of litter all over the floor, sticking to the bottom of my feet, even tracking on my bed! I had to vacuum every day it seemed like. But with this system there may be a few hard pellets that fly out when the cat jumps out of the box, but you just pick them up and toss ’em back in the box, or throw away. It’s not like tiny clay litter balls sticking to everything like sand. If there is anything negative about this box, it’s that it could be considered a little pricy buying the pee-pads. I figure they are about $1 each and should probably be changed twice a week. But I’m a little cheap so I change mine once a week. But even though I consider myself an extremely frugal person, this litter box is SO WORTH it. I probably sound like someone from the company with this glowing review, but I assure you I’m not. I’m just a gal who cleans houses for a living, who likes a clean home myself, but don’t feel like vacuuming my own home every day! Get this box, you will not regret it. Some advice: my cat doesn’t seem to love the pellets because they are very different than the scoopable he’s used to. But he accepted it as the only alternative. Do exactly as the instructions in the box suggest: set this one up beside your other box. I put a clump of his pee, and a few of his poops in The Breeze box & stopped scooping the old box out (it got a little full but made The Breeze more appealing to the cat). Once your cat uses The Breeze, take the other box away. That’s it, only took my cat one day to poop in it….but I wanted to wait to make sure he’d pee in it too. When he never did & reverted back to the old box, I sat in the room next to the boxes, he came in, started to contemplate going to the bathroom, I picked up the old box & watched him, and he immediately went in the Breeze because it was the only option, and at that point I took the other box away. So again, if he had the choice, he probably prefers the old scoopable…but since he’s got no other choice, he uses The Breeze. He seemed a little freaked out by the feel of the pellets at first, but after a while he seemed to be fine with it. If your cat really seems to reject it, you can try what a client I clean for did for her cat: she mixed some of the old cat litter in with the Breeze pellets, then eventually increased Breeze pellets til it was all Breeze Pellets and none of the other.As far as the scooping, like I said before, I change the pee-pads once a week, but if your cat pees a lot or you have multiple cats, twice a week might be better. I rotate the slide out pee bin every day to ensure even soak coverage. And for the poop, I have a roll of paper towels next to the box, I use the scooper provided to scoop it out into the paper towel (making sure I get all the pellets that can get stuck to it off) then go plop the poop in the toilet. I’m a little paranoid about the hardness of the poop causing the toilet to backup so I let the poop soak in the toilet for an hour or so. Sorry if that’s gross, but that’s just what I do. I have also used the pine pellets when I ran out of the Breeze pellets. Sorry Breeze…but they are SO MUCH BETTER than the included pellets. They smell great! But it does take a little more work on your part. When urine hits it it turns to sawdust and all you have to do is swish them around and they drop through to the bottom pee pad. Then just shake it out into a trash bag. Go with the pine pellets, they are even flushable so you don’t have to worry about then getting caught up in your poop you scooped.I have tried every Breeze Box they offered, each one was a little small for my big cat. If you can find the XL extra large box, go with that. The sides are super high and the box itself is twice the size of this one and the hooded one.Anyway, the point of this lengthy review is: GET THIS LITTER BOX! It’s so great. Sounds silly but it’s made my life better for sure.

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  13. Stevi

    This system is great, seriously no joke.

    I was hard pressed to give this a try due to the majority of the reviews being horrible. But I just couldn’t stand the usual cat boxes anymore – I mean it was getting to the point where I was actually hating having cats and I love my cats just not the cat boxes. I’ve tried very freaking box and litter under the sun except for this one. Litter bothers my sinuses, it is honestly (aside from chinchilla hair) that gets to me, as well as cat urine. It messes with my sinuses so bad its like having a cold. So I gave in and decided to give this box a shot. First off one of my cats is a cat who pees over the edge or out the front – the high sides on this box are freaking great! He hasn’t peed out the front yet lol but it is bound to happen at some point I’m sure.At first my two only peed in the box. (by the way if you have multiple cats meaning more than one – two or more – yes you need two of these boxes or two boxes in general.) The pads last exactly a week before filling completely and that is being said with two cats using the box. (while I do have a second box.) No urine smell comes from the pads and for those who get a high urine smell when using the pads, one you have to many cats for just the one box, you aren’t changing or rotating the tray (yes you need to rotate the tray or all the urine will sit on one side and it is a waste of a pad.) or your cat has something wrong with their kidney. From past experience when our cats gave off a high urine stink there was something wrong with them – never hurts to take them to the vet except maybe your wallet…but if you can’t handle it then don’t have animals.I have yet to experience any pads leaking from being soaked…again if you have more than one cat you will have to change the pad more frequently especially if you depend on one box. I actually sorta forgot to change the pad and it was there a little longer than a week, still no smell or leakage. So to the complaints about the pads leaking or smelling you definitely let it sit in there longer than a week.Eventually they started pooing in the box. That is easy enough, let it sit for a bit then scoop it – make sure you shake the scooper a little so the pellets fall through don’t just expect the pellets not to stick to the poo…just a little shake remember it isn’t self cleaning.Occasionally I get wet pellets – the box isn’t perfect, the cats don’t pee perfectly all the time either. Just scoop em out – toss them – still cheaper, less suffocating than regular littler. Someone on here mentioned they washed their pellets with a little soap and allowed them to air dry. I am attempting the same – so far most of the pellets dried. As for cats eating the pellets…mine have not done that.How I transitioned my cats… I gave them no choice (but my cats aren’t always jerks either.) I took out the usual boxes. AND CAN TELL YOU HOW I HATE SIFTERS. They are horrible especially when you have a cat who pees over the edge, all over the plastic, then proceeds to claw holes into the plastic because he doesn’t want to dig in the litter to bury his stuff…….just imagine trying to undo the rubber band sift wet sifters that splatter, while you are holding your breath only to find a big hole in the bottom and realizing that sifting is just pointless cause now you have to change the entire box anyway. End rant.All I did was put a little dirty poo in the new box and there ya go. (Gotta keep in mind too, some cats don’t like how litter or pellets feel against their feet and that can be a reason why they won’t use whatever you try or they are jerks. Oh and if your cat doesn’t like litter check their claws. – From experience our long haired cats didn’t like normal litter because it got stuck in their fur – some cats don’t like litter because it gets stuck under their nails.)But anyway the system has been working great like…I don’t hate cat boxes so much now. The potty pads do last a week, the pellets last a month or a little more. (My cats don’t poo as often in the box as they do the other but they do pee in it frequently which totally works for me.) Along side this system I use what I call that rolly polly cat box. The one where you roll it all the way upside down and it sifts for you basically, so you aren’t inhaling the cat litter as you try to sift.So basically if you have more than one cat you gotta have more than one box either two (maybe three honestly) of these or one of these and a regular box. (The rollypolly is great too seriously – its a little big but also practically impossible for my one cat to pee outside the entrance which is freaking awesome. No mess!)

  14. Amazon Customer


    This has helped with my husbands allergies to cat litter by eliminating the dust and still keeps the smell down. The pads I change out weekly but I only have 1 cat.

  15. Pixie Hollow

    Litter Heaven!!

    I love, love, love this litter box! Best litter box for my lazy self!! No smelly litter box ever. And it’s more sanitary!! But it did take me a week to figure out a routine. And 2 months to figure out that northern beans work much better than the pellets – see pic for visual. Poop doesn’t stick to beans!!1) smells awful when cat poops (same as all litter)2) spraying poop with air fresh didn’t work3) scooped and flushed poop – smell gone!4) moved litter box close to toilet5) zero smell from urine for at least a week, maybe closer to two weeks (one cat)6) pellets lasted 1.5 months – I waited to change until something smelled bad even after I changed pad7) hopped on Amazon to order pellets and found price skyrocketed. Checked all other stores online bc pellets were $7 a month ago – out of stock. And I’m not paying $40 for pellets!!8) read a review that said use dried navy beans instead. My dollar general only had Northern Beans but they seemed the right size so I got a bag for $1.00. OMG these beans made life even easier!! The poop doesn’t stick to them!! So I scoop and flush in two seconds. AND the beans fall through the scoop faster – and who doesn’t love reducing time smelling/scooping cat poop??!?!9) life with my breeze is bliss!! I scoop as soon as I see poop so no smell. Beans are $1.00 and work better than pellets in every aspect. I change pads when I smell pee – prob about every 10 days.Pros:- Easy! Put pad in drawer and beans on top. Flush poop daily, put in new pad every 10 days, change beans/pellets after 1-2 months.- seems more sanitary than traditional litter. I’ve always hated my cat clawing through pee and poop then hopping on my bed. At least with this system, the pee drips down on the pad so the beans dry quickly. And I’m flushing the poop so there is none for her to scratch. Before I learned about the northern bean trick, while waiting for the poop to dry enough to get the pellets off…I did watch her use the litter several times to make sure she didn’t get poop on her foot. She used the opposite side of the box every time (away from poop). And then she tried to cover the poop again LOL – I think the smell bothered her bc she would go back even when not peeing to try to cover it! I laughed bc it was killing my nose too!! Thank goodness I no longer have to wait since the beans don’t stick.Cons:Must scoop when cat poops. The smell will remind you! Mine only poops once around 6pm, so it’s easy.I wouldn’t recommend this litter box unless you keep it near the toilet. I simply can’t deal with the thought of cat poop in a trash can, so I flush it. Then spray the beans with Lysol to kill germs.**Beans solved this one** The pellets stick to cat’s poop and I don’t think it’s okay to flush them. So I either had to leave my bedroom and bathroom stinky for hours while the poop dried out, or shake the stinky poop around on the scooper for 2-3 mins (while gagging and breathing through toilet paper)

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  16. David Chandler

    The product is fantastic – NOW my cats love it

    21/7/18 – FINAL ADDITION!I have been using these boxes for over 18 months now and I can honestly say, that I cannot see myself every using another option. Until recently, I have had three boxes on the go. But I lost one cat in January and my oldest boy mid-July, so now I am left with one cat and just two boxes.With his brother gone, Maggi happily uses both boxes freely (one was sole domain of the older cat) and spreads his efforts between the two.These boxes are simply the BEST THING AROUND:YES, you can wash the pellets (although they DO start to retain some of the urine smell after a number of months). I still have some original pellets remaining, but I would say that, with cleaning, you’re looking at a 4-6 month replacement process. You will also need some spare pellets to replace those that are wasted in cleaning them out each day.YES, you can use other pads in the base – I have tried two different types – generic copies and those designed for humans (to put in the bed – and cut to size). I keep some of the human pads around for emergencies (if my quarterly delivery has not arrived), but the generic ones are not much cheaper than the originals, and they smell more.As others have said – on a monthly basis, drop pellets in (bleach, diluted floor cleaner, Fairy Liquid solution) and hose/shower down the four pieces of the box (a 10 minute process at best).Because I have spare pellets, I refill the boxes with these and leave the dirty pellets to soak for about 24 hours. I then sieve them out the next day, rinse them down, spread them on a tray (now I use the spare green tray from the third set) and let them air-dry. They are then bagged up and ready for the next month’s clean.—APR 2017EDIT – I gave up trying to migrate the cats (see below) and just gave them just the BREEZE option. They took to it immediately and I’ve never looked back. I have 3 cats and 2 trays. They tend to pee more in one and poo more in the other, so the pad is replaced more frequently on one of them. That said, 2 pads last approximately 1 week each.Three months into using them and this is what I have observed:• THERE IS NO SMELL – I literally have to be sticking my nose in the saturated pad before I smell the pee. I actually have added a calendar reminder, because once or twice I’ve forgotten to replace them. The cat’s noticed, but I didn’t• YOU CAN REWASH THE PELLETS – I have done this twice now (fabric conditioner, warm water, a nice long soak and agitation with gloved hands) and seen no detrimental effect. I cannot guarantee that you will use one bag of pellets forever, but I am in my 3rd month and the only addition to the trays is a sprinkling to augment the few pellets that don’t shake off the poo. It’s a bit of a chore, but saves the pennies.PADS – I have tried human pads (larger , and designed for beds). They work, but I need to change them daily. A cost-per-day comparison showed them to be pennies cheaper, but the smell increased and they were often soaked so much that pee was flowing the following morning. Use the Breeze pads. They work out (for me) at 28-30 cents a day for three cats.• NOT LEGO – When you tread on them barefoot you notice, but it’s hardly the Lego experience that some complain of. They are small and rounded. Sure, I’d prefer NOT to stand on one, but it’s fine…• CONSTRUCTION – The four parts (tray, base, filter and surround) are thick plastic, not flimsy at all. 2 of my cats love to dig and no more than a handful of pellets come outside.• COST – OK, these pellets are not cheap, but they outlast regular fullers earth, or clumping litter by a massive factor, making them ‘slightly more expensive’ that regular options. Factor in the washing option (if you go that way) and they are totally comparable. Even without the washing option, the saving savings made with air fresheners etc, PLUS the fact that the smell is non-existent also has a value.I can see how some cats may not like the transition, but mine are happy with them and, as someone who has used a range of options, this is by far, the best I have ever used.—ORIGINAL REVIEWIt’s not the fault of the product makers but, after two weeks, my three cats are only now considering these as legitimate areas to do their business.It seems that under the bed, in the middle of my freshly dry-cleaned duvet or in the shower were more obvious replacements for their old and tired regular trays.That said – the product is well made, well considered, offers sound advice and is a self-contained unit ready to work in two minutes.It’s great – My cats are not…

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  17. Emily

    Get it!!! Like NOW! This lives up to the hype! Your life will be easier!

    Go buy this! Do it NOW! I was hesitant to purchasing because I thought “hmmm will kitty use it?” “Hmmm will it be worth the money?”So my main concerns were would my cat adjust and will it be worth it. As far as kitty adjusting I semi-followed the acclimation instructions provided. I left the old litter box dirty and put the breeze box close by. I also took a turd from her old box and threw it in the new box to encourage her. So she peed in the box within a day. But no poops. The old box (which I stopped cleaning after adding the breeze) kept getting used regularly but not the new. A few random pees but no poops. So after about a week I added in some pinto beans (more on that below) and then took her old box away completely and crossed my fingers she’d use the breeze box for poops and pees. Well she did! Without the old box she went right to the breeze, no accidents or poops in random places like some reviews mentioned during transition.Ok so pinto beans. I read some other reviews saying this was a good alternative to the pellets. I didn’t really try the pellets by themselves so don’t know. But the pellets with the pinto beans mixed in seems good. No problems for me. I will say if you chose to only use pellets it’s kinda skimpy with the one bag they give you. Like your cat might feel they don’t have enough to scratch around with. Which is why I went ahead and added beans in early on. My cat seems to like them fine.So pros of this system I’ve seen so far are 1) really this does not smell. Far less smelly than the old box. And I should note that I didn’t change the pad right away. I waited about a week and a half because the first few days she really wasn’t using it. 2) Waaay less messy. No tiny trails of litter! My old regular litter box I had in a big plastic tote type container that she would jump in and out of to use simply to prevent litter tracking, and a rug outside the box to catch litter. It still made a mess. A spare pellet or bean might escape this box like once every three days and that’s it! 3) space saving! I’ve eliminated the need for the tote to contain litter and I don’t need the rug anymore either. So an overall much smaller footprint. 4) easier! Cleaning is really just a scoop a day now for me. She poops once a day I scoop it out. The pee pad only needs once a week changing. That’s far less work to me. This weirdly actually feels fun to clean now. Not like messy crumbs of litter half clumped falling everywhere like I used to deal with. As far as pee pad goes, I haven’t had to rotate the tray, I haven’t had pee spill over the side. No issues. Change the pad snd it’s maintenance free for a week.Cons… I really can’t think of any other than a cost standpoint. Although truly I don’t know if this will end up being any more expensive in the long run. The pee pads last long, even though they are slightly pricey. I’ve read a lot of reviews stating to buy the amazon brand pads which I plan to after I run out of the starter pack. With pinto beans instead of pellets that’s really super cheap. So besides the cost of the box initially I don’t think this is going to be much more expensive than buying traditional litter. Also FYI I discovered you can get a coupon on tidy cat breeze website for seven bucks off so something to keep in mind… didn’t find this out until after I bought mine but I don’t even care because it’s already made life way easier.So just go buy it. It’s worth it I promise.

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  18. theruined

    Trying litter boxes? Try this…but don’t get your hopes up

    So I purchased this starter kit over 3 months ago and it feels like it’s been a year. I have two male cats that generate as much waste as an adult lion pride in Africa…seriously – they poop A LOT for very fit and active cats. Adjusting to he box was cake for them; they go anywhere I tell them to go…so I knew that wasn’t going to be a problem.Like most on here, however, I did my homework. I tried the clay based litters, the scent “maskers”, the different box configurations. I even read up on using alternative Feline Pine pellets (or the like) in the box instead of the non-porous ceramic pellets included in the kit. Well, I’ve tried it all. Here are my thoughts:Breeze as it is, pads and ceramic pellets:Decent. It works well, cats don’t track hardly any pellets, but to tell me that I can just pick up these pellets – most of which have been in direct contact if not “indirect” contact with cat poop is beyond me. Why anyone would ever do or advocate for this method of cleanup is absurd in my opinion.Moving on. The pad lasts about 2-3 days for two cats. I find it hilarious that included with the instructions on how to “set up” the box, it says you need like 3-4 litter systems in a two cat household; one per cat and one as a backup. I get it now…but how do they expect people to have all this space? That’s not only THE most expensive option, it is the most unreasonable. I scoffed at the concept, but on paper – it makes sense, however, there is no way I can accommodate this, so I made do with one box.If this sounds like you, then get prepared to spend a lot on pads and plan to fill the box with at least 2 bags of pellets. The one bag they give is good…but don’t count on it lasting your cats long enough to start thinking of alternative places to “park it” after you forget to clean the box for a day. Let’s face it…cats can smell too. These pellets do an absolutely POOR job of masking any smells or hiding any “peakers” so if you don’t plan on being OCD about your cat litter cleaning habits – this box is NOT for you, as it is not for me.Breeze with pads and Feline Pine pellets:This was an alternative I considered because of the alleged odor masking properties of the cedar pellets used in Feline Pine brand litter. For those of you that haven’t read about it – compressed “green bin” pellets sold back to us at a cost that is supposed to curtail the cost of dishing out 20-30 bucks worth of litter from Costco when it’s on sale for around $9 a bag…and save the land fills while we’re at it.Sure. Sounds like a good idea (again on paper). Try it out for yourself and see how much a nuisance this alternative can be. Mind you, I did keep in the leftover ceramic pellets just to give my boys something to dig around in. Forget about any odor control. You get a decent amount of odor control within the first 12-18 hours of pouring in fresh pellets, but unless you plan to clean out your box and the pullout drawer, every time your cats use the box, you’re looking at spilling sawdust filled with cat pee all over your floor.The drawer was not built for this option so I knew there would be issues. The concept is great and it works, again, if you’re OCD about cleaning your cat litter box. Maybe it works for one cat – but I doubt it. It just doesn’t hide the poop smell and the cattiness of the box is exponentially worse since after the pellets dissolve into sawdust, the sawdust moisture leaks onto the pad which balloons up with urine.Full disclosure, one of my cats has a HUGE bladder. I’m speaking along the lines of a 30-45 second session in the box, just for #1. This guy is a beast on litter boxes…so this might not apply to everyone, but he destroys these pellets in the matter of a few days. They don’t stand a chance – wood pellets and pads alike all suffer the same fate. You can try to reuse the pads as they will be dry for the most part…but there are times where the cat will just hit the same area over and over and it just balloons up to the point where you can’t even close the drawer…then, even if the pad is mostly dry, you’re forced to throw it out or just use the drawer without a pad. I’ll cover this later.Now another problem with this setup is that if you fill the box in excess with wood pellets, you are going to generate a lot more sawdust. Right? That’s the logic behind the simple equation here…well finding the middle ground between the proper fill level to not only HIDE the brown snakes, but to mask the odor, and to control the amount of actual sawdust generated – nearly impossible.My wife hates the smell, and the reduction in tracking IS NOT EVEN WORTH IT!!! Surprise!!! Several people on here complained about the poop smell and I said “Oh no, not me, I got a window right by the litter box and a fan in the room. Yea. I’m the idiot for not thinking through the fact that smells travel EVERYWHERE. Ceramic or wood – they stand no chance against cat poop. And these guys are eating the healthy stuff – not the processed garbage sold at every major pet store. 100% organic, protein and veggie diets…good stuff. Smell my cat room and tell me I’m crazy. The smell is unbearable.Not to mention that if you can’t clean the box or live a busy lifestyle (or lazy for that matter) you will get an overflow of sawdust pee stuff and not be able to withstand the urge to ralph all over the place. It’s bad. be prepared to work for this setup.Breeze with no pads and Feline Pine with a few ceramic remnants:Same issues as addressed below, but now you have a relatively easier cleanup. You’re looking at increased “storage” space in the drawer for more sawdust, but you’re also looking at poor moisture remediation. Keep in mind, this does create the stinkier of the three options, but you’re at least left with less cost of material and a more involved clean up.The other thing I can’t understand is when they track out the feline pine, they’re almost trying to either put it back in the box themselves, or insist on using it as a littler box. So I’ll walk in and see a collection of trackings pooled around the box in a neat little pile with a huge steamer like whipped topping, right in the center. It is the most curious development I have found and am still trying to understand HOW they figured this would work, but they did it…and, well, it’s disgusting…but hilarious. Oh cats…Other cons of al three setups:They also seem to track out poop into the room because when digging, it sticks to their paw and finds it’s way out of the box.Tracking pellets out of the box was fine at first and doesn’t seem to travel as far as the “sandy” litter, but it’s still annoying and disgusting.Cat digging is even louder and more obnoxious now…Poop almost “floats” to the top.Minor victories:Sawdust doesn’t seem to generate much actual DUST which is a huge plus…it just smells like soggy pee…so a win is a win…but this is a win by the slightest of margins…It is easy to sort out the poop. Easy to separate out the pee either by using the pads or the feline pine…just shaking the box helps separate the two…That’s about it. Hope someone finds this rambling collection of words useful.Sorry for the lengthy review and thoughts, but I’ve been trying to accept this box as a new “solution” to my “problem” but I think I need to keep searching and now I’m stuck with this thing…that doesn’t work worth a cent.Oh and how can you guys trust a review (now ranked the most helpful) that starts off by using the word “hugest”. That’s not even a word!

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  19. melanie gragg

    Best litter system imo

    I’ve had numerous cats and litter boxes over the years.This one is to me hands down is the best!No smell, easy clean up and if you want to but the pellets in bulk go to Tractor Supply.So cheap.I change the pad underneath maybe once a week is fine with one cat and a busy schedule. Easy to scoop out the poop with the pellets litter. Win win!

  20. C. Thompson

    Easiest cat litter clean up ever!

    We ordered this cat litter box after several years of nasty clean ups in a plastic bin. It is truly the easiest and cleanest system for the unpleasant duty of emptying a litter box. We’ll worth the money!

  21. jessuckapow

    It’s GREAT! We don’t use the Breeze Pellets though… too spendy!

    Update: Later Jan 2023I wanted to update on the actual Breeze product as I’m doing the full on clean and refresh right now. I do NOT like it. There is something about using the huge pine pellets that turn to saw dust that lessens the ammonia smell that transfers to the plastic and transfer it does, regardless of which product you use. BUT, I’m cleaning the box that had the Breeze pellets and the breeze pee pad and my god does the plastic SMELL SO STRONGLY of ammonia. Since the pee just falls through the pellets it’s just straight up pee on the plastic grid and straight up pee on the pee pad. Our larger box w/ the pine pellets also gets some urine on it but not like this and it does smell of cat pee a bit and I still hot water rinse, 409, rinse, enzyme, wipe and it’s good to go but w/ the Breeze pellets I’m needing to do 2x the wash and 2x the enzymes. Also, you don’t lift the full lid until you’re going to do the full clean, which I just did, and there was a good few table spoons of dried/drying urine that fell OUTSIDE the slide out tray and onto the base of the litter box instead. The tray slid in properly so I’m not sure how that happened so I’m triple cleaning the base of this thing. So, i don’t think they are worth the cost based on this and my own priorities with a litter solution. Still using the box but putting pellets into it when i’m done cleaning it.Update: Jan 2023So I’ve been using the below method for a few months now AND I actually did use the full Breeze System for a hot minute so I want to update everyone.First – the below system I will continue to use but if I still lived in a small apartment on the 3rd floor w/ just my one domestic short hair, I would NOT! The Modkat litter box w/ a clay + Litter Genie and the Modkat litter liner I changed every 4 months was MUCH easier to do. MUCH! I also had more money back then and the one cat so I’d prob also consider the actual Breeze system as it is sold (see below for my thoughts on that).I feel with figuring out a litter situation you need to choose what your priorities are because there is always going to be some sort of give and take. For me, now, with a 16lb beast of a ragdoll kitten and my mature 10lb 7 year old calico short hair, my priorities are no litter sticking into booty hair (ragdoll), no tracking and odor elimination. Bcs of that, the pine pellets w/ the breeze boxes + large honeycomb litter mat is superior, even if it’s kinda high maintenance. Both cats really prefer to use the one large box in our “cat closet” in our bedroom so I need to dump the pine shavings into our compost, which I’ve placed tucked away by a garage door close to our house for easier access. Once the pine shavings come to the top of the plastic grate, you’re too late, you’ll leave pine shavings behind that fall to the floor below. Because of this, DEFINITELY use a large litter mat! You do not want pee pine shavings on any raw floor, esp not on hardwoods or tile w/ grout, which all of our litter boxes are over. Even when I’m diligent, which isn’t 100% of the time, some pine shavings do end up on the litter mat. I drag the full box off the mat 1x a week to vacuum up any of the shavings, which isn’t a lot now that I’m more diligent w/ dumping them after each pine shaving swipe.Since having my house NOT smell like I have cats is a top top priority, once every month to month and a half I will do a FULL clean of all the plastic and refresh all of the pine pellets. I’ll vacuum off all the shavings that made it to the base of the box, I’ll clean and disinfect everything w/ 409 and then use Nature’s Miracle, including the top, and both between parts of the honeycomb mat, to get rid of any residual pet smell. Since the cats highly prefer 1 box I really only do this to the 1. If they spread out their usage I could probably get away with doing it once every quarter or so but then I’d have to do this w/ all the boxes. All this said, I still very much prefer this method.I like these carbon pee mats I’m using bcs they are more sturdy and when I dump the pee shavings into the compost the mat stays put. I’m trying a diff brand of carbon mat in hopes to cut costs ever more bcs the ones I’m currently using are $1/mat. I can update later which brand I prefer. The Breeze mats are FLIMSY and flop around and I got pee mat on my hand the only time I used them for my process. GROSS! Also, pine pellets from a farm store really are superior for minimizing litter tracking. The big downside w/ the farm store pine pellets is if you get a kitty w/ a sick belly and liquid poo. I basically sat near the box all day and IMMEDIATELY went to scoop everything in and around the poo place. This was unfun and I missed clay clumping litter during that moment of my life.The ACTUAL FULL Breeze System:Our ragdoll had some poop issues so I decided to try out the Breeze pellets in our smaller box since it said it would dehydrate poop in the process of letting pee go through the pellets to the mat below. I wanted to do just the clay I had used but he thinks it’s a place to sit so anytime I’d bring that out, he would go straight to it and lay in it. He never used it but my Calico likes to use it. The pellets DO dry out poo (unsure how it does w/ liquid poo), which is great but she also poops hard tar turds as it is so this wasn’t really necessary for her. It IS definitely less work than the pine pellets but the Breeze ones DO track more than the big pine pellets and when you step on them, it’s like stepping on a tiny lego, it SUCKS! The carpet outside the bathroom this box is in is the same color of the Breeze pellets so I’ve stepped on quite a few. Also, as I’ve mentioned I’m a diligent steward of the litter but there’s still kind of a pee smell w/ the Breeze pellets. Not terrible but I just like the pine pellet situation more. Also, you def need to use 2x what Breeze recommends bcs 7lb for a small box and 14lb for the big don’t even cover the entire green area. If you’re into and can spend 4-5x the amount and want less stress and hassle, I would say the Breeze system, as they sell it, (box, pellets and mat) are pretty great! It def tracks less than anything else I’ve used, BESIDES farm store pine pellets.—————————————–Original Review:I’ve had my one cat for 7 years and we had a great routine going w/ her litter. My house NEVER smelled like I had a cat, her box and litter catching pad situation was perfect for minimal-ish tracking and all was fine. I was using the Modcat top entry with clay (until I realized it was bad for lungs) and the large honeycomb litter catching pads.Then… we got a long haired rag doll a few months ago and our litter box world was flipped. I’ll save you the woes of all we tried but let’s just say this trial and error period left us vacuuming and washing things perpetually and wiping a lil backside WAY TOO MUCH! NO ONE wants poo on the sheets!A friend recommended this system and full disclosure, I read and watched some reviews and I NEVER tried it w/ the Breeze Pellets. We have been using the OKO long pellet cat litter, which clumps, and I saw you could use equine pellets with this. I live in the sticks and near 3 farm stores so I can get 40lb of equine pellets for $6.50 and that is enough to fill our 2 large and 1 small Breeze box for a month. I wasn’t sure about non clumping because I’ve ALWAYS used clumping but that was also an appeal because I use the Litter Genie and when I went from clay to a more natural material I was burning through bags SO FAST!I DO use the pee pads because the pellets don’t catch everything but 2-3x a day (the smell of poo usually has me running to it immediately) I check the 3 boxes we have and scoop whatever poop is in there, throw that into the Little Genie and use a pretty hefty metal litter scooper to swish the pellets that turned into saw dust down through the… filter? What ever you want to call it. Because we have 2 cats and they do tend to prefer one box I do need to empty the saw dust from the tray into the garbage every other day. So far we make it almost a week before the pee pad starts to smell like pee (I love my cats, I do NOT want our house to smell like we have cats).The equine pellets are the most superior thing I’ve found for tracking! OKO long pellet was OK but they break up and still get stuck to the kitty toes and def won’t work in this system. I don’t think I’ve had to vacuum up a single piece of litter since we switched. Also, it does NOT stick to my long haired cats lil tush! We have started to shave his back side too just to help w/ things. I can’t comment on the breeze pellets because I knew it wasn’t sustainable financially long term so what’s the point of changing things up so drastically so quickly w/ the cats?I feel I need to make a note too because I feel like some people get this so they don’t have to scoop as often. This does not save me time, this saves me from stepping on litter, money on litter and litter genie bags and any risk of pee smell. This is NOT a magical box. You can NOT expect to let your cat do its business in it for a full week or… *gags* 2 (I’ve seen some of your reviews and I AM judging you) and not scoop and have it not be absolutely disgusting. I’ve seen some people give awful reviews and they post pictures of their boxes and it’s COVERED in cat poop! Do you want to step on a bunch of poop before you get to a toilet that has poop on the lid before you do the 2? NO! If you do, just know your cats have MUCH higher standards for cleanliness. Litter boxes should be scooped NO LESS than 2x a day people. TWO TIMES A DAY! THIS WILL NOT LET YOU NOT SCOOP LITTER EVER AGAIN!That said, I love it. I love the box, the pads are great and who knows about the pellets but equine bedding is the jam! I DO recommend this!Note about the second picture. That is not pee sawdust in the tray but just the small bits that fell through the filter when I put the equine pellets into our new 2nd box but it gives you a good idea for seeing how the full system I use works.

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  22. Infiniti

    There’s NOTHING Better. Period.

    Short answer: This is the BEST litter system you can have in your home for ALL of the issues you face with litter boxes: Cost/Urine Smell/Tracking.I will start out by saying that we have 7 cats in the apartment. I personally have 5 and my roommate has 2. I first bought this system on August 13, 2015 and I’m just reviewing now as I like to wait and see how products work for me after a while before I review.I started with one system to see how it would be and kept my traditional litter box for about 4 days. My 3 kittens got big enough where it was clear that I needed another litter box but I was so, so, so, SO over the litter being tracked everywhere with the 2 adult cats and the kittens constantly in and out of it. It felt like all I was doing is sweeping up tracked litter. So, I decided to try this system to see if it helped with that issue. The reviews were excellent, so I went for it. I figured that it may be a little gross but I would return it if it didn’t work for me and my cat family-luckily returning it was NEVER an issue because I love this system.The cats were very interested and at first would only poop in the Breeze, I think because they didn’t understand how to cover their pee. But the thing is that they don’t have to cover their pee with the Breeze, it just goes down the grate into the pad. I was so impressed with the fact that there was NO smell and tracking is just the pellets-easy to pick up and toss back in because no matter what, cats will kick some out. I bought a tiny little dust pan at the 99 cent store to quickly pick up several at a time (and not touch them and have to wash my hands frequently) and pellets on the floor vs little granules is a HUGE improvement. Much more easy to contain and your home doesn’t feel like one big litter box with litter all over the place.After about 4 days I removed the old box and ordered by second Breeze. When my new roommate moved in we got a 3rd Breeze and it’s a good amount of boxes for the 7 cats. If we did the recommended amount of Breeze boxes for 7 cats we would have about 15+ boxes and that’s just NOT necessary. Of course, I work from home and can scoop out the poop consistently (I’l get to the poop situation a little later in my review).If you have lots of cats and are away from home for long periods then you should get extra boxes-I think that the amount that they suggest is overkill but it IS a good idea to add more pellets than what they system comes with. I suggest you buy the system, see what I mean and order extra pellets sooner than later, I should have done that prior to when I really needed more, because the cats seemed happier with extra pellets and they were able to cover poop better.I’ve tried many brands of litter and my old litter box was the kind with the hood and the swinging door but that didn’t stop the tracking issue.The bottom line is that the same things happen with any litter: you get tracking, and one of your hobbies is trying to contain it, because stepping in it SUCKS, having it all over your house SUCKS. Another problem: you may have a few days of a stink free litter box, but no matter how tight clumping litter can be, or how good it is at odor control-you’ll get bits that fall off and after a few days you have a pee smell that will only go away when you clean the whole box out, and a few days later you’ll have the same problem. But you know this.With The Breeze System you don’t have these problems.First off, the pad that goes underneath holds A LOT of urine and it contains the urine smell almost TOO WELL. If you want a litter box that makes you forget what it’s like to have a smelly pee box-this is the only solution. It will ONLY smell once it is beyond full, so try to remember to check the pad every couple of days. It’s not the end of the world if it gets over full. Just put on gloves and drain into your toilet or a bathtub. It’s not the funnest thing in the world but it’s not THAT bad either. I think I push it by forgetting until I start to smell it, but I can’t seem to get to it before it’s beyond full! And I’m a bit ashamed to say that with all of these cats I’ll change the pads probably every 2 weeks! But I have never had an over flow problem…I haven’t pushed it THAT far. However, I do have an out-of-sight/out-of-mind issue with changing the pad, and that’s just because it doesn’t smell. So, having extra pee to deal with draining if you forget to change it and not smelling pee is FAR better than CONSTANTLY smelling pee (like you do now). =/As far as the pellets go, they are like rocks. They will not disintegrate and probably last forever. The only reason you’ll need more is because the pellets stick to the poop. What I do is scoop up the poop and shake it in the scooper so the loose pellets fall off so they aren’t wasted.One reviewer said that she washed the pellets after a few weeks. I have done this three times since I have had this system. What I do is dump the pellets into a the plain litter box that I used for when the kittens got to the “litter box” stage of their lives. Then I soak them in hot water in the tub for about 20 minutes, then I add Natures Miracle and let it soak some more. Then I rinse, dump them back into the Breeze box and leave outside in the sun so it can drain and dry. The pellets are like new, and smell like Natures Miracle. I’m sure you can do this same thing with any other cleaner, or none at all. The point is to get the old poop that is stuck to the pellets is removed and you have good-as-new pellets and saved money.DA POOP!Now, the issue with poop is that the cats will cover it but because it’s not like traditional litter, it cannot be completely covered up due to the nature of the pellets, so if your cat dumps an extra nasty, smelly pile-you will smell it, the smell WILL travel. But that can also happen with traditional litter. Like I said before, extra pellets in the box is the way to go, and helps in this regard. A good thing is that you (and your cats) will have a cleaner litter box because you will be getting rid of the poop much more frequently than you are now.If you’re interested in any “cons” here they are:-The pellets are loud when the cats are kicking it around. If you’re a light sleeper and the box is close to your bedroom (or in it) and you have an energetic cat who likes to really go to town on kicking or covering-it will probably wake you up. BUT I will also say that I am a light sleeper and at first it did startle me when they were in the bathroom, but I pretty much got used to the new noise.-The pellets do come out of the litter box when the cats jump out. I have a couple of cats who act like their pee or poop will jump up and attack them so they jump out so they won’t be killed. When my more tempered cats use the boxes; hardly any come out. To help with flying pellets I turned my box around, so the big opening faces the tub and left a couple of inches for them to walk on that side, if they choose to instead of climbing over the high part, but they can step in easily that way too. Turning the litter box will drastically reduce how many pellets fly out of the box. I would also recommend that you put something under the box (I use a throw rug from IKEA) and leave some room between the box and the wall/tub. I have my 2 boxes on one and that plus turning the boxes around really help with the amount of pellets that get on the floor. I do wish they would come up with a hood you could buy, THAT would make this system pretty much perfect.-Kittens just LOVE to play with the rolling pellets-especially if they get in the tub. Keep your tub’s drain covered so they don’t fall in. Do not encourage them to play with them, and pick them up from your tub/floor quickly.-It’s a fact that at first your cats will wonder what the hell is going on with their litter, maybe they’ll look at you and think, “Is this that Newspaper crap???” NOPE kitty, not even close.They like to dig, they like to cover (the nice ones do anyway) and the pellets are very different from what they are used to. They won’t like it so much at first, they will act weird when stepping in them, but they are round and won’t hurt their feet. Trust me, they will get used to it. My adult cats were much less excited about the new litter, but within a few days they were on board. And I’m pretty sure that they are happier with this. How could they not be? Their litter doesn’t stink, they aren’t standing in old pee (and not walking all over your floors, counters, beds with urine on their feet and dirty kitty paw prints will never be seen again!!!) and their poop gets picked up because it’s not buried under litter…And even if the little brats don’t like it, I DO. I LOVE IT! I will NEVER EVER, EVER go back to a traditional litter box…And since THEY don’t work or PAY or CLEAN up after themselves, I GET THE FINAL VOTE!-Trying to purchase the pellets or pads in a store is impossible, and I have NO idea why…However, I’m sure even if stores did sell them that they would be way more expensive than purchasing on Amazon anyway! So WHO CARES about this little issue??? Buy the 6 pack of pellets, buy the 2 or 4 pack of pads here on Amazon and you’re good for many months. The first time I bought more it was the 6 pack of pellets and 4 pack of pads (16 pads) and it was $65 for 3 months for 7 cats and I still have a couple of pads left. Try and beat that with all of the other positives I’ve listed. You just won’t be able to.I’m just now purchasing my 2nd round of 6 pack pellets and this time I’m buying the 2 pack of pad (8 total pads) for $15 instead of 16 as they last a long time, but buying the 6 pack of pellets is the most economical way to go as single packs are about $10 each.Enjoy your new Breeze System…Oh, and one last and final tip…Each system comes with a $7 coupon for another system. If you’re planning on getting more than one, wait for the first one and buy your additional ones with your coupon. Amazon is the best company and have gone BEYOND in many ways to make my life easier…I called Amazon to apply the credit because when ordering as there isn’t a way to add this type of coupon on your own.

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  23. Michael D./ Kristin D.

    Give this litter box a try ! You won’t regret it ! Use XL for cats over 10 lbs !

    Hello – I don’t often right product reviews…. but for this one I felt obliged to do so. First off , I’m a vet tech and have been for 20 years so I have a ton of cat experience.I was hesitant at first to try this system but SO HAPPY I DID ! I got this system for a stray cat that now lives in my house. He’s a very big boy and was tracking litter all over my house. He also urinates very large streams of urine and would get it stuck on his feet and fur. Needless to say, this made a huge mess. I knew I had to try another option. This cat is very large and is not fussy with changing the litter so i knew it could work out well. I say that because most cats are fussy and you will have to do a slow adjustment period. For this guy all I did was sprinkle a little of his clumping cat litter ( *** from current litter box , so he could smell his scent ) over the pellets and he took to it in one day. The clumping litter just fell through and I changed the pad more often the first week . For most cats it could take up to a week or more to adjust since the pellets are a completely different feeling on their paws. I would highly recommend the XL version for any cat over 10 pounds!A week later I am so extremely pleased! No more scooping cat urine, the pads are so absorbent, no drip and easy to change with no odor! There is no more litter tracking all over my bathroom, no more dust and a clean happy kitty ! I have been changing the pads about every 3 days since he does urinate a lot. As far as the BM”s go , yes it smells a little but no worse than with regular clumping litter. I just sift them let the pellets drop off and flush or collect in a baggie and disposed of in the trash. This is a life saver for me and my cat , give it a try , remember to introduce slowly and enjoy the BREEZE !! 🙂

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  24. John J. Blossom

    Litter Headaches Gone! Highly Recommended for Multiple Cats

    I was a little unsure about trying this product at first, but after many years of struggling with four litter boxes for three cats, and many failures of automated litter boxes, I was ready to try something new. First of all, this system WORKS. Period! I know that results and expectations will vary from person to person and cat to cat, but short of some wildly expensive piece of cat-specific plumbing in my house, this is truly revolutionary – at a very reasonable price. It’s a can’t-lose proposition – for the cost of two big buckets of premium clumping litter, you get to try a way to get rid of your worst litter problems. Cleaning up after cats is truly a “breeze” now – which makes it more enjoyable to take care of them!Day one: the first box arrives. I put it beside our biggest “problem box.” Cats were regularly peeing outside or on the edge of this one, in part because it takes forever to sift through and clean four litter boxes, and that discourages me from doing it as regularly as I should or could. Breeze boxes set up in seconds, and you’re left asking yourself, “Is that it? Is that all there is to it?” I add in a small piece of poo and a urine clump to the pellets, per the instructions, and the next morning there is a sopping wet pee pad in the new box. They love it for #1 – that is clear! But no poo, though there are clear signs of “burying” behaviour.A few days later, a second box arrives. Same setup in seconds, same “priming” the box with a clump and a stool from another box. Same results – plenty of pee on the pad, no poo. The cats are “talking” to us a lot now about the new setup, and continue to use the old boxes. I shift the mats in front of the old boxes to being in front of the new boxes, just to give them the hint that these are the preferred spots.Pellets do stick a bit to their feet, it seems, but the spillage out of the box from this is TINY compared to their usual spraying of litter all over the joint – and the constant sweeping of the area to remove litter dust. It’s simple to just pick up the nearby “escaped” pellets and toss them back in. The little scoop that hooks on the to box’ white splash guard is perfect – don’t hook it on the inside as the promotional photo shows, hook it with the scoop facing the outside, so it won’t interfere with the box space.The urine pad tray is easily reversed, with a pull-out handle on either end, and since the cats seem to prefer one end of a given litter box to another for that purpose, this makes it easy to reverse a pad and get urine soaked up on the other end of it. Removal and replacement of pads is quick and simple – a no-brainer. If you want to spray a touch of some enzymatic odor removing spray on the pads that may extend their life a bit, but it is co comparatively cheap to change them out, it seems to be hardly worth it – don’t press it, just swap when it’s soggy.Finally, I decide to take a “leap of faith” and get two more Breeze boxes. Ready for a complete swapout. With all four in place next to the old boxes, and allowing the old ones to get “stinky” (not hard!), I remove one of the old boxes. Yay! But still, no poo is showing up in the Breeze boxes. I remove a second old box. Still no poo in the Breeze boxes. Hmm, getting nervous, now! I remove a third old box. A day passes. Then, some very loose poo shows up in one of the Breeze boxes. Yes, loose stools are not fun in general, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought that it would be – I just tidied up the area on the grate where the pee flows down to the bad, which took only seconds, and poured in a few extra pellets.A day or so later, a solid poo shows up in the same Breeze box. These cats have their preferences for spots, obviously. The pellets stick to the poos a bit if you catch them when they’re super-fresh, but with a bit of shaking, most land back in the box – no sense forcing the issue, if they’re sticky they’re dirty, and it’s a small price to pay. Best of all, contrary to other reports, our cats ARE burying their poos – you just have to make sure to catch them quickly enough, perhaps, and not let them build up.And this is the REAL point of the Breeze boxes – checking and cleanup is FAST! I would dread the half hour or so that it would take to properly sweep up cat litter dust, clean or replace liners and litter in four boxes, sift through litter for those “hidden bits,” clean up after leaking liner bags, lug out ginormously heavy bags to the trash can, and so on. Now I can do all four boxes in a matter of ten minutes or less, and I actually look forward to doing it twice a day now – that was rarely if ever the case with clumping litter! The system encourages you to take much better care of your cats, which is great.Finally, the last, way-stinky old litter box goes out the door. Tension rises – will there be “accidents?” I go down in the morning, and there are TWO boxes with well-formed stools, all pads are being used. It works! It all works! Huzzah!Finally, there’s the issue of cost. If you buy the pellets and pads in bulk via Amazon or other online services, they’re about as much as you’d pay in a local store, but for one-offs, store pricing is better, it seems. The main problem is supply – we’re not seeing Breeze products in our grocery stores, so check out your local pet stores, which seem to have reasonable supplies of pellets and pads, and, sometimes, boxes. Since the Breeze system eliminates a lot of other things that these stores sell, maybe they’re not eager to showcase this product?Overall, with a four-box setup, it seems that the cost of maintenance will be about the same or less than regular premium clumping litter products, but when you factor in the significant reduction in cleaning products, liner bags, deodorants and so on, total cost of ownership has to be significantly less than traditional or clumping litter – and much less landfill impact. I now have a big pile of obsolete supplies, which we will donate to an animal shelter.There is as I mentioned the vast savings in time, but also the savings in health for us and the cats. Less litter dust means fewer germs transmitted, and cleaner litter also means fewer germs that can cause upset kitty tummies. I’ve been noting a lot of litter dust falling on to the pee pads on the Breeze boxes from the old litter systems, at least until the full swapout, which is probably an indication of just how dirty their paws were because of traditional litter. Expect a much cleaner home with this system!So that’s it, glad to answer questions or give feedback, this has to be one of the most well thought-out products for pets EVER. I’d love to have a “self-flushing” version of this sort of system, but short of that, this is the very best that you can get, in my opinion. Thanks, Tidy Cat!

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  25. Tess

    Best Cat Litter System Ever (AND Still)!

    This is like a THREE WOLF MOON t-shirt of litter boxes, except for real! This system is AWESOME and has changed my life. It is tidy, more sanitary, way less stinky than any of the systems I’ve tried, very easy to manage, well-designed, and cost-effective. I’ve tried just about everything under the sun, and this one is my favorite. My cats track about 3-4 pellets a day and, consequently, this box involves no annoying “sweeping around the litter box” routine. It’s true that it smells right after they go number 2, but after about 20 minutes, that smell goes away and there is no noxious ammonia smell filling the house, even when I walk in the door for the first time! I’ve been using the same batch of pellets for three weeks and I still can’t smell them. I scoop out the solids when I see them (1-2 times a day), which is way easier and quicker than scooping big giant, gloppy chunks of clumped clay litter. My cats started using it the first day and all I did was put it in the same spot and put some waste from their old box into it!This Breeze system is WELL WORTH the small investment. The money you will spend on the kit will make up for itself in about 1 month of not having to buy standard litter (or quicker depending on how pricey your normal litter is) and, given that, if the box itself ever wears out and you have to replace it, it’s STILL cost-effective because it comes with a month of supplies for 1 cat!Also, this may be different depending on your cat(s), but I am getting by just fine with one box for my two cats, the pads last about 5 days (they are about a dollar each on Amazon if you get 10 4-packs) and you have to get close to them (like within a foot) to notice a smell if your cats are fixed, and the pellets can go a whole month with my two cats without approaching the potential grossness of clump and scoop boxes after about a week. Tidy Cats doesn’t recommend that, of course, but this box is still a good investment even if your standards are higher than mine. ;)I see some reviews on here complaining about how the Breeze system deals with watery poo and poo smells. I’ll just say it is far easier to deal with the occasional mess than to deal with a crappy design daily. Also, if your cat has watery poo or really lingeringly stinky poo, it’s likely because of the food your feeding him/her or because of a medical issue that should be addressed regardless. I feed my cats Natural Choice and I can’t remember the last time they had diarrhea. Unlike a few people’s cats, my cats did not try to eat the pellets. If you’re worried about it (as I was – one of my cats loves to eat weird things) and still want to try this, I would recommend buying a bag of pellets first and mixing them with your regular litter (building the “not food” association) and observing.The only thing that would make this box any cooler is if the pads/pellets were biodegradable. Given that, I’ve considered trying pea gravel with the pads.My litter box saga:I have two indoor cats and abhor the chore of dealing with their litter box (like I think any sane person would) and I have tried many, many approaches over the years and none of them have worked to my satisfaction until I tried the Breeze. Here’s a run down.Standard clump and scoop litter box: This works OKAY as long as you scoop daily. However, the clumps are large and hard to remove, the litter is not cheap and starts to smell quite ammonia-y regardless of scooping diligence within a few days (even with the pricey litters), the box gets very messy very quickly, and it always bothered my back.Sifting litter box with clumping litter: Nice for the first few days of fresh litter, but the clumping litter clogs the grate and if you’re like me your back will hurt after you spend a few minutes trying to shake it vigorously enough to go through the grate. Also very hard to clean and messy.Standard litter box with crystal litter: Great at first, but the crystal litter does not last as long as they claim – it begins to smell VERY ammonia-y after about a week and a half. With the extra price, I did not find it to be a good trade off.Automatic litter boxes (the leading brands at the time): These are an overpriced nightmare. The noise and motion scared my cats and even with the time delay on these systems, the rake becomes obstructed and ineffective within about two days. Plus, they are a huge hassle to clean with all the moving parts, they get quite gross quite quickly, and they are ridiculously expensive.Omega Paw box with clumping litter: I LOVED this box until the plastic began to loosen and warp after about 6 months and lots of dirty litter started to fall onto my floor every time I rolled it over. Too expensive to replace. Never tried crystal litter in it, but if you use non-clumping litter, you might as well just scoop the solids yourself – it’s not that difficult by comparison. Also, a covered box in my opinion is like Schrodinger’s box when it comes to cleanliness. You kinda know it’s unpleasant in there, but you have to open the box to find out!Catit Design SmartSift: I really wanted to love this box especially after dropping $80 on it, but it wasn’t so smart as it turns out. Even after I modified it with a rubber gasket from the hardware store because my cats were urinating too high and it was ending up on the moving parts under the hood, I was still finding urine and bits of dirty litter under there. It was far too difficult to keep reasonably clean.UPDATE (10/2/2016): I don’t review products very often, but this one is a goodie. I still have the very same box and I still love it. Box is still in good shape and works just as well as when new. This is one of the best products on the market for cat owners – actually changed my life, lol. It’s just one of those things that’s so simple and perfect, you don’t know why anyone ever did it differently. I hope they don’t ruin it by raising the price on the refills too much, but so far so good. One thing I will say is that it probably isn’t as good for indoor outdoor cats that use the restroom mainly in the great outdoors. This is because the pads really should be changed on a regular basis, and it can get unnecessarily expensive if they’re hardly being used.UPDATE (3/28/2018): Still wondering why everyone else treats litter boxes like rocket science when this design is so simple and so effective. I still have the first litter box I bought. I bought a second, updated one recently so both my cats could have their own. The first one is holding up well after years of use. Only non-issue with it is that the guard pops up on the front a little, which has essentially no effect because there still isn’t a gap between the tray and the guard. It has developed a couple of calcium (?) build-up type stains in the tray, but still looks amazingly clean for a 4 year old litter box. I’m glad the Breeze has some market competition for the pads and the pellets, because it keeps the price down on the original products and if they kept raising the price, I’d make my own.

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  26. Robert

    Somewhat Lingering Poop Odor But I’d Still Give it 5 Stars Because…

    I made the switch to using pine litter 2 years ago after learning online howcost effective it was. Best decision ever seeing as I was saving hundreds of dollars a yearon ditching traditional kitty litter however, it had its draw backs…it took 2 months for my cats got used to itit makes your house smell like a barnnot in a bad way, but it was really odd tosmell like wood was being cut all day every daythe dust got everywhere just like regular kitty litter but worsebecause the wood shavings are so light they fly all overand they stick in the cats fur and on your feet and you track it all over your houseit was so terrible I was ready to tear my hair outI also had to haul 40 lb bags of the stuff but it lasts for what feels like an eternityWhen you add water to it it triples to quadruples in volumeHonestly I was ready to try something newWhen I saw this on amazon I “litter-ally” flipped my lid becauseI always believed that cat urine should be filtered down and awayStraight into the pits of the abyss of hell…well this box is the next best thingThe cat pee goes onto a highly absorbent pad with gel inside that locks in the odorI heard that if you don’t buy the name brand Tidy cats Breeze pads they don’t work as goodBut when I tell you that there was no urine odor…by God, there is was no urine odorI cannot even express in words how ground breaking this isAnd our cats took to it immediately, and I think this was because they have been trained to walk on the pellets of the pine litter I had used previouslyDon’t ask me why but one of my cats tried to eat a pellet or two but realized it was not food and spit it out, so please watch your cats closely when they use it for the first timeUnfortunately with all innovations this one has one downsideYou… will… smell… cat poop…really badly…every time your cat uses the bathroomThere is just nothing to cover the poop up. After a while the smell does “absorb” into the pelletsBut if the cats can’t cover their poop you can imagine how bad that isSo you are left with two choicesEmbrace the aroma of cat poop for a good 15-20 minutesImmediately scoop the cat poop every time the cat poopsBut honestly, I couldn’t give this any less than 5 stars becauseUs cat owners no longer have to pretend that our houses don’t smellof a hint of perfume mixed with cat pee!And the price of replacing everything for the month with multiple cats is very reasonableNot as cost effective as pine litter but so much more convenientNow all they have to do is invent a way to make the poop roll into a litter compartmentmaybe with a tray…out of sight and out of mindI would give this one million stars if I couldP.S. The litter scoop is annoying because it has such a small grip on the side of the boxit’s constantly falling in the litter box which is unsanitary and could of been fixed easily

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  27. Bren Lee

    I’ll never go back to regular litter boxes!

    My original review along with several updates got way too long, so I’m re-doing my review after using this sifting box since February.My Conclusion: I highly recommend this product with the following modifications (you can find detailed instructions on YouTube in two videos by a lady who owns a cattery, which I recommend you watch before buying anything):1. Ditch the tray. You can re-purpose it as a lap tray to eat off of while watching TV or doing homework, or to put under your pet’s food dishes. But don’t use it to catch the sawdust, as it’s not deep enough and you’ll have one heck of a mess in the tracks it slides in and out of to deal with when you go to empty it. Instead, I purchased a large size So Phresh litter box on Amazon which fits perfectly under The Breeze, giving a good 5″ to 6″ to collect sawdust. Now instead of dealing with a mess every time I empty it, and having to do so every 3 days, there is zero mess and I only have to empty it every 2 weeks or so.2. Ditch the pellets that come with it or donate to a shelter or rescue. Instead, buy the pine pellets they sell for horse bedding, which isn’t treated with chemicals and is incredibly cheap. I pay $5.99 for a 40 pound bag that lasts me months for two litter boxes. It works differently than the pellets that come with this system, soaking up urine and turning into sawdust, which falls through the slats into the container below. (Clay litter and clumping litter are unhealthy for both you and your cat, not to mention expensive, heavy to lug around and messy. If you don’t want to switch to pine pellets, then ignore these instructions and follow another reviewer’s advice on the best way to use the Breeze.)3. Donate or repurpose the tray-sized pee pads and purchase large puppy pee pads instead. You’ll want them to be larger than the So Phresh box.How to Set Up1. Open and lay a puppy pee pad on the floor.2. Put the Breeze box on top, centered on all sides of the pad.3. Lift the pad and box up together and set them down on the So Phresh litterbox you bought for the bottom box. Press slightly on all sides to make sure it’s aligned and secure.4. Add 2″ to 3″ of the pine pellets.Note: Initially you may have to cover the pellets with your old litter that your cats are used to, and gradually use less and less until they transition completely to pellets.Instructions for Scooping1. Scoop No. 2 as often as you’d like. It takes literally seconds per box. Some cats poop on top without covering with pellets, while others cover. Either way it’s very easy to scoop the poop, as stirring the pellets will cause buried poop to rise to the surface. (Poo smells when they first go but the odor quickly dissipates as it dries.)2. There is no need to scoop urine anymore with this system. No wet sticky mess or clumps of urine soaked litter stuck to the sides or bottom of the box! Pine pellets almost immediately turn to sawdust when it soaks up urine. All you have to do is to stir the pellets after scooping No. 2 to help the sawdust fall through the slats on the bottom into the pee pad lined box below.3. You never need to dump the top tray unless it needs cleaned. Mine haven’t needed cleaning yet in the 4 months I’ve been using them. Just add pine pellets as needed after scooping and stirring to maintain a 2″ to 3″ depth.When you start to see the sawdust through the slats, approximately every two weeks or so depending on how many cats and litterboxes you have, you’ll need to empty the bottom box. This is the best part!4. Open and lay a new pee pad on the floor or flat surface.5. Pick up the Breeze box, leaving the full puppy pee pad in the bottom box, and lay the Breeze down on the clean pee pad.6. With a grocery bag open and ready, pick up the full pee pad by the 4 corners, and simply place it in the plastic bag. Tie the bag and throw it away.7. Pick up the Breeze box with the pad underneath, and place back on top of the bottom box, and you’re done. No muss, no fuss. Takes literally seconds per box to empty and you’re done for another two+/- weeks.Initially I used the tray before I bought the other litterbox to use for the bottom box, and it was a mess to empty. I could have emptied it every day or two, which might have worked better, but with the method I outlined, I only have to do it every couple of weeks and don’t have any mess to deal with. With an actual litterbox underneath to collect sawdust, this system went from great to amazing. Keeping litterboxes clean has never been so easy and fun! I am absolutely in love with the Breeze using this system. I think I’d still use it even I used clay litter, but I’d do it differently, following other reviewers recommendations on how to use with regular or clumping litter.The Breeze is a decent size box, not too big or too small, sturdy and well made. The sides that snap on don’t snap on correctly, so you have to use caution when lifting the box to shake it or they’ll come off, but that’s the only problem I saw with it. Using pine pellets eliminates the need to shake the box, so it’s not an issue for me.

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  28. Frank

    AMAZING! No more litter all over my floor!!!!!!

    This product is amazing! I wish I would have changed my cat over to pellets YEARS ago. Definitely worth the price for how clean my laundry room is now. Used to be litter everywhere! Now nothing. Clean! I would recommend using the brand pellets and pads with this litter box to get the full effect. Pads absorb great and no smell. Highly recommend this product to any cat owner. I did slowly change my cat over to pellets. I put pellets under his litter in his old box first and gradually added more. Once most pellets were there instead of litter I switched to the new box. Worked great with no issues.

  29. J. Whit

    Easy to Clean, system is awesome! A tad expensive for the refills but worth it

    If you are OCD, or a neat freak, or even remotely high functioning anxiety with an overlay of Type A… then this is your new system. This review is being written after using this system for over six months with two adult male cats by a retired veterinary technician in the USA.So, my two male cats have been using wood pellets their whole lives 9 and 7 years. As I have been using the wood pellets for almost 20 years after getting so sick and tired of traditional cat litter and the tracking all over the house and the smell and the mess and the caking of it between their toes and the disgusting all over thought of it.I was researching a new litter system during the spring of 2020 because sometimes the wood pellets and the urine get pretty heavy in the bottom of the litter pan after a week (the usual change out of 3 inches of fresh pellets) and the smell isn’t always that awesome. I found this litter system and thought, they already use pellets so this wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to try and switch.Initially, I left out one of the old boxes and put out one of the new boxes. After a week I put some of the wood pellets into the new box to put the scent over there as they had only used the new box a few times apparently as a tester. After about three weeks we had switched completely over to two of the new litter systems. I got the XL boxes with open tops because I have a 19 lb chonker who has some getting in and turning around issues. And my 10 lb feller is a tad on the sketchy side and he doesn’t like any surprises.Reasons I love this system: The ease of cleaning!!! On Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays I change the urine pads. And this is just personal preference. I purchased a bulk pack here from amazon there are many others. I will be switching to a cheaper brand, (amazon basics) on the next buy just because I am not concerned about odor control as I change them every other day. And also, cost because, I change them every other day.I have seen several other reviews where others have washed/boiled the pellets to use them again, and I will tell you that I tried this in a large boil pot (bought for this and now thrown away) with bleach and then dried them and to me the pellets just smelled like boiled urine. Not to mention the boiling bleach and urine and feces smell for the 30 minutes in my whole house while that was boiling on the stove. I am not a fan of this, but each to their own. I will continue to buy new pellets on the subscribe and save and get them on chewy when they are on sale and pause the S&S as needed.Now…. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!! And… I actually owed my veterinary clinic an apology for this!When my two boys switched over to this system… I panicked! I thought HOLY MOLY!!! My heckin’ chonker is urinating so much!!!! I was changing the pads all the time. I was terrified something was wrong with my cat. He was drinking constantly and urinating constantly. Fortunately, this system allows you to change out the litter, clean the catch pan and leave the pad out and put your cat in a room alone to catch a clean urine to be able to take him to the vet to check him out! And turns out in the end… I have two very spoiled cats who drink out of faucets, have fountains, have fresh bowls daily, have glacier water, and have a fresh drip in the tub too. And all that drinking of fresh cold water all day (which is so good for cats) leads to a whole lot of urinating!!!! And if you aren’t used to seeing it on pee pads, then you might be alarmed as to the amount! If you are used to throwing out old clumped clay litter or tubs of sawdust, then you will be elated to fold up a simple little pad and toss it out.Things that will make this easier on you…I have a diaper genie (leftover from my kid but they’re like $5 used on any garage sale site) which I use generic insert refills with. I use cheap dog walking type poop bags (you get like 1000 bags for $10) and scoop out the poop every night before bed. This seems to cut down on the amount of pellets lost and the amount of smell from poop. Then I toss the poop bag into the diaper genie. Every other day M/W/Sa, I toss the urine pad into the diaper genie too. The night before garbage night, I empty the diaper genie. It all works out pretty good for our system here. If there are any issues with a smudge of poo anywhere, a clorox wipe cleans it up pretty quickly. Other than that, I change out the pellets as needed (amazon says once a month), or pour more in from the S&S refills as needed.

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  30. Piebaker57

    Perfect fit for me and my Empresses Supreme

    I’ve had the box for about a week so my opinion may change, but right now it is doing everything I want it to. Which is to help keep the smell down, and give the furballs a litter box they deem clean enough to pee in. My goals did NOT include completely replacing my old litter boxes, which so far this box would not do, but I go into more details below.I love my 2 little cuddle bugs, and typically they do a good job of keeping their messes to their litter boxes, however sometimes we run into issues. It’s not entirely their fault, they just don’t like using a box that is a bit too full. When I clean it daily, or even every other day I don’t have problems. Unfortunately lately I’ve been having to travel for work, and I’m often gone for a few days at a time. I have no issues getting people to feed them, however cleaning the litter box is not high on my roommate’s priority list (understandable sincethey’re not her cats). However it results in 2/3 litter boxes getting a bit fuller than the Rulers of the Household like and they start finding other places to go.I decided to try this box because I was mostly looking for something to help keep the smell down (even cleaning the old boxes regularly they still produce a smell) and that wouldn’t fill up with urine clumps, making the kitties look for fun new areas to relieve themselves.Putting the box together was simple, with the caveat that it seemed like I had to use my full weight to have it snap together. Before I did, it didn’t look like the pieces were going to fit completely. After putting in the new litter I placed a few clumps of pee in, which the instructions suggested, to help the cats figure out that it was a new approved place to go. I also put it next to their other boxes, because “location, location, location.”After about a day one of my little rays of sunshine finally decided to try of her newly renovated bathroom, which I was relieved about because the other ray had tried to eat the litter a few times before the mean two legged cat stopped her. And some reviews mentioned their cats not using the box.I had to leave on a 4 day trip shortly after the official ribbon cutting of the box, so I hoped for the best as I left. When I got back I was immediately greeted by two mini tigers, and to my glee, no urine smell. When I went to the litter boxes there still wasn’t much of a cat box smell, and no unfortunate puddles of piddle.The pad under the new litter box had a decent amount of liquid soaked up, and was doing it’s job to keep the smell contained. Looking in the litter it was clear the fearsome beasts decided to stick to their usual boxes for the heavier non-urine related matters.The other boxes were also less full than I was expecting, after having been gone for 4 days, and my nostrils appreciated it. Overall it was a good welcome home.Some things to consider before buying this box:My knuckle heads clearly don’t have a problem mixing up where they pee. But even with that it was about a day before one of them christened it, so some cats who are not as adventurous about where they go, may not use the box.Also my cats so far don’t use the new box for number 2. That’s perfectly fine with me. I did NOT get this box to replace all my other litter boxes, I got it as a supplement box. From reviews I saw this box did a great job with urine smell, however was not good for poop. Some reviews mentioned that their cats still used the old box for all matters related to stool. Since I was planning on keeping my old box anyways, and my concerns were about pee, I am completely fine with the cats not using the box for pooping. In fact since it is apparently does a worse job than my other boxes, I prefer it this way. And now I don’t need to scoop it, which brings me to my last point. Price.Litter isn’t exactly cheap (and the cheap litter you don’t want to use), and since this box uses special litter the cost goes up. Because I’ve only had the box for a week I’m not sure how much of an issue that is going to be yet. Because my rascals aren’t using it for their smelly poop yet (fingers crossed never) I haven’t gotten rid of any of the litter, and I don’t know yet how often I’ll need to change it if they just pee. It also helps that they are still using their other boxes so I will still get to mostly stick to the typical litter.Overall impression:This box is doing everything I hoped it would. I can now go days between cleaning the litter boxes without having to step in wet patches, or live with urine smell. That being said if your cat is picky about it’s litter box, you want to completely replace your old box, or don’t want to pay more for litter this may not be the box for you.

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  31. Ciarra

    Great litter box!

    Great litter box! Good investment to make the cleaning process easier. Reduces messiness. Easy to change pee pads. Easy scooping. Cat loves the extra room. 5 stars!

  32. Anne

    My kitty took great to it

    I bought this and it has been a lifesaver. I have an older indoor-outdoor cat. It does a good job of keeping the odor down and she doesn’t get kitty litter all over the house. The pellets are a must and I like that urine goes through them and onto a pad below that I can change out as needed. Great product!

  33. melissa orr

    Tidy Cats Breeze pellets

    I love these pellets! Much better than traditional kitty litter. Lasts 2 months when scooped regularly and pads changed weekly.

  34. Bryn Sage

    Great box. Great concept. Great design. Decent Quality. Would recommend changes.

    Let me preface this review with stating there is absolutely nothing wrong with this box. Overall, I am very pleased. However, situations, circumstances, and experiences will vary.With that being said, I found myself having to constantly improvise and change some things up to train my cat to WANT to use this litter system. Initially, she didn’t want ANYTHING to do with it. Their “training” instructions might work for a kitten learning to familiarize itself with this type of litter system, but for a senior cat who has always ever gone in a traditional litter box, this system was a HARD sell. BUT, my cat did end up buying it in the end and this is how I was able to sell it to her:The Tidy Cats BREEZE training instructions advise the pet owner to place the pellet litter box next to the cat’s existing litter box with the idea in mind that if you simply stop scooping the old littler box, eventually, the pellet litter box will begin to look more and more appealing to them until they eventually begin to use the fresh and clean pellet litter box. They also suggest to place a urine clump or turd from the traditional litter box in the pellet litter box to affirm to the cat that the pellet litter box is a perfectly acceptable place for your cat to do its business. My cat was having none of it. She could care less. To her, this was not her litter box and quite frankly, she acted repulsed by the feel of the pellets on her paws the few times I set her in the pellet litter box to assure her that it was okay to go there. The traditional litter box she had always used just kept getting fuller and fuller until I could no longer chance her going on the floor. The box was literally beginning to overflow. She was missing the box and pooping over the side. This had gone on for nearly a month and I was beginning to feel very discouraged with her ability to adapt and transition to the pellet litter system.With their way not exactly working, I figured there wasn’t much for me to lose by using my own instincts and observations to convince her to use the pellet system. Here’s what I did and what worked for my cat: I cleaned her litter box! Terrible ordeal for the both of us, no doubt. For her having to step all over her doo doo for the past month and me having to smell it for an entire month. Lose/lose all around. I then took a large handful of pellets and sprinkled them in her litter box. She wasn’t happy about it, but she was tolerant of having to step on a few here and there. After about a week, I put 2 handfuls of pellets. The next week, 3 handfuls of pellets until there really weren’t too many pellets even left in the BREEZE box. Then, I poured her old litter box into the BREEZE litter box, pellets and litter alike, all mixed together in one giant mess that requires two different scoopers to maintain. I took her old box out of the equation entirely and prayed for the best. To my relief, she began using the BREEZE litter box with the pellets and litter mixture. So, she’s dealing with pellets and she’s going in the new box consistently. There’s grating in the BREEZE box, so as she continued to use it and I continued to scoop out the clumps of pee, there was less and less litter in the box and more of just the pellets.Now, there’s nothing wrong with using the overpriced pee pads and pellets provided with this system. However, if you do a little research on YouTube, you’ll learn that equine (horse) pine pellets used for bedding can be substituted, with an associated cost of about $5/40lb bag. Pee pads can also be purchased in bulk. I intend to completely dump what’s currently left in my cat’s box, clean out all the traditional litter which has made a mess, and use the equine pine pellets, now that she’s officially been transitioned from traditional litter to pellets. Search “The Easiest, Most Inexpensive, Natural Litter Box System” by VICTORIAN GARDENS CATTERY on YouTube. It is NOT my video, nor do I endorse or profit in any way shape or form from anything about or in the video. It’s just a video that I watched that I thought more people considering this litter system could benefit from watching.

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  35. wills

    Spacious enough your cat can invite friends in!

    This thing is HUGE! And the sides are tall enough to contain things when my 15-year-old cat lets it fly (she prefers to ‘stand tall’) . The size of the box is surprisingly spacious – I think two of my cats could take care of business at the same time if they didn’t want to wait in line.I made some modifications:1. I’m using pine pellets from Tractor Supply (about $5 for a 40lb bag)2. I removed the bottom piece with the tray and set that aside. No clue what I’m going to do with this. I didn’t use the crystals that came with the system – I pitched those.3. I placed the green ‘sifting’ tray with the white surround wall-piece on top of a 21 x 15.5 x 7 utility bin:(see NUCU Artisan Utility Bus Box and Storage Bin with Handles, 2-Pack) lined with an extra-large puppy pad (28 x 34-in size works – but I may look for the next size up when I need to restock).The Breeze is longer than the NUCU storage bin – so I slid the storage bin so it sits under the sifting screen portion of the pan – and provided extra support on the other end with a piece of 2×6 scrap wood cut to the same length as the height of the NUCU. The scrap wood is just to offer a bit of stability if anyone gets rambunctious. The last thing I need is litter pan trauma if things get tippy.4. I finished it off with an old toddler step stool in front of the entry port.My cats used to use clumping litter – but I’m really preferring the pine pellet system. It’s easier to maintain. There’s no dust and the only odor is when solids are deposited (I remove those once or twice a day). The pellets break down into sawdust when wet – and will fall into the utility bin under the sifting pan when you rake/move the pellets around when cleaning the pan. I change out the puppy pad about every 6 days (I have 3 cats). The pine pellets are cheap cheap cheap compared to clumping litter.Getting the cats used to this system was a bit challenging. Tried the cold turkey method and that caused a revolt. Calico was doing the potty dance and not having any of it. Standing Tall was eyeing the furniture. Ended up bringing the old pan back in and placing it in the same room as the breeze pan. I filled the old pan with fresh clumping litter…and then just didn’t maintain it (making a big deal when I maintained the breeze pan). Eventually, things got rather gross in the old pan and all three cats were happy to move over to the breeze pan. After that, I sealed the deal with 2 weeks of positive reinforcement and encouragement (placing cats in the pan at intervals throughout the day, and giving them treats), and they are now all quite happy with the new system. Their feet are cleaner and they can watch the wet pellets collapse into sawdust if they’re so inclined.I initially bought the original smaller Breeze pan (which I modified after watching a YouTube video) – but it was wayyyy too small. 16 lb Calico looked ridiculous trying to stand in it and old ‘Standing Tall’ just shot right over the side and made a mess. If you’ve got the space – go big!I really wish the Breeze system came with a 7″ deep tray option so I didn’t have to MacGyver the thing for the pine pellet system.The little sifting scoop that comes with the Breeze has a handy little clip on the side so you can hang it off the side of the pan. It’s good for scooping solids, but too flimsy for raking the pellets around. I use an old sturdy scoop for the raking.

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  36. REby

    Better than scoopable litter

    These are like stepping on a Lego if your cat kicks them out of the box. Also, my 15 year old dog mistakes them for food. If you clean the box regularly, this litter is better than the clumping kind. I like the subscription option.

  37. WorkingMomma

    UPDATED -Flexible, easy, clean, cheap (for me) – Will NEVER go back to clumping litter!

    UPDATE – it’s been over a year and I have to update. I said I would never go back to clumping litter. Well I have now gone back to clumping litter. It eventually has just become too much to maintain. I can’t scoop it fast enough for it to not stink up the entire house. And one of my cats won’t use it if he can see any poo in there at all. So since they can’t cover their poo, he doesn’t like using it much at all. Right now we have this and clumping litter out both and my cats will pee in this litter still (not always) but only poo in the clumping litter.I have had this litter box for about 2-3 months. I bought 2 of them and I’m in LOVE! Prior to this, my cats only ever used clumping litter. They were a little hesitant with the transition but now it’s great. I will never go back to clumping litter. I added a few tweaks to make it work best for my cats.I have TWO of the same boxes, but I use two different kinds of litter. Both litters are great for different reasons! I have details of the setup listed below! I have 2 cats:• 1 boy, declawed (front only), 7 years old – smart & super picky• 1 girl, has claws still, 4 years old – less picky but also less smartMy setup:$$$ – Box on the left of the picture, this exact product of the Purina Tidy Cats Litter box with the pellets that come with it. For some reason, my cats prefer to pee only in this litter and prefer to poop only in the litter in the righthand picture. So I will be continuing to buy both kinds. This actually works great though because the tidy cats litter is way more expensive, but since they mostly only pee in it, I don’t lose much litter (pellets will stick to the poop) so all I have to do is wash the pellets once a month or so (I got the idea from another reviewer) and then change out the pee pads. This solution is SOOO cheap!!!!$ – Fresh News Recycled Newspaper litter, in the Tidy Cats box. My cats prefer to poop in this litter, but don’t really pee in it. When I scoop it, a good bit of the litter goes with it because the holes on the scoop aren’t quite big enough to sift, but that’s okay because this litter is SOOO cheap!!! I still use the pee pads below, as when this litter gets wet it turns into powder which can be seen in the pan below, compared to just the pee that sifts below in the tidy cats litter. I’ll dump out all of this litter and replace it occasionally but it’s really cheap… I bough one big bag 2 months ago and I’m not even halfway through it.• To save money, buy Amazon basics version of pee pads, WAY cheaper and they are just as good!• I also use a litter genie. I didn’t like it much with clumping litter because it filled up super fast with all those giant pee clumps. With this litter, you’re mostly just scooping poop, so the litter genie bags last way longer. I am now in love with my litter genie which I previously thought was a total waste.• These litters do track some (as you can see in the pictures), but at least it stays in the area of the litter instead of the entire house like clumping litter! Clumping litter gets caught in the cats paws and then gets tracked everywhere. This litter just gets kicked out, but not stuck in the paws.If you find this review helpful, please mark it helpful!! Thanks 🙂

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  38. Hannah Tilghman

    Best litter box for pine pellets

    I’ve been using pine pellets for my cats litter for 2 years and needed a better litter box and got recommended this box, the pellets that come with it seem ok but I’ve been hearing horror stories about cats eating it and having digestive issues. So I tossed those and use pine pellets and when I ran out of the pads we use puppy pads and it works great my cat loves it and it’s so so easy to clean

  39. Pegwings

    Excellent product!!!

    Loving this with no smell and waay easier clean up!! Esp with the pine pellets instead of walnut!! ☝️Highly recommend!!!Only low point for me, is the high “walls” are a bit flimsy for my Koon cats huge paws and she loves to claw the tops of the sides of it loll. Not too bad but could be a bit thicker and stronger.

  40. Sara Morin

    Definitely recommend!

    I’d been putting off switching to the Breeze system for a whole simply because my cats are picky, but I’m glad I finally made the leap! I now have the Breeze XL and a Hooded Breeze for my 4 cats. They’re so much cleaner and easier. I still face the issue of the cats knocking some pellets out, but its a much easier clean than clay litter. Though stepping on them hurts almost as bad as stepping on a lego!I have noticed that my cats somehow get urine outside of the box on the XL, but they’ve always been messy so it’s not really a surprise. Its easily remedied by wiping around the bottom/under the box when scooping. I did have trouble getting them to switch over to the pelleted system but, again, they’re very picky. Since I’ve removed all other options, after a 24 hour pooping (they peed in them no problem from the beginning) strike they’ve had no issues using the Breeze boxes.Definitely recommend the Breeze systems to anyone looking for a change! They’re worth the money!

  41. Kyle Lukenbach

    Hate cat litter, Try this

    We started using this project a few years ago because we hate cat litter getting all over floor. We like this product over cat litter but some of the pellets still end up on the floor and suck to step on. The pee pads are nice but recommend getting extra absorbent pads because it really sucks if you forget to change the pads as it makes a mess to change then. That being said I wouldn’t give this up and go back to regular litter for anything.

  42. HeatherMac

    Best bang for your buck for this litter!

    This is the best deal I have seen yet on this litter! It is obviously more expensive than regular granulated litter BUT I will never be buying regular litter again! I have had cats for over 10 years and if I scool every day, you would never know I had cats!

  43. Solcat

    Loud pellets but better cleanup

    I love this litter box. Yes, every time the cat uses it it sounds like a hail storm inside your house, but the clean up and lack of stink is worth it. Please be sure to clean it regularly otherwise it defeats the purpose of less stink.

  44. andrew murphy

    Cat litter be gone!

    I have been using the Breeze Litter System for a little over a month and it is SO much easier to keep clean than a normal cat litter box. My 6 year old can easily scoop the poop without getting excess litter on the floor. I love that the cat urine is absorbed into a pee pad that I change out every few days. No smelly/soggy litter! There is rarely any odor except right after the cats poop, obviously. I also like that I don’t have to change the pellets out as much as regular cat litter. This is NOT a self-cleaning litter box but the system makes it 100 times easier to maintain and keep clean.Highly, highly recommend!Cons: The Breeze pellets are expensive. A package of pellets and pee pads were included with the purchase of the system but after I used those, I ended up buying ExquisiCat pellets which are much less expensive. I also bought less expensive pee pads from Amazon.

  45. hanna100

    Litter Box Stink is Reduced!!! No litter tracked all over!!! Cat and I highly recommend!!!

    This system is much better than the standard litterbox and clumping litter My cat always pees on the same end of the box, resulting in a huge clumpy mess on that end which was hard to deal with. Also, my cat wasn’t fussy about litter, so I bought whatever was on sale at the time, Some of the scented litter stinks so bad my whole house would reek of cat litter. I bought the box, a 6 pack of litter and both Amazon and Tidy Cat pads. I bought the Amazon unscented pads in case the Tidy Cat pads reeked. I hate the smell of their scented litter. One of the most disgusting smells ever. The Tidy Cat pads, however, smell very nice. Too bad they don’t use this scent in their litter. Both brands absorb very well, but the Amazon pads are more budget friendly. Amazon also makes a scented pad I’ve yet to try. This is a 3 part system, you need the box, the special pelleted litter and the pads. It’s a pricey investment up front, and I was concerned my cat wouldn’t use it. I emptied her old litter box, but left it beside this new one, and she was using her new box within a half hour. I do leave the lid open, as the box is small. The advantages of this system are: 1.The litter pellets are large and don’t get tracked all over the floor. 2. The pee pads save litter. The litter pellets don’t really seem to absorb the pee at all, the pee flows down through the grate at the bottom of the box onto the pad below. Once the end of the pad absorbs as much pee as possible, you can turn the bottom tray around so that the dry end is in service. Pads are lasting me 6 to 7 days with one cat. After 2 weeks of using the box the litter level is down somewhat, due to scooping poo. You will need the included scoop which has a larger grate in order to sift out and save as much of the pricey litter as possible. It’s been a little over two weeks since I started using this box and I just added a bit of litter today. The litter is supposed to last a month and I only added some to bring the level up a bit, not because the litter was wet or stinky. 3. My house smells way better!!! If you can get your cat on board I would definitely switch. I wouldn’t recommend this box for multiple cats as it is quite small. They do make an xl size. I highly recommend this system.

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  46. J L

    Great odor control

    I’ve been using the breeze system since mid 2019. The enhanced version of the pellets is much better at odor control than the original version. I started with 3 litter boxes, one breeze system, and 2 regular litter. Then down to two litter boxes for my 2 cats, one breeze and one regular litter but have since switched to just using the breeze system. There is so much less tracking. Even though the cats still kick out some of the pellets, it’s a lot easier to sweep up compared to clay litter. For one, the pellets don’t ‘melt’ when wet like clay does and get stuck to the floor. The cats have transitioned quite nicely to this system. In fact, I’m down to just 1 litter box for 2 cats, even though the recommended number is one for each cat plus an extra. It works well, as long as I keep up with clearing the solids at least once a day and the pads twice a week.

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  47. elizabeth krayvo

    So far so good

    Absolute game changer if all my cats switch. My three kittens took to it instantly. Older two are still cautious but it’s new. I do suggest the x large if you have a big cat. Also everyone is saying expensive, it’s really not in comparison to how much litter I buy for 5 cats. Plus my time is priceless!!

  48. shadyboy

    Love it

    Love this system, no more litter stuck to paws and tracked over the house. I have one cat and buy puppy pee pads to use. They work great, just have to fold in half and then fold a little at the top, and they fit perfectly. Very easy to clean, love the scooper that comes with it as the litter pellets fall through and isn’t wasteful. Highly recommend!

  49. FairEmma

    Great System Sorely in Need of a Different Pellet Solution

    tldr; Three stars for non-breezy litter issues. In fairness, these same issues apply to the non-hooded version, but they’re still problems. Find me a great pellet solution and it’s five stars. Average: four. I erred on the side of length for those of us who want more details.I’ve started to write this review a number of times, but never hit ‘submit.’ It’s a hard product to review, because most parts are great, and the critical part needs negotiating. In general (between the 2 available models) this system is a fabulous idea. My cats much prefer hooded litter boxes, so I was pleased when Purina finally introduced this version. It’s well made of sturdy plastic. It’s a … uh, breeze, to put together. I can remove the hood and put it back on easily, and the securing part hasn’t gotten looser or broken yet (I’d have to work hard to break it). The hinged hood that allows the opening to swing up without having to take the top off makes cleaning much, much easier compared to litter boxes with solid hoods (my former go-to for years). Overall, the box has a lower profile, yet my big, rough-and-tumble, cat has no problem fitting inside.To assemble, put a “diaper” pad in the lower tray to catch the urine that flows over the stone-like, pellet “litter.” (Amazon brand pads are every bit as good and are cheaper.) Expect to go through at least two pads a week. The tray easily slides. Put the slatted-litter-holder on top, then the hood atop that, attaching it on both sides. The set comes with a scoop that fits unobtrusively on the side. I can’t manage the lifting and crouching to clean out clay-filled, heavier litter boxes anymore, so this is like a dream come true. Because I can just swivel the hood open, I am far more inclined to clean it daily, which helps keep odors down.The biggest problem is the pellet litter you’re supposed to use with the system. It’s made from a non-porous, heavy, tube shaped, stone-like material. Each piece is about 3/4 of an inch. (Some people worry the pieces can pose a choking hazard to cats.) The idea is urine flows over the pellets, through the slats, onto the absorbent pad underneath, and as long as you change the pad frequently, you greatly reduce odor. Poop sits on the top so you can simply scoop it out and dispose of it (I use a small, hooded trash can).In theory, you don’t need a deep layer of pellets (and boy, are they heavy and expensive!), and you only need to replace them about once a month. They look attractive in the system. Beyond that, they’re a big headache. The pellets may not soak up urine, but they do get coated with it, and the only way to deal with that is to rinse them off. This leaves you with a litter tray full of slow-drying, wet pellets. Or you don’t rinse them, and the urine odor builds up and you change the pellets more often.Poop doesn’t just slip and slide off the pellets. Even if your cat produces properly formed, properly soft stools, you are simply going to throw away all the pellets that stick to it. If your cat is a coverer, then you lose even more pellets. My bag just doesn’t last a month. Because you don’t have many pellets in the tray, you’ve got nothing to push against to make sure all the stool makes it onto the scoop. So 1/2 the poop drops back into the litter (pick it up again) or you use the side of the tray, which sorta works, but you’ll want to clean the sides to remove smears.Where the litter part of the system really lets you down is when your cat develops a case of diarrhea or gets wormed. You’re dealing with slush, in these situations, and the pellets truly don’t work. Some slush will slip over the pellets and onto the urine pad. Some slush will stick to the slats. Most of the slush stays on top of and between the pellets. You can’t leave soiled pellets in the tray. Forget the odor, forget the smearing on slats and sides, you may be trying to get rid of worms and would prefer not to reinfect your cat (unlikely, but it can happen). When I’ve been left with this situation, I take the litter tray to the tub, use the hand-held shower head to rinse everything, return the tray and set a fan nearby in the hopes they’ll dry faster. Nope. This part isn’t a breeze.As for dust problems, none. The pellets I got have absolutely no fragrance (which I preferred). However, one cat grab the pellets and tosses them out. So I still wind up inadvertently stepping on something. And with diarrhea, my two, both neurotic coverers, simply can’t avoid tracking some.I’ve since tried farm-store pine pellet animal bedding. It absolutely works better than the stone pellets, and it’s “greener.” The wet ones break down into sawdust and sift down to your urine tray. It’s not a huge loss when the pine pellets stick to any variety of stool … I can get a 40lb bag for $5.00 locally. The piney smell doesn’t last as long for me as it seems to for some people, but for that price I don’t even mind changing the whole litter tray once a week. Trouble is, one of my cats finds the pine pellets unworthy of consideration.I’m looking for another solution for the picky cat. I’m about to try Yesterday’s News, also by Purina, much less expensive than the stones and still “green.” If I could just find a good pellet solution, I’d be giving this system five stars. Guess how many fingers I have crossed right now?

    521 people found this helpful

  50. Miyari

    Not so happy with the Breeze system anymore…

    Edit: I’ve chosen to edit my review after a few months of using the Breeze system. I’ve ended up throwing it out and switching back to our old clumping litter and regular, high-walled box. I think that the Breeze system can work very well in the right household with the right cats, it just ended up not being for me. I’ve changed my star rating to reflect this opinion, and I will share my observations below.1) Too much litter is thrown out regularly with scooping.I read a lot of reviews where people complained about their cat’s poops making a mess. My cat has regular ol’ cat poops, but the litter sticks to it. He’s 15 years old and likes to cover his business, which leads to more sticking. As a result, a lot of litter gets thrown away every time I scoop the box. Eventually (really soon, honestly) the amount of litter in the box has dwindled down to next to nothing (less than half of what was in the bag) well before it’s time to change it. I don’t want to have to use two bags of litter per month, as that would be economically ridiculous.2) Litter that remains gets dirty, and stays dirty. This leads to “poopy paws.”So whatever litter didn’t stick (ew) stays in the box, and it’s gross. Every time my cat uses the box, he’s stomping around on the poop-covered pellets and he ends up with the stinkiest paws ever. He’s even come back from baths with the poopy paws. And of course, he sticks these in my face when I try to sleep. Also, the dirty litter smells poopy and makes the whole box smell poopy. It’s not an overwhelming poopy smell, but it’s still poopier than any other litter I’ve used.3) The pellets get everywhere.I originally bought this system because I was tired of sweeping up clumping litter dust every day, everywhere. Now, the annoying but easy to sweep up dust has been replaced with rock hard rounded pellets that roll all over the floor, making them a pain in the butt to sweep. Also, they hurt like heck to step on. Which will happen. Often.4) Pellets get wedged in holes in box.So apparently quite a few of the pellets are not “whole” and as a result, they’re small enough to get stuck in the grate of the box (and get saturated with pee nonstop). Constantly. When wiping down the box with bleach wipes, I ended up having to poke them out with a chopstick and this was not a very pleasant experience.I will say one good thing about the box, I really liked the diaper-like “pee pee pads.” They were easy to clean up and not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. I mentioned them to my veterinarian and he pointed out that something like that could be useful for detecting blood in the urine, or getting an idea of how much the cat is urinating at all (in case there could be a problem). So, if you’re suspecting or monitoring stuff like that in your cat, that could make the box more of a winner.Oh well.Original review:Very happy with the Breeze system. We’re a one cat household, and have an older (~14 year old) boy who was very easy to adapt to the new litter system. I followed the instructions exactly and he appears to have no issue with the new box. We were previously using a high walled box with Tidy Cats clumping litter, but that was typically anything but tidy. My boy likes to take victory sprints immediately after he has a poop, so he would bolt out of the box and send litter flying everywhere. Other times, he would visit the box after drinking from the toilet (like he doesn’t have a Drinkwell water bowl), and would end up with gross litter paws, making even more mess. I previously lived with my mom with him and 5 other cats, and we were sweeping up litter every single day. With the Breeze system, I may find one MAYBE two errant pellets making their way out of the box (and I can just toss ’em back in and wash my hands, easy).I haven’t noticed any problem with a lingering poop smell, but we do only have one cat and I scoop the box and smooth the pellets every time I notice that it’s been used. You can notice the smell when the poop is just sitting there on top of the pellets, but my boy does try his best to cover. The kit comes with a special scoop, and I usually lose 4-5 pellets every time I scoop. It’s not a huge deal as they recommend you replace the pellets monthly, anyway. I’m not entirely sure that’s necessary just yet as they don’t even really appear to be dirty (though I’m sure they are). I could imagine if you weren’t scooping regularly (like, literally any time you see poop) that there could be a problem with odor, but for one cat with regular cat poops, it’s not a big deal. I stick a Renuzit Super Odor Killer Air Freshener behind the box and everything is fine.I was a little worried about the peepee pad, because my boy is in early stages of renal failure and drinks/pees quite a bit. I was nervous that the entire process of having to remove and dispose of the used pad would be gross and messy. I was very pleased to realize that the peepee pad is a total non-issue, as the pad itself absorbs like a diaper and the edges are wide enough that it can easily be folded up and disposed of without having to touch anything icky. The tray stays perfectly clean, I stick another pad in and life (and peepee) goes on. It’s also worth mentioning that this system can be helpful if you’re trying to keep an eye on your cat’s urination (if he’s going “enough,” if there’s blood in it, etc.).The box itself is an adequate size for a normal-sized cat (my boy is 12lb). I’ve included a picture with some size comparisons to a Litter Genie and a regular ol’ household broom. I haven’t had any problems with the walls or tray getting messy, but I would assume it good form to wipe the litter tray area down when switching the litter. No leaking, pellets stay where they go, no visible stains or other mess. The box is built fairly well, the litter scoop snaps on the back for easy storage and everything snapped together in place easily. The pellets stay very clean (with regular poops) and I just rake them flat like it’s a kitty bathroom zen garden.All in all, transitioning to the new box has been a great success. I can’t really speak as to whether or not my boy really likes it or anything like that, because cats are cats, but he is using it as directed and we haven’t had any accidents. He may secretly loathe me for forcibly changing his bathroom habits, but I make it up to him by growing him cat grass and buying him heated beds (seriously, they’re on Amazon, get one). You can buy all of the supplies (pads and litter) on Amazon in bulk, though I did compare and the prices were similar enough to my local grocery store if I absolutely had to buy them in a store (pads were around the same price, litter was <$1 more). I just bought the 6-month litter supply and the larger pack of pads, and I think my monthly "litterbox investment" comes out to around $14—admittedly, more than using the clumping litter, but honestly worth to me not to have to scoop and sweep non-stop. Good luck with your kitties! 309 people found this helpful

  51. IB

    Name Brand Matters

    I liked the price of the off brand pads, but these do better absorbing odors. The cats seem to know it too, they don’t use the box with the off brand pads, but use the one with these no problem.

  52. Michelle H

    Best of them all!

    I have tried other brands of pads for the Tidy Cat Breeze system, but none of them absorb like these. These are superior to all the others I have tried. They hold so much and do not smell or leak. They do cost a bit more, but it’s totally worth it.

  53. Angelia Lampton

    It’s a must have for your cat!

    This is a great little box! Easy to clean ,less mess I highly recommend it!!!

  54. Amazon Customer

    LIFE CHANGING!! LIFE SAVER!!! Sooooo glad I decided to try this….

    UPDATED AFTER SEVERAL WEEKS OF USE WITH OUR REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE:SUCCESSFUL IMPLEMENTATION WITH MY CAT RIGHT FROM THE GET GO!…..NO MORE YUCK, NO MORE BREATHING IN LITTER DUST (Chronic Bronchitis), NO MORE FUSS.We all love our little kitties and have been willing to put up with the necessary evil of having and maintaining a litter box in exchange for their sweet companionship; however, I was getting tired of the YUCK factor, paw tracks of dirty litter across our hardwood floors, clouds of dust when cleaning or exchanging old litter, etc. etc. etc.So I decided to try this system with one modification (see below), and it works!!!I am DELIGHTED to be rid of the dirty feel of litter being tracked and then scattered whenever the box is scooped, scraping through the litter to get the wet clumps and transferring them to our Litter Genie, etc. Yuck!!***HERE’S WHAT WORKED FOR US…I researched this product first to understand the principles, then made the adjustments noted below to ease the transition for my cat.It worked for us on the very FIRST DAY — WITHOUT having to go through the more lengthy transition process recommended by Tidy Cat.Our cat started using it immediately once it was in place.THIS IS WHAT WE DID:1) When I received Breeze, I found the pellets to be VERY heavy. Even with my own fingers, it was difficult (virtually impossible for a cat) to pull them along as a cat normally would to cover their waste once they use the box. The Breeze pellets are also hard, sharp and pointy, and I figured she wouldn’t like walking on that — I sure wouldn’t.So it seemed like an obstacle to success if I tried the system with the included pellets.2) After reading comments, I realized the intention was to have largely non-destructible pellets through which the urine could pass to the pad and 2nd tray below, while the solid waste remains behind in the pellets in the 1st tray above.3) After seeing something similar suggested in the reviews, I purchased .12 gm / 6mm White Airsoft plastic pellets (12,000 of them fill the box nicely) and put those in the box. I like the plastic, because these can be transferred to a bucket for washing and disinfecting whenever it’s necessary, and then put right back in the box. They should last indefinitely and — aside from being much easier to keep clean and manage than the degradable Breeze pellets — it’s a real savings.*** I chose the .12 gm weight rather than the more common .20 or .25 gm weight, because they are much lighter and smaller and move around the box naturally — similarly to regular litter — under the cat’s feet if she scrapes and when she walks on them. I figured with pellets like these, it wouldn’t seem so radically different than the litter she was accustomed to.Then I put some solid waste and clumps from her old box into the Breeze box, removed the old one to the garage to empty and clean it, and waited to see what would happen!!Lo and behold, she used the box the first day!I also found that the cat now leaves the solid waste on top without covering it. This makes it easy to scoop (3 seconds!) the same day, leaving virtually all of the pellets behind with no evident residue.THE URINE PADS:I found these work great and are sufficient for a week; I then replace them.EVERY FEW DAYS I SPRAY THE PELLETS AND URINE PAD WITH “Nature’s Miracle” JUST IN CASE….We have noticed NO ODOR!!NOTE: We use a Merry Pet Cat Washroom with the litter box inside of it; so our cat knows that’s where she’s supposed to go to do her business. Not sure if this narrows down the possibilities in her mind so much that once she found the Breeze box inside, she just went with the flow. Don’t know if it would have been the same instant success if the box been out in the open as many people have. BUT — we love the Washroom. It puts the litter box and mess out of sight — really pleased with that.Here’s the link to the washroom: MY REVIEW FROM 4 TO 5 STARS WITH THIS UPDATE BECAUSE EVEN THOUGH I REPLACED THE PELLETS, I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT A LIFE CHANGER THIS IS….SO, SO HAPPY WE TRIED IT!!

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  55. Betty Harrison

    Found the perfect solution.

    Can’t believe I just found this I. have a long hair cat and no more litter on the floor. No smell, no mess . Highly recommend.

  56. Heather W

    A great litter box

    Background: My seven year old little cat is picky, fussy and very clean. She has only ever used traditional clumping litter and the light weight version of such. I’ve had only hooded boxes with the exception of the Littermaid auto scooping box.The auto scooping saved me time during the work week however extra time was spent during the weekend scooping and sifting out everything the auto scoop missed, which was more than I thought was acceptable given the price of the unit. The plastic receptacles cost has gone up and the tiny carbon filters are now completely outrageously expensive.The Breeze System, hooded variant: I immediately threw out the little pellet like stones after reading other reviews stating cats were eating them, resulting in medical emergencies. I bought the pine pellets as many other reviews suggested and had done and I couldn’t be happier. I also ordered the Amazon Basic urine pads as they are more economically priced but have not used any yet.It’s been a week since the switch and my floor is actually clean, no litter speckles! The room the box is in smells like being in the pines not pooh or urine. The cat seems happier as well.Transition: I did not follow the recommendation as my cat can be stubborn. Instead I went luke-warm turkey. I removed the litter maid all together. Then I sprinkled a very small amount of clean litter and the Arm & Hammer litterbox deodorizer on the top of the pine pellets. Worked like a charm!Results: The pellets require some stirring about. Doing so will cause the ones that have been in contact with moisture to break down into saw dust and fall through the sifter grate onto the pee pad in the bottom drawer. Literally takes a minute or less to do this. I have one cat and the pad has lasted the full seven days.I plan to dump the pellet dust onto the holes and nests of field mice and pack rats ( live on many acers) in hopes of the cat urine driving them out.I will not go back to the auto scooping boxes.I hope you found this review helpful.PS Pine Pellet animal bedding found at feed stores is the same as pine pellet litter and works great.

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  57. Dayna Stewart

    Life changing

    If you have a big fat cat with a big fat bladder, this is great

  58. Daniel Smythe

    What a find!

    This is the best no smell, easy clean and no mess on the floor!

  59. Amazon Customer

    Convenient to the max

    Second best purchase ever. (Absolute best was a propane-fired woodstove to replace a messy coal stove.)The big pro’s – No litter in long-haired cat’s tail feathers. Huge reduction in vacuuming time. Much easier disposal of litter-related paraphernalia. Happy cat, happy human.The con’s – If you don’t replace the pad in time, the acrid pee smell can be intense (unhappy cat, unhappy human). More expensive than the corn-based litter I was using, but there are a few ways to reduce the cost…We’ve been using this system for about six weeks. One older female cat, long-haired as stated before. No problems with diarrhea, quite the opposite. She took to it immediately. It’s not as fun to dig in as clay- and corn-based litter, as the pellets are a little sharp. I added a pound of dried black-eyed peas and she happily roots around in the box. You could use any dried beans.The pads are expensive, so I bought some of the Tidy Cat Breeze multi-cat pads and they are far superior time-wise to the “original” one-cat pads. 4-5 days vs 2-3 days and the multi-cat pads have no odor whatsoever when removing for replacement.I’ve tried cheapie puppy pee pads (not worth the effort) and thick puppy pads (pretty good bang for the buck and more odor control). The Tidy Cat multi-cat pads are best, but thick puppy pads and some baking soda/pet-fresh soda put them on a par odor-wise with the Tidy Cat pads. To trim the puppy pads, cut down the middle and overlap the sides to make 11″ across. Staple into place. The pee will seep into the lower panel.If you’d like to get an extra 24-36 hours out of a pad, place a Swedish drying mat or a couple of Swedish dish cloths over the peed-on pad. I also use baking soda at this time, on top of the pad before putting the dishcloths in. When changing this configuration, spray the Swedish mat with Febreze or Nature’s Miracle, wash in any detergent and let dry.As to the pellets, I’m now using my second bag of them (also with dried beans in there) after using the first batch for about six weeks (vs. the stated 30 days). I washed the first batch with dish detergent, rinsed well with cool water, and let them dry in the sun on a beach towel. They seem odor free and ready to be used again in several weeks.Hope this info is helpful. Most of the user comments I’ve found about this system are in Amazon reviews, so I figured I’d add my two cents here. This is a truly clever solution to a tedious chore!

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  60. Amazon Customer

    Good Quality

    litter does end up all over, hurts to step on

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