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About this item The ultimate fitness focused beverage, blended with BCAAs, 300 mg of natural caffeine, coq10 and electrolytes, reign total body fuel is designed for your active lifestyle. Offering zero sugar, 10 calories, and zero artificial flavors and colors, reign is the ultimate fitness-focused beverage to support your high-performance needs White gummy bear, with a desire for pineapple and candy store nostalgia, white gummy bear offers the best of both worlds Power through your workout, reign total body fuel provides multiple benefits to help you power through a tough workout. 300 mg of natural caffeine provides a pre-workout boost as well as a sustained release of energy throughout your workout. BCAAs may help muscles recover post workout. Coq10 may increase power during exercise. B vitamins may reduce fatigue Stock up with a 12-pack, for those who rule in the gym and beyond, reign has the fuel for you. Available in a convenient pack of 12, so your wallet doesn’t get a workout.

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The Reign Family

Reignbow Sherbet

Orange Dreamsicle

Cherry Limeade

White Gummy Bear


Strawberry Sublime

Lilikoi Lychee



10 10 10 10 10 10 Caffeine

300 mg

300 mg 300 mg 300 mg 300 mg 300 mg 300 mg Sugar

✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ Can Size

16 Ounces

16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces Pack Size

12 Cans

12 Cans 12 Cans 12 Cans 12 Cans 12 Cans 12 Cans

More Reign Flavors

Tropical Storm

Melon Mania

Razzle Berry

Red Dragon

Watermelon Warlord



10 10 10 10 Caffeine

300 mg

300 mg 300 mg 300 mg 300 mg Sugar

✘ ✘ ✘ ✘ Can Size

16 Ounces

16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces 16 Ounces Pack Size

12 Cans

12 Cans 12 Cans 12 Cans 12 Cans

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Flavor Name

Cherry Limeade, Lilikoi Lychee, Mango Matic, Melon Mania, Orange Dreamsicle, Razzle Berry, Reignbow Sherbert, Strawberry Sublime, Tropical Storm, White Gummy Bear

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11.3 x 7.95 x 6.3 inches; 1.81 Ounces

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#3 in Energy Drinks

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35,179 ratings

60 reviews for Reign Total Body Fuel, White Gummy Bear, Fitness & Performance Drink, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 12) Everything Else

  1. CCS670

    Delivery is a Lie 1/5 Stars

    The drink itself for Reign’s Reignbow Sherbet is the absolute best, per my husband! We buy a variety case from Sam’s and I purchase these separately for him. It gives him a 2-3 week supply as he is a heavy energy drink consumer. I purchase 2 packs at a time to include on top of the 24 pack variety we buy.With that said, the delivery has always went wrong with this drink. Our last order, it says delivery will be in two days. It kept being delayed almost 2 weeks. Amazon said they were sending a replacement and to keep the original order if it ever came in. It never came in and so we literally paid for a deliver to come about 3 1/2 weeks after the fact for the “free replacement”. The drinks were all banged up when the “replacement” package came in. Now the drinks are $10 more and okay, I have it on auto ship. Got a notification order was shipped since last week – but won’t be here till a week later. Yet… I’m looking at the drinks online now and it shows if I purchase them again now they can be delivered by tomorrow? WTH?

  2. Ken

    Energy drink plus a sports drink in one

    Reign total body fuel is the most cutting edge energy/sports drink on the market. You get that energy boost with the electrolytes and coenzyme Q10 And VCAA aminos as a sports drink… Your body will be thanking you for switching to this amazing drink comes in variety of flavors..with all that in there they still made it taste amazing… favorite is mango-matic..Not only is this sugar free there is no artificial flavors or colors…oh did I forget to say FAT Free yes fat free and still tasty!!!!

  3. Brent Daly

    The best flavor.

    Tastes identical to orange Creamsicle ice cream, makes it an automatic 10/10 for flavor. Price fluctuates a lot. People who get anxiety from drinking monsters don’t get it or get much less of it from these.

  4. Boo ya


    Aww yah. This stuff is great. I said to myself, self… and I knew it was me because I recognized my voice… this stuff is great. Aww yeah. Boo yah

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  5. Garret Miller

    Still great but it’s a hassle

    Lilikoi Lychee is probably my favorite flavor of Reign but the only place I’ve been able to still find it has been on Amazon. Due to not being able to just grab it easily I’ve had to find other energy drinks besides Reign because the hassle of having to order it from Amazon.

    2 people found this helpful

  6. Tori Lam

    Subscribe and Save for 2 years, never undamaged

    I have never received a package that wasn’t dented on the top which made it difficult to open properly or without a can actually busted.

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  7. Romero

    Tastes just like strawberry fanta

    It tasted just like Fanta except a fraction of the calories, also not too bad of a price

  8. john ring


    Taste great, price is good, needs a little more packing so the cans don’t get banged around and get holes in them, they’re a little bit thin.Other than that, all’s great!!!***********

  9. Lefyndre

    Best flavor

    This is our favorite flavor of Reign, the only flavor we drink, and it’s a good deal buying the case on Amazon. Very happy with this purchase.

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  10. MommaBear

    Great flavor

    My son loves these before a workout or when he just needs that extra boost. We’ve been very happy with the taste quality (except the peach, that was surprisingly awful), zero sugar and timeliness of delivery.Tried this new tropical flavor and it was another hit.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Tropical Storm

    Tastes like orange soda. New flavor combination: orange with a hint of pineapple. Solid flavor from Reign, it’s not the best flavor but definitely worth a try if you like orange creamsicle.Tropical Storm 8.5/10Razzel Berry 9.5/10

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  12. William Wood

    Great tasting

    The best energy drink by far. No more red bull for me.

  13. Robert


    Just what I wanted and way cheaper than buying them from the gas station every day

  14. Shane Duffy

    Great pre work out

    All of the bang, none of the junk

  15. Shane Duffy

    Best energy drinks

    All of the bang, none of the junk

  16. Bruski

    Great Energy Drink!!

    Reign Dreamsicle energy drinks are my absolute favorite energy drink. They are delicious and definitely pack a punch. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should probably start by only drinking 1/4 to 1/2 of a can to start with. There are 300 mg of caffeine per can.

  17. K. Thompson

    This flavor gets old quickly

    When I first got into Reign this flavor was my go-to. But that quickly subsided and now I don’t like the flavor anymore. For this 12 pack the price was good though. Real good. Still love Reign over Bang anyday.

  18. Brianna Gomez

    Multiple came flat

    These are my husband and I’s favorite energy drink, the White Gummy Bear flavor and we were super happy to see them for such a good price, but unfortunately multiple of the cans we got were completely flat. I see other reviews show them crushed or leaking, we didn’t have any of that, just a bunch that had no carbonation. What’s worse is there’s no way to message the seller and it’s not worth it to have to ship all of these back like Amazon wants us to do so we kept them.

  19. Irves

    Great flavor and best price I’ve found

    We go through allot of this drink in the field so finding it bulk at a cheaper price online was a great find! Grabbed two to also try a flavor I’ve never had, tastes great just like the name suggests.

  20. Amazon Customer


    Best drink out there. Better than loaded teas

  21. M. Miller

    great price

    my favorite flavor at a great price

  22. DeAnna Rae

    Exactly as pictured

    It was so nice just being able to order a case of these drinks instead of hunting for this flavor in the stores. They came packaged well with no damage.

  23. Loren

    Great taste

    Really great tasting for a zero calorie

  24. Jack

    Great taste

    Really good flavor, with a good kick to the brain

  25. coffee

    Best flavor

    This is the best flavor in my opinion. It taste good cold and warm

  26. James schlueter

    Good energy drink

    I like the flavor it’s similar to the sherbert one

  27. Gene Bowker

    Great flavor

    The orange dreamsicle is my favorite flavor. The taste is just like a dreamsicle. Ghost’s version (Orange Cream), to me is just a step behind. Buying them by the 12 pack is cheaper than most sales you’ll find at c-stores.

  28. Zhang

    Great energy booster!

    I love energy drinks. This flavor is good and the price is at a good range also. You can save a lot if money buying these online. I recommend this brand, no cans were busted or dented and was packaged perfectly.

  29. court89

    Great Flavor!

    My favorite flavor by far!

  30. C.Rowe

    Impossible to find in stores – thank goodness for delivery!

    Lillikoi Lychee is, hands down, my favorite flavor. We drink this rather than coffee and the flavor is superb. I haven’t used it for working out, I don’t notice any energy reserves that kick in with its use (that’s what preworkout is for…..). The energy pick me up is definitely made nicer without all the extra sugar. Thank you Amazon for delivering this, and thank you Reign for continuing to make this flavor!

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  31. Terry

    Good transaction

    This is a very tasty drink well worth the purchase

  32. Sam

    A few of the cans came in bent

    I excepted for a few to come in bent; however, the condition of the tops of the cans made them a little difficult to open and drink out of. The flavor, carbonation, and everything else was fine. I suggest an updated method for shipping flaps of cans.

  33. John

    Tastes good!

    Tastes very good and this product is well worth the money. Only complaint is not on the product itself but with the way Amazon ships it, sometimes a 12 pack or two is shipped with other delicate items and it smashes everything in the box.

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  34. Jeremy

    flavor gets old quick tbh

    its good for the first few days the you get used to it definitely want to get like more then one flavor i got dream sickle and sherbet white gummby bear is good and blue berry the reat i didn’t care for

  35. Amanda Caves


    As expected!

  36. Amazon Customer

    Great flavor

    By far the best reign flavor they have! Definitely the best price too😊

  37. stacyf416

    Not my favorite flavor

    I absolutely love Reign. Not my favorite flavor but always my morning drink without a crash.

  38. Bertgold13


    Great product

  39. Anthony R.

    Good flavor. One of the sweeter Reigns.

    One of my top 3 flavors. Flavor is a bit sweet compared to the others but overall tastes great.

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  40. Adam C.

    Best energy drink on the market!

    Over the years I have tried many energy drinks. Everyone with an after taste and a horrible mental crash shortly after drinking it. Reign has the natural caffeine to prevent that unwanted crash. It tastes amazing and the Melon Mania is by far the best tasting reign drink in my opinion.

  41. Jennifer

    Absolutely vile but lots of caffeine

    When it comes to getting my morning caffeine, I can choke down just about anything. I’ve even managed to consume pure caffeine, which is nasty, awful stuff. This gummi bear flavored concoction really pressed me to my limits, though. The taste is absolutely, positively vile. I’ve been drinking energy drinks since I had my first can on Red Bull in the late 1990’s. I’ve tried just about every variation that’s come out since then. Reign Total Body Fuel, white gummi bear flavor easily ranks among the very worst I’ve ever tried. The basic flavor is as horrible as it is indescribable. It has a wretched chemical tang, very strong artificial sugar flavor, and an aftertaste that is brutally punishing.Then why did I give this product four stars instead of one? Because those who truly appreciate the miracle that is the modern energy drink do not worry about flavor any more than a connoisseur of fine Cognac worries about the shape of the bottle. It’s all about chasing the dragon, and that dragon is caffeine. This product gives 300 mg of pure, uncut white lightning per 16 oz can, which is among the very highest available on the American market. That is the same amount of caffeine you would get from three cups of coffee or an entire six-pack of Coke. If that doesn’t wake you up in the morning, my friends, you are probably actually dead.So, yes, just like the thrill of standing on the summit Mount Everest, you have to earn the rush you get from Reign Total Body fuel. The price you pay comes from the awful, awful flavor, a offering of suffering in exchange for earthly pleasure. And just like climbing Everest, many will not be up to the challenge. They will fall by the wayside after their first sip, left to get their fix from a cup of green tea. But for those who are willing to push through the pain, the rewards are great and beautiful.Edited to add: I have also now tried the Orange Dreamsicle flavor. Calories: 10 Caffeine: 300 mgOne sip, and I was immediately taken back to long forgotten early childhood orange flavored chewable aspirin. If you grew up in the 1970’s or 1980’s, you know exactly the flavor I’m talking about. This is exactly the same.

    44 people found this helpful

  42. J&N

    Gummy bear flavor is one of our favorites

    If you like gummy bears and have a sweet tooth this helps. Tastes like the white gummy bear pineapple flavor but NOT overpowering. Gives you a bit of energy, not too many carbs and helps when we want something sweet but don’t want the extra sugar and carbs with it. Rainbow sherbet flavor is great too!+

    One person found this helpful

  43. Dovie

    Great value and taste

    My husband drinks one a day, so buying like this saves us money. The White Gummy Bear flavor is great, taste like a gummy candy. :)We are a fan but Reign Energy and have enjoyed several other flavors that are offered.Shipping was fast.Very satisfied with our purchase and would recommend.

  44. Jaclyn Greer

    my new fav!

    Not only does it take exactly like a creamsicle it is perfect before a workout!

  45. seanonfire

    better than any out there

    reign is the only energy drink I buy anymore. ive tried 90% of the energy drinks from stores to online and finally found reign. all flavors are amazing. a few of my go to’s are rainbow sherbet, red dragon and cherry limeade. I recommend them to anyone who likes energy drinks with a smooth clean taste. if you’ve never tried reign definitely try a flavor I mentioned or whatever sounds good to you.

    One person found this helpful

  46. Alex F.

    Good Flavor, and packaging!

    Taste great, the cost for a case of these on subscription is cheaper than buying per can at a store. I also thankfully haven’t had an issue of the any of the cans being damaged in delivery.

    One person found this helpful

  47. Amazon Customer

    Not bad

    Not my favorite flavor but it’s pretty good.

  48. Amazon Customer

    best flavor

    the best flavor

  49. Charles


    These are good in flavor and overall but apparently they had trouble making the “super creatine” in some of them. Do your research.

  50. Amazon Customer


    Most delicious drink you can buy!!! Gives tons of energy

  51. Ron

    Like the product. Not the delivery

    Like the drink. Use before my workouts. Flavor is awesome. Delivery handling is terrible. One or 2 cans will be banged up a little but somehow no leaks.

    2 people found this helpful

  52. Lauren Christensen

    Reign over Bangs

    Reign is my favorite energy drink brand. The flavor is not overpowering and I don’t get that mucus build up and cottonmouth with these. They give me a pretty good pump and the flavors are really good. This flavor and orange creamsicle are top two in my opinion. If you don’t drink them often you will definitely feel the caffeine hit you but its not harsh and does not have the itchy feeling that other pre workouts give.

    One person found this helpful

  53. Greg Culbert


    for my taste buds the flavor is off, but still has the intended results.

  54. sparklingk

    Leaking Can Upon Arrival

    Upon unpacking, I found a slit through the plastic covering over the case of drinks. No big deal, but it put me on alert to check the cans. As you can see in the photos, one can was leaking. It is a pinhole leak at the top of the can. The damage to the bottom of said can looks like it was dropped at some point- whether this is from the manufacturer,Amazon, or USPS is only a guess. Regardless, the hole is in the top of the can. Obviously, this is being drained and recycled.I have not yet tried this brand or flavor of energy drink.

  55. Carol

    Hubby’s favorite

    My husband was extremely happy when I found this for him. His absolute favorite.

  56. Marsha T.

    Delicious 😋

    This product is very flavorful.

  57. AP

    Drank this flavor so much I gag at the smell

    Don’t get me wrong, this tastes amazing but I gag at the smell because I used to drink it so much.

  58. Derek&Amanda

    My go to drink for the morning.

    I drink these in the morning to get up and get going. I like some caffeine to start the day but hate coffee. these have become my favorite. I love the white gummy bear flavor eventhough I really don’t personally think it tastes that much like its namesake candy.

  59. Daniel Torres

    Can’t get enough of these.

    They cancelled my order but that has nothing to do with the product. Love the taste and the energy!

  60. Aldo

    That it works In everyway 😉

    Fravor is perfect love it💪😎👍

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