Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor – Enzyme Pet Odor Eliminator for Home – Carpet Stain Remover for Cats and Dog Pee – Enzymatic Cat Urine Destroyer – Carpet Cleaner Spray Pet SuppliesLive viewers eye icon

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CERTIFIED GENTLE AND SAFE Chlorine free and color safe. Safe to use around pets and children. No hazardous propellants, no residue left behind. So gentle it’s been Certified Safe for all carpets, earning the Seal of Approval by the trusted Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) ELIMINATES STAINS, ODORS AND RESIDUE If it’s gross, it’s gone. Not just the stain, but the stink. From stinky yellow pet urine and feces to vomit and other organic spills, our professional strength formula tackles them all. EVERY SURFACE, EVERY TIME For use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, litter boxes, kennels, carriers, all pet living and sleeping areas—anywhere stains happen. ENZYME ACTIVATED The key is getting to the problem deep-down. This spray contains natural enzymes that are activated on contact with odors and stains, feeding on ammonia crystals and organic matter until they are completely eliminated. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED An Amazon best seller—for a reason. If your stains and odors aren’t gone, neither is your money. We’ll refund it in full.

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Who are we?

  1. We’re a small family-run business that includes 15 humans, 5 dogs, and 4 cats.

What makes our products unique?

  1. Our cleaning products are safe and effective. Our treats are made in small batches with real ingredients. We’re pet-friendly and people-happy.

Why do we love what we do?

  1. We love dog people and cat people as much as we love dogs and cats, and keeping pet-loving homes happy makes our day!

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 5 x 2 x 10 inches; 2 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎ fsec

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ April 29, 2013

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Rocco & Roxie Supply Co

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00CKFL93K

Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Dog Stain Removers

Customer Reviews: 99,878 ratings

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32 oz, Gallon

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

5 x 2 x 10 inches; 2 Pounds

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

April 29, 2013

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Rocco & Roxie Supply Co

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Dog Stain Removers

Customer Reviews:

99,878 ratings

60 reviews for Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor – Enzyme Pet Odor Eliminator for Home – Carpet Stain Remover for Cats and Dog Pee – Enzymatic Cat Urine Destroyer – Carpet Cleaner Spray Pet SuppliesLive viewers eye icon

  1. rocketdog333

    Still evaluating…

    I was initially excited to try out this product after all the rave reviews so I tried it out. After following the instructions, I placed some rags over the stain after 30mins-1hr and placed a heavy object over the rag. Later on that day, I saw the rag had a brown stain where the weighted object had been so I thought “Yes, the product is getting the stain out!” but after letting the area dry, the only improvement was getting urine smell to change to a Rocco & Roxie smell. I tried it a second time but the stain was still there. One caveat, the stains that were being treated were old stains that were previously treated with other enzyme cleaners. I opened the product bottle and saw that the solution is brownish so it wasn’t the stain that was lifting off onto the rag. This product did seem to work well on fresh stains but the product odor is something that you have to get used to. That’s why I can’t really knock the product but it just needs time for further evaluation.

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  2. L. L. Katherman

    Unhinged Crazy Cat Lady Who is Not Fond of Cats

    Let me set the stage for this long review. I am diagnosing myself as CP phobic (cat pee phobic). This is not yet an official disease but I am working on a patent. The roots of my CP phobia come from my childhood days as does everything else that is wrong with my life but I will skip the details for a book I will later write and discuss with Dr. Oz. Cats were around me in my childhood days and due to absent parents, they peed everywhere and little was done to clean it up. Therefore, the smell of cat pee brings severe anxiety, anger, and anything else that is related to a negative feeling. In 2002, a small kitten followed me into a 7-11. She was friendly but obviously abandoned and probably had her days limited if left in the busy parking lot of this convenience store. So on this wonderful day in the winter, I walked out with a Diet Coke, a pack of Marlboro lights, and a kitten. All three items were destined to deteriorate my health.Fast forward to 2017 and this same cat is still with me. I am almost certain this cat will outlive me and I am only 34. This is the last cat I will ever own. Due to her age, attitude, and possibly her political views, she decided to start peeing on the carpet. I immediately google “life span of indoor cats.” I realized I have at least 2 years left but maybe 5 years. I then take this 11 pound ball of fur to the vet to pay a lot of money for a diagnosis that my cat is healthy and a brat. Both of us come home hating each other. The peeing continues. Below is how I handled the situation in which she is still alive and I am slightly more unhinged than before. Several products will be mentioned as I am copying and pasting this review to all the companies who are responsible in allowing this cat to currently live through her natural life with me.I spent a HUGE chunk of money on the litter robot. I recommend going to the litter robot website and researching this expensive toilet for cats. They have great customer service too. The litter robot is life changing for anyone who actually plans on owning cats for fun and for cats who refuse to use a dirty litter box. Due to my CP phobia, I plunked down the money. Everything worked great until my cat saw me enjoying life. The peeing began again. I put down a plain old square litter box and added “Cat Attract” litter. The peeing stopped. My adorable ball of high maintenance fur now uses the litter robot to go number two and the plain square box to go number one. The “Cat Genie” trash can is a must with anyone who has CP phobia. It keeps the smell down to a minimum and saves on trash bags.Now that my 15 year old queen is satisfied with her restroom, I am now left to attack the cat pee smell. Putting Febreeze on a cat pee spot is like putting a cute SuperMan band aid on an 8 inch deep gash; it’s super adorable but we all know I am going to pass out from the blood loss. Attacking cat pee is serious business and requires hours of work, determination, and money. Did I state how I will never own a cat again?First you will need Rocco and Roxie pet stain remover. Just buy the jug if you are battling cat pee. The spray bottle will not be used. Pour Rocco and Roxie on the cat pee. It needs to be a puddle that soaks in through the carpet and into the carpet pad. We are not using a band aid, we are going in and sanitizing this dire situation. As you get the spots you can see, grab a UV light, turn off the lights, and prepare for night battle. Find all the illuminating spots and pour that Rocco and Roxie on all spots. Cat pee is no laughing matter to people like me. After all the spots are drenched, wait it out for a few hours and soak as much up with paper towels. If you use a towel, I feel you are transferring cat pee from one spot to the next. There will be a slight chemical smell. Again, cat pee is not like spilling your tumbler of vodka and soda water because the cat trips you up on purpose. Cat pee is anger and anxiety wrapped into one huge ball which needs strong chemicals to destroy.If you are satisfied with Rocco and Roxie, and no odor of cat pee is present, then continue on with your life. If you are CP phobic and can detect a small whiff of cat pee, proceed to step 2.Step two requires buying Angry Orange. Angry Orange is a smell that cats hate and is actually pretty pleasant to others. It smells like straight oranges. I bought the spray bottle and the concentrated refill bottle. Because I am CP phobic, I put a lot of the concentrated angry orange in a spray bottle and a little bit of water. I grabbed my UV light and went after the spots like the crazy, mad woman I have become. I sprayed all the spots only to have the entire house overwhelmed with the smell of orange. I am pretty sure my neighbors think I have opened a juicing station in the middle of my kitchen. I highly recommend following the directions of using the correct ratio of water to Angry Orange. If you do not follow the directions, not only will you think about writing a book called “James and the Giant Orange” but there will be slight orange spots on your carpet. Which now we can go to step 3.Rocco and Roxie has an OxyClean product. This carpet cleaner gets out the toughest stains including my error of Angry Orange stains. Spray the product on any stain, let it sit for 5 minutes, and then start working on it with paper towels.At this point, I am satisfied I have fought a good battle but I am still wary. I have an oreck orbiter to clean my travertine floors. I bought the attachments for cleaning the carpet and also Oreck Dry Carpet Cleaner. I spray the Rocco and Roxie OxyClean product as a mist on a 6 by 6 foot spot and then sprinkle the dry carpet cleaner all over. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. I rub the cleaner into the carpet with my oreck orbiter. Wait 45 minutes to 2 hours and vacuum. The Dry Carpet Cleaner gets out stains but it also gets out all the allergens and cat litter smell. I am not a fan of steam cleaning carpets. I have never had success. The Dry Carpet Cleaner is great for spring cleaning carpets or being completely unhinged by cat pee and needing to verify, the carpet is indeed clean.Finally, after a week, I spray the areas in where I want my cat to never pee on, walk on, and or let alone even look at with the Natural Lemon Aerosol spray. Cats hate the smell of lemons and oranges.I am now 90 percent satisfied I have won the battle of cat pee. I will not be 100 percent satisfied until I replace all the carpet but that will not happen until my cat crosses the rainbow in which she will probably pee on because that is how she rolls.My cat has cost me a lot of money and time but I hope when I am old and peeing everywhere, that someone will take care of me and I will have two toilets in the same room. Did I state I will never own a cat again?I hope this helps with anyone who has CP phobia and is willing to go above and beyond of getting rid of any trace of cat pee. I wish you well in your battle.UPDATE AUGUST 27, 2017Hello All,Thank you for all the kind comments. I am thrilled my mania puts a smile on so many faces.I received a personal email from the founder and CEO of this company thanking me for the review and offering a free bottle on the house. This is a small, family run business and I can not express how important it is to support these types of companies.Since posting this review, I actually convinced a man to marry me. I clearly missed my chance as a saleswoman because I can sell anything, even a life attached to me and the feline. My cat is going strong and still a narcissistic princess with a special place in my heart and hell.I want to add a few other recommendations to some of the qualms I have read in other reviews. As you may infer with my post, I am borderline OCD with cleanliness. I do squats at the gym just to master the hover technique over a public toilet. My advice is over the top but it works.With any problem in life, you have to attack the source before treating the symptoms. Your decision to own this type of animal is the main source, the actual cat being second with their toilet being the third main source. After having a lot of self reflection on why you chose to own an animal that stalks you as if you were a gazelle and inevitably will latch onto the back of your leg while going for the achilles tendon to bring you down is the first step to solving cat pee problem. Then we move on to see if said cat is healthy and using the litter box. Finally we have to attack the actual cat toilet. Even when litter is scooped, it still holds the smell of cat pee. I change out my cat litter every 2 weeks and sometimes more. This means dumping the entire cat box into a black trash bag and then taking lysol to wipe the interior and exterior. This will help substantially in getting rid of cat pee smell. Again, attack the source, not just the symptoms.Many have stated they are not fond the Rocco and Roxie cleaning smell. Cat Pee Smell is at the top of my offensive list which also includes items such as robot phone calls to my cell, McDonald’s no longer frying their apple pies, hair in the shower drain, and taxes. When attacking cat pee, you have to neutralize the chemical composition of this awful smell. The enzymes in Rocco and Roxie deliver this result as best as I have seen. The after smell does not sit well with all. I use Rocco and Roxie with Oreck dry carpet cleaner every two months to clean my rugs and carpets. I admit I tire of the cleaning smell but have found a solution many may want to try.After cleaning the pee and other items out of carpet, grab baking soda and some natural essential oils. I found a box of oils on amazon. Add tea tree oil and lavender to the baking soda. In fact, add whatever smell you would like for the olfactory. Add lots of drops to the baking soda and mix well. Shake this mixture all over the carpet. It needs to look like it just snowed. Get a brush, preferably with a long handle to protect your back, and agitate the baking soda into your carpet. Leave it on over night for best results and then vacuum. If you can’t wait that long, at least let it sit two hours. Baking soda and the oils are all natural so safe for humans and animals. This step has helped in creating a more earthy and pleasant smell in my home when I do the manic bi-monthly cleaning.Thank you again for all the responses and I hope one day to get a book published. As of now, I just update a file with favorite pics of myself and a pre-written obituary for my husband to publish in case my cat does accomplish her life long goal. Within the three column long obituary, I added few lines about being an “expert Amazon Reviewer”. Sounds morbid, I know, but I can’t trust my other half to use a decent picture of my face or remind the public why they will miss the Unhinged Crazy Cat Lay Who Is Not Fond Of Cats.Kindest Regards,LLK

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  3. erica wright

    Great in removing Diarrhea odors

    I have a probably super old cat that has health issues and unfortunately the vets yet have been able to completely figure them out and it’s been since I got him 2 years ago. And one of them is a chronic diarrhea problem that comes with a bad habit of doing it on my floor or my bed. So I’m pretty much sleeping on a wipeable mattress protector but the odor that lingers after cleaning it with disinfectant wipes and other cleaners including spraying it down with febreze and other odor eliminators it didn’t get the smell of his diarrhea out. So I decided to try this since it seemed to have a decent rating and some research says enzyme cleaner are the best cleaning up cat diarrhea . I was desperate to find something so I didn’t have to smell poop in when I’m trying to sleep. To my pleasant surprise this actually worked in cleaning my bed but the biggest downside is that the smell is a bit strong and lingers for a while even after it drys which takes getting used to. But I rather that smell then the smell of cat poop on the bed. It also does well in cleaning up urine off the bed but I don’t really need it for that much. Since he will use a pee pad or litter box to pee in most of the time. But I am able to sleep without waking up to the odor of poop that isn’t there and I will definitely buy again when I need another bottle.

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  4. KK

    Absoutely Amazing!

    This cleaner honestly is a MIRACLE cleaner, I’m not even kidding! It saved me and I seriously can’t say enough good things about it!I wanted something that was safe enough to spray indoors that wouldn’t hurt my cats with chemicals, yet something that was going to be powerful to eliminate the spraying that some of them had randomly (after many years of living together already) decided they would start doing around my house. Being that I had more than one cat it was hard to detect which one the culprit was, and which of the exact areas of my house that they were “competing for” – all I knew is that I could smell it all of a sudden so it must be happening that one of them (or more of them) were mad at or with something – for reasons that I had tried everything to fix and figure out prior, to no avail. After a month or so – there were a few areas in my house that were clear that one or more of the cats had sprayed – I would clean the area’s that were clearly used as a “marking battleground” with soap, vinegar, cleaning products – you name it, I tried it…literally nothing worked – the smell was ALWAYS still kind of there after I deep cleaned, and I swear my cats would watch me clean it and think “yeah right, that’s not going to work.” Sure enough, after spending hours cleaning, they would go back to that same spot the next day to continue competing.It got to the point that no matter how hard I cleaned the smell just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did, and I was starting to feel uncomfortable about finally being able to have people over to my house again since the pandemic…it was beyond frustrating.I stumbled upon the Rocco & Roxie cleaner on Amazon (after spending hours over many days scrolling through options and reviews of other cleaners that claimed to do the same things that this cleaner does – none of the others that I had look at on Amazon seemed like they were going to be a good fit.) Then – thank GOODNESS, the fates led me to this cleaner – I read the reviews for Rocco and Roxie and all of the descriptions seemed to fit what I also needed it for, and seemed to have very satisfied customers after using it. I bought the small bottle and anxiously waited for it to come in the mail, (I really couldn’t wait – hoping beyond hope that this worked…but not wanting to get my hopes up too high.) As soon as it was delivered to my house I seriously ripped open the box and tested it out….and folks it was seriously like someone waved a magic wand in my house – I went around the house spraying their “usual spots” that I had figured out, and it was like they were never there – the smell was gone (the few stains that were there – poof – GONE!) Thinking it was too good to be true, I waited for the spots that I used it on to dry to see if the smell was still gone and – it was that good – the smell in any part of the house that used to smell was GONE! I was so amazed that I started spraying some other spots in the house that I suspected but wasn’t sure about. I went through the entire bottle in less than a day – spraying various spots in my house. Almost instantly the smell of pee and cat spray went away! All of my hours upon hours of cleaning over the last months hadn’t even touched these spots from a smell standpoint and with one spray of this cleaner the smell in each part of my house – was gone – it was THAT easy!Just as amazing, if not more – none of my cats are not in any way interested in going back to those spots any longer – and I haven’t had an issue with them spraying or competing for “their” spots in the house since I sprayed it the first time – this cleaner also really does completely take out the scent that only cats can smell too, which make them go back to re-mark an area that they already marked to continue to assert that the area is theirs – none of them have gone back to any of the areas since I used this cleaner!I have also used it on just about every type of material; hardwood, wooden chests, carpet, clothing, couch fabric, cabinets, outside – none of the areas that I have used this cleaner on have stained or look any different condition wise than they looked before I used it! I think that says a lot about the harmful chemicals that aren’t in this spray and more to what has been scientifically put together in this spray to work against the science that creates any kind of smell in the first place.The day that I received the small bottle in the mail, after going through more than half the bottle of it it so quickly – I immediately jumped on Amazon and bought the big gallon option. In the same order, I also bought a small, cheap funnel on Amazon. Whenever I need to fill the small bottle (which isn’t often at all now, because it’s gotten rid of the smell and my problem of my cats even trying to re-mark,) I use the funnel and put it at the top of the small bottle and pour the contents of the gallon jug of this cleaner into the small bottle so that I have the option of the spray bottle to “arm” myself with when I need it.Whatever the makers of this amazing cleaner have created to fight the enzymes that the description explains that this cleaner fights (like others don’t) really truly works – they have created something that they have truly tested and worked the Science of because – it WORKS!I really don’t need to use it at all much any longer (every once in a while one of the cats will try again in a new spot not used before and as soon as I find the spot – or smell it and seek it out – I arm myself with the spray bottle and douse the spot in this miracle cleaner and that spot in the house isn’t even a thought to them any longer, or a smelling nuisance to me any longer.)The cost might be a bit more than most of the cleaners out there but TRUST ME, if you’re going through the same thing I did – or just need to get rid of any kind of smell (not just pet smells – though those are the worst – but this will work on ANY smell you have in your house) – Rocco & Roxie is WORTH it’s weight in gold and then some – it’s priceless! It does something that no other cleaner can do! It really does act tough on stains and odors and gets down deep to never make the offending smell a problem again.I have even used it on my garbage can when it started to smell a little strange – I poured some of this cleaner in the bottom of the can, added a bit of hot water – scrubbed it a bit and voila – smelled as fresh and new as if I had just bought it!The smell of the spray itself isn’t offending at all either, (I actually think that it has a bit of a a floral smell,) it doesn’t smell like chemicals at all and after a few hours you don’t even notice that you even sprayed it – it just smells like your house again. It can be used on literally ANYTHING that has a smell and it will fight against whatever the smell is and whatever that smell has left behind to make that smell, as if it was never there to begin with after you spray this cleaner on whatever it is!The piece of mind in knowing that I have this close at hand whenever I need it for anything, is SUCH a relief – it has saved me – my house smells like my own again and I can have people over without worrying that my house smells. If there is any kind of odor in my house caused by anything I know that this spray is just a few steps away to be able to solve it! It really is THAT GOOD!And the makers of this cleaner are private sellers that aren’t a big corporation – which I love even more – supporting a small business that is doing amazing things! You can tell they take pride in their product (I received an email after I placed both orders of this asking me to please let them know if I had any problems and to send any feedback if I had any because they take customer satisfaction very seriously – I don’t doubt that for a second! )Do yourself a favor and don’t look further than this cleaner, spend a little more to get something that truly, truly works! You won’t regret it and I can bet that you will be buying more of it like I did after using it for the first time, just so that you have it on hand! Bravo Rocco & Roxie Bravo!

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  5. AM12AM12

    Great product – strong smell

    This product is wonderful, it does just what it says it does.Odor elimination? Absolutely. My family and I went on vacation for a week. We had a friend coming in feeding our cats but she wasn’t scooping the litter box, I didn’t really think anything of it because we have 3 cats each with their own litter box so I wouldn’t have expected them to fill them up so much. Boy was I wrong. What I wasn’t considering was that during that entire week, they were kept only inside (they are indoor/outdoor pets) and so the boxes filled rather quickly. One of my cats, the only male cat… is rather picky with litter. If his box is full, he will find other places to pee and that is exactly what happened. He went rogue on our couches with peeing. The house smelled awful because we all know there’s few things more potent than cat urine. I used hot water and soap and scrubbed the couches, nothing. We carpet cleaned the couches twice… nothing. I was desperate. I found this on Amazon and am so glad I did. This stuff is a miracle worker. We soaked the couches with it, let it sit for an hour as suggested, and then carpet cleaned it. The smell? GONE. I couldn’t believe it. And that was only with one cleaning with this stuff.The other great part about this stuff? It tackles stains really well. I tried to attach some pictures for reference. Maybe you can see in these pictures, we first tested this product on just a part of the couch (the seat) and the next day… that one part of the couch stood out completely from the rest of it. Like night and day. These are beige couches and I have 2 kids, a dog, and 3 cats… imagine the stains they have. We didn’t even expect this to be so helpful with appearance too, just was looking for an odor eliminator but got a two in one with this product!I can’t speak for if it’s helpful with potty training as my cats do not usually have any problems with not using the litter box except in situations as mentioned above. I can say that they haven’t peed there since spraying this on the couch, so maybe that means it’s also useful for future prevention, who knows.So… the only bad thing I can say about this product and the ONLY reason I chose 4 stars out of 5 stars was the smell. I had to open all my doors and windows trying to air out my living room. I was actually worried for my kids to breathe this stuff in as the smell was so incredibly strong. I literally had to wear an N95 mask I had at the house to apply this stuff and it was so strong that I could still smell it through the mask, and N95 masks are pretty darn thick… if that tells you anything. The smell isn’t necessarily bad, it smells fine… but it’s just strong, way too much strong. So there’s the only downside I’ve found with this product, and ya know… I’d still recommend this to anyone and I’d absolutely buy again if needed.

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  6. SidestreetBooks

    This Product Just Saved Me THOUSANDS of Dollars!!

    I hope that headline got your attention because I am not exaggerating. About 5 or 6 years ago I went to a Sleep Number retail store because I wanted to buy a new bed. It was Labor Day weekend and they were having their annual sale. At the annual sale their top of the line bed was 50 percent off and it was a Cal King. It was still a ridiculous price for a bed but I have a Princess for a husband. I don’t know how many beds we’ve been through in nearly 30 years of marriage but it is probably 10, maybe even more. I hoped buying the Sleep Number bed would be the end of mattress shopping for the rest of my life, or that’s how I justified spending so much.Before the Sleep Number bed arrived, I searched high and low for bedding. Gyminy Crickets, you would have thought I was looking for the cure for the common cold. I had a budget, and if you’ve been following along, you know that when I finally found my dream bedding, the budget went out the window. It wasn’t way off the mark but it was definitely pricey, or at least for me it was pricey!My oldest daughter moved back home about ten months ago because every rental is more than twice our house payment and she brought a cat she rescued from a cornfield along with her. I thought this cat and I had a special bond. He had a nasty habit of peeing on furniture and beds in my daughter’s apartment, but he hadn’t touched my bed until last Thursday. I almost lost my mind. I was depressed, mad, sad, livid, and thinking about all the bedding and mattresses that would have to go to the dump. Keep in mind that I had layer upon layer of protection for the Sleep Number bed and the wetness went all the way through to the rubber interior (or whatever it’s made out of).I was considering the thousands I’d have to spend on a new mattress, the waterproof cover, the mattress cover, the sheets, the duvet, and the duvet insert. By sheer coincidence, I found a website that recommended the Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator and I ordered it right away. Amazon said it wouldn’t be delivered until Saturday night so on Friday, I hunted down a couple bottles at another retailer and followed the instructions. I absolutely drenched my bedding, the mattress, and everything else the cat peed on.After letting the bedding sit for a while, I started washing the various parts in the washer with Tide. I don’t know if you’ve ever taken a Sleep Number apart but there are many things that need to be washed, and other parts that can’t be washed. The first thing out of the washer was like a giant sock and it smelled…GREAT. No cat pee smell. I was hopeful and kept the washing machine going nonstop.The cover for the mattress material took a few days to dry because it couldn’t go into the dryer but it was the last thing. Everything else came out smelling like nothing ever happened. My duvet cover, the duvet insert, the padding, the foam, the ‘bra,’ etc. I threw the sheets out because they were the only cheap things on the bed and were easily replaced.The cat is forever forbidden from going into my room but Rocco and Roxie will be there for me in the event Mewmew accidentally gets inside and does his business on my bed again. I cannot recommend Rocco and Roxie high enough. I only wish I had known of it prior to the passing of my poor Pearl who was old and had many medical problems. But I’m grateful I know of it now. It’s a must have for any cat owner. I only wish I could give it 10 stars because I only spent $20 to save thousands.

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  7. squishy

    Don’t get on hands!

    Omg, this sprayer is HORRIBLE! Saw those reviews but figured if it worked, could deal. DON’T get on your skin! Smells like sour laundry and hard to scrub off. Doesn’t smell this bad on fabric. I used on new mattress. Cat pee accident. It sat for 2 days before I could get a product. Meantime used vinegar/baking soda. After cleaning all I could, sprayed pretty deep. Let dry,was ok but due to sour smell used another product (AngryOrange,much better!). Wouldn’t ever buy again.

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  8. Rachel Weant

    Rocco & Roxie was no match for a Geriatric Dachshund

    So I have my Geriatric Dachshund, almost 13 years old, just got diagnosed with Cushings and stones in her bladder. This dog has been with me longer than my husband and is not going anywhere. Her vet says that she is too stubborn to die. She’s your typical Dachshund and has been stubborn and a jerk for her entire life and has peed everywhere, so we are used to battling the pee, but this was a whole new level. If we couldn’t let her out about every 10-15 minutes, she would have an accident on our carpet. And inevitably, I would get distracted trying to meet the needs of the screaming toddler and forget to let her out on time, so you can imagine the mess we had on our hands. We tried the generic google recommendations of using vinegar and baking soda and that just left our carpet crunchy and smelling like vinegar AND pee. Which set off some weird anger in me that now I had a goopy, crusty mess to clean up, had to clean my vacuum out and my carpet STILL smelled like pee. Then, with a twitch in my eye, I went and purchased a carpet shampooer and all of the recommended chemical cleaners. After spending the amount I wish I had spent on a nice new purse, I had hope again, so it felt worthwhile. I went home with excitement and hope again and set up my new machine and poured these delicious smelling cleaners into the machine and got to work. The room smelled like a deliciously fresh load of clean towels. I left to run some errands and came back home to disappointment and all of my hope dying when I smelled that the pee smell had returned after only a few hours. So now you can tell that we aren’t dealing with some basic dog pee that we could just spray some febreeze on and move on with our lives. We are dealing with something that can only be cured with a nuclear-bomb just incinerating our carpet and starting our lives over somewhere else. But that’s not an option, so in comes Rocco & Roxie. I followed their recommendation of not putting the cleaner into my carpet shampooer, but rather wetting the areas with the carpet shampooer and then spraying the Rocco & Roxie over the areas. Let’s be honest, don’t even bother with getting the spray bottle. I used that up in about 15 minutes and came back here immediately to buy the gallon. I usually do the get-down-on-your-knees-and-sniff-the-carpet test and it actually passed!! I couldn’t believe it. The pep in my step returned. I don’t LOVE the smell of the Rocco & Roxie, but it 100% beats the smell of dog urine. It’s kind of a clover scent and I actually like clover. There’s a hint of a chemical smell, but it’s not as bad as I expected from reading some other’s reviews. But I did spray the Rocco & Roxie on, I didn’t pour. And that seemed to be enough to take care of my dog’s nuclear-level pee smell. I can’t really honestly review on the ability of the stain removal. I did this treatment at night and since the carpet is wet, it changes color a bit so it’s hard to tell with stains until the carpet dries. But I am so desperate for my house to not smell like pee, that staining hasn’t even been on my radar. I’m dealing out of desperation here, people! Basically – I definitely recommend giving Rocco & Roxie a try if you’re also dealing with nuclear-level dog or cat pee too. It’s a better option than burning your house down and starting over somewhere new.

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  9. Shop Girl

    Works great on fresh accidents

    This product is pretty expensive, but I have an aging dog who has had some accidents on a really good rug, so I thought I’d give it a try. It does eliminate the odor (it has a pretty strong scent), but isn’t great with the stain. If you catch the accident early, it is pretty effective, but it didn’t get out the stain in an older accident spot. I have a blacklight, and I can see that the new stains are completely gone, but the older one is still there (can see it a little of the stain without the blacklight as well).

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  10. Melissa BarnesMelissa Barnes


    I had LEGIT given up on my couch! I bought it brand new two years ago when we moved to our current place, and not long after that my elderly cat decided “oh cool, the most expensive thing in the apartment! This is where I shall pee from now until eternity!”So long story short my cat has been peeing on this couch for like 1.5 years, and in between I have tried to clean it myself with a shampooer and pet spray, tried cleaning it myself with various other insane and difficult methods I found on the inter webs including vinegar and baking soda, have had TWO professional services clean it, eventually covered it with a plastic cover after the last one and put down puppy pads, and now finally have a gate to keep him away from it (also from Amazon, wasn’t sure my cat wouldn’t climb over it but so far he hasn’t)But the pee smell never went away! It was so bad, even after the last professional cleaning, that I haven’t sat on the couch since. I don’t even hangout in that room it was so strong and I cringe every time I go in there because you can smell it everywhere in that room, which I have to walk through to enter the rest of my apartment. And found out this week the in-laws are crashing at our place this weekend! Eek!I would’ve thrown it out by now if my boyfriend didn’t sit on it occasionally still (how he could stand the smell I will never know).I ended up going down another Reddit rabbit hole and found a recommendation for this product. AND IT REALLY WORKED. I just put my nose RIGHT next to the couch and couldn’t smell a hint of pee, when normally you even enter the living room and you can smell pee. This spray just saved me more than 1.5k I spent on the couch.Here’s what I did:0. Nearly fought the amazon delivery guy when it showed the package was delivered but it wasn’t at my door. Lol not really but I did chase him down and asked him search his truck for it. I ended up finding the spray at the neighbors down the way thankfully.1. I used the entire spray bottle on the couch. I was not messing around. The smaller one worked fine as it was just the front half of the couch, if I had to do the back or sides I would’ve wanted another bottle or the larger size. I did use a ton though as I knew my couch (and I) had been through a lot.2. I let it sit for like 3ish hours. I also did not hangout in that room because the fumes were a lot for the first day.3. Placed towels all over where I sprayed, tried to weight them down or at least press the towels down into the couch. Let that sit for the night.4. Next day removed the towels and washed them. Opened all the windows to let everything air out, they’ve been open all day and I’ll close em up this evening.5. Vacuumed the couch really well. I actually don’t really fully understand why I needed to do this but at this point I trusted the bottle with my life and that’s what it told me to do.6. Smelled the couch. Sat on the couch.7. Thanked the heavens for saving the couch and saving me from embarrassment when the in-laws show up tomorrow.Notes on the smell / fumes: it was a lot at first, but it was still better than the smell of cat urine. If I were to do this again I would wear a face mask. It was less a day later. It’s less now that I’ve vacuumed and aired it out. There’s still a hint of smell but it doesn’t even bother me because I smell zero hints of urine. Even the professional cleaners couldn’t get it this good.I have a medium gray couch and this did not stain the couch at all from what I can tell.Also, people talking about the price: I PAID $300 for a cleaning service to clean this couch, and that job didn’t even come close to this. For real the couch still reeked after they cleaned. So yeah, I think $20 or whatever is worth it. LolLiterally ordering another bottle right now to have on hand.

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  11. Brynn Nicole

    Completely removes pet urine smell!!

    I was skeptical about spending this much on a cleaner for my pets messes, but it was so worth it. My puppy has really strong smelling urine, and has had a few accidents on my vinyl and carpet floors. While to the eye(or nose), that’s typically easy to clean up with vinegar or soap and water, but you don’t realize it often penetrates much deeper and dogs/pets can still smell the scent there and will likely use that exact spot again, creating a cycle. Once I started using this product, I’ve had less messes in the house and never in the same spot. Plus I can put my nose right to the carpet and not smell a thing. I will buy again, and again.

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  12. Wyatt B.

    This is the stuff you need

    Me and my girlfriend had our doubts when we bought this. Initially, we got it for our cat who would throw up on carpet. While it doesnt say it on the label, it certainly works for that. It was also perfect for when we brought in a senior dog to our apartment. With him getting used to a carpeted home and needing to ask to be escorted out, there were a few accidents. Once we left for a few minutes, and came back to a huge puddle on our bed. We quickly removed the bedding and dumped almost a whole bottle of this stuff on everything. After washing and letting it all dry, theres not a trace of it. This stuff has quite literally saved our apartment from smelling like cat puke and dog pee. Buy it, its absolutely worth it.Hell dont even buy just the bottle, buy the gallon. Its worth it

  13. Loubna

    Best of the best

    Excellent product. Really works. I didn’t believe it when I first purchased it, but I’mGlad I did. This is my second time ordering. My dog is well trained but as you all know our furry babies can sometimes have accidents when their belly is not well and we are not in the house to let them out at that exact moment. This product is a must have for every single pet owner. I highly recommend it.

  14. Amazon Customer

    Highly, highly recommend

    We have tried what feel like everything for stains from our elderly 50ish Lb dog. When we need a stain remover, they are not small stains. This is the absolute best and the only thing that has truly worked without me investing tons of time of cleaning carpet. Will absolutely be repurchasing!

  15. Rhonda Bowles

    Wow, It works great.

    Due to a schedule conflict when we were on vacation my 2 dogs were left inside my house for a day and a half. When I came home my carpeted den was in horrible shape. I used a carpet cleaner to clean the carpet but it still smelled horrible. I purchased Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor remover on Amazon. It arrived the same day. I sprayed it on the carpet and the next day could only smell a faint urine smell. I sprayed it again and I cannot smell urine at all. I did spray it a third time just to make sure because I’m having guests over in a couple weeks. This product does have an odor of it’s own and it is quite strong when you first spray it but it is not unpleasant. I am very happy with this product.

  16. Brie Sews

    This stuff is purrrrrfect

    I have three cats and a dog. Two of my cats vomit hair balls constantly. Or eat too fast because they’re fat then throw up right after. Sometimes, my dog pees on the floor if I forget to let him out. This stuff helps get stains and smell out of our carpet. Thanks for making my life a little more easy, and less stinky.

  17. Love2shop

    Love it! Keeps our potty smelling fresh

    I have a 4lb dog. We have a fake grass potty in the garage. I rinse out the grass daily and spray the tray, the grass front and back, and when she urinates I spray the area. This keeps the area fresh till the next day. This is my 2nd refill bottle and I previously I purchased the small spray bottle.

  18. K. Johnson

    Cat urine smell is gone!

    Tried 3 other products before finally landing on this one. The others would still allow cat urine smell to come up on carpet. Got this after reading some reviews and after 3 days, the urine smell is GONE, unlike the competition’s product.

  19. Elizabeth A. Birt

    Good stuff

    Moved into a new home and our housebroke dog squatted in front of me and marked her spot on the carpet. Got on Amazon–found this product and 3 days later it was delivered. This product works–there is no stain and there is no odor.

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  20. Amazon Customer

    It Works!

    This product is great for pet stains and it also woks for other stains as well. I have used it for coffee stains,and it not only takes it out, but the oils don’t rise again which happens after using most cleaners.

  21. Marta LouriaMarta Louria

    My gallon jug came with no cap

    I bought this for a family emergency I needed the overnight shipping. It arrived on time but has no cap. I had to use it, again family emergency, but now I have a gallon jug with no way to stop it up! , it did a phenomenal job on the odor, leaving behind a slightly odd sweet smell. But this is so much better than the overwhelming odor that was there before. For that I am truly thankful!

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  22. Jess E

    The best pet product I have ever used

    I am so glad I found this product.I have a senior beagle (15yrs) who has kidney failure and bladder cancer. We give her fluid therapy every other day and she is happy as a clam and very energetic still. But she sometimes has a hard time controlling when she has to pee because of her conditions and added fluids.Everyone always says “Wow I couldn’t handle the accidents.” I’ve had this sweet girl since right before my 16th birthday. She has been the best dog and she has been through everything with me. And despite her conditions, she is still happy, energetic and goes on multiple mile walks a day. Am I supposed to get mad that she has accidents sometimes? Absolutely not. I’d rather “deal with” the occasional accident if I get more time with her.But my poor carpet has not been faring well. I WFH and am usually to either let outside before she pees. Or, if I am too late, I still am able to shampoo any accidents she has immediately. However, at some point, I missed one in our family room. The lighting is bad so I didn’t notice a very large yellow stain in the middle of our light carpet for awhile. I tried cleaning it with nature miracle and shampooing, but for some reason it turned highlighter yellow and became even more noticeable. Not wanting to replace $1700+ worth of carpet, I came looking for something and found this.I’m OBSESSED. I followed the directions for older stains and left it for about an hour before putting a towel on top and letting it air dry. It removed 90% of the stain the first application! I followed with two more for good measure and my carpet looks brand new. I can’t even say for certain how old that stain was, but it was not fresh.Then I decided to apply a layer to most of the carpet in that room, where I know my dog has had a few accidents, just to get rid of any possible residual smell. After it dried, I shampooed like normal and my family room smells fantastic.I also used some in the laundry with our dog beds and blankets and for the first time ever, it truly did get rid of almost all the dog smell. I’m going to buy the gallon container to keep on hand now because I’ve never had a product work this well. I love the smell of this product and it truly does eliminate odors.Thank you for creating a product that gives me peace of mind when my poor dog can’t always control her accidents. It can be frustrating, especially because I deep clean often and like my home to be very clean. She can’t wear diapers because it hurts her tail and causes her a lot of anxiety. But now I don’t have to stress the few times my sweet girl can’t make it to the door on time. Thank you for improving both of our lives with this product.UPDATE: So something really weird happened. Over a week or so the original spot came back, but bigger and orange. I was stressing out that it damaged by carpet, but when I used my shampooer with just water it came right out. The water was bright orange, but it all came out. My best guess is that for some reason it was continuing to pull the stain to the surface. If that is the case, color me impressed. So I just wanted to share because if that happens to anyone else, just clean it up with water and all should be well!

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  23. Candie


    Hello, If your reading this review, then you are probably dealing with some very naughty fur babies, hence the reason for me writing this, because so was I. I rescued 4 beautiful stray kittens about 10 years ago and hand fed these beautiful little creatures round the clock. While they were the cutest little balls of fur you ever did see, they grew up to be the naughtiest cats with the worst habits. As they grew up, I don’t know if they plotted behind my back to see who could make the messiest of messes, but they definitely won that battle hands down. We moved into a house that had prior chaotic cats because they would congregate to certain rooms and reek havoc. They took ” Tea Time ” to PEE TIME. I have searched the market, the same way they searched for a pee place like a pilot looking for the perfect place to land a 747! It was to the point where I considered starting a new career in sewing and fashion and make the ultimate cat designer line of leak proof, pee proof and shred proof undergarments, just for the murder mitten mafia squads with four legs running throughout our homes acting like fools, that act all sweet and innocent, but the brief moment our backs are turned, so are theirs, right up against the walls, with their tails flailing in the air and then we take off like were doing the 50 yard dash to catch them in the act and as usual, they’ve already ran under every piece of furniture at least twice, gone through 2 rooms and are hiding under something that we haven’t seen the under side of since the day we bought it. So like me, you parade (up and down & repeat) the pet isle and the cleaning isle for what seems like an eternity because somehow you think there has to be something that you overlooked the last time you went through there, ( the day before ) and as usual, it’s the same stuff that you’ve tried at least a half dozen times with zero success and why you ask, it’s because there is nothing in those cleaners that deters them and if anything, it attracts them right back to every single mark they left behind and then after you have scrubbed and scrubbed your entire day away on your hands and knees reminding yourself how much you love them and have gone through more paper towels than a retirement home, your wonderful little furball comes in to inspect your hard work, goes over to their favorite spot, waves their magic wand and poof, you now have a sprinkler system…AGAIN! So you now find yourself right back to where you started from, at the store parading the same 2 isles and the cycle continues.. I did what most other pet moms did, I jumped online for products to resolve this issue once and for all and I began to read the reviews and listened to other pet parents stories and the more I read about this product, I asked myself #1- Is this stuff really going to work? and #2- Is it worth the cost? I figured that with all the positive reviews, what’s the worst that happens, it’s just like every other product that we tried at $5-$10 per bottle about 20 times.. So I bit my tongue and I thought go big or become the next top garment designer for cats, so I bought the gallon and I waited for it to arrive and that it did and on time and let me tell you, I was never so excited for a cleaner to arrive. I unearthed my shampooer from the closet, poured in the cleaner and away I went. I was skeptical at first as with every cleaner but that day, I became the latest and greatest magician because it all, DISAPPEARED! Everything that comes from a pet whether it be the smell and odor or discoloration of them marking that area, the pee in general.. It cleans it all, including the walls, ( just incase they waved their magic wands on them too.)The strength of the cleaner is strong so open a window and maybe use a fan to air the room, but if you wet the area first with water and then go back over it with the cleaner, it breaks down the stain better and you save more cleaner by doing that so you don’t waste any. I bought it and used it about a month ago or a little longer and there is no residual smell of the fur babies past bad habits, no lingering smell from the cleaner, it just smells fresh & clean. I am so glad that I took the chance on this company and their product because it is AMAZING. It also works on anything that can be laundered. Put some in a spray bottle, spray the mysterious area well let it sit for a few minutes and throw it in the wash and whatever it was will be just a thing of the past. If you have some naughty fur babies that forget their manners, this is one product you will be happy you bought. It saved my carpets, money down the road and definitely my peace of mind .. Happy pet parenting..

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  24. Lee

    Don’t listen to anyone with less than 5 stars

    Don’t listen to anyone who doesn’t give this 5 stars. They didn’t follow the steps, obviously. I have a worse cat pee problem than all of you combined and this was the only- the ONLY – product that worked. Just listen. We just moved into this new house with plenty of space for our three cats. The two females and one male are treated with premium respect- each has its own covered litter box in its own location, each receives two healthy portions of raw food daily and at least 4 hours outside. They return eagerly when called. They are seemingly happy and content with our situation. The male cat is not ours, it’s my mothers, and we’ve been watching him for 6 months. When we moved, he began lining one particular wall in my office with urine. Upon further inspection with black lights, there seems to be a size able 1-2 ft wide strip of urine lining the 20 foot wall. There is so much that I am forced to conclude that he couldn’t have done it alone. We learned the previous tenants had cats, and we believe our male is lining this wall to mark over pre-existing urine. This is the only explanation I have, hence the pretext about how we treat the cats, and as a graduate of animal behavioral science I think I’m right on this one. So for the last month I’ve been coming home, sniffing the air at the front door (20 to 30 feet from the urine wall) and dawning my gloves angrily as I get down and clean the urine wall and underlying carpet with every cleaner known to man. I’ve used three bottles of urine gone, Resolve, natures miracle (cat and dog), water and vinegar, just vinegar, just water…I’ve tried scrubbing, stamping, vacuuming, blotting- all to come home to the smell that lingers. I’ve heard cat pee can end marriages and I see why now. Once I read that lady’s review for Rocco and Roxie, I said screw it and ordered a 32 oz bottle, hoping that the combination of enzymes and bacteria could make a difference. Let me tell you, IT DID. I thought the man vs cat pee war was lost, and I had almost given up hope. Problem is the volume. I used the entire 32 oz, let it sit for three or four hours, blotted thoroughly and then vacuumed with our specialized pet accident vacuum cleaner that has claws on one of the heads to penetrate deep into the shallow carpet. The smell is about 90 percent gone. So I begged my mom to buy the gallon for me, (it’s her cat after all) and we’re waiting for it eagerly in the mail. We run an air bnb in the house and we had a poor review because of the odor which was made one day before the original 32 oz bottle of Rocco and Roxie came. I’m hoping that a full gallon will be able to get rid of this. Thank you for making the only product that works.Lee

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  25. JNJohns

    The Best Thing You’ll Buy Today

    I’ve purchased idk how many “pet odor” eliminating sprays, carpet powders etc that never seem to do what they say they can do. So I went looking for something else as a last resort.The reason I got this is bc of a review from a purchaser who fosters dogs & has a carpeted home. I was sold by that.And let me tell you – this is the best thing you’ll buy today. I sprayed this on the carpet of my youngest child’s bedroom bc our elder dog slept with them & had many an accident. I have a carpet shampooer that doesn’t feel like it puts a dent in it. The carpet smells like a kennel.NOT ANYMORE! Y’all, when I tell you I was at the end of my rope & ready to rip up the whole a** carpet – this saved the day. It’s a light floral scent so it’s not overwhelming & the room (& carpet) have been saved. This stuff WORKS!I even sprayed this on the tile where the elder dog would have one spot where he peed consistently & it started to smell too. This stuff even worked on the tile. Bc I feel like (& I could be wrong) the pee seeped into the grout. I sprayed the spot, let it sit overnight, then sprayed it with water the next day & wiped it up. The spot doesn’t smell like urine anymore.If you have a puppy, cat, an elder pet of any kind that has accidents. Get this stuff. You will not be sorry. 15/10 recommend.

  26. Polo Bill

    This stuff is absolutely magic!

    if you own cats, or dogs, then at some point in your life one of your little furry friends has left you a present on the carpet, or God forbid, the couch. You are then faced with two dilemmas, (1) how to get out the obvious stain, (2) and even more importantly how to eliminate the offensive odor, especially with cats.There are truckloads of products that will tell you they will accomplish the task and I can tell you I probably have tried almost all of them. Those “natural” products might work for a couple of days but after it all dries out, in my experience, you can’t see it anymore but the minute humidity comes up you get to experience that lovely cat odor all over again.This Rocco and Roxie product is a little strong smelling, but that all goes away in a very short time and it completely removes cat odor from anything you put it on. We had to put a cat in the cat carrier and go to the vet. The cat was of course not happy about this, and unloaded urine in the cat carrier both on the way to the vet, and on the way home. Normally I would tell you that you were going to then be getting rid of that cat carrier, and you would for sure not be bringing it at your house again. However, because the little quart bottle I had gotten worked so well I had purchased a gallon of this product and I soaked the cat carrier all over with it. I let it sit that way for an entire day and then I washed it out with detergent. The odor was gone.I even recommended this to the veterinarian we go to who said, like me, they had found that most of these things designed to remove cat order just didn’t work. Well, this one does.

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  27. Karin

    This product is worth it’s weight in gold

    Now I’m not a person who gives a great review unless it’s really a very good product. This pet elimination actually does get the odor out and your dogs don’t go back to the same place. I have been using it for 2 months now and I really wish I found it a lot sooner. I have a 5 year old male Doberman and a 11 year old male Jack Russell (with little man syndrome). The Jack Russell has to always pee over his younger brother. Jack Russell is neutered Doberman is not. I have tried numerous different products. None of them worked for my little squirter. From the heavens up above I came across this looking for something else to try. I won’t lie the squirter has tried a few new spots but I clean it and spray this really good and done. So I’m seeing the light at the end of my squirting days is very close because of Rocco & Roxie.

  28. Rhonda J. Rhonda J.

    BEST Cat Urine Removal Product Ever! But Wear a Respiratory Mask.

    I had taken in a male cat, about 4 months old, that had been abandoned when his family moved away from my neighborhood. Got him neutored and that was the beginning of a long investment that just didn’t work out well for any of us.He urinated on almost every wall in our house and it extended from about two feet up the wall to two feet out from the wall onto the carpeting. We used Dr. Elseys’s Cat Attract litter and Behavioral Modification Litter Attractant and cleaned it/changed it several times weekly. Didn’t help to modify his behavior.We used Feliway Pheramone Diffusers and tried the collar too. Didn’t modify his behavior. He just clawed and bit away at the collar, making himself bleed and flicking blood on the wall.We tried visiting two veterinarians to see if he had a medical reason, bladder or kidney, for the spraying and they did urine tests and told me that he appears to have a “behavior problem”. This didn’t help to modify his behavior.We tried anxiety drops. These did seem to calm him, nicely, yet didn’t change the spraying.We tried extra litter boxes. 3 boxes, 2 cats. Cleaned daily. No change in spraying.He also clawed up both sofas, sides, fronts, and bottoms. And there are cat scratching towers and hammocks in the house. There is only one other pet, a female cat that’s spayed and younger by a year. She has none of these bad habits and uses the scratch towers. But he is jealous and blocks her from our affections and tries to hog all the food.I was at my wits end. Couldn’t find a home for him, the Humane Society declined to take him citing he had a “behavior problem”, and two animal behavior therapists declined to work with him stating that there was nothing they could do to stop his behavior given the length of time he had been doing it and all the other attempted, yet failed interventions.Then the same day I thought I was going to have to have him euthanized, a friend with a 20 acre farm, said she would take him in as a barn cat.After reading many many many urine removal product reviews and watching even more videos of products being used by other cat owners, I settled on Rocco & Roxie. I usually read the 1 STAR reviews 1st and then work my way up from there. I bought the gallon size and also went to Lowes to purchase an industrial sprayer because I had A LOT of work to do to the entire house and even found he’d sprayed the recliner and the love seat thanks to the black light. And he didn’t just spray them while positioned firmly on the floor. He climbed up in them and sprayed the seats and cushions. Little pisser.I was using Nature’s Miracle for a long time, thinking it was working. Wrong. Black light revealed he was winning that battle with Nature’s Miracle. This was a daily chore that just wore me out, yet love for him kept me trying.It took 5 days of room by room cleansing and several spots had to be cleaned 4-5 times over. Guess those were his favorite spots.This stuff really worked miracles! I had several friends over at night just to see for themselves how impressively it removed the stains and odor. One friend got curious and wondered how well Rocco & Roxie would stand up to kitchen sink cleaning compared to bleach. So out came the black light and both products, kept separated of course and she did her little experiment. Left side of the sink/backsplash bleach………right side of the sink/backsplash Rocco & Roxie. Rocco & Roxie WON on the stainless steel, the laminate, and the wood surface trim! WOWzers!I would highly recommend wearing a respiratory mask though. Stupidly, I wasn’t thinking and didn’t wear a mask. Huge mistake. I had an extremely dry mouth and sensitive gums for a week after using this. I thought that was due to the antihistamines I was using for allergies, but I had stopped using those 2 weeks prior to cleaning with this product. Then when I had to use Rocco & Roxie again for a few stubborn and overlooked spots I had found, within 10 minutes of using it that tingly sensation in my mouth started again and my tongue started to stick to my bottom gum line again. The respiratory masks are about $12 for two at Lowe’s, and because this product works so effectively, I am willing to wear the masks in the future to spot clean any other areas where I need to use Roccclo & Roxie on in the future or carpet. The product smells quite pleasant. Because of the potential for sensitivity I would also say, maybe it is best to place the other pets of the household in a room where they won’t be exposed to the product until it dries and don’t let children around the wet sprayed areas…… sure it dries first. Took approximately 2 hours to dry.So how is he doing on the farm? Not well. He doesn’t like any of the other farm animals and is hiding. He’s scared. He’s left his safe place inside the barn and has retreated to under the barn outside and he bit my friend. Hard. Really hard. 🙁 He wasn’t a biter previously. At all.Pictured above are SOME of the products we tried to use, including Rocco & Roxie.This is an amazing product!

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  29. Dey

    Approved by His Imperial Majesty, Mr. Swiffer the Fat.

    I’m not the kind of person who would just have animals peeing all over my house. And since these reviews are a good place for stories, I will tell mine. To explain.Our cat arrived around a year and a half ago. For some reason, people tend to dump cats/litters of kittens off at my house. I live near open fields, maybe they think we’re a farm, idk. Usually I’ll just rehome them. One particular cat I took a real liking too. Very chill, easy going. Not needy. I took the usual steps to make sure no one was missing him. No chip. No claims to him on social media posts.He was social, litter trained, stays off my counters, very tolerant of my little one. Probably dumped, like many others. I liked him so talked my husband in to letting me keep this one.Soon I started to see exactly why he was was dumped. I have never known such a fussy cat in all my life. O.m.g.First of all his stomach is incredibly sensitive. Every time he would eat, puke everywhere. Every single time. Ok. I did a bit of research and started buying a VERY expensive brand of cat food. Seemed to work. Cut the puking down by 95%. Ok.After a while, he started climbing into the bathtub and kitchen sink. He would sit there and beg to be given a drink straight from the faucet. Would not touch the water bowl, no matter how often I changed the water. Just beg for faucet water CONSTANTLY. Drove me insane. The puking and the cat constantly sitting under faucets, incessantly meowing, was getting old. But by this time one of my older kids had fallen completely in love with this cat. I didn’t want to break my sons heart and I didn’t want him ending up at the pound or dumped somewhere else. So I problem solved by buying him a cat water fountain. Probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever purchased, but it worked. No more begging in the sink. Ok.Moving forward, and the reason for me buying this product, his highness decided he was going to get fussy about cat litter. Every time I would replace litter with new, he would turn his nose up at the litter box and pee on the floor. Directly in front of the litter box. If I even added fresh litter on top of the old, pee on the floor. I started buying unscented cat litter. That did seem to make a lot of difference, but now I had an awful smell in my house. I tried every home made concoction the internet could come up with , every product Walmart offered, to no avail. The smell always returned. Nothing like waking up in the morning, walking out into the hallway only to be hit in the face by the smell of cat pee. Dont get me wrong, I like the cat. He is cute and fluffy and nice. But the puking, pet fountain, peeing in front of the litter box, stink was wearing on me.Once again I took to the internet. I found a product called Angry Orange. Got good reviews. Seemed kind of potent. In those reviews I saw many people mention this product as well. Not wanting to deal with the smell any longer, I ordered both products. So if one didn’t work, I could try another right away. I was desperate.I decided to try this spray first. And then try the orange stuff if this didn’t work. I haven’t even tried the orange stuff.This spray took care of it the first time used. Like, completely gone. Like it was never there. And since purchasing this product my cat has gone on the floor a couple of times (bc I had the nerve to scrub out the box and put all new litter, pshh). I’ve used this product right away, every time, and there is never a smell after. Some people complain about the smell of this stuff. But I honestly dont mind it. It smells like cleaner. Which is 100x better than the smell of cat pee, imo. And it doesn’t linger. Once its dry, the cleaner smell is gone. Afterward there is no stain on the carpet. Absolutely nothing to indicate an incident.Thanks to this product my son gets to keep his precious floof ball, (who I’ve named His Imperial Majesty, Mr. Swiffer the Fat. ) and I dont have to deal with that awful smell ever again. I will be buying a gallon of this stuff to keep on hand. It is expensive but its completely worth it.

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  30. anonymous

    Well Hit me upside my head

    I have a classic Hancock & Moore wing back chair with ottoman, with the original plush gray and blue checked fabric. It a beautiful chair and valuable. A number of years ago I was sort of caring for two homeless cats. They were inseparable and very much in love. This was their favorite chair to sit together and cuddle.Well as time moves on and most recently, I wanted to do a deep cleaning in my home. I used a strong black light, -( it charges with a usb cord, don’t know what would do without it). – The chair hadurine spots and sprays on my chair, must of been there for years. Just let me say (OMG!).I’ve used different urine remover over the years and I feel the different products work best for differentmaterials. I actually had to toss out a lovely sofa hide a bed cause the product didn’t work it just spread it to a wider circle. I didn’t panic about my wing back chair, I knew I would do or pay anything to have the urine out of my chair.Over time I searched for different product really not sure which to buy.Bought Rocco & Roxie Stain & Odor Eliminator for Strong Odor – Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor Eliminator,first time I opened the bottle as I recall I thought I spell a strong chemical order, didn’t care much about that, thought I might have to take it out on my screened in sun porch. I didn’t get to it until three months later and I notice that strong smell was gone I smell and clean fresh scent.I knew you can’t hurry something like you have to patient and read the instructions carefully.I had my absorbent t shirt rags and strong paper towels and spray bottle.I streamed spray and wide spray where it needed, after said time I press rags or paper towelsand repeated too how many times I needed. The final results were great, my black UV light didn’tshow and urine anywhere. The chair smells nice of course I have cross wind going until it dries completely. Best thing I got to “rest” on the sofa in the family room in between procedures. The End

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  31. jaime


    I have two cats that had UTI’s at the same time. They started peeing on the carpet and I didn’t realize it for a couple of weeks (I know, bad mom for not realizing). Because they both have bad kidney’s their urine is always diluted so the smell didn’t start to permeate until there was a lot of it. I tried vinegar and baking soda, that worked a little but didn’t not completely eliminate the odor. I came across this product and decided to try it. AMAZING. I followed the directions on the bottle and it worked perfectly on the cat urine. My carpet does not smell like cat urine anymore, and the cats don’t go on the carpet anymore. The smell of the product is just okay though. It reminds me of the mint Tums product. I recommend this product 100%!



    I bought this because my dog has a sketchy tummy and it is THE BEST! She throws up if she eats anything other than dog food and this product cleans EVERY spot and stain, even the ones you find later. Just spray, leave it on and wipe up. I’ve ordered it twice and am sad I didn’t find it sooner. Seriously, if you have pets ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!!! The scent is a little strong but who cares because it works! ON EVERYTHING!!! Will ALWAYS have a bottle of this in my house!!!

  33. KP

    Removes odor of cat pee!

    I bought this to remove cat urine and odor from my carpet. This worked miracles! The smell of the spray is a little strong but it is not overpowering. It smells natural and not full of chemicals. I highly recommend if you are trying to remove the smell of cat pee! I have never had anything work this well and it was simple to use.

  34. Amazon Customer


    Another 5-Star rave review! Ok, so I rarely write a review, unless something is REALLY great or REALLY bad lol I’ll keep it as short as I can but also give a little back story so you can fully understand how amazing this product is for me. I am and have always been a huge animal lover since I was a young child. Rescue? Yes……I’m the lady who sees a kitten on the side of the road and brings her home to stay(true story). 3 cats and a dog later(all rescues) as much as I love my fur babies to pieces, I’ve really been at my wits end lately and have stated more than once ‘this is it, no more and when they are no longer around I just can’t do it again’ because my little rescue Pekingese like many small male dogs(he is fixed) has Napoleon syndrome and the need to mark(every time I think I have him trained and he doesn’t go in the house for a month, he does it again). Out of the 3 rescue cats only ONE uses the litter box like he is supposed to. The other two have decided peeing on my spare couch is a great idea. There has been a lingering male cat urine smell from a feral rescue I had a YEAR ago on my year old very nice living room couch. No matter how many times I steam cleaned, disinfected, used many pet urine sprays including ‘Nature’s miracle’ I could still smell the lingering odor. Mind you, my sense of smell is better than a bloodhound. I can smell someone’s trash can 4 blocks down the street. It’s not a fun affliction and it means I am CONSTANTLY combating odors in my home. I like my home smelling clean, not perfumy cover up but actually CLEAN with a pleasant scent in the air and on fabrics. It’s not a good combo with being an animal lover. It’s been causing a lot of resentment to be honest. Anyhow, we have made great progress with getting everyone to potty where they should, and I really really REALLY needed to find a product that not just masks an odor but eliminates it entirely while leaving a pleasant scent behind. THIS PRODUCT WORKS AMAZINGLY WELL. It came a couple days after I ordered it and I didn’t expect it for a week, I received an email from the company which is nice, and while I didn’t have the time to get on my hands and knees to blacklight and go over every problem area yet, I did immediately spray problem areas that I knew needed it and have been driving me crazy. I didn’t even saturate with water or do as instructed lol I had to see if it would make any difference at all if I just sprayed the area. I did spray it good, almost saturating the spot but not quite(these spots have been previously steam cleaned) but it IMMEDIATELY neutralized the urine smell, it is GONE. The room itself, when I would walk in it was the first thing I’d smell. Urine. Now it just smells clean and no more urine smell at all. I also had someone ironically stop by soon after I applied the spray and I asked for an honest opinion. Does it smell clean or do you smell urine? I was told by two people it smells clean and fresh. No urine smell at all and it’s not overpowering. I already ordered myself another bottle so I know I have it on hand if needed. I can’t wait to see what the results are when I actually use it for a deep cleaning. I also read some reviews claiming it’s a strong chemical smell or like cloves/cinnamon/mint and I honestly didn’t smell that…..I smell a pleasant light cleaning type frangrance. I can understand some people might be sensitive to this and i would suggest well ventilation while spraying to avoid any issues, but Rocco and Roxy has a customer for life because honestly, even if the day comes where I have no pets it’s still perfect as a fabric or carpet refresher. It literally dissolved foul odors and leaves a clean scent behind. Since I will probably always have pets this takes a big part of resentment and stress out of it. I wasted so much money trying to ‘save’ and buy the cheaper stuff……that I spent way more than I ever would have if I had just paid the few extra dollars for this spray. Yes, it’s a little bit more expensive than the average urine spray, but what’s the point if they don’t work and you keep purchasing other products? Well worth the money, it works it works it works!

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  35. Rebecca Staples

    Saved my carpet!

    I have tried several things to help eliminate the odor in my carpet, left by my elderly cat who has kidney and urinary issues. I was getting so discouraged until I tried this. It removes the odor while leaving a very very light pleasant scent. I am obsessed and so grateful I found this product.

  36. littlebit


    THIS STUFF ACTUALLY DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES!!!. I have a multi cat family, and have had for about 20 years, we have rescued cats and so did my parents, which became a part of our pet family after my parents passing. ( All cats are indoor, and spayed or neutered). We have multiple litter boxes and they use them faithfully, BUT….. every now and then one of them will pee on something . Over the years I have tried many cat urine removers including Odor Out, Nature Miracle, and Orange urine remover, DX50 which is listed as a urnine remove but not for cats, as well as home solutions vinegar, baking soda, and bleach. All of them still left a strange odor, or a urine odor.Recently one of my cats peed on the corner of my curio, the night before he and one of my others and a little cat argument, that’s what I call i,. and the urine also ran under my large area rug. I cleaned it with plain water, and then sprayed with a different urine remover as directed. The urine odor to me, was gone, but evidently the cat smelled it and returned to the same spot for nights in a row. THEN I SAW THIS ROCCO AND ROXIE Professional Strenght Odor Remover,on Amazon. I purchased it based on other reviews, I AM SO GLAD I DID, IT REALLY DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT DOES!!.I sprayed it on the curio, and on the underneath side as well as the top of the area rung. I let it stand as directed, and then instead of blotting the excess with towels as directed on the bottle, I used my small rug scrubber to draw the excess out.( You can blot it with towels as directed on the bottle , I just decided to use the scrubber. If you use a scrubber DON’T PUT WATER OR CLEANER SOLUTIONS IN THE TANK, just use it to draw the excess Rocco and Roxi up. . Then let dry naturally, the result was odor was almost completely gone, and no strange or strong chemical smell. I repeated the steps like it says on the bottle the next day just to be sure. There is ABSOLUTELY NO URINE ODOR, and the cat has not returned to the spot. I wish I had know of this product years ago, I could have saved other carpets, furniture etc. instead of having to throw it away.Now here’s a bonus. In a closet years ago one of my cats repeatedly peed in the corner. I used other products including bleach, but every now and then I could still detect and slight urine odor. So I decided to try the Rocco and Roxie in the corner on the years old spot, and it totally removed the odor completely the first time.I have told everybody I know that has cats, about this product.Also the other day one of my cats got diarrhea and didn’t make it to the litter box. So there was this really stinky mess on my area rug. I wiped it up, then used clear water, after which I sprayed the Rocco and Roxie and worked it deep into the carpet fibers, it is a high pile area rug , once again used the scrubber to pull the excess up (if you don’t have a scrubber just blot with towels as directed on the bottle), and let it air dry, result was absolutely no stinky odor. This product has a nice light herbal scent, it is not overpowering, but actually leaves the entire room smelling fresh and clean . I plan on keeping this on hand always for those unexpected pet accidents. I also recommend it if you have a new odor, blot and clean the pet accident with plain water, no household detergents and then use the Rocco and Roxie. I have never seen a product work like this does. I will definitely purchase this again. BEST PRODUCT FOR CAT URINE AND OTHER ACCIDENTS I HAVE EVER USED.!!!!!!!

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  37. N. GarciaN. Garcia

    Worth every penny!!! Works like MAGIC

    I never write reviews but I’m writing one for this amazing spray!! I know what you’re thinking, I thought the same—that’s an awful lot to pay for a bottle of spray cleaner—I get it, and it’s worth every penny!!! I have 2 large dogs that have already been long potty trained however my niece accidentally shut them in one of the spare rooms while we were upstairs (bless her tiny heart) so they took it upon themselves to hate-pee allllll over the carpet in there!! We didn’t know they had done it everywhere and only cleaned the 2 large spots up quickly, and then the stank set in…..Every time we walked downstairs we smelled “that smell” and Heaven help you if you actually walked into the room!! We finally took a black light to the carpet to discover the true horror of our situation, CSI crime scenes had nothing on us! We were now left with all of these 1-2 week old spots that had dried and soaked in explaining the STANK that still lingered. We tried EVERYTHING from natural to nuclear, Pinterest to witchcraft, and NOTHING worked (seriously I’m talking carpet shampooer, Oxyclean, baking soda, peroxide, dish soap, vinegar, carpet powder, enough Resolve to coat a small country, more baking soda, prayer, holy water, human sacrifice….you get the picture). Desperate, and about to burn the house down and start over in a new city with a new identity, I started combing Amazon for a miracle! I found this product, read the reviews, and hit the “buy now” button with all of my hope riding on Prime shipping and a spray bottle.I about attacked the poor mailman in my rush to rip open the box (I have a bloodhound nose folks so living with this odor in my house for almost 2 weeks was almost the end of me) and try it out. I liberally sprayed the areas possessed by Satan and waited 10 mins as the bottle instructed. I got impatient around min 4 so I sprayed the areas again moderately and then I really did wait the full 10 mins. I really do mean that I saturated the areas like the bottle says however I didn’t go crazy with it and totally soak the carpet (like I really wanted to but remembered the price of the bottle so I checked myself before I wrecked myself).10 mins passed and my bloodhound nose traveled down the hall with hopes high. I opened the door to the room and was hit in the face with…..NOTHING!!!! NO ODOR, NO STANK, LIGHT CLEAN SMELL BUT NO FAKE FLOWERY COATED AIR!!!! This stuff is a MIRACLE!!! I’m awaiting its letter to Hogwarts as I write this review, and I’m going to buy another bottle for SURE, you should too!!!!DISCLAIMER—my situation did not cause staining which is why we couldn’t figure out the source of the smell beyond the 2 main areas that were wet and did stain slightly. I can’t speak to the stain removal ability of the product but if it works this perfectly on the odor the stains should be a piece of cake!!

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  38. Robert P. Abele

    Wipe it up!

    This product works amazingly well, and just like they advertise. There is one thing prospective buyers should know though. Don’t follow their directions about “blotting it up” as opposed to scrubbing it with an absorbent towel. Use the latter method, after allowing it to dry, as the directions state. If you just try to blot it after you let it sit, you will end up using an entire bottle of it, like I did, as you try to pick up the remaining dirt from the stain. Instead of what they say, spray, let soak in for the time they say, then scrub like mad to get both the chemical and the dirt it broke up off your carpet, and you will be successful. The bad directions are the only reason for the four star instead of five star.This product does work as they say, and it’s great!

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  39. Nicole

    Discussing Stains and Odors are gone

    Let me start by saying we have always had at least 5 (five) animals at any give time sharing our home. I could not afford new carpet so I gave Rocco and Roxie a try ……. and I am so happy I did. I soaked the carpet so the solution went through the pad and to the concrete slab (just as the urine had). I covered it but did not blot it. It set for 24 hours when I went back and blotted with a clean towel which soaked up the stain and odor. This is a small business but are willing to work with the customer. A 5 star company. *****

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  40. Eric B

    Spray controls the smell.

    This works well and spares me the problem of the smell of the neighbohood male cats that spray aound my home. The smell come into my bedroom until I spray it and it really clears the problem so well. Without this it would be hard to sleep with a smell like that.

  41. melanie K

    It works

    I bought this as one last ditch effort before tearing my bedroom carpet out. My old dog has taken to using the carpet as his personal bathroom. I’d shampooed it so many times I lost hope. Still smelt so strongly of pee. I’d even gone as far as getting an estimate to lay laminate which came in at $2,000. For 1 room !!. I saw this, checked the reviews, ordered it.I sprayed down the carpet and let it sit for a couple of hours. Then I mixed it with water in the carpet shampooer tank. Wasn’t expecting much to be honest.This stuff actually worked. There’s no more smell. I was blown away.I am super happy. Told my sis in law about it.Now to get my old dog some belly bands to wear at night.!

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  42. Len M

    Great product for cat urine

    So I read some quite entertaining reviews on here for this product and after reading the success stories I decided to give this a try since nothing else worked. Have been battling the occasional cat oopsey on my carpet. As you most likely know, cat urine is absolutely putrid and the smell is almost impossible to remove. With multiple attempts with different products and no true success of completely removing the odor, it time to consider removing the carpet. One last ditch effort I found Rocco & Roxie stain and odor remover on here, and after reading the reviews and the effort others put into those reviews, some quite entertaining, I ordered it to try. Low a behold and miracle of all miracles, this stuff truly works. I couldn’t believe it. Put this on the area needing cleaning and added some to the shampooer and leaned the area. Was absolutely amazed. This will now be part of my arsenal going forward to battle the horrors of cat urine stench. I absolutely recommend this product, there is no reason to even consider another product.

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  43. Kerry ValesKerry Vales


    I bought this because my two large dogs love to lay on the exact same spot on our area rug. Though the rug is patterned, the white/beige areas became very grey and dingy. We tried shampooing it, scrubbing by hand, and a bunch of other things to try to get the deep set stains out, but nothing worked. I read the reviews on this, so I figured I’d give it a try…and it is truly amazing! I don’t know that the pictures do it justice (probably due to lighting), but this is like night and day! And the dog smell is gone as well. I wasn’t that hopeful, but I have already purchase the gallon size for the future! And while my dogs don’t pee in the house, I do have a potty trained toddler who has had a few accidents at night, and this also worked on her mattress! I’m a believer and only wish I bought it sooner!

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  44. DestinyDestiny

    Great product

    This product works amazing although I don’t like the smell of it but it goes away. Backstory, I got this mouse and mouse pad from a friend who has two male cats. I have a female cat, she’s been spraying on my mouse and mouse pad because I haven’t been able to get her fixed which I’m assuming is the issue. I forgot to take a before and after. But now she’s not allowed in my game room, I tried other cleaners and they didn’t work too well on the mouse pad. Back to the product, I’ve used it around the house anywhere I saw urine or anything and it worked wonders. I also used it near the litter boxes. This product came full like not half or anything completely full and it’s a big bottle so I definitely think it’s worth the money.

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  45. cassidycassidy

    Fantastic Product

    I read so many reviews on this product, while the large majority were excellent, there were a few that said the scent was overpowering. I have to say, the scent is NOT overpowering at all and smells fantastic, some type of spice (maybe a little clove oil?). Yes, you can smell the product, but I find it to be a VERY pleasant scent, not at all a chemical scent. I had used Natures Miracle Advanced prior to this product, and that product had a STRONG chemical scent that was overpowering and did not work nearly as well as Rocco & Roxie. Luckily, we have hard wood flooring and Tile. We recently got a new puppy who had a few accidents on our expensive wool/ Persian rugs. This product removed the smell and worked incredibly well! I will be bringing them in for professional cleaning because I’m OCD with “Dog smell/ Urine smell” and because our older dog decided to “mark” the house since the new arrival. Been using a lot of this product and it is a God sent. When the new pup has an accident on the tile/ wood floor, I get the urine up with a paper towel, douse the area with Rocco & Roxie, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then use a clean mop to get up the residual product…then I do it again after rinsing the mop very well with hot water. The smell of the product is so pleasant and dissipates quickly. The rugs that were peed on are now rolled up in my garage and the smell of dog urine was SO STRONG when I went into the garage. I sprayed the spots a couple times (wet it well with the product) and low and behold the dog pee HORRIBLE smell is no longer! I CLEARLY was not thinking leaving the rugs down with a new puppy. Photos show the rugs BEFORE I took them out.

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  46. Connie B.

    This stuff is AMAZING!!!

    I have a 13 week old Aussiedoodle who still has some accidents from time to time and this product eliminates every possible odor when those accidents happen!! All you have to do is soak up the urine, spray the product, let it sit for a minute and soak up the excess and boom smell and stain are completely gone! 100/10 recommend for any pet parents out there especially if you hate the dirty feeling you have once your pet had an accident! This stuff is a miracle in a bottle!!

  47. Shelbie Porterfield

    Love It!

    I used to use disposable litter boxes for my cats but switched over to a regular litter box. After a couple of months of use, I started noticing a lingering urine odor even after I cleaned it. But after one use of this stain & odor eliminator, the smell is GONE!! I do not have to replace the litter box as I thought. This is now my go to cleaner for this job!

  48. Kennedy Moes

    Best thing to clean the carpet

    I originally bought just the one bottle of this product to try, but ended up repurchasing the big container since we loved it so much. Having puppies and thick carpet doesn’t usually mix well, but this helps us clean the carpet outside of when I get the carpet cleaner out. It eliminates urine scent extremely well. We will not use a different product after finding this one!

  49. Miriam

    This product really works!

    Bought this to try at my daughters house after her cat peed on her couch after being accidentally stuck in the basement overnight. We could not get rid of the scent no matter how hard we tried, multiple different types of products. It always came back within a day.We used this last week and am sooo glad we tried it, it really works!!Will always have this on hand for any future accidents.

  50. Lisa

    It works!

    I have a senior dog with dementia that has accidents in the house. Our house smelled awful even though I tried to scrub the carpet. We had used this years ago for the same issue. I sprayed my carpet down, let it sit for 60 minutes and cleaned it up. The smell is gone! I highly recommend this product.

  51. sarah

    Where have you been all my life?!

    Note: all cats had been spayed and/or neutered.Growing up with an anxious cat who licked off all his fur on his torso and legs after my moving out, I would have never had to also throw away so many of my clothes had this existed.My cat not only did anxious licking, he would spite urinate in my dirty clothes basket to the point my parents no longer let him enter that room.My mother is extremely OCD about cleaning (who hires a maid weekly but insists on cleaning with them?), and always told me when it has been urinated on by a cat, it’s basically not salvageable.Cut to after moving out….a roommate had a very neurotic female cat, and a stray, non feral cat adopted me and my then-boyfriend.Mind you, this cat was neurotic from the day I met her in a one-pet household – for example, unprovoked, she bit the ex boyfriends thumb through his fingernail, so it wasn’t just the introduction of our lovely addition.We noticed that awful ammonia smell near the tv – one of those 5 feet tall Boxy big screens – and proceeded to just clean it as normal, including renting a steam cleaner, etc.The smell seemed to be getting worse, and as one roommate had a black light we started looking around the room in said area near TV.We were petrified and in awe of what this cat was capable of. There were streaks of urine actually visible to naked eye but we hadn’t thought to check….all the way up the wall, above the tv and then some. She had to have parkoured up there and have some epic spraying power.Obviously I bought all pheromone and enzyme products I could find, but there truly was no escaping it.Current day: moved in with boyfriend not knowing one has a serious marking issue – and he’s neutered. There is another who is not *yet* neutered, but he’s the little guy and will be soon, along with a chill older female cat who is not the culprit.Based on reviews (I didn’t even read the OCD cleaners review until after purchase), I ordered this and a few other products to deter this bane of my existence.To make matters worse, I was blaming the little guy as he isn’t yet neutered. My apologies, little guy.So imagine standing in the mirror in a robe and something wet on your bare leg. The middle one had been the culprit all along and decided he wanted to mark….me. Later, he proceeded to mark my boyfriend while we were all chilling on the couch.The vet chalked it up to me moving in and stress, along with that he can urinate properly again, he’s makin his mark. shortly after moving in, he received a 2k price tag after I noticed he was behaving like my old cat when crystals in his urine caused bladder rupture & emergency surgery – worth it; he stayed with us many more years.This guy doesn’t have that excuse as he’s been peeing on things for a loooong time it seems.Enter this Rocco & Roxie stuff, holy wow. I threw a bunch of clothes in the tub, tossed a liberal amount in with warm water and let their grimy, oily, cat urine selves hangout awhile. Afterwards, I did a pre wash with a bit more and a long wash with a bit more product.Not all the lingering urine smell left a few items, but if a cat pees on something you love, just try, try again. Miraculously ammonia-free clean stuff. I have yet to try it on carpet, and if a body spray for humans is ever available- sign me up.Also, the smell of the product is truly not so bad. It does have a minty smell, but it’s not really too strong and much more pleasant than the overpowering, once invincible foe that is cat urine.Now that I’m laundering everything like a madwoman I’ve had to purchase another gallon – it’s pricey for a reason and worth putting aside any unnecessary luxury purchases.As the epic OCD reviewer says, you do need to reach the root of the issue as well – this alone will probably not stop the marking or random acts of urination outside the box until you know why. In tandem with other products, this is necessary to actually banish the scent.Update: not only is the product amazing, the service matches the quality. I had a few delivery issues, and they were kind enough to send a little dog treat gift which my parent’s dog apparently loves. Thanks so much for giving me back my sanity one gallon at a time!

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  52. Kay


    Clearly I have to get my basement floor sealed but my dogs urine would literally creep up through our vents. So when the heat or air turned on the house smelled PUTRID!!! But OMG IM GONNA KEEP BUYING THIS PRODUCT!!!!!! I used a hard cement brush poured this over the main spots he peed, scrubbed it in. When I tell you just walking downstairs to the basement you could smell the change but the final review was the heat. SMELL GONEEEEE. I’m so happy I could cry I used bleach, vinegar, other brands and this is the only thing that didn’t mask the smell it completely eliminated it… of course until he pisses again but it’s still worth the $50. BUY IT.

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  53. Angela Monear

    This stuff Works!

    After trying 3 different products and almost losing hope I found this! My cat had decided to pee on three pairs of my very expensive running shoes and a pair of boots. So instead of throwing out almost $800 worth of footwear, I tried one last time. Let’s just say I will be treating the carpet today in the closet where she peed on the shoes, and I know it will work! (There is probably other places I’ve yet to find) 😑 Rocco and Roxie You have a customer for life here! Any promotional codes would be appreciated cause I’m going to be needing quite a bit more I’m sure! 😂

  54. Sunshine

    BUY IT!!!

    I recently got a kitten. And she decided she was scared of our washing mashing where we kept her litter box so she decided the new couch was where she was going to use the bathroom. Needless to say I thought I’d have to burn the entire couch. I saw the reviews for this product and figured I’d have nothing to lose. And let me tell you. It worked!! It not only took out the horrid cat pee smell which is unbearable…. But it left it smelling so clean and fresh! I have already purchased a second bottle in case of emergency. I will 100% recommend this product to everyone. Amazing product!

  55. Rebecca Ann Smith

    It works!! It actually works!

    This product worked so well. I was depressed over the stench from my cat urinating on the carpet over and over again in a spot I didn’t discover till just a few weeks ago. Also, my disabled son is incontinent and he had accidents on the couch.This has saved the couch, mattress, carpet and my sanity!I sprayed it and soaked it and just left it to dry.It’s like it never happened. I’m so thankful.This actually works. 😭😭😭🥹I’m so happyNo more overpowering nauseating smells.I will be purchasing again. Perhaps try on laundry next.

  56. Jill Johns

    REALLY WORKS!! Amazing results on month old dried cat urine on/in hardwood floors!

    I’m sorry, but this is a bit lengthy… but if you want something that works, definitely worth readingI discovered one of my cats had urinated on the hardwood floor in our spare bedroom. For about a month (starting just before Christmas), I would occasionally think I smelled it when I’d walk into the room… I gave a sniff test to all the things one would normally think of smelling- bedding, pillows, extra blankets in the room, literally anything made of fabric, but I could never locate the source of the smell. Fast forward to late-January when I walk into the room & am nearly overcome by the odor. (Oh no!)I smelled all the normal places I’ve checked before. Nothing. Something told me to push the bed out a few feet. Well, I found it… the floor (hardwood) but, it’s bone dry & I know that it started at least a month ago, probably longer (like probably about the time I brought a stray, beat up kitten in who liked to try to play with the older cat – constantly – but the older cat bats & hisses, always trying to escape the kitten. I do a little online research and read some great things about this Rocco & Roxie, a couple of reviews which suggest using this product alongside Angry Orange.I decide to purchase both Rocco & Roxie and the Angry Orange, along with a UV light to (hopefully) help me pinpoint any trouble spots. At this point I’ve already decided it doesn’t matter if I ruin the finish on the floor by putting these products on thick. Without it, the floors are essentially ruined anyway so let’s just go all in. A friend said she had tried the Angry Orange (on its own) and it helped but didn’t eliminate the odor.I had already treated with an enzyme type spot remover that had worked on puppy urine (on carpets) before. Then I had repeatedly cleaned the floor & put more enzymatic cleaner on in between ordering & receiving my purchase. I had about a week between finding the area & receiving the new products. So, now with product in hand, I spray on Rocco & Roxie until the hardwood floor looks like someone dumped water on it. Next morning, floor is dry & there’s a definite improvement, nearly no odor. I don’t notice that the floor looks any worse (finish-wise) in that area than before I treated it. The floors were already worn quite a bit anyways in the house… they still have some finish on them but not super shiny or brand new looking, by any means.Now the smell was not completely gone & so I repeated this process until I could no longer smell it unless I had my nose right next to the floor… I want to say maybe 5 or 6 treatments. Worrying that the cats (or dog) might still smell the urine, I decided I was at the point of trying the Angry Orange product. I mopped the floor with hot water to be sure to get any residual of the Rocco & Roxie up off the floor. I let the floor dry for the night, or possibly 24 hours, then I applied the Angry Orange (not too liberally as I’d read some of the reviews & was worried about how strong it might really be)… I’ve driven past some of those orange plants in central Florida where you can smell the orange inside a closed up car, driving at 55 or 60 mph… not an offensive smell, but it’s winter in Ohio & I don’t want to make everything in the house smell like oranges & not be able to escape it.I think I ended up applying the Angry Orange 2 more times, mopped the floors (with hot water again) and I was not able to detect the smell of urine after all of this (even with my nose close to the floor). I haven’t let the cats or dog back into that room yet (I’m still afraid to trust them), but there is a light orange fragrance in there now & no cat urine smell. I’m ecstatic, to say the least.So the area I treated was probably 3′ x 5′ (roughly). I purchased a 32 oz spray bottle of Rocco & Roxie and still have a fair amount left. I will definitely be buying a backup bottle to have on hand though. I’m waiting to see if the odor returns once it starts warming up & the humidity level increases some in this area. If it does, I will apply more treatments, but my fingers are crossed that this took care of the problem- at least for now, it has. I’m one happy customer here!Oh, I almost forgot to mention… before I even received the products, Rocco & Roxie sent an email with instructions on how to use/apply their product. I responded with my particular problem & said if they had any additional suggestions for hardwood floors I was open to any & all. They even responded to this! Great company & great customer service.Superb product!! Thank you Rocco & Roxie!!

    4 people found this helpful

  57. Debra Williams

    Best Product For Cat Odors

    This product was recommended to me to get rid of the smell of cat urine. I had tried other products but the smell stayed. I expected this product to do the same. Much to my surprise and happiness, it works great! I highly recommend this product!We also had a packaging issue where the sprayer got crushed. I contacted the seller who wanted to refund my money and send a new one. I didn’t need them to do that, I only needed the sprayer. I had a new sprayer in three days. Awesome customer service!

  58. Kelsey Pope

    Worth the price.

    We had a series of unfortunate events between our kids and the cat that led to some recurring peeing in their closets, backpack, and dress up bin and on several rugs. We were having a serious conversation about the possibility of having to rehome him and ordered this to see what we could manage to save. Not only has this completely removed the terrible cat urine smell that was taking over, it’s been effective in helping him change his behavior and he’s back to using the litter box. I’m keeping this on hand with the household cleaners now. Super effective and easy to use. Honestly can not say enough positive things about this.

  59. Sheryll Ann Bourdain

    Best product on the market for cat urine

    I tried another top brand before this one that did not work completely. This one worked completely. I am a very happy customer. I can’t tolerate a house that smells like cats urine. My for baby daughter was stressed out because I had gone out of town and she decided to pee on the carpet. Wow! Quite unpleasant. I tried one other product before this one and it did not work but then when I use this one, it worked immediately. I can’t say enough about it. It just works miraculously and I wouldn’t use anything else at this point

  60. Melanie Ross

    Wonder worker!

    This product is incredible and wish I had taken before and after. After cleaning up a very loose dog mess with paper towels and lightly use a wet towel, I applied the product. Waited for about 30 minutes, took paper towels to press against the stain. I also use my green bissell to throughly clean. It’s very difficult to impossible to even find where the mess was. We have used this on more messes than we want to admit with an elderly dog. Wish we had this product years ago! And we have tried many many different products but this one does what it says!

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