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Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Chia Seeds 1kg


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About this item Organic variety, grown naturally without the use of pesticides, high in Protein and Fibre as well as being a source of a number of other nutrients Easy to incorporate into every day meals, eat raw or ground, add to savoury and sweet dishes, drinks, and as an egg replacement in baking Raw – processed at temperatures that never exceed 45 degrees Celsius, as this helps to retain heat sensitive nutrients 100% pure with nothing added, allergen free, certified organic by the UK Soil Association, environmentally sustainable practices employed, GMO free, non-irradiated, tested for heavy metals & mycotoxins. Registered with the UK Vegan Society. Supplied in a durable resealable upright pouch to maintain freshness and prevent spillage. *Note: Packaging may vary but contents remain the same*

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Product Description

At Sevenhills Wholefoods, we aim to bring you the finest superfoods of the highest quality and at competitive prices. Our products are sourced direct from the farm to maintain consistency in quality and supply, and enable local communities to flourish. Our products are 100% pure and natural, and produced using as little processing as possible to provide the maximum nutrition level. We are consumers of our own products, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

organic chia seedsorganic chia seeds

Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Chia Seeds

  • Chia seeds are often consumed for their Omega 3 content
  • High in Protein and Fibre as well as being a source of a number of vitamins and minerals
  • Raw – processed at temperatures that never exceed 45°C, as this helps to retain heat sensitive nutrients
  • When soaked in water, chia seeds can absorb about 10-12 times their weight and form a gelatin-like substance
  • UK Soil Association certified Organic (GB-ORG-005)
  • Vegan Society registered
  • Packed in the UK in resealable packaging
organic chia seedsorganic chia seeds

About Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Chia Seeds

Chia is the edible seed sourced from the desert plant ‘Salvia hispanica’, a member of the mint family grown naturally in South America. Chia seeds have been regarded locally as an important food for centuries, and are still at the core of local diets. Our chia seeds are grown on small farms in South America, after a long growing season the seeds are harvested then carefully cleaned. Chia seeds can be eaten raw and ground, added to juices, smoothies, yoghurt, cereal, sweet and savoury dishes and used as an egg replacement in baking.

This variety of our chia seeds is sourced from organic producers. Organic means working with nature and is better for the environment – lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land. Organic food comes from trusted sources, all organic farms and food companies are inspected at least once a year and the standards are laid down in law.

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Supplying the finest superfoods

At Sevenhills Wholefoods, our aim is to bring you the finest of superfoods, those which are nutrient-rich and have a variety of health benefits. Our direct sourcing from local producers allows us to maintain consistency in quality, and enable use to supply you at the lowest prices. Our products are checked in the UK then packed in resealable packaging..

Changing lives in local communities

We process our products close to their origin which improves the lives of our farmers and their families, enabling local communities to flourish. We work closely with our farmers to develop long term partnerships which enable them to sustain their livelihoods between harvest cycles and allow us to have products available year round.

Committed to charity projects

We are committed to making a difference to the lives of people in the developing world in supporting a variety of charities worldwide. Our social projects are focused on helping the least well off in society to receive the basics that we believe everyone should have such as food, education, housing, water, medicine and sanitation.

100% pure and natural products

Our products do not contain binders, fillers or artificial ingredients, and are free from colours, preservatives and allergens. Our Organic products are UK Soil Association certified (GB-ORG-005), Certificate No. DA24493. Our Vegan products are registered by the Vegan Society. We use as little processing as possible to provide the maximum nutrition level.

organic chia seeds

organic hemp seeds

organic coconut sugar

organic coconut oil

organic superfood protein bars

Organic Chia Seeds

Organic Hemp Seeds

Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Superfood Protein Bars
Certified Organic by UK Soil Association (No. DA24493, 2020)

Certified by Vegan Society (No. 021923, 2020)

100% Natural Ingredients

Format Seeds Seeds Sugar Oil Bars

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Customer Reviews

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928 in Grocery (See Top 100 in Grocery) 11 in Nuts & Seeds

Date First Available

5 Nov. 2013

10 reviews for Sevenhills Wholefoods Organic Chia Seeds 1kg

  1. Min

    Amazing stuff. Got the whole family taking it now and friends etc. Moringa has amazing health benefits.Shame they are out if stock so will try the capsules but I like to drink my powder soaked with warm water tumeric coconut oil with a pinch of black pepper first thing in the morning. Keeps me going till lunch time or longer. Glowing skin now. 😍

  2. Chunky Monkey

    A while ago, I decided to make a few tweaks to my diet, basically to help settle a seemingly persistently dodgy stomach, cut down the snacking and to try to give me a bit more energy.One of the simple changes I made (and probably the one with the single greatest personal benefit to me) was to look to increase sources of fibre in my diet. This has made a huge difference and was so simple do.Fibre is basically just carbohydrates that the digestive enzymes in your gut can’t break down, so they pass through your body without being absorbed, so they don’t raise blood sugar or affect insulin levels like other forms of carbohydrates, which are absorbed. Fibre aids digestion by feeding the helpful bugs in your gut, amongst several other benefits.In addition to eating a bit of all bran for brekkie (with a few raspberries, blueberries or strawberries), which really helped stop the mid-morning munchie cravings, switching to whole grain bread and rice and making sure I got more higher fibre fruit and veg (and a few nuts) into my diet (pretty much anything is good, but the very best fruit tend to be things like mango, berries, persimmon and figs, etc and best veg tend to the darker colour types – so, broccoli, beets, beans (things like kidney, lima and pinto), with artichokes have probably the most fibre that I’ve seen, per serving)In terms of seeds, this is where these little beauties come in and were a bit of a revelation to me. They are versatile and easy to use, naturally filling, aid digestion are a super-duper source of fibre (they are about 30% fibre). (In addition, they are also a great source of omega-3 (ALA) as well as iron and contain about as many anti-oxidants, per serving, as blueberries!). I have added a photo a the end which shows the nutritional info on the back of the packet.For those not familiar, these are about the size of poppy seeds (so really small) and like poppy seeds don’t have any real taste, so are great to add to cooking, without changing the flavour.Their party piece is that they absorb a lot of water, so are great to fortify milks (which tend not have any fibre) including almond and coconut and, of course, they are great to use in smoothies! Also go well with plain yogurt (a favourite of mine with some added fruit!). You can also add them to make breads, muffins and cakes, in addition to using them to thicken soups and stews… the list goes on and on. (There are hundreds of recipes for their use on line).These come in a sturdy, resealable packet, (with more than a one year “use by” window), so are easy to store.You can buy these in the shops, but to be honest, I thought they were very expensive for the amount offered. This is much better value, at about a quarter of the price I’ve seen in my local supermarket.A really great, health improving, product.Recommended.

  3. steve holland

    Arrived on time well packaged and when opened all was well.No problems and would purchase again at that price.

  4. MNP

    Great source of fibre

  5. Sylvia

    Love this product, great quality and value for money. My 2nd bag and will buy more in future.

  6. Ilias

    Very nice

  7. Lilly



    It worth the money and its versatility makes it easier for me.

  9. Magdalena

    Highly reccommend!

  10. Amazon Customer

    The quality of seeds are good

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