Smily Mia Penguin Buddy Never Drop Silicone Baby Teething Toy for 0-6month Infants, Baby Chew Toys for Sucking Needs, Hand Pacifier for Breast Feeding Babies, Car Seat Toy for New Born,Light Blue Baby

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About this item *WEARABLE&NEVER DROP: Wear on baby’s wrist, baby’s hand is still free which is more comfortable than a mitten. Also no need to use a clip. Keep it from dropping and collecting dirt/hair. Teething Pacifiers For 0-6Months Sucking Babies Who Refuses normal pacifiers.More than 1 million babies approved, works as a boob teether and a pacifier for picky babies for soothing. *EASY TO HOLD HAND TEETHER: There is a stem inside the hollow reindeer body for the little hand to grasp. The ears are on both sides, when the baby hold it, can very easily to locate the nipple into the mouth. Elestic silicone helps relieve teething discomfort while baby nubbing and pulling the nipple part. *PERFECT REPLACEMENT FOR FINGER SUCKING&CHEWING, PEDIATRICIAN RECOMMENDED: Little hand is inside the penguin holding the stem prevent baby sucking their own fingers.By bringing the product to mouth, helps with motro skill development. Helps with a good oral habit establishment. *EASY TO WASH: Made of BPA free, food grade silicone, dishwasher and freezer safe. Ca
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How did we get our start?

  1. Owner Paul is a single father, there was a lot of ignore of Mia’s milestones when she was little. One day he found out she was biting her fingers, A LOT. He took her to doctor’s and figured out that expecting safety loss, she missed her mouthing phrase, and better let her chew back to fix it. Paul then decided to start a brand on this, and names it with her name, Mia. To remind himself and all parents, following baby’s growing milestones, those precious moment did not come back again.

What makes our products unique?

  1. We are making these products functional and adorable

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Light Purple, Pine Green, blue, chimney red, christmas red, light blue, light grey, old roze, pine green, pink

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‎4.52 x 1.89 x 3.74 inches

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‎0.12 Pounds

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‎2.24 ounces

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4.7 out of 5 stars

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4.7 out of 5 stars

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#21 in Baby (See Top 100 in Baby) #1 in Baby Teether Toys

60 reviews for Smily Mia Penguin Buddy Never Drop Silicone Baby Teething Toy for 0-6month Infants, Baby Chew Toys for Sucking Needs, Hand Pacifier for Breast Feeding Babies, Car Seat Toy for New Born,Light Blue Baby

  1. ANS

    Exactly what it should be…

    So I saw this product on one of those “Things you can’t live without” lists. I saw this and I thought I’d give it a try. And boy howdy am I glad that I did. It’s perfect. My four month old can easily hold it herself. She can quickly maneuver it to her mouth and the soft silicon makes for the perfect chew toy. So many baby toys claim to be easy to hold but so many of them aren’t really for young babies (in that that really aren’t that easy for their uncoordinated hands to manipulate). This toy is absolutely great. Its large enough that my little likes to chew all over it and yet it has a thin bar inside the “mitt” that is very easy for her to wrap her grip around so that she is not constantly dropping it.

    6 people found this helpful

  2. alexis

    Best ever

    Got it for my almost 2 month old ! He loves to have his hands in his mouth or his outfit sleeves and collar, pacifier or me as a pacifier lol.Gave him this and it’s the only thing he actually holds on too and he is doing so good with hands and mouth coordination.Everyone told me he’s to young but I told them when he’s ready I’ll have it but he’s ready now ! Super glad I bought it !Helped out him to sleep on his own the first day !

    2 people found this helpful

  3. Sabrina

    You NEED this.

    I bought this for my youngest foster baby who is teething like no other. He will chew on it for an hour! It is so easy for him to grab and hang on to, even when he wasn’t able to grab onto his other toys. It’s easy to wash/sanitize and small enough to take on the go. We make sure to bring it everywhere with us!

  4. Lily James

    Very strong; for those teething ankle biter’s

    My nephew loves this as soon as he saw this it went straight into his mouth. This little penguin is strong too the baby just got his second front tooth and bite’s like u can’t imagine. (Make sure baby isn’t eating when he has the handles in his mouth; throw up everywhere.)

  5. SP


    Thank goodness someone created this! My daughter loves it, when she has liked nothing else. It’s easy for her to hold and she never drops it. I have to force it out of her hand. Thank you! So helpful while she is teething, and even though her hand eye coordination isn’t that strong at 4 months she can easily get it into her mouth, unlike other tethers.

    2 people found this helpful

  6. Veronika

    Cute teether.

    Cute idea for a teether. My little guy has been biting everything including me. I like it because he can biylte on the whole thing. I help him little to get his hand holding the inside bar. Also sometimes his hamd get stuck. He is only 4 months. I’m sure older babies don’t need as much assistance. None the less good product and it’s cute!

    2 people found this helpful

  7. Ali K.

    A must have!

    I feel like every parent boasts about how awesome these are and I couldn’t agree more. When my baby first started teething and learning to hold things this teether is all she wanted! The only downside is her face will get red from the silicone rubbing against it sometimes, but my baby does have pretty sensitive skin. Super easy to clean and dries very quickly.

    One person found this helpful

  8. MWA


    Seriously the best teether/pacifier for your baby. My baby is exclusively nursed and refused a pacifier until we came across this. I’ve recommended this to everyone and also bought the deer one. It’s so easy and natural for them to hold.

  9. Taylor

    My son LOVES this!

    My son loves this so much! It’s super easy for him to hold and he loves to suck/chew on the ends (if he doesn’t have this he’s alwaysss sucking on his hands). With other teethers, he either drops them or doesn’t hold onto them as long. With this one, since it kind of wraps around the hand, he’s able to hold onto it longer. I would absolutely purchase again!

    One person found this helpful

  10. Amber

    Teething baby approved!

    My son, 9 months old, can hold this easy and can suck on it as well as chew. It got thrown on the ground and the dirt stuck to it so it needed cleaned a few times before the dirt came off but it did come off.

  11. Sam

    Love this product!!

    This is your sign to buy this! My son refuses a pacifier so I was certain he’d refuse this. He chomps on this constantly (were teething! Yay!). It’s easy for him to hold and he doesn’t drop it often. The only part that sucks is the material collects dirt and hair easy but it washes off easy as well. I’ve already gifted this as a baby shower gift and need to buy more so we can have one in every bag and never be without!

    2 people found this helpful

  12. Averi Edwards

    My baby is obsessed!!

    My 4 month old son absolutely loves this toy. It’s so easy for him to hold onto and it’s hard for him to drop. He seems to enjoy how it feels on his gums. 10/10!!

  13. AkY_89

    Lifesaver for 4 month old teether!

    This is a great teether and a perfect replacement for a thumb sucker. It’s made of soft, food grade silicone and it is verh easy to clean. My baby girl hasn’t had any issues holding it and hasn’t dropped it once.

  14. Katherine

    Best buy for my 4 month old

    My four month old is breastfed and only took a binky for a few months and refused it. We got her this for Christmas and she loves it. She gets super excited when she sees it and she can hold it perfectly fine. It has helped with car rides since she can now self sooth herself! I highly recommend these!!

  15. Travis reed

    Super easy to hold and baby loves it!

    My son kept chewing on his hands constantly 🙄. Was suggested Mos penguin and he absolutely loves it! To be honest I had little hope he would but since he reflex holds it its perfect for him! He has not put it down since we got it today!

  16. wendy

    Breastfed baby loves it!

    This little penguin was a life saver for me! My bf baby doesn’t like any pacifier but he loves this penguin and even helped him fall asleep without being on my boob!

  17. Rayne Alexandra

    Viral product

    I saw this product on TikTok and my baby started showing signs of teething early on so I decided I would try this. This is a great buy when your baby can grasp onto something bring the object to their mouth on their own. He loves chomping on this thing and I love the design of the bar that he can hold on his own.

    2 people found this helpful

  18. amanda

    Best toy for babies!

    We love the penguin! Our daughter wasn’t a pacifier girl and this was so helpful! She was able to figure it out pretty easily when she was a few months old, we just had to help her grip. Now that she’s older she can grip it herself and loves it!

  19. Maria Vigen

    Our baby loves it

    Our baby loves chewing on this. I think he likes the silicone material, and it is easy for him to hold. It’s also pretty easy to clean.

  20. Debee W

    Excellent Item

    Grandson loves this item. It is easy for him to hold. and to use as he is teething. His parents may love it more than him because it calms him.

  21. An Iowan


    This toy is a favorite! Baby can keep ahold of it and chew, chew, chew. He’ll bite and then pull it out of his mouth and it makes a cute little pop. Seems to really entertain him. It’s super easy to clean, just wash off and it’s ready to go.

  22. Gina Kepner

    Newborn loves it now I need a paci like it

    I was on the hunt for a pacifier that my newborn would accept being exclusively breastfed. I have a “graveyard” full of almost every pacifier I could find, she doesn’t like any of them. I bought this after seeing so many reviews and she absolutely loves sucking on it only problem is she’s to young to hold it. So I’m on the hunt for a pacifier with the same texture/shape as the arms 😫

    4 people found this helpful

  23. Jessica Fertel

    Great first toy! Easy for baby to hold

    We love this toy! Very easy for our 5 month old nephew to hold and chew on– the way it fits on the hand, he is less likely to drop. Other family members bought them to keep at their house for him once they saw how much he enjoyed it.

    One person found this helpful

  24. Madison Ackerman

    Uses Instead of Hands!

    Baby was putting her hands in her mouth all of the time; at almost four months she’s figured out how to hold and chew on this instead!

  25. Allison Doran

    Baby’s favorite item

    My son is obsessed with this teether. We had to buy 3 just in case we ever misplace one. He loves to suck on the little arms and the toy brings him joy when he just sees it. A must buy item once baby hits 4 months old

  26. Melissa

    Never say never…

    Never’s a strong word, it’s definitely droppable… but this thing is awesome! Baby loves it. Every part of it is chewable, and usually instead of it falling to the floor it ends up on the wrist like a bracelet. Keeps baby busy and happy. Easy for a tiny babe to grasp the little bar inside. Soft and easy to clean. Not teething yet but I think it will be great for that purpose. Best thing I’ve found for really young infants to hold on to and *almost never* drop.

    4 people found this helpful

  27. Jim

    Every Baby Should Have A Smily Penguin Teether

    It was a gift for Christmas for our great granddaughter. We got a video from the parents showing 2 yr. old brother unwrapping it for her. He wiped it on his pants leg and gave it to her and she sucked on the nipple part. Very cute video. It’s the best! She used it Christmas morning. Every baby should have a Smily Penguin Teether

  28. Viviana

    The best

    I can’t believe how great this is. My baby is only 4 months old but already teething a lot. She used to put her hand in her mouth all day and now this penguin toy replaces it.

  29. Caraighan Pope


    My two month old can hold onto this one himself and will chew on it for hours! Definitely recommend!

  30. Amazon Customer

    Love it

    My baby is a breastfeed baby and she dont like pacifiers and this is the only one she love.

  31. Kaitlyn Spires


    My parents also bought one for our 4mo old so he has two and they are now his favorite item! Loves to chew on them and bang it against whatever. He seems to hold it just fine!

  32. MamaWood125

    Perfect first teether!

    My baby is 3 months and gets frustrated when he keeps dropping his other Teethers, I came across this and added it to his stocking for Christmas. He LOVES it. Never drops it and finds it easy to bring up to his mouth to satisfy his teething needs. Recommended and will purchase again!

  33. Natalie

    Best baby buy yet

    My daughter is absolutely obsessed with the penguin pacifier she hasn’t like a single one until we found this it’s literally a god send

  34. Alyssa

    Would bug again.

    My baby doesn’t hold it the way it’s supposed to be, despite me repositioning her hand constantly. But she still absolutely loves it. I would purchase again for future babies.

  35. Mandy Cressman

    Amazing!! Do not get the knockoffs like I did

    My baby loves this. I previously had 2 lookalikes but this one opens up so she can get her hand in and she loves the “ears” so much more!

  36. Justyna K

    My 6 month old loves it

    My 6 month old loves this penguin. Its perfect for teething and very easy to hold. Barely gets dropped. But when it does, an easy rinse under water will do the trick. Love it! i wish i had this with my previous baby.

  37. Selena

    Worked for my 3 month old

    Really recommend this if you have a baby that can’t hold on to regular teethers. It’s easy for three month old to hold on to it

  38. AngieT1208

    Must have!

    After buying 3 other teething toys WE finally bought this and she loves it. She plays with this every time and watching her chew on this thing is HILARIOUS!! I should have bought sooner. Will be buying another in case this one gets lost I would be in trouble, BIG trouble.

    One person found this helpful

  39. Amazon Customer

    Get this now!

    This is literally my 4 month olds favorite toy, and she has many. It’s incredibly easy for them to grip with tiny hands, light weight and pliable. A very easy concept for them to understand and since she’s teething she loves it so much. Hands down her favorite toy at the moment. I am going to buy a few more so if it gets lost we don’t have to wait for shipping, I recommended it to my mom friends who have now ordered as well. One of my top baby recommendations and it’s so cheap which I love. Also very easy to wash and toss in her sterilizer.

    2 people found this helpful

  40. Constance B Beckmann

    4 month old loves it.

    Baby loves it and I’ve ordered another. She screams. when she drops it. Am Afraid to really loose it!This baby loves putting her fist to her mouth, so this is great.

  41. Shalee

    Buy it!

    My little one stopped using pacifiers at around 3 mths and I thought about one of these. I however didn’t offer until just after Christmas and he’s now 7mths and teething but still loves it!

  42. Vanessa


    I love this! It’s perfect for a teething baby and I was also looking for something to help my baby self soothe during the night and this helps SO much! My baby doesn’t take any pacifier at all! So it’s nice to have something for baby to gravitate towards when feeling fussy/tired. If you’re on the fence about it, just buy it! it’s such a great multi use baby item to have on hand.(Pic of baby sleeping and keeping penguin buddy on standby!)

    2 people found this helpful

  43. Ashley Gerten

    Immediately took it

    Keep trying different teethers. I thought my baby wouldn’t use any but this one finally worked! He’s under 3 months so he has a hard time holding things. He hasn’t let go of it and loves the soft texture (much better than my fingers). Now I can get something done!

    One person found this helpful

  44. Jean B.

    Love It!

    Purchases this for my 4 month old grandson and he loves it! So easy for him to hold and it seems to really smooth him gums.

  45. JOANNA

    Amazing teething toy!

    Normally don’t write reviews but this teething toy is worth it! Got it for our 3 month old who is starting to chew on everything and this is the first toy he can consistently hold on to and chew.. worth every penny!

  46. Lori W

    Awesome teether

    Bought this for my grandson and it’s one of his favorites! Fits over his hand so if he lets go it doesn’t fall, he’s enjoying it!

  47. Lynn

    Great product

    So glad I purchased this! The over the hand design is perfect and the piece inside makes it so easy for baby to hold by themself.

  48. Alaina L.

    Best. Teether. EVER

    This is the best teether I’ve experienced with two kids, 11 years apart. It is easy for the baby to grasp and harder for them to lose when they’re flailing arms. I initially bought it because my daughter was sucking on her fingers and I wanted to tap that before it became a habit, and this did the trick! She still chews on it at 8 months because of food it fees on her gums.

    One person found this helpful

  49. Kristin

    Love it!

    Absolutely perfect for teething babies! Very easy to clean! Only con would be hair clings to it but that’s just the material and because I have two long haired dogs 😂

  50. Rachel

    Baby’s loves!

    She will chow on that things for hours! It’s very easy to clean and she and hold on by herself really well at 5 months.

  51. Iliana

    Potential choking hazard

    My daughter likes this teething toy, it’s very easy for babies to hold. However, you can see glue residue where the “handle” was glued on, so it could be a choking hazard. I don’t allow my daughter to have this without my direct supervision.

    2 people found this helpful

  52. FL

    My grandbaby loves this!

    This is the second one that I ordered. One for my house and one for my grandbaby at her home. She loves it and I can tell it’s helping her with teething! Once she figured out how to hold it, she has it with her all the time.

  53. CJ

    Lifesaver for baby who doesn’t love pacifier

    Love this easy to hold toy for our teething baby. Only negative is it seems to attract the TINIEST hairs or cloth fibers so I rinse it a lot. Put it through my sterilizer and it was fine.

  54. Jennifer Stern

    Just buy multiple

    You will need several of these things. They’re so great for teething babies. Mine hates pacifiers but loves this thing. We have one for the car, one for the diaper bag, and two for the house. Soothes to sleep and seems to help aching gums.

  55. Dorian

    Amazing! No more dropped pacifiers!

    My baby loved her pacifier but couldn’t seem to keep it in her mouth so I am constantly putting it back in. Now with this product she was instantly able to put it in herself even in the middle of sleep! No more crying

  56. Justin

    Baby can hold it, wish there was something ridgey on the top

    Our baby likes to check the penguin forehead for ridges or something to gnaw on… She doesn’t instantly go for the side pieces. However it does save her from sucking her thumb

  57. Sarah Garza

    The best pacifier ever

    My now six month old started using this around the three month mark and has been self soothing ever since. His hand/eye coordination seems very advanced for just age and we credit this pacifier. I’ve purchased ones for friends with infants ever since.

  58. Brittany

    Great for Teething babies

    My son loves this thing! He likes to chew on his pacifier, and the little penguin arms are shaped exactly like the nipple on his paci, so it works great. Easy to put on baby hands, and my son keeps his grip around the handle. The only thing I wish is that at least one of the arms had some ribbing on it for when he’s teething really bad and needs something extra.

    2 people found this helpful

  59. Amazon Customer

    Grandaughter LOVES it!!

    I bought my granddaughter one when she was 3 months old and she LOVES it we had to by her another one because we were afraid if she lost it we would be in trouble.:)

    One person found this helpful

  60. Jp


    My niece loves this. She doesn’t use binkys so this is perfect for her teething

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