TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Headphones in Ear Built in Mic Headset Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Sport Black (2022 Upgraded) Electronics

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[Stereo sound quality] TOZO T10 Earbuds’ 8mm large size speaker driver (the drive area is 1.77 times than the normal drive area) delivers powerful bass( lowest 16Hz), mellow midrange, and clear treble(up to 20kHz). Reproducing your music vividly. [ BLUETOOTH 5.3] Features with the advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, TOZO T10 Earbuds support HSP HFP A2DP AVRCP, which provides instant pairing and stable transmission without interruptions. [One step pairing] Simply take 2 headsets out from the charging case, and they will connect each other automatically and then only one step easily enter mobile phone Bluetooth setting to pair the earbuds. [IPX8 waterproof] Earbuds and charging case inner Nano-coating makes it possible to waterproof for 1 meters deep for 30 minutes. Waterproof and sweatproof lastest technology can effectively prevent from the damage of the splash by sweat and raindrops. [Charge on the go] Playtime lasts for over 10 hours from single charge and total 45 hours with charging case. Enjoy fast charging, to fully charge the rechargerable case only 1.5 hours via fast charge USB-C cable or less than 2 hours via wireless charger. Providing convenient charging way with no strings attached.

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Product Dimensions 1.04 x 0.99 x 0.66 inches

Item Weight 0.071 ounces


Item model number T10

National Stock Number T10

Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Best Sellers Rank #12 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #4 in Earbud & In-Ear Headphones

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No

Date First Available October 5, 2018

Department All

Manufacturer TOZO

Country of Origin China

Additional information

Product Dimensions

1.04 x 0.99 x 0.66 inches

Item Weight

0.071 ounces



Item model number


National Stock Number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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4.3 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#12 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #4 in Earbud & In-Ear Headphones

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 5, 2018





Country of Origin


60 reviews for TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof Stereo Headphones in Ear Built in Mic Headset Premium Sound with Deep Bass for Sport Black (2022 Upgraded) Electronics

  1. UnshineUnshine

    if it doesn’t stay paired, either one bud to another AND/OR to phone right next to your person…

    CAN IT BE WORTH KEEPING?———————————————————————————–it is unfortunate, really – as otherwise, there is MUCH to like about this ear bud set up:* the price was outstanding, at least for this purchase as it was made during a lightning/gold box – whatever Amazon calls their countdown-timed deal opportunities. in my case, it was $29.99. what i paid is actually the teetering point for me as my inner-monologue vacillates between “when they work, i really do like these…and they were astoundingly inexpensive” to “when they cut-out or lose bud-to-bud pairing, no price compensates for resulting escalation of irritation to aggravation…” but as far as evaluating on price relative to sound, feature set and (mostly present) functionality +2* surprisingly good sound, incl much more low-end than was expected, particularly as one ought remember, they’re wireless, fairly small form, ear buds. think about that for a moment…personally, i’ll put them firmly between a good set of cans and any of my wired buds, of which i have a half-doz, incl some decent Sony’s and a set of Bose sports – granting the Bose are not in-ear buds; which makes a CONSIDERABLE difference in sound quality, as well-fitted in-ear buds both better block outside noise and seal desired audio’s path, directing toward the eardrums. +2*voice calls show well, both from the send and receive side. i have one colleague who routinely complains about calls made either through my car’s bluetooth-connected system (mic is in steering wheel) or the now out-of-production Jawbone Icon – yet he’s made no comments about my use of these buds, which tells me they’re doing the job and then some. i have also made calls to other parties, for the purposes of testing call quality, and no one has observed any issues. my ability to hear and communicate effectively has been surprisingly good, although i haven’t yet tested the buds on a call driving down the road with the windows open, or through a call standing outside on a windy day. the Jawbone did a pretty nice job with purported, military-grade noise-cancellation; not sure what/if considerations are employed to that end in these T10s. +1.5* fit/form is comfortable and stays in place – albeit w/o any running around. my most active conditions involve wearing while operating a residential, riding mower over uneven terrain, getting on/off, sweating were the most vigorous, operational conditions. they can droop some, and they do get a bit uncomfortable after a couple of hours, but then, show me some ear-buds that don’t. +1* battery life was good (roughly 3-hrs) and the recharge time (via an unplugged, but charged, case/dock) seemed to be about 45-minutes in very generally observed times. IOW, i did not run down the buds, break out the stopwatch, note start/stop times; just looked at the clock when initiating recharge and then again when lifted. +1.25* i get that this form-factor—charging a case/carrying buds in case for on-the-go, cord-free recharging, IS the way these many, many iterations of wireless, BT earbuds are presently made—can’t really be attributed to Tozo, but the functionality of the “case as charger” has real value. specific to this case, Tozo appears to use rare-earth magnets, resulting in small form and commensurately strong magnetism. very good for keeping that lid closed and your buds in the case where they belong. i’ve had my case hanging on my technician’s toolbag for a couple of weeks now and have yet to find the lid opening on its own, or of course, my buds out of the case other than when i pull them out. the buds themselves are magnetically drawn into the form and onto the charging contacts, once you’ve got them most of the way inserted. +1.25SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS:*most necessarily, and glaring, is the frequent and random connectivity drop: some times it was the Rt-ear (phone pairing) bud from the phone, despite the phone’s proximity sitting next to me in my mower’s cup holder or in my front shorts pocket, ALWAYS on my right side. other times, it was Lt-bud connectivity loss to Rt-bud, despite the buds having recent charge. this happens FAR TOO FREQUENTLY and does so while they’re worn – making it an obvious engineering/technical flaw. Surely the distance through a human’s head is so similar that nailing down electronics appropriate to afford solid connectivity across this distance and through incredibly similar material (flesh/bone/brain/bone/flesh) or around the same, should be made certain before this product hits market.add the pairing drop that i easily—with about 90% consistency reproduced—initiated by tightly cupping an ear with one hand…now that i type this, would seem the bud-to-bud pairing is made with shockingly short-range/weak electronics. so, forget going through the head, these have trouble going AROUND the head and are interrupted by nothing more than the composition of an ungloved, human hand and some of the time, nothing more than…air?back to the drawing board or lab, Tozo… -5.5presuming that deal-breaker gets corrected, next suggestion is* add a feature that makes it clear that the buds are fully charged. update the voiced component to include current battery-life status, or put a meter on the case that provides visual status of the same, or change that LED series (essentially serves as a meter, but with 4-LEDs lined up vs a numeric display) from blue to green, or even better, have the earbuds’ go from red to green? there is no way to know how much life left the buds have, other than the voice prompt that kicks in and repeats 3 or 4 times that the battery is low. the auto power-off function comes pretty swiftly thereafter, which is fine, but outside of this, the user has no way to know the buds current, charged state of being. this is kind-of irritating, it is, appears the display times out. If the buds are lifted from the charging case with a full charge (?), the buds change to blue. Put them right back in the case, they revert to red and sit that way until timing out – unless the battery life is so erratic/poor that a full-charge isn’t really a full-charge, or is until lifted from direct charge contact, or…see what i’m saying, Tozo? -1.5Nit-picky suggestion here, but valid all the same:* make the charging case/dock’s molded loop a wee bit larger. not sure what Tozo expects would be looped through this, but it is too small—without modification—for anything other than a string. i have several cables w/screw-together, end crimped connectors that are typically used for/found in; keeping together keys. the 1/8″ threaded end of this cable would not fit through the loop. i took a very small, sharp utility knife and shaved off little bits of plastic on the case-side (not the loop-side) of the loop, until i was able to get the threaded end of my cable’s connector through the workaround now ensures i can easily and securely attach the buds’ case to a carabiner, a tool bag, a belt-loop (although haven’t done that), etc. -1RESULTS: with this highly unscientific and also highly arbitrary summary of my Tozo T10 observations, based on just a a couple of week’s sporadic usage with the initial purchase, followed by several, much more intensive weeks now with the “replacement” unit…it’s a wash.would i say to someone who doesn’t already have a strong interest in wireless, ear-buds, “rush out and buy these”?i would not.would i encourage someone to try this or a different maker to see if another has defeated the paramount and absolutely necessary condition of consistent and persistent pairing to both phone and bud-to-bud? sure, why not – return them in within the appropriate time frame if they’re no bueno.what’s to say that should i go to and through a third set of Tozo’s T10s they’d not work splendidly? seems unlikely, but…or that another manufacturer has nailed some technical shortcoming and consideration that appears to have eluded Tozo’s grasp? w/o going down that road, can’t know.for me, relative to my specific instance and most definitely considering the price paid and approximately 80% up-time in which the buds work as expected, coupled with already having backup, alternatives if/when the T10s get too exasperating, i’ll probably just keep them. reach out to Tozo–if that’s even possible w/o further time-suck as has been already been spent in grappling the issue, contacting Amazon multiple times to correct some bizarre-to-me SNAFU in which reviews for this product were disallowed due to (my paraphrased summary here) some goofiness with reviews and legitimate account, product purchases and now the subsequent, even-further time-suck of typing out this loooong overview…but roll the dice and pay full price ($49.99 as of this review’s post)…nah.i suspect the technology is suuuuper close, but just isn’t.quite.there.yet to pull off what is trying to be done with the wireless ear-bud market.

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  2. GBTechnic

    Excellent Customer Service!!! This is for bass lovers and folks with multiple devices…

    Since posting my original middling review on Amazon, the company’s customer service proactively reached out to me with concerns that the earbuds I received may have been a defective item. I must say that floored me because I had previously stated in my review that I had no intention of returning the earbuds… and I am still within window to return them as I write this updated review.Tozo’s customer service offered to either give me a gift card for the purchase price I paid or to give me an upgraded set of Tozo earbuds. Not really interested in the cash, I took them up on the offer of the upgraded earbuds. I received the Tozo T6 earbuds and could not be happier. A quick note on the differences for folks who may be comparing these two:Tozo T10 – I think the bass is better on this pair and after I purchased a fast charging USB-C cord, I am able to get the charging base to fully charge. The key benefits of this one over the T6 is that you can pair each earbud as if it was a separate blue tooth device AND you can pair each/both to two devices at a time. So I would say the Tozo T10’s are for the guy/gal with multiple devices they use daily and bass lovers.Tozo T6 – In hindsight, this is the pair I should have purchased. The charging case is essentially the same size as an Airpods case, it’s IPX8 waterproof has very good bass. The case is noticeably smaller (in a good way) in your pocket. These earbuds have the same quality that I often describe Apple products with: “it just works.” You won’t pair these earbuds separately and with multiple devices at a time… and I don’t care. I love them.So all in, I love Tozo’s products and especially their customer service. Read up on the differences between the Tozo T10 and T6 and make the best decision for yourself… and know that their customer service folks are responsive and want you to be happy! That’s rare and I’m eternally grateful.===============================ORIGINAL REVIEW:It hard for me to rate this product because I want to love it. Here are my pros, cons, things to consider and final thoughts:PROS:-The bass is legitimately excellent. The speaker drivers are better than any wireless earbuds I have ever used. I am not an audophile nor do I buy $150+ headphones but the sound is legit for hip hop, dance, and other similar music.-the sound is also very good. Not excellent, like the base, but it is very good. No complains here.-Other miscellaneous features that I liked were true to description: water protection, battery life, overall build quality.-Price is extremely affordable compared to other higher end alternatives. I’d rather buy three of these than one pair of Beats headphones.-the earbuds batteries never have run out on me. I run/walk for about two hours each day, so I admittedly have never tried to really drain them. When you read the problems below, this will seem more like a pro point.-these earbuds can pair to two devices at the same time. So I usually have my iPad and iPhone paired up without having to switch between them in the settings.CONS:-bluetooth connection – if you follow the instructions, the separate earbuds pair automatically with each other with no problems. the problem is that I feel like there is a 1-10 minute period where the headphones are “searching” for my phone no matter how close it is to me for a successfully, no drop pairing. The sound can cut out or dip for a minimal period while it is going through this phase, but it’s annoying.-Using two earbuds at the same time – My usual usage case is walking/standing with my earbuds in and my phone in my pocket. If i tilt my head in one direction or another one or both headphones lose the connection momentarily BUT they do automatically pair back up. It usually goes away the longer I have them in my ears but I am afraid to leave my phone on a table and walk any reasonable distance away. i am not confident they will stay paired if I was on the opposite end of the same room with no obstructions.-Turning off the earbuds. I think this annoys me the most… I may be wrong in this desire, but I wish the earbuds would automatically shut off when I put them in the charging case. They DON’T! I have put them in the charging base for hours and then realized that they were on the whole time. Which means that they do have a charge, but they were draining the base unnecessarily while I thought I had it plugged in and was charging the base and the earbuds. I’ve bought a fast charging USB C to micro USB charging cord in hopes that it’ll help. The current safest thing I can do to get them to turn off faster/automatically is to have both my iPad and iPhone “forget the device” so that it times out versus remains on and draining the batteries.-the base takes forever to fully charge. related to the above point, I have NEVER had a fully charged base unit.Things to consider:If you’re still reading this, these are true wireless headphones. I am currently within the return window, but I won’t be returning these earbuds. This is mostly because my expectations are low given the price point. My core headphones are a pair of Apple Airpods Pros. So this pair suffers from me comparing them to a $200+ pair that “simply works.” Some additional thoughts and tips that are neither pros/cons to me:-You can use each earbud as a separate “device.” When you turn on bluetooth you see each earbud listed as a separate bluetooth device. So, follow their recommendation when it says ONLY use the right earbud as your connection via our phone/device. The right will automatically “add in” the left earbud, but the reverse is not true. What this means is that you can pair one earbud to one device and one to another. This sucks when you then want to pair them together again.. so I use the “forget this device” setting after every independent use of the left earbud.In summary, I want to love these earbuds, but the annoying fickle ways that the bluetooth works or momentarily drops whenever I first put them in my ears was something I could have accepted because of my use case. Add in the fact that its an annoying process to get the earbuds to turn off 100% of the time which effectively makes it near impossible to fully charge the base and you understand why I am writing this review. Again, I am not returning them! I love the sound. I almost always use them in exercise use cases or when I know I am going to be acting carelessly or around water/rain or in a situation where I am concerned about potential theft of my Airpod Pros. So as a second bluetooth device, these are excellent. As your primary headphones, I give them a three out of five stars.

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  3. B. Dehler

    Nothing better out there for your money

    I don’t know that there’s such a thing as a “Bluetooth expert” but I’m about as veteran as they come – I’ve used Bluetooth headsets regularly since before Bluetooth even existed on phones (yeah, when you had to have an adapter to plug into your old 3.5mm jack). We’re talking nearly 20 years of experience using Bluetooth. But those are stories for another day.I’ll cut straight to it – there is no better Bluetooth headset I’ve found below $50 that work as well as these. I’d even argue that they’re better than most headsets over $100 I’ve used. Could the mic be better? Perhaps. But I admittedly use these 95% of the time to listen to music/podcasts/videos on my phone. If I really want to talk to someone on a BT headset, I use my plantronics set with superior noise cancellation (I can have running water in front of me while conversing and the other person just hears my voice loud and clear).These bad boys last a LONG time – we’re talking 8+ hours – and they work one bud at a time so I can literally charge one while using the other and hours later when it’s running low I simply swap one bud for the other, charging the dying bud with the fresh one and never skip a beat on whatever I’m listening to. One expensive BT bud brand, for example, only works in the left ear or both ears but the right ear doesn’t work on its own. Why the hell would they design it this way?! Once your left bud runs out of juice, you cannot just swap to the right bud you have to wait for lefty to recharge. Horrible design…These also connect quickly and easily (some BT buds or headsets are a PAIN) and stay connected! They’re also water proof – I wear them in the shower almost daily (have I mentioned how I listen to podcasts almost all day long?)I’ve tried a handful of “cheap” BT buds with very similar design/price range and this one outperforms them all with all things considered. And the case even charges wirelessly! Can’t say that with half of the ones I’ve tried in this range. I’ve even tried the T6 and while I like it, I still prefer the T10 – the T6 charges in the T10 case but T10 doesn’t charge in the T6.Really the only con I can think of – besides call quality perhaps – would be the sensitivity of the touch button on the unit. But I rarely have an issue accidentally activating it and the ease of using the touch button to turn on/off, connect, pause/play etc is far better than any other BT bud I’ve used. Some are so poorly designed you can only imagine the designer hates humanity and is getting his revenge on it…

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  4. Kenneth & Carolyn

    3.5 Stars

    Or at least, I’d like to give it 3.5 stars, but since Amazon won’t allow it, I’ll have to go with 4. Why 3.5? Well to begin with these are great budget earbuds. Convenient, long lasting battery, good quality sound (for the price), and easy to use. To be honest for the first few months I loved these earbuds. But they do have enough issues that I cannot give it 4 stars.Design Issues: For starters, the case, while being less bulky than some others, is not easy to carry. Now, if in a bag/purse/satchel/backpack/etc., this isnt a problem. And the case fit fine in my cargo pockets and the outside pocket of my suit jackets, but in every main pocket in both pants and shorts it was bulky, uncomfortable, and stretched out the pocket. And even though they are designed to be able to be carried by a cord, the magnetic clasp isnt always the most secure, and neither is the magnet that holds the earbuds in. If knocked, the earbuds will likely fall out of the case.Issue two: while they *are* waterproof and sweatproof (though I’m not sure to what degree), they will not stay in your ear when wet. I often found the earbuds sliding out of my ears whenever they got wet.Minor inconveniences: sometimes the earbuds would not connect to my paired phone. This was easily fixed by manually connecting them in my phone’s “Settings” app. The touch sensitivity is very odd. There where time when brushing against it would activate it, and other times when I had to press hard to get it to work.Performance Issues: About 3 months into using these earbuds, the left earbud would no longer “snap” into place to charge 100% of the time. Often I have had to manually position it to get it to charge. If the case does not stay perfectly upright, the left earbud would jostle loose, connecting to my phone (when I couldn’t/ didn’t want to use the earbud), Often without my noticing. Then about 2 months later, the right earbud dropped significantly in volume, and has stayed that way ever sense. The sound is not distorted (for example, if it had burst from being too loud, the sound would be mixed with harsh static), but it is about 25-50% lower than the left.If you have read this far props to you lol. Ultimately, these are decent earbuds, but they have they’re drawbacks as well. I don’t expect the audio issue to be common, but magnets weaken over time, and these are a bit on the weak side to begin with.TL;DR Good for the price, not the best. Do a bit of comparison to other, similar products before buying these.

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  5. Stephen BennionStephen Bennion

    Review after 2+ years of ownership

    K so I bought these back in March 2020 & a second pair in April 2020. I’ve owned and used these for over 2 years now. I gave away one pair and I kept the other. After 2 years of ownership, here has been my experience:DESIGNGreat design. It looks good, some people thought I had apple airpods. Had a couple friends ask me about my earbuds because they liked the way they looked. I am impressed because after 2 years, they still look pretty good. The silver lining has held, and I’ve dropped them a TON. The outline on the top with L & R hasn’t faded AT ALL. The paint is peeling a bit, but like come on, 2 years.FUNCTIONALITYIt’s easy to pair with your phone. After ownership for around a year, I started running into this extremely annoying problem where the left earbud would die for some reason and the right earbud still had 70% battery remaining. That has been super obnoxious. Mid-run my left earbud just dies.. Never been able to figure it out.The other extremely annoying thing that started happening after a while is that when I put them into the charging case, they turn on and then pair with my phone and if I’m listening to music then it gets zoinked from my speaker/headphones and goes to those earbuds.. sooo annoying & it happens almost every time.Now, the water resistant feature is the saving grace of these things. I LOVE taking a shower with my earbuds in, or running without worrying about my sweat ruining my buds, or even in the rain. I haven’t tried completely submerging them, but in 2 and a half years of having them I have never had any situation where I needed that. They have held against the water this entire time. So I am extremely happy about that. Best feature ever.The buttons on the side work great, they’ve always worked.The mic doesn’t work that great. People have a hard time hearing me if I talk to them through my earbuds. Don’t buy it if you want to make a ton of calls with them.BATTERY LIFEPretty great except for what I already mentioned about the left side above. The charging case is convenient, although it seems to have lost its touch over the years. I just plug them in.I can probably go for around 5-6 hours of play before the left earbud wigs out after 2 1/2 years, so pretty dang good.Something that is extremely annoying is that when the battery gets low a voice comes on saying “low battery, please charge” like a million times. I would rather that it says it one time and then just shuts up until it goes dead. I’m not stopping the middle of my workout to plug in my earbuds. I’ll go till they are dead and just finish the workout. So that is super annoying; brace yourself for that. It ruins the last 10% of battery capacity.BATTERY CASEWorks well. Also held its integrity for this whole time. The only thing about it is the rubber cap on the back for the charging port is the hardest thing to get off and it is super annoying. I ended up just ripping it off, way easier.You can see the status of the case without having to open it, that is great. High quality, I’ve also dropped this a million times and it always has worked. So overall decent!SOUND QUALITY, NOISE CANCELATION, & COMFORTAmazing quality. I love the sound quality. Great bass, literally cancels 100% of the noise when you turn it up mid volume and you put them in right. I love that part. I can get in the zone very easy. They have never come out of my ears even in the most rigorous workouts. I’d feel totally confident to go white water rafting with these in. Clear vocals on the high end. Wonderful sound.CONCLUSIONIf I gave these a review after only a month it would have been 5 stars. After a ton of usage over the years, I struggle choosing between 3 and 4 stars, because of the great features and benefits but the annoying parts that make life suck sometimes.I would recommend these to a friend because of the price point. You won’t find a better earbud for this price, honestly. I’ve had these for 2 and a HALF YEARS and I still use them. Despite the occasional annoyance, I never felt like I needed to buy another set of earbuds. I love the ones I got.Would I recommend you make the purchase? Absolutely. Like I said before, you won’t get a better bang for the buck.Overall a great product.

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  6. LoveMyToys

    Solid Set of TWB Earphones

    I have only owned these earphones for one day (purchased them for $27 on a Lightning Deal), so this “review” is really just my first impressions. I’ll update this review if any issues come up that make me reconsider my feelings on IEMs. I am not a hardcore audiophile, but I do appreciate quality headphones and earphones. I’ll talk first about my intial impression of the build quality, set up and bluetooth performance and sound quality.The build quality on these Tozo T2 is pretty darn good. The case is well made and very solidly assembled. I have no doubt it can handle a good drop from your pocket onto concrete. I also don’t doubt Tozo’s claim that the case has an IPX8 rating (and I usually take those types of claims from chinese manufacturers with huge grains of salt). The micro USB port on the case is covered by a rubber seal and the case shuts firmly and is held in place by three heavy earth magnets. The same type of magnets are also used to hold the earbuds in the case when they are charging. They aren’t going to rattle loose or pop out unless you want them to come out. The earbuds are also really well made. They have a very solid feel and the plastic doesn’t feel cheap at all. Because of these are TWB earphones, they are not the lightest I have used though and, overall, they feel heavier than typical wired bluetooth IEMs. This isn’t really a big deal, since I had no issue using them through my workout at the gym this morning, including HIIT session on the treadmill and an intense weight training session. I also tested the Tozo’s claims of IPX8 water resistance rating by giving them a wash in the sink and using them in the shower. The held up just fine and it was nice to be able to listen to my tunes during a shower!!! This capability makes these earphones perfect for the beach or pool, where you wouldn’t risk more expensive and/or delicate earphones.As for the feature set, I really like the fact that the case for these earphones can be charged using a qi wireless charger. I could have lived with the micro USB, but this just makes the process of charging the case (and earphones) so much easier!! On the other hand, these phones have one button on each bud that controls your phone. Click once and it will pause your music. Click again and the music will restart. Those are only media functions these buttons serve. Other than that, the buttons are used for accepting, rejecting or hanging up on phone calls. It would have been nice if you could use them to change music tracks and control the volume. Other earphones in this price range ($40 list price) have these capabilities, but they don’t have the waterproof rating or the wireless charging capability. So, you have to choose what is more important to you.As for bluetooth connectivity, set up is as easy as everyone claims. Take the IEMs out the case, they go into pairing mode and connect to each other. They show up as available on your phone’s bluetooth menu, and you click on the right earphone–that’s it. The automatically turn on and connect to the phone when the IEMs are removed from the case. This makes them very simple and easy to use. Due to their size (although they are not large by any means), it does take a little longer to get them comfortably situated in your ear than most wired IEMs (bluetooth or otherwise). This is probably true for most TWB IEMs (with a few exceptions). Once situated, they do stay where they are suppose to, although you need to make sure you are using the correct sized earphone tips. The medium sized silicone tips that came pre-installed on the earphones fit me just fine and held the earphones firmly in place. However, I am currently using a pair a medium sized comply foam tips (they did not come with the earphones), since they are comfortable and hold the earphone securely in place (and create a better seal than silicon tips IMO).Before I get into sound quality, this is an element that is very subjective. Although I am not a hardcore audiophile, I care about sound quality and have invested in some well respected headphones and IEMs (Grado S80s, Audio Technica ATH-M50X, Shure SE425, Tin Audio T2, KZ AOS10 etc).. I tend to like a earphones that have a fairly neutral sound, but are capable of generating tight controlled base (which can be brought out using the equalizer on your phone or tablet). These are NOT neutral sounding earphones. In fact, it sounds to me as if Tozo designed these earphones with a fixed EQ setting that overly emphasizes bass (particularly in the lower and mid range). This causes the bass to bleed over into the mids. If you ever listened to a 5.1 surround sound system where the subwoofer’s crossover is set too high and at too high of a volume (creating that booming/overwhelming sound), these earphones have that effect. There is also some sibalence in these earphones–far from the worst I heard, but it is definitely present (especially for female vocals). These are earphones that are tuned for bassheads, but the 8mm drivers used by Tozo don’t have the chops to really deliver clean quality bass. Tozo would have been better off not trying to put a fixed EQ setting in these earphones and left them with a balanced setting, which anyone can tweak to their taste using the EQ on their phone.In short, these are NOT the best sounding earphones I have ever heard. The sound quality is on par with a set of wired Philips Extra Bass headphones that you can buy for $15 at CVS or Rite Aid (which is they type of earphone that most people use). What makes them special is the fact that for $39 ($27 if you got them on a lightening deal), ,these earphones are rugged TWB earphones that are waterproof, come with a waterproof case that also serves as wireless charging base, and is, itself, capable of being charged with a Qi wireless charger. They aren’t going to replace my Shure SE425, but they will compete with my superior sounding Tin Audio T2 (which I have connected via an MMCX Fiio bluetooth cable) for time at the gym and certainly during the summer at the beach and pool. I don’t have much experience with other TWB earphones, but it doesn’t seem like Tozo’s competitors are offering anything significantly better in the sub-$50 range–so this is about as good as it gets for now (I am sure things will be much different in a year or two).

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  7. Vivek DVivek D


    I’m one of the very, very few people who cannot use the apple air pods. No matter how hard I try, they fall out of my ear in less than a minute. I thought I would try a different brand, and when I put these in my ear, they fell out within seconds. I was about to give up, pack up the box, and send it back, but I decided to check out the instruction manual in case i was doing something wrong. I’m so happy I did. Turns out there were 4 sizes of plastic ear caps included with the earbuds. On my third try, the second smallest ones, I felt how i imagine Cinderella felt when she tried on the glass slipper. They were perfect and no matter how much I jumped up and down or shook my head, they stayed in place!The quality of sound is impeccable, nice highs and lows, with a decent amount of bass. Once I found the right match, the fit was extremely comfortable.I love these headphones, they have already changed my life for the better!

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  8. JayGil123

    Excellent sound, works well for music not calls

    These TOZO T10 earbuds have turned out to be great. At first I wasn’t so sure, but after a month of using them, traveling and at home, I really like them. I’m still not completely comfortable with how easily they could fall out and get lost, but other than that, they’re fabulous.The sound is ideal, in my opinion. Just the perfect balance of bass, treble and mid range.The noise cancelling is really good. I don’t usually wear both at the same time, because I want to be able to hear my surroundings (for safety), but when I have worn both on the airplane and at home, they do a really good job of blocking out external noises.The charging case is awesome. I typically wear one earbud at a time and then switch to the other one when the battery gets low in the first. I’d say it’s probably 6 hours before I get the low battery warning.The individual buds switch on/off and connect without any effort other than taking them out of the case.The charging case can recharge the earbuds a few times, before the case itself needs charging.I like that the case charging port is a USB C. My other personal devices all use the same cable, so I don’t have to carry a different one for this. The earbud case does come with its own charging cable included, if needed. It is a power only cable (not for data transfer).The instructions say the case is wireless charging as well. I don’t do any of that wireless charging stuff myself, but for those of you that do, it says the case can be charged that way too.The “lanyard” that came with it I found to be useless, as it was just a narrow strap with a tension buckle that wouldn’t hold tight. So instead, I just used a lanyard I already had – easy fix.I like that I can wear the case around my neck, which was very convenient while traveling, so I didn’t have to search through a bag to find it, and had them easily accessible.Recently, I started using them with my TV at home, which was such a great discovery! I didn’t even think about using them for that, until I read another reviewer mention it. I was so excited when I found that they worked really well with my Fire TV. Interesting thing is that when the earbuds are connected the volume level changes to 50+, but the normal volume when they’re not connected I have set at 13. When I first saw the 50+ volume level my concern was that it would stay at that level when they disconnected. But I was happy that when they disconnected the volume reverted to the normal level. Whew!When the earbuds are connected to the TV, I can change the volume up/down with the remote like normal, as well as with the earbuds (hold left for down, hold right for up). Another reviewer said they couldn’t adjust the volume, but I don’t have any trouble doing so. Noted exception: changing the volume down using the left earbud only works when both earbuds are connected. If only one is connected then the earbud will only increase the volume, not decrease it.The earbuds are comfortable for wearing a long time. I have small ears/auricles so most earbuds are too big around and make my ears sore after just a short time. These TOZO earbuds are a good size and don’t make my ears hurt, even after wearing 8 hours. I use the smallest ear cap (it comes with 4 sizes).I also like that the earbuds are almost identical in shape, so they’re basically interchangeable, even though there is a left and a right earbud. Since I usually just wear one at a time, and I like to wear in my left ear, I can switch earbuds when the battery gets low and wear the right one in my left ear.The only minor improvement, in my opinion, would be if the headset part was a bit narrower and the stem that goes into the ear canal was just a touch longer, which would give a more secure seating to not fall out as easily and have a more direct sound angle. But that’s just a personal preference, not anything negative about the product.Overall, I would highly recommend these earbuds and would buy again.Update 8/22/2022: I’ve had a couple phone calls using these earbuds, and both calls the other person said I was hard to hear or was breaking up. When I switched to my wired earbuds then the other person could hear me fine. So, in my experience, these wireless earbuds are great for listening, but not great for calls where you need to be heard clearly. I would still buy them again, but for listening use only.

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  9. Kairei

    Best earbuds I’ve owned in a very long time

    I was disappointed to discover my phone didn’t have an aux port, so I began the hunt for earbuds. This was the 6th pair I purchased. Going in with loq expectations, I was surprised by the sound quality and noise canceling. After a bit of a learning curve learning the tap controls, I can confidently say i would recommend these to anyone.I work 10 hour shifts in manufacturing. My right ear is pierced in a spot where ear buds are difficult, so for the last several months I’ve only been using the left ear bud. The sound quality has started to crackle a tiny bit, but i think that’s on me. When the ear bud is in, conversations are significantly dampened and very difficult to hear. I’m happy to report that I have forgotten to charge the ear bud overnight, and have been able to use the earbud itself without having to recharge for a second day. The case itself holds a lot of battery life too. The blue charge lights inside the case are extremely helpful as well.I’m also chronically clumsy and have dropped these things more times than I can count or would be comfortable admitting. Nothing is broken, still snaps open and closed like new. When i do use the second earbud for gaming, sound is immersive and accurate with little to no delay. I have not yet played long enough for the earbuds to die and need to be recharged, which is saying a lot (one of my earlier buys couldn’t even make it through one match).Would absolutely recommend and will rebuy when i manage to break these

  10. SubSlacker699

    Comfortable Airpod-like Earbuds for Android

    Despite the fact that I have several wired “wireless” bluetooth headphones for my devices, I have friends who use Airpods with their iPhones, and it looked rather convenient to have such a small device ready at the moment’s notice while out and about. So I decided to shop around and see what I could find. This is my first foray into a device of this style, you know – completely wireless, but so far I am very pleased with them.My first concern was size. Airpods have that little stick portion that hangs out of the ear, and there are several Android styles similar to that, but I have a few pairs of Skullcandy earbuds that use this model’s offset ear canal design, and I find them far more comfortable than older, straight line earbud designs. The TOZO earbud is a good size, and the weight is very comfortable in the ear. It is not difficult, even with how small they are, to pick them out of the case, or to fit them into the ear when needed. The directions included make it easy to understand how to use them, but if you fit the right size cups, and then insert and twist like you are told, you will have a tough time shaking the buds loose. That said, I still bought the Amazon 3 Yr Warranty, it’s $5, just in case something happens, better than shelling out another $40.OF NOTE: I read several reviews of people who didn’t seem to understand the interchangeable ear cups. The fact is that everybody has different size ear canals, so you have to take the time upfront to try out each size cup in your own ear to find the best fit, then use that pair of cups on your buds. If you, like my wife, don’t like ANYTHING in your ears, then this is NOT the product for you, so don’t buy it and then review it like it should be an over-ear headphone.My second concern was sound quality. I am definitely a techie, and an audiophile, though not to the level of snobby hipster, if I say so myself. The TOZO buds play my Amazon music from my phone (LG G8) with good clarity and nice sound, but I had to play with my phone’s equalizer to shift the tonal quality around, remove some of the highs because it was a bit tinny on the normal phone settings. Once I shifted it around, I found that the Hip Hop EQ gave the best sound, no matter what music style I was listening to (in case you are curious, I tried some rock with Hoobastank and Avenged Sevenfold, some country with Sam Hunt, and then R&B with Tank and Ne-yo, and it sounded excellent across that entire spectrum in Hip Hop EQ). If your device has EQ settings, I absolutely recommend you adjust those to find your musical sweet spot! The only thing that I took one star for in this area is that, even with volume for my buds turned up to 100% on my phone, the buds themselves did not thrash my eardrums, which is probably a good thing, saving my volume for my old age, but sometimes, you need to headbang to death metal and want it LOUD. Considering the size of the buds speaker driver, they are adequately loud, and with it fitted snugly in the ear canal, it does a great job of reducing external noise. Totally plan on using these for when I am riding my mower or working in my wood shop!Next: Bluetooth connectivity. The pairing process is super easy, because the button design is simple. Unlike some of the other buds on Amazon, these are not “touch-style” but have a mechanical “click” button. Fantastic! Nothing worse than something tapping your bud in the middle of your favorite jam and then having to stop whatever you are doing to fix it. Some people noted that TOZO has R or L models, but the reality is that you can use either bud independently. The model choice just assigns the default earbud, because some people have an ear preference. If you want to use either one, then take the time to actually pair both in your bluetooth menu, and then you just have to pick the active one if it doesn’t sync automatically. Handy when the primary bud is dying in the middle of a phone call! Besides all of that, they normally pair quickly without any actions needed on the device, and they will give you little beeps and messages in your ear to let you know that everything is working, so you don’t have to pull your phone out and look to make sure. Nicely done, TOZO!Bonus features: The case is sized nicely, fits in the pocket comfortably, but it is definitely larger than an Airpods case. Not a big deal for me, as a jeans or cargo shorts kind of guy, but I can imagine for a woman wearing yoga pants or skinny jeans, that might be an issue. Case is QI wireless charging capable, which is FREAKING AWESOME. Totally recommend wireless charging like other reviewers have said, incredibly convenient and saves your phone from the infamous “broken usb port” problem. Same thing here, and the “grab and go” functionality this provides for your buds cannot be understated! Holds enough charge to keep your buds going for about 30 hours, longer if you only use one bud at a time like I do at work. I have not tested the waterproof capability, but the buds seem well constructed and tightly sealed, so I believe their claims would probably be well founded. They do state in the instructions that they cannot be used submerged (but aren’t they IPX8? wait for it…), not because of the waterproofing, but because you won’t get signal underwater from the bluetooth device, which makes some sense.So to sum up, TOZO has taken their earlier designs up to a new level with a solid construction, great style and fit, and good sounding speaker to deliver a comfortable earbud that gives an Airpod-like experience for those of us with Android or regular bluetooth devices. 5 Stars overall!

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  11. Andrew

    Surprisingly-good Earbuds! Don’t let the price fool you!

    I am new to the wireless headphone trend, as for most of my life (through Walkmans, Discmans, Portable MiniDisc, and MP3 players) I’ve always used corded headphones. I finally bought a set of budget Bluetooth earbuds that were absolutely horrible – no bass below 250Hz, and worst of all, MONO output. “1990s dollar-store corded earbud” sound quality. Gross! But at least the dollar-store earbuds were stereo!!!So back to my search for a set of Bluetooth earbuds with better sound and STEREO output. Being that I only would use them for a brief time period a few days a week, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. I decided to give these earbuds a chance… And I’m glad I did.I opened up the package and was delighted to see the case was at (or very near) a full charge, and so were the earbuds themselves. I really enjoy when a product is ready-for-use right out of the box. The included instructions were clear enough and initial setup was easy enough that within moments I was enjoying these earbuds.I had to change the attached tip to the smallest included tips for comfortable fitment – the right earbud doesn’t quite fit properly, but that’s most likely due to having multiple double-ear infections in that ear some years ago and some scar tissue deforming my ear canal slightly.Now, for the meat and potatoes: sound quality and volume. I’m fairly picky about sound quality, and I was very much surprised with the audio – bass response rivals most midrange corded headphones (not overpowering like certain celebrity-branded sets), and treble is bright without getting brassy. Volume is more than adequate, as I left the earbuds at whatever the stock volume level is and I could not turn my phone fully up without being uncomfortably loud. The earbuds block out a substantial bit of external noise – perhaps not the best for joggers/runners/cyclists that need to hear traffic around them.So far I have only listened with a FLAT EQ curve, and I’m someone that always finds a need to boost here or there for taste, but for these earbuds I have had no need to tweak to compensate for poor response.Fitment is fairly comfortable (aside from the previously-mentioned issue with my right ear). After a few minutes of wear, I can hardly tell I’m wearing the left one (I have to push the right one pretty far in for it to stay put, which I continue to attribute to personal issues). They stay put in my ears as I sweep and mop floors, carry trash to the dumpster, and scrub bathrooms at work. They are also the first ever pair of earbuds I have ever owned that stay in my ears when I yawn – that, in and of itself, is impressive.The charging case is surprising from an engineering standpoint. The case has a magnetic closure that works securely while still being reasonably-easy to open. There are also magnets in each charging receptacle for the earbuds which click nicely into place for perfect alignment with the charging pins. There is a 4-LED battery level indicator inside similar to the style used in USB power banks. The case can be charged by micro-USB or wireless charging, I do not have a wireless charging dock to test that function but I think it’s a nice add-on for the price. Additionally, there is a molded loop on one end of the case for attachment to a lanyard or backpack zipper or what-have-you.Battery life is impressive as well. The low-quality earbuds I describe at the beginning would lose 10% of battery completely powered off in my pocket for 5 hours, and would be down to 40% charge after about 45 minutes of use. The TOZO T10 really shines here, as after 5 days of use for around an hour a day, earbuds placed back in case and charged fully after each use, the charging case still shows “Full” and the earbuds themselves sit between 90% and 95% after each use before I charge them again.If you remove the left earbud from the case, stick it in your ear, and then remove the right earbud from the case, the two will pair to each other before you get the right earbud inserted, and if the Bluetooth on your device is already turned on, they will be paired maybe a second or two afterwards. Vocal prompts in a female voice speak the results to you for confirmation, and once “Second Device Connected” is heard, you are ready to enjoy surprisingly-good audio from a pair of inexpensive Bluetooth earbuds!I have not tested any of the on-device controls for volume or track selection, nor have I tested the earbuds for telephone calls. Also, I have not tried to use these on a PC or Laptop, since none of my equipment has Bluetooth capabilities, but I imagine they would perform similarly well. I would honestly be surprised if TOZO went wrong here, since they implemented everything else so wonderfully-well. I also didn’t test its water resistance, that’s for the big-review-channel YouTubers to go after.I showed them off to a few of my coworkers (most of which are iPhone users with AirPods) – one even tested my right earbud in her ear at one end of the restaurant while I was at the other end of the restaurant with the left earbud and my phone. Connection was maintained despite 2 dual-band WiFi networks, wireless Drive-Thru headsets, two people using Bluetooth speakers from their own cell phones, and tons of “noisy” LED lighting, and she was impressed with the sound quality (I was jamming out to Herb Alpert’s “Rise”) that she wanted to buy a set to replace her Apple EarPods because these sounded BETTER. When I showed her the price on Amazon, she told me she was going to order herself a pair on payday.Would I recommend these earbuds? ABSOLUTELY YES. Great sound, comfortable fit, impressive noise cancellation, battery life is much better than expected, and the included charging case seems to be well-engineered down to its rubber flap protecting the micro-USB port and inclusion of wireless charging. All of this for $40, which I think is an amazing deal for what you get! Grab a pair of these, and I doubt you’ll be disappointed!

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  12. S. Henderson

    They sound great at a great price. Nice features

    I was looking to replace a pair that I lost with some basic ear pods. I read of mixed review about the noise cancellation in the NC9 and higher models. I was going to go with the NC9’s but it seemed as though noise cancellation was either active or transparent mode was active and both had their issues. Not being able to turn both features off would have probably been an issue for me, so I went with these. No NC, wireless charging, good sound quality, and good battery life. They work pretty good so far. Mic is not as strong as I’d like but people say I sound clear when speaking loudly. Battery life is very good and I like the touch features. My last pair would inadvertently end a phone call just by tapping them. These are set up where you have to tap and hold to end the call. Much better. I also like that I can activate Siri with a triple tap and I can control volume with tap and hold also with music. You get plenty of cushions to fit your ear canal.The only thing I didn’t like was the size of the charging case. it’s a lot bigger that most I’ve seen and is bulky in the pocket. However, they do provide a lanyard to wear around your neck if need be. The water proofing is a plus as well since I wear them while working out and sweat a lot. All in all, it was a great purchase. I find them easy to use to listen to music, take calls, and converse with others while in my ear without the need for a transparency mode.

  13. Realty_BytesRealty_Bytes

    You get what you pay for and the cost and features work for me

    The price is honestly what I like most about these headphones. They’re perfect for you if you’re not all about spending 100.00 dollars or more on headphones that you wear just to listen to music, streaming content, audio books or podcasts, these fit the bill. The features and sound quality my not be Bose but I have no complaints. Sound quality is great, noise cancellation isn’t excellent but I’m not in situations often where that feature is needed. Battery life so far is probably a bit less than what’s advertised, but I noticed sometimes they lose charge slightly faster or keep it slightly longer than what’s advertised.I have the version just before this set T5 I think (small square shaped case) and they have made some significant improvements in T10. I bought a new pair because the old pair that I have only had about 1.5 years with extremely limited use (probably worn less than 20 times) will no longer hold a charge. Although I expected them to last longer with limited use, I’m not overly upset because at the end of the day they’re $25 headphones. I didn’t expect a miracle. Charging seems to be an area that manufactures struggle with on quality. I used a charging pad so maybe that’s why they failed so quickly, but Tozo recommends using a charging pad.It looks like I have the new version of the T10. Just noticed some of the photos posted in these reviews my product looks slightly different and another review stated they released an update to the T10. I’m really happy about that due to some negative issues with the other T10. Things I love about this new version that the other version T5 doesn’t have:1. You charge the box and the box charges the ear pieces. This is a great improvement because once you lose the charge on the earbuds if you’re away from a charger you put them back in the box and recharge them.2. These are ever so slightly more comfortable in the ears than the last design. I hardly know they’re there and touch my ears which can inadvertently turn them off or skip to the next song.3. Right and Left is clearly marked, large and on the outside of the ear piece. I listen to audio that’s earphone specific. So the sounds in the left might be different from the right. With these there’s no confusion and no struggle like the last version to figure out left from right.4. Earbuds pair quick and easy with minimal effort. Just doesn’t get any easier. Honestly the last ones did too, but just thought it was important to mention.5. The charge lights on the box are clear and visible in blue so you know it’s charged when it’s not on the charging pad. It has dots to indicate the strength of the charge.6. The entire box station top is magnetic so you never mess up placing the ear pieces back into their cubbies for charging.The only con over the other model is this box is bigger. I like carrying a small purse and the smaller box was easier to slip into it. Because the box holds extra battery life, it’s a fair trade off though so I’m okay with that. I’ve not worked out in these, but I’ve gone walking and had no issues with perspiration.The only thing I wish they’d change is making all the controls based on at least 2 taps and/or with pressure to the outside. I hate inadvertently turning them off with 1 tap.I have 2 beefs with these earphones. The Tozo brand in general has a lack of consistency in the product quality and performance. This is why I titled this review, “you get what you pay for”. I don’t expect Bose quality, but I do expect great quality when an item is new, I expect reasonable durability, consistency in performance, and reasonable longevity of the product. I purchased these September 2021 and didn’t actually open them and use them until November 2021. Since then, the right ear piece randomly unpairs from my phone. I have to place it back in the unit then back in my ear to initiate a new pairing. The left stays active and is still playing whatever I’m listening to. It doesn’t happen with every single use, but enough that it’s annoying. If I’m listening to sounds that require a left and right ear piece or on a call, it’s an inconvenience. The 2nd issue is if I pause or end the audio the headphones don’t stay paired. After a couple of minutes they will disconnect. Sometimes they will reconnect. I generally take them out when I stop listening, but on the off chance that I simply need to turn the music or book off to do something, but intend to restart, it’s frustrating when I have to take them out and re-pair them to my phone. I think they should stay in standby mode until you take them out and put them back into the case.Overall I think these are worth it for the price. There might be a better brand at the same price or less, but I bought these based on the high number of satisfied customer reviews and they were probably on sale at the time. I might do some research if these fail as quickly as the last pair or the right ear piece unpairing increases and becomes problematic.Sorry for any grammar errors. This was intended to be a quick review and I’m on my phone so reviewing a long write up is difficult.I would definitely recommend these as great overall everyday or occasional use earbuds. I don’t use them everyday so uncertain about durability with frequent use.

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  14. Holly Baseman

    Amazing for the price!

    I’ve had these for over a year after buying them because of problems with a more expensive brand for an over a year and a half. I use earbuds for swimming mostly, I don’t put my head in the water but the more expensive ones kept frying one earbud or the other repeatedly for the time I had them and I had to keep getting them replaced. I finally gave up and ordered these figuring for the price even if I had to throw them after a few months I would have less cost and frustration. Exactly the opposite- they have been splashed and gotten wet way more than the other brand and haven’t stopped working! To pay so little and have them hold up and perform consistently over a year is amazing with good sound quality and noise muffling. I bought a second pair in case I ever misplace the first pair, that’s how much I like them. I also use them for biking, running, etc. The only complaint I have is that sometimes when swimming a splash will hit the control on the earbud and either turn the volume way down or way up but a quick swim over to my phone and the issue is fixed. So minor to the problems I was having before with the #bird earbuds. I would buy these again and again! But they hold up so fantasically I don’t have to!!!!

  15. wimabean

    Perks are good, but consider the drawbacks

    When my Bose Sountsport headphones were chewed on by a cat and rendered broken, I needed a quick and effective replacement and I was admittedly influenced by a Buzzfeed article that recommended this pair. The positives are significant – price, of course, sound quality, easy pairing, quick charing and long battery life – but there are significant drawbacks as well. Maybe this could go unsaid, but these are not an investment piece and you will ultimately get what you pay for.First, they cannot pair with multiple devices at once, and they cannot even pair with a device if another recognized device is in range with its bluetooth turned on. For example, if I’m listening to music on my phone and I need to jump on a Zoom call on my computer, I cannot just switch the pairing, I have to turn off bluetooth on my phone, turn on bluetooth on my computer (because it had to be off to be paired with my phone…), and manually connect my computer to the headphones. I have an iPhone and Mac, but this has also been the case with my work PC.Second, the fit is bulky and a little strange. I have what I would consider average size ears, and I have to use the smallest rubber cover to get anything close to a secure fit. Even so, the audio quality is significantly impacted when I am running and the headphones bounce and jiggle for lack of secure fit. Further, a bump from adjusting my glasses or tucking my hair is often enough to dislodge them, as they stick out strangely from the ear.Finally, the controls are not ideal. I do not consider AirPods the be-all-end-all headphones (I much prefer my Boses), but credit must be given to their intuitive and easy controls. On this product, one tap pauses the audio, which would be fine, except that what constitutes a “tap” is inconsistent and frustrating. Sometimes an accidental bump will pause the audio, other times an intentional tap doesn’t register the pause. Part of this may be due to the strange fit and bulkiness outside the ear – when you can’t get good spatial awareness for where it’s sitting in your ear, it’s hard to know where to tap. I thought I would become familiar enough over time, but it hasn’t really happened. Holding down on the left turns volume down and holding down on the right turns volume up, which isn’t bad in itself, but there are annoying beeps that indicate volume is moving up or down. I also wish that they paused when you take one headphone out – but maybe this is proprietary to Apple.One final note – a few other reviewers mentioned that over time they had issues with one or both headphones randomly unpairing. I didn’t have this problem at first, but just within the past day or so I have had the left piece randomly unpair a couple of times, at which point I put it back in its case, take it out, and it re-pairs automatically. Having the case nearby has made this a small issue, but if it happened while I was out on a run without the case, I’d be very annoyed.TLDR; you get what you pay for – this is a decent stop-gap product if you’re between good pairs or you need a backup to your good pair, but I wouldn’t count on it for a long term, hard-working purchase.

  16. KumikoKumiko

    So comfortable that I got two!

    TLDR; For the price and comfort, well worth it. Love how it has different sized earbud pieces for comfort and fit. It can fit my husbands large ears and my small ones with a change of the earbud pads. Its very clear and crisp in terms of sound and set up was easy. You can also use one at a time, instead of both, which is nice. Plus water resistant while working out is VERY nice for working out or pool side. Also, there is wireless charging but I often opt for charging with a cable.Honestly, I was afraid to get a wireless bluetooth headphone, given how often I misplaced things, but given my new phone had no AUX plug in, I had no choice but to get one. And there were SO many choices, which can be a little overwhelming especially for someone that had no idea what features to look out or go for. After some research, I’ve come across these to give them a try. With the reviews and the price, I thought this was my best bet. Not just that but it also came with their own warranty. Honestly, I have no regrets. I’ve tried other ones after but I always go back to these.I love how it comes along a small bag with various ear bud pieces for your comfort. I’ve seen others that didn’t have such since they have it as one-size-fit-all and believe me, one size does NOT fit all. My husband is able to change into the larger earbud pads for his ear while he uses it. And when I was able to snatch them back, I was able to change it back to the smaller ones for mine. Well, that is, until my husband took my first pair and I had to order another pair for myself. It wasn’t long before my kids started to take interest and use it for themselves as well, which is nice given I can use one and one of them can use the others and we can both listen to music be it at the house, long car trips, or poolside.The sound, least to me, is very clear and crisp. I don’t have it very loud, often putting it on the lowest setting, and can hear it quite well. Even when not in my ear, on the low setting, you can’t really hear the music until you put it back in your ear again. I hadn’t tested it on the higher volumes but I doubt anyone really needs to unless you’re in a very loud area or just want to rattle your eardrums. Noise cancellation is on par given the ear buds that fit in your ear can block most of the sounds from the outside. I had even used it in meetings and they worked a little too well on not being able to hear anything other than what you have playing through the earbuds. Just note, after so many hours your ear will feel a little damp on the inside due to lack of air circulation. (Think of it like having a bandaid over a cut and it not being able to scab because it locks in the moisture that way) I have also been guilty on wearing a pair at night(I recommend not doing this for safety issues) and thankfully had no issues with them. They were comfortable enough through the night.The battery life is rather good for something so small. For me, it lasts about a whole work day so I can pop one pair while working for 5-8 hours, then pop in the other pair to listen at home while the first one charges. Charging it is amazing as well. Just pop the things back in the case(which clicks in place because of magnets) and it’ll charge on its own, so long as you precharged the case. So, if you’re on the go a lot this is SUPER handy. I read you can charge it wirelessly but I never tested this since I just plug it into a charger myself since anything I put on a wireless charger, near the bed, gets knocked over and off.Its quite resilient on being water resistant. I’m not sure on it being water proof since I never fully submerged it underwater for a set amount of time but with with sweating and being splashed at with water, its still working like new. If they ever do go underwater, I’ll see what happens then but hopefully I don’t get the chance but if you have pets and kids, especially near and around the pool, you never know.Overall, I love these little guys and so does the rest of my family from my 6 year old to my husband. Give them a try if you’re in the market for them.Unfortunately, my (Human)family weren’t the only ones that enjoyed it. Apparently my dog also liked it so much that it ate my right ear piece. I only found this out when I found my right piece missing, thinking the kids took it, only to find it when cleaning after the small dog after he did his business… Although I have the protection plan, through Amazon, it did say I have the manufacturer’s warranty still in place so I am in contact to see if what I can do about this.

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  17. Jim Vanzant

    Best battery life of any I have tried, by far, no contest.

    I have used multiple sets of ear buds, from name brand to “who the heck makes this?”. I got these when my Raycons crapped out after about 6 months of use. I use these nearly exclusively for audiobooks and podcasts while at work. I gave them a 4 out of 5 stars for sound quality because when I do listen to music, they are so-so. I wouldn’t use them for running, but they stay in well if you are stationary or only walking around. Where these SHINE is battery life, both for the charging pack and the earbuds themselves. I listen to audio books and podcasts for 8-10 hours a day 6 days a week. I have had them in my ears for as long as 11 hours once on a really long day. I can’t stand hearing the conversations of my coworkers and have to drown them out for my sanity. I usually charge the pack on Monday morning and leave the earbuds in the pack overnight. Then I will top of the charge on the pack on Thursday to get my through Saturday. Even then, the pack is usually is over half way charged. I have only had them die once, one time only, in the several months I have had them. That time was my fault because I had forgotten to charge the pack. If you want Boise sound quality and that is your primary objective, spend the money and get the high end product. If you are ok with 60-80% of the sound quality of the high end earbuds, but you want to listen all day without having to recharge, you can’t go wrong with these earbuds at a fraction of the cost.

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  18. chismg

    Comparison of 4 earphones for running

    I have a lot of reviews I haven’t written yet, but since I’m buying earphones for a gift, and since I purchased some for my daughter, I’m sharing this review here and also in the other product pages (maybe it’ll help somebody).She wanted earphones for her daily running, with these features:1. Didn’t fall out2. Clear calls3. Bluetooth not cutting off while running (she has an iPhone)4. Option for allowing ambient noise (for safety, she runs outside)5. Faithful bass, not “boosted”. My grownup kids play instruments and prefer the closest sound to the original recording (that’s why we also have the Sony MDR7506 Professional}So I purchased four for running, waterproof, with (pro) reviews that also said they didn’t have “high-range”, tinny or high trebled sound. The high range is the first to go as we age.For the tests: A good acoustic seal provides maximum bass and the true sound of any earphones for assessment. The earphones need to be well plugged in your ears (I usually wear one large sleeve in one ear, and one medium sleeve in my narrower ear, in order to get the perfect seal).My daughter tested these while running (I did too, without running LOL):- Kept (her favorite) => Earfun Free Pro => 1 (didn’t fall, most comfortable) – 2 (great) – 3 (great) – 4 (great, note she didn’t test the active noise cancellation mode) – 5 (bass a little boosted, but great sound) Kept as a backup (she loses everything) => Tozo T10 => 1 (great) – 2 (great) – 3 (great) – 4 (great) – 5 (faithful bass, high and mids) Not kept => Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 => (1 (fell off, bunky) – 2 (great) – 3 (great) – 4 (no option) – 5 (boosted bass, softer highs and mids) Kept (by me, not her) => Back Bay Runner Wireless => 1 (didn’t fall but she didn’t like the style over the ear) – 2 (great) – 3 (great) 4 (great) – 5 (little bass, but faithful highs and mids) info: – All were loud, though loudness was not considered (we avoid loudness whenever we can to stall hearing loss). – We also tested calls at home between the first and second floor of our house, for Bluetooth connection and voice clarity, and all passed the test.- Their battery of all lasted at least from the time she left for work and came back late in the afternoon.

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  19. Mahesh

    One of my best purchases

    This is a great quality product. I bought this for a Thanksgiving deal in 2019. More than 3 years later, this is still going strong. Decided to write this review now after having used a Jabra product. The Jabra earbuds stopped working just after an year where the right side would constantly drop volume as battery goes down. Compared to the price I paid for Jabra, getting such a good quality product at this price is a steal. I have recommended this to another friend and she also loves it and has been using it for over two years now.The sound quality is pretty awesome, good battery life. Another pro is that it connects very quickly to your device which might also be a bad thing if you have multiple devices connected and this just hijacks your connection. For me this is pretty good, especially when I’m out doing something sporty as I don’t have to keep fiddling with it while wearing a glove or have my hands full.Only negative feedback I have for this is that when the battery is really low, it keeps saying “Battery low, please charge” every 10-20 secs which I find annoying. I would rather have it say once and just turn off when the battery is zero. But I can live with that.

  20. jkeezie

    Excellent deal

    While I have never tried a pricier pair of wireless earbuds like those created by Google, Sony, B&O, etc., this pair of ear buds definitely are worth their money.==========Sound qualityThe volume gets loud enough, and sound is fine. I’m not super audiophile, but I do own about 4 pairs of earphones and headphones/earphones, and this pair doesn’t lack in audio quality compared to them.The bass isn’t too punchy, which is actually something I like. Ever since Beats by Dre came out, every ear bud manufacturer has been just pumping the bass too much. This isn’t one of them.I rated the noise cancellation 3 stars because I didn’t buy these to get lost in my own world. I have my Sony headphones for that.==========Phone qualityI was afraid the mics were too removed from my mouth to actually pick up any meaningful sound, but they seem to be fine. Nobody I’ve been on call with said they can’t hear me or something when I’m indoor. However, when I’m outdoors and it’s a bit windy, I had to speak up a bit for the recipient to understand what I’m saying. But overall, I’m satisfied.==========ComfortIt’s comfortable. When I’m not listening to anything, I can have conversation with people no problem. Actually, even with a bit of music on, I can talk to people.==========Battery lifeBattery life is phenomenal. It has these indicators in the case that tells you how much battery the case has, so you don’t ever have to worry about running out of battery.The case can be charged wirelessly, and via USB-C cable, so I never worried about battery life.==========Work outI go on 3.6 mile runs 4 times a week outside. So far, it has stayed in my ear pretty well. Of course it slips a little if you don’t fit it in tightly, but in general when I go for a run, I have to maybe adjust the earbuds once or twice at the most during the run, and it stays in the ear fine. It comes with 3 different sizes of ear tips, so you can use whatever fits you best.When I’m just doing calisthenics, it stays in my ear fine.==========UsabilitySetting up was super easy on my Google Pixel 3. The earbuds come with some battery charged, so I could pair it up immediately out of the box. Once paired, you can use one ear bud at a time, while leaving the other in the case. I suppose this means when on a long road trip, you can switch between the two to conserve battery.When you take out one out of the case and another one later, there’s no syncing issue.I left my phone in one end of my home in a different floor and went to the other end of the lower floor, and it stayed connected to the phone. Even when I was out of range, when I got back in the range, it worked fine.I haven’t really had the chance to use it in a rainy condition, so I can’t attest to that.I love how it has different functionalities built into different taps to the middle of the earbud. You can go to prev/next track, and raise or lower volume by tapping the ear buds. Tapping your earbud in the middle takes a bit of a practice, though, especially while running. You’d think you know exactly where your ear hole is, but it’s actually fairly hard to find it in one tap. But that’s just practice.==========AestheticsI think the design is pretty good on their own, and when I wear them, but then I’m a fairly big guy, with a big head so it’s okay. They look a bit ridiculous on people with smaller head, IMO.==========Down side- When going to next or previous track by tapping the earbuds, I wish it was simply some beeps instead of a female voice saying “forward,” and whatever the other word was.- Speaking of voice, this earbud pair comes with several voice prompts: “forward,” “previous (I think),” “power on,” “your headset is connected,” etc. The problem is, ALL of them are different female voices with different English accents. Some of them are a bit slower than the other, and they’re either British, American, or what I think is Austrailian English.==========OverallI don’t know what the more expensive name brands have to offer, but this pair is just fine for me, especially for $30 or so (I bought it during promotion, so it was in the $20s). I was afraid of getting some defective product, but two month in, it’s doing just fine. I’ll be sure to update when it goes bonkers in another month or so. But so far, so good.

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  21. DragonFire

    Great Headphones for the Price!

    I have never owned wireless earbuds before. I just purchased these and received them on 6/21/20. I was in the market for some wireless earbuds because I was tired of my wired headphones shorting out all the time. I also wanted the ability to move about freely and listen to music while my phone charged. As much money as I’ve spent over the years replacing wired headphones, I probably could’ve bought 4 or 5 pair of these, if not more.I wanted a nice pair of earbuds but I wasn’t willing to spend the money it costs for Beatz or Bose. I don’t use Apple products and I don’t like the design of the AirPods anyway. I wanted Raycons but the pair I wanted was sold out.True to fashion, the right ear on my inexpensive Sony wired headphones went out over a week ago, and my wired bluetooth earbuds that I just bought in March shorted out a couple of weeks before that, so I decided now’s the time to go wireless once and for all.I’ve only had them for less then 24 hours but this is what I have observed so far:Pros:1. Very well-made. The earbuds and case feel like they are made out of very good materials. They feel pretty sturdy for a $40 pair. The magnet that holds the earbuds in the charging case are very strong. You just drop the buds into the docks and they pop right into place and stay. The packaging is also great. You’d think you’ve just purchase a more expensive pair.2. Sound. They are very loud but the sound quality is pretty good at this price point. The bass is pretty good. I don’t think these were designed as noise-canceling, but I don’t really hear any outside noises when I have these in so far. You call always adjust the Dolby/equalizer on your phone to find the sound you prefer.3. Ease of use. At first I couldn’t pair the buds with my device, but once I let the case charge some, then took the buds out of the docks, they paired up pretty quickly. You get alerts that the buds are on and connected when you put then in your ears. While listing to music, soon as you take them out and put them in the case, they shut off and start charging. It’s also pretty easy to flip through videos on YouTube and answer calls by pushing the buttons on the buds.4. Battery life. According to the package it says battery life is 3 hours. I’ve only had them for a day, but my first day with them, I used them for about 4 hours or so right out of the box. When I checked he battery life, they were still at 100%. I’ll do an update on the battery life after I’ve had them for a while if I notice any changes. The charging case charges very fast and you don’t have to keep it plugged in so the buds can charge.5. Distance from device. I noticed I can move about more freely and further away from my phone with these than I could with my wired bluetooth earbuds.6. Accessories. The accessories these come with are pretty decent: charging cord, carry strap (a little too long though), replacement ear caps in various sizes for the right fit. The accessories are also very well-made.7. Fit. They seem to fit me pretty well. I did drop the left one this morning but I think that’s because I didn’t secure it well enough.Cons:1. Volume. You can’t adjust the volume directly on the buds, you can only adjust it on your device. If you’re moving about freely or your phone is charging, you will have to walk back to your phone/tablet to adjust the volume.2. Cutting in and out. I did notice that they cut out some when moving about but not significantly.3. Phone mic. When I’ve answered phone calls through the buds, my callers often ask me to repeat myself so the mic may not be all that great. It may be how I have them in my ears so I’ll have to play around with that to see if that makes any difference.Conclusion:I’ve never owned expensive, premium headphones before, but if you are new to wireless ear buds and on a budget like I am, these are a great purchase. They are worth the $40. I highly recommend them.***I also recommend spending the additional $5 for the protection plan and renewing it. I learned this lesson from my wired headphones constantly shorting out to just pay for the protection plan. Since headphones tend to short out all the time, paying a few extra bucks for the protection plan is MUCH cheaper than paying full price for new headphones if they stop working or get broken. With a protection plan, you will likely just end up with a new pair.***

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  22. Reviewer

    Reliably great and durable

    I have owned these headphones and used them almost daily for almost a year and a half. They continue to sound great and perform like new. IWear them most often for running. They stay securely in my ears, period. I have run with them for several miles in steady rain. They stay securely in place and have no trouble with the water. Note that they are rated to indicated their water resistance. The sound output is excellent for headphones of this type with genuinely solid bass, clear vocals and precise highs. I bought them after a pair of sort headphones several times the price of these from a well known audiophile brand failed completely when running in the rain. I was frustrated but feel fortunate the failure occurred. These perform better in all categories.I also bought a pair of the T6s from this same manufacturer. They sound a bit “brighter” but I have been equally pleased with them. I have not worked them as hard as the T10s.These are passable for phone calls but I would not use them regularly. The outbound audio is not sufficiently clear to the listener for business calls. For comparison my go-to for phone calls remains my Apple wired earbuds, but they are only useful for phone calls, in comparison with the T10s or T6s. For music or audiobooks, the TOZOs are great.

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  23. Adam Hardy

    Better second experience

    UPDATE: Since I had a serious problem with my initial pair of these earbuds, the manufacturer quickly sent me a replacement set that did not have the battery problem of my first set. In the interim, I acquired a different set of similar earbuds from a different manufacturer. As a result, I have what I didn’t have the first time I wrote about these: a basis for comparison. My overall experience is that although I don’t own a perfect set of waterproof Bluetooth earbuds, this one is much more reliable.THE GOOD- I’m not an audiophile, but the audio quality is much better than any previous headphones I’ve owned.- They do a good job of blocking ambient noise.- The clicky nature of the buttons means you can stick them in your pocket without accidentally setting off the controls.- Due to the clicky buttons, they’re easy to turn on and off.- Battery is generally decent. The charging case discharges a little faster than I’d like – it went from full to low over the course of a weekend when I used the earbuds very little – but this isn’t a big problem since it’s easy to charge them.- They fit in my ear pretty snugly.THE LESS-GOOD- Some of the controls are nonsensical. When I’m listening to music, why would I want a double-tap on either headphone to redial the last phone number called? The instructions mostly only cover phone-related activities. There are no instructions for skipping forward and back a song, or for adjusting volume.- The headphones pair to each other well, but having to manually pair them to my phone every! Single! Time! is very annoying.THE NEUTRAL:- From the different pairs of Bluetooth headphones I own, I get the sense that occasional mild interference from nearby devices may just come with the territory.- Although the instructions aren’t ideal, there’s some important information there: only pair the right earbud with your phone; never the left. Pairing them both causes weird behavior. Completely deleting the connections and re-pairing them makes the weird behavior stop.Since I’ve owned both sets of earbuds, I’ve switched back and forth testing each set. The last time I knew I’d be away from my house for an extended period of time, the TOZO earbuds are the ones I chose to take with me because they’re just more reliable. Overall, this is a fairly decent set of this style of earbud.—————–ORIGINAL REVIEW: My experience with these just went from mixed-but-largely-positive to negative. The set I purchased worked well until they became unusable.I was lured in by the seemingly overwhelmingly positive reviews., and up until yesterday, I was mostly satisfied with them. The sound quality was good and they did a better-than-average job of blocking ambient noise. The buds usually pair to each other well, but it’s annoying that I have to go into the Bluetooth menu on my iPhone to actively pair them every single time I use them. Is this standard for for type of earbud?I’ve experienced a little of some of the other complaints I’ve seen here: I’ve had a couple of instances of the buds not pairing to one another well in the first few days, but the problem stopped after a few days. I also once experienced the audio cutting in and out when I was around other people, but this did not happen regularly.The big, dealbreaking problem – and why I’ll be returning them – is the battery on the earbuds. I’m in the habit of leaving the charger plugged in most of the time, and putting the earbuds back in the charger when I’m not using them. Yesterday, after I used them for 30 minutes in the morning, I put them in the charger, which was plugged into USB at my workplace. After eight hours, I took the earbuds out of the charger, started using them, and left work. Within FIVE MINUTES, the right earbud began signaling low battery, and shut itself off after a couple of minutes of warnings. Again, they had been in the charger for a solid eight hours. Neither earbud’s “charging” light was lit, so I had no reason to believe they didn’t have a full charge. The charger itself showed a full charge. I just tried them again – they’d been shut off since – and the right earbud reported low battery after two minutes. I accidentally left the charger at work, so I guess I’ll find out on Monday whether this was an aberration, or if the right earbud’s capacity for a charge has been permanently reduced to a few minutes.Let me be clear: I used these earbuds for less than two weeks before this problem, which renders the earbuds useless, occurred.Although I’ve read a few reviews here that indicate I’m not the only person who has had this problem, it doesn’t appear to be as common as, say, audio cutting out or problems pairing the left earbud. My guess is that this set is defective, but after reading other negative reviews here on Amazon – seemingly buried under a suspicious number of five-star reviews – I’m not going to seek a replacement because it looks too likely it would instead have a different set of the more common problems.

  24. Jack

    Amazing for the price!

    I was tired of spending $150 once or twice a year for my favorite (but not very durable) LG HBS-XL7.These things were like $18 bucks and are perfect for me for night and more risky situations. I already went ahead and ordered another pair as I’m sure I’ll lose one here or there. But again, at this price WHO CARES?!They stay in ear better than I expected, you do have to have them in ear correctly or they sound weird, but again for the price the sound is great when seated in ear properly (basically just not pushed in too hard)Disclaimer: I’m only a month in, so we’ll see long term, but so far very happy I took the chance on these cheap lil fellas

  25. DrRicky

    I use these strictly for TV

    I have a Samsung TV that I easily pair these with. I have hearing in only one ear, so to keep my family happy late at night, I use these (Tozo T10). Because my hearing is in one ear, I am able to use the left OR the right in my ear. Both feel just as comfortable. Volume can be controlled by these also, but if I need the volume louder, I have to take the right earbud out of the case. The left will lower volume. Of course, there is a very slight latency (lag) between the video and sound, but not enough to be annoying. The sound quality is excellent, mid tones for voices perfect and a little extra bass which helps with movies. The only downside I find for me is using them on my iPhone for music. The bass is a little overwhelming for some reason and the high end cuts off very high-pitched instruments, not so great for discriminating audiophiles. For this I would give them 4 stars. Another thing, the case charges wirelessly on my MagSafe charger!

  26. G. Family

    Review for Rap Music fans

    When I search for audio equipment reviews I love seeing ones specific for us Hip-Hop and Rap lovers. Purchased these buds and wore them today at the gym. Had such an amazing experience I thought Ill leave a review immediately. Sounds quality for rap music was AMAZING. The bass was deliciously perfect. And most important the volume as max was too loud. Had to turn it down a notch. I’ve owned over 10 types of airbuds like these. Have had good ones, just lose them so fast. Of all the ones I’ve ever owned these sound the absolute best with rap> I listen to crunk, trap, and 90s hip-hop.Incredibly easy to to pair. And the fit was one of the best I’ve experience. Plus, box was packed with 5 or 6 sizes of the silicone bud part that goes in ear. So for those who struggle with a good fit there’s plenty of options

  27. Alex

    Incredibly high quality, top tier features for a fraction of the cost (IPX8 & 8mm Drivers)

    I’ve only had these a few days, but I have to say I’m absolutely blown away. I’ve been getting sick of my traditional usb-c headphones as I’m an avid bodybuilder and the cable is often a problem; between needing to keep my phone nearby, catching it during runs/lifts, etc.I spent a good amount of time comparing these to competitors, to higher end brands (ones in the $150+ range, etc.) and made the plunge with these. For $50 they offer basically the latest features that even name brands struggle to match.Pros:+ Build quality & appearance: I was incredibly impressed with this. The buds are extremely solid and while the charging case feels a ‘bit’ cheap, the buds drop in with ease thanks to magnet grips and the case offers simple and intuitive charging status for the case itself and the buds. ‘Plugging’ the buds in is satisfying and easy (the magnets are strong) and the case closes with magnet as well, very firm construction and there’s no worry of the buds being disrupted in travel or falling out. The case claims it can charge the buds to full 4x before it needs to be charged itself, and it’s a very convenient design to grab and go. Very happy with it.+Comfort: I was a bit concerned with this as I tend to dislike a lot of ‘in-ear’ buds, however these fit extremely well; even during rigorous workouts, runs or even in the shower they don’t move an inch. They are also just comfortable in general as I actually don’t notice them over time as I have with other earbuds. They come with 3 extra sizes in addition to the ones that they come with. I actually seemed to be fine with the ‘default’ ones, but may try a size down as they ‘can’ sometimes get disturbed. Point being they’ll fit any ear like a glove.+Features: Here’s where I was REALLY impressed, after scanning tons of brands & the reason I settled on them. (including MUCH pricer buds, these had some of the best specifications even compared to ‘luxury’ earbuds in the $150+ range)++ IPX8 – I noticed this was rare even among much more expensive brands. These buds/case are completely waterproof up to 1+ meter. I sometimes wear them in the shower with my phone 10-15ft away without any static or sound issue. If you are a swimmer I’d imagine you would have zero issue with these. (for comparison the nearly $200 Jabra Elite Active 65t are only 1P65– basically ‘sweat resistant’) There’s something extremely cool about jumping in the shower after a workout or even listening to a podcast before work!++ 8mm bass drivers & sound – again another stand out feature. The bass on these hit HARD, better than probably any earbuds I’ve owned. To put it in comparison again, the Jabra Elite Active 65t use 6mm drivers. The sound quality is also crystal clear, but I’m not an audiophile by any means, how they stand up to more expensive brands I don’t know; but the lows and highs are pitch perfect to ‘my ears,’ and again did I mention the bass? They are also EXTREMELY loud, I can usually only handle about 70-80% depending on media (music is a bit louder than youtube, etc.)++ Bluetooth 5.0 – while this feature is common now with wireless headphones, combined with the IPX8 you can comfortably wear these in the pool/shower with your phone 20ft+ away.Cons:I can’t really speak to any so far. They boast better features than earbuds for a fraction of the cost, are extremely well built and not obnoxious looking like a lot of wireless earbuds. The pairing could maybe be slightly faster, but it’s sort of a non issue. Setup was as easy as removing them from the case, pairing once and then you’re done. They take maybe 10 seconds to ‘re-pair’ if you power off or remove from case, but you can simply put them in your ear and you’ll get a ‘device paired message.’ Just a tip – the right earbud is the ‘primary,’ you always need to turn that one on first if they are turned off otherwise they may have trouble pairing. (they have to ‘pair to each other’ than they pair to your device, the whole process only takes 5-10 seconds)The true test will be how the old up after a few months in the gym/use, but for the price you really can’t go wrong. If you are someone that wants to have total control over your earbuds with an app such as equalizer settings, talk functions, etc. these may not be for you. However for just a general earbud that is sturdy, sounds great, and can take calls, you can’t beat them, even at a higher price.

  28. Lena

    Way better than airpods

    Personally, I find these so much more comfortable than any other wireless earbuds I’ve tried. The sound quality is great, I’ve never had issues. I only use one at a time typically because I wear them during work, and the battery lasts ages. I think I recharge the case about once a week, and just pop the earbud back in when I’m not using it for safe keeping. I do wish they included one more set of smaller covers (if smaller would even fit, lol) because the current smallest size is just a tad big for my right ear, so I only wear in my left.

  29. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    You can’t beat the price v. value v. performance…

    I took a fair amount of time with this headset because of the various reviews. I initially compared it to my LG HBS810 ($99) which I’ve used for years. That was a mistake.You need to judge these on their own merits/demerits. The design of the LG is too different from this set to make a reasonable comparison except in the areas of sound quality and fit.My first mistake was not paying attention to the instructions for fitting the buds in my ears. See the attached image. If you don’t rotate the buds slightly, they fall out too easily. My second mistake was not trying the different sized cups that come with the set. (I was getting ready to send them back)Once I fixed those two mistakes, things went smoothly from there. I use these with a Samsung S10+ updated to Android 10 with the latest security patch on September 1.Sound quality is very good for both music and voice. Either ear bud has a control for playing music on your phone, but I don’t use that function. I stream IHeartRadio and Sirius/XM, in addition to phone calls. According to folks I talk to, the noise cancelling is excellent: I have a fair amount of road and wind noise out in the country at higher speeds and can talk without problems. Reduction of outside sounds is better than my LG, but you can still hear traffic and sirens.Note that the buds do NOT have a volume control…you need to use the phone’s volume control. They do not have a MUTE feature, so you need to do that from your phone.Paring is fast and easy. A voice tells you when they are attached in each bud. The buds have worked through walls when separated from the phone over 20-30 feet away. I figured that out when I left the buds on my desk (not in the charging station) and was in the living room. When the phone rang, I picked it up and said, “Hello”, but couldn’t hear anybody. After the third try I checked my Bluetooth connection on the phone and saw the earbuds were still attached…oops. I called my friend back and apologized…Starting a call on my phone is one of two ways: “Hey Google…call…” or double-clicking either earbud will redial the previous number. A single click on either earbud answers or ends a call. A 2 second click rejects a call. These work better with the latest version of Android than my “old” LG head set. And, if you’re left-handed, it’s convenient.Power on or off is accomplished with longer clicks of 3 or 5 seconds depending if the earbud is on or off respectively.As compared to my LG headset, there was a learning curve….not substantial…..but to save frustration…pay attention and memorize the instructions. Take your time.The station and buds appear to be made of solid materials and have some “heft to them”. Once properly fitted, they are comfortable for extended use of a few hours at a time (the longest I’ve used so far).The charging station is excellent with magnetic “clamps” that hold each earbud in place while charging. I have not had problems with battery life so far, but I don’t talk hours at a time most days. When not in use, I keep the buds in the case attached to a USB port on my desktop PC. If I was traveling out of town, I’d attach the station to a USB port in my Jeep. The station is compatible with a wireless pad, but that is not included. The USB cable is short: a minor gripe.TOZO clarifies that while the buds are “water proof”, they can’t be submerged as in swimming. That sounds like IP6 level water proofing. should be able to wear them safely in the rain or if someone splashes you… other thing…the buds are not immediately apparent to those around you unlike some other headsets….so if you are in public or shopping, be prepared for some startled and quizzical looks. You don’t have to speak loudly to be heard by the buds….but most of us talk a little louder just out of habit….One more thing: make sure you put the buds in as marked R & L. I mistakenly put them in the wrong ears…and folks said it was very hard to hear me clearly…..LOL.

  30. Jonathan Higgins

    Great, fast, easy solution for hands free audio.

    So you might be in a few situations. 1. You’re three days away from your vacation or road trip and want some earphones. 2. You’re trying to get your kid situated with something decent without insulting them by not getting the top shelf stuff or 3. you just don’t like what your local Target or whatever sells and want something here. These work great. My only complaint I’ve had with them is that any moisture that develops (since they can get slightly wet) that is not perfectly clean will erode the brass pads on the anterior of the earphones and maybe the pins INSIDE the case will jam up. But this is from heavy use, slamming those suckers in there, jostling them in my pocket all day, and just beating the heck out of it. I had my first pair for two years now this is my second pair and honestly I recommend it to all my family. It’s not “Oh wow the sounds great” nor is it “man this thing is built for joggers”, they actually slip out pretty easily if you have sweaty ears, but it just gets the job done. I was surprised by TOZO, I felt it was some cheapy crummy thing but considering I’ve bought random store-brand earphones at my job or on the highway, these do carry their asking price very competitively. Good luck for your potential holiday shopping or deal hunting, I hope this helped!

  31. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    Has good sound.

    When I first received these, I loked them. They had really good sound and fit nicely into the ears. After a few days I noticed my right side earbud is not working. I am not goving a bad review because the time they worked, they sounded great. This could just have been a faulty one out of 100’s, I dont know. I will try to see if the seller will work with me on these. Overall if they last longer they are a good purchase at the price for the sound quality.

  32. Laura

    🤯Fair Warning!!… Sound may turn up to FULL BLAST on its own!

    I ripped my earphones from my ears and uttered some very choice words as they flew across the room announcing “INCOMING CALL”!! I was enjoying some calm music recovering (or trying to!!) from a rather intense day. That all ended when my husband called and Ms Tozo10 decided to SCREAM FULL BLAST, “INCOMING CALL!!”.Needless to say, if you value your hearing you might want to reconsider these earphones, as there seems to be a glitch that auto adjusts the volume—-never lower, always higher. …And these things are FREAKING LOUD!!! This isn’t just happening when people call—albeit that wins the prize for the loudest they’ve turned up on their own!! The volume just seems to have auto adjustment issues in general.Setting aside the near heart attack this evening, I will write a few PROS & (a few more Cons) as to not completely destroy their reputation, bcs these are actually pretty good earphones.*On a side note, on my own I am comparing these with Tozo T6, so I’ll make some notes about T6 alongside my eval.PROS:✔️Decent sound quality (not near as good as T6). T6 ARE A NEWER MODEL✔️Works with iPhone X, as do T6✔️Love the dots indicating remaining charging case battery power✔️In the week I used these they had PLENTY of battery power (better than my 10 month old highly overrated AirPod Pros). I have read a handful of reviews saying the battery power on the T10 & T6 does not stay this good for very long, but I cannot vouch for that at this point.✔️Earbuds are slightly smaller/lighter weight than T6. Slightly more comfortable to wear. (I still prefer the airy AirPod Pro type buds as far as breathability).✔️Touch control pad is less sensitive than T6 (Good thing!!)✔️These stay in my ears well, as do the T6’s. Both stay in better than my AirPod Pros.✔️Can use one earbud at a time, as you can with T6CONS:✔️VOLUME auto adjusts (AKA AUTO BLASTS to FULL VOLUME!) at random times giving victim a potential heart attack.🤯✔️Case feels a little cheap (not a dealbreaker).✔️Earphones cover a majority of the ear and can get a little sweaty, as do T6✔️Battery case needs a spring to slow down the lid closure (not a deal breaker)I’m trying several pairs of Tozos, and so far I’ve used T6 and T10. Overall, I prefer the T6, with the exception of the ultra-sensitive touch pad. I don’t move around much so it’s not usually a problem. Both models have some Volume control issues, however T10 is worse when comparing volume LEVEL glitch. T10 buds are slightly more comfortable bcs they’re not quite as big as T6, but it’s not a big difference.If sound quality is a priority, T6 are *hands down* better than T10. If you move around a lot, T10’s are less sensitive to touch, thus better for movement, but know that the superior sound quality of the T6 is just not present with T10’s.☑️I’m now trying Tozo NC2’s. Will return here to add more to my evaluation after I’ve had more time to evaluate them. So far;✔️Sound quality is excellent, love the “surround sound”✔️Comfort level is the best of all 3, but shape needs some softening on edges. Not a dealbreaker.✔️A little problem I noticed, as have others…. when you adjust the L earphone it is too easy to toggle the NC feature. That touch area is too sensitive and should be moved down to the stem.✔️Also, if you don’t have a really good fitting bud, it can automatically activate the voice assistant! The buds moved around and made my phone automatically dial a woman who interviewed me for a job!!, my health insurance company, Instacare, and my dermatologist!!! I’m hoping with a better fit it will not do this anymore. This is a dealbreaker if I cannot lower this sensitivity. No way to remove VoiceAssistant feature as far as I can tell. I don’t want that feature.., I sleep with them on. Holy moly can you imagine how many accidental calls I could make?***Side Note: I am REALLY missing the SOUND QUALITY of my T6’s, but I may or may not have showered with them on🤣 (and no they are NOT waterproof, despite the claim) and I’m letting them dry. Day 5 post shower, the volume is actually returning after letting them sit. Time will tell if they sound as crystal clear as they once did.😭Tozo has some great things going on with their earphones, but need to fix a few very fixable glitches… and they’re going to kick Apple & Bose #%%! …Especially if they can keep up the PHENOMENAL sound quality of the T6’s. (Btw…T6’s sound way better than my AirPod Pros. Esp bcs I like a base-y sound [it gives some ppl headaches tho].Tozo is a brand to watch. Their earphones are competitively priced and their sound quality is superior to much more expensive brands, esp in T6 model.

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  33. A_nguyen504

    Love these for casual use but…

    I’ve had these for awhile now and I have pros and cons. If you want these for casual sitting around talking on the phone use they’re amazing. The sound quality is great, battery life is very long, your able to do everything from the ear bud without even taking your phone out. If you want to lay in bed with them on they’re not as comfortable when laying on a pillow.They are definitely not made for exercising. I’ve been using them on my runs and I have to have a headband over them to keep them in place and even though they say they are Waterproof I don’t think they are sweat proof because I’ve been having trouble getting them to charge.So 100% get them for casual use.Absolutely no to exercising with them.

  34. R

    Somewhat average-ish earphones with some quirks

    The case is a little on the large side, but that’s likely to accommodate the inductive charging, which does work with my Qi base. It does have a USB-C port in case you don’t have an inductive charger. It might have been nice if the carrying case itself were also waterproof.The audio quality is OK. High and mid range are fine, but the lower frequency range is pretty poor. I mostly listen to talk stuff so that doesn’t bother me.I tested the waterproofing, which does appear to work, however they do kind of have a tendency to slip out of your ears so … may need to be careful with that.The extended controls are useful — play, pause, vol+, vol-, next, prev, etc.The most awkward thing is the capacitive nature of the buttons. They’re good because that helps keep them waterproof, however they’re kind of finicky. The surface is kind of large so it’s hard to touch the buds to adjust them without activating the button (not to mention a splash of water or suds might activate them), and there is kind of a long delay for the press to register so you get a lot of errant presses/double presses.

  35. eloise


    I buy a lot of these and not because they stop working but because my teenagers will take them. I have a pair and so does every member of my household. I have never had a pair that stopped working I have lost or kids have lost several but last longer than wired or headphones! Stay nice and snug in the ear while working out, or just working!

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  36. CharlesF11

    Good set of earbuds

    I was pleased with these earbuds. They come with 4 different sets of ear inserts from super tiny to pretty big. If you’re able to wear earbuds that go into your ear canal then I think these would work for you. I wasn’t a huge fan of the large stickout design; however, they’d have worked just fine. Thing is, my daughter has some of the smallest ear canals you’ll ever see, just ridiculously small, so I have to return these, but I bet they’d fit and be a good set of earbuds for 95% of the population.

  37. Adam GraunkeAdam Graunke

    Pretty impressed for the price!

    I bought these a month ago, so I wanted to try these out in a number of ways. I’ll address certain categories for this review: sound quality, range, battery life, comfort/fit, and ease of use.Sound QualityI’m very impressed with the sound quality, especially after trying out different settings in my iPhone’s equalizer settings. I’ve found that “Small speaker” is the best overall mix for my ears. The default setting was, to me at least, too strong on the treble and mid range, which washed out the bass and sounded a little bit annoying. But now the bass is about 90% as good as my Sony corded cordless earbuds. Try out a song like Jamie Liddell’s “A Little Bit More” or Billie Eilish’s “Bury a Friend” to test the depth of bass possible.RangeI tested this aspect indoors, so it’s probably different outside. It’s kind of good news/bad news here. Good news: with a clear line of sight to the streaming device (my phone in this case), I had a range of about 90 feet/27 meters. I did this by putting the phone on a bench on the side of an indoor walking track/basketball court. I walked around the track and it held the signal 99% of the time. There were two interruptions, each lasting about .25 seconds that I can’t figure out – they happened in different spots on the track, one near the phone and one far.In the weight room (where I usually use these), I could set my phone down anywhere and walk around the rest of the room without loss of signal UNLESS I went around a corner (the bad news). You really need line of sight for these to work consistently; any barrier or corner (even partially around a corner) and you’ll get big cut outs and signal loss. It never completely lost connection, however, because I came back around the corner and it was fine again.Battery lifeI don’t really know the run time of these because I use them for about 1-1.5 hours then put them back in their case, which charges them. The case is nice: it’s all black, and you can see through the lid to see the charging indicator. As soon as you pick them up out of the case, they are on, connected, and ready to go. I charge the case (via micro USB cable) about once a week.Comfort/fitThere are several different size ear cushions included, and it’s really important that you try them all, even if you think you know which one is best. Once I found the right size cushions, they fit great. I’ve played basketball with them in and they stay just fine. You put it in your ear in a vertical position, then twist them down to settle into your ear (see pics). I can wear them about 1.5 hrs before they start to become uncomfortable. I might still have to try different cushion sizes. Comfort and fit are adequate, but not great.Ease of useGood news/bad news again. The good news is that once they are paired to your phone/device (which was easy to do: take them out of the charging case, go to your bluetooth menu, and select the earbud that has the “R” designation (both L and R will appear on your bluetooth list, but the L is a slave to the R so you only pair with the R).I don’t care for the button on these. You press it to pause the audio, but it also pushes it further into your ear when you do (you have to press hard to make the button click, no doubt a feature designed to prevent accidental button presses), which makes it uncomfortable. Also, when I pressed the button, it did pause, but I couldn’t unpause it. I had to use my phone to unpause, and even then a time or two I had to re-pair them to start the music again.The charging case is nice: besides the see-through lid, the magnetic connection is snappy and good enough to keep them in place. You know when they’re properly seated by the sound of the magnetic click and the red light that then appears on each bud.The only feature I haven’t really tested (aside from sweating on them) is their waterproof-ness.Overall, I like them, especially for the price point. You have to try different size ear cushions and different audio settings to get the best fit and sound, but they sound really good to me, a former user of Sony earbuds. At this point I would not hesitate to recommend them considering the review I just wrote.

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  38. Ms Kekee


    I love these ear buds; I just wish the had better talk quality because that’s what I do mostly. It’s so much nicer to not be tied to your phone when having a conversation and you can get done things fine physically (if that makes sense?). I hate the fact that I can’t answer/hung up the phone with my buds. I also wish I could talk to Siri, like I can do with my Beats Pro.But for the price they are the best in the game. I would and will purchase again. Love how discreet they can be in ears, especially the A1 mini’s.

  39. Robert R.

    First venture into TWS headphones, not disappointed.

    TLDR, fantastic value and performance for the price.While I’ve only had these for a few weeks, I can see myself using them for as long as they last.My biggest gripe with past wireless headphones, has always been the cord or band that connectes the two.Starting with the Motorola S9 headphones ages ago, they worked ok but we’re a bit bulky and the charging port eventually broke rendering them useless. Then the replacement S11HD’s while much better to wear and listen to, we’re also much more fragile and my first pair died from moisture from sweat while working out, and the second pair had them break the band right in the middle which rendered them also useless.Finally I ran across the QY8’s on Amazon a while back, and while they were on sale for $5 which is a absolute steel, they sounded much better and have our lasted all my previous pair currently. The main issue I do have is the rubber band that connects them together which while it is nowhere near fragile like the past headphones, it is a little bit grippy, and would continually loosen the buds out of my ear as I move around, as well as grip the back of my neck and pull them out as my neck gets sweaty.In enters the T10’s. My first venture into TWS headphones and while I question the validity of over 14,000 review, I figured for the price, these would be a perfectly reasonable first try. Well, for how good they really seem to be, they might be with me for a long, long while.Initial initial impression is really good as the packaging is top notch, and all the parts feel high quality and well put together. The earbud itself is made of a sort of matte soft rubber that seems to be better at not sticking and collecting earwax like a smooth rubber, but still sticks and stays in your ear reliably especially being as they are two little buds that have to remain in your ear all by themselves.Pairing is as easy as pulling both buds out of their case and waiting a few seconds, then making sure you find and connect to the TOZO-T10-R which is the Right earbud that acts as the primary device. Once connected you get high quality and virtually latency free audio with high quality sounds, and solid bass. Volume has a pretty good range and while they are not active noise canceling, they cancel out as much as expected with an in ear earbud which is still really good.I just took them on a 4hr flight linked up to my Oculus Quest to watch Netflix on the flight, and the earbuds worked perfectly to completely remove you from the noise and overall presence of the flight and escape into vary own private theatre room. It was bliss.The only downside I can address is the battery life was only just around 4hrs give or take. The storage case is a portable battery bank that should cover at least one full charge, and it does seem to recharge them rather quickly so this might have been a non issue if you give them 5-10 minutes to charge a little between movies or a visit to the bathroom, but I failed to give them a jolt and before the end of the flight I had one of the buds telling me that its battery was low. The curse of BT headphone I suppose but still in most cases I don’t see this being a big issue.The only other thing that I’m not sure is a negative as it seems to be a constant with most all BT headphones has been the little lite hiss that happens when there is low/no audio at a point, but the headphone is active to the device. They are completely silent when the audio is paused for more than a few seconds, but when you start any audio, the quiet part of say a song, you may hear a lite hiss that I believe is something that all BT headphones have when the connection is active. Once audio starts to play though, you won’t notice and the high quality sound will fill your ears.Overall I’m extremely happy I got the T10’s as my first TWS headphones as they really exceeded my expectation. I highly reccomend them among the flood of reviews. They really are that good.

  40. Josh and Courtney

    These are awesome!

    If you have been looking for some really great cordless earbuds that are comfortable and really good quality look no further! I have pretty small ears and most earbuds hurt but these are fantastic. The case is small and compact. The battery life for one bud lasts me over 8 hours before I have to put it back in the case. the case charges off a C cable quickly. They say they are water resistant but I haven’t tested that out yet. The mic on them can be a little bit spotty at times I have had people tell me they can’t hear me with them connected. Overall I love these and would order them again!

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  41. bosterboster

    Comparison: TOZO T10 vs BEBEN 5H

    I purchased both the BEBEN 5H wireless ear buds and the TOZO T10 wireless ear buds, for use with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Android phone. Prior to these purchases, I have been using Anker bluetooth (wired-to-each-other) ear buds; the Anker buds have served me well for a couple of years, but I was looking for truly wireless for a couple of reasons (I won’t waste your time with those reasons–I suspect if you read them you wouldn’t care).I checked out reviews and ratings for several brands, and settles on these two:– BEBEN 5H Continuous 25H Cyclic Playtime IP68 Waterproof 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case (here:– TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds with 【Wireless Charging Case】 IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Headphones (here: purchased the TOZO first, after reading many positive reviews, and seeing an average of 4.4 stars from more than (at the time) 9,000 ratings; the price was $49.99. Afterward, I noticed the BEBEN, getting an average rating of 4.8 stars from over 1,000 ratings; these were slightly less expensive, $45.99. I liked the controls advertised for the BEBEN better than those advertised for the TOZO.Both sets claim IPX8 waterproof certification, which means they can be dropped in 3 feet of water and should be good to go. (Interestingly, IPX8 *does not* mean all of the lower IPX ratings are covered. For example, IPX6 means it can handle a spray of water at some amount of pressure; being rated for IPX8 does not mean it passes the IPX6 test.) Both are bluetooth. Both advertise good music sound quality, and good use for phone calls.When I received them, I decided they must have some common manufacturing. While the shape of their cases is different, there are some notable elements in common: Both have four small LED lights in the case to indicate the case’s battery level, both cases close magnetically, and they come with identical graphics and text materials to communicate they’re good for swimming (surface, not underwater) and good for showers. The TOZO advertised that it came with 5 pairs of different sized silicone cups to fit different sizes of ears, and it did; the BEBEN advertised that it came with 3 pairs, but it came with 5. Both cases charge wirelessly, and both cases can recharge the ear buds multiple times before needing a case recharge.I put both sets through the same test routine. I listened to similar music, and I made phone calls. With each set, I ran 4.5 miles on a treadmill, then showered while wearing the ear buds and listening to podcasts. When I was in the shower, the ear buds were connected to my phone which was about 25 feet away with 2 walls in between. Here are my findings:SOUND QUALITY:I found the sound quality to be very good in both. I’m probably not as demanding in this area as some, but I would guess I’m as demanding as most.Score: tieSOUND BLOCKING:Neither set has active noise cancelling. They block noise through their physical design; the silicone cup which fits into the ear canal physically blocks a lot of environment noise. I think both do brands do a fine job of blocking environmental noise, so the music sounds good.Score: tieCONNECTION STABILITY:One complaint I’d read a few times regarding the TOZO was dropped connections. When I tried the BEBEN, as I got around 25 feet from my phone, with 2 walls between me and my phone, on a couple of occasions both ear buds disconnected, then reconnected very quickly; each disconnect-reconnect lasted maybe half a second. It was a little annoying, but rare, and pretty understandable given the distance and walls. The TOZO did the same thing. However, the TOZO did the disconnect-reconnect routine many, MANY times, including when the phone was only 3 feet away and there were no obstructions between the phone and ear buds.Score: BEBEN 5H winsCONTROLS:The BEBEN 5H’s buttons offer more controls than the TOZO T10’s. The TOZO’s controls include:- Answer phone- Hang up phone- Redial last number- Play/pause- Reject phone callThe BEBEN’s controls do not offer ‘redial last number’, but otherwise have the same controls plus:- volume up/volume down- next/previous (song, podcast, etc.)Score: BEBEN 5H winsFIT:The fit was very similar between the two. The TOZO are slightly larger (as seen in one of the attached photos). Both stayed in my ears while I ran 4.5 miles on a treadmill. Neither the shaking nor the sweat led to ear buds coming loose.Score: tiePHONE CALLS:For me the sound was good. I was told by my daughter that on her end I sounded good. In the initial tests, I found no difference. Since the initial testing, I have used the BEBEN for phone calls on many occasions; on a couple of occasions I have been told by the person at the other end of the call that they could not hear me well. I don’t have enough information, yet, to decide whether that was because of the environment I was in at the time, or if there’s some flaw in the BEBEN mic.Score: tieWATERPROOF:Both sets survived my shower with flying colors. They performed fine. It was nice to keep listening to music or podcasts while I was showering. In each test, I removed the ear buds while I was in the shower (so I could clean my ears), set the buds on the bath tub rim, then put them back in my ears about a minute later. No problems with regard to water.Score: tieOTHER:These two things are small, but I notice them. First, the TOZO case lid is slightly translucent. Because of that, when the battery level LEDs are lit, they can be seen through the case lid, which is nice (this is shown in one of the pictures); the BEBEN lid is completely opaque, so the LEDs cannot be seen without opening the case.Also, as seen in one of the pictures, the “L” and “R” on the BEBEN ear buds are small and low-contrast with the surrounding plastic. For a 54-year-old who needs reading glasses but who otherwise has good vision, I wish they would have made these markings easier to see.Score: TOZOSUMMARY:The BEBEN 5H are very good. I’m glad to have them and will make great use of them. The have the added benefits of offering additional controls over the TOZO, which I am glad to have, and they are slightly cheaper.The TOZO are pretty good, but that issue with disconnecting and reconnecting is very annoying. This is something they should fix. As can been seen in other reviews, I’m not the only person to find this problem. This set will be going back.Oveall Winner: BEBEN 5H

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  42. Tristin B.

    Good but issues

    These have been great for me so far, all the issues aside. The good news is they aren’t uncomfortable, have good bass, and I like how long the battery lasts. The cons for me are that they fall out pretty easy regardless of the nubs I use, and shoving them in my ear hard enough to keep them in just distorts the sound. So maybe not great for exercise or outside work. Also I got these mainly for their water resistant features, and while yes they are generally safe in water, getting them wet causes the touch buttons to go off. Showering is quite the event! Play pause play pause blast the sound play pause. The touch features are very touchy. I saw an old version of these that apparently had click buttons, and personally I think I’d rather have click buttons. I’m sure they made them touch to keep up with the times, and some may like it, but I didn’t.I’m giving these a 3 star because of the click buttons issue and that they fall out very easy (though that may just be a me problem).

  43. Customer

    TWS done right

    Every Christmas I usually have enough personal money to make an impulse purchase, usually in Electronics. This year, I wanted to upgrade the $20 pair of totally wireless sound (TWS) earbuds I had. They were good, but needed better sound to make them perfect.With a budget of about $100, I started off looking for something good from a known manufacturer (like Samsung, Jabra, etc.) There was just nothing out there in my price range. I couldn’t see myself paying that kind of money from a brand I didn’t know, so I started looking for a cheaper model. For around $50 I found 3-4 that looked good and reviews were good enough. I liked Anker’s other Bluetooth earphones, so the Soundcore Liberty Lites were considered. With the good reviews and previous good ownership of Monoprice products the Monoprice IPX4s were looking good, too.Due diligence and a desire to be able to use one earbud at a time drive me to search Amazon’s best rated under $50 TWS sets, and Tozo looked pretty good. While the buds are labeled L and R, they are both the same, and can be put into either ear. They come with 4 tips, and for the first time, I’m not using the largest ones. So if you have really big ear canals and find it hard to get tips that fit, you may find a good fit here.The sound won’t knock Bose out of the water, but for the forty dollars I paid, it is good, and an outstanding upgrade from my $20 pair. It has nice bass, and well defined mids and highs.Battery time is right around 4 hours at low volume (I wear them at work as background noise). The travel case can charge one while the other is playing, so I don’t find it hard to get through a work day with them. I like the charging case, too. It’s well built, and can use a Qi wireless charger, which I don’t care about really. There are 4 lights to tell you how charged it is. it closes and fits in a pocket. I can’t tell you how many charges it will take, because I usually keep it plugged in.Pairing, once initially done, is easy. Just pull a bud off the charger and it will turn on and start looking for your paired device. Since I’m using one at a time, I find I need to turn the one I’m using off completely first, then get the other one. I paired them first together, and then separate. This is the best part of these for me, almost seamless use.All in all, very happy with the purchase. And I save up some money to get something else. I have already recommended these to people (my brother is not convinced, he has bone conducting headphones he likes). I do like them that much.

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  44. Jonathan H.

    Unbeatable value

    Even though these buds don’t work well for my intended purpose, they are an incredible value. I bought them to use with my TV which I set up with a bluetooth transmitter a few years ago. The problem I have is that they are too loud for comfort and the volume controls don’t work in this configuration. My previous BT buds did control the volume, and these control the volume on other devices (such as my phone), so this appears to be a BT interoperability issue. Maybe there’s a solution, maybe not. Amazon doesn’t have the expertise but is happy to return or replace them. I contacted TOZO and have not heard back. Normally I would be angry about this, but these buds are so cheap (< $20) that I am accepting of it (but it's not acceptable for a more expensive product). It's not even worth it to go to the trouble of returning them, I'm going to change out the BT transmitter on the TV and if that doesn't work, I'll just use these buds for something else.It's not just the low price, these appear to be a very well-made and well-though-out product. The sound is really great. I'm not an audiophile, but they sound great and I have many wired buds that I paid nearly the same for that sound terrible. A lot of the complaints written in the reviews are due to user error. The bass is great if the buds are fitted properly and seal within the ear canal, otherwise it is non-existant. People complain about the poor noise cancellation.... these buds don't provide that feature! Stuff like that. Another minor complaint I have is that they don't stay in my ears if I'm active (e.g. running) but this is my first set of wireless buds and maybe the bigger cushions would solve this; since they're for the TV it's not an issue. 2 people found this helpful

  45. AmazonConsumer


    I have had these for almost a year now and have had zero problems with them.I’m currently using them and thought about the fact that I haven’t had any problems so I thought I should share that by leaving a review.I use them quite often, too.The sound is great! And microphone seems to work well. No one’s told me anything along the lines of the quality sounding weird on their end.(I had gotten some similar ones before I bought these and people told me I sounded like I was underwater lol so that was a no.)They last a while on their own and the charge on the case lasts a while as well.I actually wear them for sometimes 2 hours or so and I haven’t had a low battery message.They connect really easily to your phone, too. If your Bluetooth is on it automatically will connect when you take them out of the case. Fast too. I’ve had some Bluetooth deceives that were really annoying to connect to so that’s why I’m sharing that as well.

  46. Baretta81

    Exceeded expectations

    I’ll preface this by saying I also own a pair of AirPods Pro. If I would have known these existed I never would have bought AirPods Pro which cost me well over 200.00 when I bought them.I bought these for use on my hot tub since AirPods apparently aren’t waterproof. These are excellent and provide the same sound quality as AirPods on my opinion , although I’m not an audio tech person . The sounds is great.The battery life is outstanding and I still have almost a full charge weeks later . I use them for about 45 min at a time and have used them approximately 6 times. Only one bar on the battery indicator has went down.They fit fine and come with diff warriors sizes . I’m really impressed by these and I only paid about 20.00 on a lightning deal . I should have just bought these Instead of AirPods . Not to mention these are waterproof .you can go swimming with these, take a shower, soak in the hot tub, ect .I felt compelled to write this review these are so good. I got the black color .because they were cheaper at that time.

    One person found this helpful

  47. Dave WDave W

    Good quality for a good price

    I purchased these headphones on a flash sale, so I got them at a reduced price. I figured, even if I don’t like them, they weren’t that much. I haven’t had them very long, but I’ve been surprisingly pleased with them.So far, I’ve used them mainly at my office to watch Netflix during my lunch break. I have on a couple occasions used them for a few hours without any problems with the batteries running out. I really like that the carrying case holds a reserve charge to recharge the headphones when put back in.I have never been able to comfortably wear a pair of Apple headphones, so I always avoid those kinds of earbuds. So far, they have been comfortable to wear. I haven’t had a chance to wear them to workout yet. So, I can’t speak to how well they stay in once I get moving. However, given the snugness of the fit with the current buds I have on them (the original pair that came attached), they feel pretty secure. I don’t foresee them coming out.One of the things that initially drew my attention to these headphones was the IPX8 rating. While I do swim quite a bit, I don’t think I will be attempting to swim with them though. Bluetooth doesn’t work well in water. However, I do have to work outside sometimes in the rain. So, it will be nice that I don’t have to quickly put them away.For the most part, I’m happy with the sound quality. I prefer more of a flat response, so I find them to be a little bass heavy. But that also means I was surprised at how much bass they actually put out. (Free tip: if you are using Spotify on your iPhone, there is an EQ feature so you can adjust the lower end if it’s too much.) Again, I’ve used them mostly for Netflix, so I haven’t noticed it as much. I was very surprised at how loud they can get.The sound quality of the mic is about what you’d expect from a pair of headphones. They work well enough to communicate. Just don’t expect to record vocals for your next platinum selling album with them.The Bluetooth is very quick to connect to my computer. They are usually connected by the time I can even get them in my ears. Even with the Bluetooth 5.0, there is some latency though. But, that is to be expected. It would be nice if they had aptX to help with that. However, given the low price, how new aptX is, being Bluetooth 5.0, and having an IPX8 rating, I can hardly expect that.I really like the case. It is somewhat bulky, but that’s the tradeoff to have a case that provides a reserve charge for your earbuds. I also liked that the cover is slightly transparent so I can see the battery level without having to open it. I also love that the case is equipped with Qi charging capabilities. I would say that the charging cable, measuring in at just over 12 inches, is really short. But, again, at this price, I can hardly fault them for not making it any longer. And, it’s not like you’re going to need them plugged in while you’re using them.Bottom line, I don’t think you’re going to find a better pair of earbuds with as many features at a better price.*** REVIEW UPDATE***I’ve now had these headphones for almost a year. I’m still pretty pleased with these headphones. Again, they’re not an audiophile’s dream headphone by any stretch of the imagination. But, they are ok sound quality. They produce good volume and they are comfortable to wear. For the most part, they stay in my ears pretty well. I need to readjust them sometimes but no more often than I would need to with any other headphones. I have not had the issue I have had with many other earbuds in the past of the tips coming off. I think this is mainly because I keep them in the case if I’m not wearing them.Occasionally, if they don’t click into the case just right, they won’t charge. However, the case also has a small red light to indicate that it’s in the case and charging. So, I know right away if I need to reinsert or adjust the earbud. Also, occasionally, they don’t connect properly to the device. However, all I need to do is pop them back in their case for a second. When I take them back out, they usually automatically connect to my device without any issues.I’m still quite pleased with the battery life of the earbuds themselves and the extra charge of the case. And being able to wirelessly charge the case is an awesome feature.What I haven’t been as happy with is the audio quality of the mic. I’ve tried using it on a couple of occasions, but the person on the other end has had a hard time hearing me. So, I’ve given up using it for that. But, that’s not my reason for choosing them, so it’s not much of a concern for me.Overall, time-tested, I still give these headphones a good review.

    63 people found this helpful

  48. Tanveer

    3 Years of Ownership Review

    I bought these on Christmas 2019 and now it’s almost Christmas 2022. I’ve used these for hundreds, if not thousands of hours. These are the best headphones for the price range you can buy – they have excellent sound quality. These still work for me today but they no longer pair to each other, so I get sound from one bud or the other but not both together. I’ve tried the reset procedure but it hasn’t worked in fixing it. Still, a 3 year run from a <$20 earbud is commendable.Pros:Sound quality is excellentCharging is fastEarbuds are comfortablePrice point is unmatchedCons:Battery life is about 3-4 hours before they need to be rechargedPairing is not ideal. The R earbud must be paired before the L bud. If something goes wrong, then you have to put the buds back in the case and start againWhile these buds can technically connect to multiple devices at the same time, the pairing is a nightmare and I've found it easier to turn off bluetooth on my other devices to force this to connect to the device i want.The case is fairly loud when closing - it snaps shut, it is not discreteThe Low battery warning is annoying and too frequent. It will announce a low battery message every 5 seconds continuously until it turns off.After the first year, there is a slight hum when the buds are in your ear and not playing anything.A lot of these cons are being nitpicky. For the price point, again, this is unmatched. One person found this helpful

  49. Alexis

    Good quality & cheap

    First impression review: I bought these during cyber Monday. I had a pair from a different brand before but I lost them.1. Bluetooth pairing was a breeze. My other ones were a pain to pair and the left and right buds would unpair from each other. These ones from TOZO don’t do that. I didn’t even need to read the instructions to pair or trouble shoot anything.2. I was expecting good sound quality and bass based on product description and reviews, and that’s *kind of* what I got. They have good overall sound for Bluetooth earbuds but nothing special about the bass. I got these for listening to audiobooks so they work great for me.3. I am a small person, with a small head and even smaller ears. I also have a tragus piercing so it makes it harder to use earbuds. The xxs tips are small enough to fit into my ears perfectly. I do wonder if they can stay in my ears through my workout, but that would be next year’s problem (my New Year’s resolution usually involved “I’ll workout again and stick with the routine this time” but usually failing once summer arrives)4. I can’t speak to the battery life yet. I charged it with the cable provided, but apparently you can also charge this on a wireless charging pad? That sounds cool!5. The mic seems to work fine. The voice assistant function works as well. I don’t talk on the phone so I haven’t tried this with an actual person yet. Siri can hear me though.I would recommend these earbuds if you want something cheap but good.

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  50. Stephanie

    TOZO T10 Earbuds – Great price, great earbuds except for one issue

    I’ve ordered three (3) pairs of the TOZO T10 Earbuds with the third pair for myself. The first pair were for my son and the second pair a gift. I ordered myself a pair based on what my son told me about his earbuds. He knows I love to listen to music all of the time. I have the original AirPods but he was tired of hearing me complain about the design and said I would love these. I really do like my TOZOs. The charge they hold is absolutely amazing. I use them everyday and I haven’t charged them since mid September, which to me is unbelievable! I just checked prior to writing this review and I have three blue lights, again AMAZING! They are great at blocking sound and my music sounds great. If I could change two things it would be as follows: I wish there was a way to adjust the bass and I wish they were slightly smaller. I would love those features.ISSUES I AM EXPERIENCING: the reason I didn’t give a five (5) star ratingI’m having two issues and can’t figure out why. 1. More than not, when I’m listening to my music if I turn my head, the sound goes away. For example, if I’m shopping and walking down an aisle then stop to turn my head to look at something on a shelf or rack, my sound is completely gone however, as soon as I turn my head back to where it was OR even look in the opposite direction, my song begins playing. It’s not stopping, the sound is just gone and when my song comes back I can tell it was playing, I just wasn’t hearing anything. I haven’t been able to figure out why this happens. It’s annoying but not something that would cause me to not purchase another pair. 2. The second issue is with the tapping of the earbuds to control them. My pair came with instructions which definitely could’ve been much better. They needed to provide detailed instructions. I happened to see my son’s box and noticed my box said upgraded and his didn’t. I opened it to see if his instructions were inside and they were. His instructions were different than mine in that they were in the format of a small booklet, more detailed and clearer which helped me understand how to operate my earbuds. My instructions are a long strip of paper folded several times with very little details. The tapping just doesn’t work as it’s supposed to work per the instructions. No matter how many times I tap, I receive the same message, your volume is at the maximum limit (this is not verbatim but it’s the message conveyed). I can’t make or answer a call. I’ve been able to answer three (3) calls and each time the person said it sounded horrible and they couldn’t hear most of what I was saying then the calls dropped. Overall, I knew due to the price I was getting what I paid for. My son told me about the tapping issues before I ordered mine because he has the same issue as well as with calls but he loves how his music sounds.The fact is, I bought them to listen to my music and other than the issues above described, I LOVE how my music sounds when using my TOZO T10’s. I LOVE the length of time it holds a charge. I really do wish I wouldn’t lose sound at times.and the calls would work but if I know I’m expecting a call I wear my AirPods.Lastly, I would like to address one thing due to reading this in some reviews. Not one time have I been contacted to write a review by ANYONE. I don’t write a lot of reviews mainly due to lack of time but I order a great deal of merchandise from Amazon and probably should begin writing reviews due to the amount of merchandise I order and the variety of items I order. I always read reviews prior to making a purchase and it definitely helps me if I’m not quite sure about a product. I don’t read reviews which are not verified purchases. In summary, the TOZO T10 Earbuds are a great product for the price and I’ve seen reviews (not on Amazon) which say the TOZO T10 is great for the price when compared to similar earbuds and it’s even been mentioned even though newer versions are being released, the T10’s are the best. Hopefully if you are deciding whether to purchase these or not, my review provided information which helped you with your decision. Great earbuds TOZO!!

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  51. A Whaling

    Best earbuds I’ve ever purchased!

    Through no fault of the product (I just lose everything) I am on my third pair. They all worked really well, I just lost them lol.These are VERY comfortable to wear for long periods. The phone call sound quality is excellent; I’ve never had a complaint from the other party.The battery life is absolutely ridiculous.. I typically wear these while streaming a show or YouTube anywhere from 2-4 hours 4-6 times per week. I can go WEEKS without having to charge them!The noise cancellation is no joke.. and if someone is talking to you while you have them in, you won’t hear them at all.The case is very sleek and fits comfortably in my pocket all day. And the touch controls are way cool! I will only every buy Tozo again!

  52. BamaGirl

    Absolutely THE BEST EVER at PRICE

    I do not dislike anything about these wireless earbuds. I was reading reviews and was impressed by other buyers. They recommended buying Model T10 over other models and I’m glad I did. It has the base I like without too much treble. I think its the right balance of both. They stay in my ear and were fully charged out of the box. Paired super easy. I saw many complain about the base and noise cancellation but if you have the right ear tip to fit and its perfect. Don’t even bother with the higher end earbuds as these are by far the best I have ever owned. I even bought a pair for my dad for Christmas. My uncle tried them on and loved the sound. I listen to a lot of house and techno/ hip hop and oh my stars!!! One HAPPY customer. TOZO for the WIN!

  53. NY2AZ4Lyfe

    The best cheap ear buds! We own 3 pairs.

    These ear buds are my go to when I need to buy some. My original black ones are still going strong, like new, almost 2 years later. I just ordered the beige which are equally fantastic! I have one set for my tablet and another for my phone now, so I don’t have to disconnect the Bluetooth to switch devices. I’ve recommended family members order these too and they also love them!My teens AirPods recently stopped charging right. After all the tricks to get them working, nothing fixed it. So I said I was getting her a set of these, for now at least. She picked navy blue and as soon as she used them for the first time, she said she didn’t care about air pods anymore. She said these are much louder and sound great and are so comfortable.They really are so comfortable, to where you forget they are in. They are easy to clean, charge fast and battery life is fantastic. Even on my pair that’s almost 2 years old. From our experience, they are much more reliable than air pods ever have been and we love Apple products.For the price, you’ll never find better ear buds. I would give 100 stars if I could!

  54. Nessy

    Excellent Ear Buds for Audio Books

    These are awesome ear buds – I just bought my fourth pair. Not because they keep breaking, but because I keep losing them! I take them with my pretty much everywhere, and they work well in the shower and while taking a bath, and stay in while running. I have tried other ear buds but most are not as comfortable — these are awesome and I’ve often accidentally drifted off to sleep with them in. I’m sometimes tempted to try the noise cancelling version, but honestly, I’m happy with these. Give them a shot!

  55. James White

    You get what you pay for

    For the price the sound quality isn’t bad but isn’t great. There is a reason AirPods are so expensive, the sound quality is just way better. However, these don’t sound awful. A little tinny, but pretty good for twenty bucks.The only other negative is the size of the case. It’s massive. I’ve seen multi tools smaller than this thing. It’s similar in size to a small bottle of Tylenol. If you don’t carry a purse it’s going to be very noticeable in your pocket.For such a cheap price point the positives far outweigh the negatives though. $20 is pretty awesome for a decent pair of Bluetooth ear buds. I’m definitely happy with this purchase. These would be great for a kid who loses or breaks things a lot haha

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  56. Veronica E.

    YOU WONT REGRET IT (survived washer/drier x2)

    It’s simply amazing. Type C charger, which is easy to find if you lose it (which I did). If you’re an avid music listener, or podcast listener, it has a great battery life. Normally, for me it lasts 4 days and I use them a LOT. Got them about a year ago, and they are still good, which you normally don’t get from cheap earphones.And they are very resistant and reliable! If you use them a lot, you may not always put them in their case when you take them off. So, you might forget them in your pockets.My husband is a cleaning freak so clothing doesn’t stay in the laundry basket for more than 2 days. Yesterday he did laundry right after I took my jacket off, and one of the earbuds was there. Survived washer and drier, both in heavy duty mode. AND THE QUALITY REMAINS THE SAME.

  57. SamuraiCutter

    Only One Gripe

    I upgraded to these T10’s after I managed to drop both of my T6’s in the same puddle while working in the yard.To start off, I typically use my buds to listen to podcasts and music in high background noise situations: mowing the yard, etc. Noise cancelling is good without completely drowning out everything. Battery life is excellent, I can listen for hours uninterrupted though I’ve never tested exactly how long. And the case recharges them quickly.The case is my only gripe. It’s more bulky than I’d like, to where it can actually be uncomfortable to pocket.Overall, these buds are a great buy for the price. And if I happen to drop them in a puddle, I’ll just upgrade to the next model.

  58. Amy E

    Lasted for a year

    This Bluetooth earbuds served it’s full purpose. I bought it early January of 2022 and noticed it started to malfunction constantly during beginning-mid December of the same year. Honestly it has really been so useful whether it’s housework, at school, in a public place, or anywhere. It was also quite efficient especially the battery and noise cancelation which were excellent. This month it started becoming very faulty which was a sign that I needed to get new earbuds. So just an fyi, these buds will probably last about a year to a year and half if you use it regularly but if you’re looking for something with better longevity, search somewhere else. Personally, it’s worth every penny though.

  59. Crystal Inchiocca

    Awesome, especially for the price.

    I bought these based on price. I wasn’t sure if I would like wireless headphones or if they’d stay in my ears and I didn’t want to drop crazy $$$ until I knew for sure. I bought these on a lightning deal for around $25. I figured for that price why not. This brand is awesome !!!! Sound quality is on par with my regular headphones, battery life is amazing and overall durability is great. They come with a bunch of different soft pads for the ear part so you can find the ones that fit you best and keep them in your ears well. I love these headphones. I dropped one once, it was in the driveway for 3 days and still worked perfectly when I found it. I ended up buying multiple pairs of these as stocking stuffers. Can beat these for the price. I’ve had no connection issues either. Can get about 100ft from the device its connected to before it drops. If you’re thinking about it, do it. You wont be sorry.

  60. Michael62′

    An Amazingly Affordable High Quality Sound Ear Buds!

    I love these ear buds! I am a poor musician, percussionist that loves music with few exceptions. When shopping for audio products, Quality sound is super important especially for the range of music I listen to! These ear buds provide full range sound with surprisingly deep bass and depth in the sound with decent exterior sound cancelations listening to music alone. Hard to believe I paid less than $20 for these buds on discount. I am yet to discover the battery life having only these buds for shorts durations of a few hours at a time! This notwithstanding, I am extremely happy with this purchase and I would recommend for the sound quality and variety of ear pieces alone!

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