Vetnique Labs Glandex Anal Gland Soft Chew Treats with Pumpkin for Dogs Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics Fiber Supplement for Dogs Boot The Scoot (Peanut Butter Chews, 60ct) Pet Supplies

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About this item SUPPORTS HEALTHY ANAL GLANDS: Glandex is scientifically formulated to support healthy anal glands. With key ingredients including pumpkin seed, Glandex promotes natural emptying of the anal glands & supports digestive health & seasonal allergies. GUARANTEED TO BOOT THE SCOOT: Glandex results are guaranteed to help your pet “Boot the Scoot!” in 3-5 weeks & comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Glandex is recommended by thousands of veterinarians worldwide & was developed by leading veterinarians to specifically support healthy anal gland function PATENTED FORMULA: Glandex’s patented formula includes all-natural ingredients to keep your dog’s anal glands healthy including a Unique Fiber Blend, Omega Fatty Acids, Digestive Enzymes, Prebiotics & Probiotics MADE IN USA: Glandex is proudly made in the USA using the highest quality ingredients. Glandex is easy-to-use and comes as an irresistible peanut butter treat! Give once daily based on your dog’s weight. Great Value – Lasts 2 months for a 20 pound dog!

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches; 9.6 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 015VL-GX44980

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ June 14, 2015

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Vetnique Labs

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00ZJ5BJ74

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Dog Digestive Remedies

Customer Reviews: 35,552 ratings

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Advanced Strength Duck/Bacon Chews (Vegetarian), Peanut Butter Chews, Pork Liver Chews


30ct, 60ct, 120ct

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎


Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches; 9.6 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

June 14, 2015

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Vetnique Labs

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Dog Digestive Remedies

Customer Reviews:

35,552 ratings

60 reviews for Vetnique Labs Glandex Anal Gland Soft Chew Treats with Pumpkin for Dogs Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics Fiber Supplement for Dogs Boot The Scoot (Peanut Butter Chews, 60ct) Pet Supplies

  1. D’s Mommy

    So far so good…

    I’ve been giving it to my chihuahua mix, 7 year old rescue for about a week now. He loves it! About day 2 of giving him 1/2 of a serving like instructed, he did have “fish butt”on my lap. I’m hoping it is because it hadn’t been enough time for it to work. So far he likes the taste and it hasn’t been rough on his very sensitive stomach. It has not given him any allergic reactions. Crossing my fingers that it works!Update: My pup has been taking it for a little over a month. He’s had “fish butt” three times now, which I think it is a little less than usual. It is his favorite treat. Still no digestive (no throwing up) issues, except for the farting. He went from hardly ever passing gas, to doing it quite often. Still hopeful!

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  2. Zoomie’s Dog Deli

    Good preventative, but not something you see immediate change with

    I’ve used this product for a couple months now, The first month of use I noticed a large increase in “ expressions“ which was concerning. I did contact the company but it took them over three months to respond and by that time the issue had gone away. Now that being said I will continue using this product as a preventative as well as a tool to get more fiber to prevent poop issues. She hasn’t had any bouts of diarrhea since starting this product, but it’s also fed a rotational diet and therefore used to some degree on change. Not some thing where you go oh my gosh I totally see the difference but nevertheless some thing I will continue to use as a preventative. Slight decrease in “stinky butt”

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  3. Knoxkristi

    Has helped my pup

    While I can’t assess the taste as I’m not about to try one, my pretty picky dog happily eats one each morning. There is definite improvement in the anal glands. She would frequently have release during times of extreme excitement, such as the mail or delivery truck going by. That has resolved since beginning these.

  4. Ryan K.

    Dog Loves Them and they Work

    My dog can be a picky eater – she loves things until she finds something that tastes better, and then whatever she had before wasn’t good enough. She has to take a doggy-flavored pill that she had no problem with until she got a doggy treat that tasted better. So… I was in a bind.These chews are the consistency of slightly dry playdough. The pill pushes in just fine. The dog LOVES THEM. They are a hit and I’ve bought multiple times now. In addition – they work. My dog, who without something for her uh… “scooting issues” has to have her glands squeezed every month, hasn’t had to have it done more than twice this year.I 100% stand behind this particular product and until my dog finds something she likes better and decides she’ll never eat them again (please oh please don’t let that happen) I’ll be a regular consumer.

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  5. whitney miller

    Expensive but seem to work well

    First of all, my dog LIVES these idk what it is, but she will do anything for one of these so giving them to her is very easy. She was having issues and one of her anal glands burst and I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO EXPRESS THEM. So I thought we can try a treat that will help bulk up the poops. I did not nicotine if the poops were bulkier tbh but her butt healed up nicely and it hasn’t happened again so I will keep giving these to her!

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  6. Elizabeth Fleming

    Making a big difference

    My Pitbull is on a limited diet due to allergies and has had repeated issues with his anal glands. Glandex has increased the size and regularity of his poop, he’s also farting less. As a bonus, I’ve been using the Glandex as pill pockets for his morning meds. He loves his morning “treats”!

  7. Chelsey Orlando

    Maybe Worked…

    My dogs definitely love the taste of these but I don’t think we noticed it helped. Used for 2+ months consistently for my dogs and noticed the booty symptoms didn’t lessen, almost maybe made it worse but that could be a combination of things. Would recommend to try but may not work for all pooches.

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  8. Margaret V.

    This product works!

    At one time I would have to take my fur baby to the vet every 6 weeks to have her anal glands expressed. Then covid hit and my vet would only take emergency procedures and suggested Glandex. She hasn’t needed to go back since! This seller is always quick to ship the product out to me.

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  9. HappieGoLuckie

    Great for a pup with anal gland issues.

    My lil guy had a problem excreting his anal glands. Doc said give him a little pumpkin in his diet to help. Lazy me went to look for an alternative solution. Found these with good reviews. I bought the peanut butter flavor. He wasn’t a big fan so I crushed them up and put it in his dinner every night (next time Ill get the pork flavor ). Since then he hasn’t been scooting. Happy bum happy mum.

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  10. Jennifer

    Helps my dogs anal glands

    Glendex helped me with my dog who had to get her anal glands expressed every month. Since she’s been on Glendex regularly she has not had her glands expressed in 6 months now. The only thing is she will not eat it without mixing it with other food because she doesn’t like the flavor. But my other dog will eat it with no problem.

  11. JoJo

    My Pittie is happy

    My 3 year old pittie is doing much better since I started her on Glandex. I don’t give it to her daily just every 3-4 days, and she also get a Probiotic daily. Just like humans we just need a little help at times.

  12. Candace Barron


    My frenchton was obsessed with his rear after numerous anal gland leaks. I took him to the doctor for expression on a regular basis. That ended immediately after he started taking his 2 treats/pills every day.

  13. Matthew ri

    Worked well

    My dog has been having weird anal gland issues over the years, and this product worked in a couple weeks. No more awkward anal squeezing.

  14. Rose M.

    The best!

    My shih tzu was constantly at the vets office to express his anal glands he had to have them flushed 5 times under anesthesia because they were infected. It cost a fortune to go every month and it’s so bad to do that bc it weakens the muscles. This wasn’t quick so don’t give up on it it took abt 4 months it’s been over a year and knock wood hasn’t been a problem since! Try and get the peanut butter bc dogs tend to be allergic to liver and beef that the other products have. I also give a scoop of plain canned pumpkin at dinner. This stuff is a miracle and please tell your groomer to leave the anal glands alone!! No one should be squeezing them just let them naturally do their thing.

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  15. Anonymous

    Anal Gland Chews that definitely help

    We take our dog to the veterinarian for regularly scheduled visits. The Vet recommended these chews which have helped our dogs anal glad not build up as much where before we were having them expressed every thirty days.

  16. Kindle Customer

    Works for my dog

    This brand is a little pricey but cheaper brands haven’t worked for my girl. I hate seeing her uncomfortable so I don’t care what it costs. Also, she likes the taste and eats them with no coaxing from me

  17. dd

    does the jobs

    seems to be working fine for my dog’s scooting issue, so I would have given it 5 stars, but is very expensive.

  18. Amazon Customer

    No more scoot!

    Within 2 weeks of use, I noticed a positive change in bowels for my dog. After a month, there was a terrible amell and I cheered. I knew the chews had done the job and my dogs anal glands had released and she was in less pain. The next container is already being shipped. No more scootin here!

  19. James

    Seems to help

    Dogs seem to like it ok and it helps

  20. RRHunter

    helps some

    using for mini schnauzer anal gland issues – seems like might help some – does not get rid of occasional leaking when she gets excited

  21. Robin

    It works

    It’s really helping our dogs, with both of us working, we don’t get to walk the dogs as often as we should.

  22. Tara

    Seem good

    My dog seems to like these because she eats them right away. I like them because they seem to be helping her.

  23. Sylvia Cleaver Shepherd

    Bee Gee is better on Glandex, not perfect but better.

    My dog Bee Gee is better on Glandex, not perfect, but better.

  24. John Beath

    taste great less filling

    taste great less fillingand have not had to boot scoot lately.

  25. Sally

    Helps with scooting

    I bought this after our vet recommended it to help my dog with scooting. Their is no foul smell and my dogs sees this as getting a treat. They are a little pricey as you might need to give two a day depending on the size of your dog.

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  26. Mariann Searle

    Vet recommended these – no more expressing those glands

    My miniature dachsie has been getting one daily for a couple of years and it keeps her regular and her anal glands don’t back up. They apparently taste okay, although I do smush it up on her food. I think it’s just a little big for her to take in one bite. Highly recommended, though a little pricey, it works, though.

  27. John Howard



  28. Mary Van Slyke

    Helps dogs digestive issues

    Our dog likes these tablets.

  29. Howard Davis

    Dogs do not like it as much the normal non vet

    The dogs don’t like it as much, it also do not seem to work as well

  30. Football Dad

    It seems to be working for our Airedale

    Lots of time spent under his tail licking his butt we needed to see if we could offer him any relief. He has had problems with his anal glands but the vet couldn’t seem to figure it out. We read about this product on a FB page dealing with Airedales. We are 3 months into using this and our dog is spending almost no time licking the area under his tail.. We did another alteration with his food but this product seems to have had a greater impact. We intend to go 6 months to determine its effectiveness. It’s trending towards a long term solution.

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  31. debanam

    No more boot scoot!

    My beagle suffered from anal gland problems. I have been giving her these for a couple of years now and she hasn’t had a problem since. I give these to both of my beagles and all systems are go!

  32. Anthony Clemmer

    Dogs loved them!

    Not only did my dogs like them, it did wonders for their poop!

  33. Amazon Customer

    Really helps my dog.

    This product really helps my dog with her anal glands. She loves it too, eats it right up.

  34. J D McMichael

    Puppy med

    This has been effective for my puppy. This order is the second one. The smell was a bit different.

  35. Sarah kyser

    It works for me so far she takes it with no problem

    She loves the flavor

  36. GGGG

    Excellent results, a must for all dog owners that care! Highly satisfied!

    I became a first time, extremely novice, dog owner when I rescued my loving fur baby running down the road on a stormy Friday night. As such, it’s been a learn as you go science project for me, keeping him healthy and me from going broke with vet bills.I wasn’t aware of anal scent glands or the importance of proper poop geometry or consistency in keeping them expressed. As long as it wasn’t diarrhea, I did nothing to his diet and as a long as I can remember, it was watery, soft, thin and hard to bag up with poop bag. I knew the groomer did something to his butt, but didn’t know what it was for. That all changed one day about 2 months ago when Yahtzee did a dive bomb scoot on me. When I checked his rear there was a small paper cut like there, so I applied antibiotic ointment and moved on. When reappling, that evening, I just touched the area lightly and out came a small amount of green and yellow puss. Trip to the vet and, you know it, infected anal scent gland. Vet tried to express it in the other room, no go. The wailing from my boy broke my heart. Vet kept him for the afternoon but, couldn’t get them expressed with pup under tranquilizers. He told me it’s not unusual in small dogs and that it would probably an ongoing problem. Then, gave me antibiotics and suggested adding pumpkin to his diet and other high fiber food to cause pooping to naturally do the expressing.That said, whew sorry for the long winded set up, I had to take on this project and researched the condition on the web. Everything led me to pumpkin in the diet and one site suggested something called silicea 6x. Amazon research of reviews led me to a clear choice based on reviews – GLANDEX! I immediately placed an order and started him on half a chew daily per the product instruction. AMAZING RESULTS!After about 3 weeks on the product, my boys poop started to take shape and color as it was supposed to look per Internet pictures, but still not quite like the pictures said. Well, with each passing day it got better and better. Now, 5 weeks in, I am so happy to say it’s really great poop. Warm, segmented, brownish and picks up firm, moist, warm and all in one piece! I am so happy I could poop!So, THANK YOU GLANDEX, you’ve made a dog and his owner very happy and grateful! I made some other changes to his diet and exercise, but as far as this science project goes, I have to honestly and thankfully say that GLANDEX was the solution for me!The seller, Vetnique Labs, is commended for this product, fast shipping and helpful follow up emails on the product!I highly recommend you use this product BEFORE your pet goes through the suffering that mine did. I can’t say enough how great I feel this product is! It’s helped me sleep better, feel better and how thankful I am!Footnotes for other novices….1. At first my Yahtzee wouldn’t take the GLANDEX as a stand alone treat. I just sandwiched it inside another treat, now he loves his GLANDEX as a reward. Be persistent.2. He woofed down the raw pumpkin at first. But then, about a week in of two tablespoons a day, he turned his nose up at it, period. I then recalled that he’d vomited orange / yellow that morning and highly suspect it was the pumpkin not being fully digestible. GLANDEX to the rescue! No such problem with the product and it contains pumpkin extracts and other great nutrients and probiotics, as well!3. Of course, I had to try the Silicea 6x suggestion, and while I’m sure it may have helped the dogs of those who so highly suggested it, it was a huge disaster for me.Day 3, raspberry jelly poop and an immediate trip to the vet – $165 dollars worth of stool and blood work said he was ok and thank God above no permanent damage and no more raspberry jelly poop after I stopped. Something about adding the sand like powder, when crushed as directed, substance to his drinking water raised a yellow flag in my mind, but the product seemed very highly reviewed and suggested for the condition. GLANDEX is soft, moist and easy to ingest in comparison.THANKS GLANDEX! AMAZING WHAT A LITTLE CHEW CAN DO!

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  37. RENEE


    Our female dog was always scutting her bottom and when we started to use this product she stop. Very happy with it and she loved to eat them

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  38. Doug G.

    Good service

    Prompt service.No problems.

  39. GET

    Kind of hard to answer the questions, but…

    I started one dog on this at the recommendation of my vet because the dog was collecting tiny pieces of poop in a little pouch under the rectum and irritating the crap out of her. There were two choices: try this or do surgery to get rid of the “lip” that was collecting tiny pieces of poop. Well, the glandex worked YAHOO! She is so comfortable now and we have avoided surgery (I have a great vet). And, since my other two dogs seemed to like scooting along the living room carpet I started both of them on this and the scooting has stopped in one and greatly reduced in the other (hmmm. just thought of it…I can increase his dosage. Flavor must be acceptable as two dogs eat it no problem, Mr Picky sometimes leaves it, sometimes eats it. Good product.

    15 people found this helpful

  40. lora seibert

    My dog loves these glandex soft chews.

    My dog loves these pork flavored glandex soft chews. He didn’t like the peanut butter ones.

  41. Brenda

    Helped regulate our pup

    Vet recommended for our dog that was regularly not having solid bowel movements. These chews seemed to help! And our dog loves them like they are a soft treat.

  42. diane noyes

    This does help!

    This does help! May not stop all the symptoms but definitely a lot less frequent (from almost daily to once a month or less). Definitely worth it!

  43. Pam McDonald

    This works!!

    An amazing difference almost right away!

  44. Oscar Martinez

    The healt of my dog

    My dog like this product.

  45. Shelley Y.

    Dog love it

    My dogs love these as a treat and it seems to help with what they are made for.

  46. David

    My chewini is very finicky she loved these a quick treat. Anything to keep that gland from leaking.

    It’s all in the title Chihuahua overactive anal gland. These are great treats. They smell like Reese’s peanut butter cups.

  47. Joan

    Dogs love it

    My pup’s have had gland problems. This has helped to keep their glands empty.

  48. C. Hamp

    Dog loves it

    My dog loves the peanut butter flavor. It does get a bit hard in the refrigerator after a while but the dog doesn’t care. Not sure it is really working as I am in a trial with it for 1 month and after 2 weeks, he still scoots. So I will wait and see over the next 2 weeks. The amount you have to use on a 65 pound dog is 3 tablets a day so the 30 package only lasts 10 days so you need 3 packages a month and that gets costly so be prepared for that unless you have a small dog.

    2 people found this helpful

  49. april woods

    Not all dogs love them

    My Yorkie doesn’t like them. And that little man will eat anything. Lol

  50. diana stedge DiDee

    This stuff really helps.

    My trips to the vet have gone from 4-6 weeks to 12

  51. Amazon Customer

    Good product

    Have been giving these at vet’s recommendation. She said give it a couple of months, so we don’t know if it will solve his issues yet. So far so good and he likes it.

  52. Noelle

    If my dog will eat it, yours will too

    I first have to say that my dog Max is probably the pickiest eater in all of dog history. He is 7 years old and had never had an issue with his glands before. He had recently decided that he no longer wanted to eat his dog food . We feed our 5 dogs Canine Caviar, it’s good dog food and our other dogs love it. Max loved it until earlier this year. He started losing weight, refused to eat his food but would still eat treats. His vet said to give him 3 days and he would eat. He did, but not enough to maintain his weight. He was becoming skin and bones. He is also epileptic and has had cluster seizures, he takes 3 pills a day but still has breakthrough seizures. When I looked up his life expectancy and it said 8 years I decided that if he wanted me to cook for him I would. This was the beginning of his grand issues. He is allergic to grains so I was feeding hamburger , steak , pork ( cooked through) or what ever was on sale with peas, green beans and baby carrots for crunch. The issue was that he wasn’t getting enough fiber in his diet to produce the right size stool to express his glands. I was taking him to the vet every other weekend to have the tech express them . That got a bit much sonI decided to look up what could be done for it. Then I saw an add for Glandex. It sounded like exactly what we needed. When I went to look for it at Amazon , I saw another one in the same brand of vitamins that we were already using for much cheaper. I chose that one first. It was by NatueVet. Max hated it. Refused to eat it so I started mixing it into his home cooked food. He could smell it was in there and would refuse to eat his steak or hamburger . So I decided to try Glandex . Max LOVES them. I don’t have to hide them in anything just hand it over to him and he eats it! Just so you get a picture of how much Max loves his Glandex I have to tell you that I also buy large quantities of beef, what ever is on sale and have the butcher cut it into large chunks. I cook those up and use them as treats and to hide their seizure meds in. Much cheaper than buying store bought dog treats and much healthier. Anyway there are times when Max is in his picky mood and will refuse to eat his hamburger meal AND the steak treat BUT will choose to still eat his Glandex. He will pass up the bite of steak in my hand and go for the Galdex. So Crazy to me. We have nearly made it through the first tub, he has never refused to eat it …yet . Fingers crossed that he keeps it up. I no longer have to take him to the vet to have his glands expressed (YAY) but the only reason I didn’t give this a full 5 * is because he still scoots. He never did the but scoot until this issue first started and I was hoping he would stop but he hasn’t. He isn’t licking and showing the irritation thought that he had before Glandex so at least that has stopped.

    2 people found this helpful

  53. Rachel Brink

    Good price for this item

    This is usually a few dollars cheaper than at a pet store, my dog has issues with his anal gland and often has very soft poops, this helps bulk it up and makes him feel better. It’s a pricey product but again, cheaper than getting it at a pet store.

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  54. Traci

    Definitely worked to help our dog with his anal issues that he was having.

    My dog didn’t care for the taste, so I just put peanut butter on it, then he liked it.

  55. R. L. Johnson

    Helps little dogs poop

    Works pretty good on a dashound-corgi, still have to bring to vet every couple months for a expression. Lessens the scooting.

  56. Human

    Works as advertized

    After two expensive trips to the vet for anal gland issues, I was very motivated to find a preventative treatment. My vet recommended canned pumpkin to add more dietary fiber. I decided to give glandex a try more for the convenience. My dog loves the taste of them, and will do just about anything to earn one. Best of all, it’s been 2 years without any reoccurrence.

    5 people found this helpful

  57. Christopher Scott

    High quality.

    Did the trick and quickly.

  58. Jack V.

    Mini dachshund likes these

    Our dachshund ate these with no problem, cut them in half due to his weight being 13pounds, seems to be working, not scooting butt on carpet since starting on it

  59. RuthParker

    Dog loves them. Arrived quickly too.

    Our dog likes then and seem to work for her.

  60. CDouglas

    Price is better than what my vet charges

    The price saved me tons compared to my vets price. Seems to work great for my pups!

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