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About this item SOOTHING AND EFFECTIVE – Vet’s Best Enzymatic Dental Gel Toothpaste is a veterinarian formulated soothing and effective mix of aloe, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, and enzymes CLEANS AND FRESHENS – Freshens breath and gently cleans away plaque and tartar PART OF A HEALTHY REGIMEN – Supports your dog’s dental hygiene between annual cleanings at your vet’s office NATURAL FLAVORS – Your dog will love the great taste. You will love how it brightens and whitens teeth while freshening the breath SAME FORMULA, NEW PACKAGE – The same great Vet’s Best dental gel is now available in an easy to use squeeze tube

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Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 3.44 x 1.5 x 9 inches; 3.5 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎ 3165810528

Date First Available ‏ : ‎ March 14, 2017

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ OUT! International


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎ USA

Best Sellers Rank: #1 in Dog Toothpaste

Customer Reviews: 60,681 ratings

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Gel + Toothbrush, Toothpaste

Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎

3.44 x 1.5 x 9 inches; 3.5 Ounces

Item model number ‏ : ‎


Date First Available ‏ : ‎

March 14, 2017

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

OUT! International

ASIN ‏ : ‎


Country of Origin ‏ : ‎


Best Sellers Rank:

#1 in Dog Toothpaste

Customer Reviews:

60,681 ratings

60 reviews for Vet’s Best Dog Toothbrush and Enzymatic Toothpaste Set | Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath Kit with Dental Care Guide | Vet Formulated Pet Supplies

  1. Sage9

    Cleans pretty well – however did not help with stinky dog breath

    I like that it is fairly easy to use. My greyhound does not pull away and seems to “sort of like it.” At first I noticed a bog difference and then it just seemed to stabilize. His breath is awful. It could be this or it coud just be him – si Give it a 5 star for cleaning – but maybe only a 3 star for freshening his breath.

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  2. lw

    Works much better than regular canine toothpaste

    I’ve only used this twice on my dog and can already see a difference in the health of the gums. I only brush my dog’s teeth about twice a week (ideally should be daily) but this product is already working better than regular canine toothpaste.Tips from a former, long-time dentist assistant: Make sure you brush your dog’s teeth at a 45 degree angle on the gum line, just like you need to do with human teeth. If the gums bleed, it means that plaque has accumulated around the gum line and caused some inflammation; once you’re brushing correctly and often enough to be removing that plaque, the inflammation will go away and the gums will get healthy and stop bleeding .Side note: Plaque is a gummy, sometimes hard to see, substance that forms on the teeth within a few hours after a meal. If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth, soft plaque continues to accumulate and mineralize, and it eventually transforms into hardened yellow tartar that can’t be removed with a toothbrush. Tartar, also called calculus, is rough and porous and can develop above and below the gum line. When it gets to this stage, make an appointment to have your dog’s teeth cleaned, and then afterwards brush the teeth to keep them from getting that way again. If you don’t have the vet clean the tarter from your dogs teeth, do still brush the teeth so they don’t get worse than they already are, and expect the gums to bleed if they are unhealthy. (Google how dogs get periodontal disease and how it impacts their health)

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  3. Shalimar Miller

    My dog loves it!

    I started giving him a small drop sample of the cleaner as a treat and now he’s obsessed with it. I slowly introduced him to the brush (used as a dispenser for the cleaner) and now he’ll let me brush half of his teeth while he licks for the cleaner. It’s a work in progress. But he really enjoys the flavor. He didn’t like the tooth brush a ton, so I’m trying it with a regular human toothbrush. I should also mention he’s missing a bunch of teeth (car accident) so he’s not an “average” dog. But I will continue to buy the cleaner as he loves it and I’m sure it helps.

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  4. gregg8181

    Works great

    My puppy doesn’t seem to mind the brushing so I’m assuming the taste is okay , l let him taste it first so he can get comfortable and get use to it ,which he did .. so it easy now to brush his teeth

  5. Alejandra

    Gentle and effective

    I use this with a tiny toothbrush or wipes to help our mini schnauzer with bad teeth and periodontal disease. It helps with bad breath and removing tartar as well as food residue without having any strong smell or harsh ingredients such as baking soda. It’s mostly a glycerin gel that the dogs aren’t totally repelled by. I’ve bought two tubes and will continue to use.

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  6. N8 – Honest Reviewer

    Instant breath improvement – no death or sickness

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     UPDATE August 2021Today while brushing my best friends teeth, a huge piece of plaque just fell off his bottom right K9 tooth! I was so happy. He has been building this plaque for 9 years and it only took a few months to start doing its job. View the picture to see the difference from right to left bottom K9. Im so happy. He never chews on anything no matter what I give him so this is my only option and it’s working! I’m so so happy. The picture looks cruel but trust me that he was never in any distress. Sure he was not happy with me but I never hurt him in any way. I love my buddy.Feb 2021Don’t listen to the “my dog died” junk. My dog has had colitis his entire life. I have to feed him special food that cost more to make than my own meals some times. He has never had a bad reaction other than fighting me while brushing his teeth. If your dog died maybe it’s because you fed him “dog food”. Dog food is produced in a way that renders it with no nutritional value and packed with carcinogens BHA and BHT. Look it up. Dog food is awful and is the reason the average dog life span has declined since it’s invention. Do your research.This product is amazing as that I truly works. First let me give some background:I have a 10 year old Jack Russell/Poodle mix. He weighs about 8 pounds. He is strong willed and doesn’t let you do things like brush his teeth or clean his ears easy. I only get about 10-20 seconds of cooperation. After loosing his baby teeth. He has never showed any desire to chew on anything I have given him, or ANYTHING else for that matter. This has led to him developing bad breath and hardened plaque on his teeth. Also his gum Heath was not in great condition. I have tried several ways to keep his oral hygiene in good condition.I tried dog tooth paste from the pet stores and brushing his teeth by hand. This really didn’t make much of a change. I tried brushing his teeth with non fluoride mouth wash which worked better but he hated it. I even tried brushing his teeth with baking soda but this was hard on his gums and didn’t do much for his breath. I never tried the dog treats that claim to freshen breath because they don’t work. It does not take a genius to figure that out.Finally I came across this product and the price was rite. I ordered it with with the dog toothbrush but I defaulted back to a human one because, for my situation and, it didn’t work.After the second day I noticed a huge difference in his breath. I could not longer smell him when he would lick himself near me or pant. Each day is a little better and some of the softer plaque has started clear up. And I’ve even seen a couple of small chips of the hard plaque in the toothbrush after I brush his teeth in the morning. He fights me every step of the way but I love him and have worked hard to develop techniques to allow me to access his teeth. I found covering his eyes and gently holding the base of his muzzle with the same hand tends to work well to help get the job done.I try to brush his teeth every day but I don’t stress if I miss a day or two and his breath stays fresh even during the days I don’t brush. Long story short. This stuff works and if you’ve tried everything else. Try this.

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  7. JJY

    Works very well!

    I’ve been using this on my 10 year old dog (Brittany) for 3 weeks, and it’s already worked amazingly. I use it every morning on her and today, the black buildup under her gums literally just fell off/peeled away. Someone else gave good advice to brush at a 45degree angle to sort of get under the gums. I also bought a different toothbrush- soft bristled child’s toothbrush instead. I’m definitely going to continue using it and can’t wait to see how it looks in another 3 weeks! I haven’t brushed her teeth since she was a puppy so it was 10 years of buildup. Very impressed!

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  8. Lorraine

    Hopefully it works!

    Just started using it. Once a day for my two dogs and haven’t seen any changes yet.

  9. Lacey

    My hog loves it.

    Makes my dog’s breath smell much better.

  10. Natalie

    Toothpaste Works Great but not a Fan of the Toothbrush

    Bought this to use for my pup. The toothpaste works great and has a good scent, but I’ve opted to use a standard toothbrush instead of the one that this product comes with as it’s much easier to use and my pup seems more tolerant of it.

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  11. nikki

    Clean teef

    Shiny as hell when the dog barks if the sun hits it the canine with the right angle it will blind you after cleaning

  12. Kassandra27

    My dog loves it

    Purchased for my pup since his breathe was kinda stinky. His breathe has gotten better and look at his pearly whites!!! He loves the taste too. Start them early so they don’t try to fight it later on they will get used to the routine

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  13. Nora Redding

    Gets my dogs teeth white!

    The brush cleans both back and front at the same time. Easy to use and my dog doesn’t seem to mind it.

  14. Hondaaloha

    Saved $600 Dental Cleaning Fee

    Vet said my dog would need her teeth cleaned and it would cost about $600. I spent six months brushing my dog’s teeth twice a day with Vet’s Best Enzymatic Toothpaste. The plaque and stain started to decrease significantly. At the semi-annual checkup, vet said dog wouldn’t need cleaning right away as teeth were not as bad as before. I kept brushing for another six months and at next checkup, vet said her teeth were looking very good. Now I brush only 1-2 times a week for maintenance. Using Vet’s Best Enzymatic Toothpaste on a regular regimen saved me money and has given my dog better looking teeth.

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  15. Mrs. Glenn

    Love triple head toothbrush!

    I have not used the toothpaste yet but the triple toothbrush was why I purchased the package. I am very pleased with the brush and it fits in my papillons mouth so much better than the one I had before. So far very pleased.


    Dogs breath is better lol

    U bought this for my 11 year old baby lol I used it once and unfortunately my daughters dog got a hold of the finger toothbrush and chewed it up. Can I get. Replacement one?

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  17. ToyCarNut

    Good product!!

    My dog seems to like the taste and having her teeth brushed with this product. Dog’s have quite the gag reflex so it takes some practice to get the dog comfortable with having their teeth brushed. Granted my dog is young with minimal staining, but this product seems to work as those stains and tartar are gone!! MUCH better than a $1-2 thousand vet bill for a dental if I don’t stay on top of it. I got another to have on hand.

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  18. Victoria

    Great toothbrush design

    Really innovative and effective design. I just wish the top side also had bristles maybe

  19. PattyT

    My dog hates having her teeth brushed but likes the taste of this toothpaste.

    My 8 year old Yorkie had to have three teeth pulled and she has issues with build up on her teeth and awful breath. I was told to brush her teeth every day or every other day but she went nuts when I tried. I tried a few toothpastes and a couple of kinds of brushes and she just wasn’t having it. Her breath got really bad recently and I was determined to get her teeth cleaner and get her used to brushing. This toothpaste seemed good (except for the neem oil in it which scared me but my vet said it was safe in the amount in this toothpaste) and had good reviews so I gave it a shot. It wasn’t easy. But the toothpaste, which is a clear gel and minty smelling, seemed to be tasty even though my dog wasn’t loving a brush in her mouth.I have been brushing my dog’s teeth daily for as long as I can before she loses it and takes off. It has helped her breath so much! Her teeth are cleaner but she needs to stay still so I can get her back teeth cleaner. I think, in time, my dog will settle down and I will be able to keep her teeth clean and her breath fresh. This is the only toothpaste that she could stand and even seems to like so I am sticking with it for now. I will try other similar toothpastes with similar ingredients minus the neem oil though to see if my dog will like one as much because it does scare me a bit that it isn’t a super safe ingredient for dogs. I removed a star because of that. (Pic attached is Molly, my Yorkie, and my husband. He brushes his own teeth and never hides when he sees a toothbrush. lol.)

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  20. M

    Toothpaste Good, Toothbrush Junky

    Toothpaste works fine. Don’t expect miracles from enzymes if the pet does not cooperate with brushing.Brush is nothing special & not worth paying extra for. The only things good about is you won’t mistake it for your own toothbrush.

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  21. Kim


    I use it every other day

  22. Ginger T

    Good for doggie bad breath!

    It works as intended. It just depends on how your doggie is use to have his or her teeth brushed.So far the smell is ok. My dogs don’t shy away from it. That’s a big plus.

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  23. Miss. D.

    I’ve used this for a few years for my dog

    My dog is 3 1/2 with clean teeth. My vet wishes more people would brush their dogs’ teeth. I recommend this brand to many dog owners, but you can only lead a horse to water!!! Sadly too many people can’t be bothered to brush their dogs teeth.

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  24. Christopher

    Dog toothpaste

    My dog seems to like it . I bought this and the finger toothbrush separately and it works fine .

  25. Veto

    I highly recommend this product

    I have never brushed my dogs teeth before. She is now a senior. I noticed a few blood spots on her chew toys, and after inspecting her teeth I noticed some dark discoloration. After a quick search on Amazon, I scanned the reviews, and decided to try this product. My dog is eleven, and like I said I have never brushed her teeth before, so this was a new experience for the both of us. The tooth brush is designed for dog teeth, so it took me a few brushings to really get down my technique. Most importantly my dog didn’t mind this at all, and seemed to enjoy the the gum massage. After one brushing I haven’t noticed any more blood or lack of appetite due to any tooth pain so it seemed. I also took the precaution to modify her kibble/wet ratio so her food is easier to chew. After about a week I switched back to the original mix ratio, and she seems to be doing fine. I definitely recommend this product. Unfortunately our animals can’t talk to us to express that they are experiencing pain. Make it a habit to brush your pups teeth. They will appreciate it.

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  26. Sharon Bishop

    It really worked on the bad breath on my yorkie

    I didn’t like the toothbrush. But the toothpaste really works great on bad breath .

  27. Cassie

    Good, but toothbrush is to small for big dog teeth

    Toothpaste is great, but the toothbrush is to small for a big dogs mouth and makes it almost impossible to use. Will just use regular toothbrush

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  28. Danielle

    Cool toothbrush, none of it worked for my dogs though

    My dogs hated it, even though I wanted them to love it,…there were so many good reviews! Just didn’t work for my dogs. Toothbrush was awesome but too big for their mouths. Toothpaste was a bust. They hated the taste, squirmed when I tried to brush their teeth and ran away. They usually love doggy toothpaste, never tried a minty flavor though. They would not even lick it off my finger. Had to return and go back to a different brand with the poultry flavor. Have a 17 pound Rat Terrier Chihuahua mix and a 26 pound Shiba Inu Chihuahua mix. Hope this helps you.

  29. trey2012

    My dog likes it!

    My dog seems to enjoy the flavor, he hasn’t told me otherwise 🤣🤣. All jokes aside seems like it does a great job w cleaning and actually helps his breath! If ur in the market for a toothpaste gives this stuff a try!

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  30. Marisa

    So this stuff actually works

    I’ll try to remember to upload some picks later. My dog has been RESISTANT to getting his teeth brushed for years. It got to the point he had large brown spots on his teeth and the vet said I needed to do something. I read the reviews (the one where the stuff came off really convinced me) and holy smokes. My dog lets me use the main brush (not the finger one) and is fine as long as he gets a treat after. I’ve been able to brush his teeth 4 times in the last 6 days and I was just able to scrape some of the brown spots off with my finger!! They looked like popcorn kernals – but nastier. Still some brown around the gumline but I’m confident he’ll have amazing teeth within a month or two.I’ve already started recommending this to my friends with dogs and if you happen to read this I will TL;DR it: It’s worth the $10 you’ll love it.

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  31. CLhga2015

    My dog’s stank breath is almost gone😁

    We’ve tried other toothpaste but they just didn’t work. This one we’ve used for about a week and we can tell a huge difference in her breath! Thank goodness 😆

  32. Lydia G


    Puppy would not cooperate will continue to try to get him trained to allow the brushing

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  33. Dorothy J.

    Not a stick In the beard GOO

    Easy to squeeze, decreases mouth odor, easily rinses out of beard/whiskers

  34. k fun


    My gal is very receptive to this toothpaste. I was genuinely surprised at how agreeable she has been. Tartar is greatly reduced, after a few weeks.

  35. JCbrit

    Worth the money

    My dog, likes it.

  36. lildewd77

    Seems good.

    Haven’t had the chance to really try this yet. But it passed the sniff test. Hopefully my furbaby actually likes it.

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    My dog loves this

    It smells good and stopped itching

  38. Amazon Customer

    Dog tolerates well

    My 10 year old pug takes no issue with our new routine of brushing his teeth which makes me think he likes the taste

  39. Barbara

    Works good

    My dog likes it

  40. marmar


    My Dog loves this when I brush her teeth which isn’t easy to do

  41. Customer

    Just wow

    I hate writing reviews. This deserves a 5 star review because after brushing just once.. just once.. and my dog’s bad breath was gone. Didn’t smell like anything at all. Huge difference from the terrible breath she had.

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  42. Anonymousfin


    Most toothpastes are made in China, so I went with this and I am so happy!! Finally found a toothpaste my chihuahua/Pom likes!! He has tried chicken and beef flavored ones with no success. No clue why he likes it but he does!

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  43. Amazon Customer

    Love the toothbrush!

    Brushing my dogs teeth is a huge hassle. We had this regular looking toothbrush that made it very difficult to get hard to reach areas. I bought this item for the toothpaste but It’s like an added bonus that I got this awesome toothbrush.

  44. Ali

    I like it

    Don’t have special scent, it’s not that hard to use. Hope it is helpful for her dental care.

  45. Amazon Customer

    Dog toothpaste

    Works well and the dogs like it. Was able to use my nail to get plan off teeth. Couldn’t get the plan to budge before using this.

  46. Linda M

    Great doggie toothpaste

    This is the only toothpaste that my pup will let me get near him with. We tried a beef flavored one before this and he hated it and we hated the horrible smell. This one has a fresh scent and he actually likes it. I won’t use any other.

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  47. Maya

    My dog loved it

    I bought another one at a store and my dog had diarrhea from it. And I used this one and he loves it, keeps his mouth fresh and has a nice smell.

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  48. Kish

    Pup brush

    The his product is okay but definitely does not last long for the pups breath. I suppose the Tastebis okay but it does not foam up or bubble much. He hates the brush but that’s expected

  49. Ross M

    This stuff really works

    My senior dogs teeth were completely covered in plaque. Unfortunately, do his age I couldn’t get dental work done so I decided to try this. I can’t rave enough with this product. I have been using it everyday and can see the plaque and Tatar coming off bit by bit. You can starting seeing the white of his teeth again! I wish I would’ve known a long time ago how important it is to brush their teeth. But this product has been a god send! My dog also loves the taste of it and enjoys getting his teeth brushed now! Highly recommend!

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  50. Anem

    IT WORKS, just keep brushing!

    I bought this after my dogs had a devastating effect using the TropiClean fresh breath clean teeth gel (see my review on the product for more info). This toothpaste not only cleaned, but is currently helping “fix” the problems the TropiClean product created and so I highly recommend! I’ve also tried Virbac toothpaste but I didn’t see as good of results as this product here.

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  51. Angeline Prakash

    Incredible toothpaste

    I used this vet recommended toothpaste on Sebastian and it made his teeth sparkle and so clean. I highly recommend this product because it works great! 😊

  52. Kaylee

    Awesome toothpaste

    My dogs breathe smells amazing after they use this! So fresh I could kiss em!

  53. Celina della Croce

    Toothbrush very effective at removing plaque

    This toothbrush is more effective than others I’ve tried or the finger brush, and my very fussy dog loves the toothpaste.

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  54. King of Locksley

    this is a gel toothpaste

    my dog seems to really like this toothpaste – she likes to lick the tube. I don’t really notice a smell so I’m not sure its flavored – but my girl sure likes it. Will purchase it again

  55. topher

    easy to use

    easy if your dog is cooperative

  56. Raul L.

    The toothpaste DOES work, but it takes time

    I went to the vet to get a quote to clean my dogs teeth. I have a female and a male. The female I was quoted about $280 and the male $252 (don’t know why the price difference cause they are the same breed), but anyway, that was the price I was given, so I started looking into a toothpaste that could remove the tartar.A lot of people that have dogs have told me “No, that doesn’t work, once they have tartar the vet has to remove it, you cannot remove it at home”. Well, I am hard headed and decided to buy this toothpaste. I purchased the toothpaste back in October 2020 and quickly I started rubbing toothpaste on my dog’s teeth everyday, not really cleaning then, just using my finger and rubbing the gel on each tooth that had heavy tartar, including the ones in the back (molars) that are hard to reach because my dogs are kinda small, so the smaller the mouth, the harder it is to clean them.About 2 months ago I purchased 10 finger brushes (ASIN B07NYB6DND) and I started performing a better cleaning. Yesterday 02/13/2021 I noticed a little gap between the gum and the tartar and I happened to get my nail in between and without a lot of pressure I pushed down and the tartar came off. I decided to do the same with the molars and the tartar also came off. I then continued to my other dog (the female), did the same thing, and I was able to also remove the tartar all around. I was very happy, cause I did not think the time I have spent rubbing toothpaste everyday will pay off. I do not have to spend over $500, because now their teeth are clean, I just have to maintain them now :0)The toothpaste does work, but it will not remove the tartar in a week, or two weeks, probably not in a month, it might take 4 to 5 months, and it does take time and patience.Hope this review helps youThanks

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  57. Linda B

    Good product

    Gets my dogs teeth clean and freshens her breath too!

  58. Lakilia

    Excellent Product!

    Excellent Product And Works Great!

  59. Rhonda Swager

    A hit

    My dog loves the taste and smell. He looks forward to having his teeth brushed.

  60. Valerie

    My 3 dogs love this toothpaste. They think it’s a treat.

    My dogs always want more after I brush their teeth. Happy this is made in the USA.

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