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Yutaka Koshi Premium Grade Japanese Short Grain Rice from Vietnam, 5000 g, YTK019


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About this item premium quality round grain rice grown and harvested in Mekong Delta, Vietnam under the supervision of experienced Japanese farmers processed using Japanese machinery a great choice of round grain rice for any Japanese recipe part of the Yutaka “Kodawari” (“pursuit of perfection”) range
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About Us

Tazaki Foods, the name behind the Yutaka brand, was of Japanese food in the UK when the company opened the first Japanese restaurant in the country over 40 years ago. Since then we have been the supplier to the Japanese restaurants, hospitality industries and food manufacturers in the UK. It is these many years of experience in dealing with the finest quality Japanese food ingredients that goes into the development of every Yutaka product.

With our enthusiasm and expertise on authentic Japanese flavours, we endeavour to guide food lovers on their journey of making new discoveries, in this fascinating food culture filled with tradition and unique flavours. We readily embrace the new approach to Japanese cuisine and eating experience. We have the expertise to combine authenticity with contemporary style. Japanese cuisine is famous for its emphasis on seasonality, quality of ingredients, simplicity and presentation. We aim to bring this to your dining table with modern convenience and easy to understand cooking.

10 reviews for Yutaka Koshi Premium Grade Japanese Short Grain Rice from Vietnam, 5000 g, YTK019

  1. Lukasz

    I bought for sushi salads and also for sushi the rice have perfect consistent and it’s lovely for sushi salads very happy

  2. James G.

    Excellent Rice

  3. Mrs. K. Ancuta

    Great sushi rice, nothing more to say really.Short grain, keeps its shape after cooking. Cooks in couple of minutes (then I leave it covered for another 10 minutes) if soaked well before cooking.Good value for money if compared to half kilo bags in supermarkets.

  4. Brhayan Jurado Hernandez

    The first time I got this rice was for my father, he wanted to make and improve his sushi skills.If you use it and prepare it properly this rice is amazing. Sushi, of course, is where it shines. If you really want to get into sushi/Japanese dishes this product is a must have.See attached some of my father’s sushi pieces.

  5. Laura

    I’ve used quite a few brands but with lockdown and covid my favourite shop closed so I had to choose the amazon option. This rice has a slightly sweet taste, isn’t gummy and weather its sushi or curry it’s easy on the pallet. Plus it’s gluten free so I’m all good

  6. Phil

    Yukata pack their rice brilliantly. It’s tightly vacuum sealed which keeps it very fresh.It’s quite satisfying piercing a bag and hearing the air get sucked in as the bag loosens off and the rice settles so it’s ready to pour.I’ve used a variety of Japanese culinary rice’s. Due to budget constraints I look for the best price per kg for good quality short grain rice.Finding short grain is important. I’ve noticed some other sellers and brands selling what they claim is sushi rice using medium grain. Sushi rice is made using short grain. So always check the details. I believe i- sushi (who get a lot of sales) sell sub par sushi rice as it’s a medium grain rice and shouldn’t really be sold specifically as a sushi rice as it doesn’t fit the criteria.I’ve had better sushi rice than this current yukata one. The other was in fact also from yukata but it was the more expensive sasanishiki rice. (Which as of today (19th Oct 21) is actually cheaper per kg than the koshi. Given it’s a better quality rice, if you happen upon the sasanishiki and it’s a better price than the koshi per kg, then go for that. You may have to opt for a 10kg bag rather than a 5kg bag, but it’s worth it.Nishiki is the key word when looking for a good quality short grain rice.Prices fluctuate year round. Always aim to get the best quality rice you can as it does make a difference. Especially if you don’t eat it daily so you can treat yourself to a higher end product. It’s worth keeping an eye of prices and then grabbing a 5 or 10kg bag when the price is good or has a subscribe and save voucher.The shelf life is excellent whilst unopened due to the tightly vaccuum sealed bags that yukata use, even after opening the rice lasts a very long time as long as kept in a cool dry environment. I roll the air out of the bags and clip with pegs and fill kitchen containers to hold around 2kg of rice at a time and have found this to work very well.Don’t forget your other essentials if embarking on Japanese cooking or sushi creation. Mirin or cooking sake, kikoman naturally fermented soy sauce (no need for the pricier sushi version, just make yourself by diluting with a little filtered water and adding a little sugar), also have a good quality rice vinegar to hand and the best quality wasabi you can source. I highly recommend a brand called Emma that make the highest content wasabi powder I could find at an outstanding price.With wasabi products always look at the actual wasabi content. Most contain the tiniest amount just so they can qualify as a wasabi product and instead rely on colouring and standard horseradish. The Emma wasabi powder has been by far the best I’ve tested out of around 10 different brands (ranging from tubes or paste to tins of powder). I’m yet to have enjoyed fresh wasabi straight from the root, but hope I get to experience this one day.

  7. SOUZANA Tsiaousi

    I love sushi rice in general, but this has been one of the best ones I have tried. Easy to cook and delicious!

  8. Iwona

    It’s a big bag, but the rice is so nice. Cooks really well in rice cooker.

  9. Tommy

    It is the best Japanese rice according to the price that I eat in UK

  10. Nikk Mayo

    This is my new favourite rice, always thought short grain was for puddings, replaced long grain with this for all my rice dishes and glad I did.

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